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  • 2amwest 2d

    Never Again

    It hurts

    To know

    The end before the beginning

    A tragedy waiting in the corner

    To happen

    My heart is broken

    And who broke it

    Is still lost.


    More than words.

    I need touch

    Of those hands

    The feel of that scent

    Ghosting over my skin

    That warmth

    That strength.


  • ashif840 3d

    God asked him, "Do you regret your mistakes and seek forgiveness?"

    He replied, "Don't you even think about absolving me. I deserve abyss and nothing else."

  • vijay_fafat 3d



    As the tide of life recedes,

    and the crest of foam scatters to the wind,

    all that's left on the sand

    are dying bubbles of dreams and wishes...

    - Vijay Fafat, "The Ninth Pawn of White"

  • zariadiageo 3d


    What if i would've kissed you that night?
    You we're so close to me. And as i watched your lips part my stomach filled with butterflies.
    Why didn't you kiss me?
    Why didn't you make a move?
    I would've liked it.
    If i kissed you....
    Would you've kissed me back?
    Or would i just make everything awkward?
    I should have just done it. There's a first for everything. I was just afraid that....that would've been my last with you.


  • aag_nowyouknow 4d

    #ainana #nowyouknow #|g.aa #mirakee #writersnetwork #regrets
    We find solitude to clarify and wash away our doubts but sometimes we can't help but to reminisce the past and go back to the moment where it happened to be us regretting for something bearing it 'til now.

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    The ghost of past
    hunts me down
    Shakes my strength
    From holding


  • ashinasok 1w

    People always talks about survival instincts among other creatures.
    Some can adapt to environment , some can survive them .
    But the greatest survival instinct is still within human beings.
    Being hurt in matters of heart ,
    living a life without money,
    Throwing down your self esteem in certain situations.
    At the end we are all survivors in battlefield of life .


  • scarletrose 1w

    I Want To Say More

    I'm sorry
    I succumbed to my weakness
    That it left venom
    On my lips.

    I'm sorry
    I brought you pain
    To the point
    It left you bitter.

    I'm sorry
    I put you through so much
    To the point
    It burnt you out.

    I'm sorry
    You've felt neglected
    For all the efforts
    You've made.

    I'm sorry
    I harbor so much pain,
    So much memories that
    I can't move on.

    I'm sorry
    I've been blinded by hate
    That I can't see
    The love you have for me.

    I'm sorry
    I hurt you so much
    That it brought you
    Down to your knees.

    I'm sorry...
    I'm sorry...
    These apologies
    Will never be enough.


  • pradipta_writes 1w

    Sometimes I think!
    I think how my life would have turned out
    if I never made those mistakes;
    but guess what,
    I don't regret my past or the mistakes I did.
    Because it made me what I am today!


  • _relatable_thinking_ 1w

    Bcoz I won't let this happen ever again.
    #harshwords #blame #regrets

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    Ur first harsh words to me would be lastly blamed for hurting me this time.

  • win_lose 2w

    "You Never Know" series

    Post #3

    #youneverknow #writersnetwork #regrets

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    Between us

    The call was dropped once.....

    And the wall stood forever

  • jadashlm 2w


    Time passes by and so our memories
    The wind has taken it out and brought it far from me
    Until the wind came back flashbacks start
    And I bemoaned

    On how I unmindfully left those remembrances I used to love and cherish
    I'm sorry for leaving it all in the past
    My heart is deeply dissapointed on how I threw those chapters of my life

    But now, regrets can't fix every broken chapters I've taken for granted
    Now karma is responsible for every jealousy and every down in the mouth that I feel everytime I see you
    Laughing with some other's jokes, sharing life stories with someone else, and making great memories with someone, not me

    I guess this scent on my wrist is the last souvenier from you

  • zonsg5 2w

    Sometimes you end up doing shits where you are neither innocent nor totally responsible

  • diya07 2w

    Dheere Dheere Mann khone laga hai
    Dil ko na jaane kya hone laga hai

    Dekha nahi tha tujhe inn nazro se kabhi
    Teri nazro ka asar mujhpar hone laga hai

    Bas mein nahi hai armaan mere
    Kehte hai Pyaar jisse wahi hone laga hai

    Paas aao toh mushkil
    Durr jao toh mushkil

    Tera jahan abb mera hone laga hai

    Padh sakte ho toh padh lo aankhe meri
    Yeh lafs nahi kehte ki tujhse Pyaar hone laga hai


  • boldleo 2w

    Numb memories

    Let me go!!
    Let me feel again
    I have been numb too long
    Remembering the words
    "I hate you"
    They were my last ones to you
    So harsh they seem now
    Haunted have they become for me
    I lost you.....
    How I still feel it to be my fault
    Turns out words can kill you
    Now I am living a cruel reality
    And you just exist in my memory


  • akshu_zen 2w

    Building a bond

    I recently uploaded a story on instagram to know a topic for making a mirakee post. Many suggested that I write about love, love story etc. There were many other interesting topics too. Here are a few topics I remember:

    1. Becoming rich in one day
    2. About soemthing which I experienced for the first time
    3. Mom's cooking and how we enjoy it!
    4. Parenting a primary school kid
    5. Farewell speech-like post

    I can write about any of these topics except for that love stories which I thought would be very easy at first but when I started writing I found this one to be very challenging and I realized that it would get me into a lot of trouble for various reasons. xP

    Now You'll be wondering why I find it difficult and challenging,

    I started to think myself that true love doesn't exist anymore after being through a lot of things that only meant lust. I can tell how heart thumps about betrayals. Both betraying and to be betrayed by someone will let you down for sure but again I'm not gonna write about this but I can assure you that this post is related to these reasons and will let you know the regrets and lessons learnt from the past as well as about future expectations which might sound too much for some of you!

    #lessonslearnt #whatnottodo

    1. I'm very bad at tolerating and handling ignorance. Either I delete that person from my mind or I speak my mind out. All I learnt in electronics engineering in these 4 years is to be a 0 or a 1 and there's no inbetween. I honestly dont ignore people who are very close to me. If I had to do so I've would've done it in the initial stage when the bond started happening. I either let people in or I'll just stay away. Ignoring me brings out the beast inside me & it gets on my nerves.

    2. Beauty will not last forever. Ofcourse if you love a person truly even their morning faces will make you go "Awww" . Just imagine an actor or actress you liked once upon a time, Are they the same cute/hot person you used to admire? No. They can even undergo a couple of surgeries that will make them look younger but what about people like us? We lose beauty as we age. Dont ask your partner to change or do something that'll make them look prettier. Accept them as what they are. I dont like being asked to change my way of being beautiful.

    3. Tbh these days there are many lustful relationships with zero love in it. It took a lot of time for me to realize this but when I did I gave up! How on earth is a person able to love the body and not the soul? The whole purpose of love is gone. I fall for the lovely soul that lies inside. Lust fades away over time but love doesn't!

    #expectations #whattodo

    1. I'm more of a night-person "the night owl" than a morning-person. Hence I love attending parties with fraaands ofc xP & I'll love it if "he" joins me!

    2. Gifts are the best way to make me happier.
    I love buying cute gifts for my loved ones. <3

    3. I want a partner who will dance with me for a song like "perfect-ed" and will rap the male parts of my favorite songs! I can do this all day long :D

    4. This one is my favorite of all. It is mandatory and should be satisfied. Who doesn't like to visit snowy places and to explore new restaurants? I would love to. :')

    5. Should be a good caretaker and role model for my kids. He should be in a position to buy them whatever they ask for. Should happily spend money for all their curricular and co-curricular activities.

    PS- Yass! I'll be in cloud 9 24/7 and No I dont limit my expectations to a certain level like the other girls do!


  • mychaella 2w

    Paalam na

    Ako ay labis na nagsisisi dahil
    Nung mga araw na kasama kita
    Di ko nagawang hawakan ang iyong
    Mga kamay at yakapin ka.Ngayon na nasa
    Piling ka na nya gusto kong lumapit at sabihin sayo na mahal kita ngunit ako ay
    Huli na.
    Masaya ka na sa piling nya. Gusto Kong
    Hawakan ang iyong kamay ngunit di ko
    Magawa,gusto Kong yakapin ka ngunit ikaw ay yakap na nya.Mahal kita ngunit masaya
    Ka na sa kanya kaya paalam na.

  • creative_eyes143 3w

    It's my day

    When I manage, not to remember you!


  • arakkalarjunsajeev007 3w


    D only reason which I thought of fr being @ college now in ruins n none necessary anymore as d days r @ it's very end.

  • lucent_muse 3w

    I wish my mistakes would never affect anyone however it is the hurt felt from hurting that much people that keeps me from making the same mistakes again.

  • lehak20 3w

    To all my friends who are reading this if you are having crush on someone and love him /her just confess him,before it's too late to regret.
    Lost love #childhood crush #sweat hearts #pain #agony #regrets #fear .#witersnetwork

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    We woundn 't have been drifted this much apart ..........................................................
    only if I had the courage to confess to you
    She wouldn't have been standing beside you
    Only if I would have asked you out first .
    We would have been happily ever after......maybe if you had asked me out first .
    The reason of why so many good and beautiful relation ends is only because they had never been started .