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  • mrquotewani 2h

    Have you ever
    thought before lying?,
    Not at that time
    but now I do, m sorry.
    She replied.


  • sagarikadibragede 2d

    Do not wish for "forever".
    Because if its meant to be forever,
    there would be no joy in living.
    For the main essence of life
    is not in the monotony,
    but in the mystery
    that it unfolds with time.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Hide and Seek

    This place…
    Bleaker that it ever was,
    Leaves on the ground,
    As if that’s where they belong.
    Paint peeled off in strips,
    And cracks on the wall,
    Oh, and there are those trees
    We used to climb.

    I was always the mom,
    And you were the dad,
    And the rest of them were just our kids.
    Yeah, that was how we played house.
    As they all teased, we just laughed,
    And our ol’ folks said,
    “Yep, they gonn’ end up just like that”.

    But I wonder if you ever knew.
    That I liked playing hide & seek better.
    It’s the only time I get to have a break from baby-sitting.
    A time alone in the dark,
    Waiting ‘til the parents call,
    I loved how no one could find me at all.

    However, childhood never lasted.
    And all of us, we grew from certain things;
    The twists of fate,
    And everything that fell in between.
    Maybe it’s a cruel joke or that it just had to happen;
    Or maybe it was hide and seek turned bad.

    Fifteen years.
    That’s how long I got lost in hiding.
    Time broke us all, shaped us… mold us…
    It turned us into beings
    We don’t even understand nor trust.
    And to be honest, at times
    I wish things were simpler,
    Like that first kiss.

    I remember crying all night after that.
    My sisters and friends, they laughed;
    Because I didn’t understand.
    Maybe, I was too overwhelmed,
    Maybe, I felt cheated
    Or scared
    That my hiding place
    Had been invaded.

    Now, back to the future.
    Here we are again,
    Same place, just old faces.
    The time wasted, lingering;
    And your taste making me nostalgic.
    In fact, too comfortable.
    And again, I felt found.
    How could it had been always you?

    So, I don’t ever want to hide no more.
    It’s serene lying naked with you,
    As you talked and smoke that cigarette.
    I felt so real
    And resurrected;
    And cheesy.
    But the ol’ folks were probably right.

    Playing house at this age,
    Seems so wrong, but felt so right.
    I can’t help thinking how it will go;
    As we talked of painting walls;
    And being so beautifully
    Broken together, and feeling whatever;
    Denying we were still those two kids, playing.

    This place
    Had turned to something it never were;
    The paint still off in strips and cracked were the walls;
    Things still out of place.
    But here, we lie in each other’s arms,
    Broken but beautiful,
    In this lil’ piece of heaven on earth.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    Across the room on another table,
    You had finished another glass of champagne.
    Why are you so upset?
    Wasn’t this how we planned it?

    And yet another hour passes by
    Finally, she came and you tried to smile.
    Why are you so scared?
    Wasn’t it I, who should be?

    It’s so easy to fall into one’s dream.
    This is one where we can’t dream together.
    What can’t be cured must be endured.

    The rain fell hard.
    Under my umbrella,
    My face is wet with tears.
    I can only watch you kiss her,
    Lips I devoured just last night.
    In the shadows,
    I will walk away.
    My sanity belongs there.
    Stay there like how we hid from her.

    And yet another hour passes by
    The flight draws nearer, for our last goodbye.
    Please don’t look for me.
    Please don’t try while she’s asleep.

    It’s so easy to fall into one’s dream.
    This is one where we can’t dream together.
    What can’t be cured must be endured.

    The rain fell hard.
    Under my umbrella,
    My face is wet with tears.
    I can only keep memories,
    The love or was it, yesterday?
    Through the pain,
    I’ll slowly try to move on.
    Our destiny belongs there.
    Endure it like how we hid from her.

    This is for Sophia.
    Your wife.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    The Chant

    If you go away you’d make me
    (Pondering question)

    Feel thrown away and make me
    (Any suggestion???)

    Reveal the thing that’s in my head
    (Can it be? Will I dream a nightmare?)

    Well (Prolonged)

    If you go away you’d make me
    (Hidden fear)

    Face away the chances
    (Protesting to gear)

    Of (off) hearing you chant away
    What I feel...
    (I love how tragedy works, it’s surreal)
    For you.

    If you go away you’d make me
    (Try to hear, try to see)

    Taste the rain and make me
    (Love myself)

    Hear this chanting in my head
    (Going to leave and start breathing the air I need)

    If you go away your promise
    (It was meant)

    Will fade away from us
    (Meant to bend but I can’t)

    Kill the chance for my wounds to heal

    Things had changed
    From the way we were.
    It’s the threat that thrills me.
    But if you leave it will be…
    Consequence occurs,
    But now the matter has blurred.
    And you ask me why
    I’m telling you that I’m…

    I’m loving you like crazy
    (Though it kills me)

    Hate myself for blaming

    When it’s you that hurts me so.
    (You have taken the best now take the rest!)

    Hear this chanting in my head.
    (You have taken the best now take the rest!)

    Well if you go away,
    It will all go away,
    Just go away.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    The Mad Hatter

    And I’m the only one who understands her,
    Let alone her sanity;
    In this vast Wonderland,
    Where I try so hard to survive;
    Under a moon, that’s a cat’s grin,
    And the Queen at reign beheads anyone
    Who stole time.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Best Friend

    I’m not asking for anything much,
    Even if there’s so much to say
    And to ask for, I mean…
    Who in the world was I for you, anyway?

    There’s so little in my doubts,
    Because nothing is really going on
    Between you and me. Now baby,
    Don’t get me wrong.

    I still remember the first time we met.
    It was love at first sight.
    Didn’t expect much for you to love me,
    But I hoped someday you might.

    So, we talked and I found out,
    Your ego is worse than I expected.
    There’s no way you would say you want me
    Yet you do! So, what the heck…

    You agreed on being best friends,
    And I’m left to comprehend.
    You aren’t for me and I’m not for you.
    But please don’t pretend.

    I don’t understand when you say you need me.
    You say I’m a good friend. I don’t know
    What does it mean when you say
    You want me. You’ve got to show.

    Is it because I’m not the girl
    Of your dreams, and of your life?
    Well, I know, I have to admit
    I’m no IDEAL wife.

    In the end, it seems all I could do
    Is try to forget
    What you meant to me; what life you bring;
    And most of all, the regrets.

    I would lie to myself now;
    And I won’t try any other way.
    I’ve been a fool, a slave for your love
    Since we met that day.

    But I know for sure, you will have your turn;
    A chance for you to say
    You regret not taking the chance
    Of giving your heart where it can be safe.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    I wake up in the morning with
    Salt and sand under my pillow.
    I wonder if I really had
    Cried so much.

    The sun is up, shining and it
    Dry the rain in my heart.
    I guess, I still can
    Do it.

    Tomorrow… you are not here.
    Tomorrow… you don’t really have a choice.
    I can only listen to your song in my heart.

    Let me take you away to Neverland.
    From now on, you’re not alone.
    Just fly away like we are lost.
    Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?

    Going deep inside your dream;
    Don’t be scared, I’ll care for you.
    And in reality, when all else fails;
    I will always love you only.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Against the World

    The night is dark,
    It’s only you and me.
    Beyond the platform a thousand eyes
    Mislead by what they see.

    I listen to the crowd.
    My heart beats to your guitar.
    It’s complicated what we went through;
    But look, now here we are.

    Everyone was mistaken.
    This bond will never be gone.
    You’ll never be alone anymore.

    Hold me...

    In this little town,
    Rain had stopped falling.
    The skies will now be blue


    Take my heart,
    Play it right.
    Take my soul,
    Blow my mind
    Hold my hand,
    Dance away through the night.
    From now on it will be the world and us.
    Right now, it’s you and I, against the world.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Boys and Girls

    Here I am, crying again
    After some years, my heart breaks again
    And you sat with me, my friend

    You pretend

    You pretend to be strong
    Telling me all the possible “wrongs”
    You sound so intelligent, too

    It’s not you

    It’s not you in this mess
    I get what you mean, to be honest
    But my mind is still going berserk

    Boys are jerks

    Boys are jerks, you told me
    Isn’t that how they’re supposed to be?
    Even so, love is earned and

    Girls never learn…

    Boys are jerks, and girls never learn
    Boys are jerks, and girls never learn
    Boys are jerks, and girls never learn
    Boys… jerks…
    Girls should learn.

    La… la… la… la… la…
    La… la… la… la…
    La… la… la…
    La… la…

    Boys are jerks, and girls never learn
    Boys are jerks, and girls never learn
    Boys are jerks, and girls never learn
    Girls… never learn…
    Boys remain jerks.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Childhood Friends

    I still remember running those fields with you.
    We tried to chase the sunset and we always failed.
    All our dreams were simple;
    Wake up, play the day away.
    I wish we could go back to that.
    But time has pulled us where we are now.

    So, we go to the west;
    It’s not as easy as climbing trees, yeah!
    And we go… to the east;
    Missing those times just lying on that rooftop,
    Throwing stones at boys.

    Time passed us by in just a twinkling of an eye.
    Seems the crossroads, led us to our final destination.
    Life’s no longer easy;
    Wake up, worked our pains away.
    I wish we could pause for a moment,
    But God had made it clear we should move on.

    So, we go… to the west;
    Bringing our memories to get inspired.
    And we go… to the east;
    Doing whatever, while we watch our toddlers,
    Play with their toys.
    Do you remember?
    Throwing stones at boys…

    And we remember our little promise,
    Our little secret.
    I guess we still have time to come home;
    And make up for those times we had lost
    To the world.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Falling Leaves

    Falling leaves…
    That’s what you said
    And I looked at you like how I look ahead
    On the road of life, with a question in my eyes
    Pondering on your words and wondering why.

    Falling leaves…
    What is so romantic?
    And why the atmosphere now seem dramatic?
    Leaves floating around in slow motion,
    A waltz with the wind in such devotion.

    Falling leaves…
    I can’t see the significance!
    I’m truthfully in doubt of whatever brilliance
    There is in those words or what’s in your head.
    Or where, this time, my attention was led.

    Falling leaves…
    There were no other words.
    For even when I thought it very absurd
    That you are who you are and yet were mute,
    Leaving me with the fates on a big dispute.

    Falling leaves…
    I don’t know how this will end!
    Or if there is a way I can make time bend…
    Or has anything even started at all?
    Or is there a cheaper long distance call?

    Falling leaves…
    I tried to break the sentence down.
    And that’s quite a joke, even to a clown.
    These mere two words, what could they mean?
    If I read right between them, what could be seen?

    Falling leaves…
    Just for seven days.
    I bet the joke destiny put up on display
    Will put me right where I stand, just right in between.
    Shall I go forward or look back to what have been?

    Falling leaves…
    I pondered on an on.
    Even as I left, that one fine early morn…
    I was ready to fly back to where I belong.
    So, this is it… Goodbye! So long!

    But Falling Leaves…
    The words stayed in my head.
    I thought about it so much, I think my brain cells bled.
    As the temperature shot high, I think my whole brain melted,
    Leaving me hopelessly demented.

    Oh Falling Leaves…
    I thought and thought about it!
    Until one day, I guess I understood it.
    You gave me sweet memories and also a warning.
    And worst of all, you predicted my feelings.

    I think I fell…
    Before I knew…
    Just like that leaf, I was blown unwillingly, too.
    I was slowly falling down in that very short time,
    Only now I realized one of love’s petty crimes.

    And then I left…
    What can I do?
    This was really unexpected; I didn’t know it, too.
    And none of us made a move in that “romantic” dream,
    Only the leaves and wind dancing, that’s what it seemed,

    To fall, and then leave
    Indeed that’s Romance…
    I now understood fully, the leaves-n-wind’s dance.
    For in that short beautiful moment a memory was made,
    To give a deeper meaning to our wordless charade.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    … are irrelevant and/or insignificant.
    … are just a figment of my imagination.

    … are the way I want to see you.
    … are the way I understand you.
    … are the way I don’t see you as.
    … are the way I don’t understand you.

    … are mad.
    … are in denial.
    … are alone.
    … are afraid of being alone.
    … have no choice but to be with others.

    … have a reason for being with others, and that reason is mostly for being selfish.

    … fear.
    … are living in fear.
    … hate being called scared.

    … think that the rest of your feelings exist, when the basis of everything is just FEAR.

    … are wondering why you fear, but the truth is you know.

    … don’t want to accept this truth.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    In this nauseous feeling I sink in deeper, the harder I tried to struggle free. I held your hand reluctantly; I never asked for this…

    Now, I let you win all over again.
    Does it make you happy to see me fall?
    I know you are watching all this time, even now.

    Well, I fell hard.
    And this time, my skull did break.

    Do you like it?
    Do you like me?
    Do you like this?

    Come on, break me.

    Beyond repairable, I lie here broken. And yes, I tried to mend myself. I let you go, reluctantly. I never wanted this…

    It seems so, but did you win again?
    Does your choice of words reveal what you feel?
    I know you were lying all this time, even now.

    Well, I fell hard.
    And this time, my skull did break.

    Do you like it?
    Do you like me?
    Do you like this?

    I see you breaking.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    In your mind, I vanish completely.

    What is moral?
    I still don’t know…
    If it meant so much to you
    Then, I’m your possession.
    When you bought my soul,
    Were you disappointed?

    In your heart, I’m trapped completely.

    What is love?
    I still don’t know…
    If it’s worth so much to you
    Then, I’m your possession.
    When you took my heart,
    Were you disappointed?


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    We are bounded by the
    Red Thread.

    I’m the sun.
    You’re the moon.
    Many times in this universe
    We meet and kiss.


    That is what we did.
    That’s how it is.
    That’s the way it would be.



  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Nightmare Realm

    Frozen in fear.
    Numb with pain, she cried.
    An awkwardness,
    As I lent my hand.
    It touches me, that look,
    As she died.
    Just like a dream,
    Fading in broken lies.

    And no, it doesn’t seem
    That she had gone;
    Just living inside me.
    Haunting these endless dreams.

    And though forever stopped
    A while ago;
    My search had just began,
    Within this realm of ni’mares.

    Walking alone,
    I searched in vain, inside.
    The cold silence,
    As tears fell down;
    Ran down these cheeks, so warm,
    As I cried.
    It’s like a dream.
    Caught within broken lies.

    And no, it doesn’t seem
    That she had gone;
    Just hiding inside me.
    Haunting these shallow sleep.

    And though forever stopped
    A while ago;
    The fear had just began,
    Within these realm of ni’mares.

    I… would’ve rather died.
    I would lie frozen inside.
    Live in dreams inside her mind.

    I’m living in sin.

    Are you there?
    I’ve been searching for a long time.

    Are you there?
    To end this feeling, I’m suffering too long!

    Tell me what’s destiny;
    Or what is coming over me.
    Tell me what’s meant to be;
    Just wanted to be free…
    … Of these temptations;
    The human nature;
    Delusions there will be a savior;
    A compromising act of living;
    And never ending ways of giving in…

    … To Oblivion.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w

    Requiem of the Damned

    Walking barefoot, following the crowd.
    Going with the flow, taking in all.
    Wondering what this is
    With eyes shut tight.

    And they gathered up, listening to Him.
    Trusting everything, doing it all.
    Wonder if this is real?
    Alas, we’re still tongue-tied.

    And the seasons past,
    Things are all the same,
    This is how we’re damned.

    How long will this last?
    Stuck in this game.
    This is how we’re damned.

    And another day comes,
    We stand here,
    Give in to His call.
    Lost in what seems a fantasy.
    Nobody knows, what may come.

    Oh, well…
    I leave it all to you.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w



    What are we running for?
    What are we killing for?
    What are we dying for?


    It’s default in our veins…
    Cannot recognize our shame…
    Going on and play this game.

    Sitting here
    Feeling defeated
    Body curled up, can’t get up.
    Stuck in this bed
    Losing my head
    (Isn’t it obvious?)
    I want a way out…


    What are we running for?
    What are we killing for?
    What are we dying for?


    It’s default in our veins…
    Cannot recognize our shame…
    Going on and play this game.

    Crawling here
    Wounded and jaded
    Bleeding in vain, can’t move on.
    Confusing hate
    Losing my faith
    (Isn’t it obvious?)
    I want to go home.


  • themuslimahwriter 33w


    Selfish liar.
    Endless games.
    Limited tolerance.
    Exposed shame.

    Nowhere to run.
    Nowhere to hide.
    Hunt you down.
    Corrupt your mind.


    Fallen tears.
    Endless charades.
    Limited dreams.
    Useless fame.

    Nowhere to fall.
    Nowhere to cry.
    Pull you down.
    Destroy your mind.


    Bodies curled up
    Blood drenched earth
    You thought we’re blind…
    Unwanted embrace
    Living in pain
    Stranded lost in time