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  • theaquiredsoul 12w

    Social media

    A platform designed to keep us connected
    A platform which now keeps away from real people
    We don't realise untill late that
    We are all alone with proxy friends
    Crying alone in the real world

  • worldviewpoetry 12w


    The world today has advanced so much,
    Almost everything is accessible just by a touch.
    Social media has become a part of the routine,
    People keep a check on Trump, Kim and Putin.

    We haven't realised social media is so powerful,
    We sit and rate people from bad to wonderful.
    But along with that we are losing our privacy,
    Now the higher the likes, more is our ecstacy.

    You should definitely use apps to be connected,
    But with it, u shouldn't let your mind be affected.
    Afterall it is your virtual profile and not really you,
    You've much bigger problems here awaiting you.


  • poetic_point 12w

    This is dedicated to my friends whom I miss. Geographically we are far apart, but never at heart. Reality is that it's tough to stay connected while so far away. Through this piece, I present my heart which misses my dear ones.

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    Visuals, screens and graphics
    That's the world which surrounds us.
    We look into each other's eyes
    Yet not hearing each other breathe.

    We talk, laugh and cry
    Over yellow coloured faces
    Sent through communities
    We were never a real part of.

    As a connection is lost
    Not merely by distance or time,
    I miss the real part of the talk
    When it was really you and I.

    I miss you my dear friend
    And though it is projected through a screen,
    I mean it from the heart.
    I really miss reality.

    I hope, while the world reduces connection
    To screens and lights,
    That our relations will still stay true,
    That they will still shine bright.

  • iamzero 12w

    Social Media

    Let's try to write something
    About everyone present thing
    "Oh damn that girl was hot,
    I'll add her though, her i know not

    Yes, the social media that i wanna mention
    Poison of today's generation
    Doesnt you realize, it's for the one
    Who's up high, but not for none

    If you had goddess beauty, got the likes
    If you were not, you'll be fun
    If someone got there and be here
    Does it mean you'll need to be there?

    So you will edit your face on a frame
    Cant accept yourself on what's real
    Like a player on a lying game
    You're the best on selfishly conceal

    Someone has a thousand friends
    And another has tenths
    Now im asking friendly man
    Can you tell who's true at them?

    When you're in a relationship, i advice
    Dont like a photo of girl so nice
    You never really know who's peeping
    Maybe your girlfriend is watching

    Spending hours just browsing
    Worthlessly time consuming
    Not enough appreciation, depressing
    Breakfast, lunch or dinner, have you eaten?

    Like a cigarette, burning slowly
    Life in bed feeling sickly
    Or just in chair, you cant get up
    Likes or followers, till you get enough


  • nish_adaya 13w


    They curse it for being
    Chaotic and unfair
    They say "Social Media"
    Is so disturbing
    It may have harmed those
    Who used it less carefully
    But for me, it is my eyes, my ears
    My words and my everything
    It makes me feel normal
    Just sharing my heart as others
    No one can judge that
    I can actually not speak or listen
    To the words they say
    But everyone can read
    The feelings and experiences
    I have long yearned to express!


  • bhavesh_sadhu 13w


    Chattis social media aaj Woh use karte hai,
    in Zariyo se hum Unse Baat karne ke Bahaane dhundhte hai...


  • ishan_jajoo 13w


    हफ्ते के दो दिन की तस्वीरें सजा दी है।
    सबको चिल्लाके मेरी खुशिया बता दी है।
    अब शायद वो पाँच दिनो को, भूल जाएगी दुनिया।
    दुनिया ने जीने की सही रीत सीखा दी है।


  • panchdoot 13w

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  • panchdoot 13w

    पञ्चदूत मैगज़ीन का जुलाई अंक
    नया नशा
    आवश्यक है लक्ष्मण रेखा
    इस अंक में प्रकाशित कुछ खास आलेख इस तरह है -
    * वहशीपन तो जैब में है, बलात्कार कैसे रुकेंगे ?
    * एक नया मायाजाल
    * बढ़ता सोशल मीडिया - बढ़ता अपराध
    * मोबाइल की महिमा
    * साईबर क्राइम एक्ट
    * दूरियां सिमटी या बढ़ गई
    * पोर्न का बाजार
    * मोबाइल ने बिगाड़ा बचपन
    * सोशल मीडिया - पास करता सपनों के
    * जानबूझकर की गई आपके साथ साजिश
    इनके अलावा भी आलेख है जो वर्तमान व्यवस्था का एक विश्लेषण मात्र है ।

    हमारी वेबसाइट से डाउनलोड करना ना भूले इस अंक को ।
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  • nasir_salar 13w

    Social media

    Relations aren't about chatting together
    but about living together!
    So dont be serious about social sites nd dont judge the other person on basis of their msg frequency!

  • panchdoot 14w

    कांग्रेस के दिग्गज नेता शशि थरूर ने बीजेपी पर हमला बोलते हुए कहा कि अगर भारतीय जनता पार्टी 2019 के लोकसभा चुनाव में जीतती है, तो इससे देश 'हिंदू पाकिस्तान' बन जाएगा। आपकी इस बयान पर क्या राय है हमें कमेंटबॉक्स में बताएं

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  • alicejune 14w

    Personal Peak

    Did you know...Setting personal goals and sharing them on social media, before working towards self enlightenment, can give the self a false sense of accomplishment?

    This over sharing can give the planner the same exact feeling of achievement as if he or she had actually worked toward and succeeded the goal.

    Sometimes, keeping goals to yourself until you do achieve the goal is by far one of life's greatest milestones; for one will not climb to the peak of mountain by simply preparing for it and never acting on it.

    If you do not share everything you do, if you do not receive praise for acts performed in the solace of your own presence, do your acts count any less? Why is it, that we focus so much on what others think of ourselves, that we have failed to remember to silence the outside world and listen to our inner selves?

    This is where the fallacy of our modern culture lies.

  • mshpure 14w

    I am tired

    He keep telling her take off
    Stay down
    You are the love
    That make my heart pounds
    But my heart is frown
    Talking about sex
    All the time
    Like it is another black cloud
    I wanted love
    Not kisses and touch
    I wanted peace
    That can make me every single night sleep
    I wanted manners that keeps me climb the same successful ladder
    Can you just stop telling me i love you
    While you don't exist only on facebook
    Chit chatting
    Video calling
    photos were drowning
    Night talking and you keep dreaming of me
    Hope it is only me
    Just to feed your desire
    You ask for one
    When i say yes
    You keep asking me for another
    Promised me to stop
    You keep breaking it
    That sucks
    If i can't be your wife
    Then i don't want to be by your side
    Just leave me alone
    I know i will be fine

  • ashish_atat_thorat 14w


    In these hard times,
    when people are hostile towards strangers.
    Where people don't talk honestly anymore,
    Where people stare at their mobile phones,
    wasting their life away.
    In the time of depression,
    people don't look towards each other.
    Instead, they hate one another.
    In those times,
    We have to pause and ask ourselves...
    "are we really at peace?"
    If not, then how can we find that peace.
    That question will be answered the day
    we stop using social media for validation
    and actually start socializing.
    Love can be FOUND, CREATED and SHARED.
    But hate can only bring ruin.


  • operator16 14w

    ‪Look In my eyes when you break me
    I’m a lot softer than a keyboard


  • marishapurohit 14w

    WhatsApp now no more excites me.

    The real talk happens on a call. Anytime. There is nothing like 3a.m or 4a.m conversation.

    If there is any such, it is the real time conversation that matters and means a depth than any other medium. Period.


  • maliciouslybrutal 14w

    Life Behind A Screen

     is no secret that in today's society we all walk around like new aged zombies, only instead of carrying the dreaded x virus, were carrying around our life lines. We all have our own little worlds permanently attached to our hands, in our pockets, under our pillows, anywhere a screen goes we follow. Night time is our wifi, when we are disconnected to it, we may as well shrivel up and die. The thought of being off the grid for an hour is so painful to even consider! Really? Is this where we've come too? I see memes on facebook daily that say "the generation of today's youth will never know the struggle of blah blah blah". Its incredibly shocking how sad it is that it's actually true. Kids today are born immediately into the social network, They were conceived during a movie on netflix, the first glimpse of the 2 pink lines becomes a highlight on your wall, the very first photo of your baby is immediately a hit sensation between you and 900 of your closest friends, family and facebook friends you have know idea even existed. Its actually kinda frightening to know that someone in Canada knows what my favorite color is just by simply browsing through friends of friends of friends.

    We all have turned our deepest fears, biggest dreams, daily moods, family get togethers, plans and thoughts into a public platform for the world to be a part of. Someone in china knows that i went into my fridge to get a string cheese because i HAD to tell the world i was going to the fridge to get a string cheese. In a way we are all living a reality show only instead of it being on tv, our lives and everything we do is open to the viewing pleasures of the public. Some creep probably has pictures of my children, because I posted them on my wall, my ex's new girlfriends can compare looks because they know my name and search me online. Its been years since we've all sat down and engaged in actual human contact without the use of cyberspace. Christmas shopping can now be done from your house, in your pjs and with a subscription to amazon and a credit card you can shop, buy and pay for someone to wrap your gifts for you.

    Our children are now open to the public, our relationships are determined by a small button or a status defining the state of our love life, we contact anyone and everyone through a computer screen. Nothing is done naturally anymore. Thank God we still know how to make our own food, i mean were one step away from a computer doing it for us... Wait... scratch that, i forgot that you can customize, create, buy and have food delivered to your front door without you ever having to leave the couch. Its no wonder 99% of our worldly population are fat, lazy, depressed, psychotic and borderline retarded. Its 2016 and im still amazed that we all made it this far without combusting or spewing out deadly waves of radiation through our pores.

    Half of the youth generation have ADHD, they are diagnosed before they van even begin to start their life, yet lets fix it with a tablet and a 3 times a day prescription. Kids are killing eachother over cyberspace, kids are being killed by texting and driving, or talking on their cellphones because reading a status update or a text from a friend or family is more important than looking left and right or using a turn signal. Cyber space is killing off our race and we aren't even paying attention that is US who are actually killing off our generation by simply being glued to a screen. 

    Here are a few in your face examples. 

    Your child fell down the stairs, you were on your facebook commenting on a picture of a bagel. After looking over the damages you go back to your facebook and post about your child falling down the stairs. Yet you could have taken that time to love and comfort your kid and realize that posting about it shouldnt be more important than spending time with your child that needs you. 

    What are we having for dinner? Google or pintrest.

    When will we get married? Theres an app for that.

    Are we going to walmart today? 25 min of scrolling, 4 posts, 10 shares and 20 you will never guess what this person did blogs later, youre ready for bed. Didnt you need to go to walmart? Crazy how easy it is to forget what your------- WAIT!!! where is my phone?!?!?!  Hey i need to charge my phone, where is my charger? I'm taking a shower, i found a piece of sand, was that a bug? Kinda sad huh. But no worries facebook has an entire list of things to choose from when you need to describe your current mood, activity and location... 

    It is no secret that we are addicted to technology, hell I'm sitting here on my couch writing this damn blog on my computer because its 3 in the morning and i have no one to talk too because you just cannot rely on anyone anymore. Your friends are busy and didnt have time to talk but theyre on messenger, they read your message and they were active about 5 min ago. Jesus go eat a sandwhich and chill the eff out!! Yesterday i was going through my friends list on facebook and it dawned on me, I have so many friends. Like more friends than Ive ever had, all 300 of them! I'm so blessed to have that many friends. But yet, i don't know any of them, i have never met them, i don't know how we became friends, or why were friends in the first place. They aren't physical friends, they re facebook friends. but since society doesn't know any better, facebook friends are considered the real deal. Nice to know kyle from boston thinks the pic of my apple is awesome and amber from Michigan is here for me whenever i need a friend. Um who are you people? 

    I got my ass whooped back in the day but todays generation get their facebook taken away, I used to play at the park, but now you cant see the park because we stare into a screen, well that and its unsafe to go to the park alone for 3 minutes because in the last 10 years your age, sex, location and appearance have made it 10 times easier for the perves to find you. With a click of a button you are now a widespread visual for EVERYONE. We ecould go to church and meet new people but today anyone can find me and add me as a friend. We have forgotten how to live and its not a joke either.. seriously go to google and type how too in the search bar, you will see TO LIVE in the suggestions. Its ans actual thing and in fact its pretty sad that we rely on siri, Google and Cortana to lead us in the right direction. A VOICE INSIDE A PHONE is your go to agent for anything you need, want or have to know. We are all incarcerated in our own cyber prison and were slowly missing the opportunity to live. I wonderr how people will feel when they realize they cant update their current mood when they reach the otherside. 

    Maybe im being to honest, maybe this is a bit too brutal, eitherway, youre sitting down and reading this on paper so at least i was able to get you away from a screen even for just a few minutes. 


  • zho_na 14w


    You don't have
    to post it
    to prove it...

  • anushreemodi 14w

    Social media makes everything look easy and perfect.
    And we believe it!


  • ajaygrover 15w

    Being Social

    Likes , Comments , Collaborations
    & Repost...
    Just Trying To Forget You....
    In Me...