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  • thoughts_delirium 4w


    She lifted her bow and played on
    He lifted his gun and pressed on
    An opera of violins and violence


  • rish76 6w

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    May all those who lost their lives in NYC attacks Rest in peace
    #guilt #remorse #terrorism #homicide
    #suicide_attacks #Satan #devil
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    A Satan's Contrite

    The fight, despite all rules I had pledged to abide and all strength i applied , I failed flat as I let my soul slide into a homicide

    Suddenly the people around me mattered no more, even the little girl in the neighbour i used to adore,

    All evil thoughts abruptly began to galore, I tried to defy them but had lost all my vigour,

    I wanted to be a policeman, but all my ambitions dried and i became a demon,

    I had something in my hand and I was told that it ends sufferings of Almighty's greatest creation, so I began the annihilation

    After a moment of reckless demonstration, I suddenly gained conscience, I heard sob of that girl, next I saw pile of flesh and pool of blood on the tile, beguiled I couldn't believe, so I cried

    I discerned my unpardonable sin as I saw the grocery guy who used to smile at me, dead,

    But there wasn't much i could do as I heard the good me and the bad me engaged in tussle of words

    Good me said you don't deserve to live in earth, while the devil me promised I will get heaven, and I realised; I deserve none of the world's

  • thetimetraveller_hb 7w


    I'm an atheist, so I don't believe any religion
    But terrorism is not based on a religion,
    It's based on some fake gospel and maniac follows it!


  • frameofreference 9w

    Harmony lies in questions
    Answers beget clashes

    Theism- The place where faith murders hope.

    Atheism- The place where hope murders faith.

    Science- The place where hope and faith question each other and grow.

    Poetry- The place where hope and faith celebrate their differences.


  • introvert_philosophies 10w


    He was born a human,
    And died a human bomb.

    A zombie now, he does what they did
    to him.



  • analytical_monk 12w


    Unlike those he had grown up with,
    he didn't kill for glory or money.
    Even the promise of 72 virgins and paradise
    didn't mean much to him.
    Ever since the day his masters had found him
    as an orphan amidst a pile of debris,
    he had no purpose to his life except to kill.
    He had been the perfect killing machine.
    Until that cold winter night that is.

    Something changed as he looked into
    those innocent eyes full of tears.
    Because that day for the first time,
    when he pulled the trigger,
    a part of him died.


  • mjh_hussain 13w

    Islam is the religion of peace.
    But because of these terrorist who are dressed like muslims are showing negative image of Islam by which muslims are facing huge blames from Non-muslims.
    This is not islam what prophet Muhammad(PBUH) bought it from Allah.

  • akarshv69 15w

    #struggle #feelings #terrorism #stopvoilence
    We are not gonna get anything from terrorism ,
    May you terrorists get to know whats peace !

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    They know how they live their lives ,
    Each and every day feels like a fight .
    His mama said to keep calm and hold my hands tight , cause we need to face this or it's gonna be our last night !

  • wordsofshanu 16w

    #war #terrorism #communal_violence #jihad #ISIS
    Earlier US killed human by engaging war against human for the sake of human [gulf war/Iraqi war, Afghanistan war, Vietnam war and now war against terror]. The affect, effect and impact of those war generated a violent force against them and now they are killing human for the sake of [their]human.
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    Human killing human for the sake of human.


  • stutibhamri_bnk 17w

    The Pathos Of Terror

    Streaks of red all around,
    Likes of you and me lying on the ground...
    Eyes open wide in terror,
    Time stood still in fear.

    Screams of panic pounding in the ears;
    The atmosphere was thick with tears.
    The sound reverberated in the air,
    While white-clad gunsmen kept firing shots,
    Besmearing the very essence of purity!!

    Killing thousands of innocents,
    In the name of religion;
    Creating their own tarnished definition...
    Destroying the world with their hatred,
    Is this really a cause so sacred?

    The parochialism of thought,
    Blinding them to the very soul of humanity.
    No remorse, no tears,
    Deaf are they to all prayers...
    For life for them, is just a commodity.

    Whisking away the youth,
    Murdering the couth.
    Is this really what they claim,
    That their God wants?

    Aren't these demands too heretical??
    Wasn't human life supposed to be consecrated??
    Wasn't massacre considered a sacrilege??

    For, if this makes you divine,
    What are those, whom,
    You mercilessly let pine??

    Cringe-worthy are your actions,
    So distorted lie your passions,
    Your life is just a facade...

    So awry is your sense of righteousness,
    So perverted your thoughts..
    Where lies your integrity??
    Where lies the sanctity??
    Are violence and bloodshed,
    The only essence of humanity??

    Look into your souls,
    Kill your disturbing notions...
    Bury them, approach benevolence,
    For even THAT won't give you penance...


  • czawina 18w


    'Til he grew smaller than yesterday
    He unceasingly frayed
    In hopes to liberate from the terror
    Caging clean-handed souls.

    'Til he is covered in bullets
    He willed to step forward
    In hopes to shield the future
    He may not even run into.

  • 3shtan 18w

    Sand line

    My feet are grounded in Palestine
    But my soul lounges to float over the wall
    Into the other side
    And my feet yearn the touch of the warm desert sand
    But the guns aimed at my face refuse to give me a chance
    To embed my body into my dearest homeland

  • summerr 19w


    She said bye' leaving me behind
    Walking ahead big smile .. beach side
    Stay strong , and better eat..
    As she commands i scream..
    You're so cruel Shiva .. Maa loves you more than me..
    Why.... ?
    I'm her one and she is mine..
    Yet she feeds you first and then I'
    Waiting for her to come back .. comes a call .. no one would ever want to receive....
    She won't come back.. Ever .. Why?, as i ask .. Love Of God ..
    leaning into chair she loved .. I didn't cry for my loss ...
    I didn't grieve my MOM .. she didn't die .. but Murdered to lord ..
    I don't know the God' they did it for .. but as they said .. they slaughtered my lifeline .. my soul .. My Mom ..
    for their lord ..
    she taught me to stand strong my whole life
    and only bow to God she prayed..
    she taught me to never stand wrong .. everything will fall into place,
    Never question or doubt God or
    She'd never talk to me again..
    Today, you left unnoticed to never come back.. but i stand strong.. believing 'they were right to be able to do it, in the name of their Lord'

  • aditya_kate 19w

    #pod #terrorism #peace
    Inspired from one of the article.

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    Sheer Terrorism
    With Extremism
    The world is "Strum und Drang"
    Darkness acquiring in Humanity
    Depression is regaining in every soul
    Societies are crying for the lost one
    Needed for the help which is nowhere seen
    From one corner of the earth to other
    Seeking for helping hands to offer
    One query, How to overcome it !?
    Wonder to bring the world
    With the ray of hope
    For freedom to live
    with grandeur
    Just seeking
    Love ❤

    ©Aditya Kate

  • _utkarsh_beats 19w

    #rwu_cliche #pod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #repost #Terrorism . akhir utrna hi padna competition mey.��. ( terrorist is a mindset its not a personality. ) #bastards

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    A cliche was shown

    & He worked despite his Brain ,
    Molested world's peace through "Bullets"�� pain.

    {Cliche taught to him was -> "Jihad"}


  • _amritmars_ 21w

    Terrorists are like a fly that tries to destroy a china shop.The fly is so weak that it cannot budge even a single teacup.so it finds a bull,gets inside it's ear and start buzzing.The bull goes wild with fear and anger,and destroys the china shop!!!!

    Terrorists are too weak to drag us back to the middle ages and re-establish the jungle law.they may provoke us,but in the end,it all depends in our reactions.if the jungle law comes back into force,it will not be fault of terrorists.....

  • _amritmars_ 21w

    Are terrorists weak or
    We overreact????

  • mohini_uvaach 21w


    अजी बहुत कर ली चाकरी इंसानों ने इस वक़्त की,
    कभी ज़रा वक़्त से वक़्त चुराकर, हुस्न-ए-कुदरत तो देखिए !

    अमावस की सियाह हड़ताल में चमकता रहा रात भर,
    गुस्ताख़ सितारे की हिमाकत तो देखिए !

    खिलौनों की दुकान में फिर उसने गाड़ी ली गुड़िया छोड़कर,
    नन्ही सी इस बच्ची की बग़ावत तो देखिए !

    है हार नहीं मानती ये लहर, बारहा लौटकर आती है,
    साहिल को पाने की बेपनाह हसरत तो देखिए !

    तारों की रोशनी में रहने वाला कोई फिर चमका है सितारा बनकर,
    फ़लक के छोर पर लिखी ये इबारत तो देखिए !

    अदना सा इंसाँ चाँद को है ले आता कदमों तले,
    ख्वाबों को सलाम करती ये हकीकत तो देखिए !

    ज़माने ने छोड़ा हाथ तो अपनाया मयख़ाने ने,
    पैमाने की शराबी से ये उल्फ़त तो देखिए !

    पड़ोसी अब खुशियाँ नहीं, गोलियाँ बाँटते हैं,
    जन्नत सी सरज़मीं पे कयामत तो देखिए !

    दिया लहू का वास्ता, रोककर देवी को देवी के ही दरवाज़े पर,
    खूनियों को मिली बाअदब,ये इजाज़त तो देखिए !

    मज़हब का वास्ता देकर न उठाइए एक दूजे पर उंगलियाँ,
    अमन का रास्ता बतलाती कोई आयत तो देखिए !

    ईश्वर-अल्लाह सब पाएंगे बस इंसानों की दुआओं में,
    किसी रोज़ ज़रा करके ये भी इबादत तो देखिए !

    काबा-काशी थे दूर, भूखे बच्चों के साथ कर ली दावत,
    इंसानियत की राह में ये ज़ियारत तो देखिए !

    वैद्य-हकीमों की बस्ती में रह गया ये दिल शायर,
    नादान इस अहमक की ये आदत तो देखिए !!

    © मोहिनी झा
    #pod #urduislove #sher #urdupoetry #myth #harmony #humanity #hindi #stereotypes #peace #terrorism #ambition

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    अमावस की सियाह हड़ताल में चमकता रहा रात भर,
    गुस्ताख़ सितारे की हिमाकत तो देखिए !

    अदना सा इंसाँ चाँद को है ले आता कदमों तले,
    ख्वाबों को सलाम करती ये हकीकत तो देखिए !

    दिया लहू का वास्ता, रोककर देवी को देवी के ही दरवाज़े पर,
    खूनियों को मिली बाअदब,ये इजाज़त तो देखिए !

    काबा-काशी थे दूर, भूखे बच्चों के साथ कर ली दावत,
    इंसानियत की राह में ये ज़ियारत तो देखिए !


  • akshay_s 21w


    They pulled him out of the rubble. "Are you all right they asked "? "Maybe the bomb blast has left him in shock" one said. Then words came to him, "the loudest thing was not the bomb but the silence that followed he said as he collapsed".


  • dikshagarg 22w

    Terror Tracks

    The silenced alleys resounded and reverberated with the deafening noise of the gruesome crashes and blasts. Fear and anguish had penetrated even the most ecstatic and vibrant minds.
    Stealthy silhouettes of masked men, armed with the most dreadful and dangerous ammunitions lingered on in every nook and corner of the terror-stricken city. Filled with ashes and smoke from the burning debris of once a beautiful state capital, the place was no less than hell on the face of earth.
    The streets which once used to bustle with life were covered with engrieved, mourning people bent over miserable carcasses. It wouldn't be a hyperboly to call the place an empire built upon pillars of apathy and tyranny.
    The most horrifying sight was that of the plightful children - the cradles of innocence had become the hostages of terrorism. These children of war, holding up the most condemned weapons of bloodshed and misery clearly showed that our future is in great jeopardy.