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  • shahmeerbukhari 1d

    Trials and Tribulations

    Parchments of textual jargon
    Lay in my room desecrated
    Aura of unnerving anxiety enveloping them
    They spell failure and remorse

    Told myself i would revise all week
    Did not quite work that well
    Now i am trapped
    Suffocating miserably

    I take a breather
    A moment to reminisce better days
    Not long after
    I repeat chants of doom in gloom

    Come the day of judgement
    My sins have me abash
    They throw me into hell like despair
    But there is repentance

    A journey from hell to heaven is in the cards
    I must be self reflective
    They say if one is noble enough
    Nirvana is attainable


  • arnab_2301 1d

    Not a poetry btw.... Don't think it like that.
    Wrote it from the experience of my friend.

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    I Don't Know Why I Write

    I don't know why I write,
    Maybe I hate the current situation,
    Maybe I love dwelling upon Old Days
    Or I still love the girl, who was my 3 A.M. Partner.

    Oh, what about my friends, who hide behind the mask,
    Turning to their original self, when in need
    Or my professors asking for submissions everyday
    Maybe I write for them.

    Yes, I won't forget my stubborn dad,
    Who nags all day, asking about my studies
    Or my mom, who makes wonderful delicacies.

    Then what about the city I live in,
    Maybe I write for it
    Describing about each of its old lanes
    Or Maybe just my inner self wanting to flaunt
    Showing my concern towards the society.

    Maybe, all summed up together,
    Or, maybe, my pen never wants to stop.


  • penauthor 3d

    So I decided to do a picture story. I have no plot or plan behind the scenes. I am just going to write and see where this goes.
    I think this should fall in the middle grade fantasy while also shuffling between the young adult genre.

    I hope you certainly like it because I want to feed on the inspiration your comments will provide.

    So, show some love.

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    Chapter 1

    Its not everyday one gets to begin a new job so one could forgive Janie for being slightly on edge. She had for the umpteenth time pulled out a new dress from the wardrobe. Hanging it over her neck, she looked into the mirror, doubt plastered on her face.

    "This will just have to do!"

    It was a straight flowing gown, lavender that complemented in an odd way her eyes which were lapis lazuli. She carefully placed the dress on her bed and proceeded into the bathroom, a small - sized one that could use more space. Clearly, she hadn't been thinking when she had counted and handed out all those money to the landlord for a space as small as this. But things were going to change soon. She was going to work her way through, to get what she needed. Whatever it took.

    Yes, whatever it took. She was done trying to play it safe by keeping to every words of advice that had been drummed into her small-sized ears from cradle till nineteen when she had left her parent's to live alone. A mistake she still regretted till date. So much wouldn't have changed if she had still been there.

    She still had those bitter memories. She couldn't keep them away. It was everywhere, showing up at odd times, dreams, mealtime, meetings and even in the briefing that had caused her her previous job. They had died without so much as a struggle. Three bullets to her dad's chest and worse to her mum. A ripped blouse and undies said it all, and another hole to her cranium was all it took to silence her, forever.

    She was panting now, so much adrenaline coursing through her veins but today wasn't the day. She'd make them pay, whoever they were. She had begun out strategies three months ago and wasn't about to stop or worse, slow down. Today wasn't that day, though it was a positive, a huge step. This was going to be the day when she'll begin the process towards getting everything needed to finish what she had sworn on the grave of Mr and Mrs Mantel every fortnight since they died.

    Getting a job at Darnell Shoes hadn't been easy but with her qualifications as a first class graduate from Princeton in economics and the prestige of the company that had just got rid of her, she had been at advantage. That, in addition to her impeccable instinct and ability to take in minute details. Mr Gavin had been all too blown-away and had, against all protocol, extended a congratulatory hand to her there and then in the interview room. If only they knew.

    Darnell held some secrets she had and perhaps, was home to one of the killers. She was going to root him, her, whoever out and take her pound of flesh.

    A loved one for a loved one. Lives for lives. Luckily, her short one-year drill with the Marcelo karate would come in handy.


  • rishabhpal22 5d

    The Pocketwatch

    I glanced at a ticking pocketwatch, and it glanced at me,
    Whispered into my frail body a hymn, hush'd tenderly;
    "Listen now, through your whiskers white,
    Let yourself your anguish ignite,
    Glistens sand with blood and rain,
    Shrivels the leaf, sans poor blame,
    For every bloom, ten leaves do die,
    Yet you hear not their flowers cry."
    Staring through its glass façade, I betrothed pain, I agreed.

    The pocketwatch lies still, beneath the surface of the sea,
    Coveted by avaracious ghouls, ticks ever saintly,
    "Here I lie upon all the men that were.
    My woeful hand now ticks to those interred,
    They whose breath beneath their rubble lies,
    Above whose grave, flowers bloom to die.
    Yet chased am I till I myself prey,
    On avaracious souls at play."
    Had seekers of his youthful charm known, what would life be?

    The same pocketwatch, may rest beneath, that same sea today,
    But the same rapacious ghouls of yore, do now preach, they say;
    "The eye of the pocketwatch
    Still stares like an inky splotch
    Mocks the poet and mocks his pen,
    Coerces his will within,
    Yet to his odd sorrow, he is freed
    Unlike my prison of lustful greed!";
    As they drift away into, tugged by the heart of dismay.


  • myy_wonderlandd 5d

    I'm sharing this teen poem here with a scheme ABAB
    You can write and use it under hashtag #ABAB and how about this ??? I tried for first.
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    I had a dream,
    Since we were #Sixteen
    And we used to eat ice cream,
    together! Then, you used to lean,
    on my shoulder, but our stream
    got changed! and now you're'nt seen!

    Now, I sat aback with a bream
    hoping if we were still a teen.


  • _tashi_ 5d

    I am 20.

    I am 20,
    Still figuring out my life.

    As I lay on my tea stained bedsheet,
    It smells of WAIWAI masala which I had hours ago.
    The pillow is uncomfortable,
    Morning I always wake up with my neck pain.
    These eyes open while the sun is still on the edge,
    My phone is showing 6:12
    But this body won't rise till it's 8:35
    Skipping breakfast has become my routine.

    I am 20,
    And I am still figuring out my life.

    Dark marks smear my eyes,
    My hair all frizzled,
    It's true that I rarely comb and those first benchers even agree with it.
    No, I don't put makeup,
    The face is bare as it can be.
    Addicted to tea, as I can't afford coffee.
    Books bought from the thrift shop are still waiting to be reread.

    I am 20,
    Still figuring out my life.

    My stomach can't digest normal food,
    Maggi is all I eat nowdays,
    It's my lunch, dinner and midnight snack.
    No, I don't smoke.
    Tried once, coughed till my throat hurt and my lungs burnt.

    I am 20,
    I am still figuring out my life.

    No, I ain't on fire like they said I would be.
    I am neither enjoying my youth.
    I just feel like a retired old lady enjoying her life.

    Do note that I just retired from a rebellious teenage stage.

    I was not a rebellious teenager, well that's another story.
    When I was 16....


  • budhraja_anisha 1w

    True love

    She is dreamer
    You are her glass through which she sees her dreams
    She is cute childish n innocent
    You are her umbrella to protect and guide
    She is big foodie
    You are her canteen
    She is chirping bird
    You are her nest where she comes n rest
    She likes to be clicked
    You are her camera
    She is bathroom singer
    You are her audience...
    : Yes she is your girl .....you are her man ....


  • waqt26 1w

    Criss cross

    Your ponytail was love!!!!
    until i started realizing
    that it got to many
    Criss cross


  • shuvamk 5d


    School ke uss akhri bench ka bhi alag hi nasha hai
    Yun hi nahi waha baar baar jaane ko jee chahta...

  • dope_pacifist 2w

    Chapter 1 The Rush

    I couldn't sleep properly in my own bed and with each passing second the ticking of clock only got louder, after changing my sleeping posture numerous times. I Finally woke up with a hint of irritation, but there was a certain kind of thrill that was filled within me because I was going on another adventure!!!!

    I took an early leave from my college that day cause i had a train to catch, just knowing that i was going for my "annual sibling trip" was enough to keep me off from falling asleep.

    From last two years my sister and I have been doing this mini reunion trips around himachal and north india. After last year's trip we made a pact that this will be our annual ritual kinda thing.

    Reminiscing about my childhood made me realise that how silly were we as kid's used to fought with each other all the time. Be it TV remote for changing any channel or snatching chocolates from one another. we laughed together,played together,cried together But most importantly stayed together. There are countless memories that I have but now all of them are just a little blurred. I think some people in your life will always stand by you No matter what comes next.

    As i got out of the bed,I started packing my bags with a little bit of my help and a whole lot help of my mother's. Finally, I was done with the packing and As, I was about to leave. My mother pulled me back to the dining table and forced me to sit. Like all indian mother do before sending there children anywhere she stuffed me with food till I was full. By which she made sure that even if i die.. starving shouldn't be the cause of it.

    After a hearty meal i booked my cab at the last minute (of course ).As usual she came downstairs To see me off...and she said something which she always say to me before leaving "beta dhyan se jana" and with a big smile on my face I hugged her whispered "hai mata". As i got into the cab I did what my basic Instincts told me. So I waved goodbye to her Till i couldn't see her anymore.

  • editorial 2w

    Those tiny little freckles
    which are a reminder of her teenage years,
    makes me fall in love with her every day...

  • vaidehi_002 3w

    F you.

    Nobody I ever found so beautiful.
    Beauty enchanting.
    Under your spell.
    All harm done only by your face.
    Addicted to your drug.
    Trying to break the chains you tied me to.
    I wish you knew the destruction you made.
    I want to get out of this trauma now.
    You unknowingly put me into.
    Out of the Hangover,
    I am in my full mind now.
    All I need to tell your handsomely carved face is
    F you.
    - V.s

  • vaidehi_002 3w


    Sitting in this crowd.
    Hundred heads around.
    Escorted by the lone.
    Lone but not alone.
    Wondering 'bout my existence.
    Why am I alive?
    Isolated in the throng.
    To whom should I confide?
    Happy faces all around
    All look so fake.
    None got a care for the other
    Am I the only one fighting solicitude?
    Who am I?
    Does my soul belong to me?
    Demarcating the world,
    One by one each one's ticked off.


  • nitesh_gupta 3w

    MY LIFE #2

    What is love ?
    What was love for the boy ,
    The boy who just entered into his teenage ,
    And turned 13 !?
    Love for him was loving someone of opposite gender,
    Love for him was only the external allure ,
    Love for him was getting married !
    But gradually the time flew &
    He came across the REAL meaning of love!

    At the very first year of his teenage ,
    He fell in love with a girl of her school ,
    For him she was very ravishing ,
    For him she was his lifeline ,
    But after couple of months ,
    His love started to dwindle !

    At the third year of teenage ,
    He again fell in love ,
    Had same feelings for her ,
    Attracted towards external beauty ,
    Her eyes ,her lips ,her everything!!
    She was his world ,
    She was his universe ,
    She was his everything !
    Again after couples of months ,
    His love again started to dwindle!

    At the last year of his teenage ,
    He once more feel in love ,
    This time he thought ,
    He found his true love!
    He found an impetus to live!
    But this time his love stayed for bit longer ,
    Not for couple of months
    But yes , more than
    A couple of years!!!
    But then unfortunately ,
    He gave up !!

    With time , he came across the real meaning of LOVE !
    From only loving opposite gender to
    Loving anyone -
    With whom your emotions are connected ,
    With whom your soul is connected ,
    With whom you enjoy your life ,
    With whom you feel secure ,
    The one you are happy for ,
    The one you care for ,
    The one you sacrifice for,
    The one you dismay to show the door!
    He knew the exact meaning and types of love!!!❤


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    MY LIFE #2


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  • khadija_khan7118 4w


    It's an age when childhood turns to adolescent,where the guilt and pain remains constant.
    It's time we learn from our mistake,from the wrong turns we had take.
    It's time when parents keep the eyes on you,so they can watch all the things you do,nd when your attention and affection become the cause of your distraction.
    It's time when our fake friends are there,but actually they didn't care.
    It's time when you addicted to gals and guys,and the home became the place of stress and emphasize.
    People start enough to glare,not the inside you,but the clothes you wear.
    Warped words and solitary cries,it's a time full of victimize.
    Restrictions and perfections are major complications of generation.,temperament is no more same,sometimes you feel life is just a game#

  • allshades_catharsis 4w

    अक्सर उन लोगों को हम भूल जाते हैं जिन्होंने हमारी खुशी के सिवा कुछ चाहा नहीं।
    आगे ठोकर न लगे, इसी वजह के सिवा उन्होंने हमारा हाथ मांगा नहीं।

    फिर न जाने क्यों उन्हें गलत और परायों को उनसे भी ज्यादा हुकूमत देदी ।

    आखिरी में मिला क्या अपनों कि नाराज़गी और परायों के खाली हाथ।?

    Do comment.


  • trishita 4w

    Trying to give some kinda rhythm but unfortunately it ain't good *_*

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    Paranoia,lust,crushes or love,
    Remoulding moods,Remoulding attitudes,Remoulding minds.
    What are they?
    Blemish of anyone?? Or
    Inherent of anyone?
    Nope,just the essence of teenage.
    Conflicts,strife, annoyance or bursting tears
    Frequent perils all around the mind.
    What does it really convey?
    That you're a teenager
    Life changes, so does we
    This part of life is an enthralling one,
    Some drowns and some rescued
    From that pool of hindrance
    So called teenage the 'dangerzoned age'.


  • passionatepari 5w

    it was a bright ,sunny morning !
    i looked at my alarm clock while yawning !!
    i rushed to get ready my self gracefully !
    my first day of college i was excited extremely !!
    on the stoppage, someone was making me annoy !
    when he sat beside me,was really a chocolate boy !!
    i ignored him n moved down from the bus!
    he tried to follow me but there was a great rush !!
    his eyes were smiling when he found me in a same college !
    this awkward situation was holding me hostage !!
    he approached me to make me comfortable !
    by knowing my class his expression was laudable
    in high spirits he crossed me n moved inside
    when i entered i saw he left a seat at his side
    suddenly everyone stood up and started greeting merrily
    he wondered to see his teacher n bent his eyes regretfully

  • the_dikshant 5w

    The cupboard in our teenage is like a secret dairy, no one knows how many good and bad stories are hidden in that.


  • shreya12 6w

    Felt dirty

    She felt dirty the first time she touched herself. She was worried about her parents finding out about her little naughty act. She waited, waited as all the lights were turned off at night so she could finally pleased herself. The moon was the only source of light in her room, somehow reassuring her that whatever she did, wasn't wrong.