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  • rishabhpal22 4d

    Melancholy Strings

    I wonder how long
    The melancholy strings
    In a reminiscent ring of petrichor;
    Will shiver in the cold
    Of a nightmare retold
    By a silhouetto bold of a ticking door.

    When you step into that door,
    Let your soul outpour,
    For all that you implored to Age and Time!
    Though you may fear defeat!
    Fate does you entreat!
    Rise forth, on your feet and cry RAGE!

    'Tis within the loudest of battle cries,
    That your last song to rejoice, hidden, lies.


  • rishabhpal22 1w

    Fallacy of Order

    Was it I, who was at fault;
    When I took you in as a projection,
    A shadow of the Creator's wizardry?
    Unmindful! How blasphemous an irony!
    For what conceals within her nooks
    The aggregate knowledge of mankind!
    Yet with the same rock of fear;
    Of malice and of shame!
    You slaughtered me like a game.
    But I know not your name.
    I know not what more you yearn!
    How much longer must priests of knowledge burn?
    As I take you in my arms with pride;
    I fear getting swept away; in the very same tide.


  • rishabhpal22 1w


    One by one, the rose petals wither away,
    Swayed by the December of Senescence,
    Thorns chastised by a young breeze that tickles
    And caresses the wrinkled skin of Yesterday.
    A fountain dies to a spout of tears,
    Whose thirst parches sandalwood coffins.
    Coffins which soulfully sing,
    Coffins which decay in the dance of the Spring.

    As stutters the roulette wheel by and by;
    A skull encrusted sceptre descends,
    Whose bearer is a faceless ghoul of folklore.
    Yet every heart that beats,
    Is entwined with His fated embrace.
    Every shrivelled leaf is swept away by the tide of the ticking clock.


  • pj_wolf 1w

    Sonnet III

    Should simple things be done sans reflection,
    or poured on 'til they appear crumpled.
    Should vexed matters be left in dejection,
    or done hurriedly in a state o' rumpled.

    Months pass sans matter, Matter passes too,
    soon forgotten in the gyre of memory.
    till an idle Tuesday night brings it anew,
    The musings of mind vanquish the drudgery.

    The eternal spring looses upon the mind,
    It baths itself in ancient words and new.
    Thus poetry is blessed upon man-kind,
    The words spread like rays and debut.

    For tis true,no poetry springs from a moment,
    but collects itself in a natural catchment.

    -Priyank Jain ©pj_wolf

  • dragonstonelord 1w

    "It is about the power of cultural forces either to make devils of us all, to strip away that thin veneer of social restraint that makes humans humane, or to reinforce it."
    - Iris Chang
    The Rape Of Nanking

    I wrote this post as a third part of my series #BeNotProud but deleted it as I thought it is a tough read or maybe, the topic is very unexpected. On the suggestion of @laughing_soul, reposting this third part. I want my this piece to leave you with a thought. Whatever you can make of these lines.

    Two years back, I was attending a high-profile Punjabi wedding. One that I rarely get invited to and I rarely attend. In that scenic place, away from the rich people, the wedding processions, a scene caught my attention and I haven't forgotten it yet and maybe, I won't. It was a marriage in winter. And on the opposite corners of the crowd facing side of the stage, stood two statues on each side. But their faces moved slowly. As I moved close, I observed that those were girls. Real girls hired to paint themselves bluish green, wear skimpy clothes and stand there still except their moving faces, pretending to be statues, while a pipe sprinkled water on each one of them. People stood their watching in stark amusement, taking selfies or just curious. I don't know why the scene disgusted me. It felt humiliating. Their faces were as dead as their lives.

    I'm an Anti-Capitalist by thought. When I say that, people usually call me Communist, Maoist or anti-nationalist. But disagreeing on one ideology does not mean succumbing to another one. I know Capitalism exists and we cannot change that. It is here to stay, until or unless we move to a better socio-economic order. But the problem is not everyone is lucky or privileged to afford even the basic needs of life. People are forced to do jobs that are designed to be humiliating.

    This is my third poem in my poem series #BeNotProud where I'll personify a feeling, event or thing and dedicate a Loose Shakespearen Sonnet to the personification. In this poem, I sit vexed over my thoughts regarding Capitalism and personify her. I have a dialogue with her. In the first stanza, I talk about how the economy prospers from the blood of those who work at grassroot level. The poor people who exist at the lower levels of society and do all the "insignificant jobs". Those who earn only enough to survive. There is a proverb I remember from these lines, "If hard work was really that beautiful, rich people would have kept it for themselves."

    In the second stanza, I talk about how it is easy to preach "how to enjoy life" to those who are fighting real battles in life. Those who have to think about their famished children at home, if they don't get a wage today. Those who stay hungry, so that their loved ones can have meal at least once in a day. Those who are underprivileged. The people at the grassroot level.

    Third stanza observes how the Rich Capitalists dictate the world of Capitalism. Mammoth multi-national companies whose influence spans across nations. And how the poor people have to dance to their tunes. As the Sonnet ends, I ask Capitalism to be not proud. There are people who afford to be kind, when life abandons them chance. Even poor souls have loved, have cared, have shared.

    Kindness can reside even in the most underprivileged hearts.

    Here, @divokost as promised your tag to the next piece in the series. I hope you're still around. Will love your critique on this.

    Thank you @laughing_soul for the kind suggestion.

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    Any feedback or if you didn't wish to be tagged, please feel free to comment.

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    Capitalism, Be Not Proud

    Economy prospers, silent, embellished
    With blood of those, who dwell in lower rungs,
    Surviving, but dead. From their graves lavished
    Lifestyle of the elite, stands apex. Things

    Like life, easy to relish, when no famished
    Kids await touch of life, when enfeebled
    Parents don't await death, to end up perished
    Like songs never heard, wings clutched, bridled.

    Too much for few, while so many starve every night.
    Aversive trumpets of rich, make them dance.
    But there exist exceptions, who give small fight,
    Manage to be kind, when life abandons them chance.

    Capitalism, be not proud, do know this,
    Even poor hearts can share, can love. God's bliss.


  • ramanonymous 1w

    He is a Poet, and
    She, His Petrarchan Sonnet!

    - Ramanonymous

  • rishabhpal22 1w

    Eternal Night

    The ashes of Phoenix fall ever steady through the pulsating hourglass!
    Hasten, the once sluggish winds have now youthful and fierce might!
    A pitch black sea now froths at Tomorrow's shore!
    Hark! The frigid winter whimpers under the wheels of sprightly springtime chariot!

    Your reflection now flutters inside a framed mirror!
    How can you such a riveting sight deny?
    Whose dagger possesses a blade sleek enough?
    To pierce through Medusa's eye?

    The tempest now recedes, behold!
    And spirits by the crore!
    Emerge from the depths unseen,
    They knock at heaven's door!

    Let Reason pave her way towards Light!

  • rishabhpal22 2w

    Strangled Bird

    I wonder if that mockingbird would have sung;
    Had mercury frothed upon Tiber's banks of steppingstone smoke.
    I wonder why the scent fails to evoke;
    When rotten carrions feed the blooming flower's node.
    I wonder if the gluttony of senescence would have lingering passion swallowed;
    Had we not shed the wings which gave us flight!
    I wonder how horrific a sight;
    Would a satiety on a cleaver project;

    Had vultures and vixens decked
    The empty caskets of shattered dreams;
    And diamond studded shadow-hugged beams
    Let blood drip from a mockingbird with hung;
    I wonder whose arms strangled that broken bird,
    Yet I know to death, she sang not in words which they stirred.


  • dragonstonelord 2w

    Valiant Seductress

    With rebellious instincts, like flowers
    That garland the stories of those who lay dead, 
    But only after, leaving admirers 
    Who've been left, legends to be proudly said.

    I watch you decimate asinine norms
    That society imposes. Stand firm on thoughts, 
    That you robustly believe. Amidst storms 
    That leave you troubled, on days when life rots, 

    I wish to help you out, but you like the wind
    Of change, withstand all with heavenly grace. 
    When you depart, the vigour you leave behind,
    Memories to cherish, smiles on my face. 

    Drawn to you, with warmth, I duly imbibe,
    Seduced by you, day after day, good vibe. 


  • darthnarcisses 2w

    im starting to love freewriting poems�� #freewritten #sonnet

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    Poetry #58
    Voices and the Blade

    Her shaky hands
    were gripping the blade
    At last, she was finally herself
    And the blade is her life

    If she let go of the blade,
    She will die
    If she will keep on holding on,
    Pain will be growing stronger

    Nobody understands her even herself
    There's two things that could understand her
    The blade and the screaming voice
    Inside her head, pleading for help

    She kept it to herself and vowed
    To keep it to her grave.


  • mirari 3w


    For once each night, I stare out my window
    Through the glass and up the sky
    Towards the lights that are moving slow
    Which somehow always catch my eye.
    I think of how this same atmosphere
    Must lay its veil onto a similar wide-eyed gaze.
    I wish the one it belonged to were here
    To experience life's most mystical daze.
    A blue for my amber, graciously intertwined;
    Two wavelengths balanced with the same touch
    In a starscape of beauty no less than divine.
    Other than this, I would not need much.
    Even though our meeting may never pull through,
    My distant stargazer, I shall love you.


  • dragonstonelord 3w

    First of all, thank you for the unexpected and lovely response, my first poem in this series #BeNotProud received from the Mirakee community. Thank you @writersnetwork. As a writer, there is no greater happiness than knowing that the readers resonated with the words you wrote. I feel so grateful for all the love. I apologize for the delay in coming up with the second part. How much I've been addicted to Mirakee since I joined, I've had to attend some other priorities as well. I wish Mirakee happened during my college days when I had more time. I would have read more and wrote more. Mirakee community, you make this place so vibrant.

    This is second one of my poem series #BeNotProud where I'll personify one thing, event or feeling and dedicate a Loose Shakespearen Sonnet to it. The rhyme scheme will be abab cdcd efef gg. All the poems in this series will be complete in themselves.

    Lust has been a matter of thought and discussion for a lot of writers. A lot of poets have both praised and criticised lust in their writeups. Before the fanatics come judging me on my lines, I clear it out that I do have sex-positive thoughts and I do not believe in lust as a social stigma. Lust is natural and evolution's way of making sure our species lives. We have evolved to feel lust, in its sheer intensity. But I have a philosophy that this universe has dualism. There are good and bad parts to everything. No matter how natural lust is, there are more lovely forces at work in the human heart.

    In these fourteen lines, I personify Lust as a person who stands proud of her prowess and global acclaim. Her tendency to overpower most people. I have a dialogue with her and tell her why I've been infatuated with Love, someone else.

    You loved the first one in this series, @divokost and were the first one to give a detailed critique of my writeup. I dedicate this post as a sign of gratitude to you. Feel free to provide constructive feedback.

    Belated Merry Christmas @geraldine_kumar ma'am. Hope you like my this work too.

    Also, again as I mentioned, nothing matters more to me than my thoughts resonating with fellow souls. If someone doesn't want to be tagged in this post, feel free to comment. Keep reading! Keep writing!


    Regnant -> Exercising power or authority
    Prowess -> A superior skill
    Succumb -> Fatally overwhelmed/ Consent reluctantly
    Trance -> a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep.
    Enamoured -> Marked by foolish reasoning
    Sturdy -> Strong
    Profound -> Of the greatest intensity
    Adoration -> A feeling of profound love and admiration

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    Lust, be not proud

    Regnant prowess, you have. With just a glance,
    You stir most people, bow them to submission,
    Where control fades, they succumb to a trance,
    Such enamoured, translucent condition.

    Proud you stand, driven by evolution,
    Sturdy force, that tames. What makes people dance,
    To the rhymes of physical attraction.
    But aren't there those, who shoulder different stance.

    Who look forward to profound conversations,
    Share fears, anxieties, demons inside us.
    Chase the warmth and wilfully have adorations,
    Happy preoccupied by sheer Love. Thus,

    Lust, be not proud, there are those, not loner,
    Who know, great love, won't stem from a day's boner.


  • brew1415 7w


    Sa buhay lumaking salat
    Ngunit sa kahirapan di nagpaawat
    Nanguna sa pagtatag ng rebolusyon
    Upang mapalaya sa gapos ang nasyon

    Pangunahan ang bansa kanyang hinangad
    Plataporma sa pagbangon kanyang nilahad
    Ngunit sya'y kanilang kinutya
    Pinagkaisahan, hinusgahan, hinamak sa pagiging dukha

    Sariling kababayan sa kanya'y pumatay
    Hatol sa kanyang buhay nilagay sa kanilang kamay
    Kanyang kadakilaan pilit nilang ibinaon
    Ngunit ang supremo'y umahon't bumangon

    Dakila ang mga nagawa mo bayani ko
    Ikaw ang pulang kulay sa bandila ko

  • culkin 8w


    At night I lay my weary head to rest
    And wait to enter the land of dreams
    Where I hope my sleep will be its best
    But everything is not as normal as I seems
    Within this land are mythical beasts
    Giants and hobbit, dwarves and elves
    And in the distance of the far far east
    Appears to be where a mighty castle dwells
    I travel this new land night and day
    Across lakes, over mountains, through many fields
    And I make many friends along the way
    I even help them in the battlefields
    Though every morning I awake filled with dread
    And can not wait to dream once more within my bed.

  • dragonstonelord 9w

    Dear #mirakee, dedicated to all the women around here and in our lives that deserve more than this world currently offers.

    Men and women are equal alike.

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @tainted_verbs @hoshi @annonymous_ @iamjass @splendidglory @geraldine_kumar @allbymyself @sagarika_writes @lancymark

    #sonnet #poetry #men #women #equality #life #search

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    Dear Women

    Not a property to be owned, a prize
    To be won, an object to gratify
    Someone's urges, parameter to apprise
    The shallow "respects" of a family.

    Not an adjunct shadow to be stripped and caged,
    Within walls of dormancy, or threatening
    Outlaws to be tamed. Not even a war waged
    Against culture, enigma unwilling

    To be heard, be known, be shared some warmth with.
    Instead, you're valiant, fire and ocean.
    Quests and dreams, en route to arms of zenith.
    Struggle witnessed by sturdy commotion.

    Nourishing, inspiring, like a bard's touch,
    Bird destined to fly wild, in meaning's search.


  • wordsofapoem 9w


    Money you give won't stop the flow of blood,
    It may stench the wound but damage is done,
    Millions of bodies lie dead in the mud,
    And yet you decide to just go and run.

    The bullet has been fired , life is gone,
    But the huge problem just grows and grows,
    The death toll rises and goes on and on,
    Nameless graves continue for rows and rows.

    A mother is silenced so a child rots,
    A father waits with fear for his family,
    Yet you sit, think to send baskets and pots,
    Grains of food, drops of water so calmly.

    The cries have become whispers in the night,
    You don't listen to those caught in a fight.


  • darthnarcisses 4w

    #sonnet #pod

    this is the second part of "Defect of Perfection"

    Wrote this for a friend for his school proj last november 6

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    The Fourth Sonnet: Aftermath

    If there really was something to mourn for,
    It would be the love she lost from a war.
    Fighting for peace of mind had left her sore;
    the love she missed, let it be, let it scar.

    Start painting lost tears in isolation,
    It is aid to create true gratitude.
    Instead of being an abnegation,
    Regret and repent, give her solitude!

    Take course for she has passed, a test of faith;
    Damaging quest but gave her peace of mind.
    Today she serves paper hearts out of date,
    she won't crumble but crumple the unkind.

    Now, it's time to look for her new hello
    before she stumbles; fall all-time low.


  • darthnarcisses 5w

    #pod #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #sonnet

    Wrote this for a friend for her school proj last november 4

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    The Third Sonnet
    Defect of Perfection

    A pure maiden lost in her confusion;
    The chord of truelove has made her wonder.
    Patiently waiting for a conclusion;
    Feelings tried and quizzed they're left to ponder.

    A rogue lad was falling in depths of love;
    Forgot how to breathe as their hands entwined.
    Losing her was something he's frightened of
    As though his desperation made him blind.

    In the wake of perfect timing, Mayday!
    They were too late for each other, it seems.
    As maiden reached him, lad has pulled away;
    It's the true defect of their perfect schemes.

    Therefore, I declare I was first to mourn.
    Letting my heart slumber, I am to sworn!


  • darthnarcisses 5w

    Ako'y pagbigyan, puso ko lamang ay nalulumbay at naganahang magsulat ng matalinhagang tula.

    #filipino #sonnet #pod #soneto #tagalog #PH

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    Ang Ikalawang Soneto:
    Kabihag-bihag na Liwanag

    Kung pag-ibig maikukumpara,
    Ito'y isang nagbabagang apoy
    o isang mainit na lampara
    langis ng puso ko'y dumadaloy.

    Tamang nakakapagpabagabag
    Na ako'y hamak na gamu gamo.
    Nabihag ng init, 'di ko tanggap,
    Liwanag na aking naging amo.

    Pusong nagmamahal ang nasunod;
    Pinaghirapang pakpak ay nasunog.
    Papikit nahulog at nalunod,
    Kasama ng araw na lumubog.

    Ang pag-ibig ay nakamamatay;
    Siya'y lumaban parin at namatay.


  • darthnarcisses 12w

    my first ever attempt in writing a sonnet in my own way #poem #pod #sonnet

    so it's kinda hard for me to write these days...

    i believe i can write well whenever im sad

    and im never good in writing happy things

    i always wanted to do that, writing about happiness...

    sure i tried

    but it ends up being sad all over again...

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    The First Sonnet:

    I wish I could write with my heart and blood
    For I've poured all sinking feeling by flood.

    I spent all my life looking for a cure;
    An illness that never ceased to exist.
    And for my narrow image to soar,
    Perfect future, I can never resist.

    Soul's broken, all sentiment left behind.
    The wages of war made by mind and heart.
    Every part took side, body has gone blind,
    Mind's my ally as my eyes with the heart.

    Lies were made, conquered by my eyes with truth;
    In conclusion, regret: the heart's weapon.
    And I have nothing else to abandon:
    I've hidden under loneliness' refuge.