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    Valerie had lived with her grandparents her whole life, let's just say her parents grew up a little to fast so her dads parents had raised her like their own. Her grandfather worked alot so Val only saw him at dinner where he would scoff down his meal, hardly making eye contact, then standing up and clearing his dishes and stopping to kiss both Val and his wife on the head muttering a jumble of good night I love yous and heading to his recliner for the latest in cable. Her grandmother, Lucy, worked at a middle school as a para for kid with autism, he's a sweet kid just really shy so my grandma helps him communicate in school since he trusts her. So she's home most the time since she gets gets out of school when Val does. Vals grandmother was her self a bit odd or different and she would always tell Valerie about folk lore and symbolic meanings in things like birds and flowers, one day in particular she was telling Val about meanings of crows in numbers.

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    Before you read it, let me explain first.

    It's about a brother and sister story. They don't have parents since someone killed them in the past. The little sister travels alone with her brother. Her brother is the only family she has and she won't let him hurt or being taken away. No matter how many times her brother mad at her, or push her away, she always guards him no matter what. But one day her brother left her and she's on her way to find him no matter where he is.

    She is his unnoticeable guardian

    #random #words #wordsofart #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ideas #shortstory #past #protect

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    Many lands we crossed
    I never left your side..
    I won't let a single thing
    Hurt you..

    You pushed me
    You shouted at me
    You threw a punch at me
    You told me that you don't need to be protected
    I don't care..
    You can do anything to me,
    But I'll always guard you..
    I'll always support your back
    Even when I have to give my soul to keep you alive,
    I'll do it

    Until now
    I still don't know,
    Why do I feel alone without you
    On my side..
    The day our parent's blood poured in the hands of the murderer
    Is the reason why I'm scared of losing you..

    But right now,
    Please don't go..
    Why are you leaving in such a hurry ?
    Don't go..
    I can only pray for your safety
    Cause I don't know where you are.. In this world..
    I promise I'll find you.. Protect you..
    I won't give up
    Because you are my home,
    Without you, I have nowhere to go..

    No matter where you are..


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    "I tried to kill my words,

    With my own hand I chocked my pen",


    After this,

    I felt like; my 'words are much stronger than me'..,

    I take it deep ;more deep underneath my morals,

    "The words moves is more grandiose" And

    It is synchronized with my blood

    Now" I can smell the fragrance of ink in me",



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    》》 This time 《《

    You say things and then claim not to remember just so you don't have to "hear it" or deal with the consequences of your actions.
    "I don't know what you're talking about." Was your favorite reply
    Of course not I said as I rolled my eyes
    "Don't start this."
    Don't start what? I asked innocent
    But I knew what I was doing, I just couldn't let it go I've never been able to do so. He knows this.
    "You always do this bullshit."
    What bullshit?
    Why do you always do things to put us in this position.
    "Do what?"
    You know what why are you all under that girls butt.
    Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat
    You trying to hit that
    "Jesus I know the girl from high school."
    And is that an excuse for you to like every pic
    Comment you're beautiful and this ��. Do you know how that looks. Yes you do you just don't care about my embarrsment.
    "How the fuck is that embarssing. You get upset about anything. Fucking cry baby."
    I have a right to feel How I feel. And I feel like you're being disrespectful to me and our relationship.
    " You just want to control me and everything I do."
    How by asking you not to give another woman the attention that I'm missing."
    "What attention? I'm here everyday am I not?"
    Physically half yes. Mentally you're in your phone, emotionally on yourself, and your body is here but you want it to be in someone else because you barely touch me anymore.
    "Maybe because you're always nagging me about something. Blah blah this and blah blah that. Bitch get off my back."
    "I didn't mean it like that."
    What else would it mean man fuck you.
    I'm sick of your shit.
    You told me you'd stop last time we talked about this.
    "And I also asked you to stop stalking me."
    Stalking you how can I stalk a person who supposed to be with me voluntarily. I don't have a gun to your head you can leave I made it clear my needs to stay with me and you agreed. I wouldn't even look so hard if you hadn't blocked me. No one blocks you unless they were hiding something. If only you would be more forthcoming.
    "I ain't got shit to hide. I'm just tired of you lurking."
    What ever fuck this. This might as well be over.
    "You want to be done then be done."
    That's not what I said. You're twisting my words.
    "No I'm not it. That's it I'm done."
    What? I tried not to cry as he said this
    "I said I'm fucking done with you, with this, with us."
    I knew it you wasted my time waiting for someone else.
    "If I didn't want to be with you I wouldn't have."
    You haven't been "with me" for years progressively treating me worse and worse emotional and physical abandonment and you set everything up to be my fault so I'd hate myself. Make it seem like I ended it so you have room to come back when you've scratch your itch. You use me and manipulate me because unlike your love mine is real and undeniable and you need it. How could anyone be so cold and calculating to someone who loves them and takes care of them. How could you feel not one ounce of guilt?
    "There's nothing to feel guilty about that's why because I'm not doing any of that shit. And I'm not coming back this is it."
    That's what you said last time wasn't it and the time before that, and before that, and before that, and before that.
    "This time I mean it I've had enough of you. I'm DONE. Don't call me, don't text me nothing."
    You walked out and never looked back. I slid to the floor staring at the door until my tears blinded me. I have no idea how long I was there it wasn't until I started dry heaving that I realized and got up. I was a wreck for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th month. Seeing him claim her all over social media something he refused to do with me I couldn't believe it. I didn't hear from him until one day he showed up tail between his legs asking for another chance. I asked him Why?
    "Why what?"
    Why are you back what do you want?
    "I missed you my life isn't right without you"
    You miss me Or the the things I do for she refused to do your laundry, cook for you and fuck the way you want.
    "What... How.... How did you know that?"
    Because that chick had the nerve to hit me up
    asking me have you always been a giant baby and she was about to leave you for her old boo a real man and told me to take your whiny ass off her hands. So she could make a smooth transition back. She did to you what you always do to me played you how does it feel sucks doesn't it. His mouth just hung open it was satisfying to see his humiliation after all mine.
    He switched quick licked his lips and smiled.
    "But I know you miss this dick."
    I did, I really did but there had to me more than that. So I said Yes and I miss us but I'm better off alone.
    "Just let me in one more time to say goodbye."
    I'm not about to let you dickmatize me again leave please and never comeback.
    "Please wait I..."
    I closed the door no longer as hurt as before. I'll never be the same atleast I no longer feel the shame of letting my heart make decisions.

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    I was a skeptic.

    Saw her enticing smile
    blossom through
    burns of the acid attack.

    Believed in beauty.

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    Man: Dada! What's for lunch?

    Cook: Potato with veggies, Mustard Brinjal and Boondi Raita.

    Man: Arrey, Dada! When will you learn to listen properly? I told you to prepare Mashed potatoes with greens, Aubergine in mustard sauce and Yellow Yoghurt.

    Cook: That's what I've prepared, Baba.


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    The strange life

    He was someone who enjoys being within himself, lives in his own world. The one who has no feelings for anyone, other than him self. Views the world with the lens of logy.
    As the time passed some incidents changed his life completely. The quest begin, he was stuck in between his love and this journey to know himself. For a while he is crazy over her and wants to express his feelings to her in other movement her starts evaluating him self is he correct for her on the scale of logy, does he truly loves her. He moved away in the flow of life, trying to forget her but he couldn't ...

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    #Weird #Dream #ShortStory #Prose
    I based this on a really weird dream I had lately, I hope you like it. ��

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    A Cheesy Predicament

    It was a sunny afternoon, Wednesday. Class schedules weren't out yet, so I sat on my bed, reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and of course, sipping some green tea. I was all alone in my room, like I always was, and that's just how I liked it.
    "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum", I read out loud. A latin phrase, but what does it mean? I read further into the novel and later found out the meaning. "Do not let the bastards grind you down." Huh, figures. I thought to myself, taking another sip of the green tea, letting it slide down my throat as if I were swallowing my regrets, bitter yet better swallowed than to let it linger.
    A knock on the door then surprises me. This is a run-down boarding house, who could be visiting me here? I opened up the door to find an old friend. A blurry memory, really, but I believe he was very kind. I let him sit on my bed, as that was the only place he could sit in this tiny room. I pick up another cup, about to make him some tea, when another stranger came knocking on my door, fiercely. I opened up only to find the familiar face of a forgotten lover. An Adonis with a menacing look on his face, now, what was his name again? He demanded I let him in, not only into my room but into my life as well. Bewildered, I told him to leave. He wouldn't be so easy to get rid of though, like a weed, he forced himself back in. He threatened to set me on fire, and I shuddered at the thought. "Good luck." He then said with a grin on his face. Good luck with what?, I though to myself, and then it happened! Cheese, liquidy cheese, came rising from the floor, wrapping around my feet. I couldn't move, the cheese was getting higher. The coagulated milk curd was gooey, with a pungent smell, too sticky to get out of. As it neared my breathing passages, I held my breath. Slowly, my consciousness drifted away. I then woke up looking disheveled, my foul ex lover sitting on my bed right next to me, my forgotten friend has disappeared. I had a feeling that I have been violated, soiled, corrupted! My legs felt weak, as if I had ran another Milo marathon. The horrid man stood up and walked around, then turned to me with his poor excuse for a face. "Have you come to love me yet?" He asked with a smug expression. Love you? You have defiled me! Was what I wanted to say, only until I noticed he had a rifle in his hand, a gold one. "Yes, of course, I have always loved you!" I said deceitfully as I wrapped my arms around his neck, tempted to strangle him right then and there. He seemed to be caught up in the moment, enough for me to be able to snatch his rifle and immediately shoot him point-blank, without second thought. He collapsed unto the floor that was bizarrely cleared of cheese, and I walked over his corpse, heading to the door and never to return.


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    °°•• Forgiveness ••°°

    I can't forgive you I won't forgive you I said
    And you stared at me blankly and finally asked
    "So how are we ever supposed to get passed this?"
    Who said we should? That's the question
    If we were meant to be there would be nothing to forgive you don't betray someone you love so easily effortlessly you tossed me to the side and now ask for forgiveness
    Tell me why?
    Silence your favorite
    What am I supposed to say to nothing
    I grew impatient
    Well.... say something
    You looked at me and I could see 20 things flash across your eyes the last thing frustration
    Suddenly your whole body language changed as you became enraged
    I knew this was coming
    Everytime you don't get your way
    Nice so you're here because it ended not because you want me so I'm here to nurse your bruised ego.
    "You see this is why I don't bother. This is the kind of shit that makes me do what I did."
    Cruelty your speciality insult me while asking me back excellent.
    I looked away to deal with tears choking me as I tried to hold them back.
    I'm not the reason you do what you do.
    The reason is you don't love me and you don't love you to.
    "Huh?" Was all you could manage
    You know it's true
    "I... I... I do love you... I just can't deal with some of your shit."
    Then let me go Why come back here
    "I can't live with you But I can't live without you. I'll always love you."
    I don't doubt you believe you love me but you're a grown man and everytime I make you upset is not a reason to go off and fuck someone else.
    Handle your emotions like an adult if I did it I'd be a slut.
    I remained faithful throughout our relationship
    Those were all after you left me for your hoes and I was all alone never once while we were together.
    You can't forgive me for moving on when you left me but I'm supposed to forgive you for all your past indiscretions.How does that make sense.
    "I need you. You're all that I have. We can work this out. I'm here now doesn't that count. I didn't give a fuck about them. They had other men."
    Read between the lines all I'm hearing you say is they played you like you did me and you need to feel better again and my love for you will never end so you're here to feed off of me until you find another so you can drop me like the time before last and again and again until I'm nothing.
    I'm not your back up, your booty call, your consultation prize. I'm a woman a person I used to be your lover I thought best friend what happened from now and then.
    You looked away still secrets you're keeping there are reasons but you refuse to reveal them.
    Like I said I can't forgive you not again.
    You left angry and I held myself I cried until there were no tears left wishing you would hold me and tell me it will all be okay like you did when we 1st met.
    I miss my best friend but I know this has to end
    I've already forgiven you but I can never forget.
    Maybe in another lifetime we'll meet again and get it right until the next time I love you goodbye.

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    The Customer

    . . . Rita clocked in at 10 a.m. and headed straight to the washroom to splash some much-needed cold water on her face. She had sprinted from the station as the metro she took daily had been running late that day. On her way out out of the washroom, she noticed a lady entering the shop, and instantly knew what kind of conversation she was in for. She'd seen many a lady like that in the five years she'd been in business; the multi-tasking, fast-talking, rude customer who doesn't know what she wants and who needs to be taught the difference between USA and China . . .


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    About today

    While passing through the barren street around my home, I saw an elderly balloon seller. He was sitting outside a house, struggling while blowing up the balloon from his mouth. There were only few balloons hanging from the stick of his.
    Seeing him made me realize how we all are living in a self blown bubble of expectations, comfort, fantasies... blowing it up, exhausting ourselves...Just to make our life "seem" more colorful and protective. But all it takes is one.little.prick.
    And boom it goes.


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    New Beginnings

    Charles stood in the mirror, giving himself one more “once over” before he turned to head for the door. As he did so he felt himself reach and twist his ring finger as he did for so many years when he had a ring to twirl. “I’m sorry Helen. You’ll always be my number one girl.” He almost called and canceled right then, feeling the memories of his 38 year marriage swell and swirl around him. But he knew Helen would’ve wanted most for Charles to find joy again. Answering himself and Helen he murmured in his husky voice “oh well alright I’ll go, but I’ll think about you the whole time”. And with that Charles took the next steps through the door; closing a chapter of his life he never imagined would end.

    Sheila was already seated at the table. She was rearranging and straightening the already perfectly placed silverware and smoothing the tablecloth. She, too, was questioning her sanity when she agreed to this. Just as she was looking to the door, a man her age walked through.

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    When I'm Alone

    The window I had for sure closed was now open, the fresh air flowing in from beneath the silk curtains and into my room. I knew for sure that it was closed due to the simple fact that I found it bothersome to even attempt to open it, this house was so brittle and old it seemed to have rusted and rotted the very day we stepped inside; mom said that I was a good thing, "Gives this place character." Were her exact words. The hinges barely budged, once getting it open it's squeak terribly to the point where anyone would immediately give up from their annoying reaching its peak, such as I usually did. Mom wouldn't enter my room, Dad wouldn't even dream of it, so the number of possible culprits various down to none...except, perhaps one. Just as I expected, the fallen leaves from the maple trees descended through the window, cascading across my floor boards, and with one last faint glow of air caressing my face, I closed it.

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    Adwaita Das

    One Novella
    Eleven Short Stories

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    Order your copy today!
    Deep dive into love and lunacy!

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    Sensual Sexuality

    The magical feeling of becoming a one being, connected in so many ways that you don’t know where he ends and you begin.
    Pretzeled, intertwined.

    Feels like your bodies can’t keep your souls captive anymore, they want to roam free, soar as high as their translucent forms allow.

    To never plummet back to captivity.


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    Memories - A short story about lost and love and why every moment counts.

    This is my longest post here. I would appreciate if you read it till the end. Repost/Like/Tag are very much appreciated. Love you all!!!!

    #memories #shortstory #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    It was on a summer's sky a long time ago.
    We wandered on the sand right on the shore, with our hands intertwined, and with dreams only waves would know about.

    As we made our way to the end of that long stretch, it was not the words you said that lingered, but the sound of your voice that echoed in the wind, sending shiver down into my spine like a chilling air in December. It was magical yet peculiar.

    But if only I knew then what I know now, I would have traded the ocean for a mountain for you. We could have walked in the forest aiming for a warm coffee on a cliffside instead. But I didn't. Nobody knew but the crust, for even the tides were appalled by the scream it made in silence.

    It was a beautiful split of a second, with birds drifting along the summer breeze. The ocean was reassuringly placid. While the waves seemed unbounded, which in turn, amplified your voice a little more.
    Oh, that midlaugh. I wanted to keep it. Place that moment somewhere only I could relive.

    I've lost count of all the summers that have passed, before I collected enough courage to head back to the shore.
    By the time I got there, it was colder and breezier. It's as if souls gathered around that place, yet for me, it's just another winter to come. Another winter alone.

    I plodded on the same track. Feeling the weight of the sand, while trying to find our footprints way back from that summer's sky.

    When I reached the spot where I last held you, I stumbled upon our dwindling past again. Our memories, which was becoming vulnerable as a leaf clinging to its tree, on a merciless autumn day.

    I looked around and felt the same familiarity as before. Nothing has changed I thought. So I brought my hands out of my pockets, and held them firmly on my chest. For I knew that was the place where your midlaugh was kept.

    The place where only I can relive.

    And so I did, at the same moment I thought everything was the same...
    except that you're not there.
    Only memories and tears I had to surrender to the fall remained.


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    It was all dark
    Yes! I was still 2 km away from my home
    My Mother was waiting,
    Whenever I take one step ahead
    I remember that delhi gang rape
    Then I stop for a while
    My heartbeat start beating fast
    I start shivering
    Because I heard some voice
    And thats of childern, I calm down
    I again started walking with courage
    But this time it was my bad luck
    Yes! I met the evils
    Their eyes were full of lust
    Their touch felt dirty,
    I begged them my life
    I tried to escape but they caught me
    I shouted,and some listened to me
    But they ignored me.
    Yes! They raped me, they raped me.
    I was helpless, I was half dead
    Now my mother start shivering
    When she saw me.
    She and I fought for justice
    But we failed god, we failed
    Again these evils got won.
    Congrats to you evil,And I love you for showing me this side of world,
    Where a candle march can be arranged for the rape victim,
    But the same people can never help the victim when they need it the most.

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    (originally written on #Quora )
    Years back, when the humans just started to appear on the Earth, all the planets held a meeting. As soon as Earth arrived, all the planets showered her with praises.

    “Oh, how beautiful she is!”

    “Different colours all around her body!”

    “What are those creatures on your body?” asked a curious Venus.

    “They are my children, Humans,” replied Earth.

    Mars said, “I am warning you, don't let them stay on you. They will destroy you one day.”

    “No, I trust them. They’ll take care of me.” An argument started. Earth tried to protect Humans, but Mars kept on warning her.

    Millions of years passed. Saturn called all of them for meeting again. They all reached there on time. All, that is, except Earth. She reached there very, very late. She was having high fever. She found it difficult to walk, as she was heavy with the humans’ weight. She had wounds all over her, given to her by her own children. She was stinky, due to the dirt that humans had spread. She felt poisoned due to polythene. In short, she was dying.

    As she reached there, everyone asked, “Who is this stinky planet?”

    “I am Earth,” she replied.

    “Haha Are you Earth? Haha Don't joke, Earth is very beautiful, she is the most beautiful of us all,” said Mercury, trying to control his laughter.

    “How sick you look!”

    “You’ve got wounds!”

    “So less plants!”

    “Stinky water!”

    “You’ve completely lost your beauty!”

    “I told you na, that don’t let them stay on you. Now see the result. These humans are very selfish,” Mars told her.

    The humans, for whom Earth argued with Mars, have now destroyed her. Her heart broke and she was in tears.
    ©Manya Agarwal

    #earth #sad #pod #poorsoul #angry #shameonus #cruel #humans #imagination #personification #writersnetwork #story #shortstory

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    Modern Earth

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    I packed up all the memories and knick-knacks that reminded me of you,
    I’ve never thought I would be strong enough to pack it all in a bag,
    When we were together, you were everything, everywhere,
    Your presence tended to consume my whole universe.

    Now, you fit in a small bag.
    How didn’t I see it before?

    Everytime, you hurt me,
    You lost a part of me,
    Your power over me shrunk.

    How can you say you love me and hurt me?
    How can you say you love me and break me?
    How can you say you love me and tear my heart apart?

    I was blind but now I see you,
    You chose her over me,
    And I am done crying over you.

    I woke up today and packed your things,
    I erased you from my life,
    Wiped you clean from my memory.

    And if our paths crossed,
    If your memories knocked on my door,
    I will still smile,
    As you will always be a bittersweet reminiscence.

    #pack #WOD #love #movingon #heartache #strong #hurt #shortstory #scene @writersnetwork

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    I packed up all the memories and knick-knacks that reminded me of you,
    I’ve never thought I would be strong enough to pack it all in a bag,

    Your presence tended to consume my whole universe.

    Now, you fit in a small bag.

    How didn’t I see it before?


  • oh_lah0 1w

    Life’s stress and everyday’s pressures are suffocating her, laying in bed, the clock is blinking 3:30 AM. Sleep is eluding her.

    Her mind wanders to the dark forest, with predators, she can’t seem to shake their jaw-deep bite.

    Biting and shredding on her insecurities. Why does she keep going back to the forest when she keeps dreaming of the white sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue seas?

    Is she afraid of never finding her haven that she settles for what she knows? The pitch-black darkness, and the heartless, soulless monsters of the dark?

    Or is she wishing to find an angel in disguise amidst the monsters to whisk her to heaven?

    She has been here night after night, slowly ruining herself more and more.
    Losing herself. Killing her soul.

    People keep saying you can’t look for the light in the dark caves. You can’t climb a steep chasm without breaking in the process.

    Deep down. Late at night, when she goes exploring yet again the thick forest, hoping to finally pet one of the predators without biting a chunk out of her. She knows.

    She knows, deep down that her one true angel is not here. But this is the only place she knows.

    She wishes he takes a detour for her, senses her terrified, aching soul. And brings her little of light to guide her way to him.

    To finally know what it’s like to give without losing. To feel safe instead of always on guard.

    Because even her walls are starting to shatter under the weight.

    Being always the strong one, takes a toll on a person. Because at the end of the day, she’s just human.
    A human who ‘s neither a soulless nor an angel.

    She is a mere human who has to put a stronger front than her walls can carry.

    So she is crumbling. Her walls and guards are giving up on her for the predators to fully attack. Vicious, savage and inhuman terror surrounding her.

    Suffocating her. Her escape plan morphed into a nightmare with no way out.

    Save me. Find me. See me.
    She wants to glimpse the light, see what it’s like to finally be free of the darkness. To take a deep clean breath and not taste the brimstone.

    The aftertaste of tears is what always lingers. She wants to be cleansed of all the bite marks marring her body and soul.

    She craves being clean again, feeling full again. Being herself again.

    Just once. She wants to feel herself and not an alien hosting her body for its own cravings.

    She will cleanse herself and return home.

    No more stress, no more predators, no more searching for her angel.

    She is home. And she is content.

    #love #predators #light #lonely #surrender #hopeful #findlove #YouAreWorthIt #worthy #shortstory #story #scene #novel

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    Save me. Find me. See me.

    She wants to glimpse the light, see what it’s like to finally be free of the darkness. To take a deep clean breath and not taste the brimstone.