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    Sometimes i think people like to work hard. Because it makes them wise, I guess. But they don't want to be smart. Because for that, they'd have to work harder.

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    The drops of sweat bid adieu
    to her crown
    Her lips shiver to retain each tasbih
    Her face to handle the frown
    In the end it's a good riddance
    Her hairs open and scatter
    Each breath holds thousand oceans
    Each second is thousand emotions
    I take her clothes off , nothing is a belonging
    Its 7:00am the soul is now a messenger
    Her breath blows dust , that the morning
    sun turned conspicuous
    Does she remember
    The last kiss , the rogue hugs
    Does she feel my hands as they manoeuvre
    What divides the line of mortality
    I can't hold her neither let go

  • alokvatsa 13w

    He is a paradox, but he is worth the risk.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you can also assume a She instead of He. :)
    Thank you.


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  • alokvatsa 13w

    " When the dark clouds get away,
    When the rain stops.
    Then sunshine and the rainbow
    Looks at you, winks at you.
    But sometimes you can't see that.
    Because you're still busy
    In looking at the clouds of despair. "

    " In the same way
    Life happens
    Good and bad,
    Happy and sad,
    Sane and mad. "

    " Are you thinking deeply?
    Are you watching closely?
    Are you living fully?

    © alokvatsa


    P.S : I'll write, but only short piece for some weeks now. I've changed my mind. ��

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    First time joining in the word of the day challenge. Here it goes then. ��

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    Check my other works @laongwritings

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    He looks unto her like it was the first dawn he has witnessed as he wakes up right next to her every morning.

    Her smile is like a warm hearth in a cold winter night, ceasing her daughter's fear of the dark.

    Some boy runs on his way home, gleefully gracing his star stamped hand.

    A big ball of fur runs ecstatically, wagging his tail as it awaits for its master's return

    Waves crushes, salt wind brushes under the pale old skin of a man wishing he could have more years.

    And a gleam of light peers into a dark lightless room of someone who was so unsure of holding through.

    Moments of ups and downs and trying to get up again
    How often and rare these kinds of moments are but things pass and we live on to tell the tale.


  • alokvatsa 14w

    " The things we take for granted can be rare for someone. "
    © alokvatsa

    Need I say more?
    I guess not. This image says everything.

    Here four children can be seen carrying four bags with them. We see two stark childhood stories within one frame.

    We often assume that we will always have what we currently have. We forget how blessed we are.

    We go to sleep in our comfortable beds, with no thought about the number of people who are homeless. We wake up every day fit and fine, with no thought about the number of people who are dealing and dying with life threatening diseases. We are in relationships with people who love us and value us, with no thought about the people who may have lost their loved ones or no thought about the people who have their heart broken or are in an abusive relationship (mentally, emotionally or physically).

    Many of us are blessed, yet we still don’t appreciate it. We always want something more and hence we get stuck in this never ending cycle of unhappiness.

    Be grateful for what God has blessed you with. There is always someone, somewhere, who is not having anything, wishing they had what you have.

    It is true that we won't ever realize our blessings untill they are gone. Be it our relationships or be it our material possessions.

    The things that are not valuable for us, are very precious for others. Basic necessities like proper food and water clothes and a house is not much appreciable by us. Someone else literally craves for these basic things. The ones having both parents with them usually don't appreciate them, but the ones who have lost them knows their value and the precious place they hold in their lives.

    We're a privileged group of people.
    How do I know? Look, you're reading this. Which means you know how to read. You also have a cool smartphone and a laptop. You also have 4G/3G/2G internet connection or wifi at your disposal. I wrote it, which means I also have all of these things. That makes us, you and me, more privileged than over half the world. Yes, you read it right. Half of the world still don't have these things at their disposal.

    - You know where your next meal is coming from.
    - You always have a nice place called home to go back to at the end of the day.
    - You have a family that cares for your well-being.
    - You have clothes which serves both basic function and trending style.

    But somewhere, someone doesn't even know whether they'll be able to eat their next meal or not. Someone might not be having any permanent home to go to at the end of the day. Someone might have lost their family in a disaster or war. Someone might not be having enough cloths to even cover himself, how is he supposed to know about style?
    Now, you see we are blessed, blessed beyond any measure.

    Now how to spread these blessings?

    By sharing a part of them with someone who is in need.

    Money alone can not help the needy, it never did. It is our effort that will make a difference. There are plenty of people who donate money but those who donate themselves are the real pioneer of change.

    Yes, money do help but not without conscious human efforts to help the needy. Make a simple change at your level, yes this much is enough. Give your time, work hard. It will surely make a difference.

    Here's what you can do..

    - You can teach them if you've some free time.
    - You can give them your old books.
    - You can give them your clothes which you don't wear.
    - You can give them emotional support.
    - You can just go and talk with them and spread happy vibes.

    A poor or needy may be a fellow student in your class, your colleague or your neighbor. Talk to them. Don't see them as social outcast. Understand their problems. Try finding out the solutions together. Motivate them. Inspire them. Treat them equally. Make them aware of their rights and various government schemes which exist for helping them. It can make a difference, I believe.

    " Giving only money and then hoping for a miraculous change is a part of passive thinking, we need to actively employ ourselves for the upliftment of needy if change really has to happen. "
    © alokvatsa

    Humans are everywhere but a few of them are humane.
    Be humane!

    Also, don't forget to pay attention to that feeling of satisfaction within you after doing these kind deeds.

    Thank you for reading.
    To all of you, I just want to say..



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  • alokvatsa 15w

    " Come with me again, just hold my hand.
    You've already been to Neverland.
    Now let's march towards a more
    realistic "Maybeland."
    Yes, this can exist in reality, but only if
    we are ready to get up and take a stand."



    Main piece requires your attention. (^^)

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    There must exist a world beyond the confinement of this land.
    There must exist a world beyond this vast ocean and sand.

    There must exist a world which is free from all this hustle and bustle.
    There must exist a world in which there are no ego clashes or tussle.

    There must exist a world where we can live without fear.
    There must exist a world where we actually listen and not just hear.

    There must exist a world where each house has trees in their lawn.
    There must exist a world where we hear chirping of birds at dawn.

    There must exist a world where there's is no hunger or greed.
    There must exist a world where people do kind deed.

    There must exist a world where people never abandon their loved ones.
    There must exist a world where love is more popular than knives and guns.

    There must exist a world where no one spoils the sacredness of the land.
    There must exist a world where any type of inequality is banned.

    There must exist a world where my mind and soul can be free.
    There must exist a world where I can be just me.


  • alokvatsa 15w

    A short piece after the ages.
    Yes, not lame. :)

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  • pooja_chetry 15w


    Where are we heading to?
    Is winning a race so important?
    Have we ever asked ourself these questions ?
    To achieve all the comforts and to fulfil our desires,
    We tend to step on many people
    And in this process we hurt them too.
    Do stop and ponder on your actions ,
    And be grateful to the people who loves you,
    As we are lucky to have such people in our lives.


  • nonplayer8 15w

    I remember what I said to you,
    I know you sobbed and cried,
    I sit here lonely, in the dark,
    Wishing for you to come back,
    But it seems I've gone too far this time,
    I can never have you back,
    This empty house beckons me,
    As now, I sit and ponder upon,
    The things I shouldn't have said,
    Now all I have left, is regret.

  • alokvatsa 15w

    " Life is like a box of crayons. You never know which crayons you gonna get but you can always mix them up to create new colors, colors soothing enough to lighten up your canvas of life. "


    Life is supposed to be planned.
    But life can never be planned.
    Life doesn't always give you results as you planned.
    Yes, you can never plan your life completely.
    There will be unexpected ends, unexpected turns, and unexpected startings too.
    But still you have to plan. You have to plan your actions, you have to plan your reactions, you have to prepare for the moments, both good and bad.
    Or sometimes you have to choose the other way, the way of spontaneity. Where you let it all go, letting life take you in any direction.

    You have to be careful moving forward as oppositions to your planned life will meet you circling like vultures.

    Maybe if life becomes predictable and planned then it will become boring. Maybe we should be living in the moments which the present is offering to us rather than living in continuous worry for something we can't control. Sometimes the things you have been expecting for quite a some time will happen in most unexpected way possible and you will have no idea on how to respond. Same applies with people.

    Maybe sometimes you just have to live for the small unplanned joys, like being called kind by someone or the joy of making someone happy or laughing so hard on some unexpected event that your stomach hurt and yours eyes cries tears, tears of joy. Maybe you just have to live for the unexpected. Maybe you just have to live for small moments, small chunks of happiness. Maybe that's what really matters at the end of the day. Maybe sometimes you have to live by finding whole ocean of happiness in a drop.

    You have to accept that some people are not made for holding you together when you’re about to fall apart, or for making you comfortable in baring your soul or for talking you out of your bad moments or to love you unconditionally without any bias.
    You have to accept that not everyone you meet is from your tribe. You have to accept that you will meet those people in most unlikeliest of ways, in most unlikeliest of circumstances. But then this is the beauty of life.

    You can't expect everyone you meet to be understanding, non judgemental and caring. But then everyone is different. We all are unique. You just have to find your tribe and cling onto them. Yes, clinging can be difficult but this is the best option you have.

    Answers to some of the difficult questions of life will occur only to those who strives to find the answer. There can be more than one solution to any situation. But they're not obvious, they are all hidden in the obscure places of mind. We have to delve deep into those unknown corners of our mind and heart to find the answer.

    And kiddo, you have to love yourself fiercely. You have to stop taking everything so seriously. You have to believe realistically. You have to hold onto your belief. You have to find meaning in your pain. You have to plan your life situations. But you have to stay alert to face the unexpected. You have to listen to the whispering of nature. You have to keep extending your limits from time to time. You have to learn how to live with grace and believe in the divinity of your heart and purity of your actions. You have to live through ebbs and flows of life. You have to find joys in simple things in life. You have to fight your pain instead of running from it. Yes, you have to face it. Yes you will survive. Yes, you are the face of the future. Yes, you have power within you.


    " Love yourself kiddo, you have to love yourself.
    Plan your journey kiddo, you have to travel far. "


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    For it were the days she was silent, that his thoughts were the loudest.


  • alokvatsa 17w

    " If I ask you " let's go. "
    Would you hold my hand.
    Would you come with me?
    To a place called Neverland. "



    ( Main piece requires your attention. o_O )

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    I have heard of a place.
    Where the mind is free and emotions are pure.
    Where more connects us than divides.
    Where time is never planned.
    Where appearances doesn't matter.
    Where people are not judgemental.
    Where heartbreaks are a thing of old folk tales.
    Where trickery and deceit are words never heard of.
    Where people find happiness in making others happy.

    Where reality is as beautiful as dreams.
    Where people wear their scars like a necklace.
    Where people adore and promote originality of everyone.
    Where life is more than just success and failures.
    Where everyone can dream without limit.
    Where believers, dreamers & thinkers live mellifluously.
    Where friendship and love ripen quicker and quicker.

    Where love is a way of life.
    And gratitude, a way of living.
    Where you and I...
    ...We belong.


  • alokvatsa 17w

    After reading some posts on yoga today. I get to know that people don't have a clear idea about what yoga is. They relate yoga with some kind of exercise or meditation only.
    But in reality, yoga is much more than this.

    Yoga is a way of life. Yoga is the unification of the body, mind and spirit. The real purpose of yoga is not just to become physically fit or mentally relaxed but also to deepen our own spirituality thus enabling us to be more self caring and aware, ultimately leading to self-realization.

    Yoga has 8 different aspects or limbs:
    Yama (ethics), Niyama (discipline), Asana (postures), Pranayama (restraint or expansion of the breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption).

    Out of these 8 limbs, most people only know about asana and pranayama.

    These 8 steps acts as a guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life in order to develop every aspect of our being and to bring awakening. And it is in some of these other areas that we are seeing a lack of awareness, real misuse, and even abusive behavior.

    The idea that yoga is basically just exercise, without the addition of the rest of the teachings is not complete. For example, we don't emphsize dharana (concentration), and Niyama (discipline) and yet they are the main teachings.

    Gone are the teachings of yama and niyama, instructions on how to live an ethical and caring life through practicing harmlessness (ahimsa), being truthful, not being greedy, or indulging in addictions, as well as the importance of self-reflection so that we become aware of our own habits and mental tendencies. All the limbs have their unique contribution in making our life easier.

    For example - practicing the yama of non-possessiveness (aparigraha) could be interpreted as letting go of old grudges.

    So, first step is to know yoga in it's entirety and then to incorporate these time-tested moral, ethical and physical codes into our own life and practice to develop ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Just keep calm and do yoga!!!

    Happy International Yoga day to all. :)

    Namaste. ��

    P.S - Namaste is translated as “I honor you” or “The divine in me sees the divine in you.” This is a traditional greeting with our hands in anjali mudra (hands together at the heart).
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    Log Out, Shut Down. It's Time for YOGA !!!


    Purifies the eye.

    Purifies the ear.

    Purifies the tongue.

    Purifies the skin.

    Purifies the breath.

    Purifies the mind.

    Purifies the soul.

    A science, an art and a beautiful philosophy.

    A pathway to happiness and health.


  • prague 17w

    I am a lone wolf
    everyone else is just prey


  • suigeneris13 17w

    At times i ponder,
    Have our blobs of memories found a permanent address inside you
    to miss me.

  • alokvatsa 18w

    P.S - It's going to be a long long read. But I'm assuring you that it'll be worth your time.
    Or you can directly skip to last few paras and then to the quote.

    Thank you.

    Don't let any website or advertisement tell you that you need to change yourself - you don't. Businesses wants you to change your appearance, so they can make money off of you.
    How do you sell an anti wrinkle cream?
    By making someone fear about aging.
    Pretty simple. Isn't it?

    Think about this, many businesses would disappear if we all stopped wanting to change our appearance. If we stopped comparing ourselves to others.

    Beauty lies in..

    - The way you treat others.

    - The way you sprinkle your stardust of kindness over others.

    - The way you give to those people who're in need.

    - The way you give respect to others.

    - The way you find positivity when you are down and lost in the dark of the night.

    The most beautiful person I've ever met was my grandpa. He was always focusing on goodness of other people and never said anything bad about anyone. He was a humble person and used to learn from everyone.

    Even in the toughest of pain, all he could do was smile and ask me how I was doing. Every minute he had spare was either spent either with us or reading and reciting shlokas of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

    He was a pretty average person who married a simple women and worked as a lab assistant in a government college. He always had something nice to say and found small ways to be kind.

    All he wanted was to wake up every day with a smile and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. He is no longer alive, but the ideas he passed on to me are still present in my beliefs and values. What he taught me is what true beauty looks like.

    What is the opposite of beauty?

    - Trying to impress people you don't know.

    - Continuously craving for love, attention and validation of others.

    - Spending hours looking into a lifeless mirror with yourself as the star of the show.

    - Being obsessed with your looks and comparing them with someone else.

    There is no perfect body. Physical beauty doesn't exist because we're all unique. If we all looked the same and had the same perfect body, then life would be really boring and the world would be a mess.

    Scientifically beauty zeroes down to the golden ratio. Almost anything beautiful will have symmetry and ratios quite near the golden ratio. But we're not discussing that here.

    When it comes to inner beauty, there is no differentiation between the sexes. A person can be beautiful or ugly on the inside.

    Beauty is not found in the gym or food you eat.
    Beauty is something you cultivate through the person you become over your lifetime.

    It may be possible that people are so focused on their own appearance that they don't notice yours'.

    The same goes for problems. We all are so obsessed with our own battles that we're not really concerned with what is going on with others.

    The obsession with appearance starts from thinking that people are noticing you. They are really not paying attention. Human attention span is very short.

    But what people notice is how you make them feel.

    We all remember how someone treats us and when they make us feel good. We want more of that kindness. We want more of that genuine love. We want more of that care.

    We don't need more makeup.
    We don't need a change in diet.
    We don't need perfect body shape.

    We need to feel good about who we already are, Otherwise we'll always be chasing some 'mirage' that doesn't exist in real.

    It's high time we should expand the corners of the box we're living in or we should try to get rid of the box altogether.

    Don't change anything about your appearance. You're imperfectly perfect.
    Instead, strive continuously to become a better version of yourself. To me, that is the definition of true beauty.

    " There is no universally prevalent standard of beauty.
    We all are beautiful because we all are unique. "



    @lovenotes_from_carolyn Ma'am here is my try. (^^)

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    No two stars in this universe shine alike, but they all are beautiful.
    " SO ARE YOU. "


  • alokvatsa 18w

    Once I asked my mother.
    " Mother, Why do you call me a star?
    I live here on earth with you. Neither I am so big nor do I shine. I'm not perfect either. I'm definitely not a star."

    "Son", She replied. Why we see perfection in only those things which are far away and unattainable?
    Grass has always been greener, it's the matter of perception.
    You're perfect too, perfectly imperfect.
    And that my son, is your own unique shine.
    So you're a star.
    A shiny star. ��

    Then She handed me a treasure— a framed poem. It's verses were.

    "You were born to shine,
    So shine bright.
    The world loves to see your light.
    You were born to glow.
    You have that power within you.
    Do you even know?
    You may be lost in this infinite sky.
    But believe me, you can still fly."

    And that silenced all of my questions. I felt eternally blissful at that time. I rested my head in her lap and slept like never before.


    I have a question for you all.

    "Why can't be gazing into the mirror at night
    not the same as gazing into the sky at night? "


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    S T A R G A Z I N G

  • alokvatsa 16w

    Truth is rarely pure and never simple.
    ~ Oscar Wilde

    We humans have long evolved from the Adam and Eve phase to modern civilized citizens. But there is something inside us never got quite evolved along the way. It's the our nature of winning at any cost and dominating others. Of course It looks empowering and virtuous.
    Or maybe that's what we think.

    Conflict is a part of human interaction. When conflicts arise, understanding how others perceive a issue is important. Depending on where we stand, views can be different. Hence, perspective matters. If we do not understand a person's perspective, what is very meaningful and sensible to him may look absurd to us.

    There is your truth, there is our truth and we have to search for " The truth ", which is constant and never changing. There is one and only one " The truth." So, whilst your personal truth is real, but it maybe only one part of the whole. There will be other layers of truth also. Your truth may or may not be THE TRUTH.

    When we say " Know Yourself ", it means that first man has to acquire his own version of truth before he can accept any absolute truth. We should try to know " The Truth " before deliberately acting on incomplete information. We will be completely able to decipher " The truth " provided that we search for it without any prejudices and with every angle possible.
    Thank you. :)


    In light of some recent events that happened on Mirakee.

    #writersnetwork #rwu #pod #ponder #truth #prespective #lies #conflict #able

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    There is your truth.
    There is my truth.
    There is your world.
    There is my world.
    And my truth is always better.
    My world is always beautiful.
    My truth is Rational.
    Driven by logic.

    Yours' is a superstition
    Driven by faith.
    This is the root cause of clashes.
    Clashes of civilizations.
    Clashes of ideologies.
    Clashes of egos.
    This is the root cause of fights.
    Fight of religions
    Fight of -isms
    Fight of genders.

    We have our own biases.
    We have our own rituals.
    We have our own myths.
    We have our own truths.
    But so does everyone have.

    There is your truth.
    There is my truth.
    Then there is "The truth."
    But very few get the idea of it.
    We don't want to know the truth.
    We act blindly on half- known truth.
    And even if we get to know the truth.
    Still we close our eyes and continue to believe in the lies.
    Our life is driven by the lies.
    Because lies are comfortable.
    And truth is rare and never simple.


  • alokvatsa 14w

    The world is not black and white. It is not absolute. It doesn't swing only on one side. But in our minds, it often can be. We humans are not too good at seeing the thin line between success and failure, happiness and sadness, and instead we see a wide gap.

    Kids often see things in black and white because they have no understanding of grey areas, therefore they don’t spend too much time worrying as we adults do. As we become older, the color filters that we develop when we apply this concept of black and white thinking become increasingly negative. We get driven by assumptions or ideas which may or may not be right always.

    Our thinking is defined by many of our experiences and it’s acceptable. But our thinking isn’t right just because it’s ours. Others’ thinking isn’t wrong just because it’s not. And that’s the real problem with black and white thinking. There is a little margin of error.

    There will be moments when you will be happy like anything and there will be times when you will be surrounded with an ocean of sadness. But one thing is certain, that everything will change. No black is forever, no white is forever. So you see life is somewhat grey. But then shades of grey will be different depending upon your relative happiness or sadness.

    Remember to return to your neutral home after every high or low. Don't get attached with either fame or failure. Don't get extremely happy on your success or extremely sad on your failures. Neither is permanent. It will change, for sure. Everything changes and if you get attached then this change may give you a huge shock because you're not ready for this.

    "Keep swinging, don't get stuck at one side.
    Because jack, world ain't all black and white.
    It comes in different shades of grey. "

    © alokvatsa


    P.S : 1. Yes, you can read it, it's not much lengthy. I have written bigger pieces than this. ;)
    2. I'll not be writing long pieces for some weeks now. :)

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    But the World is Grey, Jack!

    The world is Black and white,
    can't you see?
    There are no shades of grey for me.
    That's how I roll.
    I'm someone you can't control.

    But the world is grey, jack!
    It ain't black and white.
    Rather it comes in
    All different hues of grey.
    Come with me,
    Let me show you the way.

    A bit of this in that.
    And a bit of that in this.
    The lines are blurry.
    Everyone is in hurry.
    Watch closely.
    World's all grey, mostly.

    World ain't binary, having only two level.
    It's analog, touching infinite possibilities within which we continue to revel.

    There is..
    No right no wrong, only our perception.
    No success no failures, just another life situation.

    No absolute dark no bright, but a little bit of both.
    No perfect good no evil, but an intricate mixture of both.

    No all no nothing, but somewhere in the middle of spectrum.
    No fight or direct flight, rather steadily moving towards your goals & gently slaying 'em.

    Life ain't pure rain or pure sun.
    It swings between the two extremes,
    And we're always on the run.
    Sometimes after rain, sometimes after sun.
    But we forget that the real fun
    Lies in the run.

    When life gets awry, when life gets tough.
    Remind yourself that you're more than enough.

    Don't fear from grey.
    Grind yourself.
    Make the most of each day.
    Fight your bad days out.
    Shoo them away.
    And in rare moments when you're happy
    Don't try to think further away.
    Stay in the now.
    This is a game you should play.
    I think I've have said it all.
    What more can I say?
    Now it's your turn
    Yay or Nay?