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    That prostitute who we call sinner is able to identify all the men. Maybe that’s why she knows the world far better than us. The walls of her room have the picture of all the religion. These pictures unlike those of political leaders in our county do not claptrap. Her door is open to all the men of different religion, let it be Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian. Have you ever thought when our temples, mosques and churches will have such an openness and secularism?

  • ishq_tera 13w

    My story

    aur yeh kahani unhi kuch kahaniyo mai se ek hai..jinhe mai aur apne paas nhi rakh sakta..
    aur suru hoti hai class 11th se pr usse pehle mere bare mai thora jan lo..
    maine yeh toh btaya hi ki mai ek introvert hu aur class 10th tak maine kuch do chaar larkiyo se hi baat ki thi apni class ko mila kar jisme conversation start bhi unhi logo ne kra tha.. aur mai class 10th se hi waise larko ke sath hi rha hu jo bilkul mere jaise hi the.. bs unme kuch aur qualities bhi thi jaise hafte mai 3-4 din school bunk marna, sutta lgana etc..
    Toh ek saal baad jb 10th khatam hua toh as expected hamare sbke kafi gande marks aaye aur sbne plan bnaya hum arts lange 11th mai.. aur maine yeh baat ake ghar pe btaya aur kafi daant khane ke baad maine science le liya aur mere sare dost art aur wo bhi dusre college..
    1st day of college
    Mai bhot nervous tha kha kiske sath baithu mujhe nhi pta tha toh last bench pr akela baithne lga kuch ek hafte tk aur uske baad
    Next Monday (date toh yaad nhi pr june ka mahina tha) subha barish ho rhi thi toh prayer class mai hi hua aur prayer ke beech mai darwaze pr knock...
    Ek larki thi bhot sunder, bhot..usne enter kiya class mai aur right corner second bench pr bag rakha aur hamare sath prayer join kar liya aur mai abhi bhi usse hi ghure ja rha hu..
    Infact kb prayer khatam hua aur kb teacher aah gaye pta hi nhi chala...
    Aaj first period maths sir ka tha aur maths sir ka ek rule hai wo gadhe baccho ko intelligent baccho ke sath baithate.. toh mera jo benchmate(amit) tha unke class mai wo us larke ke bagal wale row ke third bench mai baitha hua tha aur luckily uska jo benchmate tha wo absent tha toh mai aaj pura din is bench per baith sakta hu
    Aur avi tak mai us larki ko bas ghure ja rha hu
    aur tbhi amit puch kya hua maine kha "yaar wo larki kitni hot hai" aur pta nhi kaise usne sun liya aur wo piche muri aur smile kiya
    mai aur amit ne ek dusre ko dekha aur jor se hase.. aur sir ne sun liya aur hum dono class ke bahar..

  • witnesser 13w

    In My City


    We're all mediocre lives,
    I've seen men beating up their wives,
    But then the wives don't let others help
    I've tried interrupting twice.


  • ishaanali 14w


    "You haven't seen the scars i carry deep within my heart," she said.
    "Let me Stitch the remaining wounds and pour my love into your part," he replied.
    One was fearing of losing someone again,
    Other was dying to love, while he (can).

    But the destiny was planning,
    Something we call, drain.
    Just to feel the touch of his love,
    He has to cry over and over again.
    This is a story about the one,
    The lover sky, his love land.
    We've all seen it,
    When we describe love;

    It's all about the rain.


  • emberjourno 14w


    Standing in a nice satin dress
    Staring at the sunset
    Which glared through cutting skyscrapers
    She made a promise. ☺❤

  • ishaanali 14w

    Kuch waqt jee bhhar ke dekh lene dijiye,
    Inn kali Aankho ne meri bohot raate kaali ki hai


  • aayushi25 15w

    खुशबू २.

    आज कल एक खुशबू सी मेरे साथ रहती है,
    मैं ही नहीं अब मेरी रूह भी इसके संग महकती है।

  • modern_kingdom 15w


    Once again in her arms, I fell asleep.
    She smiled at me since she knew I would.
    Caressing my hairs she kissed my face,
    "I wish it stays the same", she said, "touchwood!"

    Smiling to our memories her eyelids shut too,
    Next morning to find herself alone in bed.
    She frantically searched for me around,
    but only encountered a note that read...

    "Like a sailor craves for land in Seas,
    Like deserts crave for showers of rain.
    I crave for you with my every breath.
    You sooth my soul, you heal my pain!

    Your hairs are the only shade I seek,
    Your smile is the only asset I count.
    Those hands are the only support I'll ever need,
    In depth of your eyes my destinies I've found.

    With every new sun, I fall more for you.
    So tell me how could this love ever stay the same?
    Every new night, my heart beats for you,
    And my eyes on moon, write your name."

    She was drowned in tears of love & joy,
    As I entered the room to call her for breakfast.
    Still crying, she hugged me like never before.
    I realised how till infinity a moment could last.

    I kissed her forehead & whispered in her ears,
    "We'll only get better, I promise you we would.
    My every breath is yours till the end of life,
    And for this I know my darling, we don't need to touchwood...!


  • _t_h_e_h_o_l_i_c_s_ 15w

    PART 2

    I was already missing her a lot. From the last few days we have rarely talked. I was busy with some works and thought she would be preparing for her upcoming exams. I really wanted to be with her. So I decided to make a call and wanted to ask her to meet me. But even after many attempts the call went unanswered. I was getting tensed and then I received a call. It was from her best friend and she bought me the bitterest news. Something I couldn't imagine in my scariest dreams. When I reached the hospital,there he stood in his blood stained clothes. I have seen him numerous photos she had sent me but I was sure he didn't know me and I didn't saw anyone along with him who could recognise me. Seeing the blood stains on his white shirt I felt like the world around me going blank and darkness covered my eyes.
    ......To be continued

  • hasrat_e_ishq 15w

    सुनो,तुम ठीक हो न?


    पार्ट - 2 (२)

  • ms_shayara 15w

    Do read its first part guys!! 🤗

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    Pr umeed kahi baki reh jaati hai..
    Kitna kuch akele hi seh jaati hai..
    Bss yeh soch kr....
    Ki Khuda iske haqq mei faisla sunayega..
    Aur haa mera bhi ek din

    - Nancy Uppal


  • aphmau_zydele 16w

    Dark meaning full poem #darkmeaning #Rose

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    Roses 2

    But.....I think he likes Kim
    Because of that I started
    Liking pens and I started
    Liking Drama movie
    And I like when someone cries
    And I wasn't very nice
    I don't tell Kai that I like pens
    Because our friendship could end

  • jeeya_shakya 16w

    Someone questioned me, 'Do men cry?'

    The myth created by humans in this world defines, 'Men don't cry, they shouldn't.'
    If men cry they'll be called as loosers and are bullied by each man in the society.
    But myths are not facts, they are never true.
    Yes, men cry. They cry because they can't yield much income like the other men richer than them.
    A man cries because he worries about his family, he cries in the fear that he might not be able to feed his family. A man cries watching failure lie beneath him.
    We say we have never seen men cry. It is because they cry only in front of their woman, their companion and the ones they love.
    If men don't cry they'll be weaker.Crying makes a man tough but some men do not want to agree this. It's a pity for them. They like to become the mythical creatures the society made them. They've become the puppets of the mythical society.
    Men also cry and women must understand them. They're not weak but they also have emotions which want to be poured out from their conjusted hearts.
    Everyone cries. Women, men, children and the old, the Gods, the demons, the philosophers, everyone cries.
    Everyone sheds their tears in the time of happiness, worries and pain.
    To be continued....
    -an excerpt from my journal
    #part2 #mencry #men #man #tears #teenwriter #tenthgrader #myownwords #mywork #whataretears

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    What are Tears? (Someone questioned me, 'Do men cry?')
    Part 2

    Please visit my profile and go through the captions of 'What are tears?' series!

  • witnesser 17w

    Stop killing your real-self
    to make them like you.
    Have you seen their requirements?
    I've listed a quite few.
    Start from agreeing
    with their pathetic point of views,
    pampering their egos,
    and appreciating their shoes.
    Have you ever cared,
    which shade of nail-paint they've used?
    Apparently that's all,
    we men have to do.
    Manspreading is really a funny concept too,
    Sit with your legs closed & don't even move.
    Are you sure you're fighting for equality dude?
    All I can see is your stupidity reaching the moon.

  • reborn 17w

    Failed attempts

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    We try to escape this cage,
    with keys inside it,
    we lock ourselves.

  • thesecretdiary_ 17w

    How can he be so soft? I thought. His hands were soft but he was looking very brave, How is that possible? Everyone else standing there were laughing at me and one uncle asked are you alright child.. I am Absolutely fine, i replied.
    I wanted him to ask me the same but he didn't he went somewhere. Only two hours were left with me because my flight was at 5 p.m and at that time it was 3 p.m.
    That made me upset that i have only few time to see him. Where is he? Where did he went? Why i am searching for a stranger? I thought. I can't go back home without seeing him! And there he was at starbucks drinking some coffee. And i thought if i will go there and sit he will think that m stalking him and I was doing that!
    Still i went there, he looked at me and smiled.. I also smiled.
    Should i go and talk to him? But what he is going to think? How desperate I am getting? I thought. Come on either i will talk to him today or else i will lost him forever. Because i don't know what's his name from where he belongs and where he is going right now i don't know anything.
    I went there and said "Hii".
    #fingercrossed #part2 #part3 will come soon #loveattheairport

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    Part 2

  • thesecretdiary_ 18w

    And it was my First time in Delhi. A city where i was a stranger and i was Alone. I was waiting for my sister to come back, i was waiting at the delhi airport as she was having an interview in delhi and i was in delhi for her. She went to give the interview and i was waiting for her with the boarding pass to go back.
    There were alot of things to do at the airport shopping and eating. What else i want? But then my phone battery was almost dead and I had to charge my phone. So the place where everyone was charging there phones i went there and there was a guy standing next to me was looking brave and charming.! While charging my phone i got a call which has to be attended and my charger was not getting unplugged from my phone. So i pulled the charger and my phone very strongly that the whole machine got unbalanced. Shit that was quit embarrassing, that moment i got a little pushed because of that and that guy holded me to save from falling down and everyone else was holding that machine, i looked into his eyes.. He laughed a little as that situation was quite funny and i felt shy and at the same time i wanted that guy to hold me for some more time and wanted the moment to be paused.

    #part1 #part2 will come soon #waitforit

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    Part 1

  • poetry_oleilah 18w

    A woman is courage
    Pure and strong
    No matter her age
    Or the words to her song
    She must stand tall
    Chin up through it all

    Like a diamond
    She must pretend
    To always shine bright
    And conceal her blast
    But when she puts up a fight
    She can cut through glass

    #diamond #diamond_wt #writerstolli #wds #wts #writersnetwork #challenge #part2

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    A Woman Is (part II)

    Like a diamond
    She must pretend
    To always shine bright
    And conceal her blast
    But when she puts up a fight
    She can cut through glass

  • nerolie_goode2000 18w

    A Lost Sisters Bond 2

    I had changed like the seasons did,
    Rarely but had moods of winter when in autumn.

    I had danced in the fire of sin and welcomed the pain of death,
    Welcomed the loss and let it change me like a caterpillar when embracing the cocoon.
    I had welcomed all the negative energies and spun my Web of recourse,
    Inflicting my venomous pain in others.

    For what sisters had,
    Now lays an empty carcass,
    One mourning while another free,
    For the spider had spun her Website of roses, horses and lions,
    Freedom and foxes,
    Beauty and grace,
    Spite and loyalty.

    All these things indeed had meant something to I,
    But now I had changed,
    For a worse that I will inflict on myself.

    Let the rivers run red,
    The sheets from white to red,
    The razors sharp to blunt,
    And the scissors hanging from a limp hand.

    Now I can only hope that I can see the world as she did,
    Perhaps not now,
    But hopefully before I am of age...

  • nayankore 18w

    Aur ab Jo aaoge mujhe bahot baatain karni he. Tumhe wo sab batana he Jo hua he jab tum yaha nahi the, aur wo sab bhi Jo main kisise nahi kehta. Us din to main soch raha tha ke Kya Kya kehna he jab tum aaoge. Gussa hona he, daantana he, tumse unche awaj me kehna he ke ab bas hogaya...ab theher jao. Par tumhe jab dekha kuch keh hi na sake. Laga tha ke aaoge to sabse pehle hame khabar hogi, apne Ghar Jane se pehle aap yaha aaoge jaise pehle aate the. Ha baate ab pehle si na rahi hum janate he. Ye kambakht dil samaz pata to kya baat thi.

    To be continued...