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  • b_h_u_m_o 3h

    World is asleep,
    Workaholics are working on new projects
    Love bird are making their nest
    Dogs are Barking on the street
    Theif are executing their plan
    Some are fighting, far whom the place where I lie
    Some are gazing, at moonlight
    Here I am,
    In front of the blank paper
    Feelings buried deep
    Inside my heart
    So deep,that even
    My pen can't dare.
    To write Those dark memories
    Hunting me in the darkness
    Killing me slowly
    Making me breathless
    Suffocating my heartland
    What do I do....
    When all I ever do is to pretend
    How do I keep.up with it
    How do I tell you all that beautiful smile
    Is an illusion.....

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    2 AM

    Feelings buried deep,
    Inside my heart,
    Even my pen can't dare
    To write those dark memories
    Hunting me in the darkness
    Killing me slowly........

  • tenshi_tiara 7h


    "You are the light of my life '' he said
    Holding me in the tender embace.
    We started to dream together of a structured future,
    Which was a featherless newborn bird.
    Suddenly the distances grew,
    I was his muse no more.
    The colours of life started fading,
    The animal sides came out,
    Nobody wanted the bubble to burst,
    But the void refused to hide.
    As Shattered glasses and dreams
    Laid on the floor , curses flew without bound,.
    "We are toxic together now '' he said .
    I wasn't a martyr but the loss of us
    Threatens to drown me .

  • thelostsoul_writes 1d

    And your arms were what I was finding forever
    The home I was missing
    Love I was yearning
    And you completed me
    Made me whole
    You touched my soul..
    And when you left
    You took that part with you
    Creating a black hole
    And everything just
    Disappears now in it
    I am no more Me
    And it’s all of you in me
    It’s chaos
    It’s a mess
    I am wandering
    Without you
    Like Homeless.


  • wildling_strider 1d


    'twas a gale that bellowed deep inside,
    Rustled the feathers mottled brown,
    Remeniscent of deeds & sightings past,
    Swept by without any lasting trace.

    Nest left bare, memories forgotten,
    No drop of rain to rekindle émotions.
    Breathe caught up in empty rooms,
    Shrinking space with a forlorn wail.

    Her silence reared up thundering,
    His void fondled in passing,
    a speck anew,
    Slowly swelling, filling & smothering.

    Her voice tangled, lost in echoes,
    Stifled words 'nd smothered thoughts,
    Drowning dreams in pathos.
    Desire welled up in rising floods,
    The pain bursting & tearing forth,
    Tumultuous rush o'er timeless gaze,
    Shrouding sleep in an obsucure haze.

    A touch in heart, a sight in mind.
    An ache.
    An ache was all that remained.


  • amishka 2d

    Voidness inside me
    Settled me for dissatisfaction.


  • anintrovertwriter 2d

    Do you ever feel a void inside yourself, do you ever feel the emptiness?

    When you just become numb; you don't feel angry, you don't cry either, and no joke can make you laugh, not even slightly. You just sit there, wearing that resting expressionless robot face, staring into the abyss, with zero thoughts in your mind, as if time has stopped.

    In my case it ends in two ways. Either I call a friend or I burst into tears and cry till I fall asleep.
    I believe this is a way of my mind reminding me that I have had too much and its time for a break. Too much drama, or too much stress or being too much hurt or holding in emotions for too long. And when this too much reaches a certain limit, my mind just shuts down in protest, demanding a fresh start.

    What do you do when you feel empty?


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  • out_of_my_heart 3d


    There is a scar in every people I meet
    I don't know if to cry or to smile ??
    I am almost done with emotions
    For now I knew they where all lifeless

    Love always hurts even if that's for good.
    Love makes you a madhouse of emotions.
    You will never trust real love even if it is
    For you knew how it hurted you first.


  • rishitasingh 4d

    // love //

    Your presence bestows me a sore effect with no attest but leave a besmear on me, which shows how void was your love. !
    No matter ,who ceremoniously you welcome love , remember it would always slander you.

  • heeranshi_mishra 5d

    Oblivion echoed and resonated the unbounding spirals of smoke of destiny.

    Revolving in the circular maze I kept thinking of a escape but there were no doors and no windows, after a huge war within my head I even tried to gun down the walls that fenced me but is it possible to make that hollow air bleed ?

    After a hustle in my emotions and recklessly searching for the potion of love and hope I even tried to strangle those demons, but is it possible to choke the breathe of breathless beings ?
    And so instead it left me breathless.

    I even tried bathing in the holy water of Christ but it all gone in vain. God left my hand swiftly as darkness conquered my virgin soul and all I was left with a pair of blind eyes curtained with darkness.
    Is it possible to find light where all I see is enriched dark shades ?



    I wrap those enriched dark shades on my bright virgin soul - Heer

    #darkness #void #sins #pod @writersnetwork

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    Dark Shades

    Oblivion echoed and resonated
    the unbounding spirals of
    smoke of destiny.

    Revolving in the circular maze
    I kept thinking of a escape but
    there were no doors
    and no windows, after a huge war
    within my head I even tried
    to gun down the walls
    that fenced me but is it possible
    to make that hollow air bleed ?

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  • sukanya94 5d

    I am a void


  • effortless101 1w

    Void - The Neighbourhood

    My insecurities are
    My own worst enemy, yeah
    Something's not lettin' me
    Move the way I used to
    Thought you could better me but
    Then you stopped lettin' me walk
    Now you're just settin' me off
    So I'm tryna lose you

  • rahem027 1w

    Friend: What happened?

    Me: Nothing. Just never knew would be so weak in her void

  • varsha_bagal7 1w


    I just wanna be there where you are
    Fill this uneasy void increasing in my heart
    Oh how I wish we weren't miles apart

  • _vats_ 1w


    Learning to love myself like I love the moon
    Sometimes the moon is all I have

    I was born too early or too late for my life
    As there was pain and inability to understand myself

    I didn't lie, I just didn't say anything
    I may have ruined it with my overthinking

    I wish you knew what you mean to me
    And how your name plays in my head like a song on repeat

    When we met, our eyes glowed of bittersweet memories
    As we spoke again, all these years felt like centuries

    Two souls just don't meet by accident
    Maybe you are my guiding light

    You met me at a very strange time in my life
    I'm sorry I can't say goodnight tonight

  • srujan 2w

    The Silence in the Deep Sea....
    The Silhouettes in the Clear Sky...
    The Embrace of the Glowing Fire...
    The Edge of the Glorious Horizon...

    Have we met before?? Did i get lost in you??
    You all seem familiar to me.... Do i know you???


  • b_h_u_m_o 2w

    Heart and World

    A brand new beautiful heart
    Initial years were enchanting
    Everyone loved that heart
    Everyone was pure

    Heart was so pure
    Didn't knew the rules of this world
    Didn't knew the hypocrisy
    Didn't knew the hate
    All she knew was love

    Heart gave love thinking
    What goes comes back
    Little did she knew
    World doesn't care about karma

    Heart made friends,
    World taught her sabotaging
    Heart fell in love,
    World taught her betrayal
    Heart tried being honest,
    World taught her lies

    Heart wanted to be good
    World taught her using others
    Heart wanted to cry
    World taught her to have poker face

    Heart wanted freedom
    World taught her about jail
    Heart wanted to be herself
    World taught her insecurities

    Still, heart wanted to express
    World called her attention-seeker

    Heart decided to shut down
    World asked her why?
    Heart decided to leave everything
    World called her coward

    Heart decided to not pay attention
    World decided to give her spotlight
    Heart decided to live quietly
    World decided to interfere

    Finally, heart got tired
    Closed all the doors
    Then out of nowhere
    Another heart came to her
    And started healing her

    The heart asked,
    "why are you here?"
    Another heart replied,
    "I am the idiot you helped once as a stranger"


  • danika 2w


    with in the void
    There is no time
    There is only my thoughts
    And how I feel
    There is where people freeze
    And I can breath
    And I can think and talk things out with only my self
    In the void
    There is no light
    So I cannot see
    The freeze but I can feel it
    Deep with in my bone
    I can feel the power of its groans
    And its moans
    Canceling out the busy hum
    Of my own body that seems to be the only thing to exist other than my self
    Sometimes I sit a breath
    And the quiet distils upon me
    No hum but my own brains a buzz
    And sometimes the quiet is violent
    Like a pressed down marker
    The pressure is on me
    And it drives me into the never ending walls
    So I fall
    Into my own little pit of crazy
    Because within the void
    There is not a single drop of time.

  • jerome_pesso 2w

    When some people depart,
    time does not heal.
    Because in your life their void and part,
    even time cannot fill.

  • flip_side_story 2w


    my heart knew no limits
    it had gone too far to find your love
    now when you have closed all doors
    it could not find the way back home
    now there is a void in my soul
    that can never be filled
    who knew even emptiness too
    could choke you to death.


  • _wallflower_ 2w

    Chaotic void

    That mere hollow of my heart
    Which holds a chaos so unavoidable.


    All Scattered .

    As if a storm had just passed.

    I wonder,

    If I should let out my inner rage
    Break the walls of that chaotic void
    And let them loose!

    But ,

    Holding them back is an art I have mastered.

    And so,
    Everytime you see me,

    Even though I look as calm as the sea.
    There is a turmoil inside me which you can never imagine.
    The cacophony of which you can never perceive.