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    In School We were together , We rejoiced, We enjoyed , We lived life to the fullest !!

    But later the streams such as Commerce , Arts and Science divided us into pieces and thus we got Divided !!

    ©Janhavi Shah

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    Yaad aate hain woh school ke din,
    Na jaate the school doston ke bin,
    Kaisi woh dosti thi, kaisa tha woh pyar,
    Ek din ki judai se darte the jab aata tha shaniwar,
    Chalte chalte patthron mein marte the thokar,
    Kabhi hanste gaate to kabhi chalte the ro kar,
    Kandhon mein kitab liye haath main botal pani,
    Kise pata tha bachpan ki dosti bhi chhura degi jawaani,
    Yaad aate hain woh syaahi se range haath,
    Kya din the woh jab karte the lunch saath,
    Chhutti ki ghanti sunte hi wo bhag ke kamre se bahar aana,
    Fir hanste hanste doston se mil jaana,
    Kaash woh dost aaj bhi mil jaate,
    Dil mein fir se bachpan ke phool khil jaate.

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    School was a torture
    All the things we had to hear about our future
    The boring classes
    And those strict teacher with glasses
    Trying to stay awake
    And begging for small breaks
    Waiting for free period all the week
    And all excuses we used to seek
    Screaming in joy when a teacher was absent
    And literally killing each other when knowing she was present
    Our never ending debates
    And the freedom coming out of the gates
    And do I have to mention the time near exam
    All the things before 5 mins, we used to cram
    Now out of school
    I feel it was still kinda cool
    All the crazy memories
    And the emotional trajectories
    But I still miss school a lot
    The times we laughed and the times we fought
    Indeed I had a great time
    And not being able to go back to school, somehow seems like a crime


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    School And College

    The Former one,
    is to
    While the Latter one,
    is to


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    Last day of school

    We were free to do anything.
    We got our rights that day.
    We achieved some awards and memories.
    We were crying due to the fact that we shall not meet each other.
    Going back to the classroom for the last time.
    Assuming ourselves sitting in the classroom and enjoying our immaturity.
    Clicking pictures with teachers and friends without any fear.
    Were busy in saving phone numbers.
    Adding friends and teachers on facebook and instagram.
    We were busy in enjoying our last day of school.
    But we were unaware with the fact that our journey ended here.
    Every eye was full of tears.

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    I love you mum and dad. And I know I don't say it enough. But words aren't good enough to respect you and appreciate you. So I keep quiet.
    An entry for: #first_school_day
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #school #dream #stranger #let #go #mum #dad #color #eyes #blind #dream #courage #fear

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    First day of school

    When I entered the place I had never seen before, I was not ready to let go of my mum's hand,
    I clutched my mum's hands tighter in hopes that she wouldn't let go.

    She noticed my anxiety and smiled,
    As if she knew exactly what I was thinking,
    She said, a few words of comfort, and some words of wisdom.
    I gained some courage and went in.
    The moment I saw her shadow go away, I cried.
    I wanted my safe haven and not this world of strangers.
    I realized what my mum meant, that they can't sit next to me all of my life,
    I had to make it on my own. ©meera_patel6902

    The bell rang and I went outside and saw them,
    In this sea of strangers I'll always find you.
    When my eyes go blind, you'll be my last colorful daydream.

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    My friends name is #VEER
    And I know
    Usse machar bhi nhi udta

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    Physics does make sense������

    * Wight us German word for "humans"

    #physics #school #dualnature #light #taught #life #humans #dualside #trust #friendship

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    School taught us:
    Dual nature of light
    Life taught us:
    Dual nature of wight*


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    Back bencher

    School me Jin first bench me bitha karte the

    Ab college me akar vahi first bencher
    Back bencher ban gya

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    I realised it when I stepped out of my second home - my school...


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    " When did you realise that you are no more a child ? " , Someone asked .

    " I realised it twice...The last day of my school life and the first day of my college " , she replied in a low tone .


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    अब इससे बढ़कर
    गुनाह-ए-आशिकी क्या होगी?

    जब रिहाई का वक़्त आया
    तो पिंजरे से मोहब्ब्त हो चुकी थी

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    What's your next plan after school? - they asks
    Prepare for the best version of I ,Me,Myself - broken heart

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    After all all it needs is that ONE phone call.....
    Make it...

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    Chapter 3

    First of all just search and use the #thebadgirl if you want to follow the story. Or you can just see it in my account. Thank you for those who give time to read this. Thanks so much.


    I took a deep breath before approaching Mr. West's table. The father of Mr. Perfect.

    "what brings you here, Summer? I'm sure you have a class in this period."

    "it's about your son Mr. West." I snapped. "he's really annoying! Can you get rid of him from me? To stop minding my business before i lose control and does something terrible at him." I said angrily.

    I really hate it when someone bothers me in my business. Especially those i'm not close with.

    "sorry Ms. Grant, but i gave him a task. A task to take you at the right path."

    "i can manage myself. I don't need anyone's help. I don't want your son tailing me, or anyone. Just treat me like i'm invisible in this school."

    "how can you be invisible when you're branded as the school's bad girl? We want to change that Ms. Grant. You're popular, i don't mind that. But be popular in a good way. Not as the one who always have detention and as the top rule breaker, as the bad girl.."

    "they're the one giving me that name. And i don't care about it, besides i see myself deserving in that title."

    The principal grunted.

    "bear it. Bear my son. You can now leave." Said he.

    "what? No way!" i'm alarmed. "Your son may lose focus studying, divide his time in all of his duty, may affect his reputation, your reputation, and all just because of me? Would you want that to happen?"

    "if that's what it takes to get you in the right path, then it's worth it."


    "you'll be the key to his dreams. If he succeed, if you succeed, it will benefit both of you."

    "no, it will only benefit him. And what will it do to me?"

    "you can go to college. Be professional. Aside from music." He glanced at my guitar.

    "i don't have any plans of college."

    "then atleast help him in his plans. You should leave now Ms. Grant. I have many things to do that i should get started."

    "this is all ridiculous!" I said before turning my back at him. I approached the door and shut it behind me.

    Mr. Perfect's standing, leaning at the wall with cross arms. He looked totally hot but i'm not the kind of girl who'll totally drool for it because it's totally stupid.

    "i'm sure you already knew how it goes." I stated.

    "i don't know the process but i know the results. He's not taking it back."

    "i think you already know that from the start." Then i walk pass him.

    "hey--" he called.

    "--don't force me to get to my class anymore because i'm already 45 minutes late and there's only 15 minutes left." I said to him and continued on my way.

    I'm sensing my back and i'm finally relieved he's not tailing me anymore. Man, what a headache!

    I know my life would be different again. I'm having a studyguard here in school. Not a bodyguard, he's not protecting me from physical harm. He's protecting me from failing grades and bad records. He'll force me to study, attend my every class, make assignments, projects, be cooperative--uuuggghhh!!! I hate all this stuff!

    After school, i go to the night club. My friends are waiting in there. We'll be having a gig. We're the next to perform on stage. I'm the band's guitarist and sometimes vocalist. The leader's my boyfriend. The lead vocalist. I'm the only girl at the band.

    When it's our turn everyone cheered up. Nathan kissed me before going up at the small stage.

    Then we settled everything and started our performance. He's singing. And i really love his voice. I strum like a crazy rockstar. I really love performing. The music's driving me crazy and all i can think about is just enjoy it and give my best shot.

    After our performance, the club manager gives our price. We divided it. This can also be my work. Earning money. We settled in the area at the corner of the bar.

    "we did well there." Jake said after we ordered some drinks.

    "we always did." Axel stated while opening a canned beer. I reached one for myself.

    "we're the best. Right, Sum?" Nathan asked me. His arms around my shoulder. We lean at the sofa like we're tired in our performance.

    "yup, of course." I open my canned beer.

    "hey, your voice in that." He warned me.

    "i'm not performing very soon. Besides it's not cold."

    "okay, i'll just drive you home after."

    "you always did." I smiled and drink the beer. After that, we kissed.

    Nathan and me are in the same year. Just, we're in separate schools. We've known each other when i've perform solo in one of the night clubs. He'd seen me perform, he recruited me in his band, I go out with him. We had a relation. I'm not even sure if I love him.

    Our kiss went deeper. We don't really mind people saw us. It's a bar. There's nothing formal here.

    "hey, hey, get a room." Said Xyran across us.

    "i'll be paying for it." Axel volunteered.

    I stopped what i'm doing. I pushed Nathan aside. I saw his dissapointment. He just then opened a beer and drank it.

    "hey, your voice." I chided him.

    "just a little." He said and smiled at me.

    Jake stood up. "com'on guys, let's dance."

    "okay." I said and pulled Nathan along. We all go to the dance floor and showed our moves. We dance like there's no other time. The music's really had me going on. Us i mean.

    After that. It's past ten when we decide to go home. Nathan drove me. Before bidding goodbye, we kissed for a moment and got out of his car. He started on his way again. I turn around and faced my home. I straightened my guitar before approaching to the door. I inserted my key and opened the door gradually. I knew my father's already asleep. Which is a good thing. I don't want him to ruin my wonderful evening cause i've got a bad day earlier.

    I tiptoed to my room, did my night routine, like washing myself, change clothes, before going to sleep.


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    Chapter 2

    First of all just search and use the #thebadgirl if you want to follow the story. Or you can just see it in my account. Thank you for those who give time to read this. Thanks so much.

    Chapter 2

    I'm here at the councilor's office. Asking Mrs. Vander for a student's record, files or any information of her.

    "here it is, Mr. West." She's approaching to me from the door inside her office. The documentary room is in her territory. I lend my hand to reach it but she hadn't handed it yet. "why are you checking up her files?" She asked suspiciously, narrowing her eyes. "do you like her?"

    "there's no way that would happen." I retorted quickly with a small laugh. Oh my god, that's the last thing that would ever happen.

    "never speak like it's the end."

    "it's just, dad gave me this task. Bring her at the right direction so i can achieve my dreams and i don't know where to start coz i don't know her closely."

    "well, that's great. Here it is." She handed it to me.

    I took it and open directly the file. I'm just sitting infront of her table.

    Hhmm.. 17 years old, only child, living with her dad, her mother's deceased, blood b-- i shouldn't care about that. I scan to the next page. I got her phone number, i even read her likes and dislikes. To the next page, her records. Totally her bad records. Cutting classes, not passing homeworks and projects, tardiness, absenses, caught dringking in school, smoking, caught in many curfews, fight with the students. Great. Very great.

    I closed the folder and looked at Mrs. Vander.

    "is she that bad?" I asked, giving it back.

    "not so, i think. She's smart but her bad doings are ruining her. We've meet many times but she's not openning up to me. I don't really know what's her problem. But still, i see hope in her. Please Skyler, help her." She's begging him.

    "it's my task. I can't refuse." I sigh then stood up. "thanks Mrs. V. Please don't tell this to anyone."

    "of course, i won't."

    "bye Mrs. V." I said then get out of her office.

    It's my vacant period by the way and the last period of the day.

    There's only few students roaming around the campus. I go to the garden to have some time alone to think of what should i do to Summer Grant. But i saw her, she shouldn't be one of the few students roaming around the campus this time because i've seen her schedule and she has a math class now. She's cutting again.

    I saw her with some other students.

    "Trisha, i really saw her kissing your boyfriend." A girl said to her fellow that's facing Summer.

    "who are you talking about?" Asked Summer like she really has no idea or just acting.

    "Flint. You flirt!" Said Trisha.

    "Flint? We're close but he never mentioned about you. And know what that means? He's not really treating you as his girlfriend nor he's serious. He said he'll tell me whoever his serious girlfriend is." Summer retorted and turned her back but the girl, Trisha pulled her long hair and Summer yelped in sudden pain.

    I quickly approach to them.

    "stop it girls." I hold Trisha's hand to hand's off Summer's long hair. I stand between them. Trisha's raging in anger and panting. "I don't want any catfights here."

    "you trying me, Trisha?" Summer said behind me. She put this smirk on. "you're so brave now."

    "shut up Summer." I said.

    "step aside man. You're out of this." She retorted to me. I ignored it.

    "if you have a class this period, attend it but if you don't have, go somewhere else or i'll bring you to the council's office." I said to the two girls.

    And they walk away. Now, i turn at Summer. She's straigthening her guitar that's hanging in her back. She's turning away from me but i grabbed her arm.

    "that's not the way to your Math class."

    "i know." She's trying to pull out her arm in my grip.

    "you cutting class again." I narrowed my eyes.

    "it's none of your business. Hands off me." She's now glaring.

    "you're right. It's none of my business. It wasn't. But now it is."

    "what do you mean?"

    "my father gave me this task to straighten your studies. To make you graduate with appropriate grades."

    "i don't need anyone's help. I can manage. Now, hands off me."

    "tell that to my dad."

    "that's your problem. Not mine."

    "okay. Then com'on." I dragged her with me.

    "let go off me." She said while struggling to get away. "i don't want to get violent on you Mr. Perfect." She warned.

    I stopped and looked at her. "why? Did i hurt you? I'm just sending you to your class. Don't blame me for minding your business. Blame the principal if you don't want me forcing you to enter your classes."

    "okay, i'll talk to him. Now, hands off me for the fourth time."

    "you'll be the one to suffer if you won't tell him sooner."

    "i'll talk to him now."

    "then i'll escort you there."

    "no need to get hold of me. We'll only start rumors if they saw us."

    "i don't give a damn about rumors."

    "oh, you don't care about your reputation?"

    "i don't make reputation on myself. They're the ones putting reputation on me. So just com'on."

    She scowled but then i ignored it and just dragged her to the dean's office.

    People are really staring at us as we walk pass them or saw us.

    I gripped her right hand while her left hand's holding her guitar.

    "why are you bringing that always like there's a gold in it?" I asked, curious.

    "it's a gold to me." She answered.

    "you're so obsess in music."

    "it's my life." She mumbled.

    Then we're at the principal's office already. In front of it.

    "convince him." I said.

    "i will, even if you don't say so."

    "and don't tell him that i told you about the task. Just say to him to get his son away from your business."

    She sigh. "i know what to do." She knocked at the door thrice.

    "come in." The principal said.

    She looked at me before opening the door. I gestured for her to get in already. She opened the door and get herself in. The door shut infront of me. I waited outside. And i also try to eavesdrop. Lucky, no one's roaming around here in this time.


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    I looked
    through the
    window where
    the sweet
    sounds of the
    birds reminded
    me the Golden
    days of my
    School life.

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    First of all just search and use the #thebadgirl if you want to follow the story. Or you can just see it in my account. Thank you for those who give time to read this. Thanks so much.


    Walking down the corridors. The bell just rang. My group's behind me. Then there, i saw Summer Grant. Talking with a bunch of kids. Her straight long hair hang loosely in her back, with her treasured guitar. She really loves bringing that around, like wherever she goes, she's having a concert and always ready for it. They're talking, laughing and giggling very loud and that's not allowed in corridors because they're disturbing classes.

    I stopped infront of them when we happen to pass them.

    I cleared my throat. They stopped talking and looked at me.

    "minimize your voices please. You're disturbing classes." I ordered. Part of the student council duty.

    "i'm going guys." Summer said and walk past me. She didn't even glance at me.

    I cleared my throat again. "that's all, and go to your classes." I said to the rest.

    I continue on.

    "hey Skyler, do you have to do that all the time?" One of my friends tapped me at my shoulder.

    "yeah, part of the duty. And guys, I need to go. Principal called me." I said.

    "okay, see ya later."

    "yeah, see you guys at lunch." I said then go to the principal's office.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "you're late." The principal said as i closed the door behind me.

    "sorry. Got to reprimand some kids at the corridors." I walk to the front of his table. "what do you call me for?"

    "i have a task for you. If you succeed then i'll let you pursue your dreams. And i'll help you to it."

    "really?" My mood brightened. "surely i can do it. Whatever it is. Spill it out already." I got excited. "wait, is it academical or not?"

    "very academical."

    "say it already."

    "bring Summer Grant to the right path. Make her graduate with appropiate grades."

    And my dream just fall out in front of me. The excitement fades in just a blink.

    "that's ridiculous!" I snapped. "i can't do that. That's her life and i don't have anything to do with it. She have to fix it herself."

    "you need to help her."

    "she doesn't need help dad! She chooses her path and that leaves to her."

    "fine, then don't expect you'll achieve your dreams. Stop dreaming."

    "fine! I'll do it. But what if i already did everything and she's still lost?"

    "that only means you haven't done everything you could. You just said you can do everything and this is something you can. So you can go already. Here's the late pass." I take the late pass and approached the door emmediately. "and wait!" He called as i was to get out of the room. I turn.


    "start as very soon as possible. This morning she just skipped class again. And i think she skipped this period too."

    I didn't answer and just walk out.

    How the hell would i do this task?! She doesn't even respect me and we haven't talk to each other, ever. She's the school's bad girl and i'm the good student here. I'm sure she knew me and i knew her. Only on the outside.

    I scooted to my class already which is i'm thirty minutes late. I gave the late pass to the teacher. She just smiled at me. Everyone does. But not the bad ones.

    As i sit myself at my position, i roamed my eyes around. Exactly, just as my dad said. She skipped this period. We're classmates in this class. What could she be doing when she skip her classes? Sleep? Work? Drugs? Drink? Party? Sex? Having a gig? Skate? Oh, as if i know. But sure it's one of them.

    The period ended and there's no Summer Grant who showed. Students stood to get out first and rush to the cafeteria for lunch. I hear the teacher's sigh as i'm the last one who walk out of the classroom.

    At the cafeteria..

    As i walk in, many students giggled, most are girls. I ordered directly and walk to my circle of friends at the center table. We made hand greetings and tappings everytime seeing each other.

    "what would Summer sing now?" Michael asked as i sit beside him.

    "whatever it is, i'm sure it rocks!" Said Ryan across me.

    "no man." Trim butted in. He's beside Ryan. "she's the one who rocks!" He said it with a rock 'n roll hand gesture.

    "hey, you have a crush on her?" Asked Lilah at the right end of the table. She's in cheerleading. The captain.

    "i don't. Just.. Um--okay. I have a crush on Summer." He admitted. "but don't tell this to anyone."

    "but i heard it." She said in Trim's left ear. Summer just popped out of the blue. We didn't see her coming because we're busy talking. Everyone on our table looked at her.

    She's showing on a smirk.

    Trim turned red. He's like a tomato. I bit my tongue to resist myself in laughing. I nearly choked in what i'm eating.

    "i'm not eavesdropping." Summer said. "just happen to pass when my ears caught it." She gave a small smile to Trim and walk away.

    "whoa, what was that?" Jessica said in disbelief. She's in the right side of Trim.

    "you just made a confession." Said Michael beside me.

    Then i burst out laughing. "you've turn into a tomato." The rest of us laughed but Trim remained silent. Embarrassed.

    "shut up guys." He mumbled.

    We stop laughing when we heard someone singing. She's singing while strumming her guitar. Well, i think this is what almost everyone waits, just almost. It is like a session here once or twice a week every lunch. Summer's performance. She had that dynamic voice. That can be rock, rnb or anything. She's amazing, i admit it. But she just have this attitude and reputation as the school's bad girl.

    Then i just remembered my task. My task! My damn task!

    After the performance, everyone applaused and even whistled at her, except me and her antifans maybe. This is more like a foodcourt than a cafeteria.

    Now, how should i start? Damn! I don't even know how to start. She started to exit the cafeteria. When she's out the door, i stood up directly. "i'm done, i need to go." I said to the group.

    "where are you going man? We still have 20 minutes left." Said Trim, looking up at me.

    "uh, just to talk to someone. I'll catch up you later." Then i ran out from the cafeteria.

    Looking sideways to find her. And there she is. Eating with her own group of bad ones here in school. I haven't talk to her yet. Not yet. She's still busy eating. And flirting with her boyfriend i think, they're too close. But i approached to their area.

    "excuse me, but P.D.A's strictly not allowed here. Very disgusting." I said to them. They looked at me. Summer stood up. She's done eating.

    "then don't look." She stated. She's straightening her guitar and ready to leave. I try to stop her but one of her guy friends stood in my way. The one she's been kissing earlier.

    "don't make a move, West." He said with a hard face.

    "back off, Flint. Don't have to protect me. I'm not afraid of him." Summer said cooly behind him.

    "you heard your girlfriend." I stated.

    Summer pulled his arm and she stoods in his spot. I look down at her. She's my eye level. "i'm not his girlfriend." She said, narrowing her eyes.

    "you're kissing earlier."

    "can't friends kiss each other?"

    "it's more disgusting now."

    "i don't care." She said and walk out on me.

    After that, i just realized how hard to fix her up. It's our first time talking and it turns out like that. Well, good start Skyler West. A very good start.


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    "Why do you want to be a school teacher?" the world questioned.

    "Because I want to go back to the only place where I was ever happy." A depressed soul replied.