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  • vanyabharadwaj 4d

    यूँ ही जब ख्यालों में वो आ जाते हैं,
    दिल के सारे अरमान वो जगा जाते हैं,
    कैसे बताये कितनी मोहब्बत है हमें उनसे,
    वो नज़रों से ही कलाम-ए-इश्क़ सुना जाते हैं।


  • ashwanth 1w


    I remembered this dream as if I lived it today
    Not so obscure but definitely not sane
    I live in a place where stranger is a friend
    I wander with no form and little norms
    Was a kid who had just started dreaming
    Why did I remember this now?
    Why did I dream it then?
    Intensity, was it the same when I dreamt it then?
    My mind ponders
    I assumed I wasn't a stranger to universal thoughts
    But this dream sings another song
    Vague and distorted, yet connected
    I'm worried, it was just a dream but glad as well
    I'm masking the details as it is mine
    I wish you would have such a dream
    Not a petty one about achieving success
    A dream you can hold onto when you are fumbling

    A dream about just living!

  • my_little_musings 3w

    She lives in colors,
    She dances in breeze,
    She dreams with eyes,
    She weeps in rain,
    She loves with heart,
    When he plucked her,
    She lost her Life.
    She was a beautiful flower❤️


  • vanyabharadwaj 4w

    Oh and I sure saw heaven, when I died in your arms!

  • vanyabharadwaj 4w


    Some places have a connection to your soul. A connection which relaxes you, soothes you, calms your nerves. Places that give your troubled mind home that it always yearns for. Places that have your roots planted deep, down and strong. Places where each breath you take revitalizes you. Places where the skies are reassuring and where the winds help you in your flight. Places that rebirth your imagination, that rewires your entangled brain and reignited the diminishing fire of your soul. Places where you can get a good night's sleep without a worry. Places where you can laugh without fear of judgement. Places that hold all of your secrets, stories, history, your beginnings. Places that you can always call your own. Places that you can call home.', staring at the night sky, she thought this to herself. She never knew a place can affect her so much, but to her surprise, it did.

  • projit123 5w


    I choose to be myself as the white board of my mind do have many scribblings, but still my territory of writing my own scribblings is never invaded.

  • vanyabharadwaj 5w

    अब उन सब बातों का कोई मतलब न रह गया,
    वो तुम कुछ और थे, वो हम कुछ और थे,
    ना वो समा रहा, वो ज़माना भी बदल गया,
    अब तुम्हारी नज़रों में कोई और है, तब तुम्हारी नज़रो में बस हम थे,
    अब उन सारी यादों को माज़ी में छोड़ दिया,
    वो हँसी कुछ और थी, आज हँसी कुछ और हैं,
    वो नज़रों को चुराना, चुपके से फिर मिलना,
    अंदाज़ ऐ मोहब्बत कुछ और था, आज कुछ और हैं,
    वो बात बात पे रूठना और फिर मनाना,
    फुरसत के लम्हें तब थे, आज माहौल कुछ और है...

  • vanyabharadwaj 5w

    आग दोनों ही तरफ़ बराबर की थी,
    फ़र्क़ सिर्फ़ इतना था,
    वो हवा दे रहे थे,
    हम तड़प के जल रहे थे।

  • vanyabharadwaj 5w

    चलो एक दांव आज हम भी खेलते हैं,
    तुम मुस्कुराना और हम दिल हार जाएंगे।

  • anomabhardwaj 5w


    Even if my soul disintegrated into a million scarred pieces someday,
    The broken remnants will find you and call it their home.


  • anomabhardwaj 5w

    Ode to my love.

    My love.

    Yes I love you!
    In this moment. While you make me feel this euphoric inside.

    Will I love you forever? I don't know.
    There will come a time, when a heap of bad moments will pile up, the moments which won't make me feel as crazy about you as I feel right now. And in that moment one of us might want to jump out of the wagon and ask for a refund. And if that one is you, trust me I'll do everything that I can to pull you right back in and remind you how worthy the ride was and still will be.
    But if I'm the one to be jumping, please pull me back too. Please make me feel special like you did when you told me you loved me when I could see no reason why. And like when you lifted my spirits up every fucking time I dropped down.

    Remind me how you were my rock solid support in the times I myself wanted to break up with me. Remind me how my mind went insane but my heart calmed down when I gazed into your eyes for more than three seconds. Remind me how ferociously I loved you!
    And what if even then it doesn't work out...what if even then one of us wants to jump off.

    Well if it does come to that, we will figure that out too, like we did with almost anything anew...
    We will get ourselves different rides and I will pray for your smooth journey like I know you will pray for mine.

    And just know that me not being in your wagon doesn't mean I would forget how beautiful the ride was.

    I wouldn't stop loving you, not now, not even then.

    Feelings may fade, our compatibility might not be as telepathic as it now, but know this, I will never stop caring or keeping you in my prayers and well wishes. I'll never stop loving you or respecting you, for you loved me once when even I couldn't do so and with so much ferocity that it sent me tumbling down and swept me off my feet all at the same time.
    With love, your love.


  • vanyabharadwaj 5w

    समय की तेज़ धार में हम भी बह चले हैं: ना मंज़िल का पता, ना कोई साथी, बस चल पड़े हैं।

  • vanyabharadwaj 5w

    Gone girl: Part I

    No feeling at all...
    Nothing seems worth it...
    The liveliness is gone...
    I feel numb...
    Struck with lightening bolt of emptiness...
    Struck down...Into the ground...
    Is this the way it's going to be?
    Has the end come for me?


  • samirah 7w

    I won't beg for your love
    I won't even ask for it
    I won't ask that you leave your cosy haven
    and come out into the cold for me
    Samirah Ali

  • deeprooted_thoughts 8w

    She hid inside the blanket and curled herself up in the warmth for him to come find her.
    But little did she know that he lost his way to her.
    She was waiting beneath that blanket to scare him when he pulls it up.
    She still is.

    -sreyas sony.

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    She hid inside the blanket and curled herself up in the warmth for him to come find her.
    But little did she know that he lost his way to her.
    She was waiting beneath that blanket to scare him when he pulls it up.
    She still is.

    -sreyas sony.

  • vanyabharadwaj 9w

    A Greek tragedy it was;
    Both of us fell in love, but for it no one fought!

  • rounikraj 10w

    Sometimes silence hurts more than words and sometimes silence is all we need.
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    Wordcard #044

    She carved many scars not with the words but silence.

    -Rounik Raj

  • alissandrasmith 10w

    Hate is Blind.

    I was diagnosed with a late stage of love,
    It coverts the soul with euphoric colours.
    I had never been so " in feeling."
    So mutually eaten.

    - And then she came in a rage of homicide;
    A selfish immature naiive glare in her eyes
    She didn't understand her hurt or the impact of her frivalous lies on our once simple life,
    - But after quite some time of quiet patience and contemplation and then meditation searching for some shred of my spirit left in zen yet still I began to despise her.

    I had fallen for her;
    Deeply into hatred I had fallen harder than anybody has ever loved!
    I lusted after her last breath, to mutilate her face and scorch her bigger breasts
    I would make her unfaceable
    But keep her alive...
    Steal her beauty and release her back into the wild, unkind world of ego and ergo force her person to learn what it means to be nice,
    Or at least not to get on the wrong side of real women with quality steel knives.

    So after several years of stalking my prey,
    every move, every day; watching her slay my lover over and over until his light too went away forever leaving him broken and lifeless our soul split spilt all over the rubble in the grubby sewers of her rotting streets

    I watched.

    Every trend she got obsessed by,
    Every friend she posessed slyly playing and pretending to be nice and kind like her puppets and dolls and then every time she stabbed them in the back and grabbed all their money for security and crack; I saw it all.

    And it made me cruel.

    I'm still watching, and I'm coming for you because I hate you so much my darling, I hate you to death all the way to the moon and back again and I'm going to see you suffer until you have nothing left in your soul but to truly know what love is.


  • alissandrasmith 10w

    Working Class.

    Grinding your sores
    Always tired
    Always more work
    Always poor.

    Winding the clock forwards
    Pass the time
    Your brilliance is wasted
    Dulled down and dreams
    Painted in watercolours
    That run away with sweat and tears

    But we don't know fear
    We're full of love in our hearts
    and laughter, hardened
    We persevere,
    Stronger than the "people at the top"
    Go on I dare you to really piss us off!

    We're not all stupid because we cant make our bills:
    Some of us are artists some of us are ill,
    Most of us weren't born into some sort of bull
    And for that ladies and gentleman,
    I am eternally greatful.

    I'm proud to be me and you being snobby
    just makes me unable to take you seriously,
    Actually I just feel pity
    Because my life is real, interesting and busy
    Whereas yours is material
    And doesn't mean a thing, literally.

    Vile pigs feeding on greed, draining us and the Earth til we and she bleeds out for your own self serving needs,
    Your time is coming Trumpers so for now sleep peacefully; because the delusional dream you're pretending to live in is about to cease brutally.


  • alissandrasmith 11w


    I'm British, I say.
    That's what my passport portrays.
    Got to have one nowadays to show that you are monitered, that you're "okay".
    My blood i'm told is German, English and Lithuanian,
    I don't know the type I think it's alien because I don't seem to gel with anyone, not really, only like a chameleon (I hide) different colours different sides but whoever truly trusts humans dies by a snake bite right?
    My skin is white and oily, my hair is dark (with grey bits) and always a knotty mess, i'm quite tall with big feet and ears, bones strong like an Amazonian warrior my eyes are hazel like that makes a difference, my tongue is reddish and I still have all my teeth, a few wrinkles express my years of laughter and stress.
    I don't know why I'm telling you all of this, it's so superficial to me I could be made of plastic it wouldn't make a difference.
    My geneology? Who knows; i'd love to be told my code. My ancestory mould;
    Find out just how homosapien I really am.
    If there's a chance, a genuine reason I feel so alone.
    I don't feel my skin, or my blood nor my mind. I feel like trapped energy in a dimension that's dying.
    So to me racism and citizenship is narcissim and bullshit. What, to go for a swim I need a fucking permit or you'll put me in prison turn me into a goddamned hermit?
    But i'm western so i'm being "culturally inappropriate" a priviledged hypocrite, an ignorant idiot, makes as much sense as organised religion doesn't it?