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  • the_unchained_poet 1w

    Wolves in sheepskin

    Dear sheep's know your kin,know your family and friends within,their are wolves masquerading as sheep,trying to get close and deep,into your heart or inner circle, they sit and watch,plot and plan,they may be your biggest fan,they will strike when the time is right,could be in the day or night,you can spot these attacks,sit and watch your back,when you see your friends turn to foe,you will start to know,true intentions and thirst,to take everything with worth.
    Know your friends

  • hellhound_poetry 2w

    The wolf

    I'm enjoying the challenges of this storm..
    I'm learning to calm the chaos..
    And beginning to find peace within the isolation it may bring..
    Like the wolf who searches for the full moon in a blizzard…
    His only marks on existence are his paw prints that have blown away with the snow and wind..
    As what was once the hunter becomes the hunted..


  • beesweetbaby 2w

    It has become too dangerous to be innocent. Little red almost died trusting a wolf because she saw the best in everything and only believed in good intentions.


  • huzaif_ 3w

    The tryst of moon and the wolf,
    The lament of the wolf in the dark of the moon,
    Standing on the high peak,
    Waiting for the orb of the night to return,
    He somewhere lost his howls...


  • little_moon_child 3w


    This is not just a family
    We are a pack
    Hurt one of us
    Better watch your back.


  • sabahlakhani 3w

    The demons inside my head screeched a little louder tonight just like a wolf that howls on a full moon night. They dominated and ruled me as a whole as once again I failed to stop them from feeding on my disarrayed soul. Even tonight
    they were victorious
    in the battle between
    my consciousness and
    their horrifying mess.
    And now, I am just a
    distorted wreck.

  • siddhant_scribbles 4w

    Wolf and Moon...

    I am not more than half an ounce of a dying feeling inside your heart. And this realization kills me everyday when your glances scuff against the passion I encapsulate for you. I have melted into a fanatical mould and am drifting away with each passing moment in a bottomless hole of despair. I have always known that the pious moon is way beyond my approach but your aloofness has left me crushed with the weight of this apathy.

    Ahhh... What have I done to this splendid relation of a beauty and its beholder. We have frozen this story in history as on of a kind. Times will tell tales of my one sided immeasurable love for you and your striking unmatched beauty which never found a lover...


  • the_firefly 5w

    The diaphanous night sky,
    woven with the fabric of moonlight,
    shimmering with stars,
    and sometimes even with clouds.
    The magnificence of its existence,
    like it could close upon us,
    anytime it'd like.
    But the wolves aren't afraid,
    they howl, and struggle,
    admiring the sky yet warning it.
    Not to get too close,
    for their claws will tear it apart.


  • visionoflife 6w


    I be a wolf
    You be the moon
    I can't reach you
    You can't feel me
    I cry all night and you're high
    Beautiful and bright in the sky
    Makes me wanna fly
    Get to you
    and we disappear with no sign
    But I be a wolf
    You be the moon

  • ghoulfrost 7w

    She, a beauty beyond compare
    A light hidden behind stormy clouds
    She shone even in dark times
    With a starry smile
    Perfectly imperfect with her craters
    Far off into space
    A being so divine
    How could he have fallen love in a lady so fine?
    A few times she came close
    He howled in glee
    She began to drift away
    Despite his mangy pleas
    She could not stay
    As she rose, he realised he would never be free from her
    She was his silver moon and he, her black wolf

  • vivekmantri 7w

    Overcoming FEAR

    We frighten ourselves most of times by fantasizing negative outcomes,for the activity we are doing. That's reason it's

    F -Fantasized
    E- Experiences
    A- Appearing
    R- Real

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    Get rid of your imaginary fears .

    ©vivekmantri www.vivekmantri.com

  • the_firefly 9w

    Her eyes were cold as ice,
    and her lips, as if they just kissed hell.
    She, the living paradox,
    piercing through every conspiracy,
    like it was the most transparent thing.
    For she knew one thing,
    fear always instills respect,
    and a wolf gains respect,
    not because it's strong,
    but it's wit is of another universe!


  • riddle 9w


    I'm a lone wolf,
    Dear Sir,
    I do not roam with the pack.

    When the cold arrives,
    Willing to knock me out,
    All I have is my own fur.

    The prey is mine, and mine only-
    The flesh and the rushing blood,
    I do not possess a will to share.

    When the night falls, I tell you,
    There is no one to watch out,
    For all the evil that stirs.

    But do not think,
    Even for a second,
    That I am weak, or fragile in any way.

    For the lone wolves have the sharpest of teeth,
    And their wrath and rage,
    Those two are somethings no one dares incur.


  • _wolf_ 9w


    I can't be like anybody else ,
    I know I am different,
    And I am proud of that.

    Don't say me to be like anybody,
    I know I am different,
    And I am proud of that.

    Don't compare my success and failure,
    I know I am different,
    And I am proud of that.

    Try to see my small achievements,
    I know I am different,
    And I am proud of that.

  • devonstranger 9w


  • sarahdarlingdevil 10w

    I miss you

        I drove down the expressway going an easy ten over what I was legally supposed to be doing. The windows let the wind passing over the car roar into the inside. The air was pleasantly heavy and the sky was a perfect dark grey. A few rain drops appeared on the windshield. I put my left arm out of the window to feel the sting of them as I cut through. A small smile appeared on my face and I took a deep breath in, holding it for a few seconds. There was a lightness in my chest. A familiar feeling like I’ve been here before. A tingle across my skin that moved up and settled into my temples like a cat in a shoebox. A song came on the radio and I immediately thought of you. Of a day, just like this, not that long ago.


    Another text from Helm came through while I was driving.

               : How much longer? :

    I quickly darted my eyes from the road to my phone with each letter I typed.

                : S…o…o…n :

    I put my phone under my thigh and concentrated on the road. I was excited and horribly nervous. My legs had a slight tremble and if I gave into the sensation I might vomit. I got off the exit, turned right, and made another right in less than a quarter mile into the parking lot of the motel. As if reading my mind, another text beeped through.

            : Room 432. On the back side. :

    I drove slowly looking at all the numbers on the doors. When I saw 432, I kept driving and parked a few spaces away.

           : Here. :

    I sent the text and waited a few seconds before getting out of the car. I checked to make sure no valuables were sitting in sight. Made sure my keys were still in my hand. Put my phone in my back pocket. I was stalling. Was he watching me? I shut the door and pushed the lock button on my fob.

    I walked to the door hoping he would open it before I got there. Thinking that maybe he sent the wrong numbers and I was about to feel even more uncomfortable than I already was.

    I knocked.

    He opened the dented and scratched door and my heart raced. He was beautiful. As beautiful as a man could possibly be. He smiled, revealing his perfectly straight teeth, and his moss colored eyes twinkled with mischief.

    “Well, hullo,” his voice sent a jolt into my spine.

    “Hi.” I quickly blurted and smiled sweetly.

    He stepped aside and I walked in past him. The room was like most motel rooms I had been in. It smelled of cleaning supplies and laundry. Dark carpet with rainbow flecks to help hide any possible stains. A dark blue floral patterned quilt that does little to warm or keep cool. Two bedside tables, a small round table as a dining area, I could see a double sink facing the room, and a small doorway that must have led to a toilet and shower. I set my things down on the little round table and turned to face him. He had been watching me, taking in every move I made.

    “What?” I asked him, embarrassed to be looked at so hungrily.

    “You’re very attractive,” the way he spoke made me think of a wolf.

    “Oh,” I felt the heat rise in my cheeks and I backed up a bit, bumping into the bed.

    “You can sit,” he motioned behind me and raised an eyebrow in amusement.

    I did as was suggested but didn’t talk, keeping my eyes on the creature who slowly sauntered towards me. When he was within arms length, he sucked his breath in through his teeth and swooped down quickly with his body, scooping up my legs and swinging them up onto the bed. I giggled like a small child, caught by delightful surprise. He sat down on the bed next to my legs.

    “There, that’s even better,” his eyebrows twitched upward with each syllable in what I hoped was partly excitement and not just amusement at my expense.

    “Those damn eyebrows of yours,” I laughed. He wriggled them more.

    We sat smiling at each other for what seemed like minutes rather than seconds, and in those seconds, I was far happier than I had ever remembered being.

    He broke the moment first.

    “So, what’s your favorite movie?”

    “Gladiator,” I said without hesitation.

    “Oh! Really? Tell me more?” His hands moved up my thigh to the waist of my jeans.

    “What do you mean?” my stomach muscles tensed in anticipation, my whole body began to shake.


    “No. Just nervous,” I said, surprising myself at my candor.  

    He smiled that Wolf smile and raised an eyebrow.

    “Nervous?! No need to be nervous,” He unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off my legs.

    “Now, tell me what happens in Gladiator, from the beginning.”

    I spoke to him but the speaking did not last long as he began undressing more of me and kissing parts of me that had never been kissed before.

    We spent an hour together in that room. I could have happily lived out the rest of my days in that crappy little hotel. Before I left I hugged him, held him, I breathed him in. Trees, soil, soap, sex, and something I couldn’t place that I had only ever smelled with him. I traced the muscles of his biceps with my fingers before finally letting him go. I kissed him and said goodbye, walking to my car and thinking that if there were people in the rooms next to us...they are peeking to see the face of the person who made all that noise earlier.

    I got in my car, rolled down the windows, and went back the way I came. On the way home, the air was pleasantly heavy and the sky was a perfect dark grey. A few rain drops appeared on the windshield. I put my left arm out of the window to feel the sting of them as I cut through. A small smile appeared on my face and I took a deep breath in, holding it for a few seconds. A text beeped through my phone.

       : I miss you. :


  • anuz_sajwan 10w

    The wolf,saw its lover,once a month
    and found solace.
    I saw her everyday and
    still craved.

  • davidxam 11w

    The wolf cried only
    for a while,
    The moon cried all night.


  • thoughtsofadreamer 11w

    "A Battle of Wolves"

    It's easy to give into hate,
    It is easy to let that black seed,
    Be planted in your chest,
    Turning all proofs of Good Will's existence, 
    Into a rot, a tar of hard decay,
    It's so easy to fall into that pool of black,
    As it seductively pulls you to drown,
    But it is wrong.
    There is a reason why,
    Those who choose to love,
    Agonize so deeply:
    This fight is not of the flesh,
    It's an internal fight between both,
    The light and dark that,
    Viciously tumbles about inside you,
    And it's the light that comes out on top,
    Bearring scars of past triumphs,
    That chooses to love,
    Despite popular action,
    And emotional reaction.

    ~Thoughts of a Dreamer~
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle
    Woman Roberts

  • sinon_stewart 18w