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  • rucha_mavadiya_ 4d


    Only they will open your eyes
    whom you trusted blindly.


  • sc_writes 4d


    In the beginning I thought we were genuin friends

    At the end i realised i was just a need .


  • ofthingsandpoems 5d

    Realization #1

    I thought that she was my remedy but it turns out she was just mere poison

    Won L.

  • sc_writes 5d

    She made up her mind to consider it as an infatuation.
    Just then his little ignorance raised a storm in her heart which changed her mind from infatuation to love

  • vishnulal 1w

    I was thinking of not writing anything anymore.
    But i think this is how we could express ourself when there is no one to hear what we feel and when people like my article i feel that there are people who feels the same as i am. That means alot.
    All i wanted is to let everyone know that relationships are very precious. Its hard when its broken . Me and my cuckoo loved each other like for eternity yes we had fights we had worse fights. But then after we both used to cry at each other for yhe fyts and the next day we forget that fight may b a good newscomes or may be even another new fight. Yes we had a lot of fights i did a lot of mistakes to her too but in between with out even knowing we loved alot. Thats what makes us us . I know we can never separate but i always fear may be because of my bad past may be i donno. Now i really fear fights.I know she already left me . i was sad i did awfull things in that sadness i even thought of dying . Now i feel that if cuckoo doesnt come back then who else will? She will come Because i love her alot she cant reject that. People relationships are a gift whatever the relation be. There will be fights but at the end of the day we are humans we cant live with out the other. I am sorry cuckoo . I will make it up to u somehow. I hope you will forgive me soon.
    #relationships #love #Moon #appology #realization

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    These nights i walk to and fro outside my house with a fast pace watering eyes and a frequent stares at sky. Sky is always different sometimes bright with alot of stars sometime soo dark even stars are afraid to appear. But today i noticed, its been a while since i have seen the moon. I tried to get a view but i couldnt find. The moon reminded me of my past. I stopped walking i sat near the door step .Back in those days when me and cuckoo were miles apart i used to ring her and ask her to come out to see the moon and we will start to explain about the stars nearby the moon . The moon was the only near thing we could see together .we loved eachother we loved the moon. I didnt find the moon today. may be she was not looking. Perhaps just like me she also might have forgotten the moon of our life

  • vishnulal 1w

    To ashwini
    I donno to whom i am writing this article.
    The one who should see denies to see it.
    Still i wanted to let the world know that
    I was very bad. I denied freedom of the one i loved in the name of concern. I always did what i wanted, no questions asked. But i know this for sure i have not even once have had even thought of cheating her nor i have cheated her i loved her with all my heart and will continue to do so also.
    I always say about our dream. But when she was trying to fullfill our dream i was disturbing her with long useless talks irritating her with my impatience . Short temper and what not.
    Now that she left me without even saying a word after 9 long years of our relationship.
    She has blocked me everywhere even in mirakee.
    Even then i tried to peek on to her personal life fearing that she will leave me.
    I now know that all she wanted me to do was build up some patience and trust on her and give her a break to fullfill our dream without fail.
    I am sorry. Come back soon. I will not leave you.
    Next time there wont be a next time you wont even care to leave me as there wont be a reason to. I just want to make you my queen and let you live the way you wanted and not the way i wanted.
    I have done a lot of mistakes after she left in my ego and selfishness to get her back hope she will forgive and hope that i am not too late.
    I will wait and be better. There is no other girl who is perfect as you for me . Even if there is i dont want them because only we can make two beautifull beings in the future.
    hope this reaches you.

    #appology #love #realization #hope

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    To, Ashwini


    hope this reaches you.


  • spiritual_writer 1w

    The real way to find
    Your purpose is to
    Not waste your grace
    It's finding a new way
    To see your circumstances
    Realizing that your
    Mistakes have a mission
    And realizing that the
    Pain was not for nothing
    Question how you handle
    The pressure is a sign that
    You are either in the right
    Or wrong place.


  • poetic_imara88 1w

    Dear Self

    Self what ever happened to you? We use to be ok and it seems like we have separated from each other. Are you continuously on the search to find that person in the mirror? I am right here, you just need the time to figure that out. Find me before you lose the sense of self. Your happiness is in the palm of your hand, just stop letting people be a priority. Put yourself first at all times. If you need me I am in you!

  • an_exquisite_endeavor 2w


    The day I realised
    no matter how loud I get,
    nobody would hear me,
    I stopped speaking.


  • sidart 2w

    A Promise...

    This is my promise reaching out for you
    Hard to keep thus making few
    Would then let the world to see
    How much you actually mean to me
    I promise to love you
    As long as you love me too.

    I tell this to every bird
    To remind you that you will always be loved
    I tell this to every stars
    To remind you who we really are.

    I promise you forever
    As we will be one together
    I promise to hold you up
    When you come low
    I will try my level best
    To conquer this love quest.
    I promise you to be yours
    And nobody can block our doors.

    As "Promises are meant to be broken" they say
    But this time I stick to my words leading their way
    Even if this promise isnt enough
    I will have to think twice for the later stuff
    But even if I do
    I will always be in deep love with you.

  • shradha_rotti 2w


    It's not necessary to have everyone around you, sometimes having your whole self is what you'll ever need.

  • inking_spring 3w

    When thunder raged in the dale,
    Hopes kept my boat afloat.
    Longed to compile fragments together,
    Alas! they grew into separate wholes...

    Kriti Acharya

  • hershconnects 3w


    You need to focus on your goal rather than being distracted by irrelevant daily routines

  • aknownunknown 3w


    Ever thought of something that just hit?
    Remembered something just now?
    Now read this,
    "Whatever hit you now,
    is true."
    Felt it?
    It's true then.

  • sidart 4w

    Ashes of burnt expectations...

    Silence in the night, and all of me,
    Plans throughout, if you could be
    Took me to my best paradise,
    Shook me along the road in your beautiful disguise
    Ran miles to meet you; chasing your smile,
    Little did I know; you being the mile
    When thought of darkness and light,
    You became the one; as my light
    So broke myself this time severely, to be true,
    Pieces to arrange; I am the one who will do
    Words might hurt,
    But it's the Silence which kills me.
    This wound would have to heal,
    But the pain percieved will be immortal, with no feel.


  • therandombear211 4w

    Family and home

    How can one know love if all they know is sorrow?
    Growing up taught blood is thicker then water merely a deception so bitter.
    Being so young I believed what I was told.
    As the moon blossomed night approached.
    My broken heart melts as the world seems to stop.
    Frozen in time I see the world stop as I open my mind the revelation dawns the truth of life.
    The ones who suppose to teach me wrong from right.
    Directed a path of destruction to this innocent kid for the own self pity and doubts.
    After that day I sought knowledge and truth for I was so lost I couldn't trust my own shadow to cast.
    Sitting on the field after school not a soul around just me.
    Then from the corner of my eye I saw a girl not much older then I.
    She sat by me and looked at the rage stained look in my eyes.
    Scared that she would just hurt me like everyone else.
    I turned my head and stiffened waiting for a blow.
    Instead what I felt was her arms wrapped around me as I started to cry.
    She put my head on her shoulder and said everything is okay now as my rage just melts away.
    A fate chosen moment I felt our souls connect and the pure ecstasy of safety, comfort and family.
    At that moment I found my home not a place but a feeling in my heart.
    That's the day I realized you don't choose family you just bond.
    A love for each other so pure and true like water we wipe away each others tears.
    A feeling that is created in your soul a friendly warm essence like cuddling up to a fire on a cold night.
    We help and support one another for nothing more then to see each others blessed smiles knowing they are happy and taken care of for they are alright.

  • _the_unsaid_ 4w


    Sometimes when we change there are few important buds in our life who get ignored & discarded at certain point & we don't realize... It doesn't bother us then & we don't even pay attention to them anymore & with a blink of eye we loose them...


  • therandombear211 5w


    As I stare into the mirror I see my soul a dark imprint of my resolution.
    As it cascades a Darkened vision.
    I become shaken by my own dreams and expectations.
    A reality shaken by the judgement self inflicted.
    Nothing darker then my own ambitions of a world fixed instead of poisoned by conflicts by the people I've trusted.
    My only thought have I been tainted by lies of another's corruption a fate so twisted.
    Is this me I'm seeing or the demons I've created.
    A beast so destructive he lost his own sight and light.
    The world shattered into a fluctuated conviction.
    Stunned at my own gaze bloody tears run down my face.
    A man lost of his own voice as his world cast a blaze.
    The sight so twisted has my eyes deceived me.
    A lonely path he follows hoping for a holy blessing.
    A cursed life filled with terror and sorrow.
    Hoping the mirror would shatter.
    Feeling my own soul slip away.
    My heart stops and realizes there's nothing there but his own disruption.
    As I close my eyes to cast away I realize there was no beast in the mirror.
    It was only me that I gazed as my eyes start to fade back into the mirror.
    I realize I'm my own downfall and destruction.
    The bloody tears turn into pools under his feet drowning In the realization that the demon in the mirror was me after the illusion faltered.

  • therandombear211 5w

    Deceitful beauty

    Red and black roses seem so pretty.
    It comes at a price though as all great things do.
    To enjoy the beauty you may get pricked.
    For thorns hide beneath.
    A story of a book cover.
    Beauty and it's deceit.
    The greatest lesson in life is one simple enough.
    One must endure pain in order to fully see the beauty of things.
    Pain so real it stains our hearts forever.

  • therandombear211 5w

    Greed over humanity

    We are all one who try to survive on earth.
    Yet everywhere I look I see money being put before dying people's life.
    When power and fear are what control this world.
    What can we hope for achieving for our race.
    Why do we allow so many die so very few can control our very lives.
    I feel as the dark times have just started.
    Only difference is I fear this corruption in life won't end soon.
    When all humanity is lost and we're just walking flesh who is going to be there to help make a better life for the descendants after us.