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    Sometimes I wonder
    If I'm meant to be here
    If I'm meant to live
    If my life has a reason
    Because every time I look in the mirror
    My eyes seem so full of dark terror
    So full of hopelessness and meaningless words
    That tell me, scream at me
    To stop and give up
    Give up on myself
    Give up on my love
    Gove up on those harsh words they uttered
    Give up on my strength
    And give up on everything
    Give up before it's too late
    Too late to turn back
    Too late to flee
    Too late to hide the darkness within me.

  • mr_stellar 6w

    Thanks to @mirakee for the kind words and appreciation for my yesterday's piece. It enabled me to connect with many more nice writers here.
    On the same vein, I am sharing one of my favorite poems titled "The Burning Mirror", which many of friends consider as my best work till date. It was shared in online communities as well. Reproducing the same here for your view.

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    The Burning Mirror

    I see my face, in the Burning Mirror.
    I love to run away, with God acting as my secret Tutor.

    Love cleanses my soul, I witness it in the Burning Mirror.

    When I am happy, I am burning with the Mirror.
    When I am silent, I am the Burning Mirror.

    Love cleanses my Soul.
    Blood and death never stops me from reaching my goal.

    I know that the fire will burn me.
    Even then, I am giving my countless desires as its fuel, for me to reincarnate.

    I take the Burning mirror in my hand and taste it.
    When they see me doing that, even Vampires vanish away in fear and tears.

    Everyone of us have a Burning Mirror in front of us.
    It chases you, till the time you are burnt to ashes.

    We can slip way from any sort of penance for our evil deeds.
    But, we can't escape from our inner selves, the Almighty's judgement; and that Burning Mirror.

    I am the only one who can see it right into its eyes.
    That's why I am Mr. Stellar, who is living among mere mortals.

    © Stellar Ram 2017

  • fathysiraj 6w

    "What is more tougher than the suffocation of being forgotten or the terror of being remembered?"

    "Being able to move on without a pinch of those scattered memories"

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    Life: wondrous
    A lovely, chaotic mistress
    But chaos nonetheless
    And here we shall remain
    Captives on this beautiful
    Blue marbled prison
    Relatively safe from true perils
    Of cosmic forces that reign 
    Over the dark heavens above
    How long must we remain in
    Solitary confinement?
    When will it be our turn to 
    Terrorize the yard?
    When can we humans spread
    Our reign of terror across the stars?
    And perhaps that question-statement
    Is the term of our securement
    "Let the children out when they've
    Learned to play nicely."

  • celeste7rebelde 9w

    El bosque humano

    La joven esta en medio del camino, miró de un lado hacia el otro, en medio de la noche; de repente aparece una ligera niebla que a pesar de ser leve ciega la visión y penetra ese extraño miedo en el corazón del ser humano, en ese instante la joven sentía miedo el ambiente que genera la sensación de que un ente la perseguía, un ser sobrenatural muy superior a ella.
    En ese momento la joven se detuvo, miro el cielo, en esa inmensidad de ese manto estrellado donde círculos de fuegos ardientes brillaban en esa noche plutónica, en realidad la joven buscaba algo más en ese cielo estrellado, como una intervención divina, como una forma de salvación ante el terrible miedo que sentía hacia el ser desconocido que daba la impresión que la perseguía, en medio de extraño camino de tierra ypequeñas piedras; en el terreno donde parece que los demonios se levantan y la atacaran de forma cruel, la joven se protegió antes de caer al suelo y golpearse con una roca en su cabeza provocando un plácido y a su vez forzado sueño, dentro del mundo onírico donde fue tan amplio a medida que pasaba los años; en donde la realidad y la fantasía era una línea muy delgada en donde produce variados sentimientos, desde el vacío que parecía un lugar normal, amor, tristeza.
    En ese instante la joven despertó, después de un par de minutos, se levanta lentamente y su mano tocó su cabeza que todavía sangraba y su tobillo izquierdo estaba torcida; intenta levantarse en un comienzo no pudo por el mareo del golpe, finalmente lo logró con mucha dificultad; se dio cuenta que la extraña niebla había desparecido y lo que tenía a su vista era el bosque, parecían seres humanos inertes una escena terrorífica como monstruos de tiempos primigenios con expresiones humanas de terror.
    En ese momento la joven sintió que se movía la tierra está en medio del camino, ella sentía que cada célula de su cuerpo los billones de éstas , ella cada minuto se transformaba en un rígido árbol; comenzó con sus piernas que se endurecían esto generó el terror que empezó a gritar de forma escandalosa, pero nadie la escuchaba su grito cada vez más ahogado por la rigidez del tronco que no le permite respirar, sus suspiros eran duros y difíciles, que su mente no ocupa nada más que sentimientos de terror que finalmente desapareció ; los últimos segundos de ser humano pensó en las personas que jamás verá en su vida a las personas que amo y que la amaron con sus últimas células, miro hacia el cielo buscando un milagro nono lo logró con el último suspiro corrió las saladas gotas en su cara en donde finalmente se convirtió en un árbol; la última expresión fue de dolor .



  • pooja_shines 9w

    Every festival

    Since the time I've married, I never got peace of mind. Each day, every hour - hauting terror is what I feel. 

    My in-laws are not so good, neither their son is.. They make me do each and every household work. And if I don't, they start insulting me. Due to this daily verbal violence, I couldn't complete my education too. 

    It's been 8 months now, I don't feel secured in my room too. I feel like.. they might kill me anytime.. Only when there's a festival, these people behave nice with me. You know why? Because guests come home with sweets and all family members. How peaceful it looks to see everyone smiling. Only during festivals, my husband doesn't remove his belt to beat me. His parents behave so good at those times as if I'm the most lovable person on Earth. 

    And after the guests go, the same drama continues.. I don't know how long will this take. But 'festivals' are the only hope I get.

  • imagination8infinity 11w

    He was bereaved and called brave too.
    Only ,she knew how much more bravery she had to show too.
    Not for then,but forever thence.....
    Her children will ask ,need her more than before.
    Now only she has to handle that chore.
    He'll be given award,he is no more.
    What about her reward ? Her wards?
    Loss like this nothing can fix.
    May all think,think about this .
    To fix this glitch.
    One who chairs mustn't be spared.
    He wouldn't understand until he feels ,these feels....


  • pranjul9 16w

    In death...
    There is peace only...
    There is terror only in the fear of death..!!!

  • haan_jee 16w


    It was around 10 at night and I was almost done with my dinner and the news channel flashes the breaking news "12 Soldiers martyred while fighting bravely with terrorists" I sitting in my drawing room watching this while having my coffee felt a bit pain and anger and then went to sleep.

    Next day in the morning the newspaper says a different story "The nation is in deep sorrow after the loss of our brave sons.Defense Minister says that our sympathies are with the ones who lost their beloved one" and the headline ends with "Let there be peace everywhere"


    Harmony and Peace agitates the feeling of an avenging soldier,peace was never an option in war.War always ends with victory upon suffering,pain and the revenge of the lost ones.

    Peace is an euphemism for destruction if the faith of the power is lost before the raging terror.

    Peace is an illusion of a perfect world which is shown by terrorism and slaughterers.

    Peace was never an option for terror and will never be!

    -Muzammil Abbas Jee.

  • ad1tyam1shra 17w

    Why ?

    As he gazed upon the blueness of the sky
    And asked ‘why’?
    This ‘why’ was not a random why?
    This ‘why’ had been asked a million times before?
    This ‘why’ had been asked amidst mournings?
    This ‘why’ was not a shrill but a roar
    Sometime’s by a brother , a mother or a father
    And sometimes the family is no more
    So he asked ‘Was my son a mujahid’?
    But the lad knew no word but ‘Allah’
    I know he was a stupid kid
    Must have skipped ‘namaz’ someday
    But I know you , you can’t summon him for an issue so timid
    I ask you why ! Why did he die
    I ask you why! Just reply
    I know you won't utter a word now
    And they executed him in your name , you know ?
    “Allahu Akbar” they yelled and executed my son
    I know they’ll go to hell but whatabout my son!!
    I know his soul would not rest for it will be asking ‘why’?
    For he aspired to be a pilot and fly
    Maybe you can’t hear me cry
    So I’ll come to you and ask ‘why’?

  • ad1tyam1shra 17w

    You are more like a Poetry

    My beloved, I ponder, as the page is under my pen
    You are more like a poetry to me
    The one with a sad, gloomy end
    As I feel nostalgic about our meetings
    I recall how your fingers rhymed with mine
    and how our life lines were aligned
    Your face was a metaphor , metaphor of the sun
    Maybe that's why you would bring me dawn
    And I couldn't gaze at you for long
    I still remember , remember how we begun
    when my eyes met yours
    And we wrote a new verse
    I remember the last words , the words “we are done”
    But there was still something poetic about you
    The irony in the teardrop
    You shed when you bid adieu

  • ad1tyam1shra 17w

    Cannibals we are ( a voice for Syria )

    Carcasses every nook and cranny
    All I see are crooks with fenny
    Havoc’s in the aura
    No flora , no fauna

    Is it a horror film , I’m in ?
    Wait ! I hear something !
    A woman is sprinting with all her might
    N she has a newborn clung onto her tight

    As she is Trailed by some men-at-arms
    Go on , strip me or kill me
    Pleads as she stumbled on her knees
    Just Spare the little life unharmed

    Then I saw a climax most atrocious of all
    As Humanity was undressed before those guiltless eyeballs
    Call them cannibals , brute or demons
    We belong to the same species-homo sapiens
    Only the aggregate of inclemency depends
    And what fright of almighty prevents


  • akhilsreedhar 19w

    Midnight surprise

    I surprised myself when i woke to that feeling of ecstasy, with those warm manly hands inside my panties, languidly formenting my clit. I gasped in pleasure, when those fingers began fidgetting. My neurons crammed up with impulses, in a fraction of second. The surprise soon turned into terror, when grinning face of my husband stared, from the framed photo on the wall.

  • thakurankur05 19w

    Panting and gasping....

    I kept fighting through the night...

    With the demons in my head riding on the winds of haunting memories...

    To open my eyes up to my silver lining amidst the terror, gloom and chaos....

    You....lying next to me...


  • clarissawoodwrites 19w

    The house of my
    younger hell
    stands near the cliffs;
    surrounded by fog
    awaiting my return.

    Strange visions
    look down
    the windows.
    long forgotten
    hold the moment.

    I turn the key,
    enter the doors
    the walls sigh.
    Terror grips me,
    and so does a
    cold hand on
    my arm.
    A chill that feels
    different to
    anything felt before.

    I see you on the
    just as I remember;

    My heart beats
    you move closer;
    I've missed you.

    I reach for you and cry

    Now I know the truth

    I am dead

    old house
    my ending.
    I am no longer
    haunted by you;
    now I haunt you.

    How can I leave?


  • clarissawoodwrites 19w

    My heart feels set to explode,
    as my chest and body feel the hatred.

    I gave everything up for you,
    but you have given me nothing.

    You push me to the edge,
    but pull me back just before I fall.

    How can one live like this?

    Terror weakens my resolve.

    I am left drowning in the water of love.
    I can see the surface.
    The water is so dirty.
    Filth surrounds me.

    I run for the shore....from you.

  • wysteriacampion913 21w

    The Underground

    as new and exciting, and I had never been there before. I would have liked to explore my new home, but I needed to go to my new job in the center of the city, and I needed to start early as I lived in the far outskirts of town. I made my way down to the Underground station. I jostled down the stairs with my neighbors and as soon as we passed the ticket gate I felt a noticeable change in their behavior. They become calm and silent and pale as ghosts. I began to notice a terrible smell emanating from every corner of the station. The tiles were cracked and caked with filth, the tracks were nearly submerged in puddles with little mounds of trash making an archipelago in the stagnant water. The ceilings and walls were cracked and peeling, graffiti was written on the walls with spray paint and grime. The train clanked and rattled into the station and screeched as it came to a stop, nearly deafening me with its din. My companions seemed to loose all control over their normal walk as they shuffled and jostled each other for a position on the train. I watched them as we rattled away from the station. Their eyes became dull and completely void of life and expression. Their faces grew weary and tired as if the underground made them age. I switched trains, and as my companions exited the station, they became alive and animated again. I boarded the next train and noticed my companions’ entrance and exit of the train. They walked, no, marched out of the train in organized ranks like so many soldiers following a drill. I entered the train, nearly missing it as I hopped on after the ranks entering, and we rattled off. They sat down as one unit and stood stiff as a board standing up. But the more they sat the more relaxed they became until they nearly flopped out of their seats. It would have been comical if they didn’t have such a vacant face. They became rigid again and hopped to their feet as the train entered the station. I exited, with greater ease than my boarding, and waited for my last train. With this last train, the difference in these travelers was profound. I feared what would come out, as my experience told me the farther into the city I traveled, the worse their condition became. They were the color of ash, and they seemed to be shiny as if covered in a fine layer of mucus. They excreted an acrid odor as they slumped out of the train and brushed past me. -Continued on my blog-


  • ladylaboule 24w


    She was still alive. But her inner soul was dead long ago. She lost her parents whom she called her home, in that war.
    Everything was destroyed in that evil war.
    The cold blooded troops invaded and destroyed everything that came in their way.
    She didn't know why she was still alive..?!
    Why she was left living.. Why..? Her body started shivering watching the terror with open eyes.
    She watched blood covered the floor of her room. She stepped out and saw the most brutal sight ever.
    Dead bodies everywhere. Some of them didn't have heads. Some didn't have hands or legs. Some were laying naked.


  • nallilili 26w

    To my children : 2

    "My children,
    You will never doubt if I love you
    I will never make you feel guilty for feeling and expression emotion
    I will never make you feel scared that you fell in love
    You will never feel alone, misunderstood, and unwelcomed in your own home
    You will never be made to feel less important, successful, and a source of shame
    You will always, always, always be loved with all of my heart, mind and soul
    I will always make sure you know and feel it
    You will always walk this life certain that my love for you is unconditional, unstoppable, and so strong
    You will always have a mother with open arms, ready to listen to everything you have to say and everything your heart is feeling, who will never ever love you any less
    You will always be my precious treasure in this life and for eternity
    And no matter where you go,
    My love will always be there present with you in your heart
    My children,
    I love you & I always will"

    Love, your future mom.