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  • vasubandhu 1d


    सालों बाद आज जो तू ऐसे बरसी है,
    इस रुप को तेरे ये मिट्टी भी तरसी है।
    बहनें दे लोगों कि लापरवाही को उनके ही आंगन मे,
    ढहने दे ढांचे सरकार कि उन्मादी के उनके ही प्रबंधन मे।
    तेरी अन्यत्रवासिता कि कमी ही नही,
    तेरी उत्पत्ति के जनक विनष्ट हरियाली भी उतरे इनके नयनन् मे।
    चीर कर अनात्मवादी इंसानों कि धरोहर को,
    दिखा दे कुदरत कि असीम शक्सियत को।
    भगवान भी कई जो ना जोड़ पाएं इंसानियत को,
    शायद प्रलय से समझे आस्था, श्रद्धा और आपसी हैसियत को।
    मिल जा धरा के घुटते मन्मथ को,
    कर दे बहाल सृष्टि कि किस्मत को।
    सालों बाद आज जो तू ऐसे बरसी है,
    मानो आजीविका तेरी ही मर्जी है।

  • knowledgee 4d

    It's Strange How We Just Faded Away

  • karthik_boya 5d


    Unity in diversity is an ideal concept, while unity in adversity is something that is proven.

  • knowledgee 1w

    Where Does War Get Us?

  • shin_saran 1w


    Lot of burden
    No yet I'm not done
    I'll still fuck up, fuck down
    Wear my clothes
    And move home

  • knowledgee 1w

    The Pen Will Bleed Until There's No Life To Make It's Blood Flow.... Understand

  • ellspressions 1w


    Angelical swaying in the midst of the winds.
    The petals of this rose dance as the voice of nature sings.
    The soil holding the stem of the flower as if keeping it balanced.
    A pair that understands each other, speaking in silence.
    Let no storm, let no rains, let no thorn-
    Separate this which nature has born.


  • tanessa_oakwood 1w


    A country bound by castes,
    Rich in religion and culture,
    Yet so discriminating,
    Hierarchal and segmental,
    Rich and poor,
    Privileged and unprivileged,
    Young and old,
    A thousand rules to follow,
    Tell me...
    When your on your deathbed,
    In need of a blood transfusion,
    With the blood bags right in front of you,
    Will you still ask the donors' caste?


  • fatema_tavkir 1w

    You never get some answers in life
    And never try to find them
    Because some things are not meant to be known.

  • ibuddy66 1w

    Life, Unity, Love Deferred

    Awakening in fright daily,
    Awaiting atrocity at every turn.

    Families separated, destroyed, relationships burned,

    All for the sake of one person's prejudice.

    Suddenly the images of concentration camps return,

    And the images of suffering confront us.

    Our ancestors died so we would not suffer,
    Another regime so cruel, so disgusting, and heartless.

    They told us in school it would never happen in the US.

    They told us we were safe because of checks and balances.

    Perhaps the hardest thing to realize is that all we were taught,
    All we were led to believe about the nation we live in,
    Was pure propaganda in and of itself,
    Self serving and false,
    No more real than an elf.

    I sit each day and I see no glory,
    I see no beauty in the flag anymore.

    It has been taken and turned into a symbol of hatred of prejudice and of disdain.

    As long as that flag stands above a concentration camp,
    As long as that flag lies on the arm of an agent who forces families apart,
    As long as that flag still remains marred,
    I refuse to honor it.  

    The flag was once a symbol of hope, of unity and strength,
    But now it is nothing more than a corporate logo for those who perpetrate evil,

    It matters not wether Democrat or Republican,
    The fact is that they all failed us.

    They sat back, they held such hubris,
    They laughed and joked about the impossible,

    And now every single day we suffer more,
    We fight for our lives yet again.

    All because people chose not to win,
    Chose not to stand up and speak out,  

    It was a choice that was made not by the people as a whole, but a small few who spoke for themselves abandoning their duty to the people they were supposed to represent.

    They put on a show, but then when the cameras turn,
    They think we don't see them engaging and enjoying time with the very ones who own this hate.

    They think we don't see them joining hands across an aisle corroborating with evil,

    But even though we keep fighting away,
    They ask for money and threaten what will happen if we don't donate .

    They hold us hostage yet again,as if the election itself were not the worst of this land,

    We sit around a nation without an identity.

    Our Lady of liberty, trashed, tarnished , mocked and violently raped in plain sight of us each and every single day.

    We were told Lady liberty was to protect us,
    but it is we who should be protecting her,

    But now we sit with nothing left.

    1776 is a time of sorrow now,
    And we sit and dream yet again of freedom from oppression and freedom from hate.  

    This government is no longer a beacon of hope,
    But a cesspool whose stench covers the land,
    And invades neighboring countries.

    Allies are falling away from us,
    We are being closed behind a wall and separated from the world,
    Our allies are fleeing with good reason,
    But it leaves us stuck with a president of treason.

    I once loved this country of mine,
    Until the clouds parted and the truth came forth.
    How does one willingly pledge to love an abuser?

    It was not from actions of this generation of mine,
    but those of the ones who loudly criticize,
    Seeking to move backwards,
    Seeking to restore their deluded visions,
    Instead of confronting the reality before their eyes.

    These years were supposed to be joyous continued progress,
    Things were supposed to get better,

    They stole my American dream,
    A simple one to live with respect and dignity not just for me,
    But for all.
    To live in a land where hatred is trampled on,
    not risen as a trophy for oppressors.

    And that I can never forget.  
    The day my governemt turned it's back on me,
    abandoned all that is decent and stood idly by a person as vile as the furer himself.

    At night there was once silence,
    There was stillness about the capitol of the people,
    But now it is loud as voices cry out,
    Those departed in history’s worst plights,
    Cry out into the cold of the night,

    How could you forget me they ask us,
    How could you invalidate the very lessons we provided,
    How could you destroy the gift of freedom,
    How could you comply as history begins to repeat,

    And no answer can be given to these deafening cries.
    No answer is within us because we too are fearful of how to survive.

    I once thought the worst thing was a dream deferred
    But nothing is worse than hope that is stolen.  
    Nothing is worse than love and life deferred,
    Not by choice,
    But by force.

    ©Ian Scheil 2018 (ibuddy66)

  • silvius_rex 2w


    Once, there was an enlightened sage. He visited people in a town to see their life and their well being. He knocked door of a house. A man with a heavy build and scornful eyes emerged as the door opened. The sage politely asked if he could offer anything to him. The man started cursing him and continued for some time. Then he stopped and closed the door with a bang on seeing no reply from the beggar. The sage knocked his door again. The man burst out from within the house this time, and kicked the sage. The sage had tears in his eyes. The huge man, with a sadistic smile continued cursing him and ended on a note that people like him deserved such punishment. The sage with teary eyes, but blissful smile rose up, and put a hand on the man's head, saying "Son, I wish you could just give me all your pain and suffering. I would gladly take every bit of it. But everyone of us has to walk his own journey, and I will pray for your courage and strength." The huge man fell on his knees, as an outburst of emotions awakened from within his core. He cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness. The sage smiled and pat on his shoulder. As he was about to leave, he turned back and said "Son, forgive yourself" as he walked away and faded into the crimson horizon.

  • quotiology 2w

    If you can not turn the page to that unrequited love:
    Take a deep breath, close your eyes and tear the book apart.

  • knowledgee 2w

    Sometimes In Life U Got To Question It... Even If Its All Over. Did U Ever Really Love Me?


  • abigailnain 2w


    You mended what was broken
    And restored what once was stolen

    You changed my world from dark to light
    Painted in different colors so clear and bright

    What once were black birds turned royal blue
    The sky is peaceful, so golden and true

    My life was dark now full with color,
    I used to hide but now i stand taller.

  • knowledgee 2w

    Did I Write That?

  • mis_fit_judy 2w

    Constant strength,
    The team that catches hold of you...
    Sharing works,
    The team that lightens the burden on you...
    Tough times,
    The team that keeps up like a shadow with you...
    Disagreements & Complaints,
    The team that becomes a lesson for you...
    The team that teaches you a value for life...

    - Always A Boon To Success !


  • ariel_lioness 2w

    I believe in alignment. We have a mind, body, spirit, and heart to consider. When we leave one behind we are incomplete. When we ignore one we are incomplete, and our juxtaposition is off.

    This is just the first stanza. I might share the rest...

    #Alignment #MindBodyandSoul #FollowtheHeart #Unity #Frequency #Awareness #Freewrite #Poet #Poetry #Mirakee #WritersUnite #PoetsofMirakee #StrengthofthePen #WritersNetwork

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    I let my mind travel ahead
    In a world so tainted,
    And without protection I
    Nearly lost it, my mind,
    Never came back the same.
    So, here I am forced to change.
    Old thoughts, memories, reasonings
    Have lost their color and frequency.
    I followed my mind into the desert,
    And dried out. My visions
    Withered in the presence of the sun.
    All the logic I had acquired
    Dissolved within my hands, till I had no more.
    I used to be educated.
    I used to have ideas worth a million pictures
    That were backed up by facts in my textbook.
    Unread lines, and unheard of truths
    Haunt me now. They have led me onward,
    Where gravity weighs a ton, so the life
    I became accustomed finally was done.

    - Ariel Williams


  • accountablelovepodcast 2w

    We Believe

    Our hearts has been ripped out our chest. We have had liking relationships, Loving relationships, and relationships we thought were Love but were only like. We have went to bed with only one person on our minds, just to wake up to find out we were never in their hearts. We have witnessed pain. Yet, We aren't bitter. We don't wish pain unless that pain will led to growth. We don't close up because we may miss the open door to our forever. We believe in AccountableLove, not due to the pain, but the long lasting pleasure of having a certainty in something as spiritual as Love. We are LoveSnobs, we believe Love should be the highest honor on earth and should be treated as such. We believe in AccountableLove because we are ready for the responsibility of Love. Are you?


  • miclev 2w

    All is Present; All is Complete; All is Perfect


  • pinkest 3w

    Galactic Love

    Let your Empathy towards any individual
    be higher than your levels of affection towards them.
    Reminding yourself daily that all are one.
    The Universe celebrates unity.
    We are love in its rawest form.