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  • joshpoem 18h


    Truth is, there are answers everywhere
    Even cold shoulders carry them
    But when thoughts get too sticky and difficult to collect
    Reckless mouth drivers get behind the engine of their trains
    But then is it too much to ask of curious minds that they know the object of their curiosity?
    That oogling eyes be able to identify what they search for?
    Many disappointments today are put behind bars
    Serving unjust sentences
    While the culprit roams free like questions missing together with the minds that brought them along on one of their day dreams
    Answers everywhere left on pause since yesterday
    Today, menopause dropped by to say hello
    To remind them they already exhausted their game time
    Each one only asks for clarity from these questions
    That their boldness come with a good reason
    Your nose is as important as their
    Don't disappoint your ears
    Crickets don't have the answers
    Those who do ask that you do better.

  • joshpoem 1d


    Unity is not only a function where units get to meet and unite
    It's where they gather to ignite a deliberate fire that they all have agreed to keep
    When parts out of the blue decide to go private
    They soon turn into mere toys
    And lose their meaning to the hands of this boredom
    When capacitors disconnect from the body of supply
    They discharge on impulse at the expense of posterity
    When transmissions do without their charm They end up grinding these gears
    Promises end up failing not because they lack the strength to keep their words
    But for lack of an accountability partner
    Eyes only gets to light up and the radio of the mouth report the supply of electricity from this brain's staying on their head
    Oceans never thirsty for their own waters
    Trees satisfying their hunger by producing fruits for the hungry
    Sun without a mind to travel to the best places
    Yet gives it's generous light for those who carry their own selfish dreams
    These organs must organize themselves into an organization
    These hearts will only beat in a body
    They will only beat for a purpose
    We fight and win together.

  • joshpoem 3d


    No doubt, they hold it down as the head that oversees everything
    They do a good job of keeping loaded vessels from being full of themselves
    Until they get too uptight and tightens up
    Disallowing willing vessels from pouring out
    Forcing them to hold back
    The cork needs to know just as the vessel
    That the wine inside the vessel does not belong to either one of them
    Both are mere stewards
    So when time comes for vessels to pour out
    Cork needs to loosen up
    Allow for the same purpose that broke their ice
    It's why the wise among them stay
    punching holes in their own theory
    Just so that vessels can still do what they are called to do while they maintain their position as head
    Until that day when they can make and fill vessels with their own breath
    Rivers will run relentless
    Because their contents are not created to be contained
    They are given to saturate the market
    All are mere dust particles that got found by a master artist
    So glad he made us into a masterpiece
    You can't pour what you don't carry
    The vessels might appear bigger than you
    You need not worry about their size
    They too were only built for a measure of assignment
    They have only got chosen to carry the substance
    You, Me, Tom, Dick, and Harry
    We're all came for the substance.


  • joshpoem 4d


    Hiking up these spheres of nitrogen oxides
    Heavens gates coming slightly ajar among cluster of blue skies pitched against the backdrop of white clouds
    As they wait for the details of their next trip to earth
    Here you observed the storm rolling out of bed with that familiar guttural tone
    Titanium wings quickly collecting momentum as they glide above sober heights
    So much sanity must have gone into a sanitation of this magnitude
    So much thoughts must have been poured into an highway of this altitude
    Ushers of inky skies beckoning welcome terrestrial visitors further into their celestial space
    Here heart stops in honor of a surreal details in the firmaments upholstery
    All their breaths seized in awe of the knowledge shared by the docent of empyrean gallery
    Light feet walking with just the right amount of caution
    Here the rule of law don't come with a reminder
    Culture sprouting everywhere on the trees of knowledge of good and evil
    What vast space of quiet and motionless grace?
    This symphony between nature is unreal
    Ocean beds built in outer space
    Here even peace enjoys travelling business class
    The heart of serenity beats for these glamour too
    Safety had left the pages, and now sits comfortably on all their faces
    Even stony hearts feels their pulse
    Its only then you understand that home is the only place where you get to be romans when you're in rome
    But here lips are sealed
    Fragments of inert grin spread across broad faces
    Thick clouds beclouding honest judgments
    Then gay clouds waving bye to a descent in the stairs of lapping spheres
    No word spoken yet every ear drum got fillled to the brim
    There are lessons only height teaches
    But because fear too have a seat in the class
    Only a few gets to bring their kmowledge home
    Nature has some serious class


  • joshpoem 5d


    Once upon a time
    Before Power shifted hands
    When lambs would have to go through the knife just to live their dreams
    When promises chose the death penalty because it's time for their fulfilment
    Those days when sacrifice get only one chance to shoot their shot
    Just because there is only room for singles in death
    But multiple offerings in life
    Oh how time flies together with their limitations and constitution
    Today the script has been flipped and the veil torn
    How time has gracefully evolved
    Lambs now get to sit under tutelage and go on to become
    They get to go to bed and wake up with dreams whose realization won't require being put to sleep
    A time when sacrifices give a pleasant aroma not only for their interaction with fire
    But because their sense of hygiene too is off the roof
    Where the priest don't have to lay them on synthetic altars
    But they get to build their own and lay there at will
    Granted, it's easy to play dead when you are the offering
    Easy to think your blood dumb too with a warm and running heart
    The truth is you too are sacrifice
    But the living type
    Mobile bleeding vessels pleading on the behalf of culprits in the court of time
    Don't fold your arms while you defend them
    You are not the floor they walk on
    You are the leg that prepare the way for them
    The hand that holds theirs across the bridge of realization
    Don't die because you want to be remembered
    Their hope is not in your history
    But in your everyday victory
    Warm blood speaks too
    Talk to them nice

  • joshpoem 1w


    The game just ended in a goalless draw
    There was alot of skills, attention to details, speed, and excellence too in display
    But all in all
    Every play had came to this
    "What a save, sensational goal keeping"
    See, in life you don't have to be good at many things
    There is a legion of hands that know where and how to pluck opportunities as oranges
    Except they don't respect them
    Million hearts that sings poetry like Shakespeare
    Except they do it out of tune
    Many legs that runs the light with goals
    Except they can't score them
    The goal keeper don't have to leave his post to get the ball
    He don't have to join in their chase
    Because he understands that their strength and skills will always bring the ball to him
    I know it's too easy to want to poke the nose in what they are up to
    And the reason is that expensive rocks are screamers at the factory
    It's only upon their arrival at the market place that they get to wear their elegance with culture
    But let me assuage your nerves with this
    They are working for you
    What you hear most times is the noise of their journey
    Soon they will all report to you with their finished products
    With the fruits of all the hours their bent backs had toiled on the farm with
    The whole world is running an enterprise that has your name on it
    The seat of power is empty waiting for your maturity
    Don't wear jealous face to the banquet of their success
    Life is a like a game of soccer
    Here the whole field is grinding for you
    Stay in your yard and guard your post
    Your understanding of who you are will decide the outcome of the game
    You're a goal keeper
    Don't let the noise of their expertise and status distract you
    You might not get the ball as they do
    They might hardly mention your name
    You might not be able to make much of the calls
    While you take most of the shots
    But then none of these running hearts would be able to deny your importance to the game
    Always be the mirror that shows them how much of their race counts
    Light that shows them what's really important
    Don't be fooled by promises made by mouths under the spotlight
    Or the applause they collect
    The final score will vindicate the hearts that really delivered
    Understand that because it's a game
    They will do well to show their skills
    They will have to bring the competition
    They will have to put up a show for those who came to watch
    But then understand that the best skill to have is a tough skin
    The ability to focus on keeping the promises you made to yourself
    Keep the pandemonium outside of your walls
    After going on their tours and expedition around the world
    They will return to hear what you have to say
    Goals count only for the team with a goalie who knows how to keep them
    You too are a goalie
    Mind your own business.


  • _nikay_ 1w


    You can't expect yourself to win the race if you are not willing to step on the ground.

  • joshpoem 1w


    When the sound of the sole of their shoes and the smell of their perfumes arrive way before they do
    Be sure that thoughts will come late to the event
    Time only matters to what matters
    Fragments of broken promises scattered about on the floor of the mind
    This expectation is a trouble maker
    Always pitching careless mouths against fragile hearts
    He looked at him and asked an honest question
    "What happened to your leg"
    The amputee with a smile was going to share his story with the toddler when her woke mom treated him to a mean look that collected his tongues
    Every time another one is woke around you
    Tell them to go back to sleep
    To stop disrupting their circadian rhythm
    Goal keepers keeping everything else but their integrity
    No one nother to criticize the ears
    But their judgment waits for the secrets of the mouth
    Those who keep the score of other people's opinion of them
    Always lack the strength to score their life goals
    The lot who really matter are the ones convinced they don't
    But merely count their fortunate stars
    The most popular fellow in the world is a fool
    Because he pours all of his wisdom into being foolish
    Will never have to go through the ttrouble of trying to sound wise
    Everyone was present when the alabaster box broke and the fragrance spilled
    But no one reached out to help
    Because no one knew it fell on the foot of honor
    Save the fool
    She mops it up with her crown
    Stop protecting a sick reputation
    Your peace is in serving others
    Your hope is in becoming the fool

  • joshpoem 1w


    On those days that the ground you run on refuse to register the print of your foot
    Let the cadence of your heart be your reminder
    That you're still in the race
    Tracks of greatness don't judge from the applause of the crowd
    They are designed to believe the report of finish lines
    Every important race starts from the inside
    Like the root of an oak tree before meeting her acorn
    Spending years in the ground
    Here because you have an understanding with the sun
    You get to create around the clock
    Nights won't be able to find the switch to turn off your light
    They Won't be able to put you to bed
    In a world where empires are not built around seat of thoughts
    The words of princes become feathers blown around by september air
    Blue bloods are taken for hot bloods by a cold world
    Stay cooking in your kitchen
    Here civilization might succeed in talking the smokes out of breaking the news of your dish
    But it won't be able to convince their aroma
    Modesty will not be able to tie the hands of your essence
    The best things hands have ever created are sitting in your mind
    They need your attention and support to be put on their display
    Stay indoors while you put in sweaty hours
    So that the next time they ask you what you do
    You can tell them you work from home
    For the best firm out there


  • purpleheart21 1w

    Edit your profile daily and stay motivated like floyd Mayweather to winning

    Step into space feeling that solid ground before you land.

    Resources are available like Venezuela oil for when you deliver the needed home run
    prices causes the decline of men since creation
    Stay on the shores of balance and be motivated to greatness from the views on your face

  • joshpoem 1w


    Struggling up the flight of marble stairs
    She gasped frantically for her breath
    As she received the award for excellence
    Her lungs soon filled up now with fresh air
    With her eyes liquid with irrepressible ecstacy
    Then she thought how many things had taken her breath away
    The sight of full blown purple tulips
    The serenity of lakes and the strength of oceans
    The movement of autumn leaves dancing between trees and busy walkways
    Tender kisses from those who have her heart
    Just then it hit her
    That her trouble had never been with breathtakers
    But what they do with what is given to them
    If they are not renewing you like the dew on a fresh morning
    Stop pouring your breath into their nostrils
    The lot who empty themselves into the cup of their dreams
    Get to drink from the wine of their choice
    Your Carbondioxide is a currency for fresh oxygen
    Don't suffocate yourself resuscitating thoughtless ambitions
    Because you will need your air to run your race
    Stay ventilated.


  • joshpoem 1w


    Indolent hearts everywhere living large on the tired backs of busy minds
    Borrowing shotguns to kill tall dreams
    Convincing arithmetics to betray metrics
    Forcing Netflix to chill hot bloods
    Employing adjectives to skip feeble hearts
    Exploiting creativity to drop flaggerbasted jaw
    Until the table gets turned
    And the player gets played by a superior other
    Then teary eyes soon begin to rain salty streams
    And lips swayed by the wave of sorry tales
    Loyalty is a curse of the mind
    It takes a lot of integrity to create relentless
    Lots of altruism to stay making easy the lives of others
    Give honor to whom it's due
    Appreciate the minds that bring their daily contribution into the building of your empire
    These hearts ain't loyal.


  • joshpoem 1w


    When sentiments raise a family
    Familiarity not only breeds contempt
    It whispers a divide too
    When tongues agree just because they saw dialects agree
    And skins become tight just because pigment is in unison
    The unemployment rate of reason is at a record high
    It is true that the world today is a jungle
    However, this jungle has a rule
    It is called logic
    Offspring of peace in every diversity
    Here the wolf was born to pitch his tent under the roof of the lamb
    the leopard to lay with the kid
    The king of the jungle together with the calf
    The Cow to eat out of the plate of the Bear
    Orthodox wisdom to rest and take a leaf from the book of today's point of view
    It's true that when rats blindly race through the maze of race and culture, they soon lose their pace and come face to face with the truth at the base that
    Unity is not a movement, but a mere vehicle for meeting their destinations
    So much parameter for possibilities in our jungle
    Rein back these emotions reducing life to a game of survival
    It's time to return to common sense.

  • joshpoem 2w


    So today, I decided to dig into my own past
    Pushing past sediments of memories that have accrued over the years in their assorted layers
    The object of exploration was a piece of bygone identity
    One for which the moment needs to make reference
    The first I bumped into was yesterdays glory
    Carefully secured in golden plaques that gave more reason for pride to a brag sheet
    Next came a not too distant photograph
    With suspicious eyes looking out of a hollow socket
    A body whose structure is yet to make up it's mind all wrapped up in dishelvelled clothing
    Then I found a playlist of the many lies I composed for myself at an age where ignorance was not only bliss
    It was also cocksure
    Played them over to amuse a growing curiosity
    lyrics so weak a bunny can knock them over
    Then came all of the things I did on purpose,
    The dumb questions and clever answers that came from a deliberate attempt
    My contribution to the ecosystem of masculine and feminine confidence
    Because you don't only get wise asking foolish questions
    You equally make deposits into the feel-good account of others
    Afterwards, I happen up grades that have both put a smile on my face and others that stole them away
    Then came finally the dumb walls built by powerful humans
    How their kinsmen continue to renovate them with the passage of time
    How I played my own part
    How my patriotism conduct itself behind them.
    How my thoughts and intelligence stay frozen under their time and time-outs
    So today i came to the conclusion that i have evolved
    I've heard fossils can tell us how much our earth have changed
    My fossils gave proof to global warming in my earth
    An increasing temperature in my climate
    But for the right reason
    Because a cold world needs the heat from the fireplace where mouths warm up to one another in order to teach cold hearts and feet the lesson on what matters the most
    That line where we all started our race
    Gratitude will always be the conclusion in your scientific method when your fossils are keenly studied under todays microscope
    When you dig up your own fossils you promptly become grateful for the change in your climate
    I am grateful for mine.


  • joshpoem 2w


    You asked her why she keeps shedding her blood on this ground
    What hope does she have in tomorrow that drives her reckless today?
    Well on some days she too carry your doubts
    But the difference between you and her is that, unlike you, she's not afraid to get to know strangers
    You see this fellow has made alot of promises and all he asks is that she continues to keep their date
    Its the truth however,
    that in a world where hearts break with dawn and promises disappoint as soon as they're made
    just because pro-athlete misses too on those days their team count on them
    It takes believers to have faith
    Again he's made so many promises
    vowed to show her great and mighty things that she knows not
    I don't think it's too much to ask
    To simply shake hands and look into his eyes
    To know him and the strength behind his renaissance
    The company of those with such a big heart have no need to fret
    He asks no deposit be made from the account of troubled hearts
    She's going forward to meet him and she's bringing her heart too
    When they are sent on one of their peace errands,
    The ticker rather the messenger of their best smiles travel miles on smooth tracks
    When you're attuned with yourself
    You don't wait your entire life
    Only to force grins across dilapidated routes
    She is not waiting for scars to apply her best foundations
    Not waiting for tired legs to make her best moves
    Again these fellow is full of promises
    She would love to justify her doubts and faith
    One fruit will not be enough to speak for the entire tree
    The kinsmen of time are not always the same
    Today might have proven himself unworthy of her trust
    But tomorrow is a man of his own
    Healthy trees might carry one bad apple
    But the whole tree is not cursed
    When you're in a relationship
    Getting to know someone is what you do
    She too is not perfect
    She only wants to meet him ready.


  • ashrafwriter 2w

    "Winning is a dangerous habit" he said.
    "Why?" I asked.
    "You try winning fights, try winning from people, try winning from life but you never try winning from your own self" he said.
    © Ashraf Shaikh

  • joshpoem 2w

    City Lights

    Nightingales and birds of iridescent plummage
    Whether black, caucasian or brown,
    Dark alleys don't pick and choose the color of their lens
    They simply want to see
    Hearts pouring out from the very source where they get filled
    Burning calories to deliver memories worth cherishing to the porch of hopeless souls
    They are ordinary people who have found their voltage because of their resistance to these negative currents
    Eyes today beaming with grace and truth
    When lights decides to shine
    They are set on a hill just so their brilliance domt succumb to this Amnesia
    No hide.and seek
    These ones are straight from the Gutenberg pages
    These ones are the exception
    These ones are family.

  • joshpoem 2w


    No suicidal thoughts
    But here, on this wall, hope will hang
    Patience will not only wait
    It will help to quicken the journey of green fruits traveling to their ripen state
    Here, the destination will be questioned
    Answers will earn the loyalty of running feet
    Peace will repeat the same boring jokes told by nature
    And here hearts will find them funny
    Hospitality won't use their patience to make patients for these hospitals
    Commitments here will be remembered not for their promises, but their delivery
    Here will be where life rise and go to bed
    On this wall is where goals will collect their compass
    For every new stranger of light that you meet
    Make your stop at the wall before getting on their busy roads

  • thelostindian 2w

    He felt so powerful and strong after winning. He felt he couldn't be conquered by anyone.

    Time smiled from a distance.


  • joshpoem 2w


    I observed a worrisome fad driving around town in the vehicle of the law
    Hearts of today are suddenly unafraid to declare their commitment
    Hands so quick to become tangled
    those who lost their patience tying shoe lachets have somehow found it here tying these nuptial knots
    Yet you wonder why even best foot trips on these loose knots
    The sound of many "I dos" rolling off tongues like "Lily"
    Flowers easily choked up by the thorns like purple lilac
    Just because soul-mate had merely become a fancy term for room mates that won't come home because the responsibility of busy bodies keeps them running around the clock
    Eyes avoiding each others plague
    Activities enjoying the company of one another
    Here words don't say much since they don't mean much
    Memories don't even bother to share
    Now there is none to correct the spelling errors in their thought
    No critic to push them beyond these hackneyed phrases
    No one to prescribe treatment for these acned faces
    Granted, mouths have learned where to get their words for cheap
    However, so much for these control group called hearts that gets no love yet continues to volunteer
    If you say you must play with them
    I say don't be a sore loser