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    He could melt anyone with his words.
    Yet he chose the weakest of them all.


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    I've never loved anyone in this life the
    way I love you. What has Cupid done to
    me and you? What kind of special
    arrow did he use? And why on
    crazy timezones!? Now, this
    is making me insane!!!

    ©Angel Fizz 2018

  • lilmisswriter 13w

    Will I ever be fine?
    Do I even want to?
    I just want to breathe the same air as you do and fall asleep in your arms ��
    #worry #life #moveon #convince #hurt #pain #songs #tunes #places #views #peace #rant #love #heartbreak

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    Don't worry.... I'll hear myself out when I'm ranting about how horrible my day was...
    Don't worry....I'll drive out to the place where we hung out and look at the view that gave us peace...
    Don't worry.... I'll hug myself during cold evenings and hum our favourite tunes....
    Don't worry....I'll make jokes about things that we hated...
    Don't worry....I'll do all this alone...
    No this isn't me trying to convince you that I'll be fine..
    But a miserable attempt at convincing myself...

  • aknownunkown 13w

    Another rant. Nothing can make you feel better than a rant that comes straight from your heart, and makes you feel at place.
    #writersnetwork #pod #rant @writersnetwork
    @adesh_poz It doesn't matter even if your vocabulary is limited. My vocabulary is probably the worst on this platform, when I look at the complexity of words people shover on this platform and the rhyming schemes they come up with, and the stories they tell. But that's them. My way is different. My way is simplistic. And it isn't a competition where you've to stand above everyone. It's a medium to be yourself to the fullest of extents. It's a medium to connect with those who like your words, and with those whose words you like. It's a medium where you can chose to be anything, and where you can extract almost anything from anyone, and improvise your thoughts. Craft them better next time, or maybe, sort yourself out more than what you really did. I'm content even if my vocabulary doesn't match up to theirs, as long as I'm not confining myself. As long as I'm being myself, there's nothing more I really want to be.

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    Everything's simple, if you let it be.

    We humans are very simple too, if we put it all straight, but we give ourselves and our problems so much of importance, that we kind of start taking everything seriously. We ignore the basic question always. Why? We don't keep the answer to this question to the point, and end up taking up personally. It's true that we can't live if we don't think about ourselves, but, we can even do this simplistically. We can stop, and look at the world around us for a minute. People talk about meditation, but the real meditation isn't when you learn to sit still for a couple of minutes. Even then, we're worried to not lose our concentration, and in the beginning, we end up thinking a couple of things. Real meditation is when you practice is everytime you get a chance, and detach yourself from everything. Infact, I won't call it meditation, because it's nothing even half as fancy. It's just a state of being. It's just accepting that you're not as big as you think you are, and that's when everything around you becomes simple. That's when every other big thing hovering your mind, settles down to mere 2-3 words. Then, even when you'll be lost, you'll know how to build your homes anywhere you go. You'll know how to leave marks by any little gesture you portray, and how it'll change life of people by loads. Everyone loves someone who just lightens up their mood in seconds, and makes everything feel easy. In the end, we want to sort everything out. In the end, we want to become absolutely free, with nothing to worry about. We just think that if we get something, if we become someone, or if we find someone, we'd stand up to our vision. And we ignore that they're just building blocks made by our mind to make us feel like we're important. And this, doesn't only result in us thinking that we're superior, but also inferior at times. This is our ego backfiring at us, no matter where we are or what we're thinking. This is where it goes wrong, because we fail to recognize what lies beyond us. We fail to recognize the true worth of everything, including us and our problems, which are so insignificant in front of these infinity of things this universe has in store. That's why, whenever we gaze at the horizon from a seashore, or look at a starry sky in a lonely night, or get lost in the world around us from the top of a mountain peak, we don't really think normally. We're at our epitomes, and our worries and even existence, just disappears for that tiny fragile moment. Our brain loves to think, that's why it fools us into thinking. It's time we stand up to it and not give ourselves so much of importance. It's time we laugh things out, and think what lies beyond. It's time we stop and adore our existence, and how simple everything can be, if given a second thought.

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    A working title with a lazy sentence which leads to death

    Strange beauty
    Is normal bitterness
    Let it helix into
    A love making dance number
    And then after
    Neither one of them
    Call each other
    Ever again


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    Owing to the lack of time and blooming laziness in today's fast growing world, I feel that the shorter and crispier the content is, the more easy and fast it is for people relate to it and get back to what they were doing.

    Share your deepest feelings/thoughts in the form of a short story, poem, quote, a rant or just any form of writing within ten words under the hashtag ten.
    Will repost every writing I could successfully relate to.

    Have a good day writing folks!

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    In you,
    I found myself,
    even though you weren't there.

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    C'est la vie

    We were both supposed to be married this Saturday,
    And go on and on beyond the turn,
    In dazzles of live for one,
    C’est la vie.
    This night is mine and hers,
    The future uncertain
    And past mesmerizing
    But this present is the moment to live in.
    She sits in front of the piano
    Playing Fur Elise
    And the melody stops time
    Making even Beethoven jealous.
    Her fingers entwine mine,
    As we recollect every single memory
    And she romances it with a crimson blush.
    And god help me, I am falling in love again!
    We roll laughing over moments imperfect
    And silence shared a peace divine
    And now the night dies faster every moment
    To give birth to the golden dawn.
    To hell with love of Aphrodite,
    To hell with the curse of farewell,
    This moment is mine
    And for me will last forever.
    We were both supposed to be married this Saturday,
    She, to somebody else
    And me to the memory of her.
    C’est la vie.

  • myfaultyrants 14w

    Never Care(d) Much

    She knew me for far too long. She knew too much. But she failed to understand what I could become. She misunderstood my idea of being. And she portrayed me in a menacing language to the world. She wanted me to be her Shining Star, but turned me into a black cloud. She loved my Silhouette in her mind, but failed to recognize me enough. And ever since, the world has judged me through her eyes and her words and I, forever, can never care much.


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    The Darkside Of Waitressing

    Dear manager, that customer you just compt a 50 dollar meal for, because their food was cold, got their meal in record time, piping hot and picture perfect but spent 10 minutes instagraming and snapchatting their perfected dinner. Please dont yell at me, just apologize to those pancakes since they were being neglected and forced into social media.

    Dear cooks, don't throw a fit when I bring back an order from an unsatisfied guest, no I did not ring in my order wrong, you'd know that if you read the ticket instead of checking the game stats. I rang in my order 10 minutes ago so don't pull that "my ticket wasn't ready" crap. I saw you swiping right while seasoning the grill. By the way, where are your gloves? Come on bro we all took the same health course you know better.

    Dear dishwasher, the large hose with a high pressure water system is used for cleaning dishes, why are you using it to write your name in someones half eaten mashed potatoes? Also, we ran out of forks 5 tables ago, come on Picasso art can wait.

    Dear head manager, you just walked in 5 seconds ago, right after the lunch rush, the dining room hasnt been like this all day. Also, do you make it a habit to show up right after chaos because you like the power? And does that blue tie give you super human powers? Heres a hint, walking into a diner waving around your manager card doesnt make you God. okay bruce almighty? Okay?

    Dear fellow waitresses, were all here to earn money for our own personal lives, so just follow the little chart and you will be just fine. No need to start a riot in the tiny booth by the register because you only have 3 tables. You dont feel well? You must have a serious medical problem because you were sick 5 days in a row, right at lunch time but managed to overcome this illness as soon as people started to leave. What is your secret? And sure ill take your tables, roll your silverware, do your side work and enjoy being yelled at for not doing enough. How did the manager not notice you sitting there on your phone? Did you get the cloak of invisibility? Alright harry potter its time you came out of hiding, and of course now you suddenly have to pee.

    Dear table of 6 in the very back laughing like hyenas in heat, if i have to walk back and forth 50 times to see if you're ready, im going to charge you for every extra condiment you ask for. Yes i put your order in, 5 seconds ago, if it were ready after 5 seconds id make sure to check the food cause theirs a 99 percent chance that food had already been made and possibly have already been eaten. Be patient, food takes time, its not the foods fault that it took so long to get ready, but judging by your makeup, time really isnt an issue with you, so calm down Elvira the darkness will still be there even if your food comes out 5 minutes late. And no, for the love of god THERE ARE NO REFILLS ON CHOCOLATE MILK! We dont have a freaking cow hanging out in the back that makes unlimited amounts of chocolate milk, i aint willy wonka and this aint a chocolate factory.

    Dear old couple, its just 5 cents extra on your bill. Yes im aware you get a senior discount but you ordered two extra bacon strips, your bill is 10 dollars. Why you trippin over taxed bacon? You said you were voting for hillary, this is what she does. You eat a piece of bacon, she will claim the other strip as collateral. And please dont blow your nose like a freaking fog horn and leave your dirty fog horn snot rag on the plate, omg why the hell did you put it in the ketchup!  Are you dr jerk? Or mr heinz? Thanks for the 50c tip I'm now rich enough to put my coins in the spiral bubblegum machine and watch it go round and round. Thank you my life finally has meaning.

    Dear obnoxious table with the 4 loud out of control kids, crayons are hard to get out of the carpet, we are limited to green and yellow, im sorry we dont carry the colors of the rainbow, but let me go find dorothy and ask her if she found the other side of the rainbow, your extra crayons should be there dont you worry. Yeah i have kids, where are they? Um im at work obviously they're at home, this isnt a daycare, even though half the servers act like babies.

    Dear schedule maker, no i was not aware i had to be at work 5 minutes ago, you made the schedule 4 minutes and 50 seconds ago i do not have the gift of mind reading, professor Xavier said not to use cerebero, im obeying orders. And no im not working today, its my day off remember? The day off i was supposed to have a month ago but you called me each scheduled day off just to promise me a day off after i worked one of my days off.

    Dear picky unsatisfied guests, 
    I will be happy to assist you on what to choose for dinner but i am an employee here, i see the food being made, i know how it's made and i know who made it, so for your own well being id rather not ruin yourdining experience. Just trust me, take the blue pill and just stay in the matrix, its safer not knowing the truth. So you want chicken and waffles, but you want the chicken grilled and the waffles on the side? Sure! Oh im sorry were you wanting to add more? Agh. Okay so the chicken grilled, waffles on the side, eggs on top of the waffle, poached with a garnish, 3 lemon slices and hash browns made crispy but soft and you want those covered in what? Okay sure i can do that and while im at it ill re write the entire menu to fit your special needs. Any thing  else master? Sir i dont make the prices, nor do i make the food, if you would have read what was in the menu first before diving into the sea of the unknown you wouldnt be arguing with me, im not going to talk you off the ledge while you angrily decide between potatoes or hashbrows. Just make up your mind rose, or toss your decisions in the ocean like you did the blue diamand
    And lastly..

    Dear smoke break takers, yes i took your table, you were gone for so long i asumed you keeled over so out of respect to you i decided to continue living vicariously through you by taking care of your lonely tables. Your legacy remains strong! Fight on obi-wan kenobi. Btw did you find Luke? Better call his dad. Welcome to the dark side of waitressing  beyotch

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    An excerpt from my poetry book “Razorblade Cafe “ available on Amazon! #poetry #poem #poet #razorbladecafe #sj #sanjose #bayarea #bayareapoetry #bayareapoet #408 #write #writings #rant #ranting #lyrics #lyrics #art

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    Red can be beautiful but beautiful can be coated in ash

    My eyes are bloodshed
    From your cherry red eyes
    Coat your throat with
    Her words to see how big
    The flame gets.
    My heart beat is racing
    It'll never leave it's tracks
    I wish escaping
    Became less of a dream and more a
    I'm on the brink of ecstasy
    Is that clarity?
    Or a tragedy?
    Neck deep in the ocean
    Claim me dead
    Or sail to shore I tread


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    It's frustrating. Trying to be good but failing, because deep down, you know you can never be good enough. You try to take a step forward, only to fall. You keep trying, trying to surpass your capabilities, trying to prove it to yourself that you are no less than anybody else. But then that voice knocks on your door and whispers in your ear, 'You are not good enough. There are people who are exceptional. Where do you stand before them? You are incompetent. You are just another nameless face in the crowd.'
    True, you are a nameless face in the crowd. True, there are people who are exceptional but even they were once those nameless faces, who crawled their way to the top. They took baby steps, then they learned to walk. They fell down, a lot, but never gave up. Somewhere in the way, the world abandoned them. But they never abandoned their dreams.
    I am one of those nameless people. A girl just trying to find herself, to realise her purpose. I can't write. I am not a writer. Time and again, people have made me realise that I can never become a writer, because what can I write except for mediocre poems and paragraphs? True writers know how to bend their words, they know where to hammer the words so that they come out as perfect specimens of another story. I don't possess the gift of turning words into something magical. So I stand before a crossroad- and I choose to be a girl who is not a writer, just someone searching for a friend in the flow of her pen.
    #abandon @writersnetwork #long #rant

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    The sun can never abandon the moon, even if the moon chooses to live in the dark. So what makes us abandon our dreams just because they are hard to achieve?

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    Let Me Know

    When You are brave, but yet alone.
    When You are losing Your Faith, no will to gain.
    When despair gets to You, and breaks You Down.
    When You have been left alone on the ground.
    I will hop, to Your rescue, leaps and bounds.
    I will build Your Strength higher than the crowns.
    I will gift You a Heart that keeps going on
    All You need to do is, give me a call.

    So just let me know,
    When You want to sit in silence, and stare at the night.
    And I will come to Your rescue like the darkness engulfing the bright.


  • swaying_letters 15w

    Somehow it had stayed—
    The effervescence of a broken verse
    Over a page patterned with crinkles

    The one which years later I gathered
    In my shivering palms

    On a night filtered with heavy snow
    This was warmth

    Carrying meanings I had deciphered
    Only just then


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    @mirakeeworld @poetrydelivery @writersnetwork #love #hurt #heal #sad #rant #poetry
    Hey. I'd love lots of feed back. What's everyone's favorite line

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    I've loved you since the day we met
    I drink to forget
    You used to smile very often
    You drink because you've already forgotten

    Forgiving isn't forgetting
    But im positive I'm the only one sitting here regretting
    You moved on in negative days
    As I was planning our getaways
    And neither of us ever liked mayonnaise
    Sometimes i feel like a castaway
    It was hard because we could only visit on holidays
    And I had a lot of flaws which caused delays

    I still think about you every second
    And I like to think you think of me because you often check in
    And I can't move on
    And id love to let the bygones be bygone
    But im scared to do that id have to make you vanish and be gone
    That's hard because youre still here
    Talking in my ear
    But everytime I want to talk about us
    You tell me to hush
    You just wanna talk about the good old days on the school bus
    While I have so many trapped thoughts i need to discuss
    Something real
    Thoughts I cannot conceal
    Not even i can explain my craze
    Youre insecure, and i give you all of my praise
    I swallow my pride and make you smile on your birthday
    And I keep my emotions bottled up in a locked cage
    And we instead just talk about our mutual hate of mayonnaise

  • manic_wretch 15w

    Just something about my life. I know most of you guys don't care about my life and whatever but it's good to write them down. Even if I am talking to myself this might be something I'll do in the future. I know that this will be my least popular work but it's important to me.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #lones #life #love #rant #vent #banmealready

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    A day in the life #1

    You see my relationships were never good. They were never about love, they never loved me. My first girlfriend only dated me because she wanted to get an ex jealous. Second one left me for a "friend" of mine. The list goes on, I've been cheated on, pranked on, the losing bet, the proof of power, abused, addicted, I lived it all. Even after everything I still....how do I put this.... Find hope? Maybe it's just ignorance or something similar to a child's naive-ness about the world that I just keep walking forward. So far I'm walking blind but at least I'm on the right track. I have always loved someone and that's a feeling I'll never forget. The problem is that I've never been loved and that's a feeling I'll never experience. But somehow for some reason I just keep putting myself out there and I don't know why. Maybe one day I'll find that special someone that'll show me why. One day I'll find her. One day she might find me.

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    #whyme #rantpost #rant #caption

    Seriously though, today my English teacher pointed out to me for a non academic type of question. She always does this. Asks a non academic question to the whole class, and the first person she asks is always me. My friend said "It's 'coz your English is good" and even though I am flattered, it feels as though she's just pointing how low my confidence.

    Yes, she probably does it in good intention. To help me become more confident, maybe. I am not being sarcastic or anything, she's actually my favourite teacher.


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    "Why me?"


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    Tell me, do you believe in following your heart, no matter what it takes?

    Tell me, did you reach out to the Superman and took the flight of your dreams?

    You told me that there could be nothing better than hoping that, one day, you'd be where you want to be, and to give it all that you've got today, so that you reach out to your hope, and conquer it like it was all yours to begin with.

    They say that it's the heart, where the ultimate keys to freedom lies, and that you don't really need to force your way when you know you've your heart to begin with.
    They praise the heart with all their mights, and imbecily keep moving on when everything seems to start falling into place, bit by bit.
    Yeah, that's the trigger.
    When things start falling into place, they can't help but wonder that there's more to everything they've been looking out for, and then their resolves just strengthen the more they have it.
    People call it success.
    And they say that's all there is to it.

    Now, what about those, for whom things stopped falling into place?
    What about their hearts? Were they fake?
    Were they not meant to be?
    You're talking about those, who're in billions out here, and you're telling me that finding where your heart lies is the key to everything?

    You know, terrorists think the same too. Drug addicts, alcoholics, one-sided lovers, traffickers, molestors, theives, murderers, and who not, they're all following their hearts.

    Okay, even let them be the way they are, but even those who you think have followed their hearts rightfully and gotten where they are, let me tell you that even one of the richest men in this world, bill gates, has 4-5 cases running against him in courts, where he has to go and be present in the herrings. That's where most of his time goes. And most of the cases, are copyright claims against Microsoft. Surprised, right? Do you even know how things work when they're on world scale, and how stupidly straightforward it is to even think that the heart is the answer to everything, when the entire world is running on errands? On a system that you can't break through alone, by simply doing what you want to do.
    Have you heard about the IAS officer who was set on fire on a petrol pump, or a new judge appointed by the supreme Court getting killed because he didn't agree to the unjust methods forced by him upon politicians who didn't want to get the truth out, or about ambassadors traveling through public transport system because he didn't have the money to travel otherwise just 'cause he stood against the system too?
    Do you even realize how big the world is?
    Do you now see how insignificant you are?
    If you don't see it yet, I want you to go on a trek to a hill top alone, the one that's at the highest altitude near your area, and just have a look at your world out here. Just at your colony that is. Do you see how small it looks from here, even though from down, you might feel like you can even spend your life there, in that little place. Do you have a say in how the system works in your colony? Maybe yes, but then, can you take control of it by listening to what your heart is telling you to, even though you might've to stand against everyone for it? Okay. Talk about family. Can you go against your parents, who cared about you so much and do what you love to do and see them disappointed if you fail in the future? Now, don't tell me that you seriously think you won't fail if you chose yourself and stand against everyone. You know, that's just your ego, and that's not how things work. For things to work, you've to make them work, even though your ego might be at the bottom, you'd be able to make it work, if you've people who're with you and are bringing a change in this system together. So, can you really go against everyone and still win? You must be wondering about legends right now, aren't you? Then I want you to go back and Google upon their life history, and see if their record is 100% clean and pure hearted. There isn't anyone like that. Open your eyes. Get out of your closet. The world around you would function like it has to be, and you can't change it.
    You can learn to adapt to it.
    Don't understand still?
    Fine, go ahead.
    I'm not stopping you, I just told you why I stopped. I don't really care about whether you stop or not, like the rest of this world. I only care about myself.

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  • tammy_j 15w

    Automatic Entrances or Automatic Humiliation?

    I'm almost entirely convinced that my life is nothing but a comedy produced by God for everyone up there to escape the Daily Grind of life in heaven and enjoy a good laugh from time to time! Because, as you can imagine, it's completely understandable that after all that boring harp-playing, never-ending cloud lounging and euphoric happiness with loved ones... a person could use a good laugh too mix things up a bit, right? So that's where I come in! Hey everyone, it's time to watch the number one comedy special on Heaven TV network, Tammy's life of mishaps and misfortune starring, Tammy!

    There are things in life that happened only once in a blue moon to only a few people... We usually refer to such things as freak occurrences or accidents. But what if I told you I experience these things all the time?! I seriously think science would want to study me if they knew how often my life defied the laws of nature, physics and everything in general. Things that shouldn't happen, do. Things that should happen, don't. Today, for instance, I stopped at the grocery store after work to get a gallon of milk... Seems harmless enough right? After I paid for it and was on my way out, I realize that I'm going to once again be faced with a dilemma that most people never have to deal with, but I for some reason have to live with on an almost daily basis...

    You know how when you get within a few feet of an automatic door, you hear that motor start up with a low humming sound, and the door is been supposed to open? I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that you probably don't listen for the doors motor as you leave a building because it's probably not ever an issue nor has it ever proven to be as important to you as it is to me. Well, let's just say I depend on the motor sound of these doors to indicate whether or not I will be faced with the following three crappy options to retaining my dignity...

    If I don't hear the motor - here are my 3 options to retain my dignity...

    ----------Option #1:----------

    Chance of retaining dignity: 50%

    Humiliation Factor: may be avoided.

    Risk: high probability of failure.

    Technique: stand at the door, and hope they open... Bear in mind, you are right at the door... Nose to glass! At this point, if they don't open, I shouldn't have to tell you that you really look like an idiot, not to mention, now you have to move on to option 2 which doubles your humiliation level or just jump straight to the ultimate humiliation of option 3 and get it over with!

    ----------Option number 2.----------

    chance of retaining dignity: 0%

    humiliation Factor: unavoidable.

    Risk: depending on automatic door type this may not work.

    Technique. Jump up and down on the black mat pad in front of the door. This only works if the automatic door is the type that response to a pressure-sensitive mat. If not, you must move on to the worst option, option number 3 thereby tripling your level of humiliation!

    ----------Option 3.----------

    absolutely no chance of retaining dignity

    humiliation Factor: At its worst

    risk: People trying to take you back to the home for special adults

    Technique: wave frantically at the sensor while jumping up and down! This covers all door types and gets the door to open so at least you can get out quickly after completely humiliating yourself!

    Nice choices huh!? They all pretty much suck!

    Yet I deal with this automatic door dilemma almost daily. I've gotten it down to a science as you can plainly see. It's best to start with option 1 and work your way down to 3.

    So getting back to what happened to me just recently, I walked toward the door at the store with complete confidence after making my purchase. My head held high my pride and tact and accounted for believing as best as I can that the door will open for me just like it does for everyone else. As I'm almost as close as I can get to the door I hear the low hum of the door motor start and a sense of relief washes over me... "Okay it's going to open", I think, so, with even more confidence, I kept walking... and yep, you guessed it, I walked right into the automatic door!

    I was so confident because I heard the sound of the motor that I never even slowed down. Not even a pause. Like, I'm talking, full-on walking speed into a glass door!

    And may I say... not gracefully. And very loudly. Has anyone heard something or someone hit one of those doors!? What the hell!? It sounded as if I broke through it like Batman just arrived to save the day! Then, to make matters worse, three store employees come running up to me, yelling, "are you okay!?" I'm sure this was done just in case anyone else in the store missed it and needed a recap! And what do you know it when the first employee got within 10 feet of me... that freaking door opened!!! I could almost swear it was possessed and mocking me as it slowly swung open for the employee who was nowhere near as close to it as I had been! So before I went psycho on the non-living object, by cursing at it and throwing punches, I decided to just run out of there!

    Will someone please put me in a straight jacket, lock me in a room with padded walls, and give me some lithium? Maybe then I'll be fine! Ughhhh! Life is exhausting!

    Done ranting, Thanks for listening!