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    #Soldier's return from nation service

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    -Welcome home sailor-
    Her first words when she saw me walk in through the doorway
    She looked beautiful,She was a scene that captured all my attention
    She hurtled towards me and hugged me as if i had risen from the dead
    She was filled with jubilance
    She shed a tear,a quiet drift it was
    of petals from a rare flower
    And all my desolation glided from the aperture
    Of forgotten memories

    The moment was a juxtaposition of sadness and happiness.
    More like a dream.
    I was home

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  • keertiameta 3d

    Blood gushing from his body...
    Hands and legs numb from the snow...
    Breaths were heavy...
    He knew...death was approaching...
    But the soldier had the most serene expression on his face...
    He had saved his country from those intruders...

  • thernbsavior 1w

    Privilege in Humanity

    Do not confuse your vested interests with ethics. Do not identify the enemies of your privilege with the enemies of humanity.

  • blackoutbookpoetry 1w

    Fox hole

    I'm a foxhole in this war of life.
    They come to me when they feel like there is no place safe left.
    After a time they call me home, for they trust me to keep them safe.
    But this is war.
    There are dark corners in me.
    Where lies all the secrets spoken to me as their thankfulness
    Until one night my dark corners hold them down by their throat
    I was never a safe place
    I am a foxhole that belongs to their enemy
    Once you feel safe in my, the real war is unleashed
    For a foxhole should not be a home for a soldier
    A Foxhole is their grave


  • echoesofmypen 1w


    He walked in a man
    As tall as he can
    He stood at the selection with pride
    And heart filled with patriotism

    His first training
    Succumbing to rain
    Feeling hardly any pain
    He defended everyone

    He came back home
    Not in a car of his own but in a coffin
    He was in another womb
    Planning another life to his nation

    His father's eyes filled with tears
    But chest high with pride.
    All his love to one mother

    One that fed him
    One that lead him
    His nation.

    Independence day he got medals
    His son fought to ride without a saddle
    His wife told him
    Grow old and be like your dad

    A story of infinite love and affection
    To dear mother land
    A soldier, fighting for us always!

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    People often ask me that 'why do you want to join army aren't you afraid of dying' ? And then I say it's not just about army but also about 'Identifying ones Purpose'.
    Then they ask me 'how you are so sure that serving your country your mother land is your purpose you never know about future'?
    And then I say joining army has been my childhood goal and through out this whole journey I faced many ups and down, but I am always determined about it.

    I never questioned my purpose my goal because since childhood this goal and dream has defined me as a person with strong character, morals and principles.

    One thing am sure about that if I don't volunteer to protect my nation then somebody else would show up and I take pride for decision I have made because I have that courage and will to sacrifice.

    To all my mirakee friends who are struggling and hustling with their dreams and goals you are blessed, you have realised your purpose stay strong and keep fighting for it with focus and determination your perseverance towards it will definitely reward you with success, may god be with you all. Amen! ����✌��☺️

    Here is a beautiful verse from Bible am sharing with you and it has been very motivating for me.

    JAI HIND ����

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    This is my Purpose.

    I think about it sometimes, many times and it goes away. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

    (Bible)Isaiah 6:8

  • inqalabi 3w

    Kismat ki lakeer ko mehnat ki janzeer se modna abhi hi hai
    Sapno ko hakikat se jodna abhi hi hai
    Apne irado par khud ko khara utarna abhi hi hai
    Un asmaan se bhi chamkele sitaro ko kandho par sajana abhi hi hai
    ©���� प्रशांत अनिल राय����

  • ricky_001 3w


    ओढ़ के तिरंगा क्यों पापा आये है?
    माँ मेरा मन ये बात समझ ना पाये है,
    ओढ़ के तिरंगे को क्यूँ पापा आये है।

    पहले पापा मुन्ना मुन्ना कहते आते थे,
    टॉफियाँ खिलोने साथ में भी लाते थे।
    गोदी में उठा के खूब खिलखिलाते थे,
    हाथ फेर सर पे प्यार भी जताते थे।

    पर ना जाने आज क्यूँ चुप वे हो गए,
    लगता है की खूब गहरी नींद सो गए।
    नींद से पापा उठो, मुन्ना बुलाये है,
    ओढ़ के तिरंगे को क्यूँ पापा आये है।

    फौजी अंकलों की भीड़ घर क्यूँ आई है,
    पापा का सामान साथ में क्यूँ लाई है।
    साथ में क्यूँ लाई है वो मेडलों के हार ,
    आंख में आंसू क्यूँ सबके आते बार बार।

    चाचा मामा दादा दादी चीखते है क्यूँ,
    माँ मेरी बता वो सर को पीटते है क्यूँ।
    गाँव क्यूँ शहीद पापा को बताये है,
    ओढ़ के तिरंगे को क्यूँ पापा आये है।

    माँ तू क्यों है इतना रोती, ये बता मुझे,
    होश क्यूँ हर पल है खोती ये बता मुझे।
    माथे का सिन्दूर क्यूँ है तू पोछती,
    लाल चूड़ी हाथ में क्यूँ तू तोडती।

    काले मोतियों की माला क्यूँ उतारी है,
    क्या तुझे माँ हो गया समझना भारी है।
    माँ तेरा ये रूप मुझे ना सुहाये है,
    ओढ़ के तिरंगे को क्यूँ पापा आये है।

    पापा कहाँ है जा रहे अब ये बताओ माँ,
    चुपचाप से आंसू बहा के यूँ न सताओ माँ।
    क्यूँ उनको सब उठा रहे हाथो को बांधकर,
    जय हिन्द बोलते है क्यूँ कन्धों पे लादकर।

    दादी खड़ी है क्यूँ भला आँचल को भींचकर,
    आंसू क्यूँ बहे जा रहे है आँख मींचकर।
    पापा की राह में क्यूँ फूल ये सजाये है,
    ओढ़ के तिरंगे को क्यूँ पापा आये है।

    क्यूँ लकड़ियों के बीच में पापा लिटाये है,
    सब कह रहे है लेने उनको राम आये है।
    पापा, ये दादा कह रहे तुमको जलाऊँ मैं!
    बोलो भला इस आग को कैसे लगाऊं मैं?

    इस आग में समा के साथ छोड़ जाओगे,
    आँखों में आंसू होंगे बहुत याद आओगे।
    अब आया समझ माँ ने क्यूँ आँसू बहाये थे,
    ओढ़ के तिरंगा पापा घर क्यूँ आये थे ...।


  • kakarigeikogirl 3w

    Behind The Flag

    They are few, but they are valiant.
    Some respect them; some despise.
    But they are always there, rock steady;
    They do not compromise.
    And when their country calls them
    To serve on near and foreign shore;
    Some return, and some do not
    Return here anymore.

    Hero. That's what we called you
    As we laid you in the ground.
    Draped a flag over your coffin,
    For to this land you're bound.
    Brave soul, you died with valor,
    Albeit some say needlessly.
    You fought for flag and country,
    But you really died for me.

    We have our tomorrow,
    Because you gave your today.
    You fought to keep a dream alive
    When you entered the fray.
    No greater sacrifice to give,
    No greater honor can there be
    Than what you did for this flag,
    Because behind this flag stands me.

    Thank you for your service.

    *Written with service men and women in mind the world over.
    Memorial Day, USA 5/29/17
    May we never forget.*

    from 'Maiden Voyage'©kakarigeikogirl

  • oncour 3w

    At Her Door

    A young soldier ran for the forest.
    a clamorous and deafening roar
    pushed him past the treeline of the
    unknown, wooded realm.
    his vision obscured --
    he couldn't tell what obstructed his
    view: the pervasive, lingering flash
    of the calamitous roar,
    or just his tears mixing with the
    loose, dispersed dirt that took
    to flight in the wake of the Sound.
    he felt the passing of eternity
    before he found the strength --
    or will -- to get to his feet and
    soldier on.
    deeper into the woods, he went,
    carrying on in frustration over
    the partial loss of his view.
    he stumbled more times than
    he would wish to count, and each
    fall was a descent into a maddening
    thought: 'should I go on?'
    the young soldier found comfort against
    the bark of a lonely tree in the forest.
    there, he saw children, in flashes,
    running past, with joy and endearing
    smiles on their sweet faces.
    'my children,' the soldier thought, then
    'my children', he tried to speak but
    the young soldier floundered.
    there was just too much blood
    obstructing the path of his words.
    he scrambled to his feet, regretted
    such a feat, and headed deeper into
    the forest -- he was grateful the
    enemy had yet to find him.
    the young soldier came upon a
    meadow, its flowing river had
    waters running so crystal clear.
    he stumbled toward refreshment
    but was stalled in his steps at
    the sight of a beautiful woman
    lying naked in the meadows.
    she smiled and robed her flawless
    flesh, then greeted the young soldier.
    'you're quite a mess. come closer to
    the water. let me bathe you, soldier.'
    hesitant, he dipped into the waters.
    'there's men after me,' he said. 'they
    wish to kill me.'
    the lovely, robed woman pressed warm
    hands to the soldier's bare chest;
    the grime seemed to fall away.
    'those men know me all too well,' she
    said, 'they will not harm you when
    they see you are now in my care.'
    the soldier looked down at his naked
    body -- now clean, without wounds.
    'how --,' the soldier began but the woman
    pressed a finger to his lips.
    'lie with me,' she said.
    she brushed his hair with her long, pale
    fingers. 'hush now. rest now, handsome
    boy. I will watch over you now. you will
    never be harmed again. you will never
    feel pain again. I will protect you with
    my life.'
    'why,' he asked. 'who are you,' asked the
    young soldier.
    she pressed her lips to his, to quiet his
    ceaseless comtemplations.
    her fingertips brushed the tops of his
    eyelids and gently pressed down.
    'hush, boy. sleep. I will love you here,
    now and forever. I am your eternal
    mistress. my name is Death.'

  • _sotally_tober_ 3w


    We don't have cape neither armour suits,
    Olive green is our colour with a pair of boots.

    You all praise the faces with mask,
    But we are the one doing herculean task.

    Guys in the shows are always so riveting,
    Why we always remain the one dissipating.

    We hate the game named as politics,
    Where people tend to forget their ethics.

    Politicians,reporters have their own countenance,
    Don't you feel we deserve some obeisance.

    Thought of slander in team never bothers,
    Because we are all brothers from different mothers.

    Talking of the power which we have got,
    Is the only reason buddy you are reading my thought.

    You think break-ups are the only thing that hurts,
    Just come and see how our enemy blurts.

    When you're out of home your parents get scared,
    Just think of ours how much they have to bear.

    We too have a heart and yes we cry,
    But most of the time we never know why.

    You must be thinking,
    Why am i telling you this.
    You just see in the vicinity,
    We're everywhre doing our duty.

    In the sky,in the water even in the level ground zero
    You still think that we aren't a



  • arknight 4w

    The Untold and Incomplete Legend of the Dark Knight

    Alone on a moonless night, a warrior stood in plain sight.
    Blade of steel hung from his waist, and fearsome mask upon his face.
    Hung on his back, was his trusty shield which won many victories.
    His metal armor clung to his skin, like a scared child hugging mother's feet.

    He stood alone, waiting, it seems, silent as if in a dark dream.
    Thinking of duels he fought, and times he lost, and lives he killed.
    He was then only a seed, but now, a mighty oak is he.
    Large, silent, brooding, as the wind whistled over the leaves.

    Strange creatures hovered in the sky, howling for blood and for fight.
    Yellow eyes glowed in the dark, silently threatening and challenging.
    But the Dark Knight simply steeled his will, for he had faced his enemy.
    Both men stood steady and drew their blades, the unmistakable sound.

    Clash! Clang! sang their blades, as they fought in the dark glades.
    Parry reposte, attack parry, they fought with unbridled savagery.
    As both men fought and neither won, both of them tired on.
    As power failed, tricks of mind was all that remained.

    Like a game of chess, no more brawn, but more brain.


  • lazyinkpotter 4w


    Farewell my love
    Today the birds shan't sing.
    The voices in their heart,
    You took away

    My melodies are now made of tears
    And the symphony left with your last sight.
    You now live in my fading memories
    And I don't live at all.


  • writersharath 5w

    Her thousand letters were inside the soldier's trunk. Her words did echo inside his head. The more he read the more his heart ached . The medicine was inside his wallet, a small photo of his beloved wife!


  • the_mighty_feather 6w


    Let the bullets fire on
    They don't care let the grenades burst upon
    They don't care
    They are the soldiers
    Fighting in the winter's
    Fighting in the summer
    With the happiest smile on their face
    Towards the country
    With the happiest smile on their face
    Towards their family
    With the happiest smile on their face
    Towards the millions of families
    They are one in millions
    They are the one...

  • lazyinkpotter 6w


    In the name of an innocent smile,
    The endless game of desires so agile.
    I pleadge my life,
    And be a nomad's wife.

    In the name of homecoming,
    Castle build on sublime dreams shall be blooming.
    Where the tears & goodbyes I call mine,
    In days of dispair, beyond repair, the brave heart shall chime

    In the name of a love so pure,
    I swear by thee.
    I shall stand by you,
    Like you stand by me.


  • in_blue_mirror 7w

    Dear wall you are my soul,
    You put me on bright.
    As Soldiers put their life to make nation pride.
    You never complain like,
    Soldier disappears their pain.
    You protect my emotions like,
    Farmers to set fences as precaution.
    You allows others in with permission.
    And if I leave,you let them in with inspiration.


  • frameofreference 7w

    Wall of flesh and bones

    Nations are Walled by bricks of skeletons and mortar of flesh of
    millions of soldiers.
    Millions of humans..
    Millions of lives...
    Millions of souls....

    Who would protect humanity from these scars?


  • the_mighty_feather 7w


    Born in peace
    Death in silence
    Spend the whole of his life in saving the people
    Sounds of bullet not a big deal for him
    He is a soldier born in lap of a mom
    Dies in lap of a mom
    Born in peace
    Death in silence


  • vineethbharadwaj 7w

    Tears are rolling down through cheeks
    Heart is becoming heavier
    Words are dying inside
    But still she carries a brave smile
    One more strong woman is sending her husband to the battlefield