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    Here's the 6th part.
    Sakshi went away but Raj still had a hope left.
    Will they meet again?
    Know it in the final part of the series.
    Till then keep guessing.......
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    (The Last Message)

    On the screen her message flashed a single word,"GOODBYE".
    Raj couldn't understand anything and immediately called her but she didn't answer. He tried several times but there was no reply.
    ‎ He rushed to the girls hostel, where the gatekeeper told him that she had left the hostel. Raj was shocked.
    ‎In the class, he asked MAYA ,one of Sakshi's roommate. She told,"Someone complained her parents overnight of the incident and they came and took her in the morning". Raj knew who it was.
    ‎She further added, "I told her that you love her. And you know what, she loves you too."
    ‎Raj was dumbfounded and asked ,"But she never.....".
    ‎"Never did you", replied Maya.
    ‎When he returned to the hostel in the evening, he saw 19 missed calls from Sakshi. He immediately called back but there wasn't any reply.
    ‎And from that day onwards, she never picked up the phone, nor did she ever call.


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    The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. I live on the 14th floor.


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    Sitting in the classroom alone, singing by myself "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"

    *Someone clapped behind me*


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    Steve-O and the Rockin' Losers. YA, Horror, Adventure.

    Chapter Six (Small extract)

    Shouta leaves for school. He spends the walk pondering the question: if, like in the novel Battle Royale, the students in his class were chosen by the government to fight each other with deadly weapons, until there was only one survivor, would Shouta survive until the end? Barry wouldn't. Steven totally wouldn't. But Shouta might. Shouta's unpredictable. Shouta's crazy. You've gotta watch out for Shouta, he thinks to himself. Who knows what Shouta's going to do. He reaches the school grounds and realises that he's cold - shivering, in fact - beneath his thin school sweatshirt. He's tempted to head inside, instead of waiting here for his friends, but then Barry appears, only moments later, with grey under his eyes and a big yawn in his mouth. His uniform is in disarray behind his unzipped coat. "Hi, Barry-bear!" Shouta calls out, waving to his friend. Barry approaches lethargically.

    "Hi," he eventually says.

    Shouta grabs Barry's beanie hat and puts it on his own head, warming his ice-cold ears. "Aah," he moans gratefully. Then, looking Barry up and down, "Late night?"


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    I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting my firstborn child. As I adjusted to a new position, my arm brushed against my wife, sleeping next to me.


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    Act V - Chasing the past.

    Rayn enter his bedroom, trying and failing to suppress the pain in her heart from showing up in her face.
    Leon fails to meet her eyes.
    "I-uh- I didn't mea-"
    "Listen! I've lived thousand of years, slaughtered millions of men and the only reason I'm letting you live is because the wound was made by an angel and can only be healed by a slave of your daddy upstairs" she fumes with anger ignited by her sorrow.
    "I see" he painfully heaves his breath.
    "Anyways, what was it you wanted to show me?" Rayn finally suppresses her gnawing pain and her voice from cracking.
    "I found this by the place you were found, a week ago" Leon takes a beautiful silver sword under his bed.
    "This is a-"
    "Sword of angels, it can kill anything, demons, humans, and even archangels" she suddenly breaks into a devilish grins, her eye wide open.
    Leon sees the thirst for blood stirring in her eyes.The aura of her starts to pollute the air just like when they first met.
    She walks towards him.
    "No no no bind the bloo-" before he could finishing the spell Rayn appears in front of him in a flash.
    "Not this time" just her demonic aura makes Leon falls on his knees.
    "I'm taking this" she starts to walk out of the room.
    "Please stop! PLEASE" She doesn't pay attention.
    "RAYN! Why are you doing this?! Whatever happened to being indebted to me?!! Were you only using me to get your way?!" Leon yells panting.
    She stops.
    "I could've ripped out your gut then and there if I wanted and I have burned empires to get my way!! And why am I doing this? You think I like being hunted by Angels, killing my own kind?! Having my life hanging by a thread? And do you really think those angels you worship are good and pure?!!" She yells at him.
    She pauses for few minutes, regains composure.
    "My mom and father were demons but neither did they harm humans nor did they kill angels. They were innocent people wanting to live a life in peace. When I was seven, an archangel broke through the door, and didn't just kill them, he mutilated them. Gouged my father's eyes, impaled him, tore through my mother's womb while she was pregnant with another child. He enjoyed it while pleaded they for mercy all the while. He wanted me to watch and live my whole life in fear of him".
    Her voice finally cracks, a tear falls from her eye, she quickly rubs it off, her every breath feels heavy, her throat pains.
    "Rayn, i didn't kn-"
    "That's why, I spent years of slaughtering their kind, clawing my way from the pits of hell, destroying demon, angel and even human that gets in way"
    She drops the coat that Leon gave her to wear, revealing a skull with two swords crossed in front of it with the words "Lady of Xibalba" printed on the back of her top she wore under her red jacket.
    Leon eyes widen, his jaw drops, his whole body trembles in fear.
    "I am Rayn Hayden Elysia de la morte, weaklings like you call me death's concubine, one of the leaders of the council of demons called as Xibalba"
    And I swear, I will have my vengeance" her eyes burn with hatred.
    She walks out of the door.
    Leon still struggles to move but in vain
    "Rayn... I have to help her... her wound". After trying as hard as he could to get up, he drops down to floor.
    He senses an aura that's the exact opposite of Rayn's approaching him.
    A tall man with long silvery hair with silver tinted eyes and pale beautifully symmetric face. He enters his room and touches Leon's temples and lifts the weight that prevented him from moving.
    " Your aura... You're an angel... Thank you" Leon pants.
    "Oh no, don't thank me. I'm just doing my job" he replies.
    "That didn't work out for me quie-" Before Leon could finish his sentence, he picks him up and throws him across the room.
    "Ahhh!" His head hits the bed's leg hard.
    He rolls him over and crushes Leon's throat under his feet.
    "Do you have any idea what you've done boy?"
    The angel fumes in anger.
    Leon groans in pain....
    "God help me".

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    Haiku #46: A Short Omegle Chat

    Him: "What turns you on?"
    Me: "Reading good poetry."
    Him: Disconnected.


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    Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

    I think it’s absurd that people would mess with powers that they don’t understand just for kicks. Ouija boards, demonic summonings, blood magic, eleven mile roads and games of hide and seek with possessed dolls; it’s all dangerous and fruitless. My least favorite of these games however, is Bloody Mary. Typically the perpetrators are groups of teenage girls. They’re still children, really. They have so much left to live for. Most of them haven’t finished high school. They’ve never had a job, they’ve barely had time to learn about the world, they haven’t had a chance to define themselves. Hell, a good portion of them have never even had their first kiss, though they would never admit it. They’re not grown enough to drink or rent a car, but think that they’re mature enough to risk their lives in a dark ritual.

    I’ve seen it hundreds of times. They gather around a bathroom mirror with candles and whisper the words ‘Bloody Mary’ three times. Most have gotten false information on how the ritual goes, thank god. They are the ones who giggle the rest of the night away. But there are some who, unfortunately enough, get it right. Every one of them is found in front of a mirror with their eyes gouged out— a high price to pay for a cheap thrill.

    I hate seeing those lives cut short. I will admit though, I am proud of my collection of eyes. It’s grown quite impressive.


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    Here's the 5th part.
    A new turn in the story and the next part is going to change everything.........
    #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #repost #letsrepost #wordporn #creativity26 #mirakee #mirakeelove #romance #shortstory

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    (The Brawl)

    He was kissing her forcefully. She was trying hard to resist but he wasn't stopping. Suddenly he moved his hand towards her breast.

    "Stop it,SID", mumbled Sakshi.

    ‎ Raj saw it from a distance and angrily went there and pushed him aside.
    "You asshole. I told you to stay away form her. You don't understand it seems, now you're gonna pay for it",Sid said furiously.
    He got up,took out a knife,moved towards him and in a rage gave a cut on his right cheek.

    ‎Sakshi got frightened and went for help.

    ‎"What's happening here",screamed the teacher,"Both of you,go to your rooms."
    ‎Raj cleaned his cut with a wet towel,put up a band aid and went to bed. He fell asleep.
    ‎The next day, when he woke up,he saw a notification. It was Sakshi's message and on it was written...(To be continued...)


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    I found a picture of me, in my phone, sleeping. But I live alone.


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    A thunder woke me up on a wintry night. Couldn't sleep further, I laid myself on the bed watching the rain droplets racing down the window-pane. The chilly breeze, entering the room, blew out the candle near my dresser, making my room shivery as freeze and dark as haunted. I was stiff as a statue, neither lighting up the candle nor latching the window. I slowly made myself downstairs, to check Nana's room. While climbing upstairs closing all the windows down, fingers cold as ice stopped my feet holding it tight. I turned back and found none. On the way back to my room, I peeped inside my little sister's room. She was sitting on the bed beside her unicorn facing the window. As I latched the window, she laid down the bed confessing, she didn't like my ex-boyfriend following me all the time, even on a creepy wintry night. Little she knows how much does his accident two years ago frights me still. As I stood horrified, the door behind us, SLAMMED.
    #horror #horrorstory #shortstory #shivery #colddays #weirdnights #horrified #stopfollowing

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    A creepy wintry night


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    I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first I thought it was the window, until I heard it come from the mirror again.

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    (Night of enigma)

    With a heavy heart, he said,"Naah!!! Love and all,not my type." And the bell rang and they rushed to their classroom.
    A month passed and the time for the freshers came.
    ‎"Are you gonna perform something in the freshers?",asked Sakshi. "No, nothing",replied Raj.
    ‎"Will you mind doing a dance performance with me",she asked. "Why me and not your boyfriend",he asked curiously."Leave him, he is not interested in these things",she replied.
    ‎"Alright then, I am doing it",he replied immediately in a joyful manner.
    ‎And came the day. They were rehearsing for the last time but in the meantime her boyfriend came and took Sakshi away with him and also gave a nasty stare at Raj.
    ‎"We are getting late. I shall look for her",he murmured. He went looking for her in the auditorium but couldn't find her. Then he went to the backstage where he heard something. He immediately went there and saw...(To be continued....)


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    Courage is the new bold

    When u need to overcome Ur darkness.. It's Ur courage only which can help u..
    When the world stay against u..its again Ur courage which can give strength n support to u...
    The word courage is not just a word..its an emotion..which have enormous potential to destroy Ur fear like it has never influenced in Ur life n Ur dreams..
    Courage is the new bold..

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    It takes courage
    To hear God's' call.
    It takes courage
    To give one's all.
    It takes courage,
    To become small.
    It takes courage
    To love one and all .


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    Act IV - Why does it hurt then?

    Few weeks go by, Rayn and Leon have become close acquaintances.
    Rayn watches Leon plucking tomatoes, in a garden few miles from the cathedral ground turning her head according to the direction he moves .
    "You humans are weird, you know what?".
    "You've been staring at me with your eyes peeled without blinking for 30 minutes but ok, we're the weird ones. Anyways why did you come here?"
    "I was getting bored, and the people there, were freaking out by just by looking at me, and a stupid kid threw a flower pot at me while I was asleep and called me a freak ! You're lucky I'm indebted to you, or less I would've consumed his soul!" She says with an irritated expression scratching her head.

    He walks towards her and lifts her chin ever slow slightly, their both faces inches from each other.
    "I'm so sorry you had to go through that" with a pained expression.
    Rayn's eyes widen. Their faces few centimeters away from each other. She could feel his warm breath on her face. Her chest tightens.

    "Brother Leon! I bought you cookies today!" Aiza shouts cheerfully from a short distance, running, visiting him after many days.
    "Brother le-" she stops in her track, petrified.

    "Oh look, it's fresh meat! Feeding time" Rayn licks the corners of her mouth.

    "Don't worry Aiza, she won't bite" Leon says.

    "But she's a demon!!" Aiza says, still scared.
    "And don't you forget that!" Rayn grins
    "Rayn, play nice" Leon tells her
    "You don't get to -"
    "You are indebted to me aren't you?" He bites his lower lip, cocking an eyebrow, smirks.
    Rayn stops talking and walks grumpily few away from them, kicking a rock on her way and leans on an apple tree with one foot up.

    "Listen Aiza she maybe a demon but she's hurt and her wound actually hasn't completely healed yet, and besides I wanna know how she got hurt that badly because if something was power enough to fatally injure a demon then it probably might be threatening to the church and village. Can you keep this a secret?"

    Aiza still unsure but nods " yes, if brother Leon trusts her then it's ok".

    "Why don't you stay home for a few days till I sort this out?"
    "Ok" Aiza slightly smile.
    "Thanks Aiza"

    Leon walks towards Rayn.
    "I wanted to talk to you about something, Meet me in my chamber in a few hours"
    "Why can't you talk here?" She asks
    "There is also something I wanted to show you"
    "Wear this when you enter" Leon hands her a black hooded coat with a symbol of the cross and a halo above it.
    "This is given to the members of the church so you won't have much trouble getting in just keep your face hidden"
    "Much trouble? That sounds reassuring"
    "Don't worry, you'll be fine"
    "Easy for you to say, you're not the one sneaking into the place where people like me are tortured"she signs and continues "Anyways I'll meet you in few hours".
    Leon lifts his hand to pat her head, surprising her.
    "Hey! I'm not your puppy!"
    "You sure react like one" he chuckles a bit.
    "My room is the third one down the hallway, see you tonight Rayn".

    After few hours, Rayn hides her crimson hair, covers her face and manages to sneak inside the church. She reaches his room lifts her hand to knock when a woman shyly smiling comes out of the door. Her dress seems disorderly. Rayn eyes widen but she quickly reverts to a blank expression.
    She looks inside the room. The sheets of the bed inside are on the floor.

    "Rayn, I-I.. I didn't know you'd be here sooner" For the first time she hears Leon's word stuttering.

    "I don't care how he is, I don't care what he does behind closed door , I don't care if he is a priest that goes out with other woman, I don't care if he used the same hands that healed me to touch another woman, so someone please tell me why is there a clot in my throat and why is my chest throbbing from pain?"

  • tigresslionheart 2d

    Act III - An apologizing smile

    After a whole day of observing, Rayn drops down from the tree.
    "So you finally decided to come down" Leon says with his back still turned against her, washing his face by the tap outside the church.
    "How did you know I was here?"

    "I could sense your aura, though it's a bit timid from the first time we met. That and the sisters at the church told me that a creepy, provocatively dressed red-head is stalking me from the oak tree, so take your pick" Pats his face dry with the towel.
    The hues of pink painted on his cheeks become deeper in colour.

    "I'm not stalking you I wanted to repay my debt because I don't wanna be grateful to you" she says with a plain expression.

    "You are not indebted to me, it was my job and I helped you, that is all"

    "Uh-hmm sure" she lifts an eyebrow at him.

    "Look, If you wanna pay your debt why don't you help me out here?"
    "What? Are you joking? What if someone picks up my aura? Do you want me to destroy your village?"
    "No one here is that powerful enough, I'm not bragging but somehow me and Aiza are the only ones in the village who can pick up the auras of angels and demons. And don't worry I told Aiza to rest for while so she won't be here. what do you say?"
    She remain silent for few moments, considering and slightly nods "Sure".

    From that day on, Rayn visits him everyday. Helping Leon in his chores, raking the leaves, sweeping the ground outside as he carries out his priest tasks, cleansing the church, helping with the sermons inside, helping the father and nuns of the church.

    Rayn, finishing her chores lies under the tree with her left forearm covering her eyes.
    "Let's have lunch" Leon stands near her with two bowls in his hands.
    "Demons don't eat human food" she replies.
    "Really? I saw you stealing an APPLE from a nun".
    Rayn sighs and sits up lazily"God, You're a pain my ass" She snatches one of the bowl and takes a spoonful of stew from it.
    Her eyes widen, "This is surprisingly good! Ha! I thought you guys eat dry bread or something" she laughs.
    "Good, I made it for you" he smiles ever so slightly.
    "Ohh... Thanks I guess" she lowers her head, trying to avoid eye contact.
    Leon sits beside her. Both silently eat the stew.
    "For a demon, she's really... Not demonic. Maybe she was just scared the time we met. Her aura isn't evil like before, just different from the angels. Is this her way of manipulating people, and if it is, why doesn't that scare me. What am I gettting myself into?" Leon absent mindedly looks at her, his expression worried.
    "What? Are you feeling sick?!" Rayn asks in a rushed tone, her expression annoyed with a very slight hint of worry.
    He sighs "It's nothing. I'll be getting back now. And now that you're fed, stop stealing things"
    "Sure, whatever" she hands his the bowl.
    She watches him go into the cathedral, and the girls inside, try to make conversation with him. She watches everything he does in utter curiosity.

    One thing Rayn doesn't understand no matter many times she watches him, he always flashes his genuine smile to everyone that approach him, from the people who come to the church seeking help to the girls who try to hit on him, regardless of how tired or worn out he is.
    A smile that seems to apologize for him being too beautiful.

    ~Tigress Lionheart

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    William's Art

    "Art is the lie that enables us to realise the truth" Pablo Picasso.

    "Well this is the biggest lie I've ever drawn and I still haven't realised any truth." William grumbled at his phone as he looked from the quote on his Mirakee app to the picture on the drawing pad in front of him. He had become consistent with drawing at the age of twenty five. Two years down the line, he was still as frustrated as he was the first few months. Even when family and friends praised his art, William still believed there was a missing element in every picture. He didn't know what it was, yet the thought of incompleteness made him restless. This feeling held him back from opening a gallery for his art, a dream he's had since he started drawing.

    William sat on the floor and chewed on gummy bears as he closely observed his picture. He had drawn a picture of the economic stratification in the societies of the world. The picture had four triangles. The first triangle depicted the poor. He represented them with huts. The second one had simple block houses that represented the middle class. Third triangle depicted the rich with fancy bungalows and duplexes, while the fourth contained skyscrapers and jets which represented the wealthy. The picture looked alright but he was still hunted by the feeling that his work was incomplete.

    "What do I want people to take home from this picture? " William asked a red gummy bear before he threw it in his mouth. He got up from the floor, paced his room, determining to finish his work that day.
    Getting an idea, he took his eraser, created a clean space at the bottom of his art and wrote a quote.

    "Everyone is important.
    Economic backgrounds are not the determinants of a person's future.
    You can cross the line.
    Know what you have and where you're headed."

    The moment he put the full stop after his signature, he felt his head clear up. He finally had peace. Although he couldn't claim to fully understand Picasso's quote, he chose to believe he could help someone realise the truth from his pictures. From then on, William decided to add a note to every picture.


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    Here's the 3rd part.
    The story is taking a different turn as some serious talk is starting....
    #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #repost #letsrepost #wordporn #creativity26 #mirakee #mirakeelove #romance #shortstory

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    (Tragic talk)

    "How did you know I have a boyfriend?",she asked in a shocking tone. "Everybody knows that",he said hiding the incident from her.
    " I don't love him anymore, but I can't leave him too",she added. He was shocked and immediately asked," What? But..... "
    ‎"Why am I telling you all this stuff? Just forget it",she said angrily. "People usually share their feelings if they find comfortable with the person. Now since we are friends, you can tell me",he added.
    ‎"We are in relationship from last 2 years. He has been always rude to me and to all the boys talking to me. He thinks of me to be his own property! ",she exclaimed emotionally.
    ‎"And why can't you leave him? ",he asked.
    ‎"Because he won't let me go. He blackmails me about telling my parents of our relationship. And my parents,you don't know them, they will lock me away",she said in a sad voice.
    ‎"But how long will it last. It must end someday. You are a good, pretty girl and any boy will like you.",he added.
    ‎"Wait, why are you saying this to me? Do you like me",she asked all of a sudden and Raj was blanked to say anything.(To be continued....)


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    Act II - Why did it had to be you ?

    "Just do it quickly" she looks at Leon with a determined look.
    Leon cocks an eyebrow "I think you're mistaken, I'm not here to ki-"
    "Oh shut up! Do I look like an idiot to you? I've seen people like you, killing my kind in the name of your boss upstairs!" She shouts with anger.
    A moment of silence passes
    "Tell me, what's your name ?" Leon asks her.
    "What ? Do you think this is a joke ?" She looks at him irritated.
    "I ask you again, what's your name ?"
    She pauses for a minute.
    "Rayn Hayden" her anger subdues.

    "Nice to meet you Rayn, now that your arrogant attitude is out of the way, I can heal you" Leon smiles.
    "You're joking right? Aren't you a priest? Why the hell will you help me?" She asks perplexed.
    "I'm helping you because I'm a priest, I don't care if you're an angel or a demon, it's my job to help and heal people". He replies.
    "Unbind the chains, let the river be no more controlled, let it flow like the cosmos in heaven, by the power of lord". As he finishes the spell, the invisible grip that held Rayn, is no more.

    "What makes you think I'm not gonna kill you?" She grins
    "With that wound, you'll only survive a day so even if you somehow kill me you'll be dead soon, I'm taking you to an old friend's house, I can heal you there"

    "Uh-huh, sure but I'm gonna go" she turn the other way and starts to walk, griping her stomach, still bleeding.
    "I won't do that if I were you" he smirks.
    "Wh-" Rayn falls again.
    "Oh! Come on seriously?"
    "Should've warned you, the spell's effect lasts a while even after its removed" he says.
    "Uh...uhhhh what do think you're doing?!" She shouts as Leon lifts her in his arms.
    "You can't walk and I can't drag you tied to a rope because that would be animal abuse" he says jokingly.
    "Sure, real mature, you act like you're a saint but you're probably a creep, flirting with nuns at your cathedral" she says, clearly irritated.
    "Says the girl with overly exposed chest" Leon says with slight smile.
    "I-uh...uh..ugh! See! You are a creep! You probably try to creep up on girls, try to get a glimpse of them in their underwear"
    "Only the cute ones" he chuckles a bit.
    "Ok I'm a demon, and even I think that's pervy"
    He smiles.

    They both continue their journey in silence.
    What am I doing ? Being carried by a priest boy, how low have I become ?
    Agitated but the only thing she can concentrate is on the sweet smell of Leon's sweat, grabbing him robe tight as she falls asleep.

    He looks down at her, his eyes widen. The moonlight cascades on her face, her pale face shimmering, her crimson hair dances in the wind, her naturally long eyelashes flutter in her sleep.
    "A marvel! Guess she really is a demon"

    Next morning
    Rayn wakes up abruptly, finds herself in a house with only a cauldron.
    "Good, you're awake, Leon patched you up quick". A man with rough facial features and strong muscles walks in.
    "I'm guessing you're his friend, where is he anyway"
    "He went to the cathedral, he is a brother after all" he replies
    "Uh-huh, ok I'm leaving too". She gets grabs her red coat she was wearing on the floor beside her, starts walking.
    "Wait, how are you able to recover so soon? With the injury you had, it shouldn't taken you weeks!" He questions her
    She stops, looks at him over her shoulder and says "Easy, I'm a demon".
    " A What?!"
    "See ya" walks out of the door.
    "Let's see if my wings work properly"
    "Hey wait up, what you jus-"
    Rayn's black wings with a span of 70 inches each pierce out of her back.
    "Uhhhhhhh!!!! It finally so good!! Now let's visit that priest boy"
    She disappears in a flash while Leon's friend stands in shock.
    She reaches the cathedral and hides herself up the branches of an oak tree by it.
    "Of all the ways, I could've been punished, of all the ways, my damnation could've been delivered, of all the people, who could've tortured me in most insufferable ways, why did my being had to be grateful to you? A priest".
    Rayn looks down smiling at him as Leon's crisp hair plays in the warm summer breeze.

    ~Tigress Lionheart