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  • souls_solace 12w

    Past Past

    The worst fears
    The deepest secrets
    Those nightmares
    The flinching wrists
    The silent screams
    The terror in eyes
    Everything stopped haunting her
    Once she got past her past

  • zuruzuu 15w

    : could :

    to become so cold
    ;n a moment,
    a heartbeat

    the stor;es untold
    all wash away

    ; drop and fold
    ;nto noth;ng,

    onto memor;es hold,
    hop;ng just to stay

    but all that could have been
    can never ever be ..

    . .

    to cl;ng to words
    that were once
    soft spoken

    so dearly unheard,
    but now they're gone

    cower from the hurts
    that would leave
    me broken

    sm;les becom;ng blurred,
    watch as they move on

    and all ; could have seen
    leaves noth;ng to see ..

    when all ;'d ever dream
    walks away from me ..

    . .


  • esoteric_me 15w


    As I pierced it through my wrists,
    I felt the pleasure through pain.
    Just like in my dreams - I felt the bloody liquid run down my arm hitting softly on the floor.
    It was beautiful...

    I guess, it's just the psychopath in me that enjoyed the blades.


  • amelia7celeste 15w

    Mente asesina (Parte I)

    En el camino que parece ser cada vez más largo, la carretera, es más plana y seca, Alejandra se quedó dormida con los audífonos en su orejas; sin percatarse que ya llegaron a la ciudad de la tierna infancia; justo en ese momento despertó la adolescente en la entrada de Groveville, pero la chica se dio cuenta que ya no era la que recordaba Alejandra esa bella ciudad en cambio contempló una oscura y opaca cuidad, en donde los habitantes parecían llevar un peso karmatico y el paso del tiempo era más, que la alegría imponente de aquellos años de mayor resplandor.

    Historias de terror


  • zuruzuu 16w

    @zuruzuu #scream #fear #afraid #terror #horror #mind #brain #empty #words #naoki #fuku

    ;mage cred;ts :
    Naoki Fuku : Study of Human Mind - Scream (?)

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    mouth: there's noth;ng to be afra;d of

    m;nd: [scream;ng]


  • coldplaydreams 17w



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    Sorry if I hurt any living person with this post !!
    But my ink bleeds for the innocent tears of millions

    And I don't believe in foolish religions which fight for an honour or revenge
    Love people as this will make this blue globe lively


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    Dark nebulous clouds of bullets
    Rained along with whispers of slaughtered faces ,
    Rolled down roasted flesh of religions
    Blew down every head of puppets ;
    Mirrors embellished halls of pretty scars
    That these scavengers wear
    Gems they say !
    Hearts of dead revenge sway -
    Murmured the shining anvil
    "Burn swords and stir blood evil "

    The wild poison fed on the rotten smell
    In lullabies of hazy quiescence ,
    Priests and Prophets
    Fled across rivers
    Draped in merlot shivers

    Shower daffodils pristine
    Over these blind fools born
    Skies fly torn
    Pigeons praying for a paradise
    O' Lords

    ©Debjit Ghosh

  • dafca_21 18w


    Stillness and silence
    Peaceful and timeless
    Constantly on the search for eternity.
    The cosmic joke being death is only eternal.
    Such a beauty that comes with being dead.
    It’s almost sad we wish to move on forever.
    Without death other lives would cease to exist.
    An eternal cycle of live vs death.
    Death is okay as long as new life forms continue to get a chance at a life.

  • prachiii 20w


    And beneath these lenghts of layers of skin there exist an estimable soul sub rosadly. Embraced with shamrock hues of love leaving me ferled every night.

  • harshu05 21w

    Children singing tunes on a drizzling afternoon
    A packed huddle floating paper boats in a puddle
    Arms around one another with smiles so fine
    Childish hearts held by innocence and mischief
    The moment of bliss stopped not by the rain
    But by the war plane flying high in the sky
    Only for these young hearts to stop and lips to dry
    Sudden tension strikes for the fear of today's missiles
    Scattered around with tears rolling down
    Thunderous sound followed by death silence
    Rain got outshined as blood excelled
    Limbs and heads tossed around while a few wounded voices with still a breath left feebly cried for help
    Oceans away a voice said "mission accomplished"

    Howling on the bodies of his dead parents
    Is it his fault that war doesn't come with a caution
    Perhaps he can get back love and care by a prayer?
    Is it a boon to be alive as death seems less painful
    His sobs weaken as another craft of death fires
    Miles away one more, all they can do is watch on

    Colors of skin is all red written dead on top
    A child with lost limbs crawls for help
    While another is standing alone in midst of chaos
    A young child can only see the gates of hell open
    As the sun sets taking away the rays of light
    The moon succumbs to the engulfing mayhem
    In darkness they stare, all they can do is watch on

    Little ones labelled as refugees but used as slaves
    Crossed borders hoping for a better shelter
    Gunfires and heavy battles spring up even in camps
    Sleeping under the stars with deathly scars
    Forcing these young bodies for insane pleasure
    The nights go long with the loud revolting screams
    Pinned down to suffer, all they can do is watch on

    Given a weapon for these small hands to hold
    Defending and fighting battles that ain't theirs
    Shooting bullets and firing nukes at a playful age
    Corrupting the minds of tomorrow with rage
    The rhythm of these hearts are held incaged
    Men across oceans are not conquering lands
    but are terrorising tomorrow's world of hope
    Distressed children of war, all they can do is watch on

    But should we too, just watch on?

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    Can we stop? (2)

  • john_stark 22w

    The Hounds of Mischa

    The dawn was far from coming,
    And already our souls found themselves succumbing
    To the fear of the dark,
    And our ears did hark,
    An dead and ominous bark.
    It was The Hound of the Misha,
    Violent and explosive like the militia,
    Uder shadows and whispers,
    The leaves sounded so much crisper
    As we stepped on them,
    Yet we knew death was near,
    We could hear
    The growls deep in its throat,
    Which only seemed connote
    The destiny that would be,
    How the jaws would eat
    Our arms and our feet.
    And so we lay down in defeat
    Knowing we would meet
    Death soon.

  • trigger 22w

    Screaming Decent

    Screaming, through out the middle of the night. Under the floor of a old broken down two story house. I hear screaming. My mind goes insane. Screaming once more. I think I'm going insane. Scratching my ears and head. Nails digging into my scalp. I hear screaming, I walk down those crumbled stair. Getting more nervous, as my heart keeps pounding. The screaming gets louder and louder. I start to tremble and shake. I'm at the final stair and I look around, there is no one there. It was all in my head. I'm insane.

  • bara_br 22w

    In Love With A Vampire...

    He is the man of black art...
    Cast a spell on me,
    I let him to suck up - my blood
    Running through the body ,
    Turning cold... - since
    Nothing to hold on - to sacrifice
    For now I'm
    In love with a vampire...

    My heart sinking in
    His deadly eyes...
    I let him to triumph - my skinny
    Head and bloodybones ,
    Dealing a deathblow...- since
    Nothing to hold on - to sacrifice
    For now I'm
    In love with a vampire ...

    People called me insane,
    And did nothing...
    While I was sitting on thorns...
    Though the world was filled,
    I felt null and void ;
    Fortunately I've
    Fallen for my man of fatal love...
    Calling up the spirits from vasty deep,
    Awakening the echoes of red blood...
    I followed him
    To the reign of terror... - since
    Nothing to hold on - to sacrifice
    For now I'm
    In love with a vampire ...

  • paulwrites 22w

    #horror #fiction #shortstory #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #gangsters #badguys #teacher #terror #paranormal #action #creepy #girl #blood

    *Yet another challenge attempt. I seem to have a backlog of these. This one came from a writer friend on Wordpress, and the task was to write a story that began with the sentence - Hand over the girl. I love dialogue challenges, so here we go.. .*

    “Hand over the girl.”

    I looked at the suit holding the gun and knew he was used to getting what he wanted. I sighed. “Its not going to happen.”

    “Are you crazy? We have you outnumbered.”

    “And your point is?..”

    He looked me dead in the eye. “We can take her by force if we have to.”

    “That's not a good idea.”

    He threw his head back. “Ha! And why not?”

    “For every action there is a reaction. You are a ripple in the pond. Don't turn it into a wave.”

    “I hated school teachers as a kid. I hate them even worse now, so just give us the girl.”

    “You can learn nothing from her. Leave her alone.”

    “We just want to talk to her about what she saw.”

    I looked at the thugs before me. There were three of them. Either they weren't that worried over what she saw or they didn't think they'd have any trouble out of a little girl and her runaway school teacher. “She didn't see anything. Nobody called the cops. Live and let live.”

    The leader of the three shook his head. “I'm sorry, the boss wants to see her just the same. Just to make sure.”

    “I can't let you take her.”

    “Come on, teach. Be smart. Don't make me shoot you.”

    The gun in his hand, pointing directly at me, was starting to make me nervous. “You don't understand.”

    “So make me understand and maybe I'll let you live.”

    I noticed the other two suits laughed under their breath. Yeah, I didn't believe it either.

    “She can't go outside,” I said. “Not yet anyway.”

    “What? Is she grounded or something? Teacher, giving her after school lessons in the dark? Ha-ha!”

    “No, she just likes it here in the dark.”

    “Freaking perv. How many little girls you bring down here in this dark, damp basement?”

    “I'm not a perv. I'm her teacher.”

    “Not for long, you ain't. Now, one last time, hand..over…the …girl.”

    I sighed. We were never going to get through this unless I did as they asked. I glanced over my shoulder towards the darkness in the corner. Not even shadows invaded that space, but I knew that's where she was.

    “I’m sorry Elena. These men want to talk to you. I tried my best. I guess I'm not much good at being a protector.”

    The lead suit grinned. “That’s better, teach. Now get her out of that corner.”

    “Elena, it’s alright. You can come out and go with them. But just this one time, okay?”

    “That's right girly, come out and go with us.”

    I tried to peer into the dark, wondering if she was coming or not. Nothing moved there, but I knew she waiting for further instruction.

    “Remember what I taught you. Never for pleasure, always for survival, okay?”

    The thug leader rolled his eyes. “Whatever, teach. Come on girl, we ain't got all day. Earl, go over there and get her.”

    One of the other gangsters, Earl I assume, took a quick, purposeful stride towards the corner. “Right, boss. I'm on it….Hey, what's up with her eyes? Why is she freaking smiling like that…..Aaaaaaaa!”

    His screams pierced the silence of the basement. There was a crunching sound as he vanished into the pitch black corner. A guttural growl issued from the dark and Earl’s screams seemed to rise a moment before being replaced by something that sounded like he was drowning. We could hear the gurgling in his throat.

    “What the hell? Get her off of him!”

    The leader shoved his other gun toting cronie towards the corner. The guy hesitat d, seriously afraid, but knew he had no choice. He bounded into the dark, his gun blazing.

    “I told you she wants to stay in the dark,” I said.

    The gunfire suddenly stopped. “Oh my god, boss! She has…. Aaaaaa!”

    In anger the leader cracked me against the head with the butt of the gun. I knew it would draw blood, but I didn't go down. I stood my ground as he charged to the rescue of his guys.

    “I'm coming , hold on! I'm going to pump you full of lead, you little bitch!”

    He came up short, raised his gun at the target he could barely see. He pulled the trigger firing off several rounds until there was nothing but clicks.

    “What the shit? What..what the hell are you? I just emptied all my bullets into you!”

    He tried to take a step back, all the while his finger still pulling the trigger of the now empty gun. A small hand reached out of the darkness. Long, thin fingers bent at odd angles, as if the bones had all grown out in different directions. They grasped his gun arm, wrapping around his biceps and pulled him back into the horrible dark, where even I could not witness his fate.

    “No, get away from me! Why are you looking at me like that? Oh Mary, holy mother of Jesus, is that blood on your teeth? No, no, no!...... AaaaaAAA!”

    I took a short step forward. Pulling out my handkerchief, I wiped the blood off my forehead where the gun handle had whacked me.

    “Elena, don't turn them. Survival only, remember?”

    I approached the dark corner and held my hand out. There were unsettling noises coming from within. Cracking bones. Hungry slurping. Animalistic growls overshadowing the moans of the dying. There was a final crunch like someone setting a broken leg on the field of battle and then her hand reached out to grasp mine gently. It was a normal child hand. No long, thin fingers bent outwards in opposite ways. And as she emerged from the darkness, her dusty brown hair covering half her face, I smiled.

    “That's a good girl,” I said.

    She squinted her dark eyes against the light from the basement bulbs. Small slices of sunlight filtered through boarded up casement windows, and I maneuvered her small frame around them.

    “Come on, let's get you away from the light.”

    She held her arms up to me and I picked her up.

    “Whoa, you sure are heavy after you've had breakfast….”

    She lay her head over on my shoulder. I could smell the blood in her hair and on her clothes. Her little arms tightened around me and I thought to myself, one day I was going to miss this. Caring about someone. Protecting the innocent. Perhaps you wouldn't understand, but she’s my blood pupil, not yours. I dare you to come between us…

    Paul D Aronson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Hand Over The Girl

    Horror Fiction
    Short Story

  • paulwrites 22w

    #horror #terror #creepy #scary #writersnetwork #fiction #flashfiction #250wordsorless

    The hair in the sink wasn't mine. Mine was brown. These thin strands were bright yellow blond. They seemed to be clogging the kitchen drain and I had to wonder if perhaps this had come from somewhere else in the building. I had no idea how the pipes were connected in the place, whether they linked to other sinks or not, so I just shrugged it off, and began to clear the drain. 

    I pulled on the strands, which seemed to be exceptionally long, and as they came out of the pipe they seemed to grow thicker and more luxurious. These were not pieces discarded from a haircut, this was a whole head of hair coming up through the sink, as if I were pulling wire through a conduit. I kept bringing the stuff out of the drain, the yellow blond of it now turning a color somewhere between dingy brown and rust red. 
    There was a light thud and I couldn't pull anymore. The hair was hung up somewhere down in the pipes and I leaned my face down to the drain opening to get a closer look. Through the tangled, messy strands I saw something in there. Something white. And an orb of blue. It was an eye. It blinked. I screamed. And the apartment came alive with terror. 

    By Paul D Aronson.

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    Keep your eye on the sink

  • victoryskies 23w

    She said, "I am scared."
    He replied, "So am I."

  • p_r_a_d_y 15w

    In this world of terror
    You're my shining knight

    In this world of fancy dates
    You're my dance under moonlight

  • ditheist_ 23w

    Just like alcohol the more you drink me,
    more you'll be into me
    more comfortable
    more free.
    And I'll make you the Princess
    of my everlasting dreams,
    with a tinge of reality.
    Unlike alcohol
    There won't be any terror
    And you'll be high on me Forever.

  • ra_n_si 23w

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    ഉത്തരാർദ്ധം പൊടികാറ്റിനാൽ മുറിവേറ്റുകൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നു...
    അതിന്റെ നിറം ദക്ഷിണാഗ്രത്തിലേക്ക്‌
    ആഞ്ഞുവീശാനൊരുക്കം കൂട്ടുമ്പോൾ
    വേരിളക്കം തട്ടാത്ത എത്ര
    ചെമ്പരത്തിപൂക്കൾ ഇതൾനീർത്തി

  • numen_star 24w

    We may be happy
    We may be sad
    Out of all options
    We choose to look back
    At past; at pain
    At terror almost forgotten
    Out of all options
    We choose to break down


  • shamolina 23w

    The Night

    The cold silence of the night
    Is when she was most at peace
    The cold wind soothed her wounds
    The hair of her skin standing up
    To meet the soft cold air of the night
    The silence ,made her hear, the rustling
    Of the trees , and twinkling of the stars
    Yes she could hear them
    The light of the moon ,
    Like a beautiful soothing bronze glow
    Which didn't make her eyes squint
    She looked out the window
    As the last traveller had reached home
    And the roads went silent
    And the lights dimmed undisturbed
    Placing patches of light and dark
    Almost like magic
    In this silent night she could believe
    She owned the world
    The streams the mountains the trees
    She was the queen
    And no one could judge
    As they fell in a slumber
    Quiet bodies , wandering minds
    Running free, eloping, envisioning
    She wrote of night in her diaries
    Often, of the Crescent moon
    And white owls of glistening waters
    And zephyr,
    And she was also lost in the night
    Once , Never to be found again..