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  • w_progression 9h

    I needed someone and...
    I found no one
    But now... "I don't need no one and someone"
    Reason is because I didn't benefit from no one
    And someone didn't come so soon
    okay I've changed my mind
    There is still chance .. I'm still patient
    Who do I really need?

    Try to understand what I mean..


  • ayeshabaig 3d

    Walk on a rock to make ur ways easy

  • gaunique 5d


    वो तो उसके जंग का अद़ना सा जु़नैद था,
    इस सच से बेख़बर कि वो उसी के कैद में कैद था


  • sushmitadas 1w


    You know once I got raped
    I got raped by four of them
    They tore me into millions
    They spliced me into the darkest borehole
    They took me off from my soul.
    But...... Was that all?
    No, that wasn't over
    I got raped each day,each second
    Don't you know by whom?
    This time you stole my clothes
    You teased me with your eyes
    You shook my ground with your words
    You made me naked in front of world
    But you haven't done that for once
    You did that everyday you got scope
    To split me from my soul.
    You never lifted me up,you took every dot to put me down
    Those four touch my body once
    But you touched and crushed my soul everyday
    You the greater zonal SOCIETY you did that
    This way you drowned me into the ocean of guilt
    SOCIETY this classy society you did this..


  • adiii_abstruse 1w

    My pen speaks the words,
    Your eyes hears them.
    A magical conversation begins.


  • w_progression 1w


    "Twelve-cents ain't needed,
    to love me,
    to care 'bout me.
    ... But just one thing
    Yes ..you the only requirement to fill my heart with Joy
    Perhaps you're worthful than Twelve-cents.

    ... But one thing again
    I should take Twelve-cents back
    'cause you'd still break my heart and then I'd be desolated again
    and then I'd smoke and drink and do hard drugs and all I never wanna do ,I'd do them again.. holy crap!!

    .....But still one last thing
    Nothing ... Yes nothing
    I'd pick nothing
    'cause Twelve-cents is a lad like you
    Oh!! You thought it's money like Twelve-cents
    No ... But nothing either
    Money , You , Twelve-cents ,No No No!!
    You all good and it ain't gonna last.
    I'd wait till that day I'm gonna do my last"
    That was what she said to me,
    but I woke up @ 6 AM just to find out it was a night mare..oh damn
    She's right beside me, Anabel my fiancee
    ..... Twelve-cents is my brother
    . could he be rolling with my fiancee for real? Don't think so..
    I repeat.. "A nightmare"

    Wealthy progression


  • sushmitadas 1w


    Do you know, who she be?
    Do her sound makes you feel?
    Yes,it does,it does in case of me
    But, Ah! do I even know who she be?
    She be the drops of countless tears when nine months I be with her
    She be the strength of million suns when I saw the earth along with her
    She be the priceless tag for thousands brands whose touch makes the world believe
    She be the glance of my victory when I pass by the hurdles
    She be,yes she be my MOTHER
    And her hand always takes the shapeless hell from my life along with her
    Yes she be my MOTHER..
    My belief in myself.

  • sobber_slap 2w

    Someone is lost

    Somewhere you lost
    I don't know where
    I found inside my soul
    I found inside the narrow holes
    But someone is lost
    Amidst the rush
    In the dirty gush
    I try to snatch away
    I try to say
    I'm there
    Trust me I won't let you down
    I'll honour you your crown
    But that someone is lost
    That someone is you
    That someone is me
    Hold me and come back
    I need you to remove dark
    Please be back for me for us
    We're lost in unknown rush


  • sushmitadas 2w

    I wanted him to be mine

    I wanted him to be mine
    I wanted the world to be him
    I wanted each day,each second to spend with him
    I wanted a sack of trust along with him
    I wanted to spread up the smile on you
    I wanted your tears to be mine
    And my breathe to be yours

    What was that all?
    It was all my love, my heart singing for you
    I splited every relation for you
    I bore all the holes of life for you
    But what, but what...
    All went in vain,all my sacrifice went downstream
    All for you wasn't it
    But I knew once it will, and my love will.

    And he will be mine.

  • sushmitadas 3w

    Cup of Tea

    Hell was there when
    With doors shut
    Hailing cold,four sisters
    Standing out hanging blunt.
    Nothing seemed well,except only a ten note
    Went out checked a chaiwala
    But gosh it required one for ten
    And poor we three in want of that
    Still took that one cup
    Further pouring drops into one's
    And having sips there
    This was that love, Cup of Tea.

  • w_progression 3w


    Tell me the right thing to think about
    Is it life?
    Is it my unknown wife?
    Is it money?
    Is it my Unborn baby?
    Is it how to succeed?
    Is it how to destroy a sown seed?
    Please tell me..

    Tell me the right way to serve Him
    Is it by obeying His commandments?
    Is it by refusal to make amendments?
    Is it by committing sins everyday and one night?
    Is it by fasting for forty days and one night?
    Please tell me...

    Tell me the right way to keep my Family
    Is it by praying for them every morning?
    Is it by yelling at them when there is no money?
    Is it by rating them higher?
    Is it by setting their souls on fire?
    Is it by accepting their wishes?
    Is it by flushing these wishes through ditches?
    Please tell me...

    Tell me the right way to relate with everyone
    Is it by proper association?
    Is it by repugnant dissociation?
    Is it by backbiting?
    Is it by sky-limiting?
    Is it by staying till the end?
    Is it by giving a ride to hell?
    Please tell me...


  • w_progression 3w

    I WON'T

    I won't sing even if I can
    'cause everyone will listen to khan
    I won't dance even if I can
    'cause someone will ask if I'm related to Jackie Chan
    I won't work so much like Drake and Rihanna
    'cause all the rewards will be given to Ray and Moana
    I won't finish a bottle of rum
    'cause people are ready to laugh when I get drunk
    I won't tell you Yes
    'cause not telling you No can cause a big mess
    I won't love you wholly but in portions
    'cause I'm not ready to look for heartbreak pills and potions
    I won't give my last dime to you if you want
    'cause it's not even enough to buy what I want
    I won't tell you more of what I didn't say
    'cause you'd pick my wrongs from what I shouldn't say


    I won't stop doing all things
    'cause He has automatically strengthened me.


  • sushmitadas 3w


    How pure it could be?
    How lively it made me?
    How it made me flee?
    How it stole me?

    It was the Soul capturing me
    It was You helping me
    Making sunshine when darkness bore
    And the evils lost when glitter pore
    You glanced the paths hole
    Made me go through the envious scroll
    This was when I felt the troll
    Once again I felt the sound of SOUL..


  • pavi03 3w

    Bitch please,

    Your birth certificate is
    An apology letter
    From the
    Condom Company.

  • sushmitadas 3w


    I was a fish lying on the sands
    Heart just showed its beats
    Emotion left far beneath the seas
    Was living just with breathes

    Than suddenly a wave came
    It was you
    I felt the heave of sense
    The glossy drops of your presence
    Made me tune with my beats
    The treasure within me was revealed
    And life filled me with hopes

    Suddenly I sensed me
    And I got ME...

  • w_progression 3w


    Still spending,
    Will still be spent,
    for this gift of life I give thanks,
    I give thanks to the Immortal that never rests,
    that never rests but keeps watching as I bloom on Earth.

    In a million you're one,
    the one that was there when it was cold and warm,
    that warm relationship we must carry on,
    carry on in your presence 'cause you'd live long.

    so caring eversince my days as a seedling,
    for I've never smelt the thought of abrogating,
    for I've been wondering how you made my life so fulfilling,
    that's why I am and will keep on appreciating.

    You helped when I almost fell,
    You stood by when others fled,
    My love for you folds not but continues in fold
    I see you as being priceless compared to diamond and gold,
    We'd live,wine and dine together till we grow old.

    And... You,
    You did the opposite,
    You introduced apathy,
    Didn't bother and I still came to your party,
    Yet you still repeled my attractability,
    You deserve gratitude for your attitude,
    For you'd be twenty-nine and I'd always be thirty.

    Unknown ,
    Belle or Beau,
    Sooner.. you'd be known,
    I hope my answer to your question will never be No,
    I hope that when time comes I'd be able to compensate you with all I own,
    I hope that when I talk about you, I'd end it not with "a long time ago".


  • sushmitadas 3w


    Is this freedom?
    The way society treats us
    The way it bluntly depicts us
    We even uttering a word are flushed into drain
    Ohh pity, she's dirty, she slept with a boy
    Look at her shorts,revealing her undergarments
    Creepy look she's raped and the bitch runs down alone
    These be the loving words of them..

    Being girl I was bound to those thorny words
    And the prickly society our house
    Night stay,god she's a prostitute
    Lovely as us treated
    And teary when word arrows shoots our self respect
    But it's our Freedom
    And we bound to this....
    Come up with new mind and let us high
    Be the freedom of yours
    Flow to us
    And flying upto heights be the sign of Freedom.

  • sushmitadas 3w

    Night Club

    That day I saw you
    It was in G.S road
    God! you were on black tees
    And everything around me sparkled
    My eyes sworn with bliss
    My heart banged fast

    It was as God wanted us to meet more
    I met you once again in night club
    Yelled I, as I too was on black as you were
    Deadly my blood ran down my veins
    And you glance made me blank
    That's the night club
    Where we met and once more you were on black.

  • sushmitadas 3w

    Blue Shirt

    Hey, you blue one that day I saw you
    God! it fainted my heart
    That sight for first time stole
    It was in Khanapara,hope you noticed
    But alas! you went, you went to airport
    And along with you my mind went off
    Hey, you blue shirt come soon
    My soul needs you, your sight makes me fly
    Yes,do come and bring back my heart

    Uff! that blue one...

  • sushmitadas 3w


    The word memory often triggers a smile
    Why,don't u know?
    Because it makes my past revive
    It shows a picture of how I used to be
    How I slapped him!
    Oh,poor I did that... But that today
    Lusters me with a smile

    I too remember that once he used to be my rival
    But now he be my world.!
    Still the picture of class bunk comes
    And that makes me laugh
    When mama with red eyes asked me
    Haven't done tuition?
    Always my answer had been,"Go on ask her."
    Standing at the stop peeping each guy along with her
    Yes I remember
    Those memories were best
    And each time they come
    They mesmerize me
    They cheers me up with a gesture of hope
    They brings out the best in me
    Yes,those memories still remembered.