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  • wildweed 2d

    Oh winter, when will you end. I want to see my beloved.
    Waiting for yamberzal to bloom.
    Waiting for spring to Come.
    Darling, Come face me. #part2
    #kashmiri #motherKashmir
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    "Tamanna chaani deedaruk Chumo yemberzale bumbroo Phachis yan peth Lejis vichhnai Gajis chaani kaley bumbroo.”

    Karan mahjoor chu husnas gath vanan yaaras patho akh kath Ye dil deewan gow cxei path Beyis sith na raley bumbroo.”


    Beloved, how I yearn for your sight Like the yemberzal for her bee! These eyes have always ached for you Ever since I bloomed.

    My heart has gone mad after you And it’s you and only you That can claim the ardent passion of my heart!

  • _irina_ 5d

    I don't know(Part 2)

    In a whirl of emotions
    My heart was sinking
    My mind didn't know what it was thinking
    In a cathartic cry I told my mother
    She adviced me to forget and think no further
    I craved for his attention
    But feared what if he doesn't care
    I started ignoring him for a reason he didn't know
    He was upset
    I was confused
    He wanted an answer
    I wanted an excuse
    In the end I made an apology
    Held my ears and just said sorry...

  • 7pandit_sachin 1w

    Winter love

    Entering the gate,
    She turned his fate,.
    Like reading his mind,
    She turned behind...

  • rime_vampire 2w

    Two withered souls 2

    Her soul is burnt yet she smiles

    not to comfort others and show she is merry meanwhile

    but to build an illusion and move ahead
    and let her ashes go wild


  • lisa_swain_ 3w

    To the night we met !

    We don’t hold hands. All we have is the words that sometimes crawl out of us, asking each other how we’re doing. You can stand right in front of me and still feel galaxies away; what spaceship did you use to go there? Was it the one I told you about when we used to talk? How do I cover this distance between us? Can’t you see it? If you can’t, then why? Why can’t you see it? If you can, then why are you not doing something about it? Why is your solar system away when I am right here; right next to you? (Take me back to the night we met)

  • vo_akhiri_shabd 5w

    Battle to oneself.

    Enough of listening. Can I say no to it? Asked my inner voice. I was drepressed and helpless. My own mother was saying me to be quite. But enough is enough. Now I can't. It's my decision,it's my body, he is ruining my soul, my life. I can't let him do that.
    I decided to stop him. To punish him for his sins. Enough of everything.


  • paper_and_pen 5w

    Well this is nothing, but the miracle of Almighty, who decides to put the 'who', that catalyst, into the right time at a right place, so as to boost and reform your so called 'vision' towards the life. ��

    But as it is said that, when 1 door gets closed, 2 more opens. // I am not solving aptitude ��// But this is the way it works and we have to keep moving on with this hope.

  • hitakshiwaghmare 5w


    Smiling sunshine and the morning dew,
    Harald miracle is the joy I pursue.
    Passing moments,
    Like falling leaves that flew.
    Overcoming my blues,
    I got into your hues

  • aditi_harshraj 7w

    Tm toh har paal kaha karte the
    Jaan h Tu mere
    Phir apne aap se
    Apne Jaan ko kaise alag kar paye tm
    Apne jaan ke bina
    Kaise rah sakte ho tm..

    TM kaha karte the hm ek h
    Akhre saas tak tmhe
    Pyar karta rahu ga
    Toh kya tmne ab saas lena
    Chor diya h
    Kahne ko toh pure duniya
    Mujhme the na tmhare
    Mere alawa koi Nahi tha na tera
    Toh ab toh tm akele hoge
    Mere alawa koi Nahi h na aaj bhi tere
    Aur na Kabhi koi aaye ge
    Yeh tha na tera wada

    Phir aaj kaise koi aur
    Baan gaye tere duniya
    Phir aaj kaise tm
    Kise aur ke ho gaye

  • mismagical 7w


    finding faces,
    in the masked world!!!


  • man_nisha 8w

    Ye kya
    Tu bs itne m thk gyi
    Abhi toh bhut s
    Rashte dekhne hain
    Pta nhi teri mnjil ka safar hi aisa h
    Ya teri najar ka khel h
    Pr kuch toh h
    na jaane aaj kisi ko
    Apna bolne m bhi dr lg rha h
    Khair tu h na mere sath
    Waise bhi ye jo dil h na
    Ye sch m pagal h
    Kisi ki nhi sunta h
    Aur ab ye kehta h Ki
    Mt kr kisi pe bhrosa
    Kya pta kb tujhe kaun
    Begana bna  de

    Ab pta nhi kya Aur chahti h zindgi
    Bs jo ho sb

  • burnmark 11w

    The trip

    I have reached your location, ma'am, unable to find you, said the irked cab driver. But wasn't she also trying to find herself, she thought! Brushing the thought cloud off and arranging the multiple bags she said, I can see you. Wait!
    To the airport, she darted, closing the white door behind her! His words came rushing, "You should try and talk to the cab drivers sweetly. No need to be rude without reason."
    She hated when he made sense but still ignored! Anyway she was not going to hear those words again ever, she might as well ignore the words one last time ! Caressing the burn mark and checking off the to-do-list items, on the way to airport, her heart started racing and fingers searching! Realisation dawned with the nearing terminal! No, no , no that's impossible. I kept it, I kept it in my bag.Where could it go? It is ₹347, informed the driver, looking into the back mirror! Oh, the fury, she opened her mouth to shout back in anger, but instead took out ₹350 and gave him! She could already see an end to the trip that didn't even start....Until the cab driver forcefully pushed her to the ground!

  • adorable_badass_21 12w

    ��✌ ��

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    Kabhi kisi ke DIL❤�� se mat khelo...,
    Khelne ka bohat shouk chadhha hai
    to BLUE WHALE �� ��khelo


  • the_procaffeinator 12w

    I woke up in a hallway. It was same as the one that kept recurring in my dreams. Like all those dreams, I heard a girl crying and I went towards It. I saw a woman shouting at the girl. She stopped when she saw me and shouted something at me. And the next thing I remember is getting a strong blow on the back of my head and everything went dark.

    "John! John! Wake up! Wake up!"

    I heard someone calling my name and I tried to open my eyes . In front of me was a little boy. He kept saying, "get up, get up, we have to go now".

    "Where to?" I asked.

    "Come with me!" He grabbed my hands and dragged me along with him. I looked around and saw green walls. It was a maze. We kept walking for a long time.

    "Do you really know the way out of this maze? " I asked.

    "Naah I really don't. But who asked us not to try " and he laughed.

    " okay! " and we kept waking for I don't know how long., Hours maybe.

    We finally found the way out. He looked at me and smiled.

    " Where does this exit lead to?"

    "You are so impatient, aren't ya?" The boy replied.

    " Follow me, I want you to meet someone who has been waiting here for a long time." He started walking.

    I stood there and asked myself "Should I go?".

    "C'mon John" he said "follow me".

    I didn't think much and started walking. I stepped out of the maze and looked around. It was a dreamlike place. So beautiful. There was a lake, not so far away from where I stood.

    "Hey!" he called and pointed towards the pier. There was a girl standing there. She was wearing a black dress and a black hat. I couldn't see her face, she was standing on the pier as if she was s enjoying the view from there.

    "C'mon, go to her. She's been waiting for you." he said pointing to her.

    "Who is she? And how does she know me?!" I asked him.

    "You ask too many questions, John. I'm afraid I cannot give you any answers. You can ask her directly. My job was to bring you here and it's done. Goodbye mister!" he walked away and waved.

    "Okay, now you have got no choice!" I told myself and walked towards her. I looked around again, it felt like I have never seen such a beautiful place in my whole life.

    "Is it just me or in this world everything that seems so close is actually very far ?"
    I kept walking and walking ....

    I was about to reach the pier when she suddenly turned towards me. I couldn't see her face clearly coz the sky became so bright when she turned. And I could see her waving at me. It became difficult for me to open my eyes after a while. The next thing i remember is falling unconscious on the ground....

    I woke up, I don't know how long I had been blacked out. I was lying on top of sand and rocks. I got myself up standing and looked around, I found myself inside an abandoned house . And on the half ruined walls of the living room I saw a family photo. I wasn't able to recognize them. It felt cold.

    "Who was she!!??"
    "and.. Where the hell am I now?!!!!"

    #part2 #dreams #hallucination #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @barfii @readwriteunite

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    "Is it just me or in this world everything that seems so close is actually very far ?"


  • kirugami 12w

    Lullaby (Part 2)

    Something was wrong he felt
    Her sweet voice was turning sour
    He opened his eyes to see
    His lovely princess in melancholy
    He grabbed her brought her to his chest
    She couldn't see clear with all those tears
    "We are one aren't we?" he said
    "Then don't fight your battles alone"
    With a pause in her sorrow
    Tears were overflowing from her eyes
    She was happy but
    This was the first time she had help
    From that moment she knew
    She had him and he had her forever

  • soumya27 14w

    That part of me is now dead
    Buried in the grave of cloaked emotions.
    Emotions which were once in high spirits
    Are now drowning in the sea of blue devils.
    I seek for your hand to help me
    I seek for your soul to save me.
    But I know you will never come
    But I know you will never rescue.
    For your psyche is now camouflaged
    Camouflaged with the colors of selfishness
    Camouflaged with the shades of indifference


  • kdnijwala 16w

    Storybazi by kd

    खैर मैं तुमसे शिकायत नही कर रहा, न ही अपने प्यार को साबित कर रहा। मैं तो बस तुम्हें जन्मदिन विश करना चाहता हूँ। "हैप्पी बर्थडे टू यू, हैप्पी बर्थडे टू यू, तुम जियो हजारों साल बस यही है आरजू"।

    पता पता तुमसे आज भी बात करने का दिल करता है, पर ये मन हमेशा मना करता है। पर आज तो तुम्हारा बर्थडे है, आज इस दिल ने इस मन को भी मना दिया है, पर मैं तुमसे बात कैसे करूँ। तुमने तो मुझे वो क्या कहते है 'ब्लॉक' किया हुआ है। ये ब्लॉक चीज़ बहुत बुरी है। तुम्हारे लिए तो ये टेक्नोलॉजीकल वरदान है कि तुम्हें मेरे जैसे फालतू लोगों के मैसेज परेशान नही करते। परन्तु मेरे लिए तो ये एक अभिशाप है। ये मुझे बहुत दर्द देता है, बहुत सी बातें तुमसे करने को होती हैं पर ये ब्लॉक मुझे मैसेज करने ही नही देता। मुझे कई दफा तुम्हें देखने का मन करता है पर ये ब्लॉक तुम्हे मुझसे बहुत दूर कर देता है। तुम हटा क्यों नही देती इस ब्लॉक को, तुम समझो न ये ब्लॉक मेरी जान लेने पर तुला हुआ है। तुम इतना नफरत तो नही करती थी न कि मेरी जान की दुश्मन हो गयी हो।

    मैं जानता हूं ये खत तुम तक नही पहुँचेगा, और पहुँच भी गया तो तुम्हे फर्क नही पड़ेगा। खैर तुम अपना जन्मदिन मना लोगी बहुतों के साथ और मैं अकेले उसी ढाबे पर जाकर केक न सही कुछ मीठा खा लूंगा और तुम्हारे लिए लंबी उम्र की दुआ करूँगा। एक बार फिर से तुम्हे जिंदगी के उन्नीस बरस गुजारने के बधाइयां और उम्र के बीसवें बरस पर पहुँचने की सुभकामनाए।

    तुम्हारा वही पुराना यार।।

  • bix_utters 18w

    ★*He decided to come out of the relationship. But once again she started to apologise. She even vowed not to use facebook anymore. Although he did never ask or force her to leave facebook. It was completely her decision only to save the already deteriorated relation (although later he got to know that she was spreading wrong information to her friends about him that he forced her to deactivate her facebook, which was just her another big lie among many).

    But for the sake of his endless love for her, his heart trusted her once again.

    But deep down his brain was smiling. His brain kept telling him, "Humans cannot keep themselves away for so long from doing what they love to do. It's not easy to change their habits. She cannot keep her away from doing flirting with her beloved facebook friends for so long". But he didn't listen to his brain.

    But his brain was right. She never changed. She started following her ex-lovers again. The only difference was that she used Instagram this time.

    His trust was murdered once again. His heart was broken one more time. His love became a joke. His life turned into a trash, full of garbages.

    "Enough is enough", said the boy.

    But here she came again with another apology. But this time his heart was dead. And his brain was far from being convinced to be betrayed by her again.

    Finally, one common friend of them tried to solve the problem and told the boy to forgive her for one last time. That friend told him, "She even left facebook for you. Just give her one last chance."

    But driven by his brain, he replied, "Yes, she left facebook for me. But I never asked her to sacrifice such a big margin for me. And you can't just prevent somebody forcefully from doing anything they love to do. She loves doing flirting and things with strangers in facebook, she loves to spend 'quality time' with them. Infact I think facebook is her true love as there are no shortages of 'lovers' in facebook. Wait for just one month. And trust me my friend, she will be back on facebook within one month and will start doing what she loves to do."*★

    #HeartUtters #4
    #writersnetwork #pod #readwriteunite

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  • theshekharshukla 24w


    Monday ka din Kanpur ki tang galiyon me bani kapde ki whole sale ki market, uppar se usse hi sati hui Birhana Road ki bazar din bhar itna rush ki aam aadmi ka niklana mushkil ho jaaye.

    Meera apni maa ki kuchh medicine lene birahana road aayi hui thi ki wo unhi tang galiyon me betartib khade vahano k bich me fas gyi aur apni Activa ko wha se nikaal na pane k karan jhalla k boli..

    “Desh me ache din aa jaye apna Kanpur kabhi nahi sudharne wala..
    tabhi pichhe se ek ladke ki awaz aati hai..
    Ma’am Kanpur to tab sudharega na jab aap use sudharoge..
    Us ladke ki aur dekhe bina hi meera ne kaha.. hum to chahe abhi sudhar de bas meri scooter nikal jaye yha se fir me jooti bi nikalti hun, shuruaat tumse hi karungi.. itna keh kar jaise hi meera palti….
    Ohhh tum Mr. rohan Mishra from kanpur…. Mera pichha to nahin kar rhe ho”…

    Rohan dar sa gya meera ko dekh kar .. wo isse pehle sorry bolta meera ki friend ne jaise taise scooter ko wha se nikal kr aage kra aur meera ko le kar chali gyi..

    Rohan meera se teesri bar mila par is bar bhi wo naa kuchh keh paya na use fir se meera ne kuchh kehne ka mauka diya..

    to be continued......

  • when_i_write 24w


    May be now we started getting attracted towards eachother,feeling eachother
    The air made your hair come over your face!
    I gently put behind your ears,
    U were getting shy, as it was for the first time that i touched you, Felt you and coming closer to you!
    A perfect moon light romance isnt it?��
    I brought my lips towards yours, you went back but as i said without permission i wont do anything! I asked can i kiss u? ��
    You said nothing, instead you came closer and had put your lips over mines ��
    I hugged you tight! More tight
    That air needs to take permission to go across us!!
    I kissed you kissed!