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    Part 7
    #ShortStory #TheEnd
    Your feedbacks regarding the whole story will be hugely appreciated
    Thanks for reading the same and being with me through all of this. It really means a lot.

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    Sometimes taking a step with a stranger is the right decision

    After this peaceful conversation with my mother i was standing in the balcony when a car came to a sudden stop infront of my house. Two male came out and entered my house. I went in the room and mom delightfully greeted them. Mom then introduced me to them. The elder male was mom's colleague and the younger male was his son. Mom asked me to take the son to my room. Mom didn't tell me his name and i was hesitant to ask the same.

    Hardly did we enter my room when he saw my bed and started complaining how dirty it was. I apoligized to him and made my bed. While doing so i was thinking why did i apoligize. It was my room and my bed. I can keep it however i want, and the fact that i did not invite him for a sleep over. But i did apologize to him for some unknown reason. We started talking about random things. How he is always mischievous in class and how he once tried to pull a prank on the teacher and principal while they were in a meeting. We had some common things and a strange connection. He was still a stranger to me for the fact that i didn't know his name. But we were so involved in the conversation that nobody cared for the names. While talking i blurted out my picnic experience and the dream and the questions and answers. Yes the answers too. Why did i do that? Athough he was very understanding about the whole thing and that my mother didn't know everything about it. He wished he was there with me at that time and we would have made the whole horror thing into a fun thing. I actually thought that we would make for a fun crime pair. For what he and I can do together is hilarious in my imagination.

    Mom called us for dinner. And we proceeded for dinner. While eating i was constantly trying to look at him through the corner of my eye and questioned myself as to why i blurted out the answers to him and not my mother. When we were bidding good nights to each other he said good night? and i made a face as to what more.

    "This is the que where you tell me your name."
    Finally. But i acted innocently
    Me: oh! Sorry.
    He: sorry is your name?
    Me: Lisa. Thats my name. I am sorry i didn't realise we don't know each other's name.
    I thought to myself that it doesn't really matter whether we know each other's names or not. As long as we were strangers we talked about things we were hesitant to talk about to our family or friends. I think that's because we know they care for us and their worry will overpower their senses regarding right or wrong. Even if we are right, our safety comes first.

    He told me his name but that has no significance here.
    The bottom line is sometimes taking a step forward with a stranger is a good decision.
    We became friends and kept each other's secrets.

  • thatguyadi 1w

    Life takes you back in time
    Nostalgia fills you from inside
    That special phase I grew in
    Those were the best days of my life❤
    #hosteldays #collegelife #friendships #theend

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    Roof chilling

    I remember the roof chilling
    Sometimes stoned, listening to Pink Floyd
    Smoked my first cigarette back then
    Wish I could just rewind
    Still so fresh is the smell of that freedom
    And the noise from the lake behind
    Hours spent singing in the rain
    Wondering where we would be years down the line
    As the sun set in the orange skies
    Dreams and promises flew high
    Beers, crushes, talks and breakups
    More than things I could have ever thought of
    Where did it all go, and why do I miss it so
    Those last songs soon turned goodbyes
    Now I see and realise
    Everything was to last forever
    Those words, friendships and that golden time

  • queenofrecklessness 2w

    Faulted Star

    And in early hours,
    Stars shine bright,
    Thoughts that unravel,
    Cause loss of sight.
    Wars are lost,
    And hearts feel tight,
    Fear tossed ,
    Through souls of mite,
    Inner child self destructed,
    Laced with hate your heart abrupted,
    Broken courage, shattered dreams,
    He's breaking off at the seams,
    No more hiding, No more fear,
    No more boy, No more tears,
    No more running, only fate,
    For tomorrow is just another date,
    Eyes close slow, his breaths are shallow,
    Only silence, our world so hollow,
    His body starts to resuscitate,
    Eyes do not open, it is too late,

  • 2deep_pops 2w

    The End.


  • _heart_of_glass_ 2w


    I'm looking for someone to hold
    Someone to care
    Someone who's there
    I'm trying to find someone who's me
    And knows how I'll be
    Cause take it from me

    I don't wanna be lonely

    #6 #anime #japan #song #kodokushi #lonely #death #lyrics #love #quote #song #mihka #theend #futurebass #techno

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    (lonely death)

    ©Mihka! feat. The End

  • this_is_saamu 3w

    Truly, Vanity it all is, like they say
    The 6 Trillion dollars in the bank
    The 6 gold chains in one neck
    The 6 Mercedes-Benz
    The 6 bodyguards guarding mere nothing
    The 6 most wealthy contacts on your phone
    The more than 6 everything you have
    They all won't buy you more than 6feet in the end.


  • tulsiuma 3w

    The end

    I am no more hurt
    Than you are humbled
    So perhaps we should skip the making up
    And go straight to the next fight.

    I am no more lost
    Than you are quiet
    So perhaps we should skip the feigned concern
    And go straight to the next accusation.

    Desire is no more fire
    Than hate is ice
    So perhaps we should call them both folly
    And go straight to the end.

  • spilled_ink_dreams 3w

    The End

    The end is here
    That much is clear
    Through this mist and haze
    It wasn't the most cherishable faze
    And we would run in our own little maze
    Never to hear
    Never to see
    What seems so clear
    And to know that what we could be
    Knowing we lived our whole life in fear
    Of this day
    Now the end does pay us a visit
    And I'm sure that it does plan to stay
    It asks so much from us on this visit
    Whatever it asks we will always have to pay
    And we give it What it asks from us
    What more was there to say?
    But it is not near,
    It's here.
    On this very, very day

  • space_eel 3w

    The Last

    We're the last people to walk this Earth. Maybe robots got us or climate change, but my generation will never have grandkids. History will become fire kindling and our families forgotten memories, as the human race fades followed by the encroaching new era filled with life and nothing to destroy it.


  • darrianlynx 4w


    Let it come, the storm and rain    
    Let it come drown out the pain
    Let the earth renew her power    
    Let it be the final hour
    Let the filth you've left behind    
    Turn to dust in the rewind
    Let this human infestation    
    Exterminate like Revelation
    Let our spirits finally ascend    
    Make a beginning from the end
    Let this pitiful existence    
    Fall away with no resistance
    Free us from humanity    
    With all its ignorance and greed
    Let this reality eclipse     
    Let it come,              


  • samarrafique 4w

    The End

    To my family, to my friends,
    I don't know when and how this is going to end,
    I've forgotten who I was before,
    All I do now is pretend,
    Alone sadistic pretending to be a happy man,
    In this cruel society trying to blend,
    All the time that I had to spend,
    Suffering but wanting to transcend,

    To my family, to my friends,
    Now it's too late to mend,
    Now I'll be just waiting for the end..

  • the_adorable_scar_ 4w

    Bleeding Out_.

    Liquor is the problem...
    Liquor is the solution...
    My blood is so thick, I want some dilution...
    I'm killing hoes, Coronas are my bullets,
    This is my secret, This is the corruption...
    I'm here, waving flags and talking shit...
    This is the reality son, this is the grit...
    Yeah, I'm seeing it, I'm feeling it...
    This shit is devilish and they're shutting it...
    What's up now fella, we're all alone...
    Wanna grab me now or you can go and bring me the throne...
    Don't be upset, I'm the intoxication...
    Don't express the regrets, I'm the suffocation...
    This is so good, I'm in the middle of alcoholism...
    The crates are unloading, I'm at the edge of nepotism...
    Beowulf in my hands, I'm all set to slaughter...
    My mind is so fizzy, You can often sense it from the laughter...
    I'm committing crimes, my world is so dark...
    I'm writing rhymes, my dogs are all ready to bark...
    Got a girl, got some backup...
    Got a lambo, it's time for the packup...
    I'm so messy, there's no time for some hygienic actions...
    My girl is so sexy, there's no chance for misconceptions...
    I'm marvelling my life, my life is so sizzling...
    I'm dropping this bullshit, my mouth is so grizzling...
    Wanted to be a Saint, Sins are my destination...
    Wanted to be the best, Failures are the conclusion...
    I'm still hoping for the success, I'm still doping for my future...
    I'm still grinding for the legacy, I'm still rolling for my rapture...
    Losing my calm, I'm almost ready to rumble...
    Dropping the load, I want the Almighty to be humble...
    I'm not a fan of the devastation...
    But, it's a gift from the bloodline...
    I'm not a disciple of the rehabilitation...
    This is just a rush to be on the fine line...
    I'm writing this to mark my presence...
    I'm posting this to stomp my absence...
    This is my truth, This is the survival...
    This is my identity, This is the revival...

  • ayu1818 5w


    I keep hiding the thoughts that come from my heart.....
    I keep betting with the stars...
    I have lost all my concentration....
    And I keep examining myself everyday...
    A bond gets tied with you...


  • story_ocean 5w

    मुझे मिलने से मतलब था
    उसे मतलब था तो मिलता था

  • the_adorable_scar_ 5w

    Live from the rhythm, it's
    Something wild, venomous
    Enemies trying to read me
    You're all looking highly illiterate
    Blindly forgetting if I'm in the mix
    You won't find an equivalent
    I've been here killing it
    Longer than you've been alive, you idiot
    And it makes you so mad
    Somebody else could be stepping in front of you
    And it makes you so mad that you're not the only one
    There's more than one of you
    And you can't understand the fact
    That it's over and done, hope you had fun
    You've got a lot to discuss on the bus
    Headed back where you're from.
    - Mike Shinoda, Good Goodbye...
    #IWriteSins #BloodlineRebellion #WritingSinsSince1699 #FinalMasquerade #CannotBeTouched #LPForever #TheEnd #ThankYou #IWill #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork .��.

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    Smiling from the edge, I'm dealing with the monsters of my mind...
    Sweating through the pores, I'm sailing my ship of insecurities, straight into the thunderstorm...
    Tears are rolling from the eyes, I'm on the verge of extinction...
    My gore is freezing, I'm going to lose my calm, depression just kicked my a**...
    These scars are sparkling, there's still a drop of hope, left in the vessel of my secrets...
    I'm almost done, I'm almost gone...
    The end is near...
    My realm is shaking, I'm going berserk...
    The throne is penetrating, My crown is vaporizing...
    There's nothing left to do...
    I'm standing in front of the gateway, leading all the blind souls towards hell...
    This is the prophecy...
    This is the destiny...
    This is just a dream...
    This is the reality...
    This is holy...
    This is devilish...
    I'm the antagonist and I'm the protagonist...
    I'm the depression and I'm the eruption...
    I'm the sinner and I'm the saint...
    I'm the monk and I'm the executioner...
    This is me, fella...
    "El Nocivo Alma"...
    It's all about Me, Myself and I...


  • bateian 6w


    Their love begins when they mutually blocked in what's app and starts thinking what a stupidity it is!


  • sheismore 6w


    there were whispered secrets behind the sunbeams of your eyes...

    It's somehow brighter in the room. The kitchen is cluttered with bottles turned ashtrays and half-empty cans of PBR. Scattered here and there are crushed cans of Pong beer and overturned bottles of Jack. There are two teenage girls crashed out in my living room, sent to protect me from myself...no doubt Cigarette ashes are littering my sofa and my recliner has seen better days. "But I'm breathing," I think.

     I'm lighting a Camel Crush and pouring a shot of tequila. It's 8 a.m and friends are dropping in to borrow a little black dress. For a funeral, maybe? But i really can't say.

     I've not really been myself since you left. Kind of tossed about from here to there. I toss the shot and take a draw. The shaking in my hands stop and the fog in my head clears. 

    "I don't have anyone to answer to now..." I start my morning pep talk. "I don't have to be held back anymore..." It always ends the same. Fuck it, i say and throw back another shot. 

    I don't even like tequila, i note, half-heartedly, to myself. There's bacon frying in a half cleaned pan and my coffee is brewing. I pour a glass of Peach Wine as i wait.


  • ibrahimghani 6w


    #stranded #island #alone #family #love #futurepast #dark #confusion #mad #beauty #dream #theend

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    I came back to consciousness and found something pulling my hair. There were lots of tree stems in my mouth. I was gonna choke... I threw all of them and started coughing untill I fell down on the sand... A giant stone hit my head and I went blank again...

    The water flowed and sprinkled on my face. I choked because of the things stuck in my throat. It felt like I was going to die. My eyes were gone, dropping tears. I could only see blurry things. My vision was about to fade. My eyes shut down.

    Her long beautiful hair, her calm wet lips, her wide almond eyes, her soft bosoms, and her electrifying magical body. Where is she? She always come to my dreams. But... But she... she never lets me touch her... for real... Is she for real? or not?

    Why Am I thinking of her if she doesn't exist, or if she does exist... I don't know... Has the island made me imagine a certain person that doesn't exist... Or do I know someone like her... The girl?

    And as I start thinking about these things in more detail. My sleep gets interfered by my alarm clock...


    I have a wife, two kids, and a certain relaxing job that I do not intend to get any more tension about anything in whole my life.

    The place I dreamt about felt so much real to life, as if I had experienced something real, not imaginary. I start thinking: 'Am I really happy in my own life or bored as hell.'
    I couldn't compare the places. I still felt I am on the same island.


    And thinking about an imaginary place like this. My wife, my children are all fake.... Or I am going mad?

    I am back with my daily life, doing things that I always loved, I got busy with the things I was eager to do and now the flow of life resumes.

    Until one day I bought a ticket to some place for business by ship.
    This happened to be going to be wrecked. I guess I was having the visions of my future... That brought me to the same island that I had the prophesy of... And this all happened... No one survived except me.
    Our ship was cracked in the middle so I swam all the way to the shore. I got tired and unconscious.

    When I woke up I could remember nothing... But happy to be in this beautiful lovely and gorgeous place, where I've been to...

    [THE END]

  • ibrahimghani 8w


    The moon shows no response. It just hides on the black sky and keeps silent. Without any motion or reaction.
    Hubbub everywhere, the ocean screams loudly and breaks into each and everything. The birds falling from the sky like rain drops. The fishes are dead and else crying for help. The water looks poisonous and the air is infected. The dreams are changed into nightmares.

    Hearts stopped.

  • the_adorable_scar_ 8w

    Stop blaming evil on the Devil, blame it on the Creator of everything, if you don't understand, ask Him or at least hope that someday He will reveal it to you.
    - Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity.
    #IWriteSins #BloodlineRebellion #WritingSinsSince1699 #FinalMasquerade #LoseYourself #BloodAndSins #WritingsToHell #GoodGoodbye #BackAtIt #TheEnd #ThankYou #IWill #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #ImDone . ��.

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    Welcome To The Massacre_.

    There's nothing in between me and the Gods...
    Yet I'm here, walking on this devotional road...
    There's a bond of respect, in between me and the Satan...
    Yet, I'm running away from the gates of hell...
    There's a prophecy, illustrated by the Popes and the Prophets...
    There's a message, conveyed by the Priests and the Monks...
    Yet, I'm here, committing crimes and laughing at the crisis...
    The abyss is growing bigger and these phenomenons are mesmerizing, just like my Sins...
    Blood here and Bones there...
    Flesh synchronising with the floor, and then there's the heap of Skin, decaying beneath the dust...
    The Sun is going down, and the Dusk is on the way...
    This scenario is satisfactory, this is my way of attaining the inner peace...
    Vibrating Skulls, Horrible Screams, Burning Corpses, Scorching Souls, Freezing Memories...
    I'm witnessing the ultimate process of moving on...
    The ashes blew towards me along with the blizzard...
    But, there's no one rising from the dead...
    Death is their full stop...
    Yet, I'm standing here, fearless and hopeless...
    There's no fear in going down...
    There's nothing terrorizing, in the Death...
    But, If I accept the proposal of the ending then there's no turning back...
    There's no hope for the revival...
    I'm not afraid, I'm just uncertain about the future...
    I don't know a damn thing about my survival...
    But, I just can't give up like those freakin' puppets...
    Death is a dangerous game for all of us...
    But, I'm not here to play games...
    It takes some real shit, to kill me...
    It's not that easy to steal me away from myself...
    Don't even dare to think about trying...
    Your life is a precious gift for your family...
    Well, I'm just a narcissist...
    See you around...