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    اے حوران جنت -تجھ سے جلدی ملنے کی خاطر
    ابن آدم نے کئ بے گناہوں کو قتل کر ڈالا۔


  • i_write_what_i_feel_17 16w


    Happiness is contagious at times but not always- that should be understood. Don't expect someone to always be happy it's hard. It's a difficult time now especially with all these terrorist attacks.

  • aurora__ 19w

    Language ❣

    The world doesn't need to be multilingual to understand the language of Terrorism.
    Loss of humanity is voiceless!

  • wahalrohan_ 20w

    I was born into a Hindu family and we were staying abroad..
    I am in High School right now..
    The current year is 2001 and it's July.

    I went to school like everyday..
    But today it felt different..
    I SAW someone, she was beautiful...

    It's mid July now and I still haven't found the courage to say her Hi..
    Oh crap ! She saw me staring her today..
    I think I should commit suicide now...what she will think about me ?

    Next day I went to school again..
    And she came and said hi to me..
    I was not able to open my mouth...was scared that much !

    After 10 days I finally asked her name..
    And she replied Yasmeen..
    And told me there's nothing gonna happen between us..

    I thought I'll feel broken..
    But that was the booster that I guess I needed..
    I went back with my head held high..

    In a span of month we were in love madly..
    We were unseperable..
    Even our parents understood our love and difference on relegion was not a problem at all !

    It's sounds like a perfect love story isn't it ?

    Haha ! Wait for it..

    Today everything gonna change..
    In a different country somewhat similar to where we live something terrible happened..
    Didn't knew it was going to us affect us, the way it did..

    Suddenly we all ! I mean people with our color were started treated so differently..
    Especially Yasmeen's family.
    God ! What was happening ?

    Her father's business, disrupted..
    The anger among a different community almost ended them..
    They were bankrupt !

    One night ! Some drunk people of other community chased Yasmeen in the alley with a knife..
    I was with her, I tried to explain to them it's not our fault of what happened..
    They asked me my name and ordered to leave but not Yasmeen, reason - she was a Muslim.

    Obviously I couldn't, I didn't and begged them for mercy..
    They showed mercy and killed us both..

    I never knew THE ATTACK of 9/11 would ultimately end our love story.

    - WahalRohan

    PS - Yasmeen is a fictional name. !

    #pic_allen #chains #shackles #allen #attack #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #challenge #readwriteunite #life #terrorism #relegion #postWR

    @harshu05 - thanks for actually putting me in the challenge. I saw this challenge earlier but thought to opt out but when you tagged, I thought let's give a shot.

    @73mishrasanju @writersnetwork @tomorrow_is_amazing @john_solomon @carolyns_lovenotes_and_reposts @jeniayn @aarthisampath @smi_vaid

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    The Journey of love - The Attack of Terrorism


    And I couldn't leave her because I was bound in chains of love.
    Or should I say I didn't LEAVE her because I wanted to be in those shackles, just for the sake that I was with her.

    And wherever she took me, there was light.

    (To understand this you have to refer to the caption. Yes ! It's long but it will leave you either in Shock or in Awe, I guess !)


  • outofleague 20w


    Like A Ripple On A Silent Lake,
    The Run Innocent Souls Make.

    Like Every Born Child Is Pure,
    Their Tale Was Uncertain, To Be Sure.

    Like Anyone Blind And Anyone Deaf,
    The Good Ignored Their Hope, To Be Safe.

    Now, They Feed On Fear,
    And The World They Crave.

    Because, An Unfortunate Life,
    The Good Decided Not To Save.


  • prasanth23 21w

    #BanSterlite #GovernmentAgainstPeople #Terrorism #திட்டமிட்டபடுகொலை

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    செல்வ வளங்களை தம் மார்பில் ஏந்தி,
    எப்பிரிவினரையும் பாராமல்,
    வேண்டியவருக்கு வேண்டியதை அள்ளி கொடுத்து,
    வாழ்ந்த நாடு எம் நாடு..!

    அந்த நாட்டிர்கே ஓர் துயரம் என்றதும்.,
    அன்று எம்மண்மீது காலூன்றி நின்ற நாங்கள்.,
    இன்று, அதிகார வர்கத்திடம் கையோங்கி நின்றோம்..!

    அன்றோ, ஆங்கிலேயன் எம்நாட்டை அடிமை செய்தபோதிலும்.,
    கலவரமின்றி, அறவழி போரட்டதாலயே வென்றோம்..
    இன்றோ, நாங்கள் சுவாசிக்கும் காற்றுக்காக போராடியதை.,
    கலவரம் என்றுகூறி, சுட்டு வீழ்தியது நியாயமோ..!

    நீதியும்.. தர்மமும்.. வண்ண காகிதங்களுக்கு விலைபோய்விட்டது...
    மீதமிருப்பது.. குருதியும்., தன்மானமும்., மட்டுமே...!

    அன்று ஈழம் வீழ்ந்த
    போதே விழித்திருக்க வேண்டும்...
    இன்றைய அவலத்தின் அழுகுரல் கேட்டாவது விழித்தெழு தோழா...!


  • outofleague 22w


    the right which is
    exclusive to terrorism
    and deficient to humanity.

    just an act of their existence,
    makes everyone run like sheeps
    when a wolf conquers a barn.

    just an act of their existence,
    makes their voices flood
    to every corner of the world.

    just an act of their existence,
    makes us realise, what is the cost
    of taking one of their pawns down.


  • oblivion_ 23w

    As kids,
    We were afraid of aliens.
    As teenagers,
    We are afraid of humankind.

  • creativis 23w


    -Aditya Raizada
    My fear lies in closed spaces
    And in empty places
    My fear lies in cold faces
    And warmth found in traces

    My fear lies in wrecked homes
    And in rivers of blood running stale
    My fear lies in ghost cities
    And in an orphaned child's wail

    My fear lies in us, as we are
    And us, as we will become
    When our boons become our bane
    And being human is no longer humane.

  • adrianna_desire 25w

    We are humans.
    Nothing is beneath us.


  • vyom_1212 25w

    Terrorism while talking with Caste and Religion said,
    "I have killed more people than anyone else in India!"

    Caste and Religion denied furiously and started debating on the topic.

    The Indian Education System was smiling in the corner.


  • gauravkasture 26w

    Any kind of Extremism is Terrorism.


  • im_neo 27w

    'War against terrorism'
    World's most profitable invention after antibiotics.


  • backstreet_bond 27w

    This world has both the Brutals and the Naives, choose where you want to end up?
    It's real hard to accept the brutalities of the world which bestows on the pool of innocencts.
    #poem #poetry #terrorism #polite #humble #naive #brutal #crimes #love #worldpeace #peace #author #poet #compassion #mercy #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @writers_paradise @readwriteunite @myga_monic @ericwk @paulwrites @johnrtarter @ashutoshstrike @mirakee @puru_aesha

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    My beautiful soul,
    Condescends my ugliness.
    It says,
    "You too are sober as me,
    And you too are virgin as me."
    I don't believe,
    In these crib stories!
    Insomuch I have seen those filthy hells,
    When I have seen the brutals of crimes.
    Is my soul lying?
    Or I am irrational for myself?
    Hope I am not.
    But least I am sober,
    From my inner being.
    And I am firm,
    In the era of brutalities.
    I am straight-sought,
    As a loose thread,
    Woven into a line.


  • balamanikandan 32w


    I would be a sinner..
    If i categorize religious people as a danger..
    But one should be wise enough to realize that religion is the root of terrorism..


  • miss_anonymous 32w

    Terror of a night

    Everyone was happy,
    Enjoying their vacation
    Families to celebrate wedding
    Businessmen to expand their work
    Staff working for their boss
    Hoping for a raise
    Because Christmas was nearer
    Everything was cheerful

    But,who knew a strom
    Would come from somewhere
    And kill their new born baby,
    kill their laughter and joy

    Who knew, terrorism
    Would kill their life
    Even after they escaped

    Who knew, terrorism
    Would kill their happiness
    And replace it with the horror

    Who knew,terrorism
    Would kill the person
    And end up ripping the whole family
    For generations

    Who knew,terrorism
    Is a fule of hate
    Flowing in their veins
    Bypassing, their good will
    Clouding their judgement
    Giving them a disease
    Making them mass killers
    Even in front of their God

    Who knew,terrorism
    Is a coward
    Hiding behind manipulation
    Using their own creator
    Making religion as a weapon

    Even the God in the heaven
    Would say,
    "This is cruelty. No religion in the world supports this!!"


  • vickastomar 33w

    सीरिया,नाइजीरिया,पाकिस्तान,अफ़ग़ानिस्तान और ऐसे ही तमाम देश जो दहशत के साये में बिखर रहे हैं उसके जिम्मेदार हम सब हैं।।सामाजिक स्तर पर जिम्मेदारी न उठाने का मतलब होता है गंदी राजनीति और भ्रष्ट सियासतें।।पैसों,हथियारों की धुन में मासूम जानें दांव पर लग जाती हैं और हम बेबस हो बस शिकायत करते रहते हैं।।भारत में रहने वाला नागरिक ISIS तक कैसे पहुंचा, ऐसे पहुंचा की उसे तालीम ही गलत मिली है,अब गर अच्छी तालीम देना भी मुश्किल है तो ये सीरिया,नाइजीरिया खूनी आँचल में रहते रहते इक रोज खत्म हो जाएंगे और वो करारा थप्पड़ होगा इंसानियत पर।।#hindiwriters #writersnetwork #hks
    @baanee @kalpaa @feelingsbywords @sangini_kesarwani @laughing_soul
    #terrorism #syria #nigeria #society #reality #hks #hindi #hindipoet #hindipoem #writer #writersworld #wordslove #humanity #peace #brotherhood #togetherness #life #future #fact

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    आतिश है हर साँस हर नब्ज में,शोषित होती है हयात हर रोज,
    गुमनाम है इंसानियत मजले में,चोटिल होती है मुस्कुराहट हर रोज,
    सूडान हो,नाइजीरिया हो ,क्या फरक पड़ता है 'फ़िदातो',
    खून से सनी हैं दीवारें खंडहरों में,मौत होती है किलकारियों की हर रोज।।

    इंक़लाब दौड़ता है नस नस में,लाचारी से हिम्मत की मुलाकात होती है हर रोज,
    नंगनाच होता है आतंक का शहरों में,हादसों से शहर की बातचीत होती है हर रोज,
    अफ़ग़ानिस्तान हो,पाकिस्तान हो,क्या फरक पड़ता है 'फ़िदातो',
    लाशें दफन होती हैं हवाओं में,दो मीटर कपड़े की कीमत ऊंची होती है हर रोज।।

    चीखें गूंजती हैं जहरीली हवाओं में,बेमोल हुई आबरू बदनाम होती है हर रोज,
    राख होता है बचपन चिंगारियों में,खुदा की आँखें भी नम होती हैं हर रोज,
    बलोचिस्तान हो,म्यांमार हो,क्या फरक पड़ता है 'फ़िदातो',
    मिट्टी पलीत हो रही हैं उम्मीदें दुख की आग में,रूह की खाक से दोस्ती होती है हर रोज।।

    बाँस बाँसुरी नहीं खड़ा है कंधों की खिदमत में,धमाकों की शांति से पहचान होती है हर रोज,
    तकलीफें भींच कर रखते हैं सीने में,दहशत की हैवानियत से तकरार होती है हर रोज,
    इराक हो,सीरिया हो,क्या फरक पड़ता है 'फ़िदातो',
    जिंदगी सिमट रही खूनी आँचल में,भगवान के लिए बंद हो ये कत्लेआम ,करोड़ों प्रार्थनायें होती हैं हर रोज।।
    करोड़ों प्रार्थनायें होती हैं हर रोज।।
    ©vickastomar (फ़िदातो)

  • therhetoricwriter 34w

    Sorry, we're cowards, inhuman and useless!

    Sweet kid, forgive my silence. I know you're suffering and so is my conscience.
    Sweet kid, please stop crying. Your tears are precious and I can't save you from dying.
    Candid soul, shame is gnawing my face, you're standing against horrors while I'm drowning in my disgrace.
    Oh, little hands seeking for a cuddle, all you've left is the warmth of a poor candle.
    My beloved child, war has taken away your innocence, switching pens for guns, your "school" is teaching you violence.
    But dear child, you're old enough to teach me life, stronger than death, tougher than any strive.
    Sweet kid, I wish I can give you your childhood back, erase the pain, fill in every tiny crack.
    I wish I can change your reality, draw you a new dream far from brutality.
    Sweet kid, forgive me, I stand still. I'm just a coward with some words to spill.

  • priyadarshichatterjee 34w

    The viruses infused by the powerful nations are the ones that are eating the world up #virus #terrorism

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    Terrorism is the virus for which no antibiotics have been discovered to stop or atleast to inhibit it's exponential growth. The virus just remains stationary while its hosts keeps on spreading and spreading and thus more and more innocent lives getting engulfed.

    All we keep doing is examining and re-examining the virus under the microscopes, whenever it infects. But once the aftermath of the infection is over, we get back to our usual carefree lives; while the virus keeps on replicating ever so silently. Until the next infection attacks, we are under the illusion that everything's so hunky dory, pretending as if nothing happened.......

  • iaminqualabi 34w


    अब तो सब ऊठो जागो

    और आवाज़ लगा दो

    आतंकवादी को नहीं 

    आतंकवाद को जड़ से मिटा दो।

    न फैले ऐसा आतंक 

    जो हमारी रूह तक कँपा दे

    मिलकर करो कुछ ऐसा

    वो अपने हाथ अपनी जान गँवा दे।

    ये न किसी धर्म,न किसी जाति 

    न किसी एक पक्ष की लड़ाई है।

    क्या होंगे वो किसी के सगे 

    जो पैदा होते ही बने कसाई हैं।

    आज फ्रांस तो कल कोई और देश होगा

    काले नकाब मे एक नया भेष होगा 

    अहिंसा से न हो सके तो हिंसा की अलख जगा दो

    आज सब मिलकर आतंकवाद को जड़ से मिटा दो।।