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  • zensalad 2d

    I tried to capture the feel of the many dawn's I sat alone atop the hill as a child. Those mornings with magical, blissful and always instilled a sense of urgency to live within me while still embedding peace within my troubled tiny soul.
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    I Am The New Day

    Bidding the crisp blackness goodbye, the birds began to lazily chime.

    At first light, the clouds stirred, lit only by the cool blue hue emit from the horizon. Nature celebrated an extended dawn, as the breeze rustled the trees from their slumber, as the cricket gathered a final swallow of dew drop, as the fawn took his first yawn. The melody flowering into serenade, promised a waking display for those patient enough to wait, patient enough to listen.

    The clouds blushed as tint turned to glow.

    Striations in various pastels crept deliberately from puff to puff, eager to display their gleam, ready to trumpet the sun's extravagant arrival, impregnated with vibrancies grievously unseen by the human eye. Commanding the ballad, birds joyously crooned a hymn invoking the day, their many voices overlapping blanketed the earth. Warmth hung in the air, heavy, a peaceful yet invigorating sensation.

    Pallidity fading fast, clouds flushing with iridescence, the brightest star reached from it's seclusion and touched new skies, splashing like paint upon the billows. A crescendo of songs collide, the clouds curl with exotic saturation. Nature is stretching and breathing and hunting first meal as golden light caresses the land, steadily overtaking the shadows, drinking up the dew.

    As life scurries about here and there, the birds are winding down. The earth is alive adorned by the sun's blazing stare. Dutifully satisfied, a soft, intermittent flutter of wings brings the song to conclusion. Launched from its former hiding-place the sun proudly beams in totality.

    The transition, so enchanting, is fleeting.

    It is day.

    And the beauty of this day is the realization that it's mine, that graciously tomorrow I'll have another bestowed. And so, the beauty of this new day auspiciously illuminates my soul with such color,
    such vigor,
    such humility
    yet such significance.


  • dasmetoi 4d

    Time doesn't heal you
    You Do
    Time is what you give yourself not to feel


  • nevelynwrites 5d

    ruin me

    Truly the events that have taken place are nothing more than memories; an event you'll soon forget like any other person. A forgotten tale that will soon be nothing more than a fable, a legend.

    But unlike you, nor any other person who may encounter this story. I won't forget what had happened. For the tale you'll soon forget is my legacy, my breaking point, the peak of my existence, my revolution.

    And it all started, with you.


  • wordsofwonder 1w

    Our Haze

    With this vibe, stars align
    We reside, two combine
    Eyes closed, open mind
    Focused sight, we intwine
    bodies unwind, as you sign
    Your fingertips on my skin... streamlined

    I confess, as your lips press
    The beauty in each guess
    The power you posses, I'm obsessed
    Each time we undress, familiar yes
    But always a new unrevealed process
    With each glance, grasp and caress

    At heights of intensity, I squeal
    Sensations so real, then I feel
    You steal control, hands on the wheel
    Then you explore, euphoria you pour
    I soar, flying over the shore
    I implore, my motion reads... encore

    Afloat, centre to your maze
    Glowing from the sun rays, I gaze
    Dazed, amazed by our blaze
    The we created in our haze
    Passion glazed, of all the days
    I feign for your love on Sundays


  • nikki_wagholikar 2w

    The one I used to love ignored me.
    10 months back KARMA played the game❤
    He came to me and I got the love of my life.

  • feelings_scribbled_ 2w

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    You know
    you really love
    when you can't
    hate them
    for breaking
    your heart.��


  • live_love_listen 2w

    -Am I too clingy?
    Am I too boring?
    Or am I not beautiful enough?

    -You are not her.

  • feelings_scribbled_ 2w

    You are always safe with me.
    I promise.
    And when you get scared:
    Look at me in the eyes, hold me a little tighter and smile.
    Because I am not going anywhere.��


  • theweavers 2w


    As I turned towards the Z.A Hashmi Hall, my eyes accidentally caught a glimpse of a greyish-white cat with beautiful golden eyes sitting beside the pavement in such deep silence that it looked as if she was asleep. Her nature was so calm, so unconcerned, so uncaring about everyone in her surroundings, it felt as if she was looking from another world, a world more peaceful, more loving, more caring.

    Later when I passed by the same spot, I saw her again, her calmness, her serenity impressed me but perception is a very odd thing; the eyes look but they do not see, do not feel. Looking more closely, I found out that her nose was bleeding very badly, her ailment was increasing by the moment but she was so serene as if she felt no pain.

    Moving closer to her slowly, I took out my phone to take her picture but still she showed no reaction, no fear, no movement. She looked into my eyes with such deep hopelessness, that those eyes are still embedded into my memory, those weeping eyes still plead to me to save them, those pleading gems still question me. She was so beautiful but her heart was broken and her soul, helpless.

    She must have gotten hit by some vehicle, I thought, I thought again, maybe she got into a fight or perhaps she suffered from some infection or perchance it was something else, I thought again and again but I got no answer as to why and what happened, I felt so touched; she must have a story to tell, her story, her little adventure but its hard to be so down to earth, to be so caring as to listen to the story of one’s broken heart, to know the tale behind someone’s weeping eyes, their fake smiles and little lies. If only humanity could be free from this worldly race, if only it could look around and feel…

    I just want to imagine, what happened to her and how? I want to feel her pain, I want to share it, to make her feel better, to cure her heart or at least I want to know what was behind that deep silence. It must be her broken heart, her shattered feelings, her severed trust and maybe she had stopped fighting for herself, perhaps she had lost all hope, lost all faith and maybe she had lost herself, maybe she didn’t care anymore, maybe she was done asking others for help but probably she had given up on life, on everything.

    If only I could peek through the window of her broken heart, through her sad eyes then I would know the real truth but there is one thing I am sure about, her silence; she must have yelled at people for so long after she got injured, she must have yearned for someone to pat her on her head, to tell her that things would be fine, that you will get better but sadly the world was too busy doing its business, too uncaring about such a little life, too selfish to realize one’s need, too self-concerned to sprinkle a little hope in her broken heart, just a little. And I think I was the only person, who noticed her helplessness and maybe it would have given her some hope, some life, but I don’t know why I didn’t pat her, maybe I was scared by her silence and yes, her silence spoke but in a different note, in a different tone, a tone that made you care, a note that nobody heard and maybe nobody will.

    The next day, the nature showed me how careless I had been, how unconcerned I was, how shameful I should be, maybe I was too sinful to help her, to cure her, she had given up and she was gone, long gone before I could save her, the cold winter night must have taken away her soul, she rested besides the pavement, somebody had covered her with a piece of wrapper, but i could see her little white legs, I wish they moved but it was too late, too much late, I wish I had done something, now my heart melts and melts and I weep in silence, sitting in my room, thinking maybe I could have saved her, I wish I did, I wish I did…

  • siddhant_scribbles 5w

    These are some excerpts from my real life. Love is such a multitude of so many things that it is almost impossible to express through one story or poem. It is a universe of all emotions tucked within... Hats off to those who dare to love and stick to it... I did!��❤ Love you all @mirakeeans
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    Some giggles...

    Early morning breeze
    And that naughtiness in your head
    When you ask in your cracking sleepy tone
    "Is it necessary to go to office today?"

    I have no other choice than to wrap you up
    Tightly in my arms and kiss those luscious lips
    Take you into my embrace, pick you up like a princess
    And then...
    Drop you off in the bathtub with a splash����


  • themajikpitaara 5w

    Where love resides

    दिल-ही; दिल में,
    एक शहर दिलों का...

    जाना है ज़रूर,
    वहीं पास में, महज़ थोड़ा दूर..


  • tupaws 6w

    Near the end, (chapter 1)

    When I saw my marriage falling apart, it was killing my heart, and my fire for the relationship. I begged my spouse to get us help. We need to deal with the elephant in the room.

    I was told "We" don't have a problem, it is your problem. I said maybe it is my problem, but if "We" don't deal with it now, "This problem" will become so big it will be unfixable. The response, to laugh, in my face.
    ........Two years later. My spouse begging.
    "Let's get help." I did not laugh,
    I cried, ....Then quietly said
    .... It's too late.

  • therambler 7w

    We don't own/adopt pets. They do, us, because they're way more capable of love than we could ever be. Kuttan adopted me. And loved me, for the ten plus years he blessed my life :) 26 Dec 2006 to 26 Feb 2017

    #destiny #truestory :) #20wordWOAH!!

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    Lost. Alone. Unfamiliar territory. Once adored, no longer.Till she was adopted, by her forever after. Kuttan, her 4-legged saviour.


  • neasespieces 7w

    Thread of Fate

    do you remember that night, when we sat under the moonlight, you were telling me about your dreams, and i realized they were my childhood memories.

    all those years, you were dreaming of me, the girl next door, whom you've never had the chance to meet...until now.

    we were just two people, who didn't know each other, but always seemed to lurk in background of each other's lives.

    i guess that's how destiny works, always pulling you back home.


  • the_homeless_poette 7w

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    ________She's Homeless________
    *All names of people and places have been changed*
    This is my true story.

    Follow me to follow my story and comment to show your support. I am also open to any questions and encourage them.

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    ..This Could Be You & Peace Officers Too!..

    Who would ever think that one day they would be homeless? I know growing up I always thought being homeless was above me, and used to think homeless people were icky and bad, I never gave them change and would avoid them at all costs when walking by them on the sidewalk.

    Now that I'm 29, it surprised me how quickly my life changed and overnight, I became a street bum. A lot of it is my choice; when you have a puppy as sweet as mine, you wouldn't trade him just to have a roof over your head. Without my pooch I'm sure it would be easy to couch surf, but without my pooch it would be too easy to give up life.

    My puppy is 2 years old and spoiled rotten, he has more expensive food than I've ever even bought for myself. The folks at the shelter are always sharing their meals with him even tho it's against my wishes, human food is junk for a dog.
    Everybody loves him and plays with him, but none as much as his mommy.
    His name is Woodstock (Woody) and I treat him as if he is my son.

    I'm so hippie, a wild child who also practices Wicca, a branch of paganism, so living of the Earth is in my blood and I much prefer this lifestyle versus living in man mad huts and paying large amounts of money to other people for the right just to live. Really if you think about it that is how we started out, free rent building our own shelter.

    Thanks to the wonderful homeless community, I live a very stress free life this way. The major stress is the bylaw officers; you see, where I live is very anti-homeless and we are deemed unsightly so it is illegal to camp/tent or even store our personal belongings on public land. This is ridiculous and sad, causing much stress in us all . Stay tuned for some personal stories regarding these events so that you can understand the waste of taxpayer dollars that goes in to these bylaw (peace officers) job of disturbing our peace.

    This is only the beginning. I look forward to taking you along my journey.

    My name? Call me Poe. My habits are colouring and writing lyrical masterpieces that most would call poetry. Art is in the eye of the beholder.


  • the_homeless_poette 8w


    Follow me to follow my story and comment to show your support. I am also open to any questions and encourage them.

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    .. Before it Begins {Prologue} ..

    -Prologue -

    The story begins with a few posts on the facts of my journey, this will help you jump into the story once the chapters of the daily happenings begins.

    ** You can help me with this prologue by commenting questions you have; about myself, homelessness or this "book" about it all. **

    Please comment with your thoughts and opinions whether good or bad, I'd love to know your opinions and I will help shape my writings.

    <3 Homeless•Poette <3

  • the_homeless_poette 8w

    *All names of people and places have been changed*

    Follow me and follow my story each day. Comment to show your support. I am open to any questions and encourage them.

    #homeless #truestory #reallife #thestruggle #1post1day #dayinthelife #non-fiction #shortstories #livingpoetry #documentary

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    .. Before it Begins ..

    This is a true story.

    For the past two months, August and September of 2017, I have been living on the streets, and by "streets" I really mean I am mostly outside the homeless shelter.

    I realised that noone can really understand or relate and are quick to judge the homeless unless they've been there, so I've decided to blog my journey on Mirakee to give you the inside story as I live it.

    My goal is to post a story/poem/diary writing everyday that will give you a glimpse, a real life feeling of the truth behind homelessness, the good and the bad...

    Remember that everyday is a new chance for anyone to become homeless.. it can happen overnight and nobody is immune. Don't judge or toss us to the side, we could be you, or a close family member.

    <3 Homeless•Poette <3

  • lost_forever 9w

    A Message to my Best Friend

    "Disgusting", she said seeing my works, "full of negativity and so unlike you"...

    Oh dear best friend, where do you think I'm dumping all my sadness gifted to me... Writing is how I flush it out of my system... It is how I survive...

    And I write this 'cause those words uttered carelessly by you created a huge void in my heart...and this is just a way to fill the gap...

    And dear friend, I won't pour all my bitter feelings into you 'cause darling, I don't want to gift you with sadness like I've been...