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  • _ek_badal_awara_ 1w

    i cant
    fall in love
    but i can
    rise in love
    with myself
    so that when
    love finally
    makes a visit
    i am not
    not unsure
    and dont
    close the door
    on her face
    i want to
    welcome her
    have a cup of tea
    and let her stay
    atleast this time
    and maybe


  • walk_with_naina 1w

    Can a piece of nuptial and a pinch of vermilion decide someone's destiny ???
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    Seven vows
    One scared thread
    Pinch of red
    Changed destiny

    By Karishma Rana

  • karishma_krishna 3w

    If only I was the girl
    Who you want me to be
    It would've been much easier
    For both, you and me
    But these circumstances of my life
    Has changed this heart of mine
    It was almost as if
    My whole life was a lie
    I will miss our silliness
    And those late night talks
    And the way you look at me
    When I pretend to be asleep
    I will miss you being there
    Who drinks my half coffee
    But I need to be someplace else
    I'm sorry I have to leave
    I hope I will see you someday
    In a café or a busy street
    And I will smile at your happy face
    Even if you have forgotten me

  • kirugami 4w


    He closed his eyes
    Rested his face on her lap
    She sang a lullaby so sweet
    That made him forget all his worries
    Drops of water fell on his face
    He thought the weather turned gray
    But little did he know
    Those were her tears,
    Mementos of her battles
    she was fighting alone

  • turbulent_thoughts 6w

    The Red Wall is a poem which has the elements of horror and thriller. It will have many parts and this is the first one. I will post the second part soon enough..till then happy reading!!

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    The Red Wall

    Stars were spreading across the sky;
    beautifying the desolate palace with a pale white colour that was horrifying.
    As the screeching and howling of owls and wolves echoed through the woods ;
    Lightning was gradually building up in the sky,
    Just ready enought to flare up the surroundings by.

    Amidst all this a young lad of twenty with a death like pallor walked briskly in a haphazard path.
    He looked at the castle with his green eyes that were reflecting nothing but voidness.
    As he looked at a rifleman bird fly by,
    He took a step forward and knocked at the old, huge, rusty door of the castle that was once its symbol of magnificence .

    His blank eyes were staring out in the darkness when he heard a creak,
    and the door jostled open.
    A flick of terror flashed across his eyes;


  • daylighter_05 8w

    Part 1

    In His words:

    Her kindness towards me,
    Her faith towards me,
    Her affection towards me,
    Her love towards me,

    Everything in her beauty,
    Everything in her manners,
    Everything in her morality,
    Everything in her compassion,

    Every piece of word she said,
    Every piece of innocence she expressed,
    In short every piece of her thoughts,
    Was a hope to my best story.

    Everytime she came back,
    Everytime she dropped a spark from her hair,
    Everytime she left her touch on that holy piece of paper,
    That 'everytime' made my day full of hopes,

    She never said no,
    She never left me to be alone,
    She knew it was hard,
    Hard for me to live,

    Disabled with my body,
    I was left to see her face,
    Even though she never cried,
    But every time I woke up,
    Realising more and more tears filled in those eyes,

    No one cares,
    Is it true?
    Because she never left,
    It was me who conscience here,
    In this world of holocaust,


  • pallavijain 8w

    "will be there in 15 minutes" she texted
    "come soon beta" maa replied
    On that fine day as she choosed a busy street and a long road to reach home safely. Going from that street she was feeling safe, walking with her own daydreams and melodies of her fairytale. Untill she realized that she was getting RAPED. Getting raped by each and every moron on that street by there eyes by their eyes by their expressions every step she took she was RAPED, either her bra strap was visible or because her duptta was too transparent. Every dog their, was raping her. She walked fast, walked uncomfortably and finally reached home. Those fifteen minutes were the the longest fifteen minutes of her life. She felt dirty, she felt inadequate. At the same night she told whatever happened and how she felt to her mother. Her mother said ".................... #tobecontiuned #part1
    #mentallyraped #stopmentalrapes #thepensmagic

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  • leehana 8w

    #DC #HarveyDent #2Face
    2 face #part1

    Think before you say
    Watch what you do
    They'll find a way
    Be surprised with "Boo!"

    In the front,they'll be Harvey!
    Talking oh so lovely
    Say as if they know
    Faking as if you're their bro

    From the back,they'll start to crack
    Their faces turn black
    Slander is their game
    Torturing you is an aim

    Careful for attachment
    To them you're entertainment
    Beware of the darkness
    All are known as heartless

    Still wanna try
    Flip a coin!
    Chances is they're gone
    Leaving you to die

    Similar to DC,
    From Harvey
    To alter ego 2 Face
    They are just so snake-y

  • bix_utters 9w

    ★*She used to call him her best friend. And he used to do everything possible (and also sometimes unthinkable) he could do for her & make sure that she faced no problem in life, not even in examination hall whatsoever (it's no coincidence that they were in same class in same institution); which often proved that he indeed was her best friend (read true friend), not by just his words but his actions proved it over and again.

    A boy, a girl, classmates, best friends.

    Everything sounds pretty normal, right?
    But someone someday said that a boy & a girl can never be just best friends forever. So, perhaps to prove this theory true again, she confessed her love to him one day. He took his time but later responded positively. Again all credit to that theory!

    Both were madly in love with each other. Everything was perfectly in rhythm.

    But well wishers of the boy kept telling him that she was not the right girl for him, and he would get far beautiful and better girl in his life. They said that she is no match for him; neither had she the personality nor the beauty compared to him. They even told him about her 'not so appropriate' past. Simply according to them, she just didn't deserve him.

    He loved his mother more than anything in the universe and he knew it very well that his mom would never accept her as daughter-in-law.

    But as people say, love is blind. He ignored them all. Instead he started believing that she must be the love of his life he was craving since his puberty. He thought that finally he'd found his true love in her.

    But soon he was dragged down by the reality.

    All of a sudden everything looked shattered as a broken glass when he discovered that she was still secretly following her ex-lovers across social networks and complimenting how handsome they look. That wasn't a big deal. But she herself once said, "I hate my ex-boyfriends so much that I don't even want to hear their names and blocked them from everywhere". That's where the questions arose. If she couldn't even tolerate their names, then how come she was complimenting on their looks? That was beyond his fathoming ability.

    He decided to confront her. And quite surprisingly she denied the accusations, one and all! It shocked him as he expected her to tell all the truth.

    But the good news was that later she was forced to accept her wrong doings but only after she was provided with strong evidence by him.

    She apologized. He accepted her apology and even trusted her for one more time.

    But there was always a volatility going on his mind. So he decided to check her facebook chat lists to clear all the doubts, once and for all. And what he saw there was completely unimaginable, undreamed and inconceivable for him.

    There were countless guys sending her sexually explicit messages on daily basis and she was more than happy to reply them all wearing a beautiful smile on her face. And if that wasn't enough, she started sending her WhatsApp number and even her extremely obscene photos to those random guys! It wasn't a big deal for her at all, rather it was just another way of making her relatively 'boring' life to a 'crunchy' one!

    When confronted by him again on this issue, she defended herself by saying, "Flirting isn't that much bad to do."

    Okay, flirting isn't that bad. But with those sexually starved bastards? And especially when you claim to be in a serious relationship! Really?

    The ground beneath his feet was moving away. The sky over his head started to split into pieces. Clouds were tearing apart .*★

    #HeartUtters #5
    #writersnetwork #pod #readwriteunite

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  • cloud9_af 11w

    Condition of every bong household. In a survey conducted in 2012, over 60% of the bengali folk tend to opt for science rather than commerce or arts. This builds pressure in their minds, a pressure which they can't overcome, finally succumbing their souls into the eerie silence.
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    Only if his parents knew that Einstein never really piqued interest in him like Wordsworth did, that 'A' grade wouldn't have mattered. He could have been saved.

  • thepoeticdisguise 13w


    You there;
    Wait up.
    Come back.
    The pen, the promises and the heart,
    I believe you forgot;
    Forgot to take that shit back,
    There's no reason for them to be here,
    Nothing's no longer sheer...


  • typed_emotions 14w

    Best Friend Convo...#Part1

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    Best Friend Convo

    He : Are you hurt
    She : Not physically
    He : You deserve someone better
    She : And you'll find that better for me?
    He : (Gives a secret smile) I don't know
    She : Why are you smiling....Hey! Cm'on we are friends tell me?
    He : Nothing..(smiles) just keep looking and maybe one day you'll find him.(winks).


  • jharna 16w


    Fallen in love
    Not once or twice
    But thrice

    Yes she
    Has been betrayed
    Not once or twice
    But thrice

    Yes she
    Has been judged
    By the educated morons

    Yes her
    Name was dragged in the dirtiest
    For no reason
    She ever knew

    Yes she
    Has been called a slut
    A whore
    A flesh you want more

    Yes she
    Has made mistake
    Letting wrong people walk into
    And walk all over her

    Yes she
    Still has a heart of gold
    A gem that is old
    Love she holds

    Yes she
    Still cares for known and unknown
    And never let anyone drown


  • munsh_creations 16w

    First post....#part1

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    Why to die??

    Why die young
    There are songs you haven't sung
    Places you haven't seen
    You are still a teen

    Why die early
    Your life starts from here actually
    Pieces of art you would miss
    Coffee cups you won't kiss

    Why die now
    You will miss that one wow
    Paintings left to be made
    Dreams left to be chased

    Why cry on someone's bad word
    When there's someone 'I need you',you still haven't heard
    Why miss a single piece of art
    A tear in someone's eye when you part

  • white_feather 16w

    Lone Wolf(P1)

    All i wanted to do was love you

    All this feeling for me was totally new

    They say its for only one not even for a few

    And i thought that it was you

    I should have known

    By now then I must have grown

    Grown to know you weren’t my own

    And I am the wolf all alone.

    I like being it that way

    But you were the one who made me stay

    The lone wolf will survive long

    Until unless he hears the moon’s song

    Like the moon you sung to me

    And I doubted myself “Is She?”

    I went with the flow and ignored my gut

    I never realized that she was nothing more than a slut

    I gave her a place in my heart

    And she went in to tear it apart

    Then the hate began to start

    I went into my hide

    To lick my scars and

    Shine more bright

    I showed her what she missed

    Made her see the face she may have kissed

    It was time by when he hissed

    Determined to check me off his list

    She doubted her decision

    And now observed with precision

    She saw me like I saw her

    She now wanted me as her lover

    © prathamtib

  • stupidnutella 16w

    Life is a fairy tale

    I woke up with a jerk. I was on my bed, one side of it empty. Sweat beads lined under my lips. My hair was a mess. The nape of my neck was wet too. Blinking rapidly, I got adjusted to the dimness of the night light. My body felt stiff from the violent jerk I had woken up to. My eyes were burning and the heat drained to my cheeks. I moved to the edge of my bed, I was restless. I checked the time, it was 3 AM. Just another night, just another night mare. I sighed. I reminded myself of the reality. The ironical, impossible-to-believe reality. The tragic fairytale of a life. I poured some water to my arid mouth. A drop of water escaped and raced down my chest. Just the same way tears started escaping from my eyes. I fell back on my pillow, getting ready for another insane wave of emotions.


  • manasvi_ 17w

    The day when you will no longer belong to my regret list would be the day when I will let my heart wander.

    Wander amidst the unknown, the forbidden and through the impermissible town on it's own, all alone.

  • the_lostboon 17w

    इश्क़ १

    इश्क़ लफ़्ज़ नही तेरे होने का एहसास है।
    इश्क़ मुश्किल ही सही पर बहुत खास है।
    इश्क़ में मर जाओ तो किताबें बोल उठती है।
    इश्क़ में जी जाओ तो सरहदें डोल उठती है।
    अरे इश्क़ कर के तो देख खुदा तेरे साथ है।
    इश्क़ ... कर के तो देख खुदा तेरे साथ है।
    और वो मुकर जाए तो इश्क़ की क्या ही बात है।


  • miss_hothead 19w


    He rose shining bright with light.
    It was a new day for the people
    down on earth.
    But for him just another one awaiting for his love.

    12 o'clock. "It's hot", said the people down on earth.
    But they didn't knew he was burning in await of his love.

    His bright light began to dim but not his love for her.
    It was time to go, he didn't wanted​ to but he knew he had to, for her.

    Just like any other day he left, empty handed.
    Leaving behind a beautiful sight and air for his love to breathe.


  • _turning_pages 19w

    #part1 "Better to trust your sheded heart than morons".

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    Voice of sheded heart

    "Don't be so good in this world and don't think good for others because in this era people are blind to see your goodness and lastly they changed you according to their needs and expectations"

    Now heart also starting complaining
    "Hey dumb" my works is to pump your blood not to pump your brokes and pains and stop caring and crying for others and be friend with books because in this world they are the only who never give you pain and never expect anything from you in return it'll gift you lots of knowledges and lessons of life

    "no one is yours and you are nobody to them"
    "love your beloved books and parents and go with the flow"


    _ melting_words