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    “I’m a Regnante.” I told him firmly. “This will either happen at my terms, or not at all.”


  • sdghfsadg 13w


    He was once faced with a crucial decision. One that would determine who and what he would be for the rest of his days. Two options laid bare before him and it was a battle between either his mind, or his heart.

    Should he bite from the sweet apple of God? To forever stay in the world of good deeds and forgiveness? Of purity and humbleness?


    Should he take a bite from the forbidden? From the toxic, bitter tasting apple and plummet into a life of eternal sin, following the command of Lucifer?

    To follow the path of goodness would be grand. To be helpful, forgiving and to be a hero. That would be truly magnificent.

    But he craved thrills and adrenaline. This man... he craved sin more than anything.

    And they do say that no thrills come of following the heavens above. Sin is something to be unspoken by any mouth. Being pure was nothing but a bore and this angel... he did not wish to keep hushed lips and deny himself the chance of satisfying his desires.

    Heart hammering as he made the bold decision, his trembling hand reached out, long, slender fingers grasping with determination around the crimson apple of the devil.

    He took a bite, no fickle, nor dainty one at that. The bitter juices rang down his neck, teeth sinking into the flesh of the fruit over and over until he swallowed. He swallowed deeply and just like that...

    He fell.

    Stripped of his elegant, white-feathered wings, the former angel's body is sent astray, banished into the sea. Falling through the air faster than the speed of light, he plummets, engulfed by sapphire blue waves. From his back flourish devilish wings, ragged, black with edges so harsh one might think they could cut their flesh with a single touch.

    This was the day something drastic altered the future years to come...

    This was the day...

    That the wildly worshipped angel... turned on his followers.


  • lanie_c 13w

    Deep thought

    As the ocean its never fully known,
    Questions still dont have a home.
    In a rut, nothing but horrible luck.
    There is so much more to trudge.

    Piled on the back, waiting for the crack.
    So much weighing down, gravity it drowns.
    Ten times the mass, something that can't surpass.
    Sights set on the past.

    Never fully grown, more potential to be loaned.
    Made from a fault, constructed of a heart.
    Nothing of the mind is left,
    Only the settling of dust.

    Deep in thought, no sound brought.
    Keep up with sight, more or less with might.
    Stuck on a tragedy looking for a remedy.
    Coming up with empty hands.

    Everyone is a casualty, anything of history.
    Looking back now there is chemistry,
    Anything but productivity.
    Lost in time, thinking about the possibility.

    These thoughts are shot,
    Mind burnt out, blacked out.
    Tied in absolute knots.
    All of these deep thoughts.
    Will cause all of the rot.


  • lanie_c 13w

    Maybe it is-

    Its a beg its a plea, it's a cry out for help.
    It a scream its a sob, it's an utter hell.
    Maybe it's death, Maybe it's the path
    To the future that just lies ahead.
    Its a whimper its a whine, it's a partial decline.
    Its a hit its a punch, it's an all out brawl.
    The hits come in pairs, but I'm just never prepared.
    Wait for it, its coming, to predictable to see.
    Its a fall its a break; it's just an episode.
    Its a heart, its a beat.
    Its a pulse that is threatening to stop.
    Maybe this is the last day, maybe this is the end.
    Maybe im broken;

    To far to understand.

    ~~~Lanie C.

  • lanie_c 13w

    Your Words

      Your words hold me so gently, like a feather kiss to the cheek.
    Leaving me breathless, speechless hoping and waiting for more.
    As if I am captured I can't move, stuck in the same spot.
    Looking into your eyes.
    Oh those beautiful eye's.
    They are so hypnotizing, it's like i'm in a trance.
    But that's when you reach for me, and in that moment I feel like i am the pray to the preadator.
    But your touch is honey sweet and soft almost as if you are afraid to touch me, like you feel if you do I'll dissapear.
    But I won't because I am yours and only yours.
    The love I feel is so surreal to me and I never want it It to stop afraid; that it will never return and I'll be left empty.
    But for now I am at ease, because of your words, I am at rest.
    And thanks to your eyes
    I feel at home.
    As for your embrace,
    I feel safe.  

  • lanie_c 13w


    Pulse -

    I can feel it, the beat of my heart is
    dropping. It's not as fast as it once was.
    I think its slowing down, getting ready for the fall.
    So what am i now?
    I can feel the cold, an insane winter storm, without the the hollow of the night.
    It's wrapping around me now like a woolen blanket.
    So i take it, with hope that it would drag me under. Hold me in place, a plunder of my life
    pillaged and gone through, but who am I to argue?
    Drowning in this sea of misery, so what if im history.
    Can't you see its either you or me, but the futures for told.
    Set in stone.
    We already know who comes out of this alive,
    and it won't be I.
    I can tell you of the one that comes out on top.
    The one who rocks the block.
    But i won't, cause that would spoil the surprise, Of my demise, and failure.
    So what should come after?
    Well I think this is when you decide.
    Will you follow suit or lead this kingdom on?

  • lanie_c 13w


    not swimming

    not breathing

    not believing

    my mind is at it again penning up my heart; my feelings failed attempt.
    exempt from disclosure, rare as a four leafed clover.
    it is true that i cant breath from the pressure of this sea.
    i try to swim to the surface but my feudal attempts are worthless.
    my eyes have betrayed me yet again
    im seeing things that condem,
    corruption so im told.
    the beliefs to unfold, the heart is tainted, the mind weighted.
    why can't this hell release the innocent, take me as a filament.
    thats why i still struggle, i try to absorb all of the trouble.
    this is a hive mind, corrupt and blind unaware of the defined.
    hindered from the life i wish i had, having nothing go to plan.
    So here I am.

    not swimming

    not breathing

    not believing .


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    Why do you haunt me so? It's been years. You've moved on, I've moved on yet you're always in my dreams. Makes me wonder if you think of me too. If this is happening. Are you happy? Are you over me?
    Then why do you keep haunting me?

  • love2559girl 13w

    #Feats #OriginalWork #Love2559Girl #Pods #Writerstolli
    What fear keeps pulling you away from something you want?

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    Why is it every time I think we could be together
    My fears pull me further away?

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    #writerstolli #Love2559Girl #OriginalWork #ImAMess @writerstolli @parikshagaur903
    We're all a mess for one reason or another why are you a mess?

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    I'm A Mess

    Sometimes I wonder what would have happened
    Had I never learned your true colors
    Would my heart still in the right place?
    I know it would
    Because since I feel in love with you
    I've been a jumbled up mess

  • love2559girl 14w

    Lost At Sea

    I'm lost at sea with this notebook beside me
    I'm lost at sea with no will power left to guide me
    I'm lost at sea with my love a million miles behind me
    I'm lost at sea wishing he were beside me
    I'm lost at sea so please, please come find me

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    Hey everyone. I know I've been on and off here, but please listen.
    I've been writing for a long time. Years. I'm finally getting the guts to put myself out there.
    It'll take a little longer, but if you could please... Follow my Twitter and Wattpad. My Wattpad is AriaLovesTheRain and Twitter is AriaLovesRain. Thank you so much, I feel guilty for posting like this, but...
    Hopefully it'll be worth it once I hit upload. Love you guys. Thank you.
    If you feel like, look into it, otherwise, thank you for this time alone.
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    The delicate frame of the animal grazed through the field of your dreams.
    The physical embodiment of inspiration danced through the blades of grass, bringing a new form of life to them with its touch.
    It's breath filled the air with a type of hope the space has never known before.
    Head turned toward the sky, you gingerly place a hand against it's back, finally able to breathe again.

  • love2559girl 14w

    #PleaseLoveMe #OriginalWork #Love2559Girl #Pods @writerstolli @mirakee
    When you realize you love someone and he doesn't love you back but you know you'd be an amazing power couple

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    Please Love Me

    I don't want you to tell me pretty words
    I don't want petty lies
    I don't want you to rearrange your entire life for me
    I don't want you to be my servant
    Doing my every back and call
    I want a partnership
    I want you to be honest with me
    Even when I don't want to hear it
    I want you to support my dreams
    Even if you don't understand
    And I'll do the same for you
    I'll be there in your worst times
    I'll be a shoulder you can cry on
    For the strongest men are the ones who cry
    And the strongest women know that they can do everything
    But need help sometimes
    And I know that to people who stand side by side
    As equals with neither having more power over the other
    Are the greatest couples and have the strongest relationships
    I want that and I know I can have that with you
    So darling pit your guard and let me in
    Let me be your other half and I'll be yours
    I'll let my walls fall for you
    Because deep down as much as I want to ignore it
    I love you
    So please, Please love me back
    My heart wants you

  • love2559girl 14w

    First Impressions

    I do not believe in love at first sight
    Nor so I believe in first impressions
    For indeed the nicer person you know
    Can turn out to be the biggest jerk
    And the biggest jerk
    Could be the sweetest angel upon aquintance
    Indeed I judged the boy I love
    As nothing more than a player
    If I had let my first impression be my final judgement
    I might never have known what it feels like to truly love someone
    Truly know someone before you judge them
    And even then realize that any day they could change in the blink of an eye

  • love2559girl 14w

    I would like to give some writing credit to @parikshagaur903 since it was her post that inspired me to write this. And while I didn't directly quote her there are similarities and I don't want to be accused of plagiarism also go check out her page she's an amazing writer!
    #Forgiveness #Love2559Girl #OriginalWork

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    Forgiveness is a tricky thing
    Just because we forgive
    Does not mean we forget
    We can forgive
    And not be in the wrong
    We can forgive
    Simply because we do not want fight
    So if you screw up
    And someone forgives you
    Do not think you will be the way you were before

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    #OriginalWork #Writerstolli #Love2559Girl #Writing @writerstolli #pods
    What's the greatest compliment someone ever gave you?

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    I was told I write beautifully
    I was told to keep writing
    And that's what I have every intention of doing
    I write from my heart
    No my very soul
    So I'll keep writing
    And I'll keep feeling
    Until one day
    I'll finish something amazing
    It will shake someone to their very core

  • love2559girl 14w

    After everything we've been through
    Don't worry even after the lights fade
    And the cameras are off and the crowds leave
    I'll still be here cause I love you

  • love2559girl 14w

    #IThinkImInLove #Love2559Girl #OriginalWork #Pods @writersnetwork
    I have this guy I like and he inspires me And I want to know him better. He's like the side hobby I want to get my masters in

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    I Think I'm In Love

    I don't claim to be an expert
    Even though I wish I were one
    I don't claim to be amazing
    Even though I wish others did
    I don't want the world
    I just want your heart
    I don't want to pretend
    I want you to see the real me
    The girl who's crazy
    The one who cries when she screws up
    And laughs when she wins up
    The one who likes to be complemented
    And I want to know you
    I want to know your dreams and plans
    I want to know your mother
    I want to memorize you by heart
    To know every smile line and every past mistake by heart
    And I want to spend the rest of my days with you by my side
    You see I know I like you but do I love you
    Yes I think I'm in love

  • love2559girl 14w

    #Claims #Love2559Girl #OriginalWork we all claim things it's time we stopped it

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    We claim to love someone
    Yet we hurt them
    We claim to be an expert
    Yet we fail at times
    We claim to be honest
    Yet we lie
    We claim to know someone
    But are aghast when their true colors come out
    We claim to be kind
    But we judge
    We claim to be helpful
    But we are lazy
    We claim many a thing
    But it's time we stop claiming and start doing!

  • love2559girl 14w


    We were worship idols
    I know we do we put them on pedastools
    Then knock them down with hateful words
    We mock their flaws and laugh at their mistakes
    But deep inside we wish we were them
    We wish we had money to spare
    We wish we had clothes like thereslwe wish we drove the cars they do we
    We wish we wish but alas we do not have
    And so instead of letting them have what they have
    And being content with what we have
    We tear them down so we can feel good about ourselves