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  • firstdraftpoet 4d

    The bruises he left,
    She turned into tattoos
    Of obscure corners of the universe.
    She drew purple and blue nebulae
    Over the handprints that ached
    And made constellations
    Out of the cigarette-burn dots.


  • brokenangel1110 1w

    I've accepted the things that I can never change.
    To some this brings joy;
    To others I'm strange.
    My outlooks are cold.
    They're real, or a joke.
    That's envy or fear.
    I breathe.
    You choke.
    I can control my next move;
    Or how i react.
    I'm never a victim.
    That's a fact.
    Life brings us trials.
    Fights we cant win.
    Just like love makes us happy,
    Full of sin.
    Dont pity yourself.
    It could ALWAYS be worse.
    Revengefully bitter is a terrible curse.
    Your experience allows you to help someone new.
    You hated fighting all alone.
    Don't let them be you.
    Pass on what you know.
    What gave you back your light.
    Don't let anyone drown.
    Teach them to fight.
    Dont ever be the victim that begs;
    "Poor me."
    Stand up like a soldier
    A survivor at sea.


  • ranavatmuskan 1w

    (let's talk about it)

    I know there's a lot struggle to get over this
    I know it isn't easy to fight
    But we are supposed to be strong
    Not for ourself but for the one's who sacrificed everything for us(parents)
    Just look at them and don't lose hope
    We can get over this
    Share your feelings,share whatever is inside you, let's talk about this
    I am sharing a platform
    If you need any help or want to share anything I am there
    You are not alone it's us
    And trust me , believe me
    We can get over it, we can fight it, we can cure it
    Let's face it
    We are a warrior, we are a survivor.��

  • 90s_beardbunny 2w

    Last Survivor

    I rather be last surviving human being then first one to fall for farewell that attended by others.

  • facadeofwords 2w

    I'm still alive,
    with a breathing heart,
    I'm still alive,
    for I am a survivor.


  • agropoet 3w

    I don't want to talk about the battle, or about the scars and the pains that came with it.
    Instead, come, sit by me. And let's talk about how you survived, how you conquered and how you healed.


  • thebluedreamcatcherinmyeyes 3w

    Upward Fall

    Walking down a shady lane to home one night, I heard some lewd noises behind me. I sped up, but they surrounded me within minutes. Trying to escape their groping hands desperately, I pleaded with them. But they robbed me, not just of my clothes, but also of my self-esteem, courage and sense of self. My spirit was broken beyond repair.

    I used to feel insecure, guilty and so ashamed of myself, that even slight sounds used to startle me. Most of my friends left. Until that fateful Thursday when, rounding a corner, I saw my best friend getting molested by a senior in college. At that moment, something snapped inside me. I rushed forward and hit him. Again and again and again.

    That was only the beginning of the end of my fear. I took up boxing to vent my anger. And guess what? I excelled at it, winning the state and national championships. I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground. Like a bird, I was finally free of my past. I know for myself, and thousand others like me, I will conquer the sky, and then some more.

  • enlightenment 4w


    I'm slowly piecing myself together
    I've worked hard to get to where I am
    No longer am I hiding behind a mask of fake smiles and false cheerfulness
    I've come to accept what has happened in my life
    No longer am I pushing away the broken pieces of me
    I've learned to stand tall proudly show off my scars
    They aren't there to remind me of my pain
    They're there to remind me I survived
    I'm a survivor and I'm strong
    I've been broken but now I'm whole
    I've learned to live with my past as I live for the future
    I'm a survivor. And now I am whole

  • nocturnal_soul 4w

    Bittersweet Love

    My heart rips and cry out aloud in pain, I feel my heart shuddering under the grip of this bittersweet, soul ravaging and life threatening kind of love. It's burning out my heart slowly. Grasping this hapless reality, that we will never be and our bittersweet love is powerful enough to shatter our world and that of our loved ones decimates my soul.
    I foresee a love that if avowed, will slowly metamorphose into anguish, sorrow and despair, A love we will later curse it very essence .
    When i got the heart wrecking news, i craved so badly for a miracle, my inner soul desired for this to be untrue and nothing but a nightmare. My weak heart painfully awaits the sound of your voice echoing I'm Negative, God knows how much I wanted this to be true but i guess the world is against us and we were never meant to be but do you know the soothing part?
    I wore a bittersweet smile when I realized we will make the world safer, as well as commiserate and identify with the sickle cell family through our decision as I say a word of prayer for all out there.
    With a bleeding heart and trembling soul, I bid this love goodbye not because I don't yearn for our existence but as a show of solidarity and empathetic support for the ever brave sickle cell fighters and survivors out there groaning and living every moments in excruciating pain without knowing what the future holds and to prevent us from spending the rest of our lives broken and unfulfilled.
    I figured out that I will have to allay my ever longing heart by replacing our love with friendship that won't hurt even the weakest creature on earth, I Just want you to know that our love, your caring nature and kindness will forever be engraved on the sands of my heart.
    I Love You.

  • brokenarpeggio 4w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #poetry #poetrycommunity #anxiety #trauma #ptsd #recovery #prison #time #survivor #hurting #dark #healing
    Doing what's uncomfortable...Seeking and accepting help...Discovering inner strength...Embracing your "flawed" true self...JUST BEING OK WITH ALL OF IT! This is my journey of trying to heal; because nothing stays buried forever.

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    Echoes Of Trauma

    Time does not heal every gaping sore
    Instead, it can create a festering wound that slowly seeps poison into every pore

    Time cannot erase all the hideous pain
    It rather gives a purpose for walls to be built in order to keep the mind sane

    Time will not provide a safe haven from harm
    Although, it can reinforce the locks on prison doors that no one can disarm

    Time should have given me my freedom
    Or at the very least, granted my parole

    However, I have become uneasily comfortable with the internal terror
    Whatever uncertainty lies beyond my confinement, scares me more so


  • pathway_to_success 5w

    You can do what you can do.. But you can't do what others can do.. So be with people who can do what you can't do.... Learn seek become.. #your way #your path#survivor#

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    surround yourself with the people
    who can do .
    what you can't do.
    @Bandi Kalyan

  • thewritingdruid 5w


    Look to the horizon and you'll see her.
    She's gone through hell just to be heard.
    You can see it in the way she carries
    her sword, her sheild, and her burdens.
    Despite the pain she'd tell you
    it was all worth it.

    A solider, a warrior, and a conquerer.
    She learned how to survive
    on a hundred diffrent battlefields.
    Some imagined and some real.

    Look to the horizon and you'll see her.
    Every girl aspires to be her.
    A true suvivor.


  • grim_lyssa 5w

    June 4th 2017

    Not much to say, except everything I ever knew is changing before my very eyes. Or should I say, it has always been this way, only now have I come to realization.
    27 years old, yet still I feel and think much like I did as a child. If not, more so, for everything. I believed in as a child is seemingly ly true.
    What I believe is not to be talked about amongst men, for most are too blinded, concealed from the truth. They will laugh and mock me.
    However, I feel it is.my duty to warn them, and to make them realize just as I did, the truth of it all.
    Through my music I am able to convey through metaphors much of what I believe.
    I know I am divine, and I am destined to be great. I know I will die a martyr as I have before. For it is a discovery that any man who sheds truth and love in this world has always died, later proclaimed a hero.
    People judge me, because of the way I talk "robotic", although not always so. Sometimes when I really get to my core and express myself that is what I sound like. I have to "dumb down" in most of society because they laugh at those who are intelligent, yet I cannot understand why.
    I try to see the good in men, but I am always suspicious of them because most men have only brought me pain, heartache and the likes.
    Why can't we all get along in a beautiful world? Where there are no wars, no disease, no leaders(or people who are better than others), and definitely NO MONEY?
    I hate money in all honesty! I despise that so many evil acts are simply because of money.
    Power is attained through money. Murder is made, or bought by a man with money.
    Yet as I say this, on this very day many things I am doing is for money.
    If only I had money, I could in fact change the world for better.
    I know someone is helping me to obtain this, yet I also feel someone or something, is lying to me because of my kind heart! They believe I am too dumb to conceive their evil ways.
    Pity the fool, or so I may seem, but alas I am not! I cannot speak of everything on my mind because I cannot find the words to say them with! Sometimes I appear mute but simply I am not!
    I think about everything! Most of all I think of exactly how our world works! I look to the moon and to the stars and find answers to my questions I've had for so long.
    I will change the world, I will prove them wrong, I will make them see.
    The turtle always wins the race, and as they frantically try to figure out why these changes are happening, I will smile because I know they will never figure it out.
    With all the scientists and mathematicians in the world, they will never figure it out.
    I shall remain positive in my darkest hours, my light will NEVER go out!
    Even if I die, my light will carry on, and they too will smile in the depths of terror.
    I see the beauty in all living things, so how can I not smile?
    This is the best place for me to be, me and my family, together! I love them more than anything, for them I give the world on a silver platter
    Thanks for always seeing the little things ×Grim Lyssa×. You are amazing but of course you always knew that!
    Rest now, the next few months will be tough...but we always survive.

  • enlightenment 5w


    Wishes are for children, or so I've been told
    But that doesn't mean I just go with the flow
    I keep wishing, hoping and dreaming
    Trying anything to keep on feeling
    To keep the pain bottled inside
    The happy smile pasted on the fly
    How I wish I could erase all memories of this
    But instead I think I'll just have to conquer it

  • brokenarpeggio 6w


    Repair It...
    Take this suffering
    And take my pain
    Let my poisonous mind
    Be cleansed by the rain

    Restore It...
    Take this prison
    And take my shame
    Break down the walls
    And to my defenses take aim

    Soothe It...
    Take this perfection
    And take my mechanical ways
    Become flexibly imperfect
    And allow growth from change


  • regal_vee 7w


    To the person who haunts me in my sleep,

    I used to have dreams, filled with adventure, friendship and love but you destroyed them all so now when I close my eyes all I have are the dark unsettling nightmares of demons and memories of days gone by.

    I can catch a shadow out of the corner of my eye and my heart begins to race and tries to break free of the bone cage it is trapped in, because I believe it's you, back again and all I want to do is run.

    My every action, emotion, relationship and thought revolves around what you did. It's a nightmare I can't wake up from and one I can't escape in sleep either.

    But despite the impact you have left on my life, despite the fear, panic, sadness, tears, anger and distrust I still want to thank you because despite all of this I have come out stronger, even more so than you ever were.

    You tried to break me, bend me to your will and have me submit to your control and still I got back up every single time and even now I am still standing.

    You taught me how strong I can be, how strong I am capable of being. Now I know that when I feel like I am about to break under the weight of things I remember that I know I can survive and I fight back.

    You taught me what fear is, to be afraid of your own shadow, to be constantly aware of my surroundings, but despite the nightmares and panic I still don't run. I turn and face those fears, stare right into its heart until it backs down and retreats, because I know I can win.

    I live with my demons every day, they are a constant reminder of everything that happened and a constant reminder of how I used to feel.

    But those demons are also a reminder of what I am able to overcome, what I can fight, what I can survive and really there is no better gift than showing someone how powerful they actually are.

    You tried to be powerful, to take control and you tried to win. I believe at points you probably did feel like you had won but really you left me with all of the control and the power.

    So I will carry my demons and take them and the memories, fear, panic and sadness with me everyday because I have something so much more valuable because of them.

    I have power.
    I am strong.
    I can survive.

    And that is all thanks to you...


  • naomiw 7w

    She never said she loved me even though she was the one person that should. Raised by the green lady was a journey I nearly misunderstood. Learned the colours of the rainbow was all I needed to come alive. Life is a gift so colourful you need to live not just survive.

  • weirdermum 8w


    A hope died
    A heart cried
    A father's presence
    A mother's absence
    Was just ten months

    A new woman
    A new man
    A new culture
    A new structure
    I'd clock six

    Family was broken
    The love was taken
    Kids now teens
    To a den, I was taken
    I was just ten

    First year
    A flood of tears
    Second and third
    My pride disappeared
    I was just twelve

    Bitter tears to live
    Constant pains to survive
    Sudden brightness, the sun gives
    As he shines in at five
    I was now twenty four

    First, a princess
    Second, a princess
    I made it!
    A First Class
    I was wrapped in success

    Today, I'm here
    Tomorrow, I'll be there
    But life isn't a fairy
    Rejoice, when you merry
    I'm hoping forever to be happy

  • thenightmail 17h

    She saw the wonders in life
    Like she was seeing them for the first time.
    She wasn't tainted by the evils of time
    Those she had miraculously survived.