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  • xenoria 22h

    I'm weird.
    You're weird.
    We're all a little weird.
    Most people find a common weirdness,
    And call it 'normal'.
    Run along now and go live a little, your normalness.


  • arabelle 2d

    #Weird #Dream #ShortStory #Prose
    I based this on a really weird dream I had lately, I hope you like it. ��

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    A Cheesy Predicament

    It was a sunny afternoon, Wednesday. Class schedules weren't out yet, so I sat on my bed, reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and of course, sipping some green tea. I was all alone in my room, like I always was, and that's just how I liked it.
    "Nolite te bastardes carborundorum", I read out loud. A latin phrase, but what does it mean? I read further into the novel and later found out the meaning. "Do not let the bastards grind you down." Huh, figures. I thought to myself, taking another sip of the green tea, letting it slide down my throat as if I were swallowing my regrets, bitter yet better swallowed than to let it linger.
    A knock on the door then surprises me. This is a run-down boarding house, who could be visiting me here? I opened up the door to find an old friend. A blurry memory, really, but I believe he was very kind. I let him sit on my bed, as that was the only place he could sit in this tiny room. I pick up another cup, about to make him some tea, when another stranger came knocking on my door, fiercely. I opened up only to find the familiar face of a forgotten lover. An Adonis with a menacing look on his face, now, what was his name again? He demanded I let him in, not only into my room but into my life as well. Bewildered, I told him to leave. He wouldn't be so easy to get rid of though, like a weed, he forced himself back in. He threatened to set me on fire, and I shuddered at the thought. "Good luck." He then said with a grin on his face. Good luck with what?, I though to myself, and then it happened! Cheese, liquidy cheese, came rising from the floor, wrapping around my feet. I couldn't move, the cheese was getting higher. The coagulated milk curd was gooey, with a pungent smell, too sticky to get out of. As it neared my breathing passages, I held my breath. Slowly, my consciousness drifted away. I then woke up looking disheveled, my foul ex lover sitting on my bed right next to me, my forgotten friend has disappeared. I had a feeling that I have been violated, soiled, corrupted! My legs felt weak, as if I had ran another Milo marathon. The horrid man stood up and walked around, then turned to me with his poor excuse for a face. "Have you come to love me yet?" He asked with a smug expression. Love you? You have defiled me! Was what I wanted to say, only until I noticed he had a rifle in his hand, a gold one. "Yes, of course, I have always loved you!" I said deceitfully as I wrapped my arms around his neck, tempted to strangle him right then and there. He seemed to be caught up in the moment, enough for me to be able to snatch his rifle and immediately shoot him point-blank, without second thought. He collapsed unto the floor that was bizarrely cleared of cheese, and I walked over his corpse, heading to the door and never to return.


  • unexpressed_ 4d


    Classmate ---> friends ---> best friend ---> bff ---> stranger

  • creative_logophile 1w

    First Hindi post, woohoo!
    Damn, it's difficult to type in Devanagari script. So Hindi posts won't be that frequent.

    And don't get me wrong, I too am an addict of this damned device.
    #hindi #phone #phoneaddict #weird #addict #writersnetwork #pod

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    इंसान भी बड़ा अजीब प्राणी है,

    पहले तो चीज़ का आविषकार करता है,
    फिर उसी का गुलाम बन बैठता है!

    अब फ़ोन को ही देख लो!

  • bludzee 1w


    Are the worst hole
    To touch
    Cause you're everything
    Are are anywhere
    Cause your breath
    Seems so small
    We've never stopped
    So tiny as we are
    To run through
    And touch
    Ripples of your
    Lip stick
    Glow flag

  • creative_logophile 2w

    When I say that I am weird and socially awkward, I mean to say that I am 'someone who is genuine and doesn't wear a mask to impress people and attempts to fit in, doesn't care about social norms'


  • shreya_z 3w

    When life gave me 10 choices. I became stuck on the 11th forever.
    Cause its not a choice, its a decision.


  • sam_logan 3w

    i don't even know what this was ...its just too random and I just let the ink flow .

    please suggest a title if you can do that I would be very grateful .

    #gaze #wordoftheday #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #mirakee #readwriteunite #abstract #random #weird #absurd #reality #timetravel #realization @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    Gazing asunder into the emptiness of the sea,
    i glimpsed a ship and jumped with glee,
    massive as a mountain it must've been,
    but from where I saw a speck was all that was seen,
    it was approaching silent as if stalking a prey,
    yet swift and steady was it's sway.

    A sense of foreboding overcame my senses,
    I felt this ship was sailing begin time and tenses ,
    for I saw a mast with signs unknown and weird ,
    And a captain scratching his shapeless beard,
    He was dressed too portly to be a pirate,
    maybe I was assuming things imaginary and myriad.

    This augury was filling up the cockles of my curiosity,
    As the ship approached with an even greater velocity,
    and my thirst to investigate was becoming insatiable,
    The mystery surrounding the ship was now becoming unbearable ,
    And all of a sudden a chill ran down my spine ,
    as my gaze crossed the captain's gazing line .

    A sense of familiarity shrouded that man's face,
    And seeing me he smiled with noble grace,
    Weathered by the sea he looked almost like a crone,
    But something good in him like gold shone,
    And then I saw the tattoo on his arm as he waved ,
    And my surprise inside of me collapsed and caved.

    I looked at my arm at awe and cognizance,
    and it dawned on me within an instance,
    That man was beyond humane trivialities,
    That was me travelling between realities.


  • lukejr 3w

    A Bloody Time

    Anguished, the sacred skeletal structure holds together my heart. Hidden behind lines of bone that forges a cage around our lives. You say we aren't protected? Your body knows more than you do.

  • bludzee 3w


    I hate my universe cause I don't think anymore
    Cause every windows are too black
    Too thin and too wet to let my back
    With a smile, says hello to a dark crowd

    I hate my universe cause it lets free
    From my mouth, which say hello to the world
    Though she thinks every mouths should go
    A head in the master hips of Eternity

    But my dear, so heavy as you are, you fall
    My dear, between parasites and green hands

  • lukejr 4w

    x X x

    You put a crown on a Joker, you find yourself left with a mime. You put a crown on a saviour as you'll watch that person go insane. You put a Queen with a crown and the whole Kingdom will bow down to her no matter what her intention.

  • ifliptablesx 4w

    Masks and Nothing.

    My friends once told me I apologize too much.
    So I stopped.
    My parents told me to fix my attitude.
    So I did.
    My enemies told me that I'm a b*tch.
    So I stopped being a b*tch to them.
    My acquaintances told me that I'm weird.
    So I stopped being weird.
    I create the perfect mask. A mask to deceive others of my flaws, to create the perfect me.
    Except within this mask are cracks.
    My imperfections, my flaws, flow through these cracks.
    They laugh.
    I put a mask over the mask, more restraints, until a perfect double is created.
    A perfect "me".
    I trap myself within countless unknown faces.
    Until everyone's happy.
    Until everyone's satisfied.
    Until I'm nothing.

  • varsha_nair 4w


    Look at the tree in the background.

    Seems like the clouds have outlined the shape of the wicked tree. Even the clouds are so amazed that they decided to highlight this wicked one when there were so many other beautiful trees around♥️

    Even the nature falls in love with other natural things which are weird. Being weird is better than being normal✨


  • arsh_deep_singh 5w

    The stranger - a weird story 1

    That wasn't a normal day, it really wasn't he stepped into the cafe that morning maybe that was near 11 or 11:30. He ambled to a table, placed his suitcase down and gently glared everywhere.
    A minute passed. Another went away. Suddenly he saw someone, maybe he knew her before, maybe the reason he called a small girl to him and handled a book for the prettiest girl he saw, on his right, chatting on phone, smiling broadly. Without wasting any time, before the girl caught him he left

    To be continued.....

  • heeranshimishra 5w

    These staircases are love to me.
    They have witnessed my weirdness.
    They are the one who usually accompanies me on my 3 am coffee's and write ups.
    These staircases are the one who knows how I sob on those little things I ignore on 3 pm's.
    These staircases know, what kind of music I can switch to, "from slow and soft music to rock music". These staircases have known my mood swings closely. These staircases know how lazy I am and how hardworking I can be.
    These staircases are the part of my home, Where I reside the most.
    Staircases close to my heart sounds dumb, I know.
    But for me, they are.
    I have spent so much with them.
    I hope these staircases leads to the destiny I wish for.
    #random #heartitout #weird #pod @writersnetwork

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    Staircases ❤


  • maryamakhtar 5w

    All Endings Are Ugly

    I don't like the sunrise,
    Admire when it sets.

    Blue skies now bother me,
    I dance when rain pelts.

    Warmth and the sunlight hurt,
    I cuddle when snow melts.

    A blooming rose looks sad,
    I inhale when it wilts.

    Because 'happy' endings,
    Only exist in stills.


  • grim_lyssa 5w

    June 4th 2017

    Not much to say, except everything I ever knew is changing before my very eyes. Or should I say, it has always been this way, only now have I come to realization.
    27 years old, yet still I feel and think much like I did as a child. If not, more so, for everything. I believed in as a child is seemingly ly true.
    What I believe is not to be talked about amongst men, for most are too blinded, concealed from the truth. They will laugh and mock me.
    However, I feel it is.my duty to warn them, and to make them realize just as I did, the truth of it all.
    Through my music I am able to convey through metaphors much of what I believe.
    I know I am divine, and I am destined to be great. I know I will die a martyr as I have before. For it is a discovery that any man who sheds truth and love in this world has always died, later proclaimed a hero.
    People judge me, because of the way I talk "robotic", although not always so. Sometimes when I really get to my core and express myself that is what I sound like. I have to "dumb down" in most of society because they laugh at those who are intelligent, yet I cannot understand why.
    I try to see the good in men, but I am always suspicious of them because most men have only brought me pain, heartache and the likes.
    Why can't we all get along in a beautiful world? Where there are no wars, no disease, no leaders(or people who are better than others), and definitely NO MONEY?
    I hate money in all honesty! I despise that so many evil acts are simply because of money.
    Power is attained through money. Murder is made, or bought by a man with money.
    Yet as I say this, on this very day many things I am doing is for money.
    If only I had money, I could in fact change the world for better.
    I know someone is helping me to obtain this, yet I also feel someone or something, is lying to me because of my kind heart! They believe I am too dumb to conceive their evil ways.
    Pity the fool, or so I may seem, but alas I am not! I cannot speak of everything on my mind because I cannot find the words to say them with! Sometimes I appear mute but simply I am not!
    I think about everything! Most of all I think of exactly how our world works! I look to the moon and to the stars and find answers to my questions I've had for so long.
    I will change the world, I will prove them wrong, I will make them see.
    The turtle always wins the race, and as they frantically try to figure out why these changes are happening, I will smile because I know they will never figure it out.
    With all the scientists and mathematicians in the world, they will never figure it out.
    I shall remain positive in my darkest hours, my light will NEVER go out!
    Even if I die, my light will carry on, and they too will smile in the depths of terror.
    I see the beauty in all living things, so how can I not smile?
    This is the best place for me to be, me and my family, together! I love them more than anything, for them I give the world on a silver platter
    Thanks for always seeing the little things ×Grim Lyssa×. You are amazing but of course you always knew that!
    Rest now, the next few months will be tough...but we always survive.

  • danisharma 5w

    You know what is weird?
    Pretending to be normal in a world which is nothing but normal.


  • mjbwrites 7w

    Obviously not Obvious

    It's only just occurred to me; the reason I never know what I'm doing is because I've never been human before.
    None one has; it's new for all of us.
    It's so obviously not obvious.