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  • poetrybypriyanshi 13w

    Seeing those familiar faces
    after 5 years
    of leaving school life
    seemed to bring
    a huge smile full of
    happiness and joy
    on everyone's dull face.
    Reunited, carefree and passionately
    wanting to see how
    comfortable each others
    company felt now.


  • writings_by_fakir_mohit 13w

    'Farewell' & 'Reunion'

    At the time of Farewell, best friends hugged each other and wished each other best of luck for their future, while tears rolling down their eyes due to separation.

    After twenty years, at the time of Reunion, tears again rolled down, but this time, congratulating each other for their respective success and achievements.


  • writers_stuffs 13w

    The Moment of Reunion

    It was a precious moment. He had been waiting for this moment for months. Putting his hands behind the back, he closed his eyes and looked down. He said a small prayer and opened his eyes. The door in front of him opened and there came out his little princess, with her mom behind.
    "Yeyy, Papa is back home."
    He picked her up, smiled and kissed her cheeks."Yes dear, I am back home." They came inside.
    "Papa, how was your journey?"
    "It was nice dear and how are you?"
    "I am good. But I missed you a lot. It has been", counting her fingers, she said, "3 years 5 months 2 days since you had gone to the border."
    "You have learnt counting!"
    "No No. Mom told me this. But yes, when you were away, I learnt counting in school, but only for small numbers because I am also so small." Saying this, she giggled.
    He smiled and wondered how time flies. When he had left home, she was just a toddler, and now.......
    - Ayan Dutta

  • 12anonymous 13w

    After all all it needs is that ONE phone call.....
    Make it...

  • mere_jazbaat 13w

    Kyu naa phir se baccha ban jaae♥

    Ek pal saacha ban jaae
    Kyu naa phir se baccha ban jaae
    Phir se school ka basta uthae
    Phir se dosto ko satae
    Kyu naa phir se baacha ban jaae
    Phir se haste haste kaate din aur raat
    Phir se ghanto kare dosto se baat
    Chlo naa phir se kre mulakaat
    Un deewaro k beech yun kho jaae
    Kyu naa phir se baccha ban jaae ♥


  • sidd_rashid 14w


    Ye sath na chodna ab hamara
    Milaya hai kismat ne phir ek baar
    Chalo mil kar sajayen wo rangeen yaden
    Zindagi ne dia h mauka phir ek baar
    Rahegi meri dua ab bas ye khuda se
    Ki Tamam Umar ab Kate tere saath.

  • monsoon_scribbles 14w

    Once Again?

    rather than faking "I used to love you," Inside I am dying to say that "I will always love you."

  • jyothirmayray 14w


    School ka phela din tha,
    dara hua mai tha,
    naye chere dekh mai confuse tha,
    jaan pehchaan mai se koi naa tha,
    class ke andar jaane se mai ghabra raha tha,
    darwaze ke saamne khade hoke soch raha tha,
    itne mai ek ne aake kandhe mai haath daala,
    mai heraan tha,
    ye chhota sa height ka bachha kon tha,
    kandhe mai haath daale jissne mera naam poocha,
    esa laga koi junior tha,
    pata chala mere hi class ka tha,
    uss darwaze ke bahar se shuru hui ek dosti thi,
    waqt badalte dono ne ek dusre ke naam apni jaan kardi,
    hai thoda satake,
    par dimaag hai uska ekdum hatke,
    hai chhoti si uski height,
    chera hai alright,
    masum si shakal hai,
    uske karnaame sir dard hai,
    4 saal se dur hai,
    par dil ke kareeb hai,
    kuch dino ki ginti hai,
    uss se milne ki jaldi hai,
    ab maan nhi lagta hai,
    kyunki yaar mera dur hai.

  • navoneil 14w


    Skin breaks in small figments of imagination
    Like black and white smudges on the wall.
    Overhead, the fan circles without pause
    As though sweat cannot stick dry plaster back
    So bricks can hide the red of their fired kilns
    In the shape of smiling Buddhas looking down
    On beds far too heavy with ancient friends intoxicated
    With new songs soaked in old thoughts.
    Some things don't change
    Like parties late into the night
    With no hope of waking to new dawns
    And wallpapers breaking paint into splintered thoughts.
    I watch them coming for me
    Like college nights in hostels filled with ceiling fans
    That whir endlessly with noise filtered through rose-tinted views
    Of futures that are now well into the past.

  • diwa_diwa 15w

    Lo! 'Tis thee, I glean, approaching--
    The long-lost heart of my dreams.
    Perchance, now, thou shalt remain
    Far longer than the usual moments,
    Thou hast opted to come here.
    Aye, let's ride through the roads--
    Beyond the mountains over yonder;
    Let's fly through the by-lines
    Of yesteryear's wondrous feats.
    Mayhap, 'tis an apt signal to discard
    The hurt--the ancient, bitter betrayal
    Between two foolish youths
    Who took so intimate an upfront--
    Merely as a doltish jeer, 'twas meant.
    Nay, my dear, cease the erupting sneer--
    Unsmear thy lovely eyes with choler.
    Let thy adoring bosom friend
    Make up for that erstwhile hate.
    For, I'm still that same auld companion,
    Thou used to know, so depthly.
    I'm still the lover, thou thought
    Thou lost, way before all these aches.
    Thus, here's my tiny peace offering
    To make thee dimple and cheer--
    Another riveting joyride through life!

    #reunion #diwa #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Lo! 'Tis thee, I glean, approaching--
    The long-lost heart of my dreams.
    Perchance, now, thou shalt remain
    Far longer than the usual moments,
    Thou hast opted to come here.
    Aye, let's ride through the roads--
    Beyond the mountains over yonder;
    Let's fly through the by-lines
    Of yesteryear's wondrous feats.
    Mayhap, 'tis an apt signal to discard
    The hurt--the ancient, bitter betrayal
    Between two foolish youths
    Who took so intimate an upfront--
    Merely as a doltish jeer, 'twas meant.
    Nay, my dear, cease the erupting sneer--
    Unsmear thy lovely eyes with choler.
    Let thy adoring bosom friend
    Make up for that erstwhile hate.
    For, I'm still that same auld companion,
    Thou used to know, so depthly.
    I'm still the lover, thou thought
    Thou lost, way before all these aches.
    Thus, here's my tiny peace offering
    To make thee dimple and cheer--
    Another riveting joyride through life!


  • tirth_shah 16w


    The magic is in atmosphere,
    Feeling has no words,
    Memory is only subject there,
    Laugh is the favorite food,
    Believe has massive respect there,
    Ignorance has no spot,
    Friendship is all about there,
    Time to be apologize,
    And make step forward to love.
    It's all about what you want,
    What you planned,
    And what you are,
    Discuss about everything,
    Where you lived to what you live,
    How life change with friends to family.
    It's all about what you want,
    It's all about one reunion after a years.


  • vinayakshukla 16w


    The Make-up of this Awesomesauce on these faces now
    Is what all we started under same roof years before.....

    To convert moments in asset's we choose joy as our main aim
    Not as Rapacious flow but we are as effective as mansoon of rain
    Things that we done in school are Reshaped into Immortal memories
    From desk to walls we engraved our actions as the beautiful stories
    The hidden things in the past is getting refreshed nowadays
    When social groups of friends were enlighten by the Reunion rays

    -Vinayak Shukla

  • lazypotato 16w

    Marriage. Cute;).anyway at church. Everybody loves marriage...at least I think?

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    Wedding bells

    The sweet scene of marriage
    The fine fabrics in dresses
    The fantastic food at the ceremony
    The known kiss is cliche
    But its true
    Happy marriage, to me and you

  • guafevc 17w

    Shaken Reunion

    This is how it's supposed to be, build memories of just we.
    Drinking Taiwan tea, scent of Korea in the air.
    I don't know how much of this is real, perhaps it's slips my sanity.
    Tri year circle and we are here.
    Maybe this just proves my insanity.

    6 years of baggage, and I still haven't lost you.
    6 years of exile and we back at it again.
    6 years of change and it's me and you.
    6 years of loss, and we pick it up where we began.

    Even though together, I'm still in the mindset of letting go.
    Parents paid for parted ways.
    Elders paid to watch over you.
    And now almost thinking of letting go.

  • shayra_shivanshi 18w

    Jab bhi simtoge meri in bahon me aakar
    Dastan-e-Mohabbat main nhi meri Dhadkane sunayengi


  • callmesunflower 23w

    Come Home

    Aged faces and distant memories.
    Let's meet again and share the dreams we live in.

    Come home.


  • _riti_j 24w

    Revisiting almost a little more than 3 years after writing it

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    Reunion (3)

    The next day was a new day with Shreya beside me. She was still fast asleep. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she slept like an angel, looked like an angel and felt like a dream come true. She had everything in her. She could have loved someone far better and good looking than me, but she chose me. Though we loved each other to the moon and back, maybe we underestimated the trust factor in our relationship. But maybe now we can start afresh, leaving all the bitter memories behind and lead a sparkling life together. But its still a ‘maybe’ phase. Maybe we could pull it off again or maybe we were better off alone and yesterday was just an added bonus for dying in hell for these many years. But definitely this was not the time to think all this. Finishing the argument between my brain and heart, I went closer to her and gave a sweet peck on her forehead. She woke up with the morning kiss and as I was hoping she didn’t show any signs of regret or embarrassment for last night but rather blushed and grabbing her clothes went to the washroom. She came out with a different glow on her face that read that she missed us and wanted us to be together. ”Ravin, don’t be late for the wedding ceremony. I will be waiting for you”. She just left saying this entailing me to dance everywhere around the room. The wedding became even more special for me than the bride and groom themselves.

    The mahurat was of 12pm, Pavan and I were waiting for our girls. Khyati came clad in a beautiful red lehenga with her face glowing nothing less than the moon. Shreya was walking right beside Khyati in a more beautiful pink lehenga and for me she just outshone the bride herself. She looked astonishingly beautiful than ever. Her golden jhumkas, long untied hair but pinned up elegantly, the pink and golden bangles that sounded like music, and wait she was wearing that diamond bracelet. It’s the same bracelet that I had gifted her on her birthday 3 years back. She respected my gift so much that her right hand was only shining with that bracelet. No sharing it with the bangles or kada’s, just my bracelet. God! She’s so beautiful. It was killing me to not have the spine to tell her how much I loved her still. The moment she came close to me I kept gazing at her beauty and without a second thought uttered the word ‘Beautiful’ fearing that she might not stand beside me and I wanted to compliment her before anybody else could. She smiled and said ‘Thank you’ and walked past me when Pavan took his bride to the mandap thereby ending Shreya’s duty at exactly the right place.

    Shreya stood next to me and I just smelled her so closely to infer that she had applied my favourite perfume. She came close to me and said ‘Handsome’ and I took the advantage of this and went close enough to hear her breathe and said ‘Thank you’. She didn’t mind the proximity so I positioned myself there only so that not even an ant could pass between us. During the pheras everybody threw flowers at the couple but I showered petals on my girl. She, like a small kid enjoyed it and removed the petals quietly so that no one could notice. I laughed at her cuteness and sprinkled all the flower petals on her at once to see her reaction. She looked at me a bit angrily and did the same thing to me. Even before we could laugh at what we just did all our friends standing behind us started laughing and teasing us. Shreya blushed and went ahead near Pavan’s parents and stood with them. I loved her more for her cute reactions. Rahul pushed me from behind and gave me a wise advice like a grandpa to go ahead and stand next to her as if I would have not done that without he saying that to me. Again we were standing next to each other. It was time for Pavan to tie around Khyati’s neck, the necklace specially meant for brides and put the red sindoor to mark the beginning of their new lives as two individuals sharing a common soul. Everybody clapped after they were declared as husband and wife by the pundit. I looked at Shreya and she had a tear drop in her eyes that she tried to hide from me but couldn’t. I gave her an affectionate smile and whispered ‘Its normal for girls to cry in such situations. You don’t have to hide your tears’. As I had expected her to do the opposite, she wiped her tears and gave a sweet appreciating smile. Pavan and Khyati went on to take blessings of their relatives and we all went to eat something. At the very first counter of buffet everybody started teasing us, making Shreya feel more embarrassed.

    She took a plate filled with some starters and went away from all the talks and took a chair in the corner of the room and sat there alone. I was feeling ashamed of myself to have let her face all this. I went to her, kept her plate aside, went down on my knees and held her hand as gently as I could and spoke my heart out to her,” Shreya, I was living in a very cold world but you came back and warmed my soul. There was a time when I used to beg to gods to just let me see you- be it only for a moment. To see that you made it. You survived, even I survived. But this life has no meaning without you. Shreya, I had a good night’s sleep yesterday after 4 years because my morning had you by my side. I want to spend all the mornings,noons and nights with you. I want to share your smiles, your tears. I want your kisses, the smell of your hair, the touch of your skin, the feel of your breath on my naked face when I take my last breath. I want to close my eyes,think of you and have you right in front of me when I open them. I love you, I will keep loving you forever, no matter what. I promise. I love you Shreya”. Shreya had tears in her eyes. “Ravin, I had tried to let you go but I couldn’t. I tried to stop thinking about you but couldn’t. I tried to stop dreaming about you but couldn’t. I tried not to but still I wore your promise on my finger till the last year. And now I want to wear your name on my heart till I die”. One moment she was right in front of me and the next moment I felt her body hugging me as tightly as possible. I thought that it was my turn now to take the right step. I tipped her face up towards mine and kissed her. The world around me stopped and Shreya became my world. I no longer had any doubt whether this was right or wrong. I knew this was the end of a long painful journey and the beginning of a new happy life. I don’t know how long we stood there kissing. I was awash in the feel of Shreya’s body against mine,in her scent, and the taste of her lips. That was all that mattered the most to me. Everybody had fallen silent for several moments. Then Shreya said,”All right, we are back together again”. The teasing and cheering by our friends now was very well accepted by both of us.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better reunion.

  • _riti_j 24w

    Reunion (2)

    By evening all our friends had reached. We sat down together for some drinks and traditional game of dare and truth after the sangeet ceremony. The two people across the bottle ends were Pavan and Shreya. Shreya chose truth but Pavan chose to not ask her directly. “So Shreya, have you loved someone so much that you don’t see yourself when you are with him?”
    “Yes I have”, she said.
    I had a blushing smile on my face and with those red cheeks I slyly looked at her red face and sparkling eyes with a small tear drop making it more shinier. The game continued till late midnight and was called off with a few words by me. I raised a toast to the new couple: “Read her lips as they say I love you. Watch them carefully when they say I do. Her vows are crystal clear for you because you are you and she loves you a lot my friend”.
    “Read his lips as they say I do. Watch them carefully as they kiss you true. Then walk with him hand in hand down the aisle, as your new life has just began.”
    Everybody clapped and admired my words including Shreya. We all went to our respective rooms to grab some sleep.

    I changed my clothes, took a shower and lied on the bed but couldn’t get any sleep. I could just see her eyes and her beautiful smile when suddenly my door bell rang. I peeped in through the peep hole and saw Shreya standing outside. She looked as beautiful as always. Her long straight brown hair, hazel eyes, her body covered with a pink shawl. I kept staring at her beauty till the bell rang again. I immediately opened it. Before I could ask her anything she hugged me as tight as her thin delicate arms could. My hands slowly moved up from my pocket to her back pressing her body against me. She pushed me inside the room, onto my bed, making me think that maybe she wanted sex. But she made me sit on the bed and she herself sat right beside me, this time hugging me more tightly. I was wrong. She was not here to fulfil her physical desire but to fill the void spaces in our souls. She had come to bridge the space that honed for a partner and needed someone with whom she wanted to spend her next morning with.

    She unbuttoned my shirt also allowing me to see her naked again. The trust she had on me was not meant to be broken in any way. I undressed her slowly part by part as she refused to even look into my eyes. I respected her body and soul and assured her that everything will happen as per her will. Seeing her bare body, I gently caressed her back with my fingertips and she shuddered. I loved the thought that I made her shudder and I loved that she was affected with every touch. She looked me into my eyes and kissed me as passionately as she could. I could feel and taste her lips like strawberry crush melting on my lips. The whizzing of her breath was so slow and deep assuring me that she was enjoying the moment as much as I was.She whispered in my ears ‘Take me back to the start’ and tucked us inside a blanket and we rejoiced our past moments with equal passion and joy.


  • _riti_j 24w

    Reunion (1)

    It was still dawn when I stepped out of the cab and walked towards the entry gate of the Delhi airport. The early morning February air was pleasantly cold.

    I was travelling to Bengaluru to attend a college friend’s wedding. It had been four years since we graduated from the same college. This wedding was also going to be a reunion of our batch mates. But what I didn’t know was that the reunion would begin much ahead of time; right in the queue in front of the airline counter.

    I was almost sure it was she. Same height! Same long hair! Same complexion! Curiosity had my eyes glued to her. And then about 60-odd seconds later, when she turned, she proved me right. My ex-girlfriend stood two places ahead of me in that queue. We had never met after the college farewell.

    She looked back at me with an absolutely unsure expression on her face. I was still staring at the same beauty till she waved at me bringing me back to my senses. I waved her back but couldn’t break the queue and go ahead. She finished her airline counter work and waited for me at the end of the queue. After my work got over I went over to her.
    “Hi Shreya. Glad to see you the same again. How are you? ”
    “Hi Ravin. I am good. Good to see you too. How are you doing in life?” “Great. Career is moving at the expected pace.”
    “What about you? You were planning to start your own business right?”
    (In spite of following her work religiously in the business magazines, I still asked her hoping that she won’t catch my lie. How could I let her know that I have failed to move on in life.)
    “Oh! yes. You remember. I have started my home furnishings business. Its going well.”
    “Good to hear that. By the way what’s your seat number?”
    “G15. And yours?”
    “I am not kidding here, it’s G16”
    Both of us kept quiet for about a minute till she spoke, “Do you still chant mantras before the flight takes off?”
    “Oh seriously!! No no.. ”
    She knew me in and out.
    “Haha Ravin. You are still the same. Lets go”.

    1st step into the flight and I started shivering with fear. Shreya like always couldn’t control her laughter but also like always held my hand and took me to ‘our’ seat. With pressed lips I muttered the entire Hanuman Chalisa only to see that she was giggling like a small kid. I smiled admiring this moment.
    To not make things more uncomfortable or difficult for her, I restricted our conversations to our college days and our batch mates. We remembered all the pranks we played on our professors, our last minute exam preparations, our trips and everything else except our relationship. The flight journey ended very soon leaving my question unasked.

    On reaching the venue we realized we were the 1st ones to reach there. We checked into our rooms, freshened up and decided to meet again in the lobby for lunch with Pavan and Khyati. Pavan introduced us with a stressed mention about our past to Khyati. He was really happy to see us together. I silently indicated him to not utter unnecessary words. Post lunch, Pavan and Khyati went to receive some guests giving me some more time to spend with her.
    She said,”They look so good together. Like made for each other.”
    I just looked at her and smiled. She understood what I meant. We walked in the garden for an hour or so talking about the most random things ranging from weather to flowers to grass to sky. I was not liking the way this was going. To pacify my curiosity I began with my heart almost in my mouth; “Shreya, did you miss me all along? Was it really very easy for you to forget us? Because honestly, I couldn’t forget you or stop thinking about you.”
    “Ravin, we were in a mutual relationship. Things we have been through have been felt by both of us equally. I will not deny that it has been difficult for me too but I had to move on. I would say that was the right thing for both of us”.
    “Ravin, I am tired. Lets go back to the hotel.”
    I dropped her outside her room and made one last attempt for time being. “Shreya, maybe whatever happened between us was a result of sheer misunderstanding. I am always there to sort out everything and give it another shot”
    “Not maybe Ravin, but it was just a misunderstanding taking supreme charge over our understanding. Any way Ravin, I want to sleep for sometime. See you in the evening for sangeet.”

  • tarani_k 25w


    How many nights does it take to count the stars? That many nights it would take to fix my heart. Oh baby I was there for you. All I ever wanted was the truth. Yeah yeah.