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  • harshii_ash 14w

    Paper planes
    Remind me of the days
    When Sunday gave happiness
    And a playful day gave satisfaction.

    Harshita Ashwani

  • bharathi_louie 14w

    It's a beautiful dream
    Yet i wakeup to wake you up
    To be your morning bliss
    Bliss were those days
    Today my morning have no sun
    Now am all alone idle, vigil and still

    ©Bharathi louie

  • prabh262 15w


    Do u remember those days?
    when there were no fights
    When there was more unity
    When there was no hatred.

    Playing in that playground
    Nobody asked your grades
    Nobody asked your 12 board percentage
    They were just in need of joy
    Nothing else.

    Do u remember those days?
    When there was no instagram
    And facebook
    When people were together
    In times of difficulties as well
    As in times of happiness

    Comment yes below if u remember

  • shikhab 15w


    " Sometimes I feel like going back to my past... .....! "

    #go back in my childhood...and just lost into my imagination and my dreams .., which I used to beleive was true...

    I want to be free from all this tension regarding money , career , life ... Everything...
    Just want to live my childhood again...
    #where no one will stop me , if I will sleep whole day

    #where no one will point out my silly mistake...

    # where my father always reserve my place in his lap.....

    #where I always get my fix morning kiss by mom...

    # where no body will stop me to dream.....

    #where no body will stop me to live my life.....

    I wish I would have a time switch button like thingiii...by which I could just stop this tym... I could just live my childhood again...

    I wish I could ride my father's bike again... In the same posture n position as we use to... Like I m sitting on the bikes tank��.....

    I WISH I CAN....
    I WISH I CAN....


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    Kya khuub thi vo bachpan ki yadain..
    Na thi koi umeed , na hi koi shikyatain

    Bs thi to aakho me chamak , or hoton PR muskurahat.....

    Na hi the chahat aage badhne ki , na piche chutne ka dar....
    Bs the to ek saccha sa Dil vo bhi nidar...

    Ghumte the Jin bago me din raat...
    Na Jane kb hogi , ab un darakto see dubara mulakat....

    " Bachpan ki vo #hsi, vo #khel , bn k rhe GI h bs ek yaad...
    Ab to hum jaise dost hi KR lete h kabhi kabhi bachpan ki un yadaaion ki baat "


  • anitta_jmz 15w

    Will you bloom

    Will you bloom again
    With those petals that make my heart
    pleasant with that gentle touch......

    Will you bloom again......

    Those petals were so lovely
    They had a power to make me yours
    They had a fragrance that
    led me to your world

    Oh my dear flower......
    Will you bloom again
    Will you bloom for me......

  • umdamehnaz 16w

    Finally It's Raining Heavily... In Delhi �� what a relief! ❤
    #thosedays #childhood #memories #mom #rainydays #rain #newdelhi

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    I Look Back To The Rainy Days
    When My Mother
    Used To Rush Towards Me
    With A Towel

    -Umda Mehnaz

  • anushkamumpu 16w

    Looking at it now..(life lesson #1)

    Those were the days, we used to go to college and as it didn't provide transport, we had to find our means to get there in time. Aah,the rush hour, the 8 am traffic, the smell of jasmine garlands,stench of fish from fish markets, vapour from steaming kettles of tea at the tea stalls,smell of food from breakfast restaurants, loud shouts of the newspaper hawkers trying to sell latest gossip, and the occasional drizzle and petrichor (cuz it pretty much rains here all the time !).
    The government made the monthly 'student passes' to reduce our expenditure on bus tickets. We normally never had a single bus, but two or three connecting buses taking us to our destinations. So waking up early (which is in itself a task!), getting dressed,having something, then rushing off to school seemed like drudgery! So tiring it was..
    And bus travel? What an epic to describe! I opted for a non ac bus pass(which came cheaper..) that was valid for 10 months. Just show your ID and pass to the ticket guy that's it! Go where you like without paying a penny. But just cuz you had the pass doesn't mean you travel in style,with your cool sunglasses on! You normally never get a seat..Oh seat? Forget it. We used to stand on the aisle of the bus with 10 people standing on us! Ladies in the front of the bus, guys at the back. We hang out of the bus in rush hour sometimes.The humidity that comes with the rain makes you sweat, it's not just you but also your fellow travellers too..You've got to get used to that odour. Eventually you do.
    You move with the bus, c'mon apply some physics here guuuys---inertia! When the bus steers left, you veer right,when the bus steers right, you veer left. You come crashing on someone standing next to you. If you're a man pushed on to a woman(by the bus,of course! ) she gives you death glares or loud warnings. If it happens again, you're done for! You step on someone's foot,there's a problem, you move away to avoid someone's foot, someone steps on yours, there's a problem. The bus route numbers seemed like cryptic codes..500D,500CA,KBS-1K,never made sense to me.The feeling when you're crossing the street to catch a bus on the other side and the bus leaves it's station.Uff..Priceless!
    Luckily we had our Physics teacher who gave us this simple yet effective mantra to get a seat on a crowded bus. It is this.When you're on a bus that's overflowing with people,look around to find someone who's nervously clutching their bag. It's a sign they're going to get off. Ask them to hold your bag,cuz it's heavy(they normally will), and when they're getting off they'll place your bag on that seat and ha! The seat is yours..(unless there's some old lady or pregnant woman around and you're super nice). When I first tried this trick, felt like a newly coronated prince, being glared at by 7-8 people vying for the same seat..works! I thought.
    Looking at it now through the panes of my car as I pass a bus, it seems like it was something impossible to do, seems so tiring,so difficult yet if you asked me to do it again, I'd say, it was some fun! Let's do it! As I jump out of the car and hop into one that's just about to leave.


  • sidhiquesid 16w


    പ്രണയമാണ് നിന്നോടൊരിക്കലും
    തീരാത്ത പ്രണയം,
    അടുത്തു വന്നപ്പോഴും അകന്നു നിന്ന
    നിന്നോടെനിക് പ്രണയമാണ്.
    കൈകൾ ചേർത്ത് പിടിച്ചപ്പോഴും
    ഹൃദയം ചേരുകയായിരുന്നു..
    തെറ്റിദ്ധാരണകളാൽ നീയകന്നപ്പോഴും
    പ്രണയം മാറാതെ ഞാനിരുന്നു.
    പിന്നാലെ വന്നപ്പോഴും തട്ടി മാറ്റിയതും നീയാ..
    എങ്കിലും മരിക്കുംവരെ പ്രണയിക്കും നിന്നെ ഞാൻ
    ഉടലിന്റെ ഒടുവിലത്തെ പൊടിയും മണ്ണിലലിയുംവരെ..
    പ്രണയമാണെനിക്ക് നിന്നോടൊരിക്കലും
    തീരാത്ത പ്രണയം...

  • athirankaimal 17w

    She was devastated..
    She became numb and desparate..
    Nothing made her happy..
    She lost everything, her own world..
    She lost him... !!!


  • rohanshrivastav 18w


    Memories worth more than millions.

  • badass_1022 19w

    Suffering Again

    His memories...
    Broken promises...
    Broken trusts...
    Intimate moments...
    These were all that was left with her

    Puffy eyes...
    Sore throat...
    Silent behaviour...
    These were what she was going through

    Everybody thought the same -
    "She's happy now"
    But with those damn feelings
    She was fighting everyday,
    She tried to move on by holding onto someone
    But how could she do it when her heart still beats for the old beloved one...

  • ashuify 19w

    Last day of college.

    It was the last day of college .
    Everyone promised to stay in touch.
    Then, life happened and Friend
    became only a name in the contact list.


  • musingsofthebodhi 19w

    I wrote this piece a few months back and remains closest to my heart. Finally made the time to complete it today.

    @hindiwriters #hindiwriters @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli #hindi #hindipoem #urdupoem #urdu #poetry #mirakeeapp #childhood #missing #love #thosedays @kawaljit

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    बच्चे ही हम अच्छे थे।

    समझ से कच्चे पर इरादों के पक्के थे |
    बच्चे ही हम अच्छे थे।
    आज ज़िन्दगी की हर कड़ी नए सवालों को पैदा करती हे
    सारे सवालों को सुलझाने वाली वह टीचर की छड़ी आज बहोत याद आती हे।
    घर से स्कूल और स्कूल से घर का सफर आज बहोत याद आता है
    बहोत सी खट्टी मीठी यादों का सबब आज याद आता है।
    ज़िन्दगी आज हर वक़्त हमारा इम्तेहान ले रही हे
    कभी किताबो के कुछ पन्ने हमारे इम्तेहान तय करते थे।

    बच्चे ही हम अच्छे थे।

    ज़िन्दगी से बड़ी कब उम्र हो गयी
    फरमाइशों से पहले कब ख्वाहिशें बड़ी हो गयी।
    पापा की पीठ की सवारी आज महंगी गाड़ियों में हो गयी
    माँ की गोद में कभी सोया करता था
    आज नींद तकियों में सो गयी।
    आज कितना कुछ हे पहनने को फिर भी कुछ पसंद नहीं आता हे
    कभी अपने एक मनपसंद कपडे में हम कितनी बार सजते थे।

    बच्चे ही हम अच्छे थे।

    वह हाथों की छतरी से बारिश में भीगना
    वह किताबों को रठ जाना फिर भी कुछ नहीं सीखना।
    वह दोस्तों के खेल-खेल में एक दूसरे को पीटना
    वह दोस्तों के घर के नीचे खड़े उनका नाम लेकर ज़ोरो से चिखना।
    आज नाम कमाने के सिलसिले में शोहरत तो कमा ली
    पर वह बच्चपन मेरा बीत गया।
    आज एक दूसरे के साथ दो वक़्त बीतने की सोचते हे
    कभी कुछ दोस्तों के साथ घंटो निकल जाते थे।

    बच्चे ही हम अच्छे थे।

    बच्चे ही हम अच्छे थे।

  • heart_beat 20w

    Those days

    If i were in front if you
    You would not have talked a single word

  • _astha_gupta_ 22w

    Yes I remember..☺️

    I remember those days when we insult each other,,
    I remember those days when we shared our top most secrets to each other..
    I remember those days when we used to tell each other that it was all your fault not mine,,
    I remember those days when I apologized for my mistake..
    I remember those days when we bunked a boring lecture,,
    I remember your monitoring on all of us..
    I remember those days how we enjoy playing and gossiping in reccess, bcoz we had already ate our lunch as we were "BACKBENCHERS",,
    I remember the day we knew that we hate the same fellow..
    I remember our creepy jokes,,
    I remember those days how I felt when you was absent..
    I remember our useless and endless talks,,
    I remember the day when you get jealous of someone cause they called me as their "BESTFRIEND"..
    I remember the day when I first saw you and thought of your ugliness,,
    I remember those days when we see couples holding their hands, we always have a hard laugh on them..
    I remember those days when we call each other's nickname in front of our crushes,,
    And yaa, I still remember the day when I was too glad to find someone as "INSANE" as me..

  • dark_death__ 23w

    #Tamil #languagelove #mothertongue��


    School days

    Eyes sparkled with memories
    closed that eyes with tears
    Days blossomed with laughter
    left those days with longing

    #schooldays #tamil #language #love #sparkles #memories #tears #lotsoflove #love #thosedays

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    விழிகளை துறந்து மலர்ந்தேன் நினைவுகளால்.....
    விழிகளை மூடினேன் கண்ணீரால்.....
    மலர்ந்நது அந்த நாட்கள் சிரிப்பால் ......
    மறைந்தது அந்த நாட்கள் ஏக்கத்துடன்.....


  • the_murk_me 27w

    Somewhere between making fun of teachers when they were with us to missing them badly after leaving school, we all grew up.

  • the_murk_me 28w

    Somewhere between making fun of teachers when they were with us to missing them badly after leaving school, we all grew up.

  • vasubandhu 28w



  • glimpse_of_thoughts 30w

    Their stories started where they left in childhood and it ended up by reminiscing them...