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    This is only about you.
    All I care is that you're safe.
    - Edward to Bella

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    She drank up all his love and left him dying of lust.


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    Part 2 of the comedy short story series 'Emmet the Vampire' in this episode Emmet tries online dating. Comments would be appreciated :) #shortstory #vampire #vampires #comedy #horror #gothic

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    Emmet the Vampire: in I Put the Fun in Funeral

    Emmet stood in the bathroom, he was shirtless. He took his iPhone out of his back pocket and snapped a mirror selfie.
    “Damn” he said. The photo was just of a blank mirror. He snapped some pictures of his abs with the front facing camera.

    He put his black shirt back on and walked to the lounge, lunging himself into his armchair. He noticed a white thing in the bottom of his eye, he looked down, his tag was out of his shirt.
    “Damn” he said, his shirt was both backwards and inside out, “That’s embarrassing, at least I didn’t go out and buy milk tonight”. He pulled his shirt off turned it in the right way and put it back on.

    “Better” he said sitting back down in his chair.
    He pulled his phone back out, his background was a graveyard. He went into the app store and downloaded okcupid. He opened the app, the sign-up page popped up,

    Name: Emmet
    Location: Melbourne
    “Damn” he said, “They only go far back as 1900 well that’s just vampire discrimination”
    Birthdate: 01/01/1989
    Email: emmetthevampire@gmail.com
    Password: graveyard.
    I’m sorry that password is already taken popped up on the screen
    “Damn” he said
    I’m sorry that password is already taken
    He was logged in.

    Emmet went onto his profile page. He went through his shirtless selfies,
    “No, no, no, okay, no, no, I guess” he uploaded the best one as well as a photo of a painted portrait of him from 1800.

    My self-summary:
    'Goth boy, like darkness, graveyards, coffins, dead things and biting
    I put the fun in funeral
    I vant to s u c c.'
    “What I’m doing with my life? I’m really good at? The first thing people notice about me? Favourite books, movies, shows, music and food?” he said reading off the screen, “I haven’t got time to write all this”

    He went to the quick swipe section,
    “No, no, no, oh damn he looks more hideous than nosferatu no thank you, no, yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, yes, no, damn I’d sink my fangs into her, no, no, yes, id invite her back to my coffin any day, no, yes, no, ehh, no oh damn no I meant yes no go back undo undo damn.”

    He mindless browsed the array or rather buffet of viable single people before it was approaching dawn. He headed to his coffin. He got inside his coffin and locked the lid.
    “Oh damn” he yelled through the lid “My shirts still around the wrong way.”

  • sammieoli 2d

    Part 1 in my comedy short story series 'Emmet the Vampire' a series about a vampire with badluck living a mundane life. Comments would be appreciated :) #shortstory #vampire #vampires #comedy #horror #gothic

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    Emmet the Vampire: in Half Drank Cups of Tea.

    He had his arm around her waist she was pulled in so close to him that he could feel her heart beat through her skin, her blood flowing through her veins. He sunk his teeth into her neck, under his spell she could not scream. Blood dripped down her shoulder slowly, staining her white flowing dress a crimson red. He was a monster caught in the night, feeding like an animal to survive, draining woman of their blood to sustain his unquenchable thirst.

    Emmet stood in the bathroom. He felt something in his teeth from his meal earlier in the night. He looked in the old mirror with its rusting bronze flower frame.
    “Damn” he said as he was faced with a blank mirror “A reflection would be mighty helpful right now.”

    He picked up an old toothpick that was on the sink and blindly attacked his teeth with it, the reflection showed a toothpick floating on its own like a ghost. Picking at his teeth was a fruitless mission, as the toothpick snapped he retired from the task accepting the fact that he would be living with the infuriation of a piece of meat in his tooth for the remainder of the night.

    He shifted to the kitchen. The state of the kitchen was unruly, there were half drank cups of coffee and tea hoarding the kitchen space. He kept meaning to wash them but felt the need to buy more cups when he ran out and to make more drinks to leave around on whatever space was left on tables and benches and on top of the fridge.
    Like clockwork he pulled out a white mug from one of the kitchen draws and turned on the kettle. Whilst he waited for the water to boil he opened his black porcelain tea box. To his disappointment there were no tea bags inside.
    “Damn” he muttered to himself, “I must buy some more tomorrow night” He knew very well that he would not buy anymore tomorrow he would go shopping and forget the one thing he needed.

    He poured 2 teaspoons of instant coffee and 1 teaspoon of raw sugar into his cup, the kettle dinged and he poured the hot water into the cup, stirring it around unnecessarily. He opened the fridge and grabbed out the carton of milk that was probably way past its use-by date, he tipped it over waiting for milk to pour into his coffee only to be disappointed that it was empty.
    “Damn, black it is then” he said in a disappointing tone “Worse than microwaved blood”.

    After watching tv in his reclining armchair, his throne, he gets his coffin ready to sleep for the day. Laying himself in his box like a corpse he gets comfy and closes the lid. Ready to fall into his slumber, about to drift off he suddenly opens his eyes,
    “Damn my coffee!” can be heard through the coffin. His coffee sits on the lounge table half drank.

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    For the lovers of the dark and the mystical, a piece here. Out of curiosity, feeds the mind. The existence of the mystical is irrelevant to a yearning mind


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    His lure was inescapable,
    He was loathesome, assuredely,
    But his charm, irresistable.
    though a creature of the night he was,
    she effortlessly fell for the plague;
    the accursed dark being, destined to damnation,
    she longed for the bite, longed for predestination
    longed to be damned herself,
    to fate worse than death, she longed to be dead,
    but alongside him that her heart loved.
    and she succumbed!


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    Blood Red,
    Pale Skin.
    Moon Light Draw Me In,
    Quench My Thirst
    Coursing Veins,
    Let My Body,
    Fell No Pain.


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    —You think I'm pretty?

    – No, I think you're beautiful...so beautiful that sometimes, it hurts.


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    With a gasp I am born of darkness and death
    Hunger to dine on the living's last breath
    Travel by moonlight, sleep during the day
    My madness to feed on the dull and the gray
    Disdain for the pulse of life in mankind
    Loving to leave all mortality behind
    Finding my dreams in darkness' embrace
    The warmth of the blood and the death that I taste
    In a coffin I rest never do I expire
    When the sun rises it's there I retire
    The moon shines instead on my hunt every night
    The blood that I spill catches her light
    The evil within takes over, runs wild
    Embracing the sin as I dine on a child
    Mercy no longer a taint on my soul
    I slay another so that I am made whole.

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    She watched me
    Studied me
    With such an inquisitive face
    That at times
    It frightened me
    It penetrated me
    And still I felt
    She needed more.
    She was a blank person
    Lacking identity
    Lacking thoughts of her own
    Her style evolved until
    It was as if
    when she stood before me
    She was a mirror
    But one with a crack
    A fissure
    Too deep to repair
    Not even I could do it
    And I was her best friend.
    There were times
    When her intensity
    Made me run and hide for days...
    Now I realize, my psyche needed relief, protection and time to stand alone.
    That stare she had...through disguised blue eyes
    Lined in jet black
    Rimming with sexuality
    Which she used like a net.
    That stare
    Scared me to the core
    They way those new robots stare
    Searching, always for their humanity...blank blue space
    Orbs floating in the skin of latex that hides their mechanism for mimicry.
    She was blank like that.


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    I read stories filled with light, sun, life, Earth... That is the world I want to emerse myself in, even if that meant the end of my immortality; even if that meant I would turn to ash; atleast my soul would glide in the natural essence of life instead of dwelling in this eternal death.


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    This was originally posted on my Poet's Corner page, I am the original creator of this poem ♡ for my #Love ♡♡
    #Gothicpoetry #Longdistance #Dark #Death #Goth #Vampire #Grave #Tomb #Moonlight #Dead #Corpse

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    Rotting Together♡

    This coffin will be meant for one
    But ill make it big enough for two
    Can I spend eternity with you?
    Together as one
    Forever complete
    Rotting together
    You and me
    Forever in each others dreams
    Beneath the moonlight
    Surrounded by its gothic beam
    Bound together for all eternity
    Joined by the string of fate
    Not shackled behind a prision gate
    Together til the last of our days
    And even then
    Blooming after deaths embrace
    Only letting our shells deteriorate
    Rotting Together
    Dreaming a good dream
    From which we will never wake.


  • thakursahab48 9w

    However long it takes.

    He's your first love, I intend to be your last. "However long it takes."

    - Klaus Mikaelson.
    The Vampire Diaries.


  • letswrite000 11w

    You belong to me

    I was mesmerised by his figure seated comfortably on a thick branch of a tall tree,so tall that I couldn’t reach that branch with my height.In a way I thought that was a good thing because my curiosity always gets the better of me and leads me into trouble.But even without being able to reach him,I knew I couldn’t get myself out of this situation.He was no normal being...a vampire disguising as a human.Thanks to my good eyesight,I was able to spot his fangs which danced slightly when he parted his lips.He was being bathed in silver light from the moon,as he sat ever so casually staring into the peaceful night.Well at least for the rest of the neighbourhood it was peaceful,but my mind and heart were in turmoil because just then,his eyes shifted to where I was standing,and they widened looking at me with disbelief clearly shown in them as if asking,”why is this girl here alone and staring at me in such a straightforward manner even without hiding?”.There was nothing I could do then.Cursing my stupid self I stood quietly as he jumped off the branch and slowly made his way towards me.Just then my mind started talking,”he seems to be taking his sweet time knowing that his prey can’t run anywhere.”That’s true.Vampires exceed human abilities in every way possible so there were no means for escape.But I didn’t want to escape.I wanted to stay there and look at that mysterious being which was now walking towards me for a little while longer...

    In a flash,he was standing right next to me,our faces inches apart,so close that I could feel his cold breath blowing upon my skin.My heart...god my heart was beating so fast,I was sure he could hear it.They have a superior sense of hearing too after all.Now that he stood so close,I could see his handsome features dawning upon me.”Its illegal to look so beautiful”,I thought.The vampire,clearly amused by the situation decided to tease me.He knew I was enamoured with him...I bet it was shown in my eyes as I let him approach me without any fear despite knowing he was a vampire.He stroked my cheek softly and caressed the tips of my hair,then bent close to my neck.I knew what was coming next but I couldn’t help panicking,not that I had enough time to do that because the next thing I felt were his fangs,pushing their way deep into my skin.At that moment,the world around me slowly dissipated into darkness,as though it was only both of us in the entire world right now.The vampire took his time drinking my blood,enjoying every sweet and intoxicating drop...meanwhile my legs were trembling,I couldn’t balance myself so I had to hold his back tight,his black jacket tightly in my grasp,thereby closing the space between us even more.It felt like it lasted for an eternity,while he sucked my blood ever so patiently,those sounds filling my ear and making me swoon.Soon I could feel my energy running out,my mind threatening me and warning me to get away.But I couldn’t.I wanted to enjoy every moment of it while it lasted because I was sure i wouldn’t be in such a situation ever again.

    In that serene surrounding,both of us were the only ones with erratic heartbeats,only my pulse a little weaker than before,not knowing when to stop and not being able to stop,falling deep into the pit of sins,knowing we wouldn’t be able to find the surface again but we didn’t care.Dark spots were now starting to form in my vision,my grip on his jacket growing weaker by the second.Before I blacked out in his strong arms,I could feel his grip tightening around my hip to hold me if I were to fall,his other hand stroking the back of my head ever so tenderly...and that’s when I saw his eyes,which were as red as the frail petals of a red rose,and were filled with delicate emotions like love and adoration,not lust.So then I realised that I can entrust my body to him,knowing that he won’t harm me in any way,I fainted,my face curving into a slight smile as I crossed the threshold, into the world of my forbidden dreams.


  • batbratmandy 11w

    The Vampires Regret

    He who came from blood and sweat,
    lives for morn but always torn
    between light and death.

    Heart beats no more,
    but love still flows.

    Lay me down under the stone,
    engraved with who I once was,
    but never again.

    Will you miss me when I have flown?

    You keep returning to my stone,
    yet no breath will I choke,
    for all I breath is dirt.

    I regret my death.

    You wonder if the vampire
    regrets its strife,
    as if they relive their sins
    for the rest of their eternal life.


    ^Bat^ Brat Mandy gave you a fly by of a mouth full of Gothic poetry. This is the second part to The Vampire Poem.

  • emiialee 11w


    sharp teeth drag across my neck
    slowly almost cutting
    sinking in

    looking for the perfect spot
    to dig into
    looking for the sweetest meal

    then there is the pain
    the searing throbing pain
    and I whimper

    then the feeling of loss
    as my life is slowly sucked out of me
    he has me

    i push away and he stumbles back smirking eyes glowing red
    my blood drips down his chin
    his fangs peek out

    he grabs me again tighter this time
    this night isn't over yet and he's still hungry


  • practicallytheoretical 12w

    Strangely insane for how much we trust,
    Like a vampire blinded by bloodlust,
    As likely as the earth's solid crust,
    Betrayed then, left like ashes and dust.


  • kinky_eskimo 12w

    Invitation Only

    I lost my reflection
    I thought that was a myth
    Vampires and bats
    The embrace or dark gift

    But slowly I was turning
    And so was my opinion
    It seemed that I may be
    Ruling my own dominion

    The marks on my neck
    Weren't that of a human
    They had punctured skin
    I did find it rude when

    He insisted on invitation
    I was ready to end the date
    I started to feel guilty
    I let him in rather late

    He pulled me from behind
    Roughly kissed me on the neck
    I quickly came to see
    This wasn't a lover's peck

    He sunk his fangs into me
    At first I felt hot fire
    Then I began to realize
    This was a vampire


  • smritigoswami 14w

    Edward cullen

    Prince charming,
    Defines true love,
    Looks like Greek god,
    Cold but full of love.


  • ghoulfrost 20w

    Come in, young lad, come in please
    No need for light, it makes him crease
    Master surely won't be pleased
    At half past five, bring Master's date
    And don't forget, no need for plates
    If ever Master asks for more,
    Don't ask "of what?", Just bring him blood
    And no, the master is no fiend
    It's just that humans are his thing
    If ever you hear a scream
    Don't worry, Master's not had his fill
    No backing out of this ghastly deal
    Or you'll be Master's next meal
    Who's at the door? Who might that be?
    O...it's the Master's dinner, good choice indeed
    Now my friend, I must take my leave
    For there remains something I must achieve
    For this full moon, the time be right
    As I head into this ol' hallow night

  • lovewriting 30w

    When you loose somebody every candle ,every prayer is not gonna make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be .