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  • shubh_u 13w

    Priority : Above all ; BAE
    My colourful delight...
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    PRIORITY : 2

    No matter whether it's a peaceful White...
    Or magnificent matte black....

    Are you the Rainbow
    having every shades of Light...!?

    Every shade of Love...
    Every shade of Life...

    You are the only
    My Colourful delight...

  • aabshaar 13w

    एक वक्त का शबाब,
    फिर अंधेराे है इन राहों में,
    ज़रा सा साया था जिसका,
    आज गायब है मेरे ख्यालों से।

    Ek waqt ka shabaab,
    Phir andhera hai in raahon mein,
    Zaraa sa saaya tha jiska,
    Aaj gaayab hai mere khayaalon se


  • priyanshuraj_priyu 13w

    My Scars

    Tonight, I shall reveal the secret of my scars
    My both hands sink every night in painful jars
    The more I fought to win, the more I lost
    One night, I kneeled, to see what it would cost
    That night, I felt peace, when I held the blades
    When blood dripped I saw life's darkest shades
    From that night on, I long every time for peace
    And every time, to sleep, I have to lose a piece
    Sometimes, piece of my flesh, sometimes of my soul
    But the result is always better, as I achieve goal
    The more I cut, the better were my sleeps
    The more I bleed, the more red were my lips
    That night, while cutting, I cried of your pain
    Tonight, I cry because your absence rained
    With each passing night, my cuts get deeper
    My left hand's the victim & right one's blood dripper
    After reading this, don't start cutting yourself
    'coz only a few survive & rest die of self-help.


  • aabshaar 14w

    ये मेरी पहली ग़ज़ल है Mirakee पे।
    आशा करता हूं आप लोगों को पसंद आएगी।

    सफ़्हा : a page of a book
    काफूर : camphor, which gets evaporated

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    सफ्हा- एक ग़ज़ल

    एक सफ़्हा पलट कर देखा है,
    जिंदगी की असलियत को देखा है।

    जहां समझते थे की छांव बहुत है,
    वहां पेड़ों को कटते देखा है।

    हर वफाओं के कसमें-वादे को,
    यहां काफूर होते देखा है।

    जिसके होते के जमाने में सजदे कभी,
    उसको नजरों से गिरते देखा है।

    जो कभी बनते थे बुनियाद मेरी,
    उनको बर्फ सा पिघलते देखा है।


  • harmonizer 14w


    People observe the colors of a day only at its beginnings and ends,
    but it's quite clear that a day merges through a multitude of shades and intonations with each passing moment
    A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors
    Waxy yellows,
    Cloud-spot blues,
    Murky darkness...

  • dhanusha_ 14w


    I keep myself busy
    with things to do,
    but everytym I pause,
    I still think of You..

  • fire_flares 14w

    Shades of grey

    His wardrobe consist of elegantly stitched suits which are mostly grey in shade .
    I asked him why grey ?
    HE said that shades of grey describes His dark past which was PAINFULLY stitched in his memories never to be forgotten. .................


  • light_flame 15w

    Her aesthetic delineation embodies all the shades of the sky mixed with the water from the oceans...

  • arshia_gulrays 15w

    The world was your own shades of colours and just for once I wanted to feel this world from your heart. At that instance, I dissolved myself in your canvas. I couldn't be the most dominant part of your world but I completely soaked you into my heart. And for me, that was enough.

  • dhivyadharshinigajendran 15w


    Darling, handle me of all your shades.
    I paint my entire world with it.


  • bleeding_ink 15w


    Shades of me are two.
    Either a real me or to-be as you.
    Decide fast, choices are a few.
    Be mine or hide me as if a criminal's
    full proof plan leaving no clue.


  • brownbarbie 15w


    People are MOSAIC.
    Not just the two shades of BLACK or WHITE.
    Accept it, folks.

  • satansoul 17w


    Thy skin,
    Is a parchment paper,
    Soaking the very essence of everything,
    And thee is covered with these,
    While the inside is still to be discovered.

  • dj_wanderer 17w

    In a Fix!

    Dear life,
    These hues and shades of your very being,
    They have put me in a fix,
    Sometimes, they want me to escape,
    At others, they want me to dive in deep,
    Sometimes, they want me to give up,
    At others, they want me to win.

  • sharmilajuliet 17w

    Words are born as butterfly
    It's outcome is full of colorful
    Feelings. If you hide it, you
    Are not able to see the 
    Different shades of the words
    Like butterfly. If you let it go
    You can see every colors,
    You can feel the each shade of
    Feelings which stuffed inside
    The broken hearts.

  • iamjass 17w

    This poem has three parts.
    First is an opening HAIKU, followed by a TRIOLET
    and then a closing HAIKU.


    @robb981o ♥️ this isn't just a poem, lova.

    Here I tether you. I breathe you. I live you.
    I love you.
    This is our home.
    This is us and what you mean to me.
    And I feel like an old soul. I have waited thousands of hideous winters just to meet your spring.

    "I have loved you for a thousand year and I'll love you for a thousand more". ~ David Hodges and Christina Peri

    P.S. This isn't just a purpose for me, this is how I live him.


    Thank you so much @halcyon and @kenosis
    God bless you both with eternity, all I pray.

    #week13love #p3c #kencyon
    #babyuncle #samha #love #shades

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    je t'aime

    In my frozen heart,
    an alluring orchid blooms
    to sing for your spring.


    Since my eyes tethered that sunset of our first monsoon,
    fall of autumn was evanescent, I kissed the spring.
    Scarlet carnations bloomed on a landscape, so dun.
    Since my eyes tethered that sunset of our first monsoon,
    stars giggle a bit more for sun and moon.
    And you became as oasis, a benison in my being.
    Since my eyes tethered that sunset of our first monsoon,
    fall of autumn was evanescent, I kissed the spring.


    I survived the rain
    because God wanted me to
    meet your petrichor.

    // and I love you to the moon and back //



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  • iamjass 18w

    I'm a metaphorical rose,
    I want my petals to be
    as bewitching as my mother
    but I train my thorns to be
    as strong as the shield of my father.


    Yeah, I didn't write it for me. I wrote it for him, 'cause he misses his paternal shield.

    @robb981o ♥️ I know you miss him and so here are my words, find him here. I know you can. And remember no matter what comes I will be the most precious diamond of solace in your hand.

    At last but not the least, wishing all a very very happy Father's Day. Respect and love your father at utmost level as he does so many things for us, silently and gradually.

    #babyuncle #samha #love #shades #scars

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    Dad, You are still Here

    And Dad, it has been a year since your anatomy has overstepped the threshold of our abode. Somehow it brings solace to us that peace has kissed you on the lap of almighty. Days weren’t smooth after you left. I was not a kid but watching the circumferences altering was too much heart wrenching, Dad.

    I felt like a sophomore on the stairs of agony. I had to camouflage my tears as I needed to be the backbone of our home and I couldn’t let the bone marrow wash away with the direful cascade of tears.

    But I cried Dad, I cried.

    I wailed and prayed my hiccups to put a cease. I used to dip my face onto the pillow and keep walking on the serpentine pathway. The pillow used to be hell frozen before the dawn and that was the alarm, I had to tether the tears within the eyes, waiting for the next witching hour. Your merciless void used to sabotage my naps. I saw Mum, crying, before our family photograph. Each moment I used to smell tears around me the feud inside me used to roar,
    tweaking all the blisters.

    I remember the nights Dad, when I used to cringe seeing you breathing your last puff, perhaps. I could see the torrid desert heading towards our home and it was horrified not to see your shelter again. There was a plethora of whirlwinds inside my ribcage, hurricanes of regret that I wasn’t able to lighten your blain. I was hopelessly hapless to see you die. I remember the hideous nights I used to sit beside you, taking care of your diet and medicines, trying to provide you some comfort, suppressing my choked voice and telling you “everything would be fine, papa”, rubbing your hands gently and tracing warmth in those cold palms.

    Nothing became fine, Dad. Nothing.
    I could do nothing. Your son could do nothing.
    Those nights weren’t nights but blizzards.

    And I had to go afar from home Dad, for my study. I didn’t want to leave the place where your dusts were breathing but I had to. I remember I wasn’t a good kid, perhaps. I wasn’t the suitable clay to fit into your favorite pot. I know you had dreams which you wanted to see in my frame, I remember them and I am watering them in the back of my mind. I came afar but with your emerging ethos Dad. I recall your words which you told me when I used to do some notorious tot jobs. Your sunrise like words; when I used to sigh, my shoulders used to be filthy or when my appearance used to be belittled, still echo on the alleys of my reminiscence. They roam like a gentle whiff, light up the lampposts of hope and cuddle the petrichor after I cry.

    But some day when I visit home, I visit your room, Dad. Maybe hallucination but I can hear your warm welcome greeting. I open the locked door of your room. As soon as I open them I feel as if your savor has enwrapped me and your positive vibes started caressing my soul.

    Each time I feel a gentle breeze when I go near your arm chair. I sniff  your cologne in your archaic cloths. I gently touch the dust layers on your belongings. The deluge of your memories takes me away. The retentions, last time my head occupied your shoulder and the embracement we had, are evanescent but I see the candid image of yours Dad, whenever I close my eyes inside the room.

    I am not a stargazer Dad, yet I glance at the stars from the window of your room. There is something I share with the star, with you that even
    the last galaxy cannot soak the moist of.

    The fall of tears is abysmal yet I sustain gazing stars and end up whispering,

    you are still here, Dad.



  • preshitaaa 18w


    They both were Hues
    She had the Tint
    He had the Shades
    Together they made
    A beautiful Masterpiece

  • alokvatsa 14w

    The world is not black and white. It is not absolute. It doesn't swing only on one side. But in our minds, it often can be. We humans are not too good at seeing the thin line between success and failure, happiness and sadness, and instead we see a wide gap.

    Kids often see things in black and white because they have no understanding of grey areas, therefore they don’t spend too much time worrying as we adults do. As we become older, the color filters that we develop when we apply this concept of black and white thinking become increasingly negative. We get driven by assumptions or ideas which may or may not be right always.

    Our thinking is defined by many of our experiences and it’s acceptable. But our thinking isn’t right just because it’s ours. Others’ thinking isn’t wrong just because it’s not. And that’s the real problem with black and white thinking. There is a little margin of error.

    There will be moments when you will be happy like anything and there will be times when you will be surrounded with an ocean of sadness. But one thing is certain, that everything will change. No black is forever, no white is forever. So you see life is somewhat grey. But then shades of grey will be different depending upon your relative happiness or sadness.

    Remember to return to your neutral home after every high or low. Don't get attached with either fame or failure. Don't get extremely happy on your success or extremely sad on your failures. Neither is permanent. It will change, for sure. Everything changes and if you get attached then this change may give you a huge shock because you're not ready for this.

    "Keep swinging, don't get stuck at one side.
    Because jack, world ain't all black and white.
    It comes in different shades of grey. "

    © alokvatsa


    P.S : 1. Yes, you can read it, it's not much lengthy. I have written bigger pieces than this. ;)
    2. I'll not be writing long pieces for some weeks now. :)

    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #rwu #pod #grey #shades #enough #rise #ponder

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    But the World is Grey, Jack!

    The world is Black and white,
    can't you see?
    There are no shades of grey for me.
    That's how I roll.
    I'm someone you can't control.

    But the world is grey, jack!
    It ain't black and white.
    Rather it comes in
    All different hues of grey.
    Come with me,
    Let me show you the way.

    A bit of this in that.
    And a bit of that in this.
    The lines are blurry.
    Everyone is in hurry.
    Watch closely.
    World's all grey, mostly.

    World ain't binary, having only two level.
    It's analog, touching infinite possibilities within which we continue to revel.

    There is..
    No right no wrong, only our perception.
    No success no failures, just another life situation.

    No absolute dark no bright, but a little bit of both.
    No perfect good no evil, but an intricate mixture of both.

    No all no nothing, but somewhere in the middle of spectrum.
    No fight or direct flight, rather steadily moving towards your goals & gently slaying 'em.

    Life ain't pure rain or pure sun.
    It swings between the two extremes,
    And we're always on the run.
    Sometimes after rain, sometimes after sun.
    But we forget that the real fun
    Lies in the run.

    When life gets awry, when life gets tough.
    Remind yourself that you're more than enough.

    Don't fear from grey.
    Grind yourself.
    Make the most of each day.
    Fight your bad days out.
    Shoo them away.
    And in rare moments when you're happy
    Don't try to think further away.
    Stay in the now.
    This is a game you should play.
    I think I've have said it all.
    What more can I say?
    Now it's your turn
    Yay or Nay?