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  • mj1706 12w

    The Bachelor #35

    The girl and her group of bouncers could never be a part of 'The Bachelor' gang as they targeted people without proper research.
    This is a competitive business where you will have to keep yourself alert otherwise you will never ever be found again with your organs safely transplanted somewhere, like how it happened for the girl and her gang!!
    With these running in my mind I started my BentleyContinental GT.

    Well..!! Wondering who I am?
    The message from the private number read as below :
    "The evidence will not be found.
    It is all cleared Boss !!
    And the next set of The Bachelors are marked !"

    The End.

  • akrasia04 13w

    I watch them walking a foreign path, the path of the unknown
    But i've been here before. A psychedelic place of madness
    Monsters eating themselves to death skin and bone
    Only seeing them strangles you in the claws of darkness
    They scream and crawl to the edge of desperation
    Human kind is nothing but a plague created to eviscerate the world
    I see them spreading like deseases tormenting in damnation.
    They walk blindly on rotten corpses before they even burned.
    The Heaven's far away, the Hell is even far

  • _adexiquitsaprobe_ 13w

    The Comeback_.

    Smoking, On the top of my life,
    I'm sorry, Did you just freaked out,
    My bad fella, I'm doing the shit,
    Caffeine, Alkaloids, Smack, Brown Sugar,
    I'm breathing in the heaven, Hell Yeah,
    I'm doping venom, I'm planning to die,
    Liquor on my mind, I'm not sure,
    What If I Die, What If We Fall,
    Me, My Throne, You, Your Ego,
    Tell me, Don't you think so,
    Is this alright, Is it a crime,
    Abyss beneath my portrayal,
    Devastation on it's best,
    I'm, so willingly, seeking my quietus,
    In order to live, Just for the sake,
    Just sold my pride, Dumped the codes,
    To feed the Satan, To tempt the cause,
    Running on the razorback, I'm going,
    To be a part of them, The dead, The Dust,
    The Divinity, The Peace, For the Council,
    My serenity, all erased, a perfect task,
    To attain the peace, to claim it,
    My corpse, lying, all dead,
    In the cemetery, like a decaying daisy,
    All oppressed, heavily cursed,
    This is a must thing to say,
    My roots, all infected, all burning,
    My castle is going down,
    I'm witnessing it, the downfall,
    The crisis, the massacre, the war,
    I lose everything, there's nothing left,
    For you to dwell, for me to claim,
    My legacy all stomped, all thrashed,
    Torn into the peices, as it's nothing,
    No one can save me, I'm all utilised,
    Dedicated to the ritual, like it's my last,
    As determined as the tale,
    Of Nico and the Niners,
    Anger is trespassing my ground,
    I lost it up, The patience, The dignity,
    The morality, The Integrity, All of it,
    Go ahead, kill me, cut me down,
    Snatch the blood, the veins are sore,
    Don't wait, roast the flesh, consume,
    In order to fake, the superiority,
    The domination, Bury my Skull,
    Deep down in the Hell, Do it,
    It's not for you, It's a bait,
    For the Satan, in order to thrive, for the withstanding,
    Leave me hollow, naked, wounded,
    It's all worth it, It's acceptable,
    My soul, so greedily lurking,
    For the homecoming, The dresses,
    The parades, The triumphs, The Orchestras,
    I reached on the top, Fill me up,
    With madness, Integrate me,
    I'm begging you, come on,
    Do it, in the name of welfare,
    Provide me with comfort,
    I want luxury, the lavishness,
    The lustre, the royalty, every single thing,
    All around my corpse, Mind it,
    This isn't a spin cycle, It's a comeback,
    The setback, in order to return,
    For payback, for the sake of prophecy.
    This, Is an Illusion, one illustration,
    Of the Scenes, I feeled so deeply,
    When I'm high on the pills,
    It's future folks, It's hallucinogenic,
    I can predict it, Only for a moment though,
    Really, Trust me, I can, Come on,
    You know me, I'm not faking it,
    You'll realise the fact, very soon,
    Mark it bubs, It's time, Embrace yourself,
    You're about to witness history,
    Once again, like a pathetic threat,
    Like a immoral peice of shit,
    Get ready, To grace my funeral,
    I'm going home, Sayonara,
    Will never catch up with you,
    Pardon me, Do I know you ?
    Negatively obvious, as like my state,
    All calm, So cold, Damn too Hot,
    Yet, Subtle, In every step, On every Turn,
    I'm bidding you gracefully, Cursing the walls,
    Praying for your realm, Thank You,
    For appreciating the wickedness,
    I'm highly grateful, For my personality,
    Not for you, what, Is this inappropriate ?,
    Fuck It, Who the hell cares, No one,
    Go ahead and send me off,
    It's your turn to do the right,
    For promoting the wrong, The evilness,
    The darkness, The Failure, The Fallover,
    Thanks to you, folks, Once again,
    This society, truly deserves my attention,
    For the sake of Destruction,
    It's a must thing to do,
    This organisation, must be terminated,
    Expelled, from the reality, You're just nobody,
    To judge me, Fuck yourself bastards,
    I'm here to slay, I'm going down, Yet,
    I'm saying it to your bloody faces,
    I'll be back, someday, very soon,
    In order to hunt, In order to kill,
    To seal the deal, To claim the throne,
    It's in the bloodline,
    The betrayals, The duties,
    The controversies, The sins,
    All of it, Wanna see it,
    Don't worry, You'll, for sure,
    Very soon, not yet, still too early.
    Behold, I'll be there, in a moment,
    And, You can believe that,
    Please do so, and stop bitching here.
    Go get a life, your services are bullshit,
    Go to hell, Please, Would ya ?
    Do this, and stop messing with my mind.
    Leave me in peace, I'll be thankful.
    Now leave, you traitors, Just Go.
    Finally, Peace attained, All is good.
    Sins, I Can Smell'Em.
    All rights reserved, as per 2018.

    #mirakee #pod #IWriteSins #BloodAndSins #CannotBeTouched #TheComeback #SickAtIt #Confession #ThankYou #TheEnd #IWill #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #Fuck . ��.

    *Forgive me for the shortcomings,
    I don't know, what I've done to this peice,
    I'm all high during the creation,
    All exhausted in agony,
    My bad.


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    The Comeback_.

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  • inkless_quill 13w


    The end of the day was like walking out of prison, all set free...
    The feeling was one of liberation...
    From all the hushed questions and weird staring and giggles and whistles...


  • truthsoflife 14w

    तो नेहमी माझ्या सोबत राहायचा
    परंतु विषय मात्र तिचा असायचा
    हातात हात घेऊन माझा फिरायचा
    यावेळी फोनवर मात्र तिच्याशी बोलायचा

    माझ्या शेजारी झोपून गोष्टी तिच्या करायचा
    रात्री झोपेत तिला आठवत स्पर्श मला व्हायचा
    संडेच प्लानिंग मी करायचं
    मुव्हीला मात्र त्याने तिच्यासोबत जायचं
    हो। रात्री थकून घरी आल्यावर, "डोक्याची मालिश करून दे" असं हक्काने मला सांगायचा

    हे सारं करताना मला त्रास होत नव्हता असं नाहीये !
    माझ्या मनातही मत्सर निर्माण होतो
    मलाही दुःख होते,
    खूप चिडचिड होते, खूप संताप येतो
    कधी त्याच्यावर, कधी तिच्यावर, तर कधी स्वतःवरही.
    तरीही !
    मी हे सारं गपगुमान सहन करते
    तर मीच मान्य केलंय असं जगणं
    कारण एवढा का असेना, माझ्या वाट्याला तरी येतो तो !
    नाहीतर माझ्या नशीबी नव्हताच "तो" कधी.

    त्याला ती हवी होती आणि मला तो. म्हणून मी मान्य केलं हे सारं.
    कारण एवढा तरी माझ्या वाटेला येतोच ना तो !

    #love #lovetriangle #truelove #selfishlove #fakelove #feelings #dreams #respect #trust #family #lie #truth #TheEnd

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    तो, मी आणि त्याची ती
    वो, मैं और उसकी वो
    He, I and His....

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  • vijaywrites 15w


    घड़ी-घड़ी पूछ कर एक ही सवाल,
    तुम्हें तंग किया है।
    तुम्हारी रंगों से भरी ज़िन्दगी को शायद,
    बेरंग किया है।
    सबक दिए तुमने बहुत इसलिए तुम्हें,
    मुर्शिदा कहते हैं।
    इस सिलसिले को अब रोककर हम,
    अलविदा कहते हैं।


  • tejasheart 15w

    Inspite of starting afresh
    Im moving to the end
    Time here is limited
    Money and success
    Seem to flourish in this era
    But fate seems
    To have its own plan
    Trying to be good
    To do the right thing
    But my good is someone's bad
    My right is someone's wrong
    The world sees through its tinted glasses
    Nobody is saved from the irony of life
    From the doom of death
    The permanence of imperfection
    Nobody is perceived as exceptionally good
    Or absolutely marvellous
    The world strips down your laurels
    And Eats up your achievements
    Inspite of abundance
    Inspite of peace,
    It is not enough for a growing
    And changing world
    There are still mouths to feed
    Hungry voices in search of freedom
    Slaves of the system
    There is poverty and war
    We are all, in one sense
    Moving to the end
    Like it or not.



  • _t_h_e_h_o_l_i_c_s_ 14w

    PART 10

    Her dad was not in a condition to see her. So they took me in, yes I was going to meet her after an year but why it should be like this, why here. I went near her, she was covered with a white cloth. I loved to see her wearing white, because she looked not less than an angel in white . But now I couldn't see her like this so i took off the cloth. The worst part of my life was infront of me, who was the best part of it till that moment. The life less body of the one who meant the world to me. Every part of her body had wounds, she had cut herself so cruelly. I couldn't look at her and turned away from her. Once I never wanted to take of my eyes from her and now I can't even look at her. I felt lifeless but I was alive in the world where SHE DOESN'T BELONG ANYMORE.....
    ...... End

  • anhad_naad 15w

    The Fly

    The fly sitting over the pile of shit alone thinks
    "How did I get here?"
    "This morning I was flying fluttering my wings"
    Now there is only despair

    When it was born it didn't know how to fly
    But, it did later learn
    Now stuck here, it thinks " My whole life has been a lie"
    How long it took to discern

    It must have had high hopes of itself; hopes of touching the sky
    " I wanted to fly high", it cries
    Alas! It didn't know that it was only a fly
    Not made to reach the skies

    Is that the truth or did it not try harder ?
    "Why can a fly not fly high?"
    "Can a lion not kill more; can a dog not bark louder?"
    "Can a man not do both without a sigh?"

    The truth is it made a wrong turn
    "That moment cost me the life", it now says
    It listened to the other flies about how they used to churn
    Around that pile where it now lays

    It got distracted and now it must pay
    With this daily ritual of night and day
    " Why can I not be free; be gay?"
    " Are these shackles of expectations to stay?"

    As it was thinking, something stirred in its heart
    " I won't follow, I will lead; this will be the end of this fight"
    It finally started flying again away from that pile of dirt
    As it flew towards the night Sun - that bright light

  • anu_iyer 15w

    Once upon a time...

    ...in a faraway kingdom, there lived a handsome prince. He was strong, skilled in the arts of war and heir to his father's vast and wealthy kingdom.
    One day, when the Prince was out riding, he glimpsed a woman gathering firewood. Though she was dressed simply and wore not a single jewel on her body, she caught his eye because her features were sharp and clear, her eyes large and dark and her hair think and glossy. Never had the Prince seen such a beautiful woman. He could scarcely contain himself.
    'Beautiful lady!' He called out, 'I do not know your name, but you have stolen my heart. Come to the palace with me and become my wife. '
    The woman was started at seeing the prince. 'O great Prince,' she said kneeling, 'I am flattered by your affections, but I do not wish to marry you.'
    Now it was the Prince's turn to be surprised. 'Why? You could be the princess of the kingdom, and in time, the queen. You will have ornaments and silks beyond count, and servants to tend to your every comfort. Your sons will be kings.'
    The woman smiled. 'I thank you for your offer, majesty. But I do not wish to marry you.'

    Unsure of what to do, the Prince consulted his best friend over a game of dice.
    'lt is not so easy to woo a woman, my Prince!' laughed the friend. 'How can she know you are serious in your proclamations of love? You must be persistant. Ride to the place where you saw her and ask her everyday for a week, to prove the truth of your love.'
    The Prince agreed. Six times he asked her. Seven times he asked her, and seven times she declined.

    'What is wrong now?' The Prince asked his friend. 'I have crossed many miles to see her gathering firewood, and even helped her carry it to her modest dwelling. Still she had refused me.'
    'Ah, but there is much more to be proved Prince.' said his friend, knowingly, 'You have proved your love, but only a foolish woman is swayed by love alone. Tomorrow, shower her with gifts to prove your generosity and wealth.'

    The Prince agreed, and rode to her house with a chest of gold and jewels. 'Take these,' he said, 'As a token of my love. You shall have much more when you marry me!'
    The woman flushed. 'This is generous of you, your majesty.' she said. 'But I cannot accept your gifts, because I will not accept your offer of marriage.'

    So the Prince rode back with his chest of gold, dissapointed. He went back to his friend, who grew thoughful.
    'This woman seems more cautious than most. You have assured her that you will love and provide for her, but will you defend her? She wants you to prove that you are a brave and skilled warrior.'
    'How should I do that?' asked the Prince.
    'Give it a few days. An opportunity may present itself.'

    So the Prince waited, and as it happened, an opportunity arose. He saw the woman on the ground, trembling beside her bundle of firewood, with a tiger snarling above her. Tears were running down her cheeks as she whispered in fear.
    Without a second thought, he rushed forward to defence his beloved. The tiger leapt towards him, but drew his sword and killed it with a slash.

    The woman knelt at his feet and thanked him profusely, still crying. The Prince beamed with pride at having finally impressed his beloved. He helped to her feet and wiped her tears, and said carefully: 'I have proven myself to be true and generous and wealthy and brave. Surely you will find my worthy of your heart now, dearest?'
    The woman blinked and stepped back.
    'Your majesty!' she exclaimed. 'I never considered you lacking of these qualities. I simply never wished to marry you, no more than I do now.'
    This was too much for the prince. 'Ungreatful wench! I have risked my life for yours, and even now you continue to refuse me!'
    The woman grew exasperated. 'I am duely greatful to tour for saving me. I just fell at your feet and thanked you. But I won't marry you out of gratitude.'
    'Why are you so stubborn? Are you already married?'
    'In love with someone else?'
    'Promised to some other man? Taken a vow to never marry? My royal word can free you of these obligations to lesser men.'
    'And who,' said the woman, 'Will free me of you?'

    The Prince's face fell. The woman's eyes were full of anger. 'First you follow me around for a whole week, against my will. Then you try to buy me with gifts, and now you try to guilt me into marrying you. Next, you'll threaten to have me killed. My answer remains the same: I don't want to marry you.'
    'But I have so much to offer you.' the Prince protested, 'Wealth and comfort and protection and love. Surely you want a man who can give you those. And who can give more of them than I?'
    'How can you be sure of what I want? Have you asked me?'
    The Prince paused. 'Tell me.' He said, 'What do you want?'
    'I want a simple and modest lifestyle. I want to tend my parents' farm for as long as I can. I want to be honest and work hard. I want to marry a man who values my opinions, and treats me as his equal.'

    She gave the prince a meaningful look. He hung his head in shame.

    'I understand.' he said, and apologied profusely for his mistakes. He offered her any number of gifts as atonement, but she refused.
    'I don't need your gifts. Instead, go teach the people of your kingdoms the lessons they learnt today. They, too, must learn to respect one another and their choices.'

    The Prince agreed, and returned to his kingdom a changed man.


  • gryffindor 15w

    There are moments in life.
    When we want to give up.
    Difficulties do come in worst of forms.
    But remember always,

  • drmehvishnaeem 16w

    When you feel that, no one is listening
    When you feel that, you are all alone
    When you feel that, this is the end
    Think for a moment and take a deep breath
    Then Pray
    Then you will find peace
    And you will know you are not alone

  • athirankaimal 16w

    Sometimes the spirit in me explore tales..
    Stale and lumpy, hard and undone..
    I glide around and cruise through feelings..
    I flip to despise and shrink with vengeance..
    Tears will gush out and suffocation draws in
    And I scrape the dilemma in eccentric doom..
    I am the one, the lord of my verges..
    I fake for existence and seek for cessation!!!


  • devchathu 16w


    In the end...
    Were you happy?
    Is all that matters!!!


  • joieyin 17w

    The End, Another Beginning

    Today I close this chapter because
    I chose to open a new one tomorrow.
    I want to replace laughter from tears,
    and happiness from sorrow.


  • takotsubotales 17w

    THE END.

    She lost someone who always loved her .He lost someone who doesn't .

  • dami_wande 17w


    We take death the hardest
    'cause we almost never get to say goodbye.


  • general__izzy 17w

    "The grave is calling"
    This is not a metaphor.

  • myinnerchaos 18w

    My tears have stopped
    Ink has dried
    No words to express
    Nothing to write

    No way to show
    How much i truly care about you
    And how much I want you back
    And exactly how much i loved you
    Till the end of time

    "He is toxic" they said
    But I chose not to believe
    Cause it's like you
    Put a spell on me
    And i am bound
    To be in love with you
    Till the end of me

    We were not meant to be
    We had no future , nor a past
    But if we had jist tried
    We could've changed that
    But we didn't
    Even though we had the chance

    You walked out on me
    When I asked you to stay
    You pushed me away
    When I needed your company

    You held my heart
    First gently and with lots of care
    Then just like that
    You burnt it away

    It's been a long while
    Since it all started
    Didn't take that long
    For you to move on

    Then tell me why ?
    Why am i still stuck here
    Feeling like we belong together? 
    That  we are meant for each other? 

    I was lucky to have you  in my life
    I was lucky that you showed me you cared
    I was lucky cause for  once I owned what i felt
    I was lucky that I fell in love with you

    But I was a fool to think
    That  i had the same effect on you
    You were never compelled to stay or love me back
    So you didn't and walked away

    Maybe you are in my fate
    And I am not in yours
    Cause every time I close my eyes I see your face
    And i bet
    It's not like that with you

    All the time
    There is only one thing in my mind
    All those times when you said
    You loved me
    Did you really mean it ?

    We swore we would never
    Give up on each other
    Would never give up on us
    We made a promise to give us one chance

    Then why was it that
    I was the only one who  tried
    Or did not  give up
    Or wanted to stay

    What changed your mind
    Which made you
    break that one thing
    That was giving me hope
    And keeping me alive.

    #love #pain #theend #istillneedyou @mirakeeworld #tears #pain

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    The End

    I was lucky to have you  in my life
    I was lucky that you showed me you cared
    I was lucky cause for  once I owned what i felt
    I was lucky that I fell in love with you

    But I was a fool to think
    That  i had the same effect on you
    You were never compelled to stay or love me back
    So you didn't and walked away

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  • divya_264 18w

    How did it end?

    They asked.

    "In order to satisfy his ego,
    he kept denying the fact
    that he still need her."