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  • bittu_savalia 3d


    I smile because
    your are my brother
    I laugh there is
    nothing you can do about it.


  • little_hearts 3d


    Its ok if you still fight
    with your sibling to get
    the last bite of the chocolate. :D



  • afridiahmed13579 4d

    Those were the days when we used to quarrel over who gets to sleep beside mother
    Those were the days when fights used to break out on the last slice of cake
    Those were the days when words were enough to make us cry
    Those were the days when consoling hugs were enough to mend broken hearts
    Those were the days when our fights never disrupted our bond
    Those were the days when we held hands while crossing the roads
    Those were the days that I knew what love was
    Those are the days that I cherish the most
    Those are the days I want to live again with you both, brothers

  • muserofhearts 4d

    Everything? Nothing.

    At first when I was younger, I thought I was everything. Everything I could be and everything they wanted from me.

    The perfect daughter. The one who obediently did whatever her parents asked her to do. Who respectfully stayed in her limits.

    The perfect sister. The one who her younger siblings shared all their stress and happiness with. The one they could always depend upon and be close with.

    The perfect friend. The one who was loyal to them, the secrets they kept and defensive of the truths they hold close and supportive of the lies they told. The friend you could always depend upon.

    The perfect person. The one who was always cheery and never faked a smile. The one who could go through everyday with a twinkle in her eyes and a bounce in her step.

    Growing up, I realised I wasn't any of this.

    I was the daughter who was always struggling to keep her parents proud, the daughter who could never share her shallow pain with her own parents.

    I was the sister that tried to come closer to her siblings only to be shunned away and listed under the category of overprotective and non dependent.

    I was the friend that never could enter the circle of trust, the one they looked for last, the one who actually had no friends of her own.

    I was nothing. Nothing that could be done and nothing I ever wanted to be.


  • butter_scotch_10 1w

    चेहरे पर नूर है
    हल्का सा गुरुर है

    नही करती अब परवाह मैं
    किसी के भी तानों की, उल्हानो की
    वो दिन अब लद गये
    जब आँखों के कोने पानी था
    छुप कर् के मैं रोती थी
    होठों पर ले नकली मुस्कान

    अब रहती हूँ मस्त अपने में
    निहारती हूँ खुद को , सँवारती हूँ खुद को देख आईने में
    भजन भी मैं गाती हूँ तो गजल भी मै गाती हूँ

    जरूरत नही मुझे रिझाने की अब सजन को
    नजर मुझे आता है आँखों में उनकी अपना अक्स
    मेरे बिन कहे पढ़ लेते वो मेरी जुबाँ

    काम वो करती हूँ मैं जो मुझे भाता है
    कलम भी चलाती हूँ तो कड़छी भी चलाती हूँ
    पार्लर भी जाती हूँ तो मंदिर भी जाती हूँ
    बगियाँ मे देख तितली बच्चो सी मचल जाती हूँ

    सब कुछ होते भी कमी महसूस करती हूँ
    अपने दिल के टुकड़ों की
    बात उनसे करके कुछ पल , हो लेती हूँ खुश मैं
    देख कर खुश उनको भूल जाती हूँ गम अपने
    मैं जीवन की नयी पारी खेल रही मैं
    जीवन के एक एक पल को जी रही मैं
    जो नही कर पायी अभी तक
    वो सब कर रही मैं

  • the_immature_writer_anish1326 2w

    Bohot khhhas hote hai Wo Bhai bhi..
    Jo Apni behen ka soch kr dusri ladkiyon ko aankh othha ke nhi dekkhte.��

  • sweetie_subi 3w


    He keeps on fighting with me all day,
    He yells at me to if i touch his phone,
    He yells at me for everything and all,
    But he cant live without me,
    Everytime i shade my tears during failure,
    He encourages me to fight like warrior,
    Everytime i feel i need something more,
    He offered his own share of it,
    Everytime i felt i dont deserve much,
    You gifted me 7 times more better stuff,
    You sacrificed your own share of joy,
    To bring the curve in my gloomy face,
    You kept on saying that you dont like,
    But you wanted to offer better life to me,
    I swear no one understood my needs and wishes,
    The way you read them vividly in my silence,
    When i had no friends with me,
    Due to my introvert nature known by all,
    You fulfilled the space of a best friend too,
    Taking for a ride on the bicycle every evening,
    Bring chocolates for me whenever you got one,
    Playing games with me to make me feel better,
    Bring me my favourite food to make me happy,
    You offered me a share from your pocket money,
    If i had to buy some books and i was short of money,
    You always tease me saying that you dont love me,
    You say i am not your favourite sister,
    You dont give me anything on rakhi too,
    To show that i don't matter to you,
    You are brother from the same mother,
    We share common genetics and characters,
    We share similar qualities as we grew together,
    Siblings like us share a different bond,
    You fight with me like my enemy,
    You scold me like my mentor,
    You care for me like my angel,
    You love me like i am your child,
    You are my brother by bond name,
    you have always treated me like your child,
    You are my all in one superman brother,
    And my existence would be worse,
    If you weren't my elder sibling,
    We share the longest friendship time together,
    With never ending stories to share,
    Special Moments to cherish and laugh at,
    You've offered me many gifts all these years,
    But you don't know you're the best gift,
    God offered me to fulfill my wishes on Earth.

    Loads of love brother... you are my most handsome stud-looking bestie. You'remy super hero.. you're my role model.. you're much more than these verses can reveal.. you're the blessing i want to be with me always.. you're my lucky charm monkey.. ����
    You're an idiot but you are the best mentor i ever had.. thanks isn't enough but love i have is too less to offer to you.. i cant pay back.. thanks for taking care of me. Thanks for protecting me.. thanks for loving me the most (out all other sisters you have around the globe) ☺☺


  • nityash27 3w

    While lighting the lantern the toddler said to himself ," I wish there was someway that I could come up and celebrate diwali with you.I will someday, till then I am sending my wishes to you.Take care sister."


  • miracles_notes 4w


    We fight, laugh and cry
    Mostly you make me cry����
    The elder concept is thrown out of window
    Respect is the last thing I expect at home.

    You hide your love behind your mischiefs
    Laugh at my weird crying expressions,
    Click my embarrassing pics while I sleep,
    Make me Goldilocks by putting locks in my braid.����

    But you know when I am sad,
    Even we are miles apart through voice.
    Always tries to joke even it's one of stupidest one.
    Time surely fly fast, but not our flattering and battling,
    When we need Help or take out anger of the world on each other.

    You are the person I can always count
    You are my love I never want to share
    Even the devil offers himself in exchange
    Because the devil too can't withstand the love
    I show to you in my unique way.��������


  • bluemushroom 4w

    _my mortal enemy_

    enjoyed fighting each other
    targeting each other's flaws
    spreading each other's secrets
    laughing each other's embarassment
    ruining each other's special moments
    yes! we hate & we get jealous
    and yet we worry & care for one another
    we protect and cried on each other's shoulder
    no one can hurt us more than that our siblings does
    and no one can make us smile than their simple act.


  • somadina 4w

    Dear Sib,

    If we weren't petals of one garden,
    I would probably never wave if we met on the road,
    And remain blind to those flaws that complete my own,
    Never partake in those laughs and tears that sprinkle my life with its unique sparkle,
    I would have only myself to blame for the wrongs your rights would have prevented,
    The rights your lefts would have averted.
    And I would never have loved a more precious adversary.

  • motherschild 4w

    Only Child.

    What can an only child write about siblings?
    Except that God gave much worthier as Best Friends!!

  • kora_kagaz 4w


    I remember my early days
    When you would make me laugh in different ways.
    I remember those times
    When as the young one I would commit all sorts of crimes
    And let you handle mummy's fury.
    I remember us plucking mangoes
    Every summer,with Papa
    And you would select the best for yourself among them with glee
    Cause they are your favourite.
    I remember copying you
    Be it your words,habits or even handwriting.
    I remember competing with you
    Just so that Mummy will praise me
    Instead of you.
    I remember you making me eat your veggies
    When Mummy wasn't looking.
    I would gladly take them but you never took mine!(even now)
    I remember listening to you more than Mummy or Papa
    Cause you knew how to get me.
    I remember complaining our parents that they loved you more
    When the truth is I never was jealous
    I remember us having weird rituals
    Which we still do when we meet.
    I remember us play fighting
    Which would end up in a war!
    Only Mummy could stop it.
    I remember us riding our bikes
    All over the town,when we were kids.
    I remember you being my teacher
    You were so strict,the most strict of them all.
    But you always knew the way to my mind and heart
    You taught me to grow and flourish
    To become a good human above all.
    I remember us dreaming
    About things we would do when we grow up.
    I remember us stargazing
    And fighting over constellations.
    I remember our frequent fights
    We would always end up talking
    And laughing over in a matter of hours.
    Between us fighting over who our parents loved more
    And having long late night talks,
    We grew up.
    You still inspire me,motivate me
    You are my best friend and soulmate.
    I hope we remain the same,didi.Forever.
    Even if we live miles away from each other.
    You were always there for me,
    I would be there too.For you.


  • jess99887 4w

    Dear siblings

    My very favourite sister
    You are so unique
    You are a special child
    And different from other kids.

    You can rarely talk
    Or walk or eat by yourself
    You are just like a two year old
    Even if you are ten.

    Even if the disease
    Can't be cured
    I'll still love you
    Through and through.

    To my cutest brother
    You are very young
    A little chubby
    Just a toddler.

    So innocent
    And pure
    Like an angel
    Without the wings.

    You are the best
    I love you so
    Always know that
    Wherever you go.

  • bariya_hamid 4w

    The womb of mother we share
    Binding us to a name
    Brother and sister
    Moments we created in life
    Will always be cherished by my heart


  • peacefulfeelings 4w

    The Little Star From Heaven

    During the midst of a winter night
    I gaze upon the vast sky
    Hoping to seek light
    Then i curse myself, my
    lonely days, and the empy height
    No stars to be seen, why
    The moon itself wasnt in sight

    I never knew why
    Why i was made to sit there
    Why my ma couldn't stay
    Why all my uncles are here
    Little i know about the star i should pray
    The moon wasn't up there
    She was here, a new star to the milky way

    A cold night of my life
    That gave warmth throughout my life
    A new star coming out of theater
    His eyes were closed so the mouth opens more
    A sound i knew will save me from loneliness
    I'm freed from my boredom
    He gave me new meanings to life

    My life was just a reflection
    Of the coldness, the loneliness
    That manifested upon the empty dark sky
    Killing me with unbearable pain
    This until he was born
    His birth was the ray of sunshine
    That brought life to my soul


  • thenocturnalwriter_ 4w


    "Uggh! Stop pulling my cheeks. It hurts." The girl shouted at her big brother abd punched him on his tummy.
    "My cutest sister. I love you" the brother said giving her a hug.

    Siblings are the most irritating being born ever, but could we imagine a life where these humans don't exist?


  • ppr_23 4w

    He was the lamp to her darkness,
    The vision to her thoughts
    The inspiration to her dreams.
    Nothing would give her happiness
    As her brother was the soul to her life.

  • ammu_ajith 4w


    Sister.... Some Intimate Soul who Turns Everything Right......
    My sister is not just a word..
    Babes... She is an emotion������


  • _riya_writes 4w

    Oh my little Brother!

    Brother, do you remember?
    Maybe you don't! Cause you were too little!
    Your first cry made me cry!
    I was five when I holded you for the first time.
    Now you've grown up but still I see you as my little baby brother;
    who used to hold my finger.
    I know I act harsh sometimes
    But trust me brother, you are the one
    Who's nearest to my heart.