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    How sweet and innocent looking people take revenge,
    Is beyond your thoughts..!!!


  • the_baka_writer 15h

    Vengeance (Haiku)

    Pitch dark are those souls,
    Which are fuelled by vengeance,
    As nothing quells it.

  • parikshagaur903 2d


    I will hurt you not physically but mentally.
    I will destory you not physically but mentally.
    I will kill you not by my gun, by my revenge.
    When I will wake up to kill you, you won't be able to wake up.
    I will force you to sleep forever.

  • dalinolasco 3d

    My Justice

    Normally, I can't find two matching socks
    Even under threat of decapitation

    I've been told I can't tell my ass
    From a hole in the ground

    The epitome of a chaotic mind

    But for her my path is clear
    Well lit by the dark
    Yet luminous fluorescence
    Of a deadly desire for vengeance

    I will cremate her body
    I will load her ash into bullets
    And fire all of them into the skulls
    Of all those who killed her inside
    And drove her to suicide

    They say when you desire revenge
    You must dig two graves
    Theirs and yours
    Well I dug one big one
    So that even in the after life
    If any,
    I will kill them again

    Isn't that justice?

    -Dali Nolasco-

  • smithaadithan 3d

    The Author - Chapter-10


    “This won't work, we can't keep going on like this...I'm sorry”

    He said in a sweet and calm voice, which made her, the girl who sat opposite him, to wipe her tears away and smile. She was now okay. She smiled at him and left, leaving him all alone in the cafe.

    When she was left, his friend showed up and asked:

    “Why did you let her go? She's like a hell gorgeous, dude”

    He took a look at his friend and said:

    “You can have her if you fell for her”

    His friend was shocked to hear that from him.

    “Dude, it's not right. She's yours”, friend.

    “Not anymore”

    His friend was feeling sorry for that girl and asked:

    “why? what did she do?”

    He smiled at his friend and said:

    “Yeah you're right, she's damn gorgeous and as well as she has a boring character”

    His friend looked pissed off.

    “So, now...you just jump off to someone, again?”

    “Of course! Till I find my one, I won't stop”

    He said as he laughed at his friend, thinking that as his friend doesn't know that.

    “But its harsh and you hurt them”, his friend in an angry tone.

    He was still calm, he said in a soft and slightly sad voice,

    “I knew that but I don't have a choice… I swear I won't ask them out, not even a single time but they all did and fell-”

    “-into your trap”

    “Ahh… come on man, it's not my fault that they fall for me”

    “But shouldn't you give a thought about treating them good”

    “Okay, okay I'll. It's time for me to go. I'll see you afterwards”


    He left the cafe and started to walk towards a library. There, while he was returning the book he saw her, Tia. She had just flown away from her country and settled here just for a few months. He fell for her at that second. His heart was melted the second he saw her. His heart was thumping faster than ever. He was so active. He followed her into the library and when she slipped a book down of her’s, he took and gave her as he took a peek into the front page and read her name ‘Tia’. She was so beautiful. She smiled at him and thanked him. He was totally melted by her smile and smiled at her.

    As she left the library, he followed her. She knew that he's following her, though she smiled and let him follow. At last, she ended up in a mall. He too came in. She invited him to shop with her. He was pleasured to accompany. Gradually they started to chat, meet outside, go out together and some days after they started to date.

    They loved each other. He loved her the most than any other girl. He loved her character and every reaction. But he never came to know whether she loved him really, ‘cos sometimes when he says to show up her love towards him she changes the subject. She's not shy. She's just hiding something from him. He came to know that. He found out that he wasn't the only one who she had loved but she gave her love to many people. He didn't like it. He scolded her to stop those and get engaged to him but she refused. She said,

    “I'll never stop it until I get a clear understanding of love and until I find the one for me. This won't work out between us… let's break up”

    “What? why?”

    “You know very well, I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry, Aron. We'll split”

    Aron was more shocked to hear this. And he felt like his heart's broken. He smiled and left. He now understands the feelings of every girl that he had dated, how he had hurt them.

    He realised his mistake, thought his friends but once again he started to date girls.

    He's such a playboy. He never knows what he wants for sure. He just wants someone who will love him like him. He waits for that one to be noticed by him.

    This has happened for Aron while he was at college holidays.

    Aron met Cialla when he went to work. There he was the manager and she was the model. Aron was a manager in the modelling agency but he wanted to write. He was doing this to maintain finance.

    Aron was a playboy and never tried hard to get a girl to look at him. So, he did get attention from most of the girl models from there and gone out, dated and split.

    But Cialla never looked at him as she had all her eyes on Cron only. But Aron didn't give up, he tried his best to get attention from her but never once worked. So he left her. She knew all the things about Aron.

    Aron then got a chance to write but it was Renu’s book, the real person who wrote it. He looked up at her data and smirked at the photo he had of her’s. He planned to meet her but coincidentally he met her the day before the book was about to release, though it was a pre-publishing only.

    When he chatted with her, he felt his heart ease and comfortable around her. He didn't have this kind of feeling ever towards any girl. He didn't know what to call it.

    The next day when she left him, he thought that it was the end. But once again she showed up and surprised him.

    So, now he's not ready to leave her. He started to take his steps to make her his. When he was with her, slowly his feelings towards her changed into caring. And he fell for her. He really loves her now. He felt his heart beat fast while he was with her. He became happy or excited the moment when he saw her whenever he feels worse.

    He thinks not to give her away to anyone. No matter what happens, he wants to be the one who she wishes to be with. He just wants to be with her until his last breath.

    But now, Renu was warned by Cialla. And confused more than ever!

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    My anger isn’t anger, it’s rage. My rage is all noise, and the louder am I, the better I feel. I shall say anything to shake your confidence if you have wronged me. What's more: I won’t apologise, I will only forgive, being a proud king of the zodiacs.When I get mad, I’ll fly off into a rage that will offend my opponent. I like to be in control but when provoked, can be too difficult to handle. A king never tolerates wrongs. I can go to any extent to punish the wrong. My claws shall lacerate through your flesh. Pride is my weapon.You are bound to submit before me. I shall be your worst nightmare if you have wronged me. I am the king of zodiacs and you stand no chance against me.

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    Don't judge
    My choices...
    When you don't understand
    My reasons...

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    You gave me life and you left.

    Now I'll breathe that very life with every single kiss of smoke.


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    #revenge agree this ...like

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    Drama kings and Queens deserve their own karma.

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    No matter how many people try to criticize you, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.

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    They call me Sorceress.
    Claim that I'm am the source of this.
    In accordance to their laws I listed all my flaws,
    Burnt my hands in fire,
    Stripped naked, and allowed every basic human violation.
    For I knew I was innocent of any black magic crimes.
    It came to be no fault of mine, but a curse of the times.
    When they came to burn me on the stake
    The rebellion Judgement must have seen bled from my eyes.
    I will never forget the cries, the look in their eyes, the gasping why's as the devil I never knew I was ripped from my skin.
    She reaped my vengeance. A thousand burning incence will never rid Salem of the stench, the scorched Earth I left in my wake.

  • the_black_soul 1w

    And now..
    It's your time to
    See the hell.


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    Sometimes revenge is sweeter than blindly forgiving and letting your soul suffer....❤

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    Karma Has Knee Pain.

    Don’t you think I will skip on my revenge.
    Each ache of every vein will meet the balm of your demise.
    The anxiety haunts that had banged my young chest will recover with your inflamed eyes and its tears of cry.

    The long game I plan is not to satisfy but destroy.
    Echoes of your ego which neglected my soft voice,
    will now content my thirst with those bleeding ears' plight.

    Poison is the elixir I will gift you in daylight.
    The fires which deny your soul will burn in their light.
    Oceans have starved for such evil appetite.

    Only when helpless, I will deny your mercy try.
    Pathetics of the world will shine better than your dying smile.
    You and your generations will bring suffering its joy.

    Swords pale blunt, such horrid tongue, my wicked cursing tongue.
    Time will wait, escape its fate, such
    treasures you await, such pleasures you await.

    The garland of your demise,
    I will wear with pride and maybe then, sleep tight!

  • smithaadithan 1w

    The Author - Chapter-8 & 9


      I was studying high school when I met Tim Rander. We both were new to that school.

    He was an expert in sports as well as in studies. He looked so hot, cute and admirable. He was our leader and as well as our role model. As for girls, he was the hottie pie that each girl longed for and me too the same. But I left that thought gradually ‘cos I don't wanna get into trouble, as well as I started to see him as friends rather than someone whom I used to see as.

    Days passed, Tim is one of the closest friends of mine. He and I always roam together, share movies or songs or whatever to each other. We seemed to get together nice as friends. I loved those funny moments I had with him. Can't forget those times. It was a lovely time.

    Our friendship never broke. We entered the same college and there we got a new bestie, it was Cialla. We were the three besties and most crazy people in the college.

    But slowly Tim gave a gap between me and him. I felt so weird those days, he treated me like a third person, though he treated Cialla normally. I waited for that normal treating from Tim but it didn't end well. He proposed to me when I ran through these confusions. It was too much for me to carry. I couldn't bring up myself seeing him in that way. At last, I said to him to be just friends. He smiled at me but that smile wasn't warm anymore, it was gloom smile or a fake smile. I could see through him.

    Weeks passed, Tim never changed. He was the same as gloom as every day. I became to worry about him. I couldn't leave him besides all alone in that dark rather I would take him with me but he won't company me. Then...the only way of getting him to excite him is to say but it's not right.

    The next day, the news spread so fastly that we, I and Tim became one. He loved me and I cared for him but not loved. I always end up caring for him. He is like a child. Gradually the way he treated, spoke, hugged and kissed and everything that he made towards me made me tingle and smile and exciting every moment. I started to fall in love with him. I fell deeply in love with him. I don't want him to go anywhere that is far away from me. I don't wanna make him heart scatter or broke. I wanna treasure him and keep him safely and happily.

    Our love was going smoothly, suddenly there she entered, she collapsed everything and went fetching Tim away from me. She is Tia. She took Tim by saying crazy things about me but first he didn't believe it, then once she made me do those things naturally even without my knowledge and made Tim watch it and then he believed her.

    Then, at that night we broke up. I thought of his heart not to break or scatter but he broke mine and scatter into pieces. I was so naive. I didn't think of myself.

    After that, we never spoke. Cialla tried her best to clear the mess but she couldn't. One day I heard that Tia seduced Tim and made him as her’s.

    I reacted as it was nothing to me but deep inside in my heart it was so dark.

    Three months later, Tia left from here to another country. She didn't even return. Tim never was sad or gloomy when she went off rather he was so damn happy. I never knew a character like of this from him.

    I was more disappointed, what if he was so happy when he broke with me too. Is it just a lie? Is it just a play? Is it not true?... I don't care anymore about anyone nor I don't wanna. But what if it was just a misunderstanding I thought. Yet then, I'm gonna stop this messing heart of mine and make it normal and live as I wanted, I won't change anymore nor I won't love.

    I took these decisions yet I ended up now with a two-person coming over me. And as well as my heart is once again messed up. I don't know with whom I'll end up or leave. I care for both of them. I would feel so sad if I leave anyone but I gotta choose any ONE.  But that's impossible. I can't do it. What if I say no to both, but I reacted towards Aron as I do love him too. He knew it already. But not Tim. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep thought. Choose from the choice, according to my heart, whom I really love? For whom do I care a lot?...... similar to these questions and thoughts were swirling around my mind and after few minutes I got a clear answer for whom to be chosen.

    It's none other but… “ARON”, I spelt out that word without my knowledge. When I heard that name I was so damn happy and excited. I had tingling feeling too. Something was different and it was nice. And that is how love feels, it just can't be said in words but can be felt.


    The man near me who is the groom wore a magnificent dress and as for me, the bride, I was too wearing a dazzling dress which is in white colour. When we exchanged rings, we saw each other and smiled. And for you to know its an engagement between me and the man, umm… who was it again? When I took a peek at him, there was no face, what?! Suddenly my lovely dress was turning into a black colour and when I looked at the people gathered, they were all dead. Now I was covered up with blood all over me. The groom neared me and smiled at me and said “I'll come for you” with his palm in my cheek.

    His palm was as ice as cold. I was unable to breathe the next second when he said that.

    Then… I slipped off from my bed. It was a dream. Woah! What a nasty dream!

    I refreshed up and gone to work. While returning home at evening, I met up with Tim on the way while he was going outside. He invited me to his family function. I glared at him, he smiled at me and hugged me as usual as he does and went. Now I'm the one being confused, just what is his motive? Does he love me or not?

    I sighed and went home with a clean and fresh mind by forgetting it. But when I was about to go to bed it popped out. Once again I couldn't have a nice sleep. The next day, I got ready and wore a traditional dress like a saree. It was in red colour along with gold jhumka earrings and a medium sized gold chain with a small dollar, wore the hair as one plait and kept a small black bindi and kept kajal eyeliner.

    I went to his home and attended the function. His mom is very caring and loving. I love her so much. When she saw me, she was overjoyed and greeted me and said that I was beautiful. I smiled at her as looked around for Tim. She just neared me more than she was and whispered in my ear,

    “He is still in his room, not yet got ready. He'll be here soon, don't worry”

    She smirked at me, I think she misunderstands us. I just don't know what to say ‘cos I don't wanna make her smile go away in this function so, I left. When I searched for Tim, he came back on the other side of me and scared me the hell out. He laughed at me. A few minutes later he stared at me. I smiled at him and asked:


    He smirked and said

    “Nothing, just… you look lovely”


    He smiled and pulled me over him and hugged. He held me tightly so that I couldn't get off. The warmth of his was feeling good, it was somehow consoling me.

    ‘ARON’... No, I shouldn't. I pushed away from Tim and entered the room where everyone was gathered a.d celebrating the function. I knew that I still care for him but I shouldn't do this. I can't be doing this while I have Aron in my heart. Suddenly, a voice over my mind came, that said: “Do you really have Aron in your heart?”

    I thought once again and again I'm lost in my thoughts. I'm over. I thought it was Aron but why do I feel like this towards Tim too. I don't understand myself either.

    I'm messed up. I can't take a decision correctly. After the function was over, I went home and told Cialla right away what was happening to me and asked how to make a decision.

    For a few minutes she was thinking and then she spoke:

    “Tell me honestly, whom will you choose if I gave you friend or love. Don't rush think and tell”

    I thought about it, if I pick love I'll have only one person and that person is the one to be depended on. But if I pick friends, I can enjoy the way I want and have many more and many persons will care for me and can be depended on.

    “Friend”, I said.

    She smiled and said:

    “Gud. So, you pick us”

    “Excuse me, ‘Us?’”

    “Yeah, me and Tim”

    “So, then you say me to pick Tim”

    “That's not dear. I say you to pick through your heart, not through your mind”


    “Well, will yah introduce me to Aron?”

    “I'll sure”

    She smiled and then we chatted for hours.

    The next day I said Aron to come over to my home and introduced Cialla to Aron. She was amazed by my selection, I thought. But after he was gone she became sad and gloom. I asked what's the matter, she replied to me by saying that Aron is a playboy.

    I was like ‘say what?!’


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    After breakup

    She : hiii "are you alright"

    He : who is online .


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    #revenge #cold_war
    By unknown writer

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    One day u ll call me nd u will get reply from my assistant .

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    is the best

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    The best revenge I will take from my haters,
    Is by proving them wrong and to shine among them with my success beside me.

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    Showing his real colors, he too behaved with her in same way ...lyk others used to do with her...