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  • culkin 1d


    At night I lay my weary head to rest
    And wait to enter the land of dreams
    Where I hope my sleep will be its best
    But everything is not as normal as I seems
    Within this land are mythical beasts
    Giants and hobbit, dwarves and elves
    And in the distance of the far far east
    Appears to be where a mighty castle dwells
    I travel this new land night and day
    Across lakes, over mountains, through many fields
    And I make many friends along the way
    I even help them in the battlefields
    Though every morning I awake filled with dread
    And can not wait to dream once more within my bed.

  • dragonstonelord 1w

    Dear #mirakee, dedicated to all the women around here and in our lives that deserve more than this world currently offers.

    Men and women are equal alike.

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    Dear Women

    Not a property to be owned, a prize
    To be won, an object to gratify
    Someone's urges, parameter to apprise
    The shallow "respects" of a family.

    Not an adjunct shadow to be stripped and caged,
    Within walls of dormancy, or threatening
    Outlaws to be tamed. Not even a war waged
    Against culture, enigma unwilling

    To be heard, be known, be shared some warmth with.
    Instead, you're valiant, fire and ocean.
    Quests and dreams, en route to arms of zenith.
    Struggle witnessed by sturdy commotion.

    Nourishing, inspiring, like a bard's touch,
    Bird destined to fly wild, in meaning's search.


  • wordsofapoem 1w


    Money you give won't stop the flow of blood,
    It may stench the wound but damage is done,
    Millions of bodies lie dead in the mud,
    And yet you decide to just go and run.

    The bullet has been fired , life is gone,
    But the huge problem just grows and grows,
    The death toll rises and goes on and on,
    Nameless graves continue for rows and rows.

    A mother is silenced so a child rots,
    A father waits with fear for his family,
    Yet you sit, think to send baskets and pots,
    Grains of food, drops of water so calmly.

    The cries have become whispers in the night,
    You don't listen to those caught in a fight.


  • theweavers 1w

    Sonnet: To Her Beauty

    Art thou as Heaven, a loveliness undying?
    Nay! Thou art more lovely, a flower evergreen,
    That blossoms the autumn, when on earth it’s flying,
    And adorns the winter in a fashion unseen;

    And comes the merry spring, when I envision,
    Heaven amidst thee, and amidst heaven thy dance,
    Confounds which even Love, like Moon before the Sun;
    Tell me, how can I not but melt before thy glance?

    For thee my love, immortal, though my heart is not,
    For it rusts even now, as thy essence departs;
    Even Beauty herself, to me this world hath brought,
    But not even she has thy heart, The Heart of Hearts.

    Ah! my heart has been seized, I confess,
    For it has given thou my place of recess.

    (c)theweavers || (c)arkanelayne

  • dragonstonelord 2w

    Relationships often end up on a bad note, despite us trying to reduce the damage to a bare minimum. With time, these relationships become remnants that survive in our memories and can be good reminders to shape our behaviour today.

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    Surviving remnants of relationships

    You look into future, to see what it holds,
    Trying to weigh today, with the uncanny
    Previsions, but transcendent future unfolds
    Unknown to all, mystery, leaving us free.

    Shouldn't we be conscious, what today
    Offers us in this moment. Otherwise,
    Past can guide you and show along the way
    Surviving remnants, that should've made you wise.

    Relations do decay, when the thoughts clash,
    When the warmth withers, priorities mismanaged.
    Silence prevails, opinions become brash.
    Words that once enthralled, now leave you enraged.

    Better to slay, walk away, from toxic
    Relations that lost vigour, became anemic.


  • theblackcurse 2w

    Lost in Love

    "Yonder I lie my love, letting down a Soul
    Overburdened deeply by the Sins I committed against thou whilst my heart vehemently pleaded against it.
    Oh! If only I could fathom these feelings of thine earlier, maybe I could be Resurrected but alas...
    Thy love has gotten me this far and here upon I shall wait for an Eternity to be with You again
    Enveloped in thy Embrace, laden by thy Kindness and caressed by thy Divine touch
    Forgive me my follies and give me yet another chance to be thine which I shall gladly call upon as my Next Life."

    ~ Aritra Chakraborty.

  • dragonstonelord 3w

    This is going to be something very close to my heart. First of all, thank you #mirakee and all the beautiful people around for making this such a warm place.

    Do you look at kids? Obviously you do. I have spent a long time looking at them, observing them and somehow they have inspired a lot of thoughts and facts in my philosophy of life. I think kids are like Wildfire. Also, like my old poems, this one is also not a populist one. I want this one to leave you with some thoughts to resonate with.

    I hadn't written in a long while because I was chasing (and I still am) many important things in life. Then I ended up in Mirakee. I love the way it takes my words and make them look exquisite. I have written this poem again as a LSS (Loose Shakespearen Sonnet, a poetry form I use quite often. Fourteen lines with 9-11 syllables each and abab-cdcd-efef-gg rhyme scheme).

    Please, please, please take a moment to write a crisp feedback in comments. Help me be a better writer. ��


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    There was once this raging fire within us,
    And I hope still is, though now diminished,
    But last ashes of hearth can rekindle fire. Thus,
    I look at kids, mesmerised, astonished.

    They're such curious souls, for anything,
    And everything. Having fell a hundred times,
    Even if one tells them, it's not their thing,
    Unabashed, will stand up. Learner's crimes.

    Radiant like sun, each story of its own.
    Before being compared in cliché boundaries.
    Every day, new beginning, new mischief, new dawn.
    Stories that end up as art, songs, diaries.

    Living philosophies, unread and unsaid,
    When kid inside us dies, we breathe, but are dead.


  • pancham_jhala 3w


    Sparkles had just began,
    And you had asked me for our first date,
    A rendezvous was set,
    I came,
    And you kept me await,
    Gazing from a distance,
    Making my heart break,
    And then I knew,
    It was all fake.
    And for all the latter dates,
    I was wide awake,
    Checking in every guy,
    Your wild gaze,
    Your wild gaze.

  • hrituraj_krishna 3w

    Let us admit the truth
    Better to stay away
    Ways of love not too smooth
    Hear these words, cacographer say
    Faith, time, affection all seem vain
    Not a committed relation, no as such
    Lover's love can fall in love again
    Let time flew don't fall for anyone much
    I loved her with all my soul and heart
    Now no more illusions and set me free
    She a supreme in her fallacy art
    All this ends you get no more of me
    I love my words and loved her too
    Eye's defect, can't distinguish who's who

  • dragonstonelord 4w

    I have always believed that our time is limited. Some years and we'll all be dust. That somehow liberates us from all our transient boundaries to strive for things that make us ecstatic and inspire us to push our limits.
    We can choose to refuse the monotony, some call life and live our journey in these three parts. The Reckoning, Extra Mile and Philosopher's Cause.

    Feel free to share your thoughts.

    @writersnetwork @tainted_verbs @hoshi @allbymyself @mirakee @nikhilmahesh @iamjass

    #lss #sonnet #poetry #poem #writing #life #work #philosophy #learning

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    Three parts to life

    The first part will be called The Reckoning,
    When you explore, create experiences,
    And find those things and people worth struggling, 
    Age past the events and most acquaintances. 

    The second part will be called Extra Mile, 
    When you let go,  all transient boundaries, 
    To thrive for rational pursuits behind your smile, 
    Branch out in the wild, inking your own stories. 

    Third part will be called Philosopher's Cause, 
    When you can look back at all these years lived, 
    A feeling of significant applause, 
    From your own learnings, legacies outlived. 

    As we'll be dust soon, victims to Death's knife, 
    This journey should be good, three parts to life.

  • mehakshaikh 6w


    lisping leaves and winds are rustling,
    swinging flowers whispering in the air
    red brown, yellow green and orange hustling
    birds flying to the highest peak with care.

    Squirrels gleefully leap climbing tall trees
    rabbits are still digging dens in the sand
    eating cashews and walnuts; humming bees,
    and beautiful ducks floating in wonderland.

    burning summer breezes turning into autumn,
    the fields in the process of harvesting crops
    tides of the ocean turns and it is awesome
    reflecting the moon and swirling wind, a gusting hope

    life is changing, ticking by in every second
    turns my boat towards a beckoning island


  • moniqueshantay 8w

    Tug of War

    My anger simmers like a tea kettle
    Prepared to spill over onto the floor
    I feel my insides boil and I tremble
    I wish I didn't know you anymore

    My trust was a vault unlocked for you
    Like poisoned gas you seeped your way inside
    And though I knew long ago we were through
    I held on tight to my foolish pride

    But your toxic tug of war burned my hands
    And to save myself I must release
    Free myself from difficult demands
    And for once give me the gift of peace

    I'd say I'll miss you but that is a lie
    But you cannot say I didn't try


  • kristens_notebook 8w

    Dying in Fall

    The summer has begun to close its eyes.
    It's said that sleep is something you can't fight,
    but stubbornly it cannot help but try
    to make its trees cling to their leaves tonight.

    But only for so long can they hold on,
    until leaves fall like tiny paper planes.
    It's peaceful to decide when to move on,
    since fighting will not bring relief, but pain.

    The sleep seeps in, a warm embrace. To me
    it's strange the monster we call death is not
    an ugly beast; for fall is death, yet see
    the way this death looks like sunsets and not

    a black casket. So when my skin grows cold
    please make death's colors red and honey gold.

  • alicebaskous 9w

    Love and Loathe

    Now I must say my mind: I love and loathe,
    This change of seasons sees me hot and cold,
    But I will not old Reaper Death betrothe,
    And grow prolific with my smiles and bold.
    The love I have is near and far, dear God!
    As close as it does get, the distance stings,
    And doubts, like bees, perplex my mind to sod.
    Love's blind but promises so many things!
    Across the ocean, someone takes a breath,
    A sweet or sultry breath, I cannot know,
    But fashion words to glorify my death,
    Intending them to be like purest love or snow:
    If I have promised some good saint my heart,
    I'll bless him till I die - or turn to art.


  • leenaa 10w

    A soul now knew its body to take,
    Before the tender skin faced the harsh air.
    Wounds and pain by every mistake,
    They shared them all ,They were one eternal pair.

    A world they saw with one perspective ,
    But inturn the body alone was visible.
    For now the soul was held captive,
    To a place unliveable.

    The conflict commenced within,
    With no one to stop the hidden bloodshed.
    There was none to lose nor to win,
    Either to live or to be dead.

    So then the soul gave in to the body to stay,
    But the body to live,knows no way!


  • tainted_verbs 12w


    At nights I use to look up at the sky,
    And often wondered why?
    Why can't we be in its grand design?
    Why can't we get a slice of that pie?

    Then I use to look down at earth,
    And noticed its towering vastness.
    The eternal waves of the oceans,
    And the humble might of the mountains.

    There I got my answer of this question.
    It's futile to be have a place that high,
    When the questions are unanswered.
    When all the secrets are unearthed.

    How can we expect a place in the heights,
    When we ignore what lies in our sight.


  • dragonstonelord 13w

    Sometimes, within the silence of the night, when your thoughts flow through you.

    A dead man's fall.

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    A dead man's fall

    When I die, my remnants buried to a grave, 
    And years I lived before, looking like summary
    Of moments lived, paths paved, all the deprave
    Feelings and memories, of love and fury, 

    Of hatred, of regret, of pain, of fear, 
    Or of courage, of learning, forgiveness, 
    Dreams and thoughts, consequences of far or near
    Actions committed, intentionally ageless

    Relationships cared and nurtured within, 
    Limits of my strengths, shortcomings. Will I be
    Able to build a balance in my sin
    And good deed? Or in the end, I maybe 

    Satisfied, I risked for my inner call, 
    And with honor, I have a dead man's fall. 


  • darthnarcisses 3w

    my first ever attempt in writing a sonnet #poem #pod #sonnet

    so it's kinda hard for me to write these days...

    i believe i can write well whenever im sad

    and im never good in writing happy things

    i always wanted to do that, writing about happiness...

    sure i tried

    but it ends up being sad all over again...

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    The First Sonnet


    I wish I could write with my heart and blood
    For I've poured all sinking feeling by flood.
    I spent all my life looking for a cure;
    An illness that never ceased to exist.
    And for my narrow image to soar,
    Perfect future, I can never resist.
    Soul's broken, all sentiment left behind.
    The wages of war made by mind and heart.
    Every part took side, body has gone blind,
    Mind's my ally as my eyes with the heart.
    Lies were made, conquered by my eyes with truth;
    In conclusion, regret: the heart's weapon.
    And I have nothing else to abandon:
    I've hidden under loneliness' refuge.

  • dragonstonelord 14w

    To the first crush, the first feeling of warmth and infatuation.
    #something #crush #poem #sonnet #poetry #original #memories #old

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    The Kerala Girl

    Memories are vague, as thirteen years ago,
    Kid I was and she my infatuation.
    Like blurred sight as far as my eyes can go,
    I remember her, and that temptation.
    She was from Kerala, the beautiful state,
    Bob-cut hair, white band, and her splendid smile,
    My first friend, first crush, notorious mate.
    Her malayalam dialect, hard to compile.
    She would bring leaflets, with many different flags,
    I would not understand, just dumbly smile.
    We will fight with bags, and pull some bad gags,
    Before body knew lust, love’s first mile.
    She was my first poetry, first citation,
    Kid I was and she my infatuation.


  • dragonstonelord 15w

    The Dying Father - Sonnet

    The night was poignant, and his father dying, 
    Kid sat there beside him, to hear last words
    Of someone he held close, miserably crying, 
    Son, listen to me, look at those free birds, 

    When they grow up, they learn to fly and leave, 
    Said his father, birds have to leave their nest, 
    Out in this world, to explore and perceive, 
    And unravel enigmas upon life's breast, 

    Beyond your comfort zone, biggest challenge
    You'll face will be fear, my son, only road, 
    To your dreams, will go through this darkest range, 
    Be resilient, be brave, always think broad, 

    Don't fall to fear or build habit to yearn, 
    Listen, the more you burn, the more you learn.


    14 lines
    Rhyme scheme - abab cdcd efef gg
    I have tried to keep each line with 10 syllables.