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  • laurnxxi 5d

    Losing my sanity,
    Because you are my lovey,
    Reaching for your destiny,
    Because you are my only.

  • anii_mal 1w

    ..Our Story..

    She is His Voice
    & He's Her Strength

  • the_selfloved_girl 1w


    I wanna write a great story out of our history.

  • laurnxxi 2w

    Mine on my mind

    You're my home,
    The topic of my poem,
    And you're mine,
    Inside my mind.

    I love you for who you are,
    But it's just from afar,
    Cause I know,
    You don't care anymore.

    It's so sad,
    Thinking about the past,
    The break up was so bad,
    And our story didn't last.

  • shy_butfree 2w

    God Will be taking us

    A beautiful young lady lie there crying
    Her hands supporting her head
    Her two parents were dying
    As they sat up on their death beds and said
    "Look at me with kindness and affirmation
    For we will be watching over you
    Where god will be taking us
    In the land where we can't wait to go
    Then look down on you and
    Watch you process this and grow
    Carve our names on a cross
    To show our love for you below."

  • the_rhythm_king 2w


    Once again in her arms, I fell asleep.
    She smiled at me since she knew I would.
    Caressing my hairs she kissed my face,
    "I wish it stays the same", she said, "touchwood!"

    Smiling to our memories her eyelids shut too,
    Next morning to find herself alone in bed.
    She frantically searched for me around,
    but only encountered a note that read...

    "Like a sailor craves for land in Seas,
    Like deserts crave for showers of rain.
    I crave for you with my every breath.
    You sooth my soul, you heal my pain!

    Your hairs are the only shade I seek,
    Your smile is the only asset I count.
    Those hands are the only support I'll ever need,
    In depth of your eyes my destinies I've found.

    With every new sun, I fall more for you.
    So tell me how could this love ever stay the same?
    Every new night, my heart beats for you,
    And my eyes on moon, write your name."

    She was drowned in tears of love & joy,
    As I entered the room to call her for breakfast.
    Still crying, she hugged me like never before.
    I realised how till infinity a moment could last.

    I kissed her forehead & whispered in her ears,
    "We'll only get better, I promise you we would.
    My every breath is yours till the end of life,
    And for this I know my darling, we don't need to touchwood...!


  • paperheart 3w

    Her: I will spill my words in crevices, with hopes you be in search of them.

    Him: I will find those those words hidden in these sacred places and inscribe the walls with poetry.

    Her: Will you leave little notes that entail the secrets of the universe that reside with in you which is your soul?

    Him: I think that is a wonderful idea.


  • kathangisip 5w

    We met.
    I saw you again.
    We talked.
    I received your message.
    I replied.
    You shared.
    I listened.
    I spoke.
    You gave me response.
    We had a conversation.
    We had a longer conversation.
    A deeper conversation.
    I tried to convince you.
    You did it.
    You sang.
    You cared.
    I was touched.
    I melted.
    I was caught.
    I tried to escape.
    I stopped myself.
    You are still there.
    Why did you send me a message?
    I want to see you.
    I saw your name.
    My heart skipped a beat.
    Calm down.
    What should I do now?
    I'm starting to like you.
    I really like you.

  • kritisen 7w

    This time as friends!

    Let's go back in time,
    to write our story,
    Once again,
    This time as friends,
    Not lovers,
    and hope for a happy ending!

  • i_ujala0975 7w

    I won't say that you complete me, because it's you who told me, that I'm complete myself.
    You complete my story. The story of smiles and tears, story of joys and fears, story of love and happiness, story of eyes and hearts... a story of new beginnings and desires, a story of YOU and ME. ❤❤

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    शायद ये सफ़र आपका, हमारे बिन तन्हा होे,
    मगर बिन आपके, ये कहानी मेरी अधूरी है।
    - उजाला।


  • umdamehnaz 8w

    Our Story?

    Neither a comma,
    Nor a full stop.
    Just a semi colon;
    That’s how Our Story
    Has always been

    -Umda Mehnaz

  • river_blaze 8w

    The Story Of Us

    I want you to tell me the story of us. Just one from an alternate reality, one with a happier ending. Tell me what you would have done differently? Here I'll began it. We had to have met, it had to happen. We kissed,we danced,we laughed, and at the end of the night I swore I had you wrapped around my finger. I loved you, and I think you loved me. We were teenagers who tried to tame their demons, but by now I think we all know who won. They got the best of us. Tell me now, how would you have given this a better ending? He smiled and added some suspense to the chapter. "I would have made sure to not have wasted your time and I promise I would have married you." I smiled and was almost content with his response." Is that what you wanted me to say?That I would have gone after you if I had the chance to go back,?"I looked at him strangely.I don't understand..
    "I never deserved you, so why would I have gone after you?Girl, I would made sure that our paths never crossed. I would have rescued you from a broken man that left you waiting. I would have saved you from lonely nights sipping on cheap champagne. I would have made sure that you never knew me."I stood up in tears.WHY?.. I'm stronger now because of you.He grabbed me around the waist and caressed my heart."but I'm the one that made you broken.So, in this parallel universe, alternate reality, you got to live because you never knew me." As I begin to disappear from his grip I only realized now that he wasn't telling a story, he was writing my eulogy.You are simply an author who's desperatly trying to find peace by summing my soul to hear a long awaited apology. However, what's the point?
    The man I know is forever etched in my memories, meanwhile the girl you loved is now just a picture buried deep in your drawer.What an unfortunate ending, one no one saw coming.

  • alfaazhainyedil 9w

    # Favourite story

    Tell me which one story is your favourite ... Thinking ....thinking then finally said " Our story "..


  • thesoulinblack 9w


    "Maybe you need to learn to let go because holding on to things are just gonna make life harder for your survival", my mind has been constantly reminding me this for a long while now but my heart somehow chooses to stay as time has blessed me with the beauty of residing in this forever, a forever that has consumed my existence in every possible way. The forever that still exists in the moment when i first felt that connection with you, the one that somehow keeps replaying every beautiful conversation of ours in my mind, that one smile of yours that made me forget this entire world, your words that looked like something crafted from the best of words and rhymed with the purest of emotions, no matter what was the duration of this journey, i have always felt that "forever" gushing through my nerves making every moment feel like a picture that's somehow always gonna decorate the meanings behind all our little things and conversations on the walls of my life, describing the intensity of every shade, of every stroke of that brush that carved the portrait of our souls intertwining together to the roots of our own universe. I have felt these emotions so strongly, i have felt vulnerable, while I have also felt my heart racing with every contemporary motions, i have felt the heat, while i have also felt your every heartbeat, I did imagine those late night walks holding your hand around the lake and i have also felt the intensity of the chords when it lead to the most unexpected heartbreak. Maybe it was meant to be, because i couldn't have been anymore selfless, maybe it was meant to be because it was a lotto love that was a miracle from the destiny. I could have never learnt the feeling of falling for someone so deeply all by the grace of love, through the touch of words, if you weren't there. It was epic and it will forever choose to be as the strings that are attached to the art and expressions of soul, forever chooses to cease within the crease of the paper and the patterns of the ink, while making these feelings and these stories always alive within the pages of one's diary, beyond the horizon of one's universe, residing among the stars, floating among the skies, beneath these everlasting memories.


  • thesoulinblack 9w

    You can break my heart in two
    But when it heals, it beats for you
    I know it's forward, but it's true
    Won't lie, I'd go back to you
    You know, my thoughts are running loose
    It's just a thing you make me do
    And I could fight, but what's the use?
    I know I'd go back to you ��

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    I don't know why but somehow everything reminds me of you, time doesn't seems to pass, it's like explaining you things and expressing out myself has become a part of my life, conversations with you has been the soul of my day and it feels like something so major is missing out from my life, it feels like something is so hollow, so incomplete. I wish I could just tell you how I feel and I wish you could see and believe what I feel for you is so real, my words have always been a reflection of my feelings and now it's all about you, may it be the moments when you made me feel like I own this world, or may it be the moments when that one misunderstanding broke everything inside me, may it be your pain or that twisted smile, somehow everything starts and ends on you, it's weird because I never wanted to fall this deeply, it's weird because I was protecting myself from these feelings all these years. They were right, you fell in love when you least expected it, you were like the aroma of rain that filled my life with sunshine and rainbows, no matter if it was lightening hard or if it was all dark, that fragrance still continues to bloom my soul. There have been times when all I wanted was to scream and make you understand that my words are my actions, there were times when I wished I was right by your side and you could look into my eyes and see how true my feelings were, there were times when all I wanted was for you to believe that I am the person for you and you are the one for me, there also have been times when things were so chaotic and messy that all I wanted was to say that I am done with us now, but then there was always something that asked me to hold onto it, there was this voice that constantly kept reminding me that "he needs you and he's worth it", I haven't been this patient, I haven't been this mature before, but somehow I chose to leave behind all my ego and tantrums long behind to fall for you without any boundations. Maybe this was the love for which I have been waiting this long, maybe this is the thing that makes me try everytime you doubt my feelings and intentions for you, maybe this is the maybe that asks me to hold on to us even when I could see everything around me collapsing, I know I would run back to you the second you want me without skipping a beat, I know I would because I have believed in universes and stars and mine exists in those eyes, the ones that have been through the roughest of the scars, the one I derive the definition of strength from, the one who is messy af but still chooses kindness over pride each time. The one whom I consider the one, the one whom I believe will forever stay as the one.


  • sonali_satapathy 10w

    Hold my hand

    Your hand fits in mine like it is made just for me,
    Please take my hand come walk with me I will show you the way and let you see.
    I want to take all your pain just by holding your hand,
    I just want only your love with no other demand.
    I want to be the only hand you ever hold,
    I want to love you more with my feelings untold.
    I will hold your hands tight all through the night,
    And never let you go out of my sight.
    If I am wrong I need your hand to correct me,
    If I am lost I need your hand to guide me.
    If one day I will die I still need your hand to close my eyes,
    I want you to hold my hand and be with me in every occasion of my life.
    I want to hold your hand forever,
    Because it's my life's only savor.
    Just hold my hand forever that's all my wish

  • dannipoetry 10w

    our story.

    the queen rescued
    the knight and made
    him her king,
    then they ran away
    from the kingdom
    and built their own.


  • sonali_satapathy 11w


    I still remember the first meet of our,
    It's for me like a love shower.
    The way you entered my home
    The way u talked
    The way you smiled
    Everything was wow for me
    I still remember, how you looked at me
    Absconding yourself from my mamma's eye
    How beauteous that moment was,
    I was looking at you without giving my eyes a single pause.
    There was a strange magic at that time,
    Your eyes were hunting my eyes and did a crime.
    And I want to go there again
    Enjoy that fairy moment
    Like peacock enjoy the rain

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  • dare_devil 14w

    They say that the remains of the dead stars are the most beautiful object of the universe.
    Just like our broken story