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    We are like two peices of this puzzled life.
    Different in every ways, yet we fit together perfectly....Puzzle Complete

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    Even these summer rain is inconspicuous in the ocean of my tears...

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    Why me?

    Goddamn ive prayed too long to keep moving along, thinking, wondering, begging the lord to forgive me of those wrongs, suffering each day as a fuck, how can I hurt this much and reject it fearing that I'll be thunderstruck, cus I feel like a bitch cunt, feeling the pain is making me selfish, ain't got it rough enough, toughen up bitch, ain't feeling as bad as others, and thebshit they go through, so I sit in despair wonder how Ill ever fair, never be prepared, what I've been given is rare, parents fed me more than my fair share, eating for pleasure, eatin from another mans platter, what's the matter cant climb the ladder, say I pushed through, beat the odds, cus they played my favor, I complain,as to ask for more pain, fuck the privileged, I wish and envision another lineage to show my limits, cus I ain't no bitch or fake I'm a man, one that wants to make, stand in earthquakes or storms that breaks others, hurricanes smashing towards my face, handle it in strides, knowing anything that collides won't survive while I'm alive, was born a great on earth to thrive, torn apart to hide part I can't bare with, knowing ill never go through enough to merit reward, narrative of life a marriage of detesting self, arresting my peace, punished for no deed, just for me, summits, peaks, crests, no matter my best, ill still be less, held by my mama breast fed til ten, caresses my head till death, I fear no man, just my head, pray to God kill me instead, while another goes unfed, I sit here wallowing, barely able to stomach what I'm swallowing, called a born leader but I wouldn't follow me

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    Cold Morning

    Cold Morning
    2009 © by Monica Blair

    Every morning I wake...
    I give Him praise and thanks.
    Then I continue to pray for strength...

    I wipe away my tears;
    wept from all my worry and fear
    Get up from my weary knees
    And pretend, once again to be at peace.

    For this mornings prayer routine,
    will be my one and only release.

    "Baby, grab my keys, would you please?"
    I ask my daughter.

    It has been months
    and I still can't grasp
    being both mother and father.

    My nerves are always on edge;
    I can never seem to relax.

    Therefore, baby girl,
    now a rose growing from concretes crack,
    is always helping her mama pick up the slack.

    Before we go out in that cold, cold world...
    I bundle up my precious little girls.

    I drop the baby off to the neighbor...
    I am forever grateful for her favor.

    I give my baby a kiss,
    wave good-bye, and leave.

    Once outside-
    my body shivers slightly
    from the cold winter breeze.

    The brisk air however
    hits me mentally with ease...
    Since I've become numb from shock,
    not from the weather,
    but rather loves detox.

    I suppress my emotions,
    put on a happy expression
    and baby girl and I continue walk.

    She talks, and I just nod and smile,
    as we hurriedly walk that country mile.

    I think 'cool'
    because I got her to school
    with time to spare.

    I tell her to make good choices,
    kiss her good-bye...
    and continue to walk in the winters cold air.

    2009 ©monicablair

  • monicablair 1w

    The Reveal Of My Reflection

    The Reveal Of My Reflection
    © by Monica Blair

    As I look
    into the mirror
    I see her eyes;
    full of fear.

    Could it be
    that I truly am
    afraid to see
    this person
    who lies
    inside of me.

    Is it necessary
    to reveal
    what I think of me
    to get some peace
    and sanity?

    Detoured through
    written word,
    you are now
    welcomed into
    her world...

    What God asked her
    to reveal
    so that
    He can immediately
    begin to heal.

    Inside a
    grown woman's mind
    live's this
    damaged little girl...
    who wants
    desperately to die
    So the woman
    fighting her inside
    could stay alive.

    Throughout her
    twenty plus years...
    suppressed anger
    and fear
    has haunted her flesh.
    The result-
    it has turned her life
    into an utter mess.

    As she looks
    at her reflection
    She hears God
    begin to beckon...

    And, at His
    relentless love,
    she is amazed.
    As He has never once
    failed to love her
    at every phase-
    In her life.

    She remembers Him
    comforting her
    through all her
    worries and strife...
    memories she will have
    with her
    for the rest of her life.

    But through the years
    she let her love falter.
    And in her heart,
    her relationship with Him,
    she knows fell apart.

    Her eyes swell
    and tears descend
    She can't comprehend why
    it is so hard for her
    to let Him mend-
    Her soul...
    She knows God
    won't ever let her go!

    He wants her
    to give Him:
    the betrayal,
    the secrets,
    sadness and pain...
    So the little girl
    can come to Him
    and the woman
    no longer has to live
    her life in vain.

    Please pray,
    that she gets
    on bending knee
    to confess...
    Lifting her
    burdens to Him
    And one day
    can live life
    giving God
    nothing less...
    than her very best.


  • monicablair 1w

    Reason for my Season

    Reason for my Season
    2009/e.2013 © by Monica Blair

    The beginning of twenty 08…
    My heart had blackened
    and entered hells gate.
    It had been severely beaten
    and damaged
    to the point
    simple function
    could no longer manage.

    Diminishing love
    at a capacity so great
    It nearly felt as though
    it had been raped.
    This sending my spirit
    into such deep sorrow
    My mind thinking
    there would be no hope
    for tomorrow.

    A lifetime of tears
    Shed alone
    in this one year.
    My emotions
    so out of control,
    Hate, would be the only feeling
    I could compose.

    That is
    until numbness
    took over my soul…
    turning it utterly cold.
    Since that beginning
    two thousand eight date,
    there had been a few wishful mates.
    They'd approach me
    as though they were smitten.
    This resulted
    in them all getting
    frost bitten.

    The pain
    had severed
    my heart so deep,
    the thought of love
    was depressingly cheap.

    Until that day
    I heard Him speak.
    It was on God's cue
    that my heart grew weak.

    Changing my faith
    in the cards I had been dealt.
    It was my God's love
    and His mercy
    that made
    my frozen heart melt.

    I could no longer hide
    as He has my heart,
    and soul
    on a spiritual high.
    Can't describe
    the joy He gives me inside!

    The promises
    of His written Word
    my heart can't deny.
    With my faiths commitment
    I will be giving TRUE LOVE a try!

    Never did I dream
    as my heart had decayed,
    God would hear
    my severed heart
    and prayers unspoken
    I had sent His way.
    I'm indebted gratefully
    that my Lord
    found mercy on me
    By finding me deserving,
    and more precious than rubies.
    Making me knowledgeable
    that all things are possible!
    And that MY SALVATION
    was the reason
    for my frozen
    two thousand eight season.

    2009/2013 ©monicablair

  • monicablair 1w

    (In Love with a Man I've Never Met)

    2015 © by Monica Blair

    I'm in love
    with a man I've never met...
    while at least not in the physical sense.
    Although when I close my eyes,
    I can imagine him tall
    and succulent.

    He is my Romeo,
    I am his Juliet
    because I miss him
    like a crazed teenage girl hell bent,
    Not knowing heartache yet.

    The innocence and purity of love
    and true romance -
    like when my telephone rings
    and I see his name and silhouette...
    my heart begins to dance
    Admittedly it's a little outta rhythm...
    for him it took a chance.
    Fell for him slowly,
    then suddenly I was in a trance.
    The sound of his voice,
    his laugh,
    even the quietness between us
    are moments I want to always last.

    Out loud
    he is -
    "too much",
    not enough.
    I have feelings for him
    that I am still afraid to trust.
    A constant tug-o-war
    of desires
    of my heart
    verses self.
    One swimming in emotion
    the other drowning in doubt.
    Both gasping for air
    from a love they can't figure out.

    A love that consumes my soul,
    brings me a comfortness
    like he is someone I have always known -
    with a newness
    that I am constantly having to unfold.

    He is my mystery man untold.
    The possibilities of
    us... intertwined
    Those possibilities
    run rapid through my mind.
    'Till they get lost
    and start running through my veins,
    flowing within...
    the delicate sensation
    tickles my skin -
    imagine a summer's day
    light wind,
    soft and gentle.
    The warmth
    gives her a glow.
    Everyone is now curious to know
    about the rebirthed smile she wears...
    the accessories of
    giddiness & confidence
    wrapped in the essence of radiance
    that only a king can bare.

    And it is in that
    moment of truth
    she declares,
    I'm in love with a man
    I've never met,
    while at least not
    in the physical sense.

    2015 ©monicablair

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    Symphony - My Song

    Symphony - My Song
    © by Monica Blair

    My misery became a symphony
    The very first day he looked at me.

    An orchestra of beautiful melodies
    Fulfill what was once quite emptiness
    Shielded by miseries emphasis.

    He has given me a brand new song -
    joy to my heart,
    love to my soul,
    peace to my mind...
    All three things, I've yearned for so long.

    When I hear his voice;
    my stomach flutters with butterflies.
    With the slightest touch of him;
    (ooo wee)
    chills run down my spine.

    I can't help but look into his eyes
    and feel blessed, that he is all mine.

    I no longer have to disguise
    the quite emptiness that lies inside.
    Because he has given me
    a beautiful melody...
    He is my song,
    my king,
    my misery,


  • monicablair 1w

    Poetic Prey

    Poetic Prey
    © by Monica Blair

    and metaphors...
    With your words;
    my heart
    you have allured.

    Making me
    your poetic prey...
    As you 'scribe to me
    day after day.

    Your timing so unique;
    your word structure,
    perfectly chic.

    When I close my eyes;
    I see you physically...
    You have devoured this rose

    With her thorns sharp...
    and a torn heart.
    You have managed to charm her


  • monicablair 1w

    Concrete Rose

    Concrete Rose
    2009 © by Monica Blair

    what some think
    is a picture perfect outline.

    Lies a woman
    and unique.

    The soul
    of a genuine woman
    of God is she
    As beauty
    is only skin deep.

    If you look real close;
    you'll see the rarity
    in a single rose
    Rooted from concrete.

    It takes a certain him
    to recognize
    the beauty within.

    To see her
    her damaged petals
    and to appreciate
    each one of their struggles.

    Although she blooms
    from a flawed core
    Where most believe
    beauty lacks;
    God graces her
    and she continues to grow
    from concretes crack.

    2009 ©monicablair

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    su·i·cid·al /so͞oəˈsīdl/

    su·i·cid·al /so͞oəˈsīdl/
    © 2018 By Monica Blair

    Feeling like life
    has swallowed me whole.

    Standing isolated
    with no where to go.

    Rooted in a loneliness...
    anxiety and depression
    continues to grow.

    The ache in my heart
    consumes my soul...

    Holding my chest -
    I can't breath...
    the whisper of the enemy
    puts me at ease.

    "Sleep" "sleep" "sleep"

    With each whisper
    I blink...
    slowly slipping
    into a tranquility
    of darkness.

    Eyes wide shut
    Lost in a murky sea of woes.
    Frantic I scream
    But nothing comes out...
    Liquid soothes my lungs
    Once drifting, now sinking
    Falling deeper and deeper
    simultaneously my flesh becomes
    colder and colder.
    The enemy's whisper still holds her.

    The weight
    that once consumed my shoulders....
    into a desolate bliss...
    Packaged by
    a suicidal kiss.

    2018 © monicablair

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    Every day,
    I lose a part of myself;
    When my eyes catch a glimpse of your face,
    Staring at someone else,
    Holding and kissing her cheeks.

    Every day,
    A part of me is broken,
    When I hear the same vouce
    Making same promises
    But now for someone else.

    Every day,
    A part of my heart is torn,
    When I feel your presence
    Filled with coldness.

    Every day,
    I die , I die everyday!

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    Limbs tied to the kitchen. Mother of two in a family of thirty.
    The wanderer inside started travelling through pages instead.

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    Reader: What do you love to write?
    Writer: What will you love to read?
    Reader: I would love to uncover the pages of your story!!
    Writer: Oh!! But my book is already published by the creator!!
    Reader: I can still try digging deep, maybe something must be hidden and got edited in the book!!
    Writer: Let's leave that as a mystery, what say?

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    वो जो अपना दिल मेरे पास छोड़ गये थे ना
    संभाल के रखा है अलमारी में
    सलवटें ना पड़ जाए इसलिए
    सलीके से तह बना कर रखी है
    ताला भी लगाया है
    हंह.... कीमती है ना
    कहीं कोई और चुरा ना ले जाये
    कभी आओ तो... (गलती से ही सही) ले जाना
    और हाँ....
    आते हुए वो अधूरे सपने भी ले आना
    जो कभी तुम्हारे तकिये के नीचे छुपाए थे
    बेचारे तन्हा रातों में सो नहीं पाते,
    वो तुम्हारे होंठो के किनारों पर मेरी हंसी,
    वो बदन पर मेरी उंगली से लिखीं क़िताब,
    वो तेरे नरम पोरों की गरमाहट,
    और मेरी कुछ उखड़ती सांसे
    ये सब भी लेते आना
    शायद ये बे-ज़ान चैन से बेज़ान हो जाए।

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    वो दिल...


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    if you
    could be of
    any colour
    and people
    wouldn't judge
    you for it.

  • sreemoi_ 2w

    If some 50 years from now
    Your grandchild asks you what life is,
    Will you have lived enough
    To know the answer?

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  • sreemoi_ 3w

    What you scribble at 3 a.m.
    as cigarette smoke swirls up in the empty void of your room
    tells more about you than
    volumes of carefully structured words you choose to speak in the day.


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    I want get lost ih the world
    Where nobody knows me, where nobady finds me.

    And note my self to RELAX