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  • vishalkavya18 5d

    You can laugh on my mistakes.I am trying english poetry for the first time.Don't judge me it is Just a poem.#readwriteunite#weitersnetwork#pod#mirakeeworld

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    Hey all the girls
    I am single and say it with pride
    Get fascinated seeing your hair curls
    But I want some one to confide

    I have never been into love
    but want to be in this time
    May not be as charming as a dove
    But let me be your love enzyme


  • lekson 2w


    To make something special
    You have to believe it's special


  • rinkutaunk 3w

    We don't get answers to our problems because
    we always think "WHY" this happened to me
    Instead of thinking "HOW" to solve them .

    "WHY" is a knowledge based statement ,IF you ask it in the right situation , You ll gain knowledge but if you ask it in the wrong situation you ll get problems .


  • atisha_nagar 3w

    Sometimes for motivation...
    you don't need to listen to the big speeches
    All you need is a smile, and faith from someone near you,
    Trusting you...

  • dumi005 3w

    Yet, again.
    I stand here, justifying myself. Explaining my actions that I have been accounted for. Convicted. Served the punishment. Long, long, ago.
    Yet, here I stand, all empty, loss of words. Gosh! I have explained you enough that I have no more words to reframe my sentences anymore. Yet, again, I'm made to show my proof of "Loyalty", when I have done it a thousand times in the past. Yet, again, you ask me. Like you had asked of me before. Like the other day. Like the day before that day.

    I never felt so low. Never thought, I would feel disheartened trying express myself. Never felt so vulnerable while opening up to you but, I feel so today. I'm sick of being called a 'Liar", convicted for the same crime and put to trials so many times when the answer has always been the same. "I accept my mistake". I have always. Will always do. Irrespective of when or how many times you ask me. I'm not shying from acknowledging the fact, that I cheated on. But, let me ask you this, have you ever thought why that happened in the first place? You need to ask yourself.

    I'm sorry for what I did. I know, my thousand(s) sorry can never make things right. What has happened, has happened. The cracks if glued, might conjoined, however, the scar remains. I know, I accept it. But, let me ask you this, have I not choose you over everyone else.

    Does it not show how much you meant to me? Does it not signify your essence in my life? Does it not? You know the answer, don't you? Yet, you still test me. I agree, doubt you have, is legit. But, thousand times and over, you test me. And thousand times and over, I apologize to you. Thousand times and over you accuse me, and, thousand times and over, I kneel before you, begging forgiveness. Isn't that enough already?

    I sometime feel, I'm being mocked in the name of "Loyalty".

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    Not Everytime.

    You ask me,
    Why am I upset?
    I'm not upset.
    I'm just broken.
    Broken from inside.
    You don't see my cracks.

    You ask me,
    Why am I broken?
    Not knowing,
    you are the reason.
    Unknown to you,
    I burn in my own rage.

    Have I not love,
    Love you enough?
    That you ask me.
    That you doubt me.
    Have I not.

    I know I sinned once,
    I know, I accept it.
    Yet what a price am I paying?
    Being judged upon every day.
    I feel I'm being mocked.
    in the name of "Loyalty".


  • saumyaanand 4w


    I was happy
    People had a problem
    I was sad
    People again had a problem
    People ask me what is wrong
    I say all that you have done
    With me was wrong!!!


  • sagnik_sarma 6w

    One prose piece to go. Feedback appreciated. I don't know if I can write prose.

    @divokost An old promise to provide you some prose. I guess it was apt for today.


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    The Cynic's Lullaby

    I'm early, the tar hosts me as I ease into a paved seat.
    The table card reads 'Pedestrians Only'; I conjecture the various looks being thrown my way as a moment of fame, and how the star shall fall against the strict reprimand that awaits its return home, with murky clothes.

    I seldom leave my enclosing, but this week has presented me the perfect rendezvous with my beloved. My arms lose a sense of position, pulling down the lazily folded sleeve just in time for a passing breeze. Pardon me, I am not dressed proper.

    She stands in the distance; I'm unable to make her face from the orbs that dart across my view. The glasses sit comfortably in my hand, enjoying a fool's struggle. The night hands me a note dipped in water. The words were parched, he explains, roughing me to an inner chamber.

    I spot a picture in the cutlery, painted and cut in half. I'm reminded of how I segregate vines and flowers; my sick tyranny was unnoticed until I accepted my defeat. The oil that smudged her initials still serves its sentence in my lyrical prisons. But, I shan't wait any longer.

    Valet, fetch my wagon!

    I'm aware that she'll envelop me in the fifth minute of my departure; the edges draping my vulnerable limb present their holes, they demand buttons. The ticks coincide with the calls of other horses that defy my direction. There's my watch in the mirror with the anxious fingers and the fair vessel throbbing underneath. She's here.

    Now, I'm intoxicated. Ale is my poison, but I've never kissed a drop. I've gambled my peace for this trance; she fills my lungs with a corrosive smog, orange as the ripe fruit. She entices the single manifest of sweat, freezing it at command. I'm sinking, this shortage is gratifying. Trample it, I cheer as I strangle a numb flame within me.

    "Before you turn in, let me bleach your eyes,
    A bit more at peace than yesterday's cries,
    Shivering on the vinyl, seize your frowns,
    I'll not come for weeks, take me now."

    The cynic falls asleep. At last, can you tell me her name now?


  • maniishark 8w

    That moment.!

    From across the table he smiled,
    Lost in those glistening eyes,
    My heart skipped a beat,
    Helpless, I took the fall;
    Wasn't up to me,
    Is it possible to undo it all.?

    That look still pinned on my heart,
    Lying under a star studded sky,
    I am re-replaying the moment,
    Debating what really killed me,
    That smile or the depth of his eyes!


  • urs_sweet 9w

    The first step towards seriousness starts with a well knotted tie.


  • desireddreamer 10w


    And just like a seashell;
    Lying on a sand,All I can;
    Do is wait,wait for the;
    Waves to take me home;
    I will enjoy,
    That gentle yet cold breeze,
    That sun sinking in sea,
    Glistening as bright as sky...


  • synonym_ 11w


    Everyone is fighting there own fight in there own rings, one may have taking the punches or one may have raining it over life!!!!!

    So, be calm and prepare for yours!!!!!!!

    © Dhanush das

  • synonym_ 11w


    She thought,

    I had found a soul on which I can trust my words and myself, which will be there for me till the end, but she didn't realized that her thought took shape inside a Mirage!!!


  • moonstalker 12w

    So, aren't we stereotyped in love,
    Like we believe it should be in a certain manner,
    Like, we believe that a relationship defines a feeling?
    Like, we learned it from fairytales and folktales...
    ©Anushka Mishra

  • kalameroshan 13w


    मुददतों के बाद मुस्कुराई वो, कई दफा अश्क़ बहाने के बाद,
    मिली ख़ुशी उसे कई तुकड़ों में, अपनी हर ख़ुशी बेच आने के बाद|


  • shivangi_bolia 14w

    Do You...?

    Do you ever fear the day that I won't be there, do you ever think about what I am to you...?

    Do you ever feel emptiness creep into your soul in my absence?

    Well I just intend to tell you that that's how it would be for you now; without me you will have your forever.

  • bitterscribbles 15w

    I had my hands on
    your body,
    but not your soul.
    I'd rather prefer to
    have you whole.

    - mariyam firoz

  • akhilesh_mahender 17w

    If just the thought of losing you is such agonizing, how would it be if you leave me?


  • varsharamani 18w

    __Wandering Soul__

    The clouds carry messages
    somewhere deep in the horizons,
    conveying the untold truths;
    May the voices be mystery of nature;
    Slumbering deep in the ocean of dweller;
    Unable to show the power of strength,
    And escaping from the eyes of human,
    But deliberately caught only for the seeking soul that wanders permissively in the garden of life....


  • skandanwrite 18w

    Your passion should not be in one frame take it out......But don't loos it...


  • varsharamani 19w

    The best definition for strength is MOTHER..

    Infinite number of stone falls on her,

    She accepts them with a bold heart,

    And builds a CASTLE OF LOVE out of it...