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  • brandyn 1w

    The wilted flower is still a flower, the faded scar is still a scar.

  • sanchit_kalra 2w

    अगर तुम हर..

    अगर तुम हर कदम रुक रुक कर चल रहे हो,
    क्योंकि शायद तुम्हे लगता है के ऐसे तुम कभी गिर्रोगे नहीं
    तो तुम्हे बता दू के,
    एक जगह पर खड़े रहने वालो ने कभी रास्तों को पार नहीं किया है,
    और जो तुम्हे गिरने का डर है
    तो तुमने कभी दौड़ने से प्यार नहीं किया है।

  • expression_garage_byteevra 2w


    Drink the passion
    Gulp the superfluous moments
    Let the fire run down your throat
    Be the character you've always wanted to be;
    Fill the nerves with intoxication...
    of your Desires,
    The bizzare desires... the one's
    that supress under outside voices.
    And the desires that mostly supress under...
    the mayhem of war winthin you.

  • sanchit_kalra 2w

    This one for every girl out there that carries a broken heart and believes that it is impossible to trust and fall in love with someone again.

    She was once that girl everyone used to look at and smile.
    cause she always surrounded her with positive vibes always smiling at everyone that looked at her even for a while.
    She felt this was the best way to spread happiness in the world as it begins with a smile and
    Smiles are contagious.
    But then she met him and everything changed.
    Her defintion of being happy got limited only to him.
    From make him smile,
    To staying with him.
    From writing her name on his back,
    To praying with him.
    From texting him all the time,
    To making time to recieve his calls.
    From smelling roses sent by him,
    To finding beauty even in the color of the walls.
    From the butterflies in her belly,
    To the redness of her cheeks.
    From spending a moment with him,
    To just living in him for the countless weeks.
    She thought all this life she was only waiting for this to happen and now that it had happened she wanted nothing else from life but just him.
    But then luck played its toll
    And did what it does to all.
    He left saying just a goodbye.
    There were no explanations given and he didn't even seem to try.
    She felt a jolt in the place doctors say where your heart belong.
    She replayed every single moment in her mind trying to figure out what went wrong.
    All her calls went unanswered and her texts were ignored.
    She was confused if she was really at fault or he just got bored.
    Yet she tried to convince herself that he would come back and he wasn't like the rest.
    But nothing fell into place even after she tried her best.
    Her heart wasn't ready to accept that he could go.
    For he was the purest of souls that her heart used to know.
    With the passing days the realisation dawned deep.
    The curve of her trust experienced a fall that was steep.
    She started fighting herself,
    Blaming her heart to fall in love.
    And for everything else that followed
    Not even closely explained in the words above.
    She even changed herself trying to be different from what she was in the past.
    But somehow she knew that this regretwas something that was gonna last.
    She stopped trusting people,
    The gender 'male' topped the chart.
    For she was a broken soul now that was
    Really possessive about her heart.
    She ignored the eyes of people at whom she used to smile.
    Her heart still convinced her to look up and the struggle continued for a while.
    But she learned to be alone,
    To ignore everyone that tried to come close.
    She faked to everyone that she had an attitude and a taste that only suited her high nose.
    The child inside her poked her that this is not what she is.
    Just cause someone broke her heart doesn't means that all other sounds are also the snake's hiss.
    For years and years she ran away from everyone she met.
    She had a competition with her heart and for the last 3 years she had been somehow winning the bet.
    But then he came and changed the game.
    Now there was someone again whom she remembered by name.
    The guy who was trying to tell her that she was beautiful but alone.
    She tried playing it cool and said that she just want to be on her own.
    Her heart pinched her tongue and her brain cursed her zillion times for that quirk.
    She was an idiot not to tell him that she felt the same,
    To tell him that she wanted him to be her Mr. Crap bag and she wanted to be his Mrs. Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.
    She knew that he really loved her yet she dreaded trusting someone again.
    Cause she thaught her heart was weak
    And won't be able to handle a blow again.
    She felt like she would fall and that he would not be there to catch.
    And that she'd fall hopelessly in love with him that his heart won't be able to match.
    What she didn't realise was that it was nothing else but her fear to fall in love again.
    She was like that small child that is afraid of catching a cold but loves to bath in the rain.
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    She felt like..


  • andersom 2w

    Do you remember the last morning we spent together
    When you were sullen on your couch
    Trying not to touch me
    Disheartened by the world
    and what it brings
    All I wanted was to take away your sadness
    I turned to you
    and told you
    list three things you are grateful for in this world
    and you couldn't do it
    I had to prompt you with simple things
    that made you smile
    Like your cat and tea
    You seemed happier for second
    I noticed though you were never grateful for me
    And as I left I knew it was the last time
    I felt it in your energy
    I taught you the trick of happiness
    And you didn't need me anymore

    - at least you look happy now

  • thevigorouswriter 2w

    Be the Batman
    Of your Gotham!
    Or be the Joker ��
    Of the Batman!


  • booksandme2003 3w

    The sun rose with terrified eyes on that fateful day
    Warning the amaerican lads of the horrors the day brought
    For it was september 11, where darkness blocked sun's rays
    And the important lesson it taught

    The twin guards of American civilization
    Stood proudly with young soldiers surrounding its crown
    The Satanic laughter brought in the black drones
    With the missiles making on their faces a profound frown

    The special gifts from hell brought with it ash, debris and stones
    Still they fought, although all was lost
    They remembered His crucifix with feverish tones
    And as they breathed their last, thousands of candles illuminated this security's cost

    After all graves were filled with these pristine souls
    Year after year, a person returned there with a groan
    Lady America returns to her fallen soldiers
    Who departed to heaven with honour and respect and saved millions.


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    The fallen salute

    To soldiers all over the world


  • poetryandwords_ 3w

    As i pluck the flowers of poetry
    from my skin
    I wonder
    how deep the roots are !


  • docaarbee 3w

    I called out your name,
    Deciet was the echo

  • poetryandwords_ 3w

    I am both
    The sea and the shore.


  • alinawaz 3w

    T H E E T E R N I T Y

    2'o clock in the morning,
    And i guess its eternity, already.

    The memoirs of our love,
    Was supposed to have
    All the happenings
    Between us; till eternity.

    2'o clock in the morning,
    And i guess its eternity, already.

    The ecstasy of love,
    That delighted me;
    The "love you till infinity"
    That elated me
    Were to be bidden an adieu.

    2'o clock in the morning
    And i guess its eternity, already.

    We promised to stay
    Together forever.
    And forever is defined as
    Time that lasts, ending never.
    You said you'll love me
    Forever and a day.

    And 2'o clock in the morning
    And i guess its eternity, already.


  • poetryandwords_ 3w


    I fear the ocean
    behind that gaze
    I may swim deep
    and may find my oyster.


  • poetryandwords_ 4w

    They needed a listener
    so i became one.
    I heard them
    peeling their skin
    and resting in mine.
    My bones ache with their pain
    they've chained their tears
    so hard, to my bossom.
    They are crystal​ and gold
    living my tale
    and i ?
    I bow !
    giving space to my blades
    ripping off my spine and bones
    which were designed to save me
    from me
    I breathe their sorrows and misery
    learn what they say
    so unknown
    The freckles and lines
    that scream the vine lesser known
    Formed in high tides of nights
    On my skin
    plays the last of flute
    An ode, that made me so deep
    that i remember you in me
    But none of me

    #mirakee #thewritersnetwork #readersandwriters #poetry #listener #poem #readerswritersunite

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    On my skin,
    plays the last of flute
    An ode, that made me so deep
    that i remember you in me
    But none of me...

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  • poetryandwords_ 4w


    May the cracks and spaces
    of our hearts
    Always bloom flowers.


  • peedee 5w

    Believed in fairytales for so long
    Didn't realise
    How the sudden end to this story
    Was morphing
    Into a nightmare.


  • riya24 5w

    To sticky mom ,
    I love to be sticky with you ..You are the light of my life ..I am out of words to thank you enough ..You give me hope to fight the world in this bad times ..Wishing you a very big wali happy wali Diwali ..May god give you all the world's happiness ..Love you mom
    Yours kuddey

  • irinel 5w

    These moments

    It's a shame that the exact moments get treasured by your heart that you have to forget them all.


  • vizayne 6w

    She is her own epitome,
    A surge of universe persisting within.
    She is the sun to her dulling days
    Moon to her cloudy sky and star to her wandering direction.
    She is that turbulent water,
    never squelching, never failing to generate her own power.
    The outside is but flaws.
    Its inside where she reside,
    her surreptitious world of heroism.


  • riddhikejriwal 6w

    Life is like a river, it continues to flow irrespective of the innumerable obstacles and situations that comes along the way. Sometimes, there are events which tests our strengths and weaknesses, and on the contrary there are times where life gives us unexpected happiness.Life never gives us what we want. It gives us what we deserve. Miracles do exist. But we often fail to realize thier existence either due to a flow of terrible incidents or sometimes because of our own disbelief in the concept of "miracles".So life and miracles are all about the way we interpret them and the way we deal with them.

  • riya24 6w

    It's the flow of emotions in my head and heart that make me both sane and insane for you ..That make me both high and low for you ..That make me both alive and dead for you...