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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 4h

    Dance With Me
    by Carolyn Glackin
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
    Art credited to Pedro Alvarez.

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  • wittychaos 4h

    Sense of Love

    A morning in the mall with the girl out of my league,
    Eye contacts, impulsive touches gave my heart and my soul a sensation of intrigue,
    Was it love at the first sight I wondered?
    And look at the way my mind blundered,
    Every moment with her felt so filmy and sensational,
    But this body and my nature stopped me to become so confessional,
    Hard to believe but this was the first girl which i wasn’t blamed to have stolen from my friend,
    My pretty luck that stopped it getting a trend,
    Days back i carried no friendship intentions,
    All i had for her were just a bunch of abstentions,
    Life is really funny guys,
    I was a love failure thrice,
    Although i wasn’t into her but her vibes always got me engaged in her soul,
    People who love first time often have to suffer rigmarole,
    Well now i was so fortunate that the girl of my dreams was just a few steps away,
    And i was pretty much indisputable that her confessions won’t face any delay,
    We came closer and closer every hour every second,
    Since the time in the mall we spent and beckoned,
    True soul mates realized they are so similar in every way,
    Love was in the air and their bodies sway,
    I felt so blessed to have her in my life,
    That she could tear all my bad memories just like a knife,
    This is the girl of my dreams with perfections and overflowing grace,
    And I am the favored man getting her embrace,
    This is my strong desire to never leave my. Girl,
    Because i have found her between the depths of the oceans just like a treasured pearl,
    We live together we die together,
    And our love journey is vibrant like a peacock’s feather...

  • _triggersandbullets_ 4d

    I cried today.
    I cried today in his absence.
    I cried today , in longing, for his lips to meet mine.
    His hand to caress my skin.
    I cried today, in absent- longing.
    Even though he is present.
    I'm craving a session of deep, long awaited for romance and passion.
    I will cry, until the night arrives.


  • borderline_philosophy 4d


    Mohabbat kya hai, bas ek tum aur ek main
    Baaki zindagi k silsile toh bemayne hain
    Is jahan ki tamaam khushiyan ek hain
    Aur ek hai woh jo tumse hain
    Waqt tumhare jaane se ruka nhi
    Halanki tumhare aane se tham zaroor jayega
    Zindagi tumhare jaane se bhi h
    Par tumhare aane se aur haseen ho jayegi
    Yeh saare gham jo aaj mere saayen hain
    Unke naamo nishan mit jayenge
    Tum jo Hoge paas mere
    Zindagi k maayne hi badal jayenge

  • theshowman 5d

    You have all the rights

    You have all the rights,
    To get angry with me,
    To love and hate me,
    To make fun of me,
    To listen to my boring experiences,
    To tolerate my nuisance,
    To not reply to my chats,
    To fight with me,
    To create memories with me,
    To miss me,
    To scold me,
    To disturb me,
    But I assure you,
    That you are the only one,
    To whom I have given these all rights....


  • athenabae 1w

    Cuz Baby You're My Kind Of High...

    Monday mornings still lazy in bed
    You call to say you love me
    All the while seeing that smile in my head
    That kick starts my day as I try to be a better person worthy to thee

    Cuz Baby you're my kind of high
    The only one I want to keep living by
    With your arms around me heart beside me
    Safety Liberation ignite within me

    Wednesday afternoons roll around
    And I remember how much talking had found
    Laughing giggling nothing hidden between us
    Honesty, Trust, Loyalty all those things are a must

    Cuz baby you're my kind of high
    The only one I want to keep living by
    With your arms around me heart beside me
    Safety Liberation ignite within me

    Friday evenings rush past
    You find me in the library researching the past
    Don't pester me , I'm reading so intensely
    'Snap' closed the book so suddenly
    Fuming I face that devilish grin
    With that I turn to mush and thus you win

    Cuz Baby you're my kind of high
    The only one I want to keep living by
    With your arms around me heart beside me
    Safety Liberation ignite within me

    Sunday nights pause fleetingly
    Curled up on the couch wine in hand
    Recalling all our laughter oh so sheepishly
    Thanking God for all he planned

    Cuz Baby you're my kind of high
    The only one I want to keep living by
    With your arms around me heart beside me
    Safety Liberation ignite within me.

    © Anu Elsa Joseph 21/10/17

  • agamlamba 1w

    Sister's for brother's

    Who says sisters are not a blessing����? They are always keen to be your partner's in crime, your supporter in Life, the time when u tend to fall. They act as mothers and won't let u down and above all your secret holder. A bond is always from Soul, feel blessed in life you are blessed with a sister ����.

  • theshowman 1w

    My dreamworld

    Silence around, I found you all around,
    Laughing, giggling,
    Making my dreams awesome,
    The feeling of never to get out of it,
    And then the alarm rings and I get up!!!
    I sleep, not because I'm lazy,
    I sleep, cause I want to be in the dreams,
    In the beautiful world of dreams,
    Where you and I have no bondages,
    I am free of my insecurities,
    And you free of your blind folds...
    I want to love you,
    And you just smile,
    Where I just get engrossed in your eyes,
    And you keep on talking....


  • theshowman 1w

    A goodbye

    She didn't even say a goodbye and went away,
    And I stupid am still dreaming of that one day,
    When she stands besides me,
    Facing towards the sea,
    Holding my hands in her,
    Everything around is blur,
    I peeping in her eyes,
    With only the truth and no lies,
    No more fights just love,
    She and I couple as doves,
    But I know what I dream of, is a lie...
    Still I sit waiting, for atleast a goodbye....


  • borderline_philosophy 1w


    There is a magic in your memories
    That makes me smile even today
    Years gone by, fleeting stories
    Of how you swept me away.
    The spark of your love still burning bright
    Your every word still etched on my mind
    The more I recall, the more I sway
    You make me fall for you again and again.


  • brahmandjetr 1w

    Care to explain #Soulmates to me again?

    Love, #Brahmandjetr
    #Mirakee @mirakee
    #Pod #Global

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    it's funny
    because when
    you said you knew
    he didn't like you
    he just wanted
    your body
    and yet
    you went with him
    for the date you knew
    would end in a war
    raging in bed
    but you still
    didn't stop yourself
    and I once had a friend
    who did this
    but she was made to drink
    beyond her senses
    and she was
    a good friend
    and a good girl
    she told her lover
    that she had been tricked
    by a sweet-talker
    but you
    you didn't
    now neither
    do I understand
    nor do I want to
    I bet
    because if I did
    you'd talk your way
    through my heart again
    and tread right over
    taking one heavy step
    after another
    like an avalanche waiting
    to be caused on
    Mount Everest
    you know how
    you're supposed to walk
    slow and keep a steady pace
    but no
    you want to make
    your presence felt
    believe me
    there's nothing I feel more
    and again I hear
    there are people calling
    me a cuckold and whatnot
    but it only affects me
    so much
    what really affects me
    is that you're here
    yet you aren't
    and I can't feel
    as entitled as my fellow
    male beings who are
    disgusting, masochistic
    and misogynistic bastards
    and in one of your poems
    you wrote about how I have
    made your life terrible
    by bringing you roses
    and taking you out for walks
    the things that
    you terribly despise
    you once had another lover
    I don't seem to remember his name
    I can't remember
    any of their names
    I'm sorry
    for there were too many
    and that never was
    a reason why
    we argued
    did we ever argue
    because I don't remember
    the last time I let you sleep
    with a frown on your face
    before yesterday
    when you had a terrible night
    with a stranger
    because life was missing
    some action
    now what do I do
    you made me a boring person
    constantly talking to me
    about me being in college
    and having too many
    'exes' 'side chicks' and whatnot
    do you have to say to me
    about my numerous exes
    because I must be a terrible person
    and you don't like
    when they text me
    because you simply
    don't believe that hookups
    can turn into beautiful friendships
    and why would you
    you have always ended
    your hookups in one night stands
    or couple more nights
    but see
    I'm not like you
    I respect beings
    and unlike you I wouldn't
    kill a cockroach
    I'd chase it out
    and if unsuccessful
    I'd let it be
    but you
    you would pick up pebbles
    and even though you say
    you love dogs
    hurl it at them
    you remind me of a song
    by Bruno Mars
    named Grenade
    and you know
    how true it is
    I didn't but
    thanks to you
    now I do
    I don't know how
    it took me so long to
    figure you out
    how did I not notice
    you hating my best friend
    because obviously she was
    once a crush
    and you hate my brothers
    because you think they're tacky
    little pricks who just drink
    smoke and waste my time
    even if they did
    are you any better
    you wasted not just my time
    but all the needless effort
    that I now feel sorry
    for having invested
    because you know
    how I'm a smart investor
    but hell,
    you got me.

  • theshowman 1w

    I wish I didn't know you

    I wish I didn't know you,
    I could have been free of irrelevant rue,
    I wish I hadn't initiated those chats,
    Or at least talked like those diplomats,
    I wish I hadn't got addicted to you,
    Not waited for those double checks to get blue,
    My memory is foggy,
    Stuck at you like feet in the place which is boggy,
    I don't remember when you started ignoring me,
    Excuses of not being free,
    I wish I didn't fall for you,
    I wish I didn't know you....


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 1w

    Forever One
    by Carolyn Glackin
    Oh how I long to merge with you
    And become forever one
    We'll set our souls ablaze
    Brighter than any sun
    And our love, which will know no end
    Will inspire both young and old
    Our story will endure for all time
    Through the ages it'll be retold
    Fused in a passionate glory
    For such a love is ours
    And in that sacred state
    We'll ascend to the sky as stars.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
    Image credited to the rightful owner.

    #writersnetwork #pod #readwriteunite #truelove #twinflames #soulmates #lovers #love

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  • carriecolton 1w


    And suddenly, passion rose within her, shattering the stillness of the night. It spread through her veins, warming the icy tips of her fingers. The force of it knocked the breath out of her, and she stared, surprised, puzzled. Just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped, returning her to the cold lonely winter night. And then she knew. Somewhere out there, in the stars above, Maya had orgasmed, hard, and collapsed into the arms of someone she deeply loved.


  • preetisingh 1w


    The deep blue skies,
    Touching my heart..
    The cool air I breathe,
    Is chilling my soul..
    I was standing in the Sun..
    Closing my eyes..
    Only blues I can see..
    Only chill I can feel..


  • jitendrateja 2w


    Sometimes to defend
    The Petted,
    You gotta offend
    The wild.


  • my_lil_world_of_stars 2w

    Dear Best-Friend!

    Do you know what?
    I was lost somewhere in the sky
    My soul was searching for a true ones
    Although it was full of masked identities

    So when I found my heart
    Which was just similar to mine
    True soul, raw and unmasked

    So dear trust me
    My soul felt that divine
    And magic in your eyes
    Your luminous lit
    Just caught my heart
    And it turned into fire

    I knew that this time
    My heart has found the right one
    The someone whose heart is pure as mine
    And stay by my side
    So with you I can always be confide..


  • __archana__ 2w

    ♥ ♥
    Soulmates love without ownership

    -Vinit. K. Bansal

  • arianwriter 2w

    The sad realities that can never happen will be attempted by the soul. Because, it can never understand realities, it can only feel love!
    #soul #soulmates #intertwine #relationships #breakup #hurt

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    You'll never know the harsher ways my soul unties from me to get intertwined with you!


  • artemisskye 2w

    Renewed:The Healing

    "I don't begrudge your scarred edges, you've earned them.
    I just request you humor me
    and allow me the chance to smooth out
    your soul's creases under tender fingertips.
    Let my tendril heart wrap around yours,
    drawing your roughest parts in as currents of the tide, to my protective bosom,
    for warmth and safeguard
    until your sorrow passes.
    In a lover's nurturing embrace,
    heartbeat to mind resets time,
    it's only a matter of moments.
    I know to trust me is a large undertaking.
    Exposing wounds like holding
    out a a splintered finger or
    bruised cheek is a vulnerable act.
    It is not taken lightly,
    only your heart and mind and soul will be.
    I promise they will be returned in better condition then how they were found.
    One day soon you will once again
    fly free. I promise you this.
    And then I'll only hope you'll stay renewed, freely, with me."