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    Love your Mom
    Respect your Dad
    Trouble your siblings
    Hanker your wife
    Always Insult your friend

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    Writing something to crush, who doesn't even exist is fun. XD

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    I saw you,

    And last thing I remember is that,
    My heart was in trouble.

    -Deep Thakkar-


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    Dear God,

    We are in a lot of trouble down here.


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    Do girls like guys who show too much care towards them or it shows them they are needy ? And guess why I choosed to be single.


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    I'm proud
    Proud of?
    Proud of my dad
    He protects me whenever i face any problem
    Even if he is far away from me
    And he protects the nation when anyone tries to make trouble
    With sleepless nights of him
    We have peaceful nights
    With stressful and difficult days of him
    We have fun roaming around
    I'm proud of my DAD
    I'm proud of my SOLDIER
    I'm proud of my HERO

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    It seems different.
    Entering the school gate.

    It's like nothing is going to be same,
    A new adventure or a new trouble?

    Let's see what 2018 has to offer,
    Hope its a new adventure.

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    Like a magnet, I always
    Get attached to troubles.
    I walk on burning ropes
    Balancing on heart and mind.
    No cure for my madness,
    I make the same mistakes.
    So, I locked my heart in a coffer
    Threw the key away in ocean
    But it still pounds for troubles.


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    you smiled back
    with mischief
    in your eyes,
    I knew

    It was trouble.



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    The trouble is
    if you don’t spend
    your life yourself,
    other people spend
    it for you.

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    In their heart,
    They shouted out each other's name,
    As tears started falling down their cheeks,
    But there was no response from either side,
    Except for the cold silence.


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    The Choice Ch. 10 Part 2

    Dominic and Frakie walked hand in hand along the shore, as quiet as they had been at dinner. Frankie inhaled deeply of the night air, taking in the smell of the ocean and the Tiki bar close by. The scent was a concoction of the salty sea and burnt meat. She wiggled her toes in the sand but couldn't bring herself to spark up a conversation. Her thoughts were a storm of regret and embarrassment and she didn't know how to approach the subject of betrayal without hurting Dominic.
    "Hey babe, tell me what's wrong. You've been quiet all night and I'm staring to think that I've done something to piss you off." Dominic paused as he said this, tilting his head to observe Frankie.
    "It's nothing." She smile brightly. "I'm just worried about my midterm. I really think I failed it."
    "Stop worrying about it, if you did fail, I'm sure you know exactly how to make up for it. There's also the possiblity that you passed and you're worrying over nothing." He lifted his hands to cup her cheeks. "You are a smart and beautiful woman, if you were any less, I wouldn't be thinking about spending the rest of my life with you." He leaned forward, pressing his lips against her forehead.
    "Thinking about?" Frankie feigned incredulity and Dominic laughed. He pulled her in close so that her head rested against his chest and played with her hair, staring out at the sea.
    "I never pictured myself as the settle down, white pickect feence, two kids and a minivan type of guy, but when I met you...you changed my world." His voice was deep with affection and Frankie closed her eyes listening to the rumble in his chest. Her own feelings twisted up inside her so tightly she felt she might cry.
    "Dominic, don't..."She began and could hear the strain in her voice. He lifted her head to stare down at her.
    "No, I will always tell you how I feel Francesca, my mother has spent her life scraping at my fathers feet, begging with her heart on her sleeve, for him to reciprocate her love. I won't do that to you." Dominic leaned forward kissing her softly. She lifted her arms to wrap around his neck as he held her at the waist, his thumbs softly carressing her sides.
    When she felt the length of him harden and shift against her belly, she herself deepend the kiss. His low growl of approval spurned her forward in her desperate need to make up to him, something he didn't know she was guilty of. She broke off the kiss to look around the beach, seeing nobody in sight she crouched down to her knees, reaching up to grasp his belt buckle.
    He froze, his body tensing as he looked down at her. "Francesca, what are you doing?"
    "I want to please you Dominic." She whispered up at him, but he reached down to move her hand away. Gripping her shoulders, he lifted her to her feet.
    "You already please me, you don't have to be on your knees like some whore to please me." He chided, shaking his head. "We've already talked about this."
    "I know, but I wanted to try it, Stella said--" Frankie began, but he cut her off mid sentance.
    "Are you really taking sexual advice from Stella?" He scoffed and Frankie hung her head in shame. "That's the last person I want you taking advice from, she screws more guys in a week than normal people do all their lives."
    Frankie frowned, looking back up at him. "Don't talk about her like that Dominic, she was only trying to help me."
    "Help you?" He took a step back, eyeing her. "What could she possibly be helping you with when it comes to our sex life?"
    "I don't know." Frankie said, shrugging. "She said it wasn't normal that we haven't...you know, had oral sex." She swallowed hard, her and Stella did have the conversation but it had been months ago at Stellas birthday party and Frankie hadn't seen any reason to bring up the conversation until now. She didn't blame Dominic for what happened with Gio, but she couldn't help the niggling thought that if her and Dominic had been intimate that way, she wouldn't have ended up in her sisters bathroom with Gio. The moment the thought crossed her mind, she dismissed it. Betraying Dominic was soley on her, not him. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up."
    "Francesca..."Dominic said softly, reaching for her face. "Are you dissatisfied with our sex life?" His voice was mild and curious but she could see the hurt swimming in his eyes. She quickly shook her head.
    "No! Of course not Dom, I don't know what I was thinking." She replied slipping her arms around his waist and pulling him close. She rested her head back on his chest, listening to his heart pounding against her ear and couldn't help feeling like the scum of the earth. How could she antagonize Stefan, when she herself had committed the same sin?
    They made love that evening, but it was no near the same level of passion and excitement she had felt with Gio, and she wanted to hurt him. Her naivety was destroyed. Before, she had no idea what she was missing, and now, she began to crave it.


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    The Choice Ch. 10 Part 1

    Date Night

    Frankie smiled as she waited in the passenger seat for Dominic to come around and open the door for her. She knew that she was living in the age of the millenial, feminism and equal rights, but there was something so sweet about a guy who still displayed some of the gentlemanly qualities that were so often being misinterperted nowadays. Her father had raised her in a more traditional sense, explaining that it wasn't because a man didn't think she was able to do it, but more that he wanted to do it for her. A man had to make a concious effort to open the door for you, or get up from his seat and allow you to sit down when their were no other chairs in the room. Being a gentleman is not an insult to your capability to handle certain things, he said, it's more of a compliment to how much he really cares.
    So as she stepped out of the car she looked up lovingly at Dominic, a soft smile on her lips. "Thank you." she whispered and he in turned smiled, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on her lips.
    They walked to the doors of the restaurant, Frankie pausing to allow him to open the door and as they stepped in the warm fragrance of food caused her to inhale deeply as her stomach grumbled.
    She hadn't eaten all day in prepartion for tonights meal, running on only coffee and Red Bull. Luckily, she had risen on time, letting Stella, who had stayed the night, borrow some clothes and then they headed off to take their midterm. She completed her shift at work, having a friend to come in and take over the last few hours so she could get ready for her date night. She wore a black, floral lace, long sleeve cocktail dress with a boat neck that she'd seen the other day, hanging with Stella and Lettie in the mall. Her curly brown hair was down around her shoulders, and she took delight in the fact that it was shiny and bouncy and smelled like lilacs. Dominics favorite flower. He smiled brightly the moment he saw her, pulling her close and inhaling her scent. She felt warm and secure in his arms and was immensely happy that she had pleased him.
    Now, as the hostess brought them to the table Dominic reserved, she was confident that she and at ease. Even allowing him to go all out and pull out her chair. She sat down laughing gently and shaking her head and when he looked at her, he grinned.
    "I know, I know, you can pull out your own chair. I'm sorry."
    "No, don't apologize, I love that about you." She said, reaching for her napkin and placing it in her lap. Within a few minutes their waiter walked up to their table.
    "Good evening, my name is Antonio and I'll be your waiter, tonights special is our famous Roasted Duck with Orange and Ginger, and our very delicious clam chowder soup. May I ask what drinks you would like to start off with?" Antonio asked, staring down at them with, what Frankie knew, what his best customer service smile.
    "Yes, we'll have a bottle of your Cabernet Sauvignon and you can take these menus as we already know what we want to eat this evening." Dominic said looking up at the waiter and handing him the two menus that they had received from the Hostess. For a moment, Frankie frowned but when Dominic looked her way she quickly dropped the frown for a small smile. She wanted to see the menu, but thought better than to ask for them back.
    "Absolutely sir, what will you be having?" Antonio announced, though Frankie didn't see him pull a pen or pad from his pocket, which usually meant he had excellent memory recall.
    "We'll both be having the scallops and spinach over pasta. I hear you sautee it with lemon juice and olive oil, is that correct?" Dominic asked, not even looking toward Frankie for confirmation. Immediately reminding her of her mothers softly whispered words after her fathers conversation about allowing a man to be a gentleman. Just be ready for when they take those 'gentlmanly qualities' too far and decide that you are too ignorant to function.
    Frankie bit her lip as the waiter nodded and walked away and Dominic turned to smile at her. She didn't want to ruin the evening with something so trivial as him ordering for her, but it really rankled her.
    "So how was your midterm?" He asked, taking a sip from the glass of water the waiter had brought over when he intially introduced himself.
    Frankie latched onto the change in subject, not allowing herslef to stew in annoyance. "I've probably failed it." She said, laughing softly
    "You crammed all night didn't you?" He chuckled, reaching out to grab her hand, which she instinctively placed into his.
    "Yes." She lied, sipping from her glass to hide her guilt. "I just couldn't wrap my head around it."
    "I told you not to do that, it never works." They both looked up as Antonio came back to the table with a basket of bread. Frankies mouth watered at the sight of it, but immediately Dominic put his hand up to stop the waiter from placing it down on the table.
    "No, thank you." Dominic replied when the waiter looked at him confused. Frankie felt a small death inside as she watched the waiter walk away with the basket. Turning her head to look at Dominic, she fought to keep the glower off her face. "It's not healthy sweetheart, remember we're working on getting you healthier. More in shape." He commented and Frankie found herself gripping her chair with her other hand in an effort not to snatch both hands away from him. Slowly, mentally talking herself through it, the anger began to dissipate. Being mad at him about bread seemed shallow.
    "So how were classes today?" She quiered, taking another drink from her glasses and wishing the waiter would hurry up with the bottle of wine.
    "It was great." Dominic announced, his bright smile both adorable, taking some of the sting out of his recent betrayal. She loved bread. "I did my presentation on Martin Luther King today and they absolutely loved it."
    "That's great." Frankie said, lifting her wine glass almost immediately upon seeing Antonio return with the bottle.
    A few moments later he returned with their plates of food and Dominic and Frankie became silent as they ate. She had no idea what he was thinking and wasn't in the mood to volunteer a topic for conversation. As she was sipping from her wine, unwanted images of Gio began to present themselves, and she did her best to bury the thoughts. She didn't want to ruin their evening with her guilt and need to confess, but her regret began to nag at her as they sat in silence.
    "Oh, I wanted to remid you, we have a dinner with my parents this Sunday." Dominic spoke into the silence, refilling her glass of wine. Frankie groaned inwardly, she despised his parents. His father, who wanted him to beome a professor at some University instead of a private school teacher. His mother who looked down her nose at Frankie and enjoyed embarassing her with comments about how unladylike she was. Frankie had even heard a whispered conversation between Dominic and his mother, where she had told him that Frankie was beneath him and that he could do better. Of course, Frankie never told him that she'd heard, but it had vastly changed her opinion of his parents. Dominic seemed to disregard his mother advice, which endeared him to Frankie, but he still insisted on having dinner with them every Sunday. She couldn't fault him, they were his parents.
    "Right, I had forgotten about that." Frankie lied, sipping more of her wine. She had a nice buzz going and decided she wouldn't push it, setting her glass down. This would be the third night in a row that she had partaken of alcohol, which she usually reserved for nights out with the girls to help loosen her up and make her sociable.
    Dominic chuckled at her response, while lifting his hand to signal the waiter for the check.
    "So I was thinking, we could take a walk along the beach this evening, I'd like to get some time alone with you, since we've both been pretty caught up in work and school." He offered and Frankie nodded, they hadn't been spending that much time together these last few days and she loved the ocean at night. Loved walking along the shore, smelling the salty scenty of the sea, feeling the sand between her toes. Her demeanor immediately shifted at the idea of it and a bright smile lifted her lips.
    "I think that is a wonderful idea, you know how much I love the ocean." She said, Antonio came with the check and Dominic placed his credit card inside. Only a few moments passed before he came back, handing the receipt and credit card to Dominic, who wrote down what Frankie could only assume was the tip. Antonio's eyes brightened even further as glanced at the receipt.
    "Thank you sir." He said jovially and Dominic nodded.
    "Thank you for your service."
    Frankie stood up from her chair before Dominic had a chance to come around and pull it out for her. He lifted his arm and she wrapped her hand around it, allowing him to steer her toward the exit.


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    The Choice Ch. 9 Part 2

    Frankie said, stepping back to allow Stella to enter. She placed Stellas books on the kitchen counter and looked over at Lettie sitting on the couch, arms crossed, eyes full of unshed tears. "What's going on Lettie?"
    "Dead ass." Stella stated, walking towards Lettie. "Why was that punk even here?"
    "He called." Lettie began, blinking her eyes and allowing the tears to stream down her face. Immediately Frankie rushed over to comfort her friend, sitting down on the couch and stroking her back as her head fell into her hands. "He said he wanted to talk and I've...I've never been able to resist him."
    "Which completely boggles my mind." Stella whispered, shrugging when Frankie frowned up at her.
    "What happened?" Frankie queried softly.
    "Everything was going good, he apologized about what happened with Hennessy." Lettie continued, sniffling.
    Stella laughed. "Hennessy? Really? Jesus take the wheel." She said before dropping into the space on the other side of Lettie.
    "Stella hush." Frankie shook her head, she too was amused but felt it inappropriate to express amusement at that moment. Stella just shrugged.
    "It felt like it was in the beginning, before the..."Lettie trailed off, but Frankie and Stella knew exactly what she was talking about. What they had tried to convice her to go to therapy about. After a moment she continued. "Then that...that...ugh, chick started blowing his phone up. I mean non-stop." Lettie angrily wiped at the tears on her face as she recalled what happened. "Finally, he left the table to answer her and he didn't come back for an hour."
    Stella perked up at that. "You sat there for an hour? What the hell Lettie, don't ever play yourself like that again."
    "I know Stella, I know!" Lettie shouted, getting up from between Frankie and Stella and beginning to pace. Frankie watched her, her own anxiety driven pacing coming back to her. She wanted to talk to her friends about what happened, but again didn't think the time was appropriate. "I walked out finally. I was walking home when he pulled up beside me in his car and started following, hollering for me to get in the car."
    "Please tell me you didn't get in the car." Stella pleaded, looking up at her.
    "Of course not, I already felt stupid. Then he followed me all the way back to the apartment, it was embarrassing." Lettie threw up her hands in frustration.
    "Did he atleast attempt to explain what took him so long?" Frankie asked, Stella looked over at her incredulously.
    "Does it matter what his reason was? That was bullshit, he could've turned his phone off if he really gave a damn about Lettie, but no, he's trying to keep both women on his dick." Stella growled, getting up and heading into the kitchen for a drink. Frankie shook her head, briefly wondering why the police weren't knocking on their door yet.
    "I'm going to bed." Lettie declared, walking out of the living room. Frankie wanted to go after her, but was pretty wiped out her damn self. Unfortunately, she still had a midterm to study for.
    "Come on heifer." Frankie said as she walked by Stella drinking a glass of orange juice.
    "Hey! Don't call me names." She laughed. "It's not my fault the truth hurts." Stella picked up her books following behind Frankie.
    It wasn't two hours later that they had both fallen asleep on Frankies bed, the police never having showed up.


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    The Choice Ch. 9 Part 1


    Frankie slung her phone onto the bed as she began pacing her bedroom. She hadn't bothered turning on the light, the moonlight shone brightly through her bedroom windows. What had she done? The question raced through her mind as she paced. She felt like she was on the verge of a panic attack. Her heart raced in her chest, her palms sweaty as she rubbed them against her capris. The thought of telling Dominic what had happened causing her to hyperventilate. The alcohol she had consumed earlier was wearing off, leaving her confused and full of regret. She should've known, when Nicolette woke her up earlier today, that it was going to be a bad day. As she thought of that she realized she also hadn't studied for her midterm and glanced toward the clock on the side of her bed that read 11:58. She groaned aloud as she realized she was probably not getting any sleep tonight, the midterm was at seven o'clock am tomorrow and she wasn't ready for it.
    She plopped down on the end of the bed, her face dropping into her hands as guilt swallowed her up. She was on the verge of tears when she was startled by her phone going off. Reaching back, she pulled it out of the case to see Dominics smiling face on the screen. Gripping the phone tightly, she contemplated not answering but remembered their conversation earlier today. Hitting the talk button, she brought the phone to her ear as she lifted her hand to nibble on her fingernails. A nervous habit Dominic despised, always telling her how unsanitary it was.
    "Hey sweetheart, how's the studying going?" He asked, his voice light and friendly. Frankie breifly closed her eyes before opening them to stare at the wall.
    "Aw, you need me to come help you study?" He quiered and immediately Frankie shook her head.
    "No no no. I'm good, besides, I wouldn't get anything done with you here." She loved Dominic, but he was a distraction she didn't need right now. Especially considering what she had allowed to happen.
    "I promise I won't try anything." He chuckled and Frankie smiled sadly at the humor in his voice. How the Hell was she going to explain this to him?
    "It's all good. I was about to take a shower in an attempt to wake myself back up." She winced as she bit down harder on a nail than she meant to.
    "How about I bring you some coffee?"
    "Stop trying to get over here Dom, though I do appreciate the offer. Go to bed, you have class in the morning."
    He groaned then, his voice shifting to one of exasperation. "Don't remind me, do you know I found a group of them smoking pot in the bathroom today. They said their parents had given it to them to help them focus."
    Frankie laughed, thinking about her own use of the substance this evening. "Yeah, I doubt that was what it was for." She shook her head. "Tell me all about it tomorrow on our date."
    "Oh yeah, wear something nice, I have plans for us after dinner." He stated, his voice low and husky. Frankie bit down on her lip as she realized what he was suggesting and wanted to jump off a bridge.
    "Okay, I can't wait. I'll talk to you later."
    "Make sure you get enough sleep Francesca, you know cram studying doesn't work and always makes things worse. I love you." Were his last words before Frankie hit end on the call, unable to say the words back to hm. She still loved him, but somehow the words seemed dirty now.
    She sat her phone on the dock and started reaching for her capris when the front door slammed, startling her. She rushed for her bedroom door, swinging it open, to see Nicolette standing by the front door. She didn't look disheveled as she had last time but she was breathing hard, and after a moment she stalked toward the living room and fell down on the couch. Frankie frowned and stepped out to see what was going on when she heard banging on the front door.
    "Do not let that bastard in!" Nicolette shouted from the couch. There was only one bastard that came to Frankies mind, well two, but only one she was sure Lettie was talking about. Shaking her head, she walked to the door and peered out the peephole. Sure enough Stefan stood outside, his hands on his hips, a scowling expression on his face.
    As Frankie reached for the door knob he banged his fist against the door again. The anger she had felt earlier at Gio came rushing back and she swung the door open, ready to put her foot in Stefans ass.
    "What the hell is wrong with you asshole?! We have neighbors!" Frankie growled, staring an equally angry Stefan down. As she said this, she watched the door across the hallway close and knew, without a doubt, that she would be dealing with her landlord tomorrow about a noise complaint. That, in addition to, the police that might show up tonight.
    "Frankie, I'm not here for you." Stefan stated, moving to look around her.
    "Again, this is none of your business, I'm here to see Lettie."
    "And again, I have to remind you, that my best friend is my business." Frankie moved to close the door but was stopped by Stefan pushing his boot in the way. "Listen asshole, she doesn't want to see you!"
    "I don't care, Lettie!" Stefan stepped forward to push Frankie out of the way but they both paused when they heard someone coming up the steps behind him. Frankie was worried it was the police, but her fear was assuaged the moment she saw the bright green hair wrap around Stellas head.
    Stella reached the landing and Frankie briefly took in her appearance, she was rocking her Betty Boop pajamas and carrying a thick textbook and notebook in her hands, the smile on her face immediately morphing into a glare as she took in Stefan and Frankie.
    "What the hell is this asshat doing here?" She questioned and Frankie smiled inwardly at the insult and then commenced to pushing Stefan out of the doorway.
    "Fuck!" He shouted, running his hands down his face. "Can you two bitches just go and get Lettie?"
    "What the fuck did you just call me?" Stella came around Stefan and shoved her books into Frankie, who grabbed at them quickly before they hit the floor. She watched as Stella stood in Stefans face and she knew, having seen Stella fight a guy before, that this situation was about to get worse.
    "Stefan get lost before I call the police myself." Frankie demanded, glaring at Stefan over Stellas head.
    "We don't need any police Frankie, I got this." Stella replied, at this point Frankie believed Stefan and Stella were breathing each others air they were so close. "You Stefan, are the lowest form of scum. How anybody finds your punk ass attractive is beyond me, and I'm glad Lettie came to her senses. Call me a bitch one more time, please!" Stella begged and for a long moment the two just stared at each other. Frankie wanted to beat Stefans ass herself but she didn't want her best friend going to jail behind him.
    Finally Stefan threw up his hands, stepping back and glaring at them. "You know what, fuck this and fuck her!" He shouted before turning to head down the same steps Stella had come up.
    "You wouldn't be fucking anyone anymore if I had my way, pussy ass bitch!" Stella shouted behind him and Frankie shook her head. Without a doubt, she would be speaking to the police tonight.
    "Stella, what are you doing here?" Frankie asked, laughing at her friend.
    Stella turned around, a huge smile on her face. "I need help studying for this stupid midterm I'm about to fail tomorrow."
    "It's past midnight."


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    But there was this trouble
    That plagued my being.
    It wasn't only in my nightmares
    That I saw him,
    He was also a part
    Of the sweetest of my dreams.

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    The Choice Ch. 8

    The Bathroom

    It was an hour later and they were all still sitting around the coffee table, having switched from playing Never Have I Ever to watching Jeepers Creepers 3 on the Firestick. Lexi was curled up in Blu's arms, ducking her head beneath his arm whenever something scared her. Mark and Gio were leaned back on the couch in typical guy fashion with their hands on their stomachs and their legs spread out. Frankie was curled up in her armchair, feeling nicely buzzed and comfortable, completly having forgot about the midterm she was supposed to be studying for. She was reaching for her glass of wine when Gio sat up. Everyone was focused on the television and didn't notice when he reached for her arm and pulled her up. Frowning, she began to yank her arm back when he lifted his hand and positioned one finger over his lip to shush her. Conceding for a moment, Frankie allowed him to pull her along down her sisters hallway and into the bathroom, closing the door and locking it. She frowned up at him as he angled her towards the counter while he stood back by the bathtub. He folded his arms across his chest and stared at her long enough to make her uncomfortable. She took a drink from the glass to settle her nerves and set it down on the counter.
    “Okay, aside from the fact that locking me in the bathroom with you is really testing the boundaries of my comfort zone, what’s going on? Did I say something to upset you?”
    He shook his head. “Not at all. The opposite in fact.”
    “So I said something to please you?” The wine was going to her head faster than she expected, she leaned against the counter and tilted her head up trying to remember what it was they were talking about that could have pleased him. “Not that I care or anything, but what did I say?”
    “This is going to be a bad idea.” He smirked at her clueless expression and stepped forward to cage her in between his arms. “When you said no man had ever gone down on you, were you being honest Princess?”
    “Oh that. I thought it was going to be something…never mind” She chuckled. “ Yes I was being honest. I mean, I think I would know, wouldn’t you?” She snickered, completely unaffected by his nearness, even though his face was inches from her own and his eyes were the prettiest green, like emeralds or wet grass, and his hair looked incredibly soft. Swallowing hard she reached for the glass of wine again only to have him move it out of her reach. “Hey!”
    “I’m going to do something Princess and I need you to promise me you won’t freak out.”
    “Why would I freak out?”
    She rolled her eyes. “Whatever Gio, can we get out of here; my sister’s decorating scheme is suddenly making me nauseous.” He chuckled and dropped down in front of her on his haunches. Frankie looked down and frowned at him. “Gio, what are you…?” She sucked in a breath as she felt his hands slide up the outside of her thighs moving against her capris.
    She watched as his hands slowly caressed her thighs before slipping between them and parting them gently. She offered no resistance as he did this, her foggy brain begging her to stop him and her body begging him to go further. He used his hands to grab her by the waist and lift so that her bottom was some what pushed onto the counter leaving her legs free to move. At this point his hands gripped the spandex waist of her capris and he drew them down slowly, placing gentle kisses along her thighs as he went. She shuddered as he continued to pull her capri's down, taking them and her socks off in one pull. She had removed her shoes earlier to make herself more comfortable in the armchair.
    When he was finished she stood before him in only a pair of white boy shorts and her sports tank. He looked up at her with with a slow grin. "White cotton huh?"
    She tried to respond, willed herself to say something. 'Stop' or 'No' but she only managed to bite down harder on her lower lip. The grin he wore slowly left his face and his emerald eyes darkened with what Frankie could only assume was desire. He lowered his face to the front of her panties and laid a gentle kiss on her mound, causing her to gasp. Her heart was pounding out of control at this point and her hands gripped the counter tightly. He lifted her thigh to rest on his shoulder as he continued his gentle kiss along her cotton covered mound. When he reached the nub that was portruding though her panties, a clear indication of her arousal, he looked up at her as he slowly flicked it with his tongue. Frankie let out a soft moan as she watched him and her head fell back as he continued to lick it.
    Slowly his hands rose to the waistband of her panties and he began to gently slide them down her legs as well. She tried to clear her mind but was unsuccessful in her attempt. She'd been insanely attracted to him the moment she first laid her eyes on him, something about his demeanor drawing her in. Now as he slipped her panties off her feet she couldn't move as she looked down at him with pleading eyes.
    "Just tell me to stop Princess and I will." He said, his own voice husky with desire. The words wouldn't leave her mouth even as they screamed in her head. He took her silence for consent, raising her thigh again to his shoulder, softly kissing her inner thigh as he moved back towards her mound. The moment she felt his tongue on her, her body began to tremble. The pleasure that she was feeling at having him taste her most intimate of places all consuming. He laved her slit, every now and then focusing on the nub of her centralized pleasure. His own soft groans mingling with her louder moans. He took turns stroking her slit with his tongue and sucking on her clit and soon she found her hands in his soft hair, holding him in place.
    "Oh God Gio..." She trailed off, unable to put what she was feeling into words. She found herself grinding her hips against him as he continued his onslaught, she could feel the tightening of her nipples and wanted to move her hands to caress her breast but she was afraid if she let him go he'd leave her with the aching need that was building at her core. Warmth swam up through her body and she delighted in the feel of it as he continued to suck and lick at her mound.
    She jumped in surprise when she felt his finger enter her, the thickness of it scraping against the sensitive nerves inside her. He moved it back and forth as he continued to suck on her clit and the trembling of her body increased with each thrust. A moment later her body felt like it erupted as pleasure, more profound than she'd ever felt in her life, exploded inside of her.
    For a moment she thought she had blacked out as Gio rose, pressing soft kisses against her belly, slowly rising the hem of her sports tank. His fingers felt pleasingly rough against her overly sensitive skin and she moaned in delight. Opening her eyes she looked into his green ones, his lips were wet with her juices and as he continued up her body she felt one of his hands rise to stroke a distended nipple pushing through the fabric of her shirt. She couldn't understand how Dominic thought this was dirty, but almost immediately when she thought of him, and what she was doing was in her sisters bathroom with Gio, horror washed over her like a bucket of ice water.
    Moving quickly, she pushed him back and he stumbled for a second, a look of surprise on his face.
    "Oh God, what have I done?" Frankie cried as she slid off the counter and bent down, quickly snatching up her clothing. Yanking on her panties and capris, she glared at Gio as he righted himself and a smug smile grew on his lips.
    "You can check oral sex off your list." He said gazing at her, his arms crossed. He didn't bother to wipe the wetness from his lips.
    "You asshole!" She shouted, straightening her clothing and unlocking the bathroom door. She rushed out to the living room and snatched up her sneakers, startling the group watching the movie. They all looked at her curiously as Gio sauntered back in as well.
    "Hey, you okay?" Lexi asked, grabbing for the remote to pause the movie. Blu was watching Gio and Mark had gone back to sleep.
    "No, I'm not." Frankie stated as she tied her sneakers and snatched her cell phone off the table. She didn't even take the time to strap it to her arm as she brushed past Gio and headed for the door. She could hear someone walking behind her and she moved to grab her keys off the side table, running out the door. She didn't stop running until she reached her apartment.


  • cancercandy69 10w

    The Choice Ch. 7 Part 2

    Frankie followed Gio into the living room and sat in one of the empty chairs. She glaced at the people around her and immediately recognized Blu from the club. There was a man sittiing next to Gio she didn't know, but he wore facial piercings as well. His hair was a shaggy chestnut color that reached his shoulders and his lids were at half mast over blue eyes that were red. Frankie looked at the middle of the coffee table and found out the reason why. There was a dark tin can placed there, a couple of bags of weed in it and a blunt set against the side.
    "I'm Lexi." The girl sitting close to Blu chimed in and Frankie shifted her eyes to her. She wasn't what you would call gorgeous but she had some pretty features, her hair was a collection of pale colors that made the tresses look like a rainbow, and she too was adorned with piercings, more than the guys. Her light gray gaze was warm as she greeted Frankie.
    "Hey" Frankie said lifting her glass to take a drink, the wine was a sweet candy flavor and she immediately lifted her glass to take another drink enjoying the taste. "So what are you guys doing?"
    Shaggy spoke up. "We're playing Never Have I Ever and my name is Mark."
    "Nice to meet you Mark, what's Never Have I Ever?" Frankie quieried never having heard of the game before. She hadn't gotten out much as a kid, she'd been shy and reserved and her parents had been very overprotective, what her sister Annabelle like to call paranoid. She couldn't count on two hands the number of times her mother warned her against going anywhere with strangers, weirdly enough that also included other children.
    The group stared at her with looks of surprise on their face before bursting out into a combination of chuckles from the men and giggling from Lexi.
    "You really are a princess huh?" Gio asked, a huge smile on his face, his green eyes shining with humor. Frankie groaned inwardly and sip from her glass. She hated that nickname.
    "Well its really simple. Someone says Never Have I Ever and then something that they think the group has done, whoever has done it takes a drink and we move on to the next person." Mark paushed in his instruction to take a deep hit from the blunt. "Also-" He broke off on a cough that sounded terrible to Frankie before clearing his throat and passing the blunt to Blu. "If no one takes a drink then the person who asked the question has to take a drink themselves. Pretty straight forward."
    Frankie smiled glancing at them curiously. "This seems a little juvinille, don't you think?"
    "Of course it is." Lexi laughed tilting her beer back for a drink. "But it's really fun depending on the questions."
    "Come on princess, it's a harmless game." Gio cajoled, his turn to take a hit from the blunt. He inhaled as deeply as Mark but didn't break out in a fit of coughing before handing it back to Mark.
    Frankie regarded him with a look of disgust. "Stop calling me Princess asshole."
    The group broke out in fits of laughter and Gio, who didn't seem to take offense at anything leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Then stop acting like one."
    Frankie reached up and face mushed him, pushing him back out of her comfort zone. Inwardly, she admitted to herself, him whispering in her ear had caused a tightening in her stomach and lower. She was starting to feel a nice buzz from the wine and took another sip.
    "Let's start the game shall we." Lexi spoke up. "Blu your turn."
    "Alright, uh, never have I ever seen a Star Wars movie." Blu said grinning from ear to ear. Frankie looked around at the laughing faces.
    "Oh my God Blu, that was so lame!" Lexi fussed shaking her head. Blu shrugged but no one had taken a drink. Frankie slowly brought her drink to her mouth which caused everyone to burst out into laughter.
    "I'm assuming you've seen Star Treak too?" Mark said, smiling mischeviously.
    Frank lifted her hand, flipping him off. "Of Course I have."
    "Hey, no judgement here." Mark said holding up his hands. "I think its hot that you're a nerd."
    "Me too." Gio said gazing at her. Frankie rolled her eyes and looked away, not liking the feeling stirring in her stomach every time he looked at her.
    "Okay guys, stop trying to flirt with her." Lexi smiled as she said it, leaning over to kiss Blu on the cheek. Frankie realized at that moment that they were an item. "Alright, back to it." she said leaning back to pick up her beer. "Never have I ever tried to discreetly pick a wedgie in public."
    They all laughed at Lexi's quesiton and took a drink, shaking their heads.
    "So I guess its my turn now right?" Frankie asked, receiving nods from the group, she didn't want to appear lame so she paused for a moment to really think of a question. "Never have I ever laughed so hard I peed my pants." She glanced around as no one picked up their drink, and then noticed a very red faced Blu pick up his and take a drink.
    "Yo, when was this?!" Mark asked chuckling as he leveled a curious look at Blu.
    Blu shrugged before answering. "Remember that time in fifth grade when Mrs. Hall bust her ass in the hallway?"
    "Oh man, that's cruel, you pissed your self?" Gio said grinning.
    "Hey! I'm not proud of it. I just couldn't stop seeing her Hello Kitty panties in my head." Blu said guiltly causing everyone to laugh. Frankie smiled, glad she was able to get someone on her first try.
    "I got you Princess Leia." Blu said glaring at her but she could see the mirth in his eyes. "You just wait."
    "Alright, alright. My turn" Gio said, taking a hint of the blunt before handing it to Mark again. For some reason, Frankie noticed, no one handed it to her. She was grateful but still felt a little slighted as she knew it had something to do with the fact that they were really thinking she was a stuck up princess. "Never have I ever, lusted after the same sex."
    Again, no one around the table took a drink, and then Lexi lifted her beer and took a swig shrugging nonchalantly.
    "Oh, you into girls Lex?" Mark joked receiving a glare from Lexi.
    "You got a problem with that Mark." Lexi replied defensive. Frankie glanced between the two of them and noticed something there, she couldn't put her finger on it, but those two had history. She noticed Blu looking between them too. Gio elbowed Mark in the side and he just laughed sitting back.
    "Hey, love is love, I don't care who anyone is fucking as long as their having a good time." Mark dropped that tid bit passing the blunt to Blu. "Never have I ever." He started and then sat up smiling evily. "Stolen money that wasn't mine."
    Every one of them lifted their drinks and Frankies eyes widened in shock. "You're a bunch of thieves?"
    "Hey, this is a judgement free zone!" Blu said laughing. "Now it's my turn. Never have I ever had or have given oral sex." Blu stared at Frankie as he said this causing her to blush. Of course everyone took a drink, leaving Frankie the odd man out. Lexi looked at her in shock.
    "You've never had oral sex? You're like twenty something right?" Lexi stared at her as did everyone else, making her feel self conscious. She was happy at that very moment that her somewhat dusky skintone hid her embarrassment.
    She cleared her throat before answering. "Uh, nope. I've only been with one guy and he thinks oral sex is..." She paused, her face hot. Gio was staring at her, but there was no humor on his face. His green eyes had darkened a shade and she had no idea what he was thinking. Which worked to increase her discomfort. "dirty." She finished, then she reached for the blunt that Lexi was handing back to Gio.
    "Princess, you don't have to do that." Gio said, his voice deep and cautious.
    Frankie shrugged her shoulders and took a hit like she'd seen them do. Anything to distract them from the fact that she was a grown woman who hadn't experienced the most natural of sexual experiences. Unfortunately she immediately fell into a coughing fit. Mark barked wth laughter.
    "Damn, I feel very karmic right now." Blu said smiling at Lexi who was shaking her head. Gio leaned forward to rub Frankies back, her eyes were watering and she immediately passed the offensive cigarette to Gio.
    "Serves me right." She growled out her throat burning and took a large gulp of her wine. Mark was still laughing his ass off and Frankie wanted to punch him in the face.
    "Maybe we should keep this PG." Lexi offered, glancing over at Frankie.
    "Aw that's take the fun out of it." Mark managed to get out between chuckles.
    "Hey I'm good. He promised to get me back and he did." Frankie laughed, nodding her head a Blu in recognition. "Touche, sir." Blu laughed at that and they continued their game.


  • cancercandy69 10w

    The Choice Ch. 7 Part 1


    "Frankie, wake up." Frankie groaned as she rolled over, the sun shone brightly through her windows which caused her to immediately rolled back over, placing the pillow over her head. "Wake up Francesca."
    Frankie popped an eye open and glared at Nicolette standing in the doorway, a bowl of cereal in her hand. Her long red hair was unkempt and flowed wildly around her, her lavendar eyes sparkled with humor "What Lettie?"
    "Didn't you have class this morning?" She queried as a spoonful of cereal entered her mouth.
    Immediately Frankie jerked her head up, glancing over at her cellphone docked on the side of the bed. She cursed as she read the digital digits display 2:03. Not only that, she had missed three calls from Dominic.
    "Lettie, why didn't you wake me up sooner?!" Frankie fussed, kicking her legs free of the covers and sitting on the side of the bed to catch her bearings.
    "Hey, I was asleep myself until about thirty minutes ago." Nicolette shrugged turning from the door and walking out.
    Frankie ran a hand threw her hair and immediately regretted it, she'd forgotten to wrap it up last night and now her curls were a wild tangled mess. She shook her head as the night came back to her. They hadn't immediately gone home after the club last night, heading to a seperate club Stella begged to go to. Stella had finally found a friend for the night about two hours after they were there and about one hour after Frankie and Lettie had gotten successfully drunk. Unlike most, Frankie didn't have horrible headche hangovers, she just slept hard. Really Hard. Which accounted for her late rise this morning. She stood up and headed for the shower surmising that she probably hadn't missed much, she'd only missed two classes and they were pretty much throw away classes. She had one more class at 3 that she could make. She was half way to the bathroom when she realized she hadn't called Dominic back and turned heading back for her phone.
    "Hey sweetheart." He said, picking up on the first ring. "You had me worried when you didn't call last night."
    "Yeah I know." Frankie admitted, nodding her head. "We got in pretty late last night and I didn't want to disturb your sleep."
    "I'll always want to hear from you, lets me know you're safe." His voice was a quiet whisper and Frankie frowned curiously.
    "Where are you?" She asked.
    "I'm in class right now, but they're taking a test, so I just stepped out."
    "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll call you later."
    "Okay, by the way, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? There's this new restaurant down town that I'd like to take you to."
    "I can't." Frankie lifted the journal on her bedside table that she used for her classes and glanced down at the big red letters she'd written. "I have to study for a midterm if I want to pass this class with atleast a B."
    "Okay, no problem." He acquiesced, knowing how important her feelings were about her school work."How about tomorrow?"
    "Tomorrow I'm all yours babe." Frankie set the journal down. "I have to get ready for class though, so I'll talk to you later?"
    "Yeah okay, I love you Francesca."
    "Love you too." Frankie hung up with a huge smile on her face. She set her phone back on the dock and turned on 'Feels' by Calvin Harris. She got up and headed to take a shower, singing the lyrics to one her favorite songs along the way.
    Frankie turned on her playlist and attached her cellphone to her arm. As soon as 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran came on she began her run. She'd made it to her class and then to her shift at work, where her boss immediately pulled her aside and wrote her up for cursing at a customer. She wasn't surprised, she had assumed Ally was the type of person to complain. The only reason she hadn't been fired immediately was because of her work ethic. She was never late and most customers sang her praises. It wasn't until she was getting off work that she realized she had not taken the dogs out or fed them that day.
    She ran towards the quiet suburban neighborhood that her sister lived in, pushing herself a little harder because of the rolls she had taken the day before and the ones she enjoyed today.
    Everything was quiet as she ran up her sisters driveway and she turned her key in the lock and walked through the front door. The first thing she noticed was the scent, it smelled like that funky skunk smell she remembered from last time and the air conditioner was probably altered based on the cool air she felt walking in. Donald Glover's 'Red Bone' was drifing out to her from the living room and she shook her head as she realized who was in her sisters house. Walking toward the living room she glanced at Gio and his group of friends as she stepped into the kitchen. It was a small gathering of four people positioned around the coffee table with beers in their hands. She rolled her eyes and headed for the dog food, refilling the doggie bowls. She walked to the refridgerator to grab a water, her sister was particular about what her pets received and bottled water was one of them. When she finished pouring the water into the bowls she looked up to see Gio leaning against the counter looking at her.
    "I already let them out for the day and they're sleeping now." Gio began, when Frankie didn't respond he cocked an eyebrow at her. "So youre not even going to speak Princess?"
    She took in his apperance as he stood there with a silly grin on his face, he wore dark gray sweat paints and a black muscle shirt. His arms were folded as he regarded her.
    "There's nothing to speak about. Thanks for letting them out." Frankie tossed the empty bottle of water into the trash and moved to exit the kitchen. Unfortunately, Gio was standing in the doorway and he wasn't moving out of her way. "Seriously Gio?"
    "Come have a drink with us."
    "No thanks, I'm sure I have better things to do." She moved to go around him and he stood up to block her path, again.
    "One drink and then you can go back to your castle." He faux pleaded, if he were actually pleading it was hidden behind his shit eating grin and Frankie wasn't having it.
    "Move." She stated firmly and after a moment he stepped to the side.
    "I'm sorry princess, I didn't realize you had a curfew."
    Frankie was halfway down the hallway when she froze at his sarcastic reply. She fought the urge to turn around, but eventually lost. She marched back toward the kitchen and reached up into the cabinet grabbing a glass.
    "Fine, but I'm not drinking that." She pointed to the two boxes of Heineken on the counter before going for the fridge and removing the bottle of wine she knew her sister had hidden there.
    Gio chuckled as he watched her. "Come join us. Bring the bottle."