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  • chabala_vii 1d

    Every writer hides their religion in their words.
    Whether its hate, Love, reincarnation or a transitory thought.


  • mensalmind 1d


    There's 3 things in this world
    1) religion- a belief in something that exists beyond ourselves and the evident world. A belief that tries to give purpose to anything and everything.
    2) science- empirical understanding of how the world works by the means of variables and numerical values as well as answers "how", "what", and "why", regarding natural and unnatural phenomena.
    3) Philosophy- Understanding what it means to "exist" and reality itself, as well as understand existence in itself and what is real outside of oneself; trying to understand why, not only natural and unnatural phenomena occur, but also tries to shed purpose for anything and everything, similar to religion.

    These three things are the foundation of life whether sentient or autonomous.
    These things are the water pushing the wheel. The mechanism that progresses life as we know it to be.

  • aparna_shambhawi_paki 1d

    Felt much sad to listen about the hindu-muslim riot at Bhagalpur, Bihar.
    No one knows what the exact matter was but what about those innocent children who lost their father or brother!
    #riot #religion #separation #stop #now #have_love
    @priyanshuraj_priyu @ayaz_ind @hayat_1410 @mrigtrishna @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @openletters @naman_khandelwal

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    खा गए!

    मंदिर खा गए , वो मदीना खा गए,
    एक झूठी कसम में जनाब पूरा खुदा गए।

    हरा खा गए, वो केसरिया खा गए,
    एक वहम में वो पूरा तिरंगा खा गए।

    वो हिंदू खा गए, मुसलमान खा गए,
    गजब तो तब हुआ जब वो अंदर का इंसान खा गए।


  • darrenta 1d

    In contemplation, we center our hearts in the middle of a vast, protective labyrinth.

    The world enters the labyrinth from the outer walls, and promptly gets lost before it can reach the center.

    At least for a little while.

  • darrenta 2d

    The one who knows the truth
    is not the same
    as the one who loves the truth.

  • swaying_letters 2d

    A tireless sight of you and me
    Under the hazy shade of a crimson tree
    A breeze beckons flowers that touch our feet
    Yet a timeless war roars from within
    As thoughts of our religion come in between

    Society's taunts roam in front of my eyes
    Fragility of our dreams reach a new high
    That's when we say a tearful goodbye
    An age old story of love wilt and die

    A silent prayer gathers from my lips
    Asking for a world in which equality speaks
    Let all humans sail in a sea so deep
    Where all people deserve the love they seek


  • vijtrn 4d

    #सियासत #मजहब #फतवा #खुदा
    #religion #god #politics
    #tarunvijभारतीय #tarunvij
    #hindiwriters #hindi #qotd #hindiquote #worldofmiraker #writersnetwork #writerscorner

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    सियासत तो चिंगारी महज़ है,
    असल बारूद तो मज़हब बनाता है।
    ये दौर फतवो का है साहब,
    यहा खुदा बात-बात पर खतराता है।।

    © Tarun Vij भारतीय

  • kabeera 1w

    Honour Humans

    Any Holy book Available Is not the teaching of a Specific God for a Specific Religion. But a teaching for whole humanity for betterment. Gita is not only for Hindus or Quran is not for Muslims only. But for whole humanity to learn something better, to make our lives better, to make Earth a better Place, to become more human not to become more religious. #honour

    PS. - No harsh feelings. Just my Views.

  • puffin 1w

    I'm an atheist,
    But that doesn't make me rude.
    Keep on trucking, theists,
    By all means, you do you.

    But I don't appreciate
    Being painted as the villain.
    I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
    For the most part, I'm just chillin'.

    I'm not ignorant of theistic ways,
    As I was raised in a faith.
    (No, some disaster did not turn me away;
    Skepticism caused my belief to abate.)

    My life isn't hopeless and devoid of meaning.
    Insofar as purpose, my minutes are teeming!
    I'll only have a short time before I grow old,
    So every second I value more than gold.

    But why the misconceptions?
    Why am I a scrooge?
    Is it really so harmful to the church's perceptions
    To honestly consider what I see to be true?

    How am I the aggressor?
    How am I the oppressor?
    How do I make life arduous?
    How am I the institution
    When in seven state constitutions
    I'm banned from running for office?

    I'm not evil, I just disagree with a notion.
    I don't censor, judge, nor punish
    Other people who live in devotion.
    What do these misinterpretations accomplish?

    Do you really need an enemy to feel united?
    Why am I your token scapegoat?
    It's not enough to leave me uninvited --
    My rights you're compelled to demote?

    I'm just trying to coexist,
    But your hatred still persists.
    Stop with the abuse.
    You may think you have an afterlife to spend,
    But I think my days will come to an end.
    There's no excuse,
    When you take my limited days by calling me a cad,
    You're stealing from me the most valuable thing I have.

    That is, time.
    It's made precious by its scarcity.
    I'll do all I can with mine,
    And work against any adversity
    So that when I slip into that sleep --
    For an eternity, I assume --
    I can go in peace,
    Knowing I've done all I can do.


    #atheism #god #religion #hatred

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    But I don't appreciate
    Being painted as the villain.
    I'm not broken nor filled with hate;
    For the most part, I'm just chillin'.

  • ddn_rjs 1w

    Some people fight in the name of religion,
    in the name of money
    Some in the name of castes ..

    There are only husband and wife who fight in vain without selflessness .

  • sk_thought 1w

    When it happens that in our society has a person WITHOUT ANY CASTE AND RELIGION.

  • sk_thought 1w


    Why some people choose caste or religion rather than choosing a person!!!

  • mizabkhan 1w

    Before being rude and disrespectful, always remember that whatever you give comes back to you.


  • sk_thought 1w

    Both are important but you choose one because of caste or religion problem. #problem # mirakee #someday #religion #caste @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    If someone say choose family or love what you choose?


  • wondie_writes 1w

    Road To Heaven

    ...She was loosing her breath, I was taking deep breaths.
    "Easy, you'll be fine." I said to her - I lied to her.
    I felt her pulse, and it was getting fainter, she managed to smile and I noticed again, the obvious change from a very robust cheek to one that has death painted over it.
    I tried to conceal my pity, then I said to her, "My friend, I'm not judging you, but you know the way you lived your life, the best you can do now is to ask for forgiveness from your creator,the way whatsoever the religion you practice admonishes."
    She gave that dying smile again and said, "I don't need any forgiveness. I'm safe. I'm going to heaven. I know I've lived a sinful life and I deserve this type of death, but my religion guarantees me heaven if I master the 99 names of God."
    For a moment, I felt maybe she was hallucinating, but then history and experience reminded me that, words that people at the very end of their life utters has to be noted. "That can't be real, that's so shallow..." I said.
    "The books of the Prophets can't contain any lie." she interjected.
    My mouth went dry. Quickly, I called my friend that practices the same religion as her, and asked him. He told me he knew nothing about it,he hasn't heard of such. I was relieved.
    About four minutes later, my friend called back and told me he has confirmed from a senior member - she was right. It's true - I still wouldn't believe it. I picked up my phone and queried the internet, my fears was confirmed, she - they were right.
    Wondering how she and any other person could believe and live by that idea. Live life without caution, master 99 names and you'll get away with it. This made me question my life,my existence, my beliefs and everything. Do I even believe in all these anymore - do I - should I believe in anything anymore?
    It was as if she was reading my mind, because she gave me that smile again. This time, it looked beautiful for a moment and her face glowed. She took her last breath, and I took a deep breath...


  • shashere 1w


    Gods are few,
    Some say only two,
    Some prefer counting one,
    Some abhor openly; claiming none.

    Some believe it’s a he.
    Some pray to it as she.
    Some sacrifice blood in thy name,
    Some crucify with immoral pain.

    Some live and die, without seeing you.
    Some fool the generations; claiming to be you.
    Some meditate for years, finding you.
    But the wise know, you are just an unheard story.
    Neither False nor True.


  • dileepjamma 1w

    Law of the Universe

    To control anything in the whole universe first thing you have to know is associations between things, even if they sound unrelatable.

  • alinaqureshi 1w

    Religion thy name is Love
    and Love is Poetry


  • na__layak 1w

    She- We should breakup.
    He- Why??
    She- We are different from each other. Like North and South, our religion don't accept.
    He- Two unlike poles attract each other not the one who are similar..

    After that both walked on but unfortunately on two different roads..
    ||THE END||

  • _sukh_ 1w

    I Refuse

    I refuse to believe in religion due to forced exposure,
    tame wills with fear, no conveyance through closure,
    pile up the stereotypes with an orthodox bulldozer,
    participants seen equally as chauffeurs.

    I refuse to believe in religion due to restrained minds,
    ignore curiosity & be blind,
    ignore humanity & be obliged,
    forget to reason & rush into fight.

    I refuse to believe in religion lifting only one,
    swayed by colonists on the run,
    words so sharp but never cut their tongue,
    thoughts so fraudulent, call it 'wisDUMB'.

    I refuse to believe in religion where God is richer then his fellow followers,
    humans making gifts for him by slaughtering us,
    the believers only pray cause 'In God They Trust',
    should help others but they swim in lust.

    Religion is a good thing gone bad,
    coz it's operated by a confused hand,
    it was never to be followed, like a line in sand,
    that might turn out to be a barren land.

    God gave us a solution, a reason,
    But men, they soiled his religion.