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  • madhurbihani1003 2d

    Sirf Tum

    Jiski Saaza Sirf Tum Ho...
    Mujhe Aisa Koi Gunah Karna Hai....
    Yu to maut aayegi hi ek din...
    Lekin mujhe to sirf tum hi p marna h...

    Chahna h tumhe is qadar....
    Ki ab to har had paar karna h....
    Kar dunga y jindagi bhi tumhare hi naam...
    Tumhe ab apna banakar hi rahna h...

    Ab to tumhe har haal m pana h...
    Sapno m mere bs ab tumhara hi aana - jana h...
    Har pal bas tumhe hi khwabo m dekhte h
    Nazro m meri bas tumhara hi thikana h

    Tumhari har ek ada ka h mera y dil kayal...
    Chahe vo tumhari chaal ho yaa fir tumhari  aankhon ka kajal...
    Tumhari chehre ki vo sadgi ya fir labo ki vo muskurahat...
    Tumhari bas ek hi nazar kar deti h mujhe ghayal...

    Na rah paunga ab tum se dur...
    Bin tumhare na ek pal jee paunga...
    Agar tum na mili mujhe iss jindagi m...
    To m jeete jee hi marjaunga...
          m jeete jee hi marjaunga...

    By : Madhur Bihani


  • the_unknowns_write 1w

    Silent love ♥

    I see you everyday. And we will talk all the time. But yet my heart stays silent, for it fears your answer to it's love.
    I cherish every moment we have together. But i still regret never telling you about my love. You give me hugs and I wish they were kisses, you tell me you love someone else and I wish it was me, you always remind me that we are friends but I wish we were more. Ever since I meet you I have come to love you, and that can never go away. I was always afraid to confess to love but never as much as I do now. If there was a way to get you to love me back I would do it but at the same time that means that it would change you, and I love you for who you are. This is why my love must stay silent.......


  • sudhanshu___ 3w

    Maybe we're perfect strangers!!

    Maybe that's not forever!!

    Maybe we have different lanes!!

    I know they'll someday be the same!!


  • rivor2911 5w

    There exists a relation in this world which no one talks about...
    Whose purity and divinity is beyond love...
    Whose essence is irrespective of all troubles....
    Where love comes unconditionally...
    Where u don't have to say something...
    The feeling comes from beneath ur heart....
    It's so deep that even marine pulls it's eyes off...
    It's so soothing that even nature pays heave to it....
    It's so true that even flaws becomes acceptance...
    It's so majestic that even GODS praises the beauty of it...

    A relation in which a Man shadows the reflection of the Almighty....
    A relation in which the girl can trust only that particular MAN and no one else...

    Yes, It's the relation between a father and a daughter....


  • simply_quote4134 5w

    Love happens when heart dominate mind

    Even on break-up heart find ways to over-ride feelings

  • vivekumaruz 5w

    True love

    A girl from delhi and a boy from London met on the internet. They slowly became good friends and eventually after a few months expressed their feelings for each other. Their relationship was perfect till the day she suddenly stopped texting him. He was worried as to what happened to her. He kept waiting for weeks but no message. His heart knew that something must have happened to her and every day slept crying reading their chat. He gradually accepted the fact that she left him. He was heartbroken. He joined University to study further. He never approached nor looked at any girl with the fear of being broken again but one girl matched to his interest and so he approached her.
    Boy : I like you
    Girl (instantly) : No
    Boy : I'm sorry if I offended you by telling you that I like you
    Girl : I'm sorry but I'm already taken by someone. A few years ago I met a guy on the internet and we expressed our feelings for each other and I'm in a relationship with him..
    Boy : This sounds similar to my love story. Hey girl, what's your name?
    Girl : Akriti and yours?
    Boy (bursts into tears) : It's me Rahul
    They both burst into tears and hug each other
    The boy asks the girl why she suddenly stopped replying to which she replied
    Girl : I actually met with a car accident and was paralyzed. Doctors had no hope that I would revive to life but the thought of seeing you kept me alive. After recovering from my surgery the first thing was I wanted to come here to meet you and surprise you
    Boy : But how did you know that I would be in this particular University!
    Girl : You once mentioned your interest to me that you want to study here and with that in mind I applied for this University and eventually met you finally
    Moral of the story :
    True love doesn't matter with distance nor does it fade away....it grows stronger and stronger with your inner feelings and belief on eachother

  • rivor2911 5w

    The Man

    A Man is not the one who rules over her body....
    He is the one who rules over her Heart....

    A Man is not the one who suppresses her desires....
    He is the one who flames her talented fires....

    A Man is not the one who thinks her as an opportunity.....
    He is the one who treats her as a responsibility....

    A Man is not the one who ill treats her Wife....
    He is one who loves her more than his life....

    A Man is not the one who don't like daughters...
    He is the one who makes her little girl's future even brighter ....

    A Man is not the one who believes in dowry ..
    He is the one who rather gives her glory....

    A Man is not the one who dominates...
    He is the one who always motivates.....

    A Man is not the one who can't cry.. ..
    He is the one who don't make others cry...

    A Man is not the one who don't love others ...
    He is the one who spread love like mothers...

    Finally, A Man is not what this society has made....
    He is a feeling which will never Fade....


  • laharisingaraju 5w


    A girl: Hey you got strong and good muscles!
    He: Aww...thank you!
    She: I know because those strong muscles are only gentle to me!


  • arnab_2301 6w


    ”I love all those circular things, like carrom coins and giant wheels” She said.

    Next day...

    "Will you marry me??" asked the boy to the girl, as he took out a ring from his pocket.


  • _kiki_ 6w

    P.s - Thank you for always being there for me.... @kv_boy

    ❤ 100th post❤
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    No one noticed her sad mood, except him.
    By listening just a hello on phone he noticed that she is sad.

    Love is not always when two people are together for 24 hours, LOVE is when they care for each other, they understand each other even when they are far from each other.
    Distance doesn't matters when the love is true.


  • shobhna_panda 7w


    And fall with someone who makes your fall feel like flying ��

  • indelible__ 8w

    тяυє ℓσνє

    тнє мσяє ι єχρℓσяє уσυ,
    тнє мσяє ι fαℓℓ ιи ℓσνє ωιтн уσυ.
    fσя ι киσω υи∂єя єνєяу ρσѕѕιвℓє
    ¢ιя¢υмѕтαи¢єѕ уσυ ωιℓℓ ѕтαи∂ ву мє, нσℓ∂ιиg му нαи∂ тιℓℓ му ℓαѕт вяєαтн.


  • shobhna_panda 9w


  • shobhna_panda 9w

    He is conscious about my beauty and figure ����
    But I know he always love my soul ❤️

  • i_am_danny 9w

    True Love ��

    True Love Can sometimes Be Hard To Find ❤

  • anurag169 9w

    �� LOVE-BIRDS ����

    No-one can ever, love like you,
    It's just new, done by few.
    For your sake, I can give my life,
    Eagerly waiting, to become your wife.

    O my life, you are mine,
    till the sun, lose its shine.
    You are the God, you are divine,
    you are just mine, you are just mine.

    Your footsteps, show a way to me.
    Even I am blind, they make me to see,
    and let me to walk, on the best path ever,
    where I dwell, with you forever...

    Even you are thin, even you are dark,
    i don't hate you, by these marks.
    Even you are skinny, still you are cute,
    i just listen you, and others are mute.

    Let me sit, by your side.
    Why are you lone, why you hide.
    I will heal you, from all wounds,
    and protect you from, the noisely sounds,

    My morning, begins with you,
    and ends with you, in the nights of dew,
    No-one can ever, love like you,
    it's just new, done by few.

    - ANURAG

  • happychap 9w

    Beginning of love

    I looked into her.... She looked into me...
    I wearing a look of concern... She wearing a look of relief.
    In our three months of friendship...
    We felt for each other...
    We had fallen in love with each other..

  • _kiki_ 10w

    We can understand each other very well not because we were alone or we have similar problems but because we have found ourselves in each other...
    This is true love.


  • kanishkvj 10w

    #ख्वाब #कनिष्क #love #true_love #truefeeling #untold #pod #dream

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    ख्वाब एक सजाया है
    तेरे साथ जिंदगी बिताने का ,हर खुशी मनाने का
    आंसूओं के थम जाने का
    ख्वाब एक सजाया है

    तुझे रोकना तो मेरे बस  नहीं आज
    मगर ख्वाबो की दुनिया में हर खुशी लुटाने का
    हर लम्हा तुझी पे मिटाने का ख्वाब एक सजाया है
    ख्वाब एक सजाया है

  • i_am_danny 11w

    The Best Feeling

    The best feeling is to find true love and treasure it forever in people's heart .