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  • kritighai 4d

    P.C.- Shivam Ghai
    (IG- iamshivamghai)
    In the frame: Kriti Ghai(ME)
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  • anitha 1w

    Do not take
    shelter under the
    umbrella called
    for your
    negligence !


  • ellen_a 2w


    Underneath the intimate space
    Of an umbrella
    We embrace


  • imagination 5w

    Just a random story.

    Sometimes pain comes out in form of a art.
    And you know really even pain can be kissed and loved and taken care of..

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    The umbrella

    She was really happy because she just realised that it's going to rain today.
    She holded that umbrella in her and just walked out .
    It was little late that night.
    Because for a girl even being out after 7 is considered late.
    But she didn't cared.
    She just wanted enjoy that fragrance in the air which is quite flowery or say muddy.
    Its kind of best perfume that nature used.
    None of the branded perfume can beat up that fragrance .
    Sky was clear.
    No stars were visible.
    She was smiling and just eagerly waiting for the clouds to just cry out soon.
    She always consider rain as tears of nature which at a time burst out in this form because of some reason.
    And crying for her is like stress revealing .
    Cry and just throw away all the bad things.

    She was walking and walking and walking.
    The roads were empty.
    Lights were dim.
    And that amazing fragrance
    Suddenly something striked her.
    She saw a shadow ahead .
    She stepped ahead.

    She just crossed her fingers.
    Holded that white transparent umbrella tight .
    She was calmed when she saw a small girl over there .
    She just saw her for a moment realising that she was in some problem.
    She asked her if she needed any help. Just then it started raining she wanted to be happy but just couldn't ..she was worried...
    About her .
    The girl had lost her favorite umbrella that was gifted by her mom. She said.

    She gave , her umbrella to that girl and just dropped her back home.

    It was still raining.
    She missed that umbrella because that umbrella was something really special to her.
    She looked back. That girl was smiling and was still waving her hand in the sky.
    Her mother smiled too.
    And then she just disappeared in her own thought.
    It was still raining...She closed eyes for a while and faced up.
    It was such an amazing moment for her .
    She just kissed those tears . Realising how amazing can pain be.


  • prime_pen 11w

    They said.

    It’s what they said,
    They said it too much, they said it too loud,
    They said I had a BAG full of no good,
    They said my CAMERA wouldn’t focus even on a bright sunny day,
    They said my KEYS wasn’t fit to unlock the doors of success,
    They said my UMBRELLA wasn’t strong enough for the spotlight rain,
    They just didn’t say I wasn’t good enough but they sure meant it
    They didn’t stop talking but I got tired of seeing myself through their broken MIRROR,
    So with a self drawn MAP I began a journey to personal discovery.

  • judithnovianty 11w

    -She Told Me That A Mirror Cannot Lie-

    She told me that a mirror cannot lie.
    How could I believe her, if her dark eyes were looked like golden marbles through that broken lens of camera.

    While people were dancing under the heavy rain, she thrown away her shoes and her old brown bag, and felt in love with the splashes, and the grass, and the night.

    When I asked for keys to her heart, she was smiling and handed me a map.

    The night has came, and so did the rain.
    She did not need a shelter or an umbrella.
    Sky was her roof and ocean was her bed.

    And darling, I have never told her.
    When she handed me a map, I already knew ...
    ... that she is the Universe.

    January 1st, 2018
    -Unspeakable Truth-

  • rounikraj 11w

    Happy new year to you all.
    We made memories this year let us make some more and cherish our heartbeats.
    #mirror #umbrella #camera #bag #map #keys
    #happynewyear #writeup #rwu_challenge

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    Happy New Year

    My phone played my favorite song at 6 in the morning, I woke up and looked the man in the Mirror with the smile on his face, Keys to freedom in my hand and camera in my bag to capture the memories I am gonna make today as it is 1st January, 2018-The new beginning.

    Come join me in this journey, hand in hand,
    let us explore the map of the world.
    Umbrella of positivity will protect against negativity that may rain on us.
    Most important we got us so let's celebrate our lives-
    Happy new year.

  • mnd_dollf8ced 11w

    on lovers' lane

    we took a journey together
    ...to the unknown
    standing in front of the mirror
    I watched you pack items into a bag
    the essentials for our trip;
    keys to our hotel room
    my mini umbrella in case it rained
    a camera to capture the moments
    and a map to lead the way

    theMnd @dollf8ced.com
    © The Mercurial Nesting Doll

  • fahimbukhari 11w

    The Journey

    Let’s forget to see the mirror for one day and take the map of our life with us to find the keys to happiness and click every moment with the camera of our heart and put all those beautiful times in a bag of our memories so that when it rains the joy, we don’t have to find our umbrella.


  • allen_alexander 11w

    Infinite Love

    Love is an amazing feeling .When it happens your chaos become your peace and your peace becomes your chaos.It starts with the first time you make eye contact,the first time you smile at each other .

    When you walk in opposite directions and clash,the cupid strikes on two stupid souls.
    I know all of it might either sound cliche or straight out of a romedy .But cliches exist for a reason.People these days lose their faith in love .No one really values things since the virtue of patience and maturity is fading in this fast pace life .

    Everyone must fall in love to live a life worthwhile.It is not how it starts or ends .It's a journey more of sorts. True love is like a bag of surprises always waiting to leave you spellbound .
    You wish there was a camera always around to capture your special and cute moments you share together .I feel there must be a smile detection feature.Whenever you smile ,the camera will automatically click your pic .

    You start feeling beautiful when you are in love .You crave for your beloved's reflection on your mirror .You become inseperable like a shadow .True love is like a bunch of keys that you never forget to take before leaving .You can't forget and ignore someone you always want to be remembered with .

    No matter what life has in store for you .Whether they are boosters or pitfalls ,you want to be in it together and realistically forever .You don't seek for shortcuts or a free-way . You want it slow and Love will be your map that will guide you in the beautiful journey of life .

    Love will be that shield that protects you and the pillar that stands for you .It is the life jacket ,your first-aid kit ,your umbrella that protects you from the scorching son and the sorrowfull rain.It is that same umbrella that keeps you close together .Love is all these things put together.

    I have fallen in love and I must confess,it was beautiful.I wish it had stayed long enough to make it to the end .If you are heart broken,let's put a smile on that awesome face and move on from what we left behind.Sometimes love is seeing your loved one happy and loved .

    One door shuts ,the next door opens.You will surely find your bag,camera,mirror,keys,map and umbrella in someone special to be your travelling partner in this adventurous journey of life .


  • quinnbjones_just_poetry 11w

    This makes you think out loud
    Like the front of a um---brella
    Cause the keys to your heart
    Are in a place only reflections go
    To map out the mirror image
    My photographic memory
    Has to take a mental note
    So I blink like a camera
    Carrying with me
    What baggage I left behind
    Was just the age I found you
    To eventually put my bag down
    And be free to love you

    -Quinn J.

  • maahimagic 11w

    #writersnetwork #image #mirakeeworld #mirakeeans #mirror #umbrella #paint #soul #bag #mirror #keys #map #six

    This house pretty much reflects my innermost conditions as it is.
    The bag of my soul looks haunted just like this. My eyes are camera that keep clicking pictures here and there of anyone and everyone. They are saved in my mind somewhere in hope that it may match to the photograph of someone, out of the ones that have been saved there from years. Mirror is my silence. It does nothing. If anyone looks into it, they can. If anyone try to look through it, it cuts their very pieces of patience. Map of my heart is a mess. I myself couldn't find a way inside me. Although, it still looks like something familiar. Keys to my thoughts are lost. I am open. The world doesn't deem fit, so I wear a mask of haunt, I need not save myself. I have been unsafe all my life. There is still an umbrella over my shattered being and it helps me own a place in universe. Everyone is given a place, I own mine with a pride.
    Anyone inside is welcome, if you have the courage, come on, walk all over me, through me. I would like you to clean the mess up if you feel like.
    If you don't want, don't come. My presence don't wait for you.
    But remember, if you choose to come, you are allowed to settle my innermost conditions only. I have begun liking my outermost appearance. So, don't dare to paint my face with your dreams or fantasies.
    As I look like, I am screwed up and I can screw you up too.
    Show me the direction, if you have one, if you want so, just don't assume that I will walk.

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  • abhishek11 11w

    This post is dedicated to all my Photographer Friends.
    For me, Photography is something beyond to be explain. Photography is my life. It's my passion to be a photographer.
    I, thanked @writersnetwork for these topic of the day.

    #six #photography #bag #umbrella #photographyislove #photographyislife #writersnetwork #dailypost #mirakee #alien_spirit @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @the_allured_penmanship

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    Amateur to Photography

    And it was the day with full of black clouds,
    Streets filled with puddles of crowds.
    I looked into mirror reflection of my space,
    Carrying a bag with camera towards dreams to chase.
    I took my keys to open the door of my dreams,
    Followed against the flow of streams.
    I saw an umbrella held high up against the sky,
    Coz I'm the guy who can litup the map of photography, fly high.


  • no___one 11w

    Her journey

    She entered this world with no worries,a baby
    Her bag was empty, yet to be filled by memories
    Her journey began to reach her goal
    To find the key, unlock the door of her destiny
    She didn't have a map though,
    The path was not easy,but she had her parents,
    Like an umbrella, protecting her from harshness
    She captured all happy moments,with her eyes, her camara
    She made memories, found love, had kids, has grandkids, and reached her destiny.
    Now ready to go to another side,
    She reached the entrance of heaven
    There was a mirror a talking one... One of a kind she had ever seen
    It asked her a question...who are you?
    She answered "I'm a hero who just finished her epic journey, ready for next one"


  • pooja_valmik_ 11w


    One day I had to pack my bags
    To live far away from her.
    Not that I stopped loving her,
    To make her proud as a daughter.

    It'd always been a tough time
    Without having her by my side.
    But every time I looked into the mirror
    I saw her wrinkled hands, holding mine.

    After being a successful woman
    Finally the day came to see her again.
    To capture the moment of togetherness
    In the camera full of love and happiness.

    A map full of hurdles led me to someone
    Which turns out to be a blessing in a disguise.
    But I knew I'd have to leave her forever
    Just to be with an another love of my life.

    It was the worst day of my life
    When I had to see my mother die.
    As if my umbrella flew away in the sky
    While I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

    Locked her memories forever in my heart
    While I recovered as the time goes by.
    Memories opened with the key of hope,
    When I see her in my daughter's eyes.


  • lexa_angel 11w

    My creation for a writing challenge, using 6 specific words.

    #six #challenge #bag #camera #mirror #keys #map #umbrella @writersnetwork

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    Through rain we will walk on our life's race
    But with an umbrella in hand we can pick up the pace

    Shield yourself from that dark situation
    With the map in your heart you can reach your destination

    And when you get lost take a look in the mirror
    Take a deep breath and things will get clearer

    In your bag there's a camera, make sure that you use it
    So that you can show the world that you didn't quit

    Now grab your keys and continue your way
    Home might be waiting at the end of this day


  • geraldine_kumar 11w

    Her heart,
    A magical 'bag,'
    Reflects the needs
    Of craving souls,
    In her 'mirror' of love,
    Capturing the images
    Of the dejected,
    By her 'camera'
    Of humanity,
    And sheltering them
    Under her protective
    'Umbrella' of compassion,
    Chalking out a 'map,'
    With the easiest
    Path, leading to
    Her home of homes,
    Which possesses
    The ' keys' to the hearts
    Of the desperate souls,
    Being a mother of mothers,
    "Mother Teresa."

  • gratialetitgo 2d

    Umbrella In The Rain (Poem

    Today the sky turned gray as usual and I never thought that it would be this bad.

    The sound of thunder echo in the sky and the sight of lightning flashes all around

    You had my heart and i thought we were never but worlds apart

    When the sun came out we shine bdighter than any other star in the night sky you are part of me and with our hands as one we can mind a broken heart