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  • niknik 4d


    No title given to this poem, no words to describe the story
    No ending is yet to be written, no hope given to false glory
    Embellished laughter is heard, crowds of souls stand near
    Smells of sweat sweep through the air, can you sense it my dear?
    Jokes are played in droves, empty eyes stare in a trance
    Disco balls turn, young men yearn, all the ladies slowly prance
    No comment can touch on this rhyme you see, no title head line
    Life can never explain itself, until you have been refined
    Your world can turn at a moment's glance, the energy flips
    Church girl turned to a cocktail waitress, working hard for tips!
    Towns and cities collect more drama, reality tv top charts
    Simple minded men get chosen, to nonchalantly break hearts
    Ladies shop to buy a dress, nowhere important to go
    Hustle and bustle of lazy life, just to fit in with the flow
    Weddings conducted in formal fashion, vows are never kept
    Mother in law sits looking sullen, fake tears are slowly wept
    No ending is yet to be written, no hope given to false glory
    No words to describe the challenges arrive, playing out the story
    Untitltled verse remains rehearsed, crowds stand in little groups
    Poor old folks who once were rich, stand in line for soups
    Life's a mystery full of religion, but can you grasp your calling?
    Gods not pleased with quite a bit, so keep your Faith from falling!
    This poem is a message you see, given to the ones who comprehend
    For so many stay high, or living a lie, not caring about their end.
    Heaven and hell are very real, which way will you end up?
    Embellished praise is heard in crowds, passing false grace cups.
    Little boys and girls are weary, confusion within their minds
    Daddy thinks it's so cool to rule, his little girl is spiritually blind!
    Streets are paved with trash you see, all morals are out the door!
    Yet a bible awaits, for a twisted debate, collecting dust on the floor!
    Warfare seen and unseen, lingers all around to be fought
    Heaven and hell are very real, but no longer seems to be taught!
    No ending is yet to be written, no hope given to false glory
    Cast the ego aside, love and live outside cliche categories!


  • meetdheeraj 1w

    You can criticize Muhammad and other Islamic figures all you want but it isn't an exercise of asserting free speech unless you also allow and cheer the attacks & criticism of Ram & Durga. Unless second one is exercised, you are not a free speech advocate but only a bigot who says spiteful things about figures revered by Muslims to show the community its place.


  • niknik 1w


    He lives peacefully within his sin
    Not caring where he goes
    Going back to start all again
    Confusing his friends from foes
    Picking up more burdens thrown
    Engulfed in his own flames
    His minds not yet fully grown
    Playing life out like it's a game
    Not realizing the great unknown
    You can't play chess with God
    Try telling him these things
    And he'll look at you kinda odd!
    His lifestyle had no meaning
    Even though he talked real deep
    Unto his own understanding leaning
    Passing knowledge that remained cheap

    He lives peacefully in his mess
    Trying to bear his weight
    His home remains a distress
    Slowly he's sealing his fate
    Ignoring convictions that are sent
    Moving on day by day in time
    Wondering where all the time went
    Indulging more and more in his grime
    His lifestyle had no reason
    But his life did have a calling
    Time slowly passed on in season
    As this fellow slowly started falling
    Unto his own understanding leaning
    Passing knowledge that remained a debate
    In the shadows, the devils eyes are gleaning
    As the man was given over to a reprobate

  • waseem_acky 1w


    "If love is a religion of hearts,
    Our story must be a Gospel"


  • nandanmulimani 1w


    It's crazy how crazy religious think other crazy religious are crazy and that their crazy is right crazy.


  • cookieeinu 1w

    Religion > Love

    I don't Believe in Religion But I was always Proud of My Religion untill She Left Me.

    And That's the Moment I Realised How Religion is Used in India.


  • abhigautam 2w

    #मजहब #रहीम #राम #religion #abhigautam

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    किस काम के हैं ये मजहब; किस काम के ये नाम,
    राम ने मारे कितने रहीम; रहीम ने कितने राम।


  • butter_scotch_10 2w

    चेहरे पर नूर है
    हल्का सा गुरुर है

    नही करती अब परवाह मैं
    किसी के भी तानों की, उल्हानो की
    वो दिन अब लद गये
    जब आँखों के कोने पानी था
    छुप कर् के मैं रोती थी
    होठों पर ले नकली मुस्कान

    अब रहती हूँ मस्त अपने में
    निहारती हूँ खुद को , सँवारती हूँ खुद को देख आईने में
    भजन भी मैं गाती हूँ तो गजल भी मै गाती हूँ

    जरूरत नही मुझे रिझाने की अब सजन को
    नजर मुझे आता है आँखों में उनकी अपना अक्स
    मेरे बिन कहे पढ़ लेते वो मेरी जुबाँ

    काम वो करती हूँ मैं जो मुझे भाता है
    कलम भी चलाती हूँ तो कड़छी भी चलाती हूँ
    पार्लर भी जाती हूँ तो मंदिर भी जाती हूँ
    बगियाँ मे देख तितली बच्चो सी मचल जाती हूँ

    सब कुछ होते भी कमी महसूस करती हूँ
    अपने दिल के टुकड़ों की
    बात उनसे करके कुछ पल , हो लेती हूँ खुश मैं
    देख कर खुश उनको भूल जाती हूँ गम अपने
    मैं जीवन की नयी पारी खेल रही मैं
    जीवन के एक एक पल को जी रही मैं
    जो नही कर पायी अभी तक
    वो सब कर रही मैं

  • butter_scotch_10 2w

    हवायें मगरूर दरख्तों को उखाड़ फेकेंगी...

    बस वो ही शाख बचेगी,
    जो लचक जायेगी..!

    शुभ रात्रि .....������


  • india_lion 2w

    Friend really, love and religiou both are as far as sky and land. So which type of love exist on earth no one say.#love#religion#caste#typeoflove#faith

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    I don't Understand
    Which Type of
    Love Exist With
    Religion and Caste.

  • niknik 3w


    She was drowning while swimming
    Words stuck inside her soul
    Her world ending before beginning
    Life sinking out of control
    Desperation upon her face
    Not knowing what to do
    Searching for a little grace
    Taken for granted by me and you
    She could swim, but not today
    This moment taking a bad turn
    She had forgotten how to pray
    Forgot about from whom she learned
    Voices in her head encouraging her death
    Sinking deeper she soon let go
    Taking in her final breath
    Fading away to only God knows
    Soon her life would be lost
    Kicking hard with her toes
    No more conviction, paying a cost
    What happened to bowing heads
    Saying prayers before school
    Talking to God before breaking bread
    A golden unspoken rule

    Prayer is a powerful thing
    Prescious words spoken anew
    Talking to the high King
    Giving Glory to where it is due
    When life starts to get unfair
    Or even if it goes your way
    Jesus Christ is always there
    Hearing what you want to say
    No need to drown in your sorrows
    Swim your course without fear
    God takes care of all tomorrows
    Ready to wipe away your tears
    Before you drown reach up high
    Close your eyes and speak with praise
    Within your laughs and your cries
    You'll stay afloat from day to day


  • kenah_catalogs 3w

    Your pull on me is unseen,
    your words like music on my skin.
    Fast letters and hard phrases
    fasten around me like shoe laces.
    You made plenty of money in 1992,
    you let other women make a fool of you.
    In 1999 you found freedom and ran wild,
    I think around then I was only a child.
    You searched for God and saw Him in my eyes;
    my spirit filled with light and free from lies.
    You are a fogged up window, hard to see through lately.
    I am a lighthouse, drawing you towards safety.

  • beautiful_deathx 3w

    // What purpose did it serve?
    The violence
    born of
    pure hate.

    No religion teaches violence
    No religion teaches hate
    They all are equal
    We all are same

    Just some more vulnerable
    To misinterpretation
    Still not justified
    In receiving
    So much hate.

    #hatecrime #hatred #spreadlove #treatpeoplewithkindness #love #equal #equality #religion #opinion #microtales #minitales

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    they looked at him
    they looked at death

    so much fear
    so much dread

    a bullet pierced his heart
    the killer's humanity
    torn apart

    categorical mind
    poison in his veins

    have such bad times come to pass
    we kill a man
    he follows

  • takeru_satoh 3w

    When I crossed my country


    I crossed my street, they asked my caste.

    I crossed my district, they asked my religion.

    I crossed my state, they asked my language.

    I became Indian only after I crossed my country.

  • siddhant_rajput 3w

    God Under Guillotine!

    Treason is what these men loath.
    Clouds with shimmering line float
    In dusky pool of russet and red,
    As the traitor's treacherous blood has been shed.

    Stretches of hatred do arrange 'twixt
    The humans and their religions, admist
    The follies and fancies unripe.
    Many a Gods, for all Gods are not alike.

    Atheist and sceptics do walk alone.
    For they despise the blindfolded -the unknown,
    Who cut THEMSELVES for their Lord,
    And wish to seek the Heavens henceforth.

    'Stone' is more precious than souls of those
    Who defied the ignorance and chose
    To spread the hues of humanity.
    Oh! But this God in stone hates equality!

    So one day, call your God and enquire,
    'When did he carrol you within religious wires?
    And, when did he thrust that foul and rotten
    Animosity and rage for each other and brethren?'

    When you, His children, will stop their words,
    He will touch His Sacred Heart
    And, tell you with his divinty :
    'I am you and you all are Me'

    But this won't bear any fruit,
    For you find your God in stone- always mute.
    This muted God does eat what you give
    And in return, it frames borders to live.

    When you will hear the God sermonize
    What you and your "God in stone" despise
    A traitor will be dead for his crime.
    This time, the God will be under guillotine!

    © Siddhant

  • sanjakrangsamarak 3w

    no love

    The world has too many religions based on love and tolerance but no love, only hatred for each others' religion.Today's modern world needs no religion but love and humanity.


  • niknik 4w

    Press Forward

    Pressing towards a finish line no one can see but him
    Forgetting what the others think, staying ahead of "them"
    Letting go of insecurities, relaxing his head to rest
    Rarely does the thought occur that he just may be the "best"
    Best at forgiving, best at repenting, best at letting go
    Then again if he was, he would never know
    You see, he was the best at accepting grace for all its worth
    Ignoring all the criticism that impeded upon his turf
    Weary days did come, he stayed the course of time
    Coming upon his challenges, not knowing what he'd find
    Like the sand in an hour glass, the grit slowly drifted
    He smiled through it all, taking in what he was gifted
    Pressing on towards a finish line, he ran his race indeed
    Stopping only to share with a few, whom God told to feed
    Years of tests, months of stress, days filled with temptation
    Forgetting what others may think, he remained God's creation
    Testimonials of rage, speaking only on things discerned
    Nonsense here and there, were never his concern
    Bible passages memorized for those rare events
    Keeping him grounded, for those unforseen events
    Pressing on towards his goal, never slowing down
    Peace tucked deep inside his soul, even when he frowned
    Forgetting what anyone thought of him, for they never knew a thing
    He raced towards his goal diligently, on his way to meet his King (Jesus the Christ)


  • digital_wolf 4w

    #religion #life #philosophy
    You gave me a topic that howled inside me for long.... and is still howling. But things have changed now. This is such a vast topic that I could not organize my writing... but I hope someone could find this useful.

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    They asked - "Is religion good or bad?"

    I asked - "Is LPG good or bad?"

    They exclaimed - "Yeah! It's a great invention... a work of masterminds.... a great utility for mankind."

    I explained - "Exactly! You can use the LPG to cook delicious and healthy food. You can also choose to burn people with it. "

    I further explained - "WORDS... people are using it as weapons as well as medicines. To me religion should be the attribute and behavior of reality."

    Religion is not an easy stuff to grasp. I went through a booklet of "Geeta" five years ago and read it merely as a description of battlefield.... the same old story of people, ethics. Many people still read the epics (mainly Hinduism) as the affairs of gods, goddess and contemporary people.... knowing that it will end up with few morals... and restrictions.

    Two years ago... again I started with Geeta....and I got more than the first attempt. And few months before again... I purchased a more detailed book.... but I closed it after reading one-fourth... it went above my head this time.... May be I had higher expectations.... the book is still awaiting for me but for a time ahead.

    What I want to say is - Religion is full of metaphors. It's not about what it appears to be. Also... the original writings are not available. Everyone can make something out of it.

    Words are very powerful. And if you mix a little truth with the main lie (some intention)... the chaos becomes heavy. Religion is for personal growth. And personal growth ultimately leads to the universal growth.

    Around a year ago.... I turned to Egyptian and Greek beliefs. The greek religion is horrible. You can find the gods using mankind as slaves... making them believe that they are just the intermediates of the evolution... and their existence is merely a coincidence. This is just an example.... there are some exceptional figures too in the greek mythology.

    And when I started exploring the Egyptian.... it blew my mind. I became a fan of "The Thoth" and his principles. Thoth was believed to be an Egyptian god. You can find his words in brief as the Seven hermetic principles....or The Emrald Tablets. He was a master of science, magic, arts and crafts. He taught people that there is only one god - The Sun. Sun is the source of all life forms in the solar system. From Egyptian mythology... I quenched my thirst for a number of questions that were howling inside me for long.

    After years of my level of research.... along with my busy schedule.... I am now open to a lot of possibilities. My mind has widened like never before to accept the immense possibilities of the universe.

    Let me continue further in a next post.

  • not_in_love_again 4w

    याद है तुमको कॉलेज से आते वक़्त
    दरगाह के इमली पेड़ के पास
    तुम मेरा इंतेज़ार करती थी
    अब ना तुम हो, ना वो 'निशानी' है
    सुना है अब वहां मंदिर बनेगा।

    -Sunny Singh

  • vermas 4w

    As we all know that terrorism has spread its draconian wings all over the world. And this is mainly inspired by blind faith in ones own religion.
    And it is this blind faith which makes them see every other belief or religion as blasphemous.
    Write something about what, in your point of view, religion truly is and should be.
    Use hashtag #religion
    If you really find the topic interesting kindly repost it.

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    Write something about what religion truly is in your point of view.
    Use hashtag #religion
    There is no word limit.