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    I dunno if even a single person has the patience to read through this! Too long for Mirakee I guess, but had to post it. My first attempt at a proper "Short Story"...


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    A Shared Cab

    They met by virtue of an accident. He was going for his night shift while she was returning from a hectic day at work while their cabbies decided to bump head on and initiate a rather violent exchange of words first, then fists. Passengers waited patiently for the chaos to settle down but decided to intervene when it seemingly started getting out of control. She softly murmured, “Please stop fighting you two” and then whispered (most probably to herself), “it’s getting really late, what I am going to do”. He kind of got the vibe and jumped in between the fight to stop it with some fair amount of struggle.
    Now, the dreaded climax to all such fights, her taxi broke and denied to offer any sort of help.
    “You can come with me, I shall drop you wherever you want”. He was rightfully considerate despite the fact that he himself was getting late for office. She hesitated initially but decided to go ahead and took the offer.
    “I will pay my part of cab rent then”
    “Who said you don’t have to?”
    An unexpected reply broke the ice and she laughed like a merry child. That was the first moment when he actually looked at her, and the central processing unit kept feeding this new and amazing data.
    Neatly tucked hair, flowing freely from one side of back while leaving the other side with enough space to breathe. Eyes, pitch black, not ready to reveal any secrets as yet. Lips, a perfect rose bud red hue with just adequate moisture to melt any heart. Fingers, as if he knew them, and suddenly he was lost thinking something…
    “What happened, you thinking about something?”
    “I am trying to remember something, you sound, rather seem familiar to me”
    “How come?”
    “I don’t know”

    A sudden brake, the cab came to a halt. Your destination Ma’am.
    And she got off…..

    PS: Another day when she tried her best to make him remember, bring back those lost memories which he tucked somewhere and kept safely hidden from that accident. It has been over a year, all this time she has been constantly trying to bring him back. Every trick she could use, every memory she could touch, every situation she could revisit, but all in vain….
    “Of all the memories, why did he forget me?”
    Sobs never stop, not through the nights at least….
    She wipes them off, “I have to keep fighting, after all love is all I have”
    “Love is all that is there to remember”

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    Painful moons

    His eyes wept with sorrow,
    My heart was weeping with gloom.
    We were holding each other's hand,
    Under the night fall's blues.
    This is what love gives you,
    Some beautiful sorrows,
    And some painful moons.


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    Hari ini terasa berbeda. Aku menyiapkan sesuatu untukmu. Untukmu yang siapa ku. Kita tak tahu apa yang menggaris bawahi hubungan ini. Sebab kau tak ingin terikat.
    Semula aku bahagia, kala ku lihat kau menge-chat ku bahwa masakanku enak. Lalu kau posting di akun whatsapp mu. Bagaimana reaksi wanita itu yaa.. Aku takut. Wanita itu juga bukan pacarmu, tapi teman dekat. Namun, dia merasa memiliki dari perempuan lainnya di dekatmu
    Namun semua itu bukanlah intinya.
    Wanita itu juga memberikan sesuatu untukmu, terlihat screenshot percakapan kalian di whatsapp. Dan kau membawa nama ibumu.
    Sedekat itu sepertinya..
    Apa aku..
    Harus bagaimana..

    #shortstory #love #php #broken @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @quotegraphy @isminovi81

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    All I See Is Red, Crimson Red

    Have you ever felt so much anger that you have to constantly keep your mind diverted by something? Have you ever felt so angry, that you could beat the hell out of someone just because he might have looked at you the wrong way? Have you ever felt so much anger, that you just want to punish anything and everything that gets in your way? Have you ever wanted to explode, let all that rage out? Are you hitting those weights to channel your anger into something productive? Are you trying to be a hype train? Is it scary? Letting go of all that control? Letting go of that good guy composure? Are you ever scared of the fact that you might do some damage to that punk, she's hanging out with right now, if you ever see them together? All I see is red, crimson red. All I wanna do is scream at the top of my lungs. Is this what's going on through your head? Well, here's the punch line. You can't. So, what do you do? Maintain that composure. Maintain that anger. Let it burn brighter. Let it devour your soul. But don't let it cloud your mind. Keep your head high and your middle finger higher and move forward, burning everything into ashes.


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    Part 7
    #ShortStory #TheEnd
    Your feedbacks regarding the whole story will be hugely appreciated
    Thanks for reading the same and being with me through all of this. It really means a lot.

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    Sometimes taking a step with a stranger is the right decision

    After this peaceful conversation with my mother i was standing in the balcony when a car came to a sudden stop infront of my house. Two male came out and entered my house. I went in the room and mom delightfully greeted them. Mom then introduced me to them. The elder male was mom's colleague and the younger male was his son. Mom asked me to take the son to my room. Mom didn't tell me his name and i was hesitant to ask the same.

    Hardly did we enter my room when he saw my bed and started complaining how dirty it was. I apoligized to him and made my bed. While doing so i was thinking why did i apoligize. It was my room and my bed. I can keep it however i want, and the fact that i did not invite him for a sleep over. But i did apologize to him for some unknown reason. We started talking about random things. How he is always mischievous in class and how he once tried to pull a prank on the teacher and principal while they were in a meeting. We had some common things and a strange connection. He was still a stranger to me for the fact that i didn't know his name. But we were so involved in the conversation that nobody cared for the names. While talking i blurted out my picnic experience and the dream and the questions and answers. Yes the answers too. Why did i do that? Athough he was very understanding about the whole thing and that my mother didn't know everything about it. He wished he was there with me at that time and we would have made the whole horror thing into a fun thing. I actually thought that we would make for a fun crime pair. For what he and I can do together is hilarious in my imagination.

    Mom called us for dinner. And we proceeded for dinner. While eating i was constantly trying to look at him through the corner of my eye and questioned myself as to why i blurted out the answers to him and not my mother. When we were bidding good nights to each other he said good night? and i made a face as to what more.

    "This is the que where you tell me your name."
    Finally. But i acted innocently
    Me: oh! Sorry.
    He: sorry is your name?
    Me: Lisa. Thats my name. I am sorry i didn't realise we don't know each other's name.
    I thought to myself that it doesn't really matter whether we know each other's names or not. As long as we were strangers we talked about things we were hesitant to talk about to our family or friends. I think that's because we know they care for us and their worry will overpower their senses regarding right or wrong. Even if we are right, our safety comes first.

    He told me his name but that has no significance here.
    The bottom line is sometimes taking a step forward with a stranger is a good decision.
    We became friends and kept each other's secrets.

  • creschke 1d


    When our lips met for the first time, the wonderful feeling encompassing my soul can only be described as a blissful physical ache of my envious heart berating my chest attempting to break free from its fleshy prison to feel the devotion my lips embrace.


  • arnab_laha 2d

    Look At Me Now. Doubt Me Now.

    It's not that I don't care anymore, it's just that I have realized that caring isn't gonna help the situation. It's not like I'm angry or anything, it's just that I am tired. It's not like I don't have fears, I have a bunch of fears that I refuse to show to anyone.But, you know what, one of these fears, is being compared to someone else. I don't intend on mimicking that person, I have not asked for his place. I know my limits. I know I can never be that person. You know what, I don't think I'm even gonna ask for a chance anymore. I am me and I know when I have lost. I am humble both in victory and defeat. But, make no mistake, for I have learnt my lesson. I will become unstoppable, unbeatable. I will outshine everyone and anyone. I refuse to look back. I refuse to bow down. I refuse to wag my tail along. I am not hurt, I am very hurt. But I can lick my own wounds, I don't need anyone to help me out. I don't need sympathy, instead I am thankful that you didn't strike deeper. I know what I have to do and when I'm done, I'll get on that stage and say, "Look at me now. Doubt me now." I will prevail. I am not a violent man, I am a man with morals and dignity. I am a man who follows the rules. That does not make me weak. That makes me stronger than most of you. Don't think for a second that I am doing all this for someone else. I am doing this for myself and myself only, but I will enjoy looking at the faces of those who doubted me, when I stand at the top and look down at them. I rest my case content, for my work will do the talking now.


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    John was ill fated, as he was put on Psychiatric medications, forcefully by his own family, as he walked in on the dirty secrets of his family. His uncle forcefully took him to a private hospital to put him on these medications....John was a genius, & these medications, affected his academic performance...In spite of all the difficulties, when John, passed the medical entrance exams, his own mother asked the corrupt Psychiatrist, to further damage her son's brain. The Psychiatrist, Dr.Arun Kumar, withdrew the medications suddenly, to 'drive John insane'!!.. John somehow recovered & continued his medical education. The following year, the medical entrance exam was so easy, it was ludicrous! The people who qualified were imbeciles...A whole batch of people were waiting to pick on, & frustrate John. What John didn't know was that, one of the girls, Nivya, was even planning to 'sacrifice a batchmate', to destroy John's future. Nivya told her friends:" We will harass John, & claim we didn't do anything... If that doesn't destroy him, we will get Tom killed by final year, & when John is low, we will harass him further!!"...John had a rough time studying, but being a genius he picked up speed.. Nivya & her gang kept on harassing John...John was getting more frustrated, & started verbally abusing Nivya...John started winning academic accolades, & Nivya couldn't stand it...By final year, John's frustration was mounting, that's when Dr. Hari (A Surgery Professor), came to the college from London. Dr. Hari, was a person with enormous political influence & was on close terms with Nivya. On the day following John's birthday, 'Tom was found dead after having accidentally drowned'...Dr. Hari, a thorough fraud, asked his Forensic medicine doctors to confirm the death was from 'accidental drowning'... Nivya & his friends, knew Tom was killed, but shed crocodile tears, to keep secret safe... Shakespeare once noted-"Oh! Wickedness thy name is woman!".. Nivya & her friends were typical examples of how wicked women can be... The harassment that John, eventually went through was too much for anyone... Karma did it's part, & Nivya & a good number of her friends went insane... But it seems, Dr.Hari, has more wicked ways to get rid of John... Every time, Dr. Hari comes down from the UK, college students, are found dead (either following accidents or 'having committed suicide')...Dr.Hari's philandering was exposed in the most shameful way.. His dignity has been fragmented, but he will move heaven & earth, to destroy John... Though John is alone, he knows how to put up a fight...John wants to expose all the injustice he saw, before he exposes the true face of Dr.Hari....
    (Dr.Bineesh Balakrishnan)

  • arnab_laha 2d

    I'll see if you can 'not care' then

    So, I read this quote the other day. It went like this, " If you love something, let it go. Because everybody deserves better than you." You know what, that really hit a spot somewhere inside me. I felt this sudden pang of pain. I have already let go, I never stopped anyone, the second I saw your discomfort I let go. But, I remembered all of the conversations we have had and I suddenly felt that maybe you were just doing it, feeling absolutely nothing, maybe you just don't care, maybe you are bored of me but you can't say it to my face. No, this is not my insecurity, I am someone who firmly believes in the art of not giving a fuck. But, when it comes to you, it's like I can't help but give a fuck about the most minor details. This thing called love is such a nuisance. It creates these unwanted emotions inside of you and you suddenly don't know what you want to do with them. I am sick and tired of these emotions. They don't do any good! They just waste away your energy. After these things go through my head, then I suddenly started feeling warm. No! Hell no! I'm not talking about crying. I'm talking about that fire that lights up inside your belly. I'm talking about that rage, that suddenly feels so controllable. I'm talking about that urge to prove that you are better, the need to improve, the tendency to crush anyone and everyone who try to get in your way. I want to be the best in the world. Conor McGregor dreamt his goal into reality. I wanna be like that. I will become the best in the world. I'll dream my own goals into reality. I'll hustle my way to the very top. I don't give a fuck about anybody and what they think of me. I will make a place for myself in this world. I'll see if you can 'not care' then.


  • katzzy_04 2d

    Sometimes taking a step with a stranger is the right decision

    When i reached back to the garden area everybody was staring at me, my teacher at the lead. But to utter surprise everybody started clapping. First i thought it was some sort of way to make me realise that i did something wrong. And, trust me, i knew i was doing something wrong the entire time but curosity got the better half. But then i saw a genuine smile strech on my teacher's face. I was trying to decode the meaning when she patted my back and told the students that i was the bravest of the lot. It was a lot to take in in a few minuters what after the cave cum house encounter. She then started explaining to all how "exploring the place" meant taking adventure in your hands and how everybody ran from it and i was the only one who was brave enough to enter that habitat. Ok so thats the word for cave cum house-habitat. Everybody started asking me questions but i was too absorbed with everything to answer them. I made my way towards the teacher and asked her the million questions that were running through my mind. She answered all of my questions patiently and later on congratulated me on the acheivement. But she warned me about the hurdles life has to offer.

    When i reached back home i just wanted to tell my mother all that was going on inside me. But she wasn't home. In the past twelve years this is the first time something like this has happened. I wanted my mother and now she was nowhere to be seen. I called her up and inquired about where she was. She was sorry that she wasn't home when i reached. But she was on her way back. Its not her fault actually; i reached home a bit early. When she returned home i told her everything leaving out the answers of the questions. I don't know why i did that. She didn't ask me the answers too which came as a surprise. But she was more scared than happy for me. She gave me a lecture on life and its ways. She told me to be very careful from now on. I dont blame her. She is a mother. She is the only one who has truly cared about me. I also loved her and so i promised her i would not jump into anything like this from now on.


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    The Girl who Counted


    "What was that dear?" My mother asked

    I shrugged and grabbed my backpack "dunno, I gotta go, I'll see you after school"

    I waved as I left the door and ran for the bus stop. my best friend was already waiting for me there. She always beats me, but someday I'll be waiting there with a smirk and a smart-ass comment.

    "Hey what took so long?"

    "I woke up kinda late" I said embarrassed

    She shakes her head "I swear, one of these days you'll just sleep right through the day"


    She stares at me, with confusion "what?"

    "Nothing haha"

    The buss, let me just sigh for a second.

    Okay, thank you. it's awful, it's full of obnoxious, greasy teenagers. As most of you should know.


    "God, why do you keep doing that?"


    "Counting! Just stop!"

    "Okay okay I'm sorry, seven"

    "Damn it girl! I'll knock your teeth out!"

    I shrink and laugh a little. The rest of the bus ride is horrendous as usual, but the school day has only begun.

    History isas boring as most "basic girls" but it's one of the shortest classes so I'm good with that.

    "Six" I blurted out

    "Sorry?" The teacher said

    I hang my head "sorry sir"

    'Why do I keep saying random numbers' I thought.

    Later, we head to the next class, Lisa nerds out about her tv shows as we walk, but a strange feeling comes over me


    She glares "what did I say"

    "Lisa I can't stop, I'm not doing this on purpose"

    She raises an eyebrow "sooo, are we talkin paranormal shit here?"

    "I don't know, four"

    "You did it again! So creepy" she giggles

    "Its not funny!"

    "Listen, this might sound cold but, we need to get to our class, I'll help you after. And if it's a bomb or something you'll take me with you so no harm done!"

    "Are you serious right now?"

    She shrugs, but before I can say anything more she takes my hand and drags me off for the next class.

    "Three" I mumbled, luckily it was quiet enough to where the teacher didn't hear. Thankfully I didn't blurt out another number until we left the classroom.


    "Uh oh, is it almost boom time?"

    "Shut the hell up Lisa! Wait what if I actually die or something" I pull my hair out of stress

    She nudges me "or maybe you'll be ripped away by some monsters"

    I pace back and forth, trying to think of things this could be

    "One, oh my god"

    "What!? Do you feel anything weird?

    "No I don't"

    "But you haven't-"


    "Speaking of"

    We stand in silence, but the moment the last sound left my mouth I felt a bump from behind. It knocked me down, but I didn't feel claws or a monster dragging me away. Instead I felt a hand and heard a voice saying

    "I'm sorry, are you alright?"


  • gemmiegem91 2d

    Just a little something to think about. Always prepare a back up plan lol.. .....and maybe don't sneeze with your back turned in a ghost house. O.o

    #shortstory #poem #freeform #freewrite #paranormal #silly #sneeze

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    Give In

    Ahead of a shady forbidden place, lies an emptiness that simply cannot be fulfilled until it is sought out. A knowledge that tastes so good, so sweet, so...desirable.
    It calls to you. Through thoughts, through cravings, through emphasized words of others. Even though, they themselves did not emphasize it. It was you.
    That old, abandoned place. With time worn shutters that hang on with a single hinge. Cracked windows from hooligans and nature's wrath.
    The urge to know is gnawing on your mind. 'What was this placed used for? What secrets does it hide?'
    Searching for answers,
    Questions scattered 'round.
    When searching for something,
    Somethings can't be found.
    Curiosity is dangerous,
    But also a thrill.
    Like that old abandoned house,
    Way out on Scranton Hill.
    Blocked off from outsiders,
    From crimes done long ago.
    Back before my time,
    Still a date,
    I do not know.
    A covered up evil,
    In a town that wants to forget.
    Makes it slightly intriguing,
    Maybe not for some, but for others- you must admit.
    The cravings give in,
    You're now on your way.
    You arrive at the gate,
    Anxiety blocks your way.
    You push your way through them,
    You stumble, and you fall.
    You look back at the gate,
    You haven't gone that far,
    Not at all..
    You begin to hear noises,
    From which way do they seem?
    You start to get nervous,
    Run inside, not to be seen.
    You hear a click,
    A tap and a slide.
    A few little thumps,
    Your heart almost died.
    You pull on the door,
    To leave as quick as you can.
    As soon as you do,
    You realise you're trapped- with no plan.
    All the hairs on your body,
    Quickly stand on their end.
    As you hear your name being called,
    As if from a friend.
    Still frozen in fear,
    Your eyes watering up.
    You gather the courage,
    To try another door with some luck.
    You run across the room,
    As if something is right there.
    You peek over your shoulder,
    Nothing- just an old-worn chair.
    You place your hand on the knob,
    And just as you do,
    The dust from the room makes you sneeze,
    ....someone behind you says, "Bless you."


  • ritavrat 3d

    Lit !!

    She lit up the cigarette. As if it was the first of her lifetime. The way her hands shook told the same story. Moments like these seem to always be the ones when the matches don’t light or the lighter seem to run out of gas. But we do try. Oh we must!

    **strike** **thud**

    “Excuse me” a voice calls out. She turns around and as if awake from a hypnotic stance, a dimly lit bar slowly reveals itself around her. As if she was backstage inside a theater when a group of stage artists swiftly changed the set around her while a minstrel hummed a solemn tune. But she hasn’t been here before. Has she? The smell of heartaches spilt in wine. The air of victory meshed in ashes. The delights of births and marriages or the grievances for lives lost. These four walls have seen it all.

    She got up to leave.

    “Excuse me” the voice called out. "Where is the owner goddammit?"

    She turns around only to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror. My oh my! She looked ready and dressed for an occasion. If only she could remember what it was? She sees the wine glass she had been drinking from. It is hers. Why? Because no one else can afford such a priceless rare lipstick and the stain it had left on the tip looked glorious. As if no bartender should ever cater to it. Leave it be for others to marvel at the galore. No one should wash it off. It looked perfect just the way it is. Next to the packet of her favorite - Esse Lights. If only she could smoke one.

    “Excuse me miss!”


    She finally sees her surroundings. The typical “round every corner” bar  generally crowded with hordes of men but empty most of the times. Some here to bask in the glory of their own delight. Some to sulk. Some to just let off steam. We tend to get tired of our own kind. Solitude is bliss!! But it always ends up looking better on writings only as we have this need to connect on some level to at least someone. Some were there to pickup ladies way out of their leagues with liquors clouding their judgement. “Meh!! What are leagues anyways? People deserve each other. Nothing more nothing less.”

    “Excuse me miss!”

    She turns around. “May I say you look lovely tonight? This hair color suits you even more”.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Umm. Weren’t you here last month as well? You had brown hair? And you always seem to carry that pack of Esse lights and order two glasses of Chardonay? But I have never seen you smoke”

    “Have you been stalking me or something? I am pretty sure I am here for the first time” she replied as she took a sip of her wine and managed to catch a glimpse of her pink hair.

    "Can I have your number?"

    She put her glass down and looked at this fella. Black well combed hair. Grey eyes. And that lovely dimple on his chin. Who does he remind her of?

    "Meet me outside in five minutes" she replied. Thinking to herself what kind of a guy is alone in this bar without any friends at this ungodly hour? But then again wasn't she doing the same? Oh here I go preaching to myself again. I know I should not be judgmental. What is this need we have to prove our-self as better than others?

    She looked around. The guy was gone. She got up to leave. The door creaked behind her and she was in a unpleasant part of town.

    Black combed hair. Grey eyes. Dimple. He stood right there looking at her. Who did he remind her of?

    "Five minutes wasn't it?"

    She smirked. "Lets take a walk"

    "Tell me about you. What is your name lady?"

    "My husband likes to call me..."

    "Your husband?" asked the guy. Taken aback.

    "See. You did not care for my name. So what's the point anyway?" She continued to walk.

    He trotted along but the silence seemed comfortable yet deafening at the same time.

    "Would you care for a smoke?" She asked.

    How could anyone deny her request. "Yes" he replies.

    She offers him a cigarette and a box of matches.


    The matches light up. She smiles and says "I never seem to get them to light up. Lucky you"

    He takes a long drag. That relieving sensation. Cyanide always seemed to do the trick. As he collapsed in the corner, she moved along with a lost look. Who did he remind her of?


    She reached her home. She took a cigarette out. Esse Lights. Just as she always liked it. She tried to light the matches.


    She brushed off her grin which gave its way to a smile. She wiped off her makeup and smeared her lipstick. She took off her wig. She took off her earrings. She took off her necklace. This was the first of many nights gone and was definitely not the last. He finally slept as if for the first time. He can lay finally in peace. Right next to the picture of his lovely wife with the rare lipstick on. He needs to clean and open up the bar early in the morning as well. He loved it when the matches lit up. He loved her dearly but not when she smoked her Esse Lights.


  • orrannggeeee 3d

    My Birthday, Not Yours.

    He stepped inside his house happily, ready to greet his father a 'Happy Birthday', when he found his father lying on the couch—alive; in fact, he's smiling while pointing a gun at his head.


  • katzzy_04 3d

    Sometimes taking a step with a stranger is the right decision

    I stepped inside. The feeling i felt at school overpowering now. I was suddenly scared but i decided against it. I took another step forward when something came under my foot. I took out my cellphone and then it started ringing. I thought for a while before picking up the call. Another strange thing, it was silence and nothing else. I checked my phone network and realised its minimal. I switched on the
    flashlight and saw a ball next to my right foot. I suddenly remembered my dream from today's
    morning. I searched for the switch board and then found it. I switched on the lights and to my astonishment there was electricity. The lights flickered to a stand by. I searched the cave and realised it
    was somebody's house. I searched the walls for any photograph but found none. And then i felt the vibration of my cellphone under the palm of my hand. The same unknown number. I picked up the call
    and this time it wasn't silent. I heard my teacher from the other end and felt a bit relieved. She ordered me back to the picnic site and i did though i wanted to search a bit more.

  • orrannggeeee 3d

    Still Love

    When her father died, her mother was married to another man.
    She had a step-father.
    When her mother died, she moved in his step-father's house,
    and they both live happily ever after.


  • rahul2327 3d

    Uske Jaane Se Jaada Taklif..
    Iss Dil Mein Uska Yun Baar Baar Aana Hai..

    Pata Nahi Kis Mod Par Thehregi..
    Bas Issi Umeed Ka Shahara Hai..

    Raaston Mein Yun Chalte Chalte..
    Mera Rukna Koi Ittefaq Nahi..

    Naukari To Apni Hum kab Ki Paa Lete..
    Bas Usi Beech Uska Yun Aana Hai..

    Kya Kare Ghalib Kambakht Iss Dil Ka Ek Hi To Bahana Hai..
    Pyar Bhale Naa Mile Par Uske Liye Har Baar Apna Ye Dil Dukhana Hai.


  • rahul2327 3d


    Whenever you needed something..
    You came to me and then went away..

    I wish you need me for me one day..
    And That Day you don't have to come again and went away..
    Cause that day you will stay.


  • neipho 3d

    Mr. Hollow Pt.5

    *Part 5: Captor and Corpse*

    Her head quickly turned toward the gallant Thomas, and her eyes shone the most brilliant hazel: (were they always hazel?)
    brimming over with an unfathomable love, which nearly drowned out the sorrow that had so wholly inhabited them.
    They smote my heart; but, had they been present alone, I may have retained my most agreeable solitude.
    However, accompanying those captivating eyes - in quick succession - was the mighty Leviathan that I, try as I may, could never conquer: with the most precise harpooneers, with the sharpest of blades, with the mightiest of men and machinery, I would still have remained at the mercy of this dominating force.
    Oh, that I had been wax in that moment:
    to have melted away and perished; to have felt no inward longing and helpless adoration; to have been devoid of heart and soul, yet still present to behold...
    Her smile flashed and, as my mind remembers it, the room became as heaven itself; and I stood, eyes fixed on a beauty that no man could boast of creating: a beauty that the very hands of God carefully sculpted and lovingly bestowed on this, His most intricate creation.
    The moment seemed frozen in time, and I neither blinked nor desired an end to this false-forever.

    Disturbed by a tug on my sleeve, I regained my faculties, and the room regained its veil of reality.
    Miss Lucette revisited the flames: my beautiful captor turned corpse; and I, a miserable fool, desiring but one more moment of her hazel eyes and paralyzing smile, returned to my occupation and pupil.

    To be continued...


  • be_lazzy_think_crazzy 2d

    सवालों में उलझी जिंदगी को अब जवाब चाहिए,

    देखो कैसी नाजुक घड़ी है,

    तू ही मेरा सच है

    और अब इसे भी दोस्ती का नकाब चाहिए।।