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  • lilrainywish 13w


    Why do you keep blaming?
    Why is it when everyone blames someone it's wrong?
    But when you blame someone its ok.
    I don't understand you,
    Why couldn't I dwell in the past, why was I in the wrong for that?
    But yet you are doing the same thing now.
    Why was it wrong for me to hang on to your mistakes?
    But it's ok for you to hang on to someone else mistakes?
    Answer me!
    I want an answer!
    But I'm not going to get one, am I?
    I get your sicking excuses "My trauma was worse than ours. "

    But honestly No, no it wasn't.
    Walk one day in my shoes, in my nightmares, in my fears with a heart like mine and you will see the damages Im still healing from.

  • preethiravi 16w

    What love feels like...

    One lazy evening on a date.

    "What do you think of me?" she asked him whimsically, gazing at the sunset.

    "A goddess," He said, as he bent down to hold her foot.

    "A goddess?" Startled, she looked down in disbelief.

    "Yes, my goddess. So pristine and priceless, I am afraid to sully." Stroking her foot, he confessed, looking into her eyes.

    Stunned by his answer, she whispered gently, "Then, what are you?"

    He smiled mischievously, yet with utmost sincerity, he revealed, "I am your ardent devotee. Wanna worship you all day!"

    With a sheen of tears, she sat beside him and gently held his head. Rubbing his ear, she butted his head, "Then you are my source of strength and your belief in me, my power. I am a goddess, as long as I am yours!"

  • usha_b 17w

    A life that I left

    Two years ago, today, I left a life where I got comfortable and also excelled pretty well. That's when I made a decision its time to leave it.
    No, not because of Bollywood dialogue, "Sahi waqt aane pe Kat Lena chaiye varna geele shikve hone lagte hai." But becuase I knew I was getting into comfort zone and that I shall never grow as a human with such a life style.

    If I'd have continued with that life, people today would've admired me. However, that isn't happening.

    Today I realize life is more than being admired. I don't say I've learnt myriads of skills and grown as a human since. No, I haven't. But I sure am better than what I was then and reached at this point at a faster pace than I'd have otherwise.

    I see people from that past life as dependents. The ones who look to dwell upon another human being is how I see them. I'd rather describe them as mere parasites and yet taking the pride in living off of other humans.

    I can only feel sorry for them who look to get into a comfort zone like that. No actually, I don't even feel sorry, I just feel nothing for them. NOTHING.


  • sarikadsouza 19w


    Arya stood staring at the burning candle. Her tawny skin drawn thin and taut over her cheekbones.
    How are you?on the inside?
    A peal of clear silence broke her happiness.
    I may have acted fool, but it wasn't entirely my fault.
    Am I responsible for him to get drunk and assault me?
    No I'm not.
    He just manipulated the story and my parents believed.
    Is this how they trust me? Aren't they my parents?
    Can't blame them either. I nearly mumbled front of them and never told about him that's my mistake.
    But a teacher? Remembering my old school days my biggest strengths were my family , my friends and my teachers.
    But now lie is beyond everything.
    I lost everything and everyone unable to understand the mechanics of the world.


  • viyuuu11893 21w

    Stories !

    "Stories are read without speaking verbally still conveying their message to people which is it's beauty as like people stories speak for themselves without actually saying anything to anyone like we humans do today.

    Those stories are so powerful enough themselves that no one can deny to not have gone through about whatever is written in that story".

    "Do naino ki ye kahaani,
    Thoda sa badal,
    Thoda sa pani,
    Aur ek kahaani".

    By Vrinda Mundara


    Copyright 2018.

  • sarikadsouza 21w

    Do feathers really multiply?

    Guess many of you'll can relate with me. Childhood was a bit little too much of naughtiness and meaningless understandings. Someone says you something and you just believe them blindfolded. I too have experienced the same thing and I can definitely relate to this picture and it's a memorable one! It was our summer vacations and the word by itself is too hot to handle the same way as kids are tough to be looked after..My cousins were home and that's like heaven on earth. we would bring down the roof until any of our parents would hit us hard. As we were playing my cousin harsh opened his scrap book and surprised me with the beautiful peacock feathers not only me i can say all of us there. ah! Yah he was quite ahead of all and central academics so scrap book was nothing new..I started fighting with him that I want it for myself and what surprised me was he didn't even utter a word neither fought.with that cute innocent smile on his face he gave me a feather. And me? Omg! As if ive got something really worth than a diamond goofy me jumped bumped all around and later I thought my suspicion isn't cleared yet let me clear it first I asked harsh about his overwhelming love on me and his answer was pure ! Hey its nothing about love or care your pure hearted devil and I know that you would never leave me till I give but this time I gave you because I had many. I was wondering he just had two one he gave me how can he have 'many' again with a cleared throat i asked me 'like how'? He replied , hey! Don't you know you silly brat feathers multiply they give birth to their younger ones and that's why they all have occupied my book.. I was so touched by his lines the way he told and i believed.. believe it or not till the age of 14 I continued believing his words and not to lie i still have those multiplying feather's with me ! And today if my niece or my nephew do the same thing or i see those feathers i can't stop myself from rolling around and laughing...so do feather's really multiply??


  • emogination_ 22w

    Ada banyak hal yang tak aku mengerti di dunia ini. Karena tak ketahuanku terkadang aku menipu diriku sendiri. Bersembunyi dalam diam dan berpura-pura tak peduli. Bahkan terkadang kebalikannya, aku muncul dengan sok tahuanku agar aku diterima di lingkungan yang kejam ini. Berlaku seperti bukanlah aku saja, namun semua orang bisa jadi iya melakukan penipuan ini.
    Hingga aku sadari bahwa semuanya palsu.


  • poetofword 24w

    You and You

    Tears brighten in my eyes
    Like a incessant stars
    Every sec I think of you
    I feel like I've gone mental
    Never have I felt so alone
    I can't believe I let you down
    You are my everything
    Now it seems you're not around
    I'd do anything to go back
    To the way it used to be
    To the dream it used to be
    When our problems were simple
    And you were head over heels for me
    And you were blooming bud for me.


  • adhishmazumder 24w

    Ode: Speaking Tales of Dead

    Often I have walked down the solemn boulevard,
    that leads to the realms of the afterlife.
    Long have I cherished the tales that the dead did forbear in life;
    stories upon which I stumble as I walk amidst graves in a breathing graveyard.
    A watcher; I have observed in the afterglow,
    the beauty that fascinates a dreamer; a masterful adagio.
    It hath been as I have forever seen,
    the faith a man puts upon the revered figurine,
    and as a walk in the graveyard would tell;
    my friends: you speak no false tale.
    But what seems apparelled in such unworldly light?
    The fresh dew upon the graves; a new life to  you doth felicite.
    I stand among you; a wanderer wondering about such celestial sights,
    A stranger; visualizing lives that unknown epitaph incites.

    Do men know of the wonders you share?
    The voids in time filled to the brim,
    by treasured hours a poet seeks to enrich their vim.
    Life knows not about death or his act of being a concessionaire
    or the charade that guides a man;
    delivering him to creation's perfect plan.
    I am alive yet I know not to live,
    Death doth teach me new ways to perceive.
    The things that I have lost; was meant to be lost,
    You bestow visions, a lifetime would cost.
    I ponder upon the grace; the mercy you show,
    Graves - you give; thrones for Kings below.

    You treat everyone equal and fair,
    like only God would ever dare.
    Are you a lover?
    For in you; man doth seem to discover,
    a ballad surreal.
    Teacher perhaps; to me you seem,
    a stalwart in your own academe.
    But tell me true if you may choose to,
    Is there a life beyond those dark walls?
    I see you do provide me with an ambiguous cue,
    citings from scriptures; like the woeful schmalz,
    rings in my ears;
    a shot at immortality; you pass me by
    like a cavalier.
    I see that mortal rules to you do not apply.
    Divinity you are personified;
    as death you are justified.

    And what of the winds that rattle your palace doors?
    The symphony you hear when a friend joins your circle in form of familial sorrow,
    is but a transition my dearest amigo.
    For winds may never be the saboteurs
    like your disciples, disciplined to resist the mortal call;
    and sights that once to you did appall.
    Oh! What beauty you exude
    as in your grave you denude,
    like the prince you were meant to be,
    humbled down to a mere toiler by societies  decree.
    So it must be as you repeatedly say,
    You hold the power over life like nothing else may.

    You are more than a muse to me comrade.
    You denote things that I will never know.
    If I may I would rather forego,
    the privilege of life without being sad.
    I see in you what no man can,
    an eternity with you is but a span;
    a romance, undying and true,
    you comfort me of all my rue.
    I pace the space amongst the graves,
    I watch the world pass you by as you linger on in your enclaves.
    And I feel peace; like never before,
    something you can never schnorr.

    The men you cradle upon their death,
    Give life to nature with their last breath.
    And many who worship you do come to your shrine,
    Bury a dead leave; a past in you they confine
    as they start anew.
    You are a siren; if I may compare,
    singing to attract one to their fatal affair.
    But in you they find respite,
    Hark! The cages you break at last,
    new motives you do solicite,
    and save the sinking ship with broken mast.
    You are the champion sent to write,
    things that endorse humanly plight,
    things that a man often contrite,
    as the soul for judgement doth take flight.
    But what might I say to you when you come?
    You are a dream, I'm yet to succumb.

    And a man in his life may many a times close on you,
    but you only treat what is meant to,
    and sending them back to life you save their adieu,
    only to chaperone them when their time is through.
    Have I told you before of my gratitude towards you?
    Death - you bring together reunions long overdue,
    albeit sad but in nature true,
    the spirit hears words that in life was to him due.
    Graves - you hold the vessel but not the soul,
    yet you are revered for your role.
    If I were to say a line in praise,
    the mystery shrouding your patron; your virtue truly portrays.

    And I find myself ecstatic when I sit on your lap,
    You treat me like a child; frivolous in his prance,
    showing me life beyond what you take as advance,
    your essence; an elysian map.
    You do not pretend as the trickster called life,
    with your sycthe in hand, what need have you of knife?
    The utopia life creates is but a lie;
    phantom faces at the graveyard would confirm and not deny,
    the misery you put to an end,
    of lives no one else could comprehend.
    So you are what you say you are,
    a wraith so near and yet so far.

    The placid faces that you hide,
    have had their share of hearse ride;
    but tell me Ephesians if you may,
    how am I to prepare for my day?
    Come as you may.
    I'll greet you with a smile,
    Lived my life long before it were to beguile
    by treacherous time flowing in waves,
    crests and troughs each passing day,
    and even now the undertaker digs the graves,
    where I'll join you for an eternity with an epoch to slander away.
    And long before I be in my death bed,
    I will be wanting to share this with the world outside,
    Graveyards are so beautiful, so misread;
    when it truly is but an intersection between life and death.
    If you are still perturbed by the dead,
    you will never understand; unread all that you just read.

    - ©2017. 'Ode: Speaking Tales of Dead' by Adhish Mazumder (©adhishmazumder).

  • unshortstories 27w


    He was passionate about what he did.
    He got an amazing job at this amazing place.
    He worked with passion in his style.
    They didn't like his style.
    He refused to change his style.
    They fired him.
    But the fire in him never died.
    He continued to work with passion in his style.
    He has now reached the heights no man can ever touch.


  • relatable_ideas_trending 28w

    Word of the day #indelible
    My Indelible memories of him Part3.
    With this part I conclude this story
    I hope u could relate.
    #indelible #memories #instawriting #intapic #instaimage #story #storyoftheday #emotion #happyending #writersnetwork #world.

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    My Indelible Memories of him
    Part 3-

    Texting became monthly,
    Calls became yearly,
    Meetups? Bunk it.

    Its been two years,
    We have no contact now.

    I am happier now.
    Replaced him with many worthy people,
    Sadly his memories were INDELIBLE.

    From strangers to best friend and back again to strangers,
    Life taught me great things.
    Because you know"All stories do not have a happy ending".

  • poetofword 28w

    Ordering something..

    me : what would you like to have?

    she : i'm not hungry so may be something light.

    me : should we order a syska LED then .

    she :

    me :


  • viyuuu11893 29w

    Soar !

    "Soaring up after falling is a difficult cup of tea but not impossible".

    There are many kinds of people in grey world out there. This applies to a worldwide level.

    I want to share what I've gone through and how I finally overcame it which is why this post is important for all my writer friends, admirers and readers to read it.

    One who rise when everyone tried their level best to make them fall.

    Others who soar on basis of talent and skills and not through references.

    One type who try to make you feel inferior and low on self esteem as their very insecure and jealous of you and try to break your close tight knit friendships with your bestfriends of more than 6 years.

    It's upto you that whether you want to be a puppet or be a warrior by fighting back against such type of people, groups, fakers and liars as well.

    "Your destiny is in your own hands where being a puppet or warrior is upto you".

    I chose and will always be a warrior. I fought back against such types of grey shaded groups and people and will always do so.

    Such groups of people thrive on your fear as they enjoy your fear and find joy in inflicting pain on others. If you don't fear them, then they'll be real scared and angry as you've guts to stand up and fight back with them with your head held high always.

    By Vrinda Mundara.


  • fearisreal4us 29w

    "Its just one drink bro",my friend told me while passing a glass of alcohol towards me."once you taste it, believe me you'll feel the awesomeness coming out of you in just seconds"

    "I'll pass",I said"I don't drink".

    "But it's your breakup party"

    "Alcohol is not the answer"

    "Kidding me",he said while rolling his eyes"it's the only answer to this kinda questions".

    "Really",I said."why don't you ask my mother.Her husband too had same belief as yours.Everytime he came home,ask her body how much she had to suffer because of the questions he was seeking"

    "This thing is not the answer brother",I took the bottle out of his hands"this should be asked as question.For a moment of happy feeling,why sacrifice your forever,your family and your life"

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #alcohol #lifestory #lifequotes #fear #storyoftheday

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    A moment or forever?

  • viyuuu11893 29w

    Ageless !

    Dried roses in your diary is an ageless memory. It brings back loads of nostalgia and makes you smile even on your lowest lows.

    It makes you thank, remember and cherish those lovable, super special, tight knit and those few rare and very close people in your life. Those memories are very special in everyone's life.

    Our life is like a rose. We are surrounded by many fakers, pretentious, liars, and thorn liked people in our life.

    "We're the roses and fake liars are the thorns in our life".

    We've to learn everything right from the scratch. Life is all about learning how to identify fake liars and pretentious people from the chaotic clutter of grey shaded people in life.

    "Bas itnaa hai mera kissaa, kaat ke rakh tu mera hissaa".

    In this safarnama we learn to identify and prioritize who're the bestfriends, true friends, acquaintances, hi bye friends, etc.

    "Khud se khud ko rihaa de, apni aawaaz ko zubaan de".

    I'd just like to end my true felt, real and quite genuine enough write up by just saying that,

    ''You're a rose surrounded by tough and strong thorns".

    "Life isn't easy as it makes you the best version of yourself".

    By Vrinda Mundara.


  • tiffanying_me 30w

    The story of the INK!!

    Well settled in my abode, resting peacefully.
    My roof swirled, creaking sound,
    The rays, hurting my eyes,
    A giant robot entered and stabbed me
    With it's pointy edge and sucked my blood in.
    And it left, just like yesterday.
    The process of rejuvenation continues.

    If only the ink knew it helps the poet make the art,
    The world will gaze in awe.


  • neerajparab2012 31w

    She was picking up her drowned Parle G biscuit from the cup with another biscuit. As that too drowned to the bottom, he offered her a spoon, smiling like an idiot.

    It happens with me too, all the times, he said.

    A lot can happen over melted biscuits and tea.

    (Neeraj Parab)

  • neerajparab2012 32w

    She received no courier, and he didn't even call at 12. She blocked his number and was lying on bed with teary face buried under the pillow.

    The door bell rang. It was 5 in the morning. But it was a security guard. Disappointed, she lost her last hope. But then he emerged from behind, and he was on his knees, holding his ears in sorry.

    I didn't have money for air tickets, so I took the train, and it was 6 hours late. I couldn't call as there was no network. But see what I saved with travel money.

    And he pulled out that ring. Marry me, please ? I promise I will earn more money soon.

    I hate you so much, she said, crying.

  • swikriti_lahoty 34w


    I wake up from the same nightmare I have been having for years now. Some how it seems to be getting worse. I could feel the room closing on me, the darkness edging around the corners of my consciousness, my breaths coming in uneven pants. I have experienced it enough to know what it was.
    Suddenly I feel familiar arms around me, holding me. I hug him back.
    He whispers in my ear, "Breathe with me. It's okay, everything is going to be okay. Don't think too much. I know it looks bad from where you are right now, but it's okay. Give it some time. You will be okay. Don't push yourself so much. Give yourself a break. Breathe, love. Just breathe."

  • bhargavj 40w

    What Home Means to me?

    Ask soldier who is returning home after a war, ask a lil child who is excited to go home after leaving school, ask a married women who is meeting to meet their parents after her marriage, ask an employee who is returning home from job, ask a mother who has bring new born baby to world and they are going home from hospital!

    Everyone has different stories! Just need a reason to be home!