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  • cloudd9ine 1d

    Love is the strongest emotion in the world. Love is the best solution to every problem. Remember to give unconditional love to every soul around you. And you will get the best things ever.

  • sumipaul 1d


    I was lost in atrocities of your motherhood,

    The dendrons of your dominance..

    My ignorance of words that play in the world

    Leave me to be like I see the world,

    Fleeting glimpse of coconut tree and thoughts

    Caused out of, the fallacy of killed dreams

    Never did I choose why the sky is infinite...

    My empathy to be better at most obvious..

    Leave me to be like I see the world,

    For I see hunger is not sadness, overfeed is

    You are mother Earth the nurturing depth of molten lava,

    Your viral whim of my submission..

    The incubated thoughts of collect over time

    Leave me to be like I see the world,

    For I see all you are empty like a hollow dead star light years away.........

    ......I have loved fierce, loved none in my moment of breath

    But I have loved,to dare to bleed my dark gut

    There is no solace as your legs, they are no comfort

    Leave me to be like I see the world,

    For I see no loss, world of wars and arrogance of world peace


  • dmedrano1990 1d

    I only want
    my name on your lips.
    No one but you
    can turn my name
    into a song when
    you exhale it in
    your soft, autumnal
    accent. I only want you
    to whisper my name,
    no other woman,
    for it doesn’t
    fit in their mouths,
    it doesn’t translate
    to their tongue.


  • nehafarooqui 3d

    It would be unfair to judge my love for u in just few words !!

  • arjungautam 4d

    She fell in love.

    He didn’t approach this time.

    He just had a conversation.

  • rosalinda22 4d

    I thank God for you...

    I was hurt. I was torn in pieces. I promised myself I would never love again. I prayed so much for my pain to go away. Then you appeared in my life. You took your time and patience to mend my broken heart. You taught me how to believe in love again. You love me for me, not for anything but me. Your love is true, it's unconditional and unexchangeable. My tears turned into laughter and my frown into a smile. I thank God for you and for loving me. I love you....

  • in_the_mid_of_life 4d

    Being in love,
    You lose your essence.
    You fail in other aspects of life.
    You change your priorities.
    Moreover you change yourself completely.
    Why ?
    Just to make an imitation of those love stories,
    Or just to make it perfect.
    Let it be imperfectly beautiful.
    It's not about perfection,
    It's not about correction.
    It's about your own origin of love.

  • manash_lekharu 5d

    নতুন বছৰত লগ হম

    যদি আজৰি পোৱা
    নতুন বছৰত তোমাক লগ ধৰিম...

    সেইদিনা তোমাৰ চঞ্চল মনটোক
    মোৰ কবিতা শুনাম...

    মাত্ৰ কেইটামান মূহুৰ্তৰ বাবে
    জীৱনৰ দুখবোৰ একাষৰীয়া কৰি
    কেৱল ৰচনা কৰিম সুখৰ ব্যাকৰণ।

    মুকলি বতাহৰ সোৱাদ লৈ
    কোনোবা নিতাল নিমাওমাও
    ঠাই এডোখৰত বহি
    আপোন মনেৰে পাতি যাম জীৱনৰ কথা

    ...আমাৰ কথা।

    যদি আজৰি পোৱা
    নতুন বছৰত তোমাক লগ ধৰিম...

  • striving_revert 1w

    My excess love became the reason for his hatred.

    Once the immense love and care that I showed towards you made you to love me unconditionally.
    Now,the same excess love and care have made you to call me, "An Irritant".
    Where did all the love you had for me once, go?
    How could you even forget those talks and actions of your love?
    Is it my fault to be always available for you,just for you to consider me as an irritant at last?
    Am I an unworthy idiot?
    Don't my love has its own worth and value?
    Did the unconditional love die?
    How can you change all of a sudden?
    Don't you love me?
    Everytime you ignored me, I consoled myself by thinking that eventhough you have stopped caring, I will always love you with all my heart till eternity and will be showering my true love and care on you.
    My love for you has no ending.
    I miss the old you,the one who cried thinking not to lose me,who treated me as a baby,who even made me to eat at right time, who made me feel loved and as the Luckiest and blessed girl on the earth.
    Now you left me with nothing but broken heart and soul.
    It was never my mistake for giving you all my love and saving it ONLY for you.
    One day you'll feel my love.
    I'll receive your love again.


  • dear_lone_wolf 1w


    Well no, the rain doesn't stop inside.


  • jmaehere 1w

    How do you define Love?

    This question keeps on running in my mind.
    If I do truly Love, then how can I define?
    Is it Love if i only wanted you to be mine?
    Or giving you all your freedom just to see you shine...

    I am no expert on Love, nor can give a friend a good love advise.
    All I knew is that I wanted to see my Love ones happy, even if their happiness isn't me.

    Love unconditionally for that is the greatest feelings you could ever feel.
    Coz if you do, you wouldn't ask for a Love in return.
    You wouldn't let that Love get you burn.

    - Jmae -

  • evonne 1w


    I love you
    I just love who you are
    You don't need to say anything, but please listen.
    I know you told me you don't deserve my love.
    I tried and tried my hardest to stay away but I just couldn't.
    Deserve? Isn't it just our pride restricting us from loving someone just because we think we don't deserve them?
    How can you measure the depth of love if you haven't tried?
    Fear? There will be lots.
    I always want to make you feel loved.
    You've done worst things in life but who am I to judge?
    I've embraced all your mistakes, failures and many others.
    I've embraced the imperfect you.
    And I continue to love you, beyond words.

    What are our chances?


  • purpleenigma 1w

    All That She Is

    She is chaotic,
    She is a thunderstorm -
    Lightning and violence live in her soul.
    She is chaotic,
    She is a firework -
    A sudden and unexpected explosion.
    She is chaotic,
    She is a rollercoaster -
    A myriad of steep downs and tight spirals.
    She is chaotic,
    She is the yes and the no -
    A walking (never ending) contradiction.
    She is chaotic,
    She is a beautiful disaster;
    Light and dark swirling deep inside.
    She is:
    Your light.
    Your laughter.
    Your happiness and your hope.
    Your soul.
    Your saviour.
    Your soul mate and your one and only.
    And she's hopelessly devoted to you.
    You are her essence and her very breath.
    Her every heart beat and her gravity.
    Because you love her for all that she is - unconditionally.


  • sakshiarya129 1w


    Aisa Nahi hai k muje koi aur Nahi mil sakta...
    Baat itni si hai bas..,,
    Muje tere alawa Kisi aur Ko pane ki chahat Nahi..!

  • yagyapaneri 2w

    One day you'll realize that
    I was the only one
    Who loved you from the bottom of my


  • bravetraveler 2w


    by Frances Ford Bentley


    “No, I just grew up in a part of Naples, Italy.  I've seen some of the worst men and acts of men that don't contain a soul.  Some that need to feel so close to death in order to feel alive even. I once met a Don and--"

    “A Don?  Is that a priest or something?” Rose asked and Gio laughed.

    “No, and a priest would be offended to be called one.  It's a man that is the head of a organized family. Criminal family.  But, I never talked to any bad Dons in my life. This Don was very wise and very powerful.  He wouldn't let me work for his family and made sure I couldn't work for anyone that was negatively influence my life.  That's how good of a man he was at the time. He looked after me like a father.”

    “You lost your father?”  Gio paused and the moment filled with silence and nostalgic memories as he reflected.  

    “Yeah, I lost him.  But, I once had him.  Before I lost him, I was seven years old and he was a giant in my world.  A hero! He did anything he could to provide for my family. My mother, though, she didn't love him.  Actually, she spoke to him very disrespectfully. Back then, if any Italian man heard the way my father was spoken to by his wife, my father would be laughed upon and shown disrespect and maybe they did know, but because the Don held him in such high esteem, they all treated my father good.  

          Despite my mother's apathy and emotionless affection I mean just empty, he still loved her, and it was a love Ive never seen from a man. He loved her so much.  He had many talks sitting on my bed, before always turning out my light at night.  Some I remember so vividly, others I wish I can retrieve so bad, but they escape me. Ultimately, my father was known as Naples best jewel thief. Still till this day! It's how I came to know the Don.”

    “Why are you stopping?  I'm listening.”

    "You're not watching the road."

    "I am, watching the road, I am." Rose said.

    “It's funny how you realize everything suddenly one day. It all becomes clear.  My father stole Italy's best jewels. He did it all for my mother, who never appreciated them because she didn't love him.  She just thought they weren't good enough. She never accepted any of them. My father tried everything to make her happy.  I would wake up so early sometimes, and see him squeezing fresh oranges that are known for their amazing taste in Naples. He did it to serve my mother freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast."

    "This is a sad story isn't it?"

    "Aren't some of the best things sad? Like the best love stories, or look at the leaves. See how beautiful they are?"

    "Yeah, actually. The further north we drive, I've noticed the explosive colors on the leaves. I love autumn."

    "The leaves become so beautiful in their colors in the act of dying. Before they fall."

    "So, continue."

    "One day the Don approached My father while we were on a walk.  Everyone was scared of the Don. They cleared a path where ever he walked, but my father walked right up to him.  He even called him Salvatore.”

    “The Dons name was Salvatore? Your father was dangerous wasn't he?” Rose asked.

    “No. You're missing my point completely!  So, my father said to the younger Don, “Salvatore. What do you want I'm with my son?”  The Don patted my head. My father then pulled me back. The Don, with at least ten of his armed men said, “Dario, please, just a word.  I would like to talk about the diamonds and doing business. I've been very interested. We all know who you were.” My father then picked me up and walked past him and continued on. I didn't realize how much disrespect he was showing him, or how much respect the Don had for my father.  

    One morning at breakfast, my father gave my mother jewels that he told me she would love.  I knew what was going to happen. But the most unexpected thing then occurred. She was so happy.  She suddenly said how happy they made her. I remember seeing him smile in the kitchen that morning after giving my mother the gems.  He was so elated, it looked like he could conquer anything in the world. His feet werent touching the ground. It was also the first time I had seen my mother smile at my father.  But then I saw something I wish I hadn't seen.  My mother turned around from him and put her cigarette out in her freshly squeezed orange juice.
     So, naturally he kept stealing more beautiful rare gems to give to my mother to make her happy.  He was convinced it had made her love him again. In turn, he became the world's best thief. She would still speak down to him in front of me during meals at the table, and he would look at me and make funny faces to make me laugh.   But still, she accepted the diamonds.
    Then one morning I heard my mom on the phone talking to someone.  It sounded like she was talking about how much she didn't like what my father did for her.  I went outside and interrupted my dad when he was squeezing the oranges. I'll never forget the look on his face. He paused what he was doing for what seemed like forever and it looked like he was solving an equation in his head.   He then promised me he'd be back and to tell the Don to be waiting at the house that night.

    My mother soon after asked where he was but I shrugged.  The cops came asking for him too. Then the Don interrupted and told them to leave.  I saw him tell his men to wait outside as he shut the front door behind him while he was inside with my mother yelling at her.  When he soon came out, I told him what my father said. He bent down and looked at me. He said, “Sure kid, I'll be here.”   He then asked me if I wanted ice cream, but I said no. I remembered what my father always said about talking with those men. My father was very serious about not getting in business with them, yet I saw him talking to the Don that night when he came home outside our house.  He had just got home. They walked forward and sat down at the wooden picnic table that the neighbors played dominos on all the time in front of our house. I watched them as they moved their lips talking so seriously and then they shook hands.”

    “Wait that's it? What about your mother?  And I thought your Dad never worked with them? That can't be the end!” Rose said not keeping her eyes on the road.

    “He didn't. Just one thing, one deal he made.  That night my father told me something important.  He said it all in English. I wondered why for years he said it in English and what he said.  He told me something that he's tried his whole life to achieve. He said it can take decades, a lifetime even, yet it was only sixteen inches in distance.  At the end I saw a tear fall from his face for the first and last time. He kissed me and said goodnight my little bird. That was the last time I ever saw him again.”

    “What do you mean?  What happen to him?”

    “He was found killed.  My mother ordered his death.  I didn't know then, I found out before leaving and coming over here.  The Don took me in and took care of me and eventually told me everything when I was old enough and he became sick. I hated him but had grown to love him the whole time since my father died.  

    He said my mother fell in love with him.  The Don meant to sleep with her to get my father to work for him, so my father would want the Don to leave his family alone.  Only, my mother fell in love with the Don. She started accepting the jewels and giving them to the Don. The Don was using her.  But the whole time my father thought my mother changed and finally respected him and fell in love with him. She was just using my father all along.  My father came home after spending the day marinating in the whole deceit and lies after I told him she had made a phone call, and the Don said my father knew she had called the police to get him out of her life. It broke my father and he lost his purpose in life.  He then come home that final night and met the Don as planned. They talked where I watched them. My father told the Don he knew what he had done. My father told the Don, come morning he would find him and kill him.  The Don then told him he understood and respected him, always had. He apologized to my father for having to go so far. My father then made the Don promise him to look after me and protect me. And they shook on it. So, when I was told this and learned how much love my father had for my mother and what he told me in bed that night I knew what he was talking about.”  Gio turned to her. “He told me that night everything he's tried to achieve in life took him decades, a lifetime even, yet it was the distance of just 16 inches. He hoped for me to finally arrive where he never made it. The sixteen inches were from his mind and his heart. And a tear fell. That's when he said the last words in this life to me. Goodnight little birdie.”


  • silentloudness 2w


    She who loves with all her heart
    She who loves with all the pains
    She who loves with every inch of scars she owns

    She is a woman...

    A woman who knows pain and love and it's coexistence


  • shayn01 2w


    Her soul's as strong as steel,
    Her heart's as pure as doves,
    Her life as precious as prasiolites,
    Her teachings as expensive as red diamonds,
    She brings the life in all,
    She brightens the lives of all,
    She instills the fear in all,
    She loves all with no condition,
    For she is the greatest,
    For she is the smartest,
    For she is the most compassionate,
    For she is the most precious gemstone,
    Created and brought to life,
    By the Almighty.

    ©Shayn Shakty

  • stark_the_mystery 3w


    Everything you said, touched my heart, even though your hands never touched me.
    Everything you said, gradually healed my wounds,even though I never showed it.
    Everything you said, slowly wiped my every unshed tear,even though i never poured my heart in front of you.
    Everything you said, eventually made me fall in love with you, even though i never said it aloud.

    But now I do say, that I found my missing piece in you.
    I finally found my elixir.


  • aeronsylvester 2w

    Two Souls

    How wonderful it is,
    To see deep into ones soul,
    Connected as one so powerful,
    The bond is strong,
    Between two so pure, so special,
    Nothing, no one,
    Can replace that spirit,
    That connects you and your mum