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    Howcome students want good grades so they want the motivation to study but at the same time they don't?


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    रोज़ ठीक 7:40 पर ये अपनी जगह पहुच जाते हैं... आप लेट हो सकते हैं पर ये नही...जैसे छत पे हाज़िरी लेने आप एक अध्यापक हों जो देर से आने में ही अपनी तालीम मुकम्मल देखता हो और ये एक छात्र समूह ...जैसे आसमान एक अंतहीन क्लास है ...और ये तारे मुंह बाए आपको निहारते हैं कि कब इनकी बारी आये और ये शान से हाथ उठाकर अपनी उपस्थिति का एहसास करवाए...
    एक कमाल की ईश्वरीय समय पाबन्दी है इनकी...!

    ये कभी यूनिफार्म भी नही बदलते ...एक ही रंग को ओढ़ते बिछाते हैं , और बदलें भी क्यूँ... ये प्राइमरी नही समझते अपने आप को जो थाली कटोरी लेके , पढ़ाई और खाने के बीच झूला झूलें जो मजबूरी में बचपन तलाशें... ये तो उन शहरी कान्वेंट के प्रतीत होते हैं जिनको सख्त हिदायद है कि कम खेलो ज्यादा पढ़ो...एक जैसे सपने देखो...अपनी भाषा छोड़के हर भाषा बोलो...हिलो डुलो भी मत बस अपने पेरेंट्स की उम्मीद बनो और कुछ नही...! सो तैसा ही बर्ताव है इन आसमानी बच्चों का...जिन्हें हम तारे कहते हैं...! हालाँकि साल में ये दो बार कक्षा ज़रूर बदलते हैं ...लेकिन मेरे ये छात्र कभी लेट नही होते...!


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    Dedicated to all the teachers

    I have to pour water in the pots,
    Though not considering the holes in it!
    The pots differ from one another,
    Shining, faded... but can't understand which collects and which leaks!

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    Shivering hands,ice cold body Would had done anything to not enter the class room, suddenly in a strong trustworthy voice "I got your back" whispered the chits from socks.

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    पर काट दिए गए उनके,जो काफी उड़ना जानते थे
    कम्भख्त छात्र थे, सियासत में उतरना चाहते थे।

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    Life Unexpected

    Priscilla Parker walked into the empty classroom long before the first warning bell rang. It was her first job in a long, long time and she was nervous. As she rubbed her age-spotted, arthritic hands, she looked over the space.

    Desks were in disarray, books were on the floor and a big blob of brown something was smeared across a pull-down map leaning against the wide expanse of dirty chalkboard.

    Taking a deep breath, she thought of the last time she had a regular job. She was fresh out of college. She hadn't married Alvin yet. She hadn't had a family yet.

    The wrinkles around Priscilla's mouth deepened as she frowned. The children were all grown up; Alvin was gone. The position was substitute only but she needed to take care of herself, she didn't have much left.

    Receiving the phone call from the school district the day before, the woman thought she would have a panic attack. Could she sub for the regular teacher, Mrs. Rickert for the last two months of the calendar year? She had developed some complications with her pregnancy and decided it was best to take a leave of absence. Did she feel comfortable teaching World Geography to junior high students?

    She wanted to say no. She wanted to say she had changed her mind. She wanted to crawl back under the blankets and hide from the world. She wanted her husband to be alive again. She wanted to not struggle. She wanted her normal, regular, routine life back.

    As Priscilla sat in the swivel chair meant for the teacher, she thumbed through the day's lesson plan. She could do this, couldn't she? Doubt filled her mind. Adjusting her glasses and smoothing back her wiry, blue-gray hair, she saw the yellow sticky note clinging to the pencil holder on the desk.


    The note was simple yet demanding. Was it an order? Was it meant for her? Upon closer inspection, Priscilla noticed it was curling on the ends and what looked to be a small coffee stain was in the top right corner. She was sure the words had been there for quite some time.

    "Relax. Have fun," she whispered aloud.

    The bell rang and groups of chattering teenagers began to file in. Once they noticed the substitute they ignored her, laughing, giggling amongst themselves.

    Suddenly, a paper plane zoomed through the air, landing on a desk in the middle of the room.

    "Who the heck threw this?" A young boy with a buzz haircut, a leather jacket and a crooked front tooth yelled over the din. He stood, his rugged look daring the perpetrator to confess.

    "That would be me," Priscilla Parker announced as she adjusted her glasses again.

    The teens looked at her with blank stares; a few girls on the back row tittered rebelliously.

    "This is World Geography, correct?" Priscilla prompted.

    "Yeah, so?" the boy with the leather jacket shot back.

    "I would like everyone to take a blank piece of paper and write down all the places in the world that you would love to visit one day and then fold that paper into a plane." The teacher waited.

    Each boy and each girl looked at one another in confusion; some began to shrug, some began to smile. Eventually, everyone began to write.

    "Now, when you've finished, line up and follow me." Priscilla led the youngsters, books and paper planes in hand, down the long corridor and out into the bright sunshine. A slight breeze was blowing.

    "Now, take that list and fling your plane as high and as far as you can." She waved her arm in a wide arc.

    Again, the confused faces emerged but, one by one, the boys and girls did as instructed. Most of the planes caught the soft breeze and sailed on and on and on, becoming tiny white specks against the blue sky.

    "You each have your whole lives ahead of you," Priscilla Parker explained, "and with knowledge and tenacity you can go anywhere in the world." She smoothed down her light green blouse and rubbed her fingers. "Like a paper airplane, life can have twists and turns and do things we never expected but if we relax, have fun and hang on it can be the best ride ever."

    Excited murmurs emanated throughout the young crowd as they continued to look toward the clouds, hoping to catch a glimpse of their handiwork.

    For the next half hour, Priscilla led a discussion on their hopes, dreams and potential destinations. She had captured their attention; their hearts.

    As class dismissed and the kids returned to the building, the young man with the leather jacket realized he still held his new teacher's paper plane. He wondered what she had written. Where in this big wide world did Mrs. Parker want to go?

    As he unfolded the plane, he read aloud: "I want to see the world through the eyes of my students." He re-folded the paper and shoved it into his pocket. "Cool," he exclaimed and shuffled into the school with a spirited smile.

    --Melissa Andres

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    Life explained so much about this life
    And there we sat waiting for incidences to give lessons
    Poor students we are !!

    The spiny tree


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    Well exams are no less than an adventure

    #exams #students #people #love #college #experience

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    He planned a trek, as he was badly missing adventure.

    "Miss me??" Asked the exam schedule, kept in the folds of his Microbiology Book.


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    #Indianeducation #students #Whiteandblackminds
    நம் பெருமைக்குரிய கல்வி முறைக்கு சமர்பணம்!!

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    வகுப்பில் பல வண்ண ஆடைகளில் மாணாக்கர்கள்

    கருப்பு வெள்ளை மனங்களுடன்


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    Hours of study might not be as fruitful as minutes of learning.


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    Keep Calm and Carry on!

    उन्हें शिकवा है हमसे कि हम मुस्कुराना भुल गए,
    क्या जाने वो,
    हम लड़ रहे हैं जिदंगी की वो जंग
    जिसमें ख्वाब लाखों के गुजर गए।

    ©मोहनीश सुरेश बोराणा "चेतक"

    They often complain to me,
    They don't see the "happy me"!
    But then what they also do not see,
    Is the fighter in me.
    As I am fighting a battle with life,
    Where losers have lost their smile..
    And their life!

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    I knew him, and I always thought he's too good for me. I was not worth it, I beleived God hated me and I had no chance at being with him.

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    I saw my brother wore a T-shirt written "LAZY ALL WEEK". I wonder if I could go to classes for a week and tell the kids:

    "Look. I'm going to be lazy this week and you'll finally know how it feels to face "laziness". What you give, you get back."

    Take that. 🤘🏻😈


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    Do not pull me back,for I may not succeed!
    Do not push me forward too much,for I may not be worthy of it!
    Do not tease me,for I may not bare it!
    Do not laugh at me,for I may break into pieces!
    Do not limit me to these classrooms,for I may not live my life!


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    "Aankhon ka tara ....
    Kabhi tara ban hi nahi paya ....
    Use chah to thi aasman chhune ki ....
    Lekin kabhi wo apne manzil ki udaan bhar hi na paya...."
    Said a heavy voice in his poetic tune in Felicitation Program in his Campus....

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    Our own student newspaper.
    Please support, follow and share at
    #news #newspaper #dreams #students #new #effort #ideas

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    The Young Scribblers

    "I have a dream."
    Countless times in the history of mankind, has such a phrase been uttered, so much so that it has become a cliché, per se.
    We all have dreams.
    We all want to live them.
    So here's our dream.
    "THE YOUNG SCRIBBLERS" : A dream born in the hearts of us which strives to give a box to put all the budding dreams in the world into it, and shower these dreams in front of open eyes and ears.
    A newspaper, of the students, for the students, and by the students : where every dream of the fitting will be recorded, and displayed to the world.
    A newspaper students can call their very own.
    We wish you'd extend support to us, to help such an idea grow, and reach the eyes of an evergrowing number of people.
    Share if you appreciate the idea, and inform your friends about the dream for the dreams.

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    School grades to collage fade,
    Experience and memories made,
    Boring jobs and a standard bite,
    Thin like a thread, bounded like a kite,
    Content feeling, floored out chances,
    Pouring out love, but demons dance,
    Ringing in rhythms and pace of life,
    Dreaming about future, leaving modern stife,
    One for all and all for none,
    Breaking barriers where sadness shun,
    Fall down seven, stand up eight
    In this ups and down, make ego wait,
    Guess what was ours was never ours to keep,
    Keeping faith in time, baby take up the leap,
    Saving the world, thinking of the few,
    Timely realisation, that all you save is you.

    ©Rishu Raj

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    Organisations have reputation. Lecturers have credibilities.


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    "I'm making you sit next to her as a punishment", the teacher said.
    As gathered his belongings, he hid his smile.
    True lovers can never be separated for long.