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  • udit94 12w


    In my life, there was a time when nothing was going good.
    Giving up was the only option that I understood.
    Living a life full of misery was not that easy.
    So, I decided for stopping the same, I would do whatever I could.

    But there was something in my conscience.
    That put into my mind a little sense.
    There's no benefit in dying like this.
    There are lot of things one can do in their presence.

    That day I decided I would spend my life living for others.
    Spending time with them in harmony like sisters or brothers.
    From that time, a new and happy life has started.
    And in this new life not even a single person suffers.

    Believe me, the feeling of helping others is so satisfying.
    It's better than sitting in one corner and just crying.
    So, before putting an end to your life think once.
    There are lot of things to do rather than dying.


  • theplottwistisreal 12w


    When you love a dewdrop, you must take special care
    You can't hold it in a jar, keep it close to your heart
    The glass will swallow it up and spread it out
    You can't cradle the dewdrop close to your chest, breathe in its scent
    It will slip through your fingers and crash to the ground
    You will be the cause of its destruction
    You can only sit idly by, watching the blade of grass it's landed on
    You keep a close eye, dare not blink lest you miss one second of its movement
    But you feel so helpless when the blade of grass bends
    Your dewdrop slips to the end and dangles by a thread
    Your heart races, as unsure as its unsteady palpatations if that dewdrop will be able to hold on
    But you can't save it from itself
    The weight of its heart can bring it down, but only it can choose to fight and survive
    So you stand back
    And you pray

  • poetrycat89 12w

    Boundaries of Loss

    It is a great leveller..
    When it happens..
    It is the mind's emperor..
    Charging in like a wild boar..
    Impaling my heart like a cur..
    But these are not the only thoughts that run amok..
    But for ones with a mind buoyant as a boat..
    Storm that gathers..
    And it waddles and paddles..
    Storm that passes..
    It remains intact..
    Planning for a journey..
    A few steps back..
    That's how we all must be..
    That's how you and I should be..
    That's how we save a life.

  • shiviness 12w

    An Easy Escape

    Wished death upon myself.
    An easy escape.
    Although slowly.
    My heart is overcome,
    As are my lungs.
    I smoked
    as I was drunk.
    Wished death upon myself.
    By the wrong end of a lit cigarette
    An easy escape,
    Away from my fate
    As i tried to run,
    Far away.

  • eblans7 12w

    Seems even more creepy

    Seems even more creepy to have friends these days, nobody afraid of being left alone, maybe all creepy loners just died, for now being empty and lifeless is a miracle, everyone adores it, it is new era, called today

  • nikeshjain 12w

    No matter what the problem is, every human being tries to remain alive and battle it out.
    Suicide is probably the biggest mistake a person can do. The consequences of suicide is more than what meets the eye or your mind! Suicide is never the solution. Suicide is crime. Suicide is sin. Suicide is cowardice. Suicide is the most disastrous one that someone can do in a life time.
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    I Quit

    I don't want to wake up anymore.

    For the life battle,
    I can't take it anymore,
    The fights are too many.
    I thought I could win.
    But I couldn't, I quit.

    For the failure,
    I tried to fix it many times,
    My voice have gone unheard everytime.
    I thought I could change it.
    But I couldn't, I quit.

    For the lost love,
    I'm still broken,
    I'm still sad.
    I thought I could move on over it.
    But I couldn't, I quit.

    For the lonliness,
    I'm tired of saying I'm happy,
    I'm tired of being depressed.
    I thought I could spark it.
    But I couldn't, I quit.

    For the wounds,
    I feel the pain.
    I feel the tears and blood.
    I thought I could heal it.
    But I couldn't, I quit.

    I wish I could stop this thought.
    I wish I could be more strong.
    I don't want to quit,
    I just want the pain to stop.

    - Nikesh Jain

  • that_freak 12w

    Suicide and even suicidal thoughts are STOP to you, your life(obviously), your loved ones' lives(yes, that's true). Consider it. Consider it all. Be aware about your own situations. Look around. Be aware of others' situations. Make them aware. Live. Love. And don't ever STOP. Keep MOVIN'. ✌#suicide #stop #thoughts #survival #wars #torture #loss #family #people #love

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    don't STOP!

    When I feel suicidal
    and want everything
    STOP forever.
    I consider the survivals.
    Of wars, tortures and
    family loss.
    Of famine, hunger and
    Dreadful diseases.
    They give me strength.
    They give me hopes.
    Of my future presents
    that my people would send.
    Of the days full of surprises
    and adventures with loved ones.
    Thoughts cross me.
    Of my own suicidal thoughts
    which are all the cause.
    that would come to me
    if I survived that STOP.


  • nicolegelique 12w

    A fight against suicide

    One of the leading cause of death worldwide is said to be suicide, in fact about a million people die every year by suicide. According to the World Health Organization , suicide rates have increased by 60 percent worldwide and they predict these deaths will rise to 1.5 million by 2020 and this must not be treated as a joke, immediate prevention should be put into action.

    Suicide is known as the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. It does not discriminate,it impacts every race, religion, income and educational level, gender, age, and nationality. It is usually the second or third leading cause of death among teenagers, and it remains one of the top ten leading causes of death in middle-age. Risk factors include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and substance abuse.

    There are many ways to prevent a person from committing suicide, and recognizing warning signs and knowing how to respond if you already spot them is one. Warning signs includes physical and behavior changes, the victim is talking about wanting and looking for a way to kill himself and he’s stating that he’s feeling trapped and in an unbearable pain. If you already spot these signs, you must talk to him immediately and play a role in preventing him from killing himself.

    If your friend or family member is suicidal, you must offer a listening ear, let them know that they’re not alone. Show them how important they were and tell them that there’s more reason to live than to kill themselves. Avoid arguing with them, let them know that you care and there’s a lot of people who loves them. You must also encourage them into positive lifestyle changes, such as healthy diet, and having plenty of sleep. Tell them to avoid stress, alcohols and people that causes they’re depression.

    In order to help suicidal people you must be sympathetic, patient and caring. You must avoid judging and saying harsh words against them and their situation. You should be sensitive about their feelings, because being insensitive may add up to their depression.

    Suicide happens when we assume that it could never happen to the most successful and richest person, but in reality it can affect anyone.It gets its power from being invisible, when we’re not looking for it and when we’re not caring and making a move against it. They say that “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, so we must fight together against suicide and start making a move to prevent our loved ones, friends and a person that’s a completely stranger from committing suicide.

  • dead_inside 12w


    Sitting there empty
    Sitting there hurt
    Not knowing what is right or what is wrong
    Not knowing what to do
    You feel so lost
    You feel so helpless
    No one understands
    No one can help
    The more they try
    The harder it gets
    Take the Blade
    Draw in red
    Take the rope
    Hang around until your dead
    For the end is near
    For you gave it all up
    Life is so pointless
    Life is So rough
    Put an end to it all
    Put the D into Death
    Take the blade Down your arm
    Make the floor have a puddle of jelly
    Take the rope Jump off the chair
    You dangle there
    Now its all over
    Now your at peace.
    You feel so much better
    Now the pain is gone
    And mine will be too soon

  • himanshumudgal 12w


    Ever attempted suicide but couldn't attempt. Believe that you're the strongest person and something big is having an eye on you.

  • sip_of_roohaniyat 12w

    A loving piece to each one out there, braving the storms of #depression in one form or another.
    Dear anonymous braveheart, you wish to #suicide is an illusion..All your soul longs for, is to be redeemed ♥️♥️

    Attempted another artistic form called #Pantoum
    Here goes the rules -

    • It comprises a series of quatrains, with the second and fourth lines of each quatrain repeated as the first and third lines of the next. The second and fourth lines of the final stanza repeat the first and third lines of the first stanza.

    • Hence the pattern goes like -
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3
    Line 4

    Line 5 (repeat line 2)
    Line 6
    Line 7
    Line 8 (repeat line 4)

    Repeat the same pattern. The rhyme scene is ABAB. Each quatrain introduces second rhyme as BCBC, CDCD and so on.

    Last stanza goes like this -
    - Line 2 of previous stanza
    - Line 3 of first stanza
    - Line 4 of previous stanza
    - Line 1 of first stanza.

    Do give it a try lovely people.
    Tag with #Pantoum_sr and do tag me as well, so I could read your artistic creations! ������❤️

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    Truth my darling is, you wish not to be killed, but redeemed
    You interpreted wrong the wails of your soul's cry
    The dying flame asks oils invigorating to be replenished
    Illusory glass mirages, deceiving you, you wish to die.

    You interpreted wrong the wails of your soul's cry
    All you wish, is to be rescued from those dungeons dark
    Illusory glass mirages deceiving you, you wish to die
    No grace lies in quitting, suicide is but cowardice stark.

    All you wish, is to be rescued from those dungeons dark
    To be evacuated from harrowing morbid facades
    No grace lies in quitting, suicide is but cowardice stark
    Honey trust me, you have ammunition to battle all odds.

    To be evacuated from harrowing morbid facades
    You crave your clipped wings be set free to soar high freely
    Honey trust me, you have ammunition to battle all odds
    You yearn to Live; perennially, magically, majestically.

    You crave your clipped wings be set free to soar high freely
    The dying flame asks oils invigorating to be replenished
    You yearn to Live; perennially, magically, majestically
    Truth my darling is, you wish not to be killed, but redeemed!


  • ice_brilliant_snow 12w

    Best friend

    I am here in our secret place
    I always visit here
    You know I miss you right?
    But why you left me ?

    Do you remember the day we first met?
    Because I remember that.
    I hope you still remember
    I hope you won't forget

    You know im sad right now ?
    Because I remember that night
    The night that I need to forget
    I need to forget that because it gives me nightmare

    Whenever I closed my eyes
    I see your body swinging in the middle of your room
    Do you remember that night? The night you took your own life?
    Thats the night when I started to have a nightmare.

    I feel so shocked that night
    I don't know what to do
    I dont know why you do that
    I dont know... I dont know

    I missed you so badly
    Why you didn't say goodbye?
    Why did you do that ?
    Is this what you want?

    Are you happy now ? I hope you are
    Do you see me from above ?
    Please give me strength whenever I feel blue
    Promise I will always fight.

  • bookgurl95 12w


    For some it is
    a place of solitude
    Others its sipping margaritas
    on the beach
    For the criminal or slave
    it means freedom
    And for hopeless souls
    it means death
    What is your escape?

  • lilrainywish 12w

    When The Music Stops

    When song stops,
    When the shields are down
    And reality starts, it's hell.

    Silence is deadly
    And some people just don't understand that.
    The music stops, the worries start
    The anxiety
    The depression
    The voices
    The thoughts
    The fears
    The names
    They all come back. And they all live in the silence.
    Reality kicks in, and we start to panic.

    But someday we do have to learn, on how to live without the music. To live in reality, or everything in the silence wins. And when it wins no one does.

  • bellaphilips 12w

    Society, Suicide and Mask

    Yes its me
    It's the seed y'all tried to bury
    The stone society rejected
    All endured for the sake of society and its idiosyncrasies
    Now I'm spurting up
    Like the vine tree
    Society now taps from me
    In me they find strength
    I've now become the seed that
    Survived society's hard condition
    The seed that survived

    Pain without gain
    Love without return
    Anguish without comfort
    And all I hear is keep holding on
    Life I know ain't no bed of roses
    But as we lay our bed so we lie on it
    A bed full of roses I intend making mine
    But no
    I die in bits each time I try
    I'm broken
    Attention I seek
    But got none
    Golden image I craved
    But twas futile
    I'm dying and all you can say is
    I should keep moving
    I'm dead already
    Broken pieces of me you see
    Rejected and deserted
    I think it's time to go
    Suicide the only option left
    The battle field
    Waiting ahead of me
    Scared I am
    But smiles on my face
    You don't expect me to show my weakness in ya face
    I wear that perfect mask of deception
    Mask of hate
    When its love I feel
    Mask of meanness
    When I'm the coolest
    My identity I hide
    My smiles I conceal
    Pain eating me up
    But I act all cool
    Y'all can't see my loneliness
    Behind this perfect crowd
    Y'all don't understand my tears
    Behind this smile
    Growing above that mask I tried lotta times
    But it goes all wrong
    Mask of reality
    I wanna put on
    Mask of truth
    I wanna wear
    To hell with these fake masks
    Bella Philips
    I wanna be again

  • joannalee 12w

    Wearing red lipstick, in my opinion, is the simplest way to make an impact. As soon as I slick it on, I feel instantly pulled together, more powerful, more womanly. I wear it all, almost every day.

  • lilacsandroses 12w


    Left alone to rot in a dark chasm
    Is the remnants of my soul
    Pale, dying and lifeless
    Is my body of this world
    Crying out for help
    Is the fighter deep inside
    Slipping into darkness
    Is my innocent inner child
    I've lost my urge to live
    I just want to end my life
    No one seems to get me
    To understand how I feel inside
    I can't seem to escape it
    The voice that corrupts my head
    The only way to end it
    Is for me to be dead
    I have no one I can trust
    I fear life itself

  • joannalee 12w

    Referring to life as a test is a good answer to the troubles throughout your life. Calling bad situations a test, makes people stand that situation, and prevents them from questioning god, his prophet or religion itself, in which helps to keep the faith.
    I suppose there's no need to mention that keeping the faith alive, keeps the power in the religious leader's hands.

  • unnibabu 13w

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    I regret waking up

    Oh, I woke up! What a shame!
    I look at myself and life is the same.
    Broken, disastrous and dark,
    As a future standing like a question mark.

    Oh death, I was waiting for you last night,
    But I forgive you and will wait for you tonight.
    Embrace me in your arms when I sleep,
    Take me forever to the abyss so deep!

    - unni

    (For more poems: visit
    https://blog.unnibabu.com )

  • mynameisnirvana 13w


    she was just a girl
    whose world fell apart
    when her guy
    broke her heart
    she was just a girl
    who lost her way
    when her mom
    passed away
    she was just a girl
    who had gone insane
    when her dad
    caused her pain
    she was just a girl
    who lost all hope
    to live in this world
    she couldn't cope