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  • silentsmile 12w


    You see my sister is mentally disabled.
    I help the kids in my school who are like her.
    These kids mean a lot to me
    One day... A jock at my school was bullying a boy who couldn't speak.... I'm only 5'1 the bully was 6'3...i slammed his ass to the ground.
    I'm small but I'm mighty. Stick up for those who can. Be the voice for the voiceless. Be a protector to the innocent.

  • satinlove 12w

    Unhappy Wife!

    Once a lady was unhappy with her husband that he never brings roses for her!Their was arranged marriage and she knew they could be never be romantic couples.His way was different in every matter.One fine sunny Sunday,she saw him planting few stems in pots of the garden.Took out few minutes from his busy schedule to water and cut the plant to shapes.From the bed,she will be noticing out of window glass pane;his effort to each plant!Must be his hobby ,she would think and get back to her novel again!She would try to find Love and Romance from the reads and believe that they really don't exist in real life!A month passed by,now was time for husband to be on tours. Occasionally, she will be watering the plants or rain will do that job for her.One fine day she saw buds on plant.Each day one will blossom as she looks out of window . Finally one day she saw 6 dark red roses on a plant .She got of bed and went to balcony . Their fragrance could be smelt from far within bedroom even.She happily clicked one,wondering if she can captured those fragrance even.She sent that click to her hubby as message . He replied "Hope you are no more angry now,I love you too".Tear rolled down from her cheek . Finally she found love out of her novel world!

  • roooh_ka_parinda 12w

    तुम रो रहे हो जिसकी याद में,
    वो हस रही है किसी और के ख्वाब में।

    तुम्हें खुशी देती है आज जो बार बार,
    वो घुमा रही है तुम जैसे हज़ार।


  • shubharadc 12w


    "Hey! Shubhara , will you be single throughout your life?" Asked my bestie.
    I smiled and gazed around without paying heed to anwser the question.
    My bestie is a talkative boy and happily engazed with his crush.
    He shouted "why don't you fall in love? ".
    ....perhaps he hasbeen asking this questiom for past two years since we met eachother .
    But i haven't answered it single time .
    I smiled with no words again .He hold my hands and asked me "Is there anyone whom u secretly love ?".
    Hesitately , I answered "NO".
    He was not satisfied with my answer so being unsatisfied he kept silence .
    In the midst of silence , subliminally I began to tell him a story ,
    "A boy named Allen, in his 11 th standard , after half yearly examinatiom ,during scrolling facebook news feed got at a tagged photo of a girl.She was just phenomenal and was dressed to kill. Taken away by her beauty , he kept a dekko on that picture for few minutes.And then investigated her profile.Later on  he concluded that the phenomenal girl belongs to his own school and the irony is she also studies in class XI  but in another section.He decided to text her right then , so he texted "Hey ! Do u support Sradhanand house in school football competition ?". Within a few seconds  she replied "no! I support  birjanand house". He text backs "sradhanand house will win tomorrow". She replies "no birjanand".
    Ofcourse he lost the next days match , but he have won his match in messenger. They started chatting .
    However , he used to wait for her reply daily because she sometimes overlooks my text and replies it back after a week too but whenever she replies him , he replies in that midst of seconds. But within a month we started chatting daily and came in the first relationship of friendship.
    Five months went away at the fastest speed and they were still friends.
    Class XII arrived , pressure of boards and entrance came over the shoulders of him.He finally  decided to say about his feelings before her and if he gets any positivity then he will go forward else concentrate on 12 th studies .
    In the course of 5 months ,he has got his phone number but didn't call once .Bt it was that day on 8 th April , when he rang up her and asked if they can meet in the school ground during the recess . However before that day many times in class XI , he have asked the same question bt everytime she answered a negative .But luckily on 8th April she said "oh ! Sure".
    Recess bell rang .He had already rehearsed himself for the past  week to stand  before her and to say about my feelings . When he went to that specified ground spot just near to the cycle stand , he saw her standing. He became nervous but he didnot want to waste this golden oppurtunity so he walked to her.
    Within a few seconds , myself being not a speaker became a listener to her class details and jokes which he intentionally laughed at. But as he had only 30 minutes  to complete my objective , he gained a confidence and he said "I like u more than what friendhsip meant." She became quiet and seems like she didn't expect that from me .She replied "what ?". "I like u" he repeated. Silence was all through that time .she didn't answer anything. The recess bell rang again and we had to return to the class.Her answer may not be 'NO' but she seemed to have no interest but she then hold my hand and said "can't we keep our relationship as friends now and let not make the feeling as love ". I replied "i like u but i don't love u  ....if i love u then i will be doing a misdeed to my future lover for whom i will beloved."
     After then he deactivated his Facebook account and made his mind concentrate on boards and entrances.But he didn't forget her , his feelings for her is still the same but he didnot want to have an ending to that story.Several months after that  he activated his facebook and the first picture that pops out is of her, beautiful and phenomenal .But he scrolled down."
    My bestie smiled and asked me "Mr. Allen Shubhara is this name suits you? ".I stood up and started walking towards our hostel campus with a fainting smile.

  • h3rhiddenteqrs_ 12w

    Every night I ran towards our terrace,
    putting my feet on the railings below
    and looking upon above at the starry,
    night sky in finding stars.

    It was simple hobby but it means
    everything to me. How the sky would
    look so beautiful in my eyes that I won't
    even get tired watching it. The stars
    sparkled as if they knew someone
    watching them.

    I didn't know about them at first, until
    I got this weird hobby when I was in
    sixth grade. I used to read the bible.
    I have read the book of Genesis.

    It was written there that God promised
    Abraham that He would give him thousands
    descendants like stars in the sky.

    My little self believed that time that
    every person was represented the star.
    That every person has a place in the
    sky, has its on light.

    And since then, I have loved the stars
    not just because of what I've read in the
    bible but because the way the stars
    made me feel.

    Hope, little hopes
    in the dark, calm sky.

    Thousands of them,
    maybe billions, trillions,
    endlessly shining.

    I still believed in them even though my faith
    crushed by Science when that subject taught me that stars actually die. But actually lifted up when they that there were always born stars.

    It gives me a feeling of hope that there would
    always be stars in the night sky no matter how
    clouds covered them or how distant they are
    from us. Just like hope.

    It will always be there, sometimes
    unrecognized, unseen, or forgotten.
    It takes one gesture to see it.

    Look up, see colors,
    See beauty, see you.
    You are hope.

    You have a place in the sky.
    You are a star. You are shining.
    You give light. You are part of a
    beautiful universe waiting to unfold.

    And there where always be a little
    girl out there, in the terrace. In her
    house, wearing her pajamas.

    Waiting for you to come out,
    watching you, appreciating you,
    and loving you.

    "All you just need is to see.."

    reminds me
    of hope.”

    And hope is what made people
    stronger everyday; sometimes it
    was all people clung to.����

    Attention: Guys I won't be able to post starting
    this week due to homeworks and projects from my school and I might not be able to stay active much but don't worry, I still have time to support/response your post if I have free time to do so.

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    17 y/o girl
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  • h3rhiddenteqrs_ 12w

    It is in my AP class when my teacher
    told us a story.

    It is about a woman who was physically
    abused and got bear a child. In the end,
    She tried to hang herself infront of her child.

    She decided to commit
    suicide live on facebook..

    There are 300,000 people views.
    And I'm pissed that noone!
    No one! Dared to say on comment.
    And stopped her for killing herself!

    She was waiting, waiting!
    For someone to stop her..
    But noone did so..

    She was testing..us..
    If there's someone out there
    who cares..

    To how cruelly the world was..
    Noone dared to stop her..
    She ended her life,
    infront of her child.

    Her last word from her child was..
    "Watch your mommy.."
    "I love you so much.."

    My teacher,
    As she was explaining it to the class,
    my tears started to flow.

    Few of my classmates noticed it but
    I didn't care about what they gonna say.

    In my mind, maybe they thought I was crying
    because me, myself was suicidal or what.
    But it is not really the reason.

    Yes, I admit I was suicidal, cutting myself
    few years back then.

    The thing you don't know about why people
    cut themselves to ease their pain, to why they
    couldn't feel the pain when your blade slashes
    your arm, hands or etc.

    It's because they couldn't feel the physical pain
    and unaware when the blood flows out through your hand.

    It's like you couldn't feel anything
    but your heart. Your emotional pain.

    A thought just came into my mind while
    listening the story and that made me cry.

    "What if the child grew up knowing that
    her mother took her own life because she
    was regretting having her?.."

    "How will the child took it, knowing that
    it was done infront of her?.."

    "How will that little child accept the truth
    that even her is not enough reason for his
    mother to stay alive?.."

    It hurts.
    It's so damn hurts..

    Knowing that you are not enough
    reason for someone to stay alive.

    That child may grow up having that
    memory of her mother's death. And I'm
    sure that it will totally hurt her.

    So much pain for in an early age.

    This is a TRUE story.
    QOTD: If you were the child,
    How would you feel?

    Gosh, I can't stop shaking
    my hands while typing this..����

    @writersnetwork @terriblytinyshards @passionbookworm @microknight

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #story
    #h3rhiddenteqrs_ #soulwriter
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    "Once upon
    a true story.."

  • my_head_is_a_circus 13w

    #Rainy #greets from #germany ✌��

    The last week was so full of #heat and #sun.
    But #today....you could mean the #world is #falling #down.
    #Fuck that #shit ...same thing, every #year...

    #writing #shorty #rhymes #weather #rain #clouds #truestory #everyyear #germansummer #summer

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    21st of July

    Every year, at the date today,
    the sky is dark and totally grey.
    Wherever I go, wherever I stay,
    clouds will rain on my parade.
    The sun doesn't care how much I pray,
    for only one sunny summer Birthday

    ©my head is a circus

  • thoseimmaturewords 13w

    Accidents happens on daily basis, please do take care of your loved ones.
    #death #lifestory #truestory #lilkid #writersnetwork #bhopaliwriters #bhopal

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    Little did he known,
    That the death was near and
    He can't even avoid.

  • mrquotewani 13w

    People don't seek
    for pure anymore,
    Now it's all about
    pleasure and pain.


  • some_art_shizzel 13w


    You came home early.
    You said you were cold.
    You tried to get it on with someone.
    That someone was me ...
    I said no even though you tried.
    You tried a second time making me want to punch you but...
    I froze...
    Sat shaking trying not to cry.
    Instead of hurting you like you mentally hurt me I ran...
    Up the stairs.
    To the bathroom.
    The door is shut.
    Drip, drip on the floor.
    Tears dripping.
    No not dripping.
    Tears rushing.
    Me dieing.
    Didn't care.
    Where fine.
    You don't have a mental scar on your body...
    On your brain.
    On your heart.
    Making you feel.
    I'm still living
    I don't know.
    I don't care.

  • anshujain 13w

    I am Not Racist,
    I just hate ugly Personality.

  • iamnir 13w

    Future me!

    "What do you want to do in your life? " This is the question, I was asked by my father. I look like a 20yrs old guy but the activities I do, it reflects my childish heart.

    Dear Paa,
    You are the best father in the world. You are a very powerful person. But I don't want this. I don't want a media coverage. I don't want this name, fame and money.
    What I really want is to make this world for a better tomorrow. Because this society which lives in a camouflage environment where we are still struggling with the fact about child abuse , physical abuse, drugs, human trafficking etc. It doesn't make me feel safe. I have a mother. I have a girlfriend. I have sisters.
    I don't want to be a billionaire. I know you always say that you have got the best mind . Don't waste in art, music and all. But dad, your son did everything to make you happy. This is the time to do something what I always wanted to do. I want a society in which my wife, my children can feel strong. She goes to her office safely. My mother can go to market at night. I want a society where I can proudly allow my girlfriend to put on what she wants. Because she thinks I am being very protective. Do you think so? Because How can I tell her that I am afraid of. I'm afraid of that she could be the next one.
    Would you allow me to do that for our future?
    Would you allow me to do that for this better world?
    Would you allow me ?

  • heart_speakes 13w

    Innocent hearts

    I asked a kid what she wanted to be, after she's grown up .? She told me I wanted to become like my mom .
    I was like , y mom ? Coz she was servant in her school. I wondered and asked her why?

    She told "my mom is the only person who tries to keep clean all others just make it dirty and leave".

    I was surprised. How innocent and true they are.

  • mynameisnirvana 14w


    beaneath our texts
    were you wondering
    why I immediately left
    without a glance
    and then suddenly
    I lost the chance
    to be by your side
    so you can confide
    the problems you bore
    for I closed the door
    since I wanted to part
    and it did nothing
    but broke your heart


  • sou_the_dreamer 14w

    #first_school_day #truestory
    Thanks for the challenge @shrutiwari299
    This is one of my most favourite write up till date��

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    First day at school

    So, as the caption goes, here is my story of my first day at school. I was a three year old kid back then, and I really don't renember a single bit of it, but here I am going to pen down my story that my mom had told me.
    Day 1 began with a lot of excitement for me, although, mom and dad were super tensed. I was very happy in my new uniform, new bag and new books. With all best wishes I set out for my first day at school.
    Time flew, and two-three hours later our guardians came to take us back home. They could find everyone except me in the class room. My mother was literally on the verge of crying, when an attendant brought me from another class. In all my excitement, I had actually attended the 'upper nursery' class, when I was supposed to sit in 'lower nursery'. The story is not yet over....mom says, that as all my other classmates were crying, I had smiled at them and whispered to my mom," See these little girls....if they cry while at school, how will they grow up?"

  • sachuu 14w

    True LOVE

    When despite of having sixteen thousands queens , yet Lord Krishna feels lonely without RADHA !


  • mrquotewani 14w

    How to know people

    If you can't evaluate actions of a person,
    most likely you will never really know that person.
    Don't trust words...see the action


  • mrquotewani 14w

    Get busy for your own growth,
    You owe that much to yourself.


  • anshikasapra_ 14w

    '' I love u '' - i typed.
    suddenly my phone pinged.!
    '' I have started missing her again.'' - his message read.

    I backspaced.


  • sreeangel 14w

    Story Of Homosexual

    Today was Valentine day..as per plan today was the day Tanya could shower love upon Roy. But on the said day Tanya came early & waited for Roy to come. Roy couldn't turn up. she saw Roy to kissing Someone else. Tanya's head was started spinning with anger. Roy came introduced with jay & told Tanya look am sorry I love Jay.We are homosexual. We will be your friend always. Let us celebrate our first Valentine day. -©Angel