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  • caoimhejmckay 15w


    Dark is the night that approaches me
    The clouds like smoke
    Blocking out the stars and the moon
    And I know it is a perfect night
    A night of darkness
    In which to release myself into the eternal darkness
    And as I fall into the water I see myself
    And I realise
    I didn't want to go

  • pixiewings8 18w

    I wrote this #poem from a very dark place during a severe #depression prior to one of my #suicide attempts. But I am still here today and stronger than ever so remember #youarenotalone #suicideprevention #suicideawareness #poetry #writersnetwork #bipolar #mentalhealth

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    The Suicide Note

    The pain and suffering is too much to bare.
    To no other pain it does compare.
    My heart aches and my stomach heaves.
    It is now time for me to leave.
    Floods of tears run down my cheeks.
    As I scream minutes feel like weeks.

    Depression has taken away all my hope.
    I am drowning and I just can't cope.
    With all that is running through my head,
    I cannot take it, I would rather be dead.

    The weight of life; too heavy on my shoulders,
    I don't want to live or get any older.
    I'm living a nightmare, I'm already in hell.
    I cannot live like this, I know I am not well.

    I have nothing left to offer and I have no fight left,
    So I'm writing this to you on the day of my death.
    My life has no benefit on this earth,
    Until today, from the day of my birth.
    The world will be better off without me.
    Please do not grieve, in peace is where I will be.

    My soul is nothing more than a wilting flower.
    I'm afraid of the world, but for suicide I'm no coward.
    I curl up and I'm continuing to cry,
    I am getting my wish that I wish to die.

    You may not understand why this must be,
    But that's OK, I don't want you to see.
    But I'm glad its wasn't you who suffered so.
    Now it is my time to go.

    Blood pours from my wrists caused by my own blade,
    Slowly I begin to feel myself start to fade.
    This is the end for me my dear,
    I'm suffering but I do not fear.
    These are the final words I will write;
    Finally I can say, goodnight.


  • bluejean_buddha 18w

    My demons hide in plain sight, masked only by a smile and a few reassuring words...
    "I'm fine"


  • tabachot 18w

    Playful Minds

    Problem: Depression
    Answer: SUICIDE.


    our minds make us the stupidest person living on earth.
    it makes you feel worst, makes you feel devastated, makes you feel nothing.
    it will always fool you. it can.
    Our minds are the most powerful organ of our body.
    Setting an answer that in every problem.
    SUICIDE is the answer.
    especially for those who keeps having worst nightmares.
    scary right?


  • faerie_fox_poetry 19w


    Please let me leave,
    I'm ready to go
    Into the vast wilderness
    Of life undone
    By my own frail hands
    I watch my story
    In monochrome
    Radiating in my head
    Like radio waves
    Playing a funeral song,
    A melancholy melody
    Written in a language
    Only I can speak


  • posedforpeace 19w


    The man that always took me on a virtual vacation is dead today by suicide. I can't say I knew him personally but it feels as if I've lost an old friend. I know the depths of depression. It often has a very strong grip on me. I personally will never go back to that headspace where I felt like I wanted to die. I have days where I cry and ask for God's help over and over. I have days where Im happy. Life is not easy for anyone as this week has proven. If you feel like your on the edge please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Rest in peace Tony Bourdain. This world will not be the same without you. Think Ill go eat a greasy burger in your honor.

  • jordynniccole 19w


    There was a time, where I didn’t know if I would make it to eighteen. I cried for years, wondering when it would change. Because my mind is a building built on the foundation of self-hatred, and the frames were made from the bones of my broken body, and the windows were of my eyes in which you can see the fear of never making it to eighteen.

    While I was a prisoner inside myself, I counted the number of years of which I had been imprisoned, remembering the crimson, I cried even though I knew no one would listen.

    But even when my hope was gone I moved along, just to make it through.
    And after a final attempt to collapse the building, a small speck of light shined through the window.

    The light guided me, rebuilding of the darkest parts of me.
    I look into the window of the future, knowing I have made it past eighteen.

  • redredwhite 20w


    Between a knife and a blade

    You choose which deserves to be on my bed

    From letters to words to lie

    Utter the easiest way to die


  • prabalbora 23w

    Been a little depressed for a while. Nothing of this sort though!
    But I thought I'd make a story out of the feeling, and put it in a poem.
    (If that makes any sense)

    This is not related to my state of mind in any way. ��
    Please review this, @writersofmirakee

    #poem #poetsofmirakee #writersofmirakee #depression #anxiety
    #suicide #fuckdepression #fucksuicide #suicideawareness
    #poems #stories #fiction #life #love #upset #sad #mirakee
    #readwriteunite #ilovemirakee #poemsandpoets #writersnetwork

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    This goddamn alarm!
    Makes you wanna hit your head on the wall.
    This time, throwing the phone away actually felt better!
    And then you open your eyes. You wake up.
    It's a glamorous day. Sun's coming up!
    Your head hurts.

    Same shit, different weather.

    You look at yourself -
    This drooling piece-of-shit excuse you have for a face!
    You brush your teeth in less than a minute.
    You floss, and breath out onto your palm. Smells good!
    You go take a shit, then a shower.
    You drink a cup of coffee on the balcony,
    And water the pot of flower.

    Same shoes, polished leather.

    You get yourself an overpriced sandwich from the restaurant.
    Who cares? You get paid a shit load of money anyway!
    You call a cab, tell the cabbie the destination.
    And it starts. You think over your decisions.
    You think about your needs, and your wants.
    But you catch a glimpse of yourself in the rearview mirror,
    And you forget everything else. "Fuck that", you think.
    This new suit looks dashing on you.
    Not you in it. But you like to be a real positive son-of-a-bitch.
    Maybe you'll even impress someone this time.

    Same bird, different feather.

    You get to the office 10 minutes late.
    The lift always slows down, when you need it not to.
    The bell rings, reminding you to get off on this floor.
    You walk with an air of confidence you didn't know you had!
    The well-lit rooms are outshined by your fancy suit today.
    You go to your desk, to find two dozens of files waiting.
    Again?! Not again! But then -
    You find the one girl you've ever liked walking towards you.
    "She's gorgeous", you think again. "She's hot!"
    She stops by your desk, and you almost lose your breath!
    She hands you two more of those files, and something more.
    And you don't say a word! Just like the past three years.

    You open up the unfamiliar envelope.
    An invitation, it seems. Feels good! Maybe her birthday!
    And then you start reading.
    It's her wedding. With the rich arrogant ass you call your boss.
    The heart never felt so heavy before.
    It is almost as if someone set a fire to its core.
    You can't cry. You can't react at all. Everyone will see!
    Well, you're the most conscious jerk off them all, aren't you?!
    You go the washroom. You're not supposed to lock it.
    But fuck it, and do it. And you decide.
    And then, you bleed. You bleed your heart out.
    You bleed your life out. You bleed, and you find peace.
    Maybe bringing that in your pocket wasn't a bad idea after all!
    The paper knife. The durable paper knife, that cuts really well.

    The shit that held you down, you cut the tether.


  • jordynbrower 24w


    How one can expect a danger to eternally exist
    Is unexplainable to my feeble mind.
    And yet,
    Mother Nature’s giants continue to sway
    Within a impendingly careful grip
    Which claws tormentingly at the mewling glass.
    Outside, beneath the fog, lay a graveyard replete of floods.
    Hear them Screeching,
    Crumbling into each other’s arms…
    One against One.
    There’s no winner in the end, is there?
    Ghosts can only view me through the looking-glass,
    And they continue to beckon me
    Through a wall they cannot glimpse, for the wall is all too abiding.
    So am I, in ways I do not wish to be.
    Abandonment encompasses me in bewitching tranquility,
    Gapping at my ragged fabrics,
    And my ruffled hair,
    And my detached eyes…
    Which float across my surroundings
    And take in only the most cavernous Shadows.
    Charred walls commune stories with the Shadows,
    Within the fireplace is where the climax lies.
    Hostage in my own mind
    But I am not the only one living here.
    The fire is black, but it’s ignition is radiant,
    Consigning a singular ray of light
    Upon the temptation above my skull.
    Dangling within echoes of past torments, the rope rages.
    “Do it!”
    And through the inferno I transcend.

  • butterflygirl 24w

    That girl

    Theres that girl

    Yer that one

    You dont see her looking in the mirror at school like they other girls

    You dont always see her sitting out side with her friends you find her on the computer in the library

    Theres that girl who you knows been called a name from more then half the students in her year

    That girl friends know shes done one or two cuts nothink major and that girl said I wont do it agian

    The girl who is anti social only talks to you if you say something first

    That girl who spends her weekends and holidays in her bed room or walking about on her own with her music

    That girl the one who seams to laugh at every thing but every time her laugh is different

    That girl who never talks about her self all the time

    That girl whos sister trys to talk to her but she say "go away"

    That girl who no one knows what gose on in her mind

    That girl who cant talk seriously with out laughing. Why do you think that is

    Im that girl

  • voiceless_thoughts 25w

    For some of you guys who also committed suicide, this piece is for you. :) Heart Heart!

    #writersnote #writereadunite #mirakeeworld #suicideawareness #suicide #depression

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    My dearest body,

    Oh, how I have treated you so unkind. Oh, how so unkindly others have treated you. Yet, you still remain intact, bearing the physical, emotional, and psychological scars of unpleasantry for so little to see. Body, you have carried my being for years. You are much younger than I am in here. For reasons not yet completely known to me, there have been times where I have pinched you until you bled, cut you until you bled, starved you, poisoned you, and exploited you. Through all of this, you still remain with me: A young, beautiful shell carrying an old, bitter being.

    Depression has allowed me to do these things to you. I never meant to hurt you. Family history runs deep within the vile rivers of disparity and self-loathing. I greatly apologize for those times I lacked the emotional and psychological ability to stop forced hate upon you. I want to blame my family history for my own past.

    Rightfully so, these thoughts and actions are learned at a young age and I do not believe I would have naturally turned out this way if it weren’t for everything I have witnessed since birth.

    Anger, depression, addiction, lust, and selfishness: the list continues. I have always known anger. I have always seen physical anger. These learned actions and reactions have caused me to harm you in ways I would never harm another living being. I cannot even kill a cockroach without crying inside.

    With all of that being said, there is nothing I would want to change about you. Your lips are beautiful. Do not listen when I tell you they’re too thin. Your nose is perfect. Do not listen when I tell you it’s too big. Your vagina is magnificent. Do not listen when I tell you it’s not. Your nails are exactly as they should be. Do not listen when I tell you they’re too brittle.

    The only things I wish to change are of my spirit. I am bitter and angry, yet hopeful and happy. I’m sorry that my mind is a bit confused, Body. I’m so grateful for you! For you have not betrayed me once. It is I who has betrayed you.

    Yet, you inspire me by continuing to carry me forward!
    You give me so much hope!

    Thank you, Body

  • jordynniccole 26w

    Eating Disorder

    I appear normal. I eat, I laugh, I cry, I'm normal; but that's a lie. I work hard, I gain muscles, I'm normal. So what does an eating disorder look like? No muscle just bone. No energy. Depression. Pushing away food, maybe doing the opposite. At least that's what you think of. Am I normal? Is putting two fingers in your mouth and vomiting, normal? Of course I don't do this all the time. Just when I say “I’m fine.” I look normal, because It isn't obvious. I live a typical life. for these reasons; I puke when I'm depressed, I can't stand eating fatty foods, looking in the mirror for too long, or just trying on clothes. Eating disorders are all around. I can't take a vitamin because the label says “Take with food” but I take this pill just so I can stop feeling sick, and exhausted all day. I look down at my food and tell myself I love to eat, I tell myself that no one is watching it's okay. But maybe no one watching is the problem. How can I cry for help when I ask repeatedly to be fixed and demand to see a doctor because surely I am not normal though I appear healthy and skinny I promise you I am not. I can't remember a time when I wasn't hurting. Of course I am alive and there are times I believe I am alright, but at the end of the day I am still a girl who hasn't eaten her problems. I push the plate of problems away because I am too depressed to digest them. I cry for help. What good can that do when everyone around you is helpless? What can I do to show you that I will starve because I'd rather weigh 99 pounds of happiness than 150 pounds of problems. Eating disorder. I have indigestion. Eating Disorder. I need help. Eating disorder I’ll say it again and more clearly because I don’t think you can hear me. Eating Disorders are not just problems, they are cancer. They will eat you before you ever eat them.

  • jordynniccole 27w

    The Start

    Black stains on my pillowcase,
    There are some things you just can’t erase.
    I tried to erase the pain from my body,
    And The pain came out, only bloody.
    I can’t begin to describe how low I was
    To think what defined me, was all my flaws.
    This isn’t an Instruction Manual, this is a warning;
    Do not fall into the hole of harming.
    It’s like falling through the universe
    Only falling in reverse.
    We look up and keep wishing,
    That we can find reasons to keep on living.
    But let me tell you;
    We keep on living because that’s all we can do.
    Suicide is permanent, irreversible.
    But you were born to be incredible, purposeful, and unbelievable
    Pain is so temporary
    Yet also so necessary.
    Sometimes our lives have to be colorless,
    Or colors would never serve a purpose.
    Sometimes pain lasts more than we think we can handle
    But the truth is we just got to look at it from a different angle.
    Perception, would fix the mistakes made by misconceptions.
    Let go of all the negativity,
    And you will find perceptivity.

  • jordynniccole 27w

    Suicide; a greater loss than anything we’ve ever known

    He’s a walking noose
    Ready to end it all.
    It’s not that he couldn’t handle the abuse;
    It’s just that he was an already lit cannonball
    He wrote in a letter
    “It doesn’t matter if it will get better,
    It’s not worth it.
    I’m not someone to remember,
    And i'm just so done with all the bullshit.”
    He kicked over the chair
    A soul forever lost
    In our hearts lies despair
    As we pray to the cross.

  • jordynniccole 27w

    - untameable

    You can’t pin her down with your toxicity,
    You tried and tried but she made it through
    You didn’t understand her and her complicity
    And this time, she beat you.

  • jordynniccole 27w

    - a painful thought

    And when you raised your hand, did she flinch?

  • jordynniccole 27w

    - The death no one believed

    Starting to feel empty, like someone poured out my soul
    And left me with nothing
    I search to the ends of the earth to find what makes me whole
    Spiraling out of control
    Trying to find the one that fills my heart and my soul.
    They say it's okay to feel nothing
    But I can barely feel my heart pumping
    They start doing CPR on me
    But I’m not breathing
    I’ve drowned in my own sorrows for far too long
    At the very end
    I whispered “Be strong.”
    I am forever gone.

  • glamorousghost 28w

    Flirting With Death

    Everyday seems like a struggle.
    I've never kissed death but I've flirted with the idea of death.
    I wanted the pain go away, the memories to all change.
    I've tied so many knots like I was on a boat to certain death.
    All the knots represented how many times I wanted to meet death like an old friend.
    But all it did was reasurre me that I was to strong for it.
    My body wanted to keep fighting but my mind wanted to sail away to a better place.
    Thinking it would end all the pain but knowing it would cause more made me rethink.
    I had to keep going even with all pain.
    I seem to tolerate it.
    That is how I float. The boat that doesn't seem to know where to go.
    No real destination.
    But fighting tough seas and managing them along the way.
    I've never kissed death but I've flirted with him along the way.
    Reminding me of all the knots on my voyage.
    Just keep sailing one day you will find your destination to pure happiness.

  • zariadiageo 31w

    Now what?

    I've given myself credit
    I've recognized the great things i do.
    It doesn't seem like i've accomplished much
    Yes, things take time, they do.
    But when am i going to get what i deserve?
    Watching everyone succeeding is great! nothing new...
    But what if i told you that I'm the reason that they got to...
    Reach their goals. Follow their dreams. I've helped others. Who helps me?
    I've tried and tried. Everything.
    I try so hard to NOT try so hard. Will i ever succeed? I'm afraid of failure. What's wrong with me?