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  • radhikaa_ 4d

    Living with the smiles.

    With all the start,
    I found the best smiles
    With all my heart,
    I praised in these miles.
    As the smiles differ:
    The plants smile with a bless
    Before they wither.
    The dogs smile with loud barks,
    With sharp teeth and loud arcs.
    The wind smiles,
    With it's veer
    From all the miles,
    Surrounds with cheer.
    The birds smile,
    With their chirpy sound
    While the humans express,
    With smile so wide,
    At last they caress
    Their happiness so bide.

  • reckless_random_rants 1w


    I gazed silently on the struggles of the homeless
    The pain, the hunger, the cold, the loneliness
    And watched in silence as he curled in on himself,
    A camouflaged soul, weak and defenceless

    And as I walked away from his muffled groans
    I asked myself, what would he call home?
    Would it be the pitying glances or the insults thrown?
    Or the smile of some stranger he had never known?

    Where would he look for respect?
    Where would he clamour for praise?
    Would he ever be known for anything
    Other than a waste of space?
    What is self respect to him?
    And what about dignity and Grace?
    Isn't it all a big blur ?
    The choices and all the mistakes ?

    Would he ever have an anchor,
    A soul to voice out his pleas?
    A knight in shining armour,
    To put him out of his misery?

    And as I turned a blind eye
    And walked down the alley
    I realised I was just another passer-by
    Nothing out of the ordinary ...
    I did nothing to help
    Never offered him a smile
    My thoughts to myself
    I left with my head held high..

    Was it my illusion of honour?
    My idea of nobility?
    That made me dishonor
    The rights of humanity ?


  • shrmilaprushotma 1w

    You told me not to be afraid of the dark. Now, I'm not afraid of the dark but I'm afraid of you.


  • borderline_beauty 2w


    How dare we speak of the dark things that happen behind closed doors.
    An innocent is ravaged broken and bloodied; as an adult begs for more.
    Insignificant creature. A burden I be. Let me be your whore.
    Proposterous things I say; blood and shit on your hands we ignore.
    Fight a battle the rest of your life. Up down around lover of gore.
    Speak out, children are raped every day; END THIS WAR.


  • labeeqaamer 3w

    We want justice. All of us want justice in some way or the other. Why? Because we're left disappointed by the rules and regulations of the society which manipulates us like we're puppets of their fantastic show and what do we do? Of course we let them manipulate us. Society judges us for weaning short skirts, smoking in public like it's a crime, laughing like retards, and most importantly, living our life the way we want. Well, society won't shut its mouth ever, so you carry on with your lifestyle and show them that you control your life all by yourself and nobody can dare to raise a finger at you. Together, we will become dauntless and show them that we don't need their opinion

  • zaan74 3w

    Maybe I am not looking
    For a way out of this wilderness.
    Sanity does me no good.

    These rules are put in place to cage us,
    They don't serve our purpose.
    Skinny, bones, spineless.
    Empty, hearts, mindless.
    Trapped in their concrete charades,
    We mime while someone else narrates.
    Cold, blood, worthless.
    Choke, hold, breathless.
    Another turns a whisper,
    We all just stay mute listeners.

    This night sky isn't starless,
    They lie about its darkness.
    Let me revel in this insanity.

    Farah Naaz

  • harsha04 3w

    The smell of gujiyas and all other sweets filled her home
    It was after all her first holi after marriage.
    He came to her and applied red gulal on her face
    She smiled with tears in her eyes
    For the world, they were indeed in love
    Only she knew that the gulal hid the scars of beating of the other night.

  • visaka 3w


    For the past few days,
    I have seen countless
    Insta Stories saying,


    Am confused that,,

    " Pray . -----> To Whom..???? "

    Such a Superstitious belief Hanging around the internet during the war-time

    Raising Voices makes changes rather than the Prayers

    It reminds me of GENOCIDE happened for TAMILS in EELAM (SriLanka)...9 years back.. We did the same Prayers to them.. That Silence KILLED even more people rather SAVING

    Don't Pray for Syria --- Just Speak


  • bluejean_buddha 4w

    This world we live in teaches us to hurt and hide.
    Suppress the tears and swallow your pride.
    We are meant to fail, to crack under pressure.
    And instead of help all we receive is a lecture.
    "When I was your age I was married with children"
    But our parents never taught us where to begin.
    You don't know my struggle, your life is not mine.
    Stop acting like I'm a criminal, I've committed no crime.
    Life is hard we don't stand a chance.
    So instead of worrying I think I will dance.
    I will see the beauty in this world, not hate.
    I will love myself, because, damn it, I'm great.


  • nitikabharadwaj 4w


    हाँ माना उस रात हुई थी तुमसे खता। तुम बिलकुल गलत भी थी।
    चलो ये भी मान लिया मैंने कि तुम थोड़ा डर गई, थोड़ा सहम गई थी। उस वक्त चुप रहना तुम्हें ज्यादा सही समझा। तुम्हे लग रहा होगा क्या सोचेंगे लोग, क्या बोलेगे और किस हद तक।
    चलो ठीक है, मान ली तुम्हारी सारी बातें सारी दलीलें। लेकिन क्या तुमने कभी ये जाननी चाही कि असल में तुम्हारी गलती थी क्या।
    तो सुनो, तुम्हारी सबसे बड़ी गलती थी तुम्हारी चुप्पी, तुम्हारा बिन गलती के समाज का डर।
    तुमने उस वक्त इसी समाज का सोचा और चुप रह गई जो आज तुम्हारा साथ देना तो दूर बल्कि तुम्हारे खिलाफ बोलती है।
    क्या नतीजा निकला उस चुप्पी का, उस डर का।
    यही ना कि आज बिना गलती के भी तुम ही गलत हो।


  • mrshutchinson 5w

    I did ask ...

    If you found me here laying on the floor in a pool of my own blood would you miss me ?
    Would you morn for me ?
    Would you say something stupid like "oh , I wish I could have done something ? "
    Or maybe , " I wish I would have known "..
    Or '" why didn't you ask for help ? '"

    I did ask . I asked when I shared quotes and memes on Facebook. I asked when I posted on Twitter and Instagram . I asked when i lashed out , and even when i screamed. I asked when responding to the polite , normal how are questions. I asked every day And everyday you ignored me , everyday you didn't take me seriously . I tried to reach out , but you pushed my hands away .

    And you STILL think you have no fault in this . That your actions had no consequences aswell. Well , you were wrong, weren't you? .

  • dayna_speaks_poetry 6w


    No way to speak everything I think. How do I share what's really in there? I want to speak! I want these thoughts out of my head. But im left unoticed while speechless instead. Can anyone tell that I'm stuck in my hell? No way to kick, scream, or yell. Wouldn't want anyone to see im not well. So I remain speechless while faking a smile. Fictitiously living a life in denial.


  • meghnabanerjee 6w


    And I will flaunt my flaws and curves,
    The stretch marks I have, defines my luck.
    Well, I was gifted, not made,
    So, who the hell are u Tell ?
    Look at yourself, then stare at me,
    Tell me now, what u see !
    Those perfect curves out there,
    With lots of love in it,
    Don't you want that , or keep judging me ?
    Not an hour glass, and no lust in it,
    But sure a sexy bust, u can't have it.


  • lindsey_antiquesoul 6w

    The other side of Hell

    i can only write what I know
    not for out of fear, but for the
    memories to stay close
    the ones that had me
    screaming in the night
    sweating profusely even
    weeping while I sleep
    some nights before I even
    knew it, it was just the moon
    and me-
    i reminisce about all my
    nights in the streets
    and not in a good way....
    the way i lived i should be 6 feet deep;
    even on the quietest of nights
    an addict doesn't get any peace

    Thankful-for the daily struggle, because now I'm clean over two years in
    and I still believe in me

    the hurt and anger-
    i know my mother watching me
    from heaven only wanted better for me
    but im thankful for learning all of
    my life lessons the hard way
    -it made me Stronger
    Braver, Smarter
    and Hopeful...

    So damn Thankful God gave me another day


  • alex_jusso 7w

    Trigger warning: Suicide
    It is important that we remember to talk about suicide. It has become a taboo to speak of. We need to open our eyes and realize it can happen to anyone, a friend, a sibling, son or daughter. We need to be up front about this. We also need to stop romanticizeing suicide. It isn't beautiful, and definitely isn't something that should be turned into a crappy romance novel. It's terrifying and traumatic. And never think "this will never happen to me" we all have thought this, myself included. I came to school one day, and tryed to make a friend laugh. She told us to leave her alone, her friend had just committed suicide. Most of the time, you never see it coming. We also need to be empathetic to those who have attempted suicide or told you they felt suicidal. Saying suicide is selfish is selfish of the person who said it. They are going through something you may never understand, so don't even pretend you do. If you or a loved one is feeling suicidal, call the suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255. If you think someone is suicidal, Ask for God's sake! Don't worry about what if they aren't. Better safe than sorry.

    #rwu_hea #suicide #openyoureyes #speakup #traumatic #awareness #mirakee #pod

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    He ran, as fast as he could. This couldn't be happening. His bare feet slammed the pavement as he bolted down the street, tears blurring the street lights, making them look like the moon.
    Images of him flashed before his eyes. He had known him forever, always smiling, despite everything. He had known the cruelty of the world, but never showed it. He once told him, given the choice, he would rather take everyone else's pain upon himself than never feel pain again and watch the world suffer. This child, beaten, neglected, always had a smile on his face, just so no one would worry. He was the only friend the boy had. He was the kindest, gentlest kid he knew. He wouldn't harm a fly, but always took the place of someone else who suffered. The kindest kid he knew. Was the one who had been through the most. He wiped his eyes, and turned the corner. Why is it always the worst things happen to the best people, and the best things happen to the worst people? He had confided in him, he should have been the one he confided in.
    He stopped in front of the house that was never really his home. And clapped his hand over his mouth to keep him from screaming. He sobbed and let the tears flow. His mind flashed back to the last text he ever received from him.
    "I know I will never be able to take away the burdens of the world, but I can take away one of yours. I'm so sorry. Forgive me."
    He fell to the ground. He let all of it out, and screamed, tears flowing as does the fountain of youth. He looked up at the pale face of his friend, suspended from the tree, rope around his neck. He thought back to the times when they were small, and read stories of happy ever after. He told me he wanted everyone to have a happy ever after. "Can't you see now?" He sobbed. "It doesn't exist!" He screamed at the sky. "ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! HE DIDN'T DESERVE THIS! NO ONE DESERVES THIS!!"
    He picked up rocks from the ground and threw them at the window of his house where he had never been appreciated. Neighbors came out of their houses and held him back. He stuggled only for a minute, then broke down it tears. He saw a neighbor take out their phone.
    "911, what's your emergency?"
    "I need to report a suicide"


  • elijwrites 8w


    afternoon on a Saturday
    the couch is where my mother laid
    I sat in the chair and silently choked
    don’t be mad at me I hoped
    you see I had come to a decision
    I was tired of cutting my wrists with precision
    I felt broken and this would make me shatter
    but I was at the lowest low so it didn’t matter
    I sputtered mom over and over
    I couldn’t say the words so instead I showed her
    she met me with the greatest amount of love
    so child, please, don’t become another angel above
    tell someone, text a number, write a letter
    I promise at the end you will feel so much better

    Eli J.

  • sukanya_t 8w

    Speak out!

    The silent cries,
    The unseen wounds,
    The reason could be,
    Someone you knew,
    Or someone you don't!

    Social stigmas,
    Or what the next door would say,
    Your life is all about,
    What respect they pay!

    In silence you weep,
    In silence you drown,
    For the truth you keep
    In hiding and frown!

    You are the victim,
    Not your fault,
    Don't stay away from world,
    And close yourself in a vault!

    Come out
    And take your stand!
    Speak out
    And play your band!

    These words and tunes,
    Aren't yours alone!
    There are many in fumes,
    Let them know,
    They aren't alone!

    People will mock
    And their words will prick!
    Just duck
    And let it pass in a tick!

    Make yourself heard,
    And your pain felt!
    Or you will get lost with the herd,
    With no one to belt!


  • paperheart 10w

    If you love them, tell them. Your words could mean so much more tomorrow then they do today.

    Darlah Dixon

  • dipika_das 10w

    Sometimes so called "Educated"people doesn't follow their own words or promises when it comes to their family,wife, children's, parents but they are doing well with other people in society.
    #Domesticviolence #Crime #Speakup .

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    Don't feed your fear don't bear.


  • gouravanand0429 10w


    आज इन सिसकियों को दबा तो दोगे
    पर कल किसी ने बगावत कर दी तो
    छत भी न मिलेगी सिवा सलाखों के।