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  • thewritingbunny 1d

    I switched places with my shadow #1

    I was sitting on my chair,leaning back to a point where the chair stood only on its 2 rear feet.About an upside down world I was thinking when I lost balance and started falling…but…The resulting fall did not end with a thud…


  • alex_jusso 3d

    Monday, October 27th 1941

    Dear Diary,

    I can hardly bear to write to you today. Something terrible has happened. I must start from the beginning. Father came to pick me up early from school today. He was running errands when mr. Ackermann caught him at the grocery store. He is our neighbor and a family friend. He told father that right after he had left to get groceries that... That mother had been taken by the Nazis. He also said that he was drafted. He said his wife and children we're going to escape to the Border and that we should come with them. When he picked me up I asked if we were coming home. He said we would not be going home for a while. He said we were going to stay with Miss Ana for tonight, though not at her house. Tonight we are staying in a warehouse. It's cold and damp. I told this to father and he said it will be colder and damper while we are on the Run. I asked if mr. Ackermann will be okay. father says he doesn't know. If he survives the war and the Nazis find out about his wife and children he may be killed. Miss Ana does not live with mr. Ackermann. For Miss Ana is Jewish and mr. Ackermann is German. Miss Anna is a family friend and we have known her forever. But I have never met her children. I was told I would be the second youngest there. I then asked how many children would be there. Father said four. Little Elijah, who is 6 months old, miss Ana's youngest. Amelie who is 17, Miss Ana's oldest. And Jakob who is 16, going on 17, a friend of Amelie's from school. I am only 13, going on 14, as you know. When we arrived at the warehouse, Miss Ana came out to greet us, holding baby Elijah in her arms. I thought baby Elijah looked funny at first, but I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. She told us to come in, and so we did. A girl in the corner, I figured it was Amelie, was reading. A boy that looked her age came up and greeted us, giving father a firm handshake. He seemed happy to meet us, even in these terrible times. Miss Ana handed me some clothes, she said she knew we came in a rush and we wouldn't have had time to grab extras. So she took some of Amelie's old clothes for me. I noticed the star was torn off. Jacob said he removed the Stars off of all of our clothes. He then handed me a pocket knife so I could remove the stars on the clothes I was currently wearing. As miss Ana turned around, I saw what was wrong with little Elijah. One of his arms was really small, and the other was normal. I had later asked Miss Ana about this, she said he was born with a limb difference. Jakob was German. I asked him why he ran. He said it was because he loved. Because he loved other men. I asked why that was wrong, he told me he didn't know. He then asked why it was wrong to be a Jew. I said I didn't know. Then I understood. I then said Nazis are weird. He agreed. I asked about his parents then, he said they were taken for being Jehovah's Witnesses. I asked what that meant, he said they were Germans who refused to follow the Nazis. Then we all came together and Miss Ana went over what was going on. She said she had a contact who could smuggle us over the Border. She said food would be slim, and nights would be cold. And we would have to be quiet. She said we had a deadline to meet. For if we don't get to the rendezvous in time, they would leave without us. She says once we get over the Border Kama she has a cousin who would be willing to house us until the war is over. There would be the six of us plus her cousin's family living under the same roof. She said we were going to learn to like each other whether we wanted to or not. She said we would leave early tomorrow morning, so we'd best rest up. That is all for tonight, we have a long day ahead tomorrow.



  • in_solitude 1w


    I fell in love with you at first sight,
    Watching your kindness, facing challenges with all your might.
    I know this might sound a bit sappy,
    But when you smile, it makes me happy.
    Your smile lights up the whole room,
    You would still smile in the face of doom.
    I know you can't be mine,
    But the girl you're with is great, so I pretend to be fine.
    I cannot tell you my true feelings,
    So here I'm feeling sorry by drinking.
    We need to put a distance between us,
    But you care so much you make a damn fuss.
    I don't want to hurt you,
    As I fell in love with you.
    It kills me inside when I see you with her,
    I put on a charade but I'm still an amateur.
    When I told you the truth you were shocked,
    You whole world was rocked.
    You did not reply, so j said, "let's stay away." And you complied

  • depression 1w

    Girl. P1

    I use to be a happy girl.
    I use to dance and laugh.
    Then depression.
    I was never the same again

  • 7pandit_sachin 2w

    Winter love

    On a foggy day,
    Under a shivering sky,
    Holding a book ,
    An unknown face passed by..


  • lisa_swain_ 2w

    Learnings for 2018

    1. Tell people to fuck off more often. If people make you feel bad for your emotions, just tell them to fuck off. Straight away. Stop taking shit. You owe this to yourself.

    2. There will be days when you’ll want to kill someone and there will be days when you’ll love someone so much that you’ll want to kiss the life out of them; there will be days when you will hate being around people and there will be days when you’ll just want to have fun; for all these days, just allow yourself to be. You are alive, and life is beautiful. .

    3. A lot of relationships will end this year. They could be friendships you thought would go on forever. But things don’t go the way you think they will. Feel the pain. Cry your heart out. Eat ice cream. Then suck it up, and let it go. Period.

    4. Stay away from boys who treat you like shit. Stay away from girls who treat you like shit. Make up excuses. Or don’t lie and just say it that you don’t want to be around them.

    5. Please don’t be too hard on yourself this year. Put in genuine work in loving yourself, in putting yourself before others, in being there for yourself instead of expecting others to be there for you. Sometimes they will be there, and sometimes they’ll disappear in the air. It is okay. .


    7. Tell people if you like them. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter to anyone but you. So decide it for yourself. .

    8. You are not too much for feeling whatever you are feeling. Stop allowing people to tell you anything otherwise.

  • lisa_swain_ 4w

    On certain days, words come easy :)

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    To the night we met !

    We don’t speak. Our words are too busy trying to escape are mouths to follow different routes now. It might be that I have forgotten what way to send them to, to reach you. Or maybe you have shifted. Maybe the house you lived in became too much for you; the house you told me about. “Your absence is more tangible than your presence ever was.” (The night is full of terror; won’t you save me, like you did on the night we met?) I was never taught how to cover distances that arise between two hearts; I was never taught how to do that. I am sorry, I can’t save what we had. Now that you’re gone, I don’t know what to do with all this love; the love I gave to you in glances, or through the cold of my hand on the warmth of your shoulder; what to do with all this love? (I don’t know what I’m supposed to do haunted by the ghost of you; please, please take me back to the night we met) .


  • paper_and_pen 5w

    Sometimes LIFE is full of surprises. You never know who's gonna enter into your life and changes your vision towards some shits that you are messed up with. And that 'who', eats, drinks and sleepS //don't be like ��//, plays, makes fun and accompanies you in every actitivity that can be done. #Chal_Washroom jaake_aate_hai,_break_me. Sometimes he hits you in front of all the friends and in return you hit him harder and harder throughout the week or two. ��

  • vo_akhiri_shabd 6w

    Common these days?

    I have been through worse of my life. He touched me, I refused, I repelled but he didn't listen. It was for the first time when I went to his house, I use to call him uncle. But he didn't maintain the dignity of the relation. Monsters are real, I saw it in that man. It happened again, and again.
    I tried to tell my mother, and once got succeeded but she told me to not tell anybody and said he is older than me so I should keep my mouth shut.


  • shradhaanand 8w

    find an intimate place where the ambience is so beautiful that it can never be erased from her mind,body, soul... The power of you walking and holding her hand, next to a restless ocean as it crashes down and erases the footsteps in the sand is unforgettabl. Just walk with her.

  • mismagical 8w


    showers of love,
    by arid hearts!!!


  • aditi_harshraj 8w

    TM toh hmesa Kaha karte the,
    hm ek h...

    TM toh Kaha karte the na
    Hm dono ek he h...
    Toh kya mere aasu ab tere nahi h
    Kya mere dard ab tere nahi h
    Kya mere takleef ab tere nahi h
    Hm dono jab ek the
    Toh aaj alag kaise hue
    Aur hmare alag hone pe
    Tmhe dard kaise nahi hua
    Hm toh ab alag h na
    TM toh ab mere kuch bhi nahi
    Phir tmhe takleef me dekh
    Mujhe kyu dard hota h
    Tmhe rota dekh
    Kyu mere aakho me aasu aa jate h
    Ab kyu mujhe tere fikar hote h
    Phir Maine kyu,
    Tere khusiyo ke fariyaad ke h
    Haar manato me tmhara naam liya h
    Kyu tmse dur hone ke baad bhi
    Mera Dil mere pass nahi....


  • man_nisha 8w

    Pta h Ae zindagi
    Aaj kal kuch ajib itefak ho rhe hain

    Jo kal tk pass the
    Aaj na jaane Kyun dur s ho rhe hain
    Ye bhi ajib h na
    Kaise koi ek pal m
    Apna hone ka dawa krta h
    Aur firr Dusre hi pal
    Durr hota h

    Tere bhi ajib khel h
    Aryyy kitni hlchl h tujhme
    Tehr ja
    Behta pani sbhi ko Acha lgta h
    Lekin pani ka thehraw hi kisi kaam aata h
    Waise hi
    Insaan thehra Acha h
    Behta toh hwa ka jhoka bhi h

  • _ek_badal_awara_ 10w

    i cant
    fall in love
    but i can
    rise in love
    with myself
    so that when
    love finally
    makes a visit
    i am not
    not unsure
    and dont
    close the door
    on her face
    i want to
    welcome her
    have a cup of tea
    and let her stay
    atleast this time
    and maybe


  • walk_with_naina 10w

    Can a piece of nuptial and a pinch of vermilion decide someone's destiny ???
    #deep_thought @writersworld_ #feelings @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Seven vows
    One scared thread
    Pinch of red
    Changed destiny

    By Karishma Rana

  • karishma_krishna 12w

    If only I was the girl
    Who you want me to be
    It would've been much easier
    For both, you and me
    But these circumstances of my life
    Has changed this heart of mine
    It was almost as if
    My whole life was a lie
    I will miss our silliness
    And those late night talks
    And the way you look at me
    When I pretend to be asleep
    I will miss you being there
    Who drinks my half coffee
    But I need to be someplace else
    I'm sorry I have to leave
    I hope I will see you someday
    In a café or a busy street
    And I will smile at your happy face
    Even if you have forgotten me

  • kirugami 13w


    He closed his eyes
    Rested his face on her lap
    She sang a lullaby so sweet
    That made him forget all his worries
    Drops of water fell on his face
    He thought the weather turned gray
    But little did he know
    Those were her tears,
    Mementos of her battles
    she was fighting alone

  • turbulent_thoughts 15w

    The Red Wall is a poem which has the elements of horror and thriller. It will have many parts and this is the first one. I will post the second part soon enough..till then happy reading!!

    #horror #thriller #theredwall #part1 #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #writerssociety #likesforlike #it #followforfollow #poemsporn #wattpad #wordporn #pod #igpoets #igpoetsociety #deadpoetssociety #tt #turbulentthoughts

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    The Red Wall

    Stars were spreading across the sky;
    beautifying the desolate palace with a pale white colour that was horrifying.
    As the screeching and howling of owls and wolves echoed through the woods ;
    Lightning was gradually building up in the sky,
    Just ready enought to flare up the surroundings by.

    Amidst all this a young lad of twenty with a death like pallor walked briskly in a haphazard path.
    He looked at the castle with his green eyes that were reflecting nothing but voidness.
    As he looked at a rifleman bird fly by,
    He took a step forward and knocked at the old, huge, rusty door of the castle that was once its symbol of magnificence .

    His blank eyes were staring out in the darkness when he heard a creak,
    and the door jostled open.
    A flick of terror flashed across his eyes;


  • leehana 17w

    #DC #HarveyDent #2Face
    2 face #part1

    Think before you say
    Watch what you do
    They'll find a way
    Be surprised with "Boo!"

    In the front,they'll be Harvey!
    Talking oh so lovely
    Say as if they know
    Faking as if you're their bro

    From the back,they'll start to crack
    Their faces turn black
    Slander is their game
    Torturing you is an aim

    Careful for attachment
    To them you're entertainment
    Beware of the darkness
    All are known as heartless

    Still wanna try
    Flip a coin!
    Chances is they're gone
    Leaving you to die

    Similar to DC,
    From Harvey
    To alter ego 2 Face
    They are just so snake-y

  • bix_utters 18w

    ★*She used to call him her best friend. And he used to do everything possible (and also sometimes unthinkable) he could do for her & make sure that she faced no problem in life, not even in examination hall whatsoever (it's no coincidence that they were in same class in same institution); which often proved that he indeed was her best friend (read true friend), not by just his words but his actions proved it over and again.

    A boy, a girl, classmates, best friends.

    Everything sounds pretty normal, right?
    But someone someday said that a boy & a girl can never be just best friends forever. So, perhaps to prove this theory true again, she confessed her love to him one day. He took his time but later responded positively. Again all credit to that theory!

    Both were madly in love with each other. Everything was perfectly in rhythm.

    But well wishers of the boy kept telling him that she was not the right girl for him, and he would get far beautiful and better girl in his life. They said that she is no match for him; neither had she the personality nor the beauty compared to him. They even told him about her 'not so appropriate' past. Simply according to them, she just didn't deserve him.

    He loved his mother more than anything in the universe and he knew it very well that his mom would never accept her as daughter-in-law.

    But as people say, love is blind. He ignored them all. Instead he started believing that she must be the love of his life he was craving since his puberty. He thought that finally he'd found his true love in her.

    But soon he was dragged down by the reality.

    All of a sudden everything looked shattered as a broken glass when he discovered that she was still secretly following her ex-lovers across social networks and complimenting how handsome they look. That wasn't a big deal. But she herself once said, "I hate my ex-boyfriends so much that I don't even want to hear their names and blocked them from everywhere". That's where the questions arose. If she couldn't even tolerate their names, then how come she was complimenting on their looks? That was beyond his fathoming ability.

    He decided to confront her. And quite surprisingly she denied the accusations, one and all! It shocked him as he expected her to tell all the truth.

    But the good news was that later she was forced to accept her wrong doings but only after she was provided with strong evidence by him.

    She apologized. He accepted her apology and even trusted her for one more time.

    But there was always a volatility going on his mind. So he decided to check her facebook chat lists to clear all the doubts, once and for all. And what he saw there was completely unimaginable, undreamed and inconceivable for him.

    There were countless guys sending her sexually explicit messages on daily basis and she was more than happy to reply them all wearing a beautiful smile on her face. And if that wasn't enough, she started sending her WhatsApp number and even her extremely obscene photos to those random guys! It wasn't a big deal for her at all, rather it was just another way of making her relatively 'boring' life to a 'crunchy' one!

    When confronted by him again on this issue, she defended herself by saying, "Flirting isn't that much bad to do."

    Okay, flirting isn't that bad. But with those sexually starved bastards? And especially when you claim to be in a serious relationship! Really?

    The ground beneath his feet was moving away. The sky over his head started to split into pieces. Clouds were tearing apart .*★

    #HeartUtters #5
    #writersnetwork #pod #readwriteunite

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