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  • toolism 14h


    Napping so much has made me feel like a bat
    Laying in bed without a goal makes me feel like a ghoal
    Accumulated by no thing, desired to do nothing

  • milanhsoni 1w

    Air Pollution Reports:

    -Someone compared smog to their broken love life
    -No molestation reported as no girl was visible
    -Smokers didn't have to travel far from home
    -Pollutants include gases from fossil fuels, burnt coal and constipated stomachs.

  • alissandrasmith 2w

    Free Speech

    "We are not here to be polite!" Said Robert Crumb and I can't fault him there he is absolutely and completely right.

    He wrote about a cat searching for the meaning of life, or rather what to do with it given that he had nine of them.

    He likes to have a lot of sex it pretty much begins and ends that way with a lot of madness and ridiculousness that sort of makes too much sense in the middle. 

    Russell Brand is trying to start a revolution, full of love and a move in the direction of freedom of equality and humanity without unfair control of society.

    The media are calling him mad but he's strong. 

    He stands tall and is not afraid to say publicly call out the people with power that they are wrong. 

    He likes to have a lot of sex it pretty much begins and ends that way with a lot of madness and ridiculousness that sort of makes too much sense in the middle. 

    It seems that in history sex has got a little confusing, it has been oppressed shamed by dignity and repressed by the idea of self respect.  

    With some beliefs you aren't allowed to bone before marriage. 

    In others the women are basically gagged and raped repeatedly and occasionally beaten if upset by this. 

    We are taught to wait for the "right guy" or the "right girl" as if there is only one soul mate for each of us with whom we should only have intercourse with. 

    I read a book by James Patterson about a group of people that took flight, it's called "Maximum ride: the angel experiment" and in it he describes two young children the age of 12 who fall in love and mate for life.

    See in the book they are half human and half harris hawk, they fly together as one flock so in this context mating means they have sex just like the animals naturally do when their instincts tells them to fuck.

    The legal age for sex in England is 16.

    Apparently there's a female spider that kills and eats the male after he has impregnated her. 

    As humans thankfully this is not natural, but how we have been educated on sex seems a little unnatural to me as well. 

    See as a woman if I have a lot of sex with a lot of different people there would be many names to be given to me "slut, slag, whore, sket, skank" the words are impolite and of course for a male to have a quantity of females blowing him regularly he would be praised for his skills, the skills which men will pay millions to gain and learn by listening to wankers over the internet who tell you if you have a certain facial expression then females will jump you like a lioness. 

    This dry desperation and need for sex or obsession with porn labels a man these days as perverted. 

    My priest during my education taught me that when I am having sex I should only be having sex with a person that I would feel comfortable with being the father of my children.

    This is because sex can lead to offspring and disease (STDs), we are told this is very bad and it scares a lot of people. 

    We use rubber condoms that make cocks taste like you've accidentally left the wrapper on the sweet. 

    We have have gruesome internal surgeries to make our organs unable to reproduce, we have technologies implanted in our arms to cease our menstrual cycles or take pills daily to do the same. 

    These "precautions" are very normal to most people I know and there are probably a lot more that I have not mentioned because I don't know about them and I really do not understand them. 

    If one of these measures fails our control to work and our population continues to grow at an unrealistic pace we can have abortions or murder children in other ways.

    I am a 26 year old woman and I would view pregnancy, or adoption, as a beautiful and positive thing. Sadly the world is no longer natural and I fear I would be unable to protect my future family and fear what the world has in store for them. 

    The poverty, order and pain they would endure in the future too far from me for me to speak.
    I love people, souls, intelligence. Be my God or my Goddess but my finger's too large for a ring, I just want to dance my love, I've just got to swing.

    This writing this is my freedom, not my escapism and a lot of what I say has a meaning even if it is funny or seems that I am writing about magical creatures with wonderful powers. 

    Lately I have been labeled, degraded and abused. I was new to the system of injustice in England when I wrote this and pending unfair consequences due to a broken system which holds no assistance for it's lower class victims.

    Freedom of speech, this is what all people have. All people.

    Like Charlie and the massacre that ripped into our New Year three years ago and showed the world that Muslims are bad and the police was murdered but this time, the people were not fooled by this bullshit we know that Muslims are not bad people and we know the media lied to us about what really happened.

    Like we all stood by and let a racist, sexist puppet lead an entire country, and partially through twitter... are we going to stand by whilst he accidentally causes World War 3 (oopsy daisy) or until the oil (ahem... food) runs out in 40ish years?

    Do we know what's actually going on with our own species or are we too preoccupied with instagram fetishes?

    When we are gone all that will be left behind is what we have written down, you know like the Bible? Lessons in legends not to be taken so literally...

    It's what the future people, if there are any, will be able to piece together to understand who and what we are and what our purpose is. To be natural and experience truly what the universe has to offer life. So write and keep writing until it sedates you.

    I like to have a lot of sex I pretty much begin and end that way with a lot of madness and ridiculousness that sort of makes too much sense in the middle. 


  • dr_smithy 3w


    This word on top ,a need that i can't stop
    The word called "feed" is like your average weed
    It got me addicted it became a need
    From winter to summer heat
    I read i read, the more i read the more i need
    To check my feed

  • elektric_timewarp 3w

    ranting. I'm most definitely on a more positive vibration, sometimes i just have to release these negative feelings through mirakee to continue my day with love and positivity in my heart. thats why i love you Mirakee, you're the outlet I need to help me grow, to release and feel free. Love to you all
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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    does anyone hear me?
    feel the screams within my silence?
    hear the words that leave my soul broken and hollow.
    see the turmoil in its clear visibility,
    feel every emotion i carry on my shoulders
    heavy with all the feelings i take in like a sponge,
    lacking a filter for my protective shield during this internal battle of my mind, body and soul.
    I waltz through this world
    still smiling with grace,
    wearing a mask of disguise,
    hoping my persona will appear just fine.
    though my eyes plead to you in silence,
    yearing for someone to just feel my words,
    i continue on in the loudest solitude state
    the plane of existence i exist in
    that is shaping my inner demise.


  • themidnightpoet 4w

    Work in Progress (Not).

    "I'm a work in progress", most of us proudly proclaim. We bask in the fact that we as individuals are not perfect. But are you really a work in progress? Or are you just another idiot who believes in using that phrase as an excuse for laziness? Just because you have a problem doesn't mean you get to use it as a shield or a crutch to support your reasons for acting like a damn fool. Maybe you're not aware of it. Hopefully you're aware of it now. And maybe you are aware of it and still carrying on with the same charade. Not all of us are as stupid and blind as you think. I've got my flaws and failures too. But I do my best not to let those hinder me from trying to be the best version of myself. So the next time you decide to hide behind a personal flaw and use it as a crutch to support your reasons to act the way you do, try not too. No one said it was easy. But it ain't difficult either.


  • leftfoot 5w

    Omg, ffs

    A soulless dance and a painful insight.
    What more can we take. Maybe a wire of some kind. Let it be easier though.
    Filled with disgust I find myself ranting at 'friends' whose opinion I no longer care for.
    Meanwhile today has slipped away just like yesterday and no doubt tomorrow.
    For god's sake.

  • lexy190 5w

    Writing is my favorite things to do

    Writing is my favorite things to do because it has been in my life for so long and it has helped me get all my anger out writing is my life

  • lexy190 5w


    I am a writer and people who don't get how much time it takes me to write my books say that my writing sucks

  • olrawnder 5w

    Here I am dying alone
    And the one I have a crush on is waiting and wasting her life on some guy jo usko chakkaro main ghuma rha h and kuch kar b ni rha ki ladki move on kare ya relationship main aye uske saath.

    Seriously Fuck this shit.
    I hope she gets the guy she likes/loves
    But agar kuch ni ho rha to at least move on, there are plenty good guys who will treat you the good you deserve... Not me, I'm an asshole but still I'll try my best to be the good.

    Fuck this feeling of being stuck in between. #rant

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    At this momwnt
    I seriously wanna
    Punch those assholes
    Jo un ladkio ko wait kara rhe h
    And jinki wajah se jo ladke
    Un ladkio ko like karte h
    Jo un ladko k peeche ruk rhe h
    Jo un ladkio ko wait kara rhe h

    This fucking complicated cycle.
    Fuck this

  • aquarians 6w


    When people tell lie and emotions fail to gather
    My sisters are raped and friends lie together
    Hell with the science, where we are at?
    I still wonder if the earth is flat

  • breathebri_ 7w


    We pray to him. We tell him all our secrets, all our pains but then we show him a world full of hate. How can a man in the sky help us all now. We murder our brothers, rape our sisters, starve our children, beat our elderly, and kill our world. How can a man in the sky help us now. You let an orange brat tell you whose "right" and whose "wrong" without even a second glace. He tells you to build walls to keep them out when really its to keep you in. The world is blind, my faith is broken and all im trying to do is live.

  • elektric_timewarp 7w

    the line between illusion and reality has started to overlap,
    this translucent divider between the two fades..
    lost somewhere in an alternate plane of existence
    where the sequence of our cosmic timeline
    falls into place.
    a space in time where all that is known
    comes into alignment with our energy,
    our souls, our essence.
    everything that we see is all based on our own perception,
    what you believe to see is exactly what you will percieve it to be.

    think about it.
    feel it.
    open your mind
    to the door
    that will unleash the pattern
    of our essence.
    the sequence of moments
    placed within this timeline
    is what holds the key
    to unlocking our reality.
    time comes full circle,
    the future is the past
    and the past is the future.
    open your eye
    and see the infinite circle
    of our divine cosmic connection.


  • silent_words 7w

    Shadows light my ways

    How do you do it?
    How do you calm the child in you which starts trashing and screaming as you go up the stage?
    Silence the voice of doom that whispers in your ears everything that could go wrong!
    Halt the terrors running up and down your body as you open your soul to others,
    Show them what you stand for,
    Show them what you are,
    Show them what you have written.

    I never could,
    So my drafts overflow
    As the social media shows I have been inactive for years.
    My laptop runs out of space
    As my words run rampant across plain white word documents
    While Facebook and Twitter kept asking me for my 'thoughts'
    I just never could.


  • tamperedhope 9w

    Innocence ��️

    I lost a part of myself in the process of loving you...it felt bittersweet.


  • tamperedhope 9w


    It's not my fault that I lost myself....I was running free and wild for once.

  • gratialetitgo 11w


    I wish this site can allow you to make your own account instead of having to sign in with google or facebook

    I wanted to make another account not using facebook or google mostly because i'm trying to transition from them (Sigh) Is there going to be an update where we can make our own account and not need google anyone?

  • gratialetitgo 13w


    I fucking hate it......

  • lostinthought 14w

    To Trump.

    How could you.
    You are in a position that millions of people look up to. You have a HUGE responsibility over not just yourself, but this entire country. You are at the forefront of America. You have a certain level of control over all these people's lives! Actions you take, affect LIVES. Actions you do Not take, affect LIVES.
    How dare you.
    You have no sense of selflessness at all. You always think about only yourself. You're only ever trying to save your own face.
    This country isn't broken, but it has many, MANY cracks in it. It's being pulled apart from so many angles, everyday. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, are all ripping at our beautiful country from different places. If something isn't done soon, our country's cracks will turn into huge gaps, dividing us more and more. YOU need to fix it. You NEED to understand our people to be able to fix it. You need to drop your useless pride and pathetic fear and take action. No one else has the power that you somehow have, and you need to be humbled by it, not have your ego be boosted and think you can go around blocking out the free press and accepting compliments from a cruel dictator.
    A terrible thing is happening now in America and it is because they gain inspiration from you saying your opinions on Mexicans and Muslim's. We as a planet cannot turn our backs on each other. We must be able to accept each other and accept others who are nothing like us in appearance and lifestyles. The two things we should all have is tolerance and love. You, Mr. President, have neither, and I think it's about time you tried.