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  • riya_bhardwaj 2d

    (PART 2)

    |मैं वहां अकेले खड़ी थी|इतने में मुझे एक आवाज़ सुनाई दी|वो आवाज़ दर्द में करहा रहे एक छोटे से बच्चे की लग रही थी|मैंने आगे जाकर देखा तो एक छोटे से बैग में(जो कि खुला हुआ था)एक बच्चा पड़ा था जिसके आस पास 3 कुत्ते घूम रहे थे|वो कुत्ते मुझे देख कर किनारे खड़े हो गए|शायद वो उस बच्चे की रक्षा कर रहे थे और जैसे ही उन्होंने मुझे देखा उनको मुझमें उसका रक्षक दिखाई दिया और इसलिए वो किनारे हो गये|मैंने उस बच्चे को उस बैग से निकाला|वो बच्चा महज़ 1या 2दिन का था|वो एक छोटे से लाल कपड़े में लिपटा हुआ था|वहां उस बच्चे के अलवा और कोई नहीं था|पता नहीं कौन इस बच्चे को वहाँ छोड़ कर गया था? मैंने उस मिठाई दुकान के मालिक से भी पूछा|उन्हें भी कोई अंदाज़ा नहीं था|

  • ammy8123 3d

    Love At First Sight #2

    "Hey Thanks! Whats your name?"
    "Khushi" she said relieving his pain
    He stood up and went asking some more
    But before he could, bidding "Goodbye"
    She walked away, taking his core
    He didn't do anything,
    Didn't even try to make her stop
    The stupid he just stayed there
    Happy, cured, feeling on the top
    The next thing he did, was to find her on facebook
    Though he was still reliving the moment,
    Reliving her first look
    After some hours of struggle, he found her
    He knew he was in love, love was in the atmosphere
    He sent her a friend request, and waited among
    Putting earphones in his ears,
    He played the most romantic song
    He danced to the tune, romanced to the tune
    And kept praying lord for a good fortune
    And kept praying lord for a good fortune

    .... #part 2....

  • reidle 5d

    they said

    well, we used to call him St. Benny
    they tell me he must love me
    his fingers reach deep in my throat
    I've been struck before

    they didn't mean it like you

  • _brizzle7_ 5d

    What love looks like (part II)

    I think love never was
    I think I just wanted something
    Was ready to give myself to something
    I believed was bigger than myself
    And when I saw someone
    Who could probably fit the part
    I made it very much my intention
    To make him my counterpart.

  • quite_unusual 2w

    She wore her scars like a crown...
    She embraced her pain with a smile...
    The scars made her feel proud...
    That she had the dare to play with the wild!

  • talesofher 2w

    But a part of her was dying in guilt
    She thought she killed the relation she once had herself built
    Decided to hurt her prince she ran back to that guy
    Her prince kept on thinking what all went wrong by
    Even after going back it was only guilt and sadness that she felt
    With him she was being a dog *controlled* by a belt
    Tired of being a juggled between the two she became like a tennis ball
    That ball room dancing life now became an empty and damp hall
    Because of her prince she became a little lusty
    It was because of her desire of intimacy her last relationship once again became musty

    ©nikita bhatia

  • sehr__000 2w

    #It's a Love Story
    (part 2)

    She said "My name is Adiva."
    "Nice name" i replied.
    "can i help you" she asked.
    "if you have time" i replied.
    We both soon got all the books professor needed and came to the classroom, where Rachael and Atarah were waiting for me and behind us professor entered. He took the books from me and introduced Adiva to the class. Adiva was from Scotland belonging to a Royal family, i guess that's why she is so damm gorgeous. After the classes got over we went to the canteen, we spent the whole time there talking about the differences between royal and common people. After that we went home. Soon as we reached home
    Atarah said "did you notice how beautiful she is?"
    Rachael said "did you notice how adorable her pendent was? "
    "Pendent?" I and Atarah said simultaneously.
    "You both didn't noticed it" Rachel said.
    "Ya" Atarah replied.
    Next day as we reached near the college we saw Adiva coming towards us and Abel staring at her.
    "She is beautiful, infact she is damm gorgeous that's why he is staring at her" I murmered.
    "What?" Rachael asked.
    "Nothing" I replied.
    I always had a crush on Abel but never admitted it.
    After the class Adiva went to the library and we went to our professor Mr. Justin Lawrence to submit our projects and promised Adiva to join her after submitting the projects.
    After submitting the projects, we to library searching for Adiva.
    In the darkest corner of library we found Abel and Adiva.
    Abel - what are you doing here?
    Adiva - I am here because of you.
    Abel - Just forget Adiva what happened between us and move on.
    (she leaned forward to kiss him but he pushed her away from him)
    Adiva - I love you Abel and i don't think I can ever forget you.
    Abel - Forget me or i will make situations worst for you than they are and you know i can do it, as I have done it many times earlier but this time i won't spare you.
    ( He kissed her, gave her a wicked smile and left.)
    Atarah told us to leave Adiva alone and we moved out of the library. That evening i went to the old school library to get some books for my project.
    While I was fetching books I saw Abel coming near me. He held my hand kissed me and said "I love you" the word's which I always wanted to hear but just second's later i realized what he has done to Adiva this morning. I didn't knew what to say.....

    To be continued....

  • hibluv 3w

    #don't miss me again #part2��

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  • poetry_verse_creation 4w

    लिखवाट भाग 3

    कभी हालात कभी जज़्बात
    कभी आक्रोश कभी जोश
    कभी काम कभी हराम
    पन्नों पे हालाते ज़िन्दगी उतार देता हूँ
    जब लड़ नहीं पाता हालात से
    कभी हार जाता किस्मत के वार से
    कभी तन्हा लड़ता अपने ख्याल से
    तब पन्नों पे हालाते ज़िन्दगी उतार देता हूँ
    कभी तस्वीर कभी तस्सवुर
    कभी यादें कभी बातें
    कुछ गुफ्तगू पुरानी
    जो अब तलक हैं ताज़ी
    जब आती ख़्वाबों में
    तब पन्नों पे हालाते ज़िन्दगी उतार देता हूँ
    ~तरुण पांडेय


  • saphina 5w


    Break me?!

    I mourned for a time

    But it did not break me

    One is one

    You added two

    You stole from me

    I stole my soul back

    Lay there and be found never

    Thank you for your guidance

    The chick has flown the coop


  • mhd_53 5w

    I still remember

    Those pillows of tears we shared,
    Like the lovers of season we paired,
    In response to my faith you cared,
    I still remember.
    That demand of everything to resume,
    From your dress to the smell of your perfume.
    I still remember.


  • _snowflakes_ 7w

    The only person that you can
    change is yourself. 
    When you accept and
    change your behavior and/or
    thoughts, you can
    relate to others in a new and fresh way.
    Trying to change others
    is a fruitless task, with dashed
    hopes and full of


  • sometimes_emotional 7w

    And then I turned to meet his eyes
    His gaze as cold as ice
    I stood shivering in my boots
    His perfection I felt in my roots


  • souls__speak 7w

    Happily friendzoned_2

    And while we found our new young love ,
    We lost something .
    We lost something more precious than our love .
    Our friendship . Our kickass attitude .. Partnership in doing all the crimes .
    The times when we limitlessly cussed each other , or how we mocked those lovebirds together .3AM
    IN the bed together , laughing singing ,dancing in pjs . the way i revealed all my secrets and check-out to him .
    but when in relationship , the things failed . we started wearing masks for each other .
    and then it finally hit me like a storm , "Girl ; i dont thinking its working anymore "
    and this time , our thoughts were on the same frequency . yes , we broke up.
    Fast forward to 2018;
    he 's now my the same lazy , crazy guy whom i befriended.
    So i migt not be in a relationship with him
    or my feelings were not reciprocated .
    BUT , Yes i am happily friendzoned today ....
    -agrima singh.


  • writteninthestars_____ 8w

    This Is The 2nd Draft Of My First Short-Story...
    IF u Have Not Read "The First Draft" Then ReaD It Before Reading This...��

    There Is Only One Draft Left Showing Where They Stand Now In Real LiFe...��
    Yeah! It's a true story...��

    #love #forever @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #follow #like #writteninthestars #heartbreak #selflesslove #pain #schoollove @nehaspatika #part2 #dhruv #riya

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    "What the fuck is happening"...?
    That was the reaction of Dhruv when Riya did'nt invited him to the party...
    In school, he waited all day long for Riya to invite him to her birthday party...But it did'nt happened, ultimately all his preparation went in vain...
    "No matter what we are going to the party"-said Dhruv to Deepak...At that time, Deepak partially came to know about the feelings of Dhurv...
    A rotating cube carrying Riya's and Varun Dhawan pictures, that was the gift Dhruv selected for Riya...Everyone ate at the party except Dhruv...Riya pleaded multiple times but Dhruv did'nt take a single bite and left when he saw Raghav entering...!

    "You will not talk to her ever again"-shouted Harsh...
    Dhruv's situation was getting worse, He was not focusing on his studies resulting as bad grades in mid terms exam...Dhruv did'nt wanted to lose Riya at any cost, So ignoring his feelings for Riya, He was focusing on his friendship with Riya...Harsh was worried about the situation in which his friend was...On the other hand, Riya was unaffected by all this...Riya knew that she is not in love with Raghav...She used to talk about Raghav to Dhruv that She was not sure about her relationship... Dhruv as the idiot he was did'nt knew how to take advantage of the situation, encouraged her to wait and give it some time...

    Dhruv was getting mad day by day...He used to imagine scenarios where she and Riya used to be together...His love was pure, unaffected by the impurities of lust...He was in love with her eyes, her smile, her hairs, her fragrance, her cuteness, her everything...But there was already a girl in Dhruv's life...Yeah! It was her girlfriend Khushi...There love story started back around feb of 2015...Khushi was in love with Dhruv...She somehow knew that there was a girl in Dhurv's life but she was so in love with him she ignored all her gut feelings...Dhruv used to feel guilty for what she was doing with Khushi...So he decided to forget about Riya for Khushi...

    Dhruv started being mean to Riya...He was arrogant, rude and selfish...He used to ignore Riya like she did'nt existed...But Riya was so obsessed with Dhruv that she did'nt want to leave him at any cost...
    'Hi' a message popped up on dhruv's screen which was sent by Radhika...But it was actually Riya who was using Radhika's phone to contact Dhruv...But she failed miserably to covince Dhruv resulting as the end of their Friendship...You guys should have seen them! His stupid jokes and the way she used to laugh at them...The funny eye contacts and her funny expressions...All of this came to an end...!

    Riya used to ask her friends to convince Dhruv to be her friend...Radhika was the the only friend of Riya's whom Dhruv used to trust the most...He also tried to talk to Dhruv but he did'nt move from his decison...Riya ultimately gave up on Dhruv, little did she know how much painful it was for Dhruv to ignore her...To ignore the most beautiful girl to have ever walked on the face of this planet...Dhruv knew that he has to do this, for Riya as well as for himself...
    Even the thought of Riya loving someone else used to make Dhruv restless...But deep down in his heart he believed that - "love is caring for a person selflessly enough to let her go"...


  • spiritsoul 8w

    I wish ...

    World was simpler to understand..
    To understand things around us which made us so complicated..And to resolve our complications...

    I wish... I'm with you forever... Embracing us back from the torment which made us this way.. to afraid of the world around us..

    And I wish world was simpler to understand..


  • sujaythepanda 9w

    The Absolver (Part 2)

    What was my fault?? Where was I wrong??
    I just asked her to be away from this fraud☻

    Ohh the Devil won again, took My daughter from my way,
    Why this world is such a Waste, Where no one cares even when they say!!!‍♂️

    Piece by piece I had been broken,
    No "Thank You, Goodbye or Love You", I noticed

    I just learned one thing straight,
    Be a Badass and thats how they'll respect your name

  • thewritingbunny 9w

    I switched places with my shadow #2

    I fell…not on the floor…but through it.The next moment I found myself back in my room;But something was wrong…

  • alex_jusso 9w

    #holocaust #WWII #ww2 #run #diary #entry #part2 #openyoureyes #journal #war

    Part 2 of Heidi's Diary.

    For our bones grow weak with ware,
    But we must endure, for we must live.


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    Tuesday, October 28th 1941

    Dear Diary,

    I can hardly manage to lift my pen. I struggle to keep my eyes open, and every muscle in my body is sore. We awoke before the sun this morning. We gathered what little things we had, and headed out for the Border. It is a long ways away. I was not told how long until the deadline, but I know it's not going to be tomorrow. The most difficult part was to get out of the city. Though it was early morning, and not even the Birds were awake, there is still authorities pacing the streets. We had to duck behind every alleyway whenever we saw even a Branch swaying in the breeze. Our route meandered through forests and countrysides. Only small villages were in our way. that way we could get food. We walked Non-Stop from the moment we woke up, to hours after the sun had already gone to bed. Once we reached the woods, things were a little easier. You would think going through rugged terrain would be harder. But in the rugged terrain, there are no soldiers to turn us in. I talked a lot to Jakob as we walked. I find he makes the best company. As long as we speak quietly, we can talk almost as much as we normally would. It doesn't matter our age Gap, he speaks to me as an equal. Jakob says we are both older than our years. I also discovered he is a great storyteller. We would see a bird fly by, and he would make up a story about an Epic Journey a little Sparrow ventured in order to find his family. I can't wait to hear more of his stories. On another note, I only had one meal today. I feel hungry, but father says I should get used to it. She says he'll be hard-pressed to get enough food for us to even have that much. It will be a cold night tonight. We can't risk lighting a fire, for someone might see the smoke. Will have to wrap ourselves in blankets and huddle together to stay warm. I know this was a short entry today, diary. But my hand keeps slipping, and my eyes keep closing. I am too tired to write much more. I must get used to this. For we will be on the run for a while. Well, that is good night.



  • wildweed 10w

    Oh winter, when will you end. I want to see my beloved.
    Waiting for yamberzal to bloom.
    Waiting for spring to Come.
    Darling, Come face me. #part2
    #kashmiri #motherKashmir
    @readwriteunite @lost_and_not_found @locallanguage @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @kashmiriwriters @mirakeeworld

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    "Tamanna chaani deedaruk Chumo yemberzale bumbroo Phachis yan peth Lejis vichhnai Gajis chaani kaley bumbroo.”

    Karan mahjoor chu husnas gath vanan yaaras patho akh kath Ye dil deewan gow cxei path Beyis sith na raley bumbroo.”


    Beloved, how I yearn for your sight Like the yemberzal for her bee! These eyes have always ached for you Ever since I bloomed.

    My heart has gone mad after you And it’s you and only you That can claim the ardent passion of my heart!