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  • arvindh_subramanian 13w


    This day of the summer night,
    Searching for your fingerprints in me,
    Crying under the moon with anger,
    Venturing the woods of loneliness,
    Playing the memories of my love,

    I'll be running the warmth of your nostalgia


  • vincecarre 15w

    The Devil Found Hosts

    Heart's of monstrousity... the soul adds fuel and viceversa - glissening under the moonlight, whilest they march towards the concrete stair's to watch the star's shine, a howl is loudly heard - to enter the withering heart, the heart's set ablaze by the soul of the devil - the firey soul tares the heart as it enters. When he's in the heart, fire that quickly grows in size. Once in it begins to burn the heart from within.

    The brain of one sided thinking. Whilest they neglect multi dimensional thought. those with multiple angles, critiqued viciously.

    As the pit bull of a mind releases, chewing on the innocent man's heart.

    The minion pulls apart the sky. Whilest the devil laughs.

  • jesriel 16w


    Maybe the reason why wolves howl is because of their undying love for the moon. The wolf cries because of the untouchable love between the two of them.

  • writingislove__ 16w

    I'll suffer until you are tired with your sin games.
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    During the darkest hour of night,
    A writer is a wolf in disguise.
    She wails, she howls, she cries.
    Yet she is not healed.
    But, it calms her agony.
    As she can do nothing,
    But quietly suffer.
    Although the silent speaks
    But, it remains unheard.


  • tales_expresso 16w


    Live the life like a wolf with the attitude of a lion

  • lyricallilac 16w

    Do give it a read please. It may help by providing some motivation.☺��

    Lone wolf!
    Complexity defines today's world. In all the entangled relationships you have with the people around you, there is some sense of solo spirit guiding you. Whenever you take a step into the direction of becoming a lone wolf, you encounter loads of feelings. A lot of them revolve around the periphery of uniqueness and the fact that how well you can juggle those multifarious affairs going around you. The ultimate way is to become an ambivert. There's a different kind of beauty to that. From one angle, you define it as the recognition of self worth while from the other, you feel there is no set of constant people to comfort you. The prerequisites for that state of yours are those which include your daily set of confidence, a soul which is ready to take in anything which comes it's way, and a sense of adaptability. These things will equip you well to face oddities coming your way, if any. You just ought to have the guts to stand alone, to get up on yourself when you fall down and to be able to say good things to yourself.
    Irrespective of the fact that whether you occupy a place in the solo spirit squad or not, your soul needs 'you' more than anything else. Don't look for reasons of happiness outside. They lie within you. Just don't stop searching them. Dig it all out. The pessimism. The condescension. The detestation. Everything that stops you from becoming an egalitarian.
    Start afresh. Try becoming a solo spirit. It will bring a different kind of zest to your life!


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    Lone wolves walk alone, not aloof.

  • aseemjohri_ 16w


    Yh duniya jitni purani h utni hi purani h logo k beech kahi jaane wali kahaniya.. Jab hum kisi cheez ka karan nhi dhund paate kahani bana dete h taki humre pass uska jawab ho.. Hume jawab dhundne ki talap to h pr vo bhi hum ek kahani banakr khtm krlete h.. Isley puri duniya me esi kai kahaniya he jinhe stayapit krne ki chinta kisi ko nhi h.. Unke sach hone ka prmaan hume nhi chahiye.. Na hi unke banne k peeche ka karan.. Bas jo achi h unko aage badhana h.. Esi hi ek kahani h jo ki sach nhi h pr uspr mjhe yakeen h.. Me chahta hu ki vo sach na ho kabhi.. Janta bhi hu ki nhi hogi sach pr us kahani ki vajood itna purana h ar usse jude kisse lagbhg har desh me h.. Bas thode bht antr k sath.. Kahani h Chaand ki.. Aam kahani nhi.. is baar kahani ki raani ki jiski vjhse chaand roshan he.. Chandani..
    To kahani shuru hoti he kai saal phle jab dharti thi.. suraj ar chand dono the.. ar insan bhi aa chuke the.. Tab ek lakadhara jiska naam Bhadra apni zindagi aram se jee rha tha.. Koi parivaar nhi tha uska sivaye ek bhai Abhadra k.. Uske bhai ar usme bht pyaar tha.. Dono lakdi kat te ar unko bech kr apna guzara krte.. Sath hi samay samay pr apne aas pass rhne wale baki kabile k logo ki raksha krte.. Kyuki bht choti umr se lakdi katne ki vjhse kabile ke sbse taqatwar ladko me se ek the.. Chaandani usi kabile k raja ki beti thi.. Kahte he jab chaand pura asmaan me apne zor pr chamak rha tha tab Chaandani ka janm hua.. Usko dkh kr Chaand mohit hogya ar apni roshni ko dharti pr gira diya.. ar Chaandani ne chaand k us prakash ko apne andar apna liya.. Chaand abhi bhi chamak rha tha pr ab Chaandani bhi Chaand jesa hi chamkti thi.. Jese jese Chaandani badi hoti gyi uski khubsurati Chaand se bhi zyda hoti gyi.. Roz raat me Chaandani apne mahal k bahar aati ar pure kabile ko roshan krdeti.. Kyuki vo kabile k raja ki beti thi koi uski taraf nazar uthakr nhi dkhta.. Pr Chaandani ko Bhadra pasnd tha bachpan se use mehnat krta dkh vo us pr jaan chiddakti thi.. Saath hi uska dusro ki madad krne k svabhaw se vo bht prabhavit thi.. Bhadra is baat se anjaan tha.. Uske jeewan me bas ek khalipan tha kyuki usne ek anath ki tarah apni zindagi jee thi saath me apne bhai ko bhi bht smbhala tha.. Uska bhai Abhadra gusse ka tez ar laaparvah tha.. Vo apne bhai se pyaar krta tha pr ar kisi se nhi.. Vo apne bachpan k akele jungle me rah kr jeene k sangharsh ar apne maa baap ki maut se ubhar nhi paaya tha.. Kaha jata h bachpan me dono ne apne maa baap ko jungle ki ek be-kabu aag me gava diya tha.. Us aag ki jalan abhi bhi dono bhaiyo k seene me thi.. Bhadra bada tha ar Abhadra se utna hi zyda pyaar krta tha jitna koi bhi bada bhai krta h..Bhadra roz apna khalipan mitane raat ko uthta ar taaro ki ar dkhta fr Chaand ko dkhta isse usko ek sukun milta tha.. Samay guzra Chaandani ar Bhadra dono bade hogye shaadi krne layak.. Pure kabile me Chaandani ka naam tha.. Raja bhi Chaandani ki shaadi kisi kabile wale se krna chahta tha jisse vo humesha apni beti ko dkh sake.. Raja ne kabile wlo me se 4 yogya ladko ko chuna ar Chaandani ko unke samne legaya.. Usme Bhadra tha ar Abhadra is baat se bht khush tha ki uska bhai raja k hisab se yogya he agla raja banne k liye.. Pr Bhadra ko is baat se fark nhi pdta tha.. Vo apne mann me hi yh pakka kr chuka tha ki Chaandani usko nhi chunegi.. Pr jesa Chaandani k mann me tha usne Bhadra ko chuna.. Bhadra bht achambhit tha pr vo Chaandani ko phli baar achese dkh rha tha.. Usko Chaandani ko dkh kr vhi sukun mila jo uske Chaand dkhne pr milta tha balki yh us sukun se ar zyda tha.. Vo khush tha uski ankho me aasu the pr vo khush thaa.. Sabke sahyog se usne Chaandani se shaadi krli.. ar bht pyaar se usko apne ghr legaya.. Abhadra ne pura ghar saja rakha tha ar vo bht khush tha.. Chaandani ar Bhadra shaadi se abhi tak ek dusre se bina kuch bole sab bayaan kr chuke the dono ki ankhe ek dusre se alag nhi ho rhi thi.. Dono ne apni puri raat ek dusre ki zindagi janne me bita di saath hi Bhadra ne apna pura dukh Chaandani ko bata dia ar Chaandani ne bhi yh baat bata di ki vo Bhadra ko kabse ar kitna chahti h.. Chaandani ki yh chaht dkh kd Bhadra zindagi bhar uska gulaam banne ko taiyar tha.. Pr Chaandani srf use apna pati bana kr rkhna chahti thi.. Dheere dheere sab bht acha chal rha tha.. Chaandani ar Bhadra khush the ar ek dusre se bht pyaar krte the.. Chaandani Abhadra ko apne bhai jesa hi pyaar krti thi.. Ar uske savbhaw me badlaw laane k liye use sahi cheeze smjhati thi.. Chaandani ki khushi se uski chamak ar roshni itni badh gyi.. ki upr betha Chaand bhi ab pheeka lgta.. Dharti ab srf Chaandani se roshan thi.. Ek raat Bhadra so raha tha ar itne din se mauke ki talaash me bethe Chaand ki Nazar raat me bahar khushi se ghum rhi Chaandani pr padi.. Chaand ne sochlia tha ki Chaandani ko apne pass bulana h to usne jaal buna.. Abhdra ko bichhu bana dia.. bichhu bante hi vo apni sudh kho betha ar ar ghar me idhar udhar ghumne laga.. Bhadra ki neend khuli ar vo Chaandani ko apne paas naa paakr usko dhundne ghr k bahar jane ko nikla.. Uska per bichhu bane Abhdra pr pada ar dang uske per me lagg gya.. Pura zehar Bhadra k shareer me doddne laga vo chillaya pr uski awaz nhi nikli.. Bahar bethi Chaandani ko kuch bechaini sa ehsaas hua.. ar vo andar ghr ki taraf aayi.. usko Bhadra ghr ki dahlez pr pada dkha.. vo dodd kr pass gyi.. Bhadra mar gaya tha.. uska sharrer neela pada tha ar uske sath hi ek bichhu bhi mara hua tha.. Bhadra k marne se pagal hokr Chaandani cheekhi chilaai ar bht royi.. pr uski awaz bhi uske andar hi rah gyi.. Tabhi Chaand niche aaya.. ar seedha Chaandani k pass gaya.. usne Chaandani se kaha ki agar vo chahti h ki Bhadra zinda rahe use uske sath rhna hoga humesha.. tab hi vo Bhadra zinda krega.. Chaandani ne bina ek pal gavaye haa kah dia.. sath hi usne Chaand se pucha ki use pata h ki kisne kara yh ar Abhadra kaha h.. Pr Chaand ne kaha ki vo srf Bhadra ko thk kr skta h kisi sawal ka jawab mangegi to vo nhi krega.. Chaandani ghbra gyi ar Bhadra ko Zinda krne k liye gid gidayi.. Chaand ne kaha vi Bhadra ko zinda to kr skta h pr Bhadra ko dubara insaan banana uske bas me nhi h.. Chaandani to bhi maangyi.. Vo bas Bhadra ko zinda dkhna chahti thi.. Chaand ne Bhadra ko bhediya bana dia.. jisse Chaandani use pyaar na kr ske.. ar Chaandani ko apne sath upr le gaya.. Bhediya bana Bhadra is baat se anjaan tha ki hua kya usne bas Chaandani ko Chaand k sath jaate dkha tha.. Isley har raat Bhediya bana Bhadra Chaand ki Chaandani se ro kr sawal krta h.. ar Chaandani bas waha se muskura deti h.. Na Chaand ko koi saza mili.. naa Bhadra ko koi jawab.. kahani yhi suni h mene.. esi bht si h pr sach yhi h ki Bhediya ka Chaand se pyaar adhura tha ar he na vo use kabhi chu skta he na bula skta he bas pyaar kr skta he ar kar rha he..

  • _alliswell_ 17w

    ����hope it's good✌
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  • desireddreamer 17w

    In my desperate search for true
    love, I lost myself in this poetry.

    Lurking across poetry,
    I found a peaceful place
    my safe heaven.

    Diving through poetry,
    I found some painful memories;
    A solitude forest where
    I wrestle with my demons.

    Buried deep beneath poetry,
    I found my lost soul;
    A wanderer lonesome wolf
    in love with winds of
    my own thoughts.


    #lost #poetry #love #wolf #soul #peace #safe #heaven #pod #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    In my desperate search for true
    love, I lost myself in this poetry.


  • mohanwrites 17w

    Maybe I'm nothing but a stupid lone wolf, howling at the moon that'll keep on shining but will turn a deaf ear to my calls.

  • river_blaze 17w

    Dear Moon,
    This isn't how I pictured my life, and I thought I'd be else where. I was so sure of it. But here I am, on the move. I've walked through difficult circumstances, and was abandoned when I needed people the most. I gave up. But the wolves saved me. They found me hardly hanging on to life, and I wanted to throw it away. I was strong but I wasn't strong enough. I was broken, but I wasn't broken enough. I had to literally lose it all. I use to be a huge extrovert. I had to be surrounded by so many namelss people that were irrelevant.I lived for the moment and was happy that there was so much noise, because the silence was terrifying. Now, after I've lost it all, I find the silence to be beautiful.The wolves told me to live and promised me they'd transform me into one of them. I learned how to walk quietly amongst my enemy and to hide in the silence. I learned to follow my instincts and to challenge anything that tries to stand against me.Moon, I've learned to bathe myself with your light, despite it being dimmed.Then the wolves raised me. After they did their part, they too left but I was okay with it. For when I was transformed ...I became a lone wolf. The silence is a melody, loneliness flees from me. Independence is the pen that I sign my name with. I'm strong enough now because I was broken beyond measure. Now,I run away from anything that screams danger.I hide from unknown sounds, because my ears have adjusted to silence. I'm not afraid anymore I say. I've grown accustomed to the darkness, and realized there was nothing ugly about being in love with it. The stars illuminate night skies while I stand there in awe. The beauties of the night were never known to me until I walked through the darkness. I now live for you, my moon. I now run for you . Moon, you light something up inside me. I long for your light, even if your own light is borrowed from another. Even if you don't light up like the sun. I can relate to your unfortunate fate. I too stand in the background in the darkness while others shine brighter and all I do is relect it. My own light seems to be gone from me, but I suppose that doesn't mean that I can't still stand there and light the way for someone else. Dear moon, wait for me. The lone wolf in me will cry for you every night, as my heart aches for your embrace. Until I can hold you, I'll run wild after you...

    And so I fell in love with the moon.... a love that'll never be.A love.. that's just too far away from me.
    Unrequited love is one of the hardest loves to ever endure. However, the most painful is when circumstances won't allow you to be with the one you love...
    #painfullove #unrequitedlove #wolf #moon @wordporn #wordporn @we_support @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @trappedanima @writerstolli @writerstogetherclan_ @triptichadha

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    My moon

    "I long for your light, even if your own light is borrowed from another."(read caption)

  • george_v_joseph 17w

    Fanged Stranger, Lone Ranger
    Land of the Snakes
    #wolf #snake #random

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    Land of the Snakes

    Man and wild are within each other
    Look around and see the proof.
    In the land of snakes, the wolf wanders
    In the search of truth.
    One wrong move
    and their venom might seep through
    the wounds of the lone wolf.
    They slithering across roofs,
    So be wary of the spineless serpents.
    Waiting to attack, hiding beneath the surface.


  • river_blaze 18w

    The first chapter of my book is finally here!
    It is lengthy but I believe it's worth it. I had a vision for this book,for about three years now. I'm finally bringing it to life. This is a story of a girl who is half Native American, she is considered a half blood. She was adopted by her grandfather who's also native,and one fatal night everything she knows comes to an end when he is murdered right before her. A 100 year old curse is awaken for such a time as this. One that would summon the elders and ancestor's spirit's to come back in a form of wolves, to be her gaurdians and protect her as she fullfills her mission, as the half blood, her grandfather's dying wish. Before you dig in this, please read the introduction that I've already written for it.Anyways, hope you enjoy it, I know I did while writing it.
    PS.Please repost if you like it and want to read more,I want people to see my story.❤
    My name is Jada, to be honest, I had a pretty decent childhood, and I was a happy go lucky child. All I needed was my rabbit stuff animal and my lifetime supply of Barney and Friends VHS tapes. My mother was always in the kitchen so she was never too far away whenever I needed her. My dad was gone alot but I knew he had to make money. My baby brother Milo was always in the play pin by mom. That's how it was. I was happy, then all that changed. One, simple, careless mistake made by some driver, changed my whole life. One disasterious mistake that changed everything forever,ended the lives of my mother,father,and my brother Milo. A mistake that could have been avoided but instead left me an orphan. I just happened to be at my Aunt Stephanie's house that evening, or I too would have died-and yet I can't help but to wish that I had. My little life was soon after thrown into a rollercoaster and I wondered if the ride would ever end. I was forced to move to Colorado, to where my Grandfather was,My mom's dad. My mom's side was a lot different than my dad's. My father's side is Italian and my mother's is Native American. Genevieve was her name. I wish I could say that I remember her voicd, but the truth is,I don't. Momma, I wish you were here now, back in the kitchen, you are now too far away from me..and I need you.

    January, 02 2017, Colorado | The Sweet Fatal encounter|

    It was 4th period and I was already anticipating my last period for the day. School has been depressing since Johnny Hendrickson died a day after Christmas. Johnny was the main jock in our school, and of course all of the ladies were gaga over him. All the girls wanted him while all the guys wanted to be him. He was also our biology teacher's nephew. Yes, it is safe to say that school won't be the same for awhile.I was thinking all of this throughout 4th, and even during lunch."Jada". I heard my name but was still spacing out on the fact that the Hendrickson's would no longer be apart of our family outings. Oh, I forgot to mention, the hendricksons's were close to my grandfather and my Aunt Celeste, it's a wonder that Johnny and I never got closer. "JADA!" Suddenly, I snapped out of myb state of slumber and jumped in shock."YES!?" I shouted. I then saw Ashly's facial expression and I realized that the whole cafeteria was staring at me now."Are you okay? We have been trying to talk to you for the last five minutes and you are just sitting there in daze?" I turned away from Ashly and noticed everyone was just looking at me. Ben, Jocelyn, Haily,and Dave were all here. Wait, when did Dave get here?"Jada, you know that you can talk to us if you ever needed to?"Jocelyn chims in.She then turns towards Ben and nods in my direction and smacks him on the arm " Right man, we are always here for you."He reluctantly says right after. I smile,"It's okay guys, I appreciate it. I'll just go step out for some air." The fresh air is what I needed, it was getting to crowded in there. I took in a deep breath and inhaled a beautiful aroma of Lavender. Then it quickly turned into the nauseating smell of burnt Apple pie, the dessert that was being served today. I decided then to take a walk. As I started to walk towards the parking lot I heard a noise in the background.That was when I saw him. That man, the one that would change everything. He was looking for something. He was hiding out in the trees, and if I didn't know any better I'd say that he was some serial killer. He displayed a chaotic vibe, one almost magnetic, because it had me drawn to him.Just then Ashly opened the cafeteria door."Girl you should hurry,5th period is starting soon-are you okay yet?" I turned back once more just to see that the mysterious man was gone.I looked back at Ashly and smiled."Yes, it's nothing..I mean I'm fine now." That's how it all started. Everyday during lunch and 5th period he'd approach my school. The more and more I saw him, the more of a suspense it became. I want to know who he is and I have no idea why. I should have called the cops, I had plenty of opportunities, but sometime inside me tells me not too.

    |February, 12 2017 |

    Today started just like any other day, except it didn't. Everything went wrong, I woke up late, then spilled grape juice on my homework, which resulted in me missing the bus.Therefore I came to school 20 minutes late and that gave me a detention.So, now I'm sitting here in detention, wondering why everything turned out like complete crap. Mrs. Baily took 25 points off of my homework assignment because of the stain as well."psst Jada." I turned to see Ben sitting behind me."oh, you are here, again."I say with a frown. Ben is always doing something stupid to land detention. Ashly is becoming increasingly irritated with him about it because If he keeps it up he can't go to prom.Sigh, highschool problems. I smerk just thinking about Ashly's lectures."BEN!You need to get your life together!If you keep getting in trouble you won't go to prom like Mr.Williams has repeatedly told you!..and guess what if you don't go guess who won't have a date? ME! Um hello!?" Then she'd scruntch up her nose and try her best to look angry. However, Ashly is too perfect to ever look scary. She is the most beautiful girl in school and to be honest I'm not sure how we even became friends. I'm awkward and I stay to myself, Ashly on the other hand is Ms. Social butterfly who won home coming queen twice in a year. I guess that's why prom is important to her, she hopes to move up a level and snag the prom queen title."Jada, why are you here?"Ben asks suddenly."Because this whole day has been crap, let's just leave it at that."

    Next day at lunch was even more agonizing. Someone thought it would be a good idea to start a food fight, meanwhile Mr.Williams runs around gathering up all the culprits. "This is disgusting." Ashly said while looking at her tray. "This is rediculous."Ben says while looking at the disaster inside of the cafeteria."This looks fun."Dave shouts as he picked up a half eaten pizza and throws it at Ross Johnson."YOU ARE SO DEAD!"Next thing we knew, Dave runs down the hall with Ross flying behind him with a burger in his hand. "Let's just eat outside." I say finally.
    "As we sat our trays down I glanced over at the woods, still no sign of him. He stopped coming since last week. "Who are you looking for Jada?"Aria asks.Aria was the yearbook chick that is sometimes seen hanging around us, not often though. "Oh, um no one."
    As I ponder about this mysterious stranger, I couldn't help but to wonder what happened to him.Did he find what he was looking for?
    I don’t know who he is, all I know is that he is fascinating. Day in and day out I watch him stand outside the school. He is searching for something, someone. I want to know who he is and why he is so mysterious. Suddenly,I heard a tree branch break, and I quickly glance up, I saw him standing there in the woods.He stood there like he always did, except..he noticed me. He saw
    passed everyone else, as I was quietly observing him. Our eyes locked as I felt a shiver go up my spine. His cold dark stare was alluring, yet frightening. I turned away for a moment, but when I looked back he was gone. I turned to Aria suddenly, ,” where did that man go?” I asked in confusion,” What man?” she looked just as confused.” the man over there by the trees.” I pointed. “ There's no one there.” she says with concern now in her voice. Just then I got up and grabbed my lunch tray. “ I have to go, I’ll call you later,” I said as I walked fast towards the door. “
    Today began as a weird day no doubt, but I had no idea that it was about to get weirder.That tonight, “we” would meet face to face. I didn’t realize I’d be captured by his bittersweet aroma. He would find me and paralyze me and carry me off to a dark place-a place filled with blood and wine. A place covered in black roses, with the scent of stray dogs. I was not prepared, nor was I aware, of his intentions and what would become of me. No one..could have been prepared, not even him. If only our ancestors were here, to see the monsters we have become...

    (To be continued)
    #wolf #native #book @words_flow @wordporn @we_support @writersnetwork @writers_paradise @writerstogetherclan_ @writerstolli @mirakeeworld

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    |The Wolf Girl Chronicles|

    Chapter 1:The Sweet Fatal Encounter

  • wolfy_black 18w

    She came from woods, singing as she walked. Her voice flowed through the air like water along a stream to the delight of any creature whoes ears it reached; birds fluttered about her matching their own voice hers. Her long golden blond hair fell down past her shoulders and down to the bottom of her back, a crown of flowers lay a top it, her eyes shone a bright emerald green matching the dress she wore.
    Arthur looked at her completely entranced, she came to him and knelt down beside him, grass and flowers sprang from the ground she walked on. "My poor child, what happened to you?" She whispered softly to him
    "I...i was...umm, thrown from my horse...in the storm" Arthur found his words sticking in his throat, the sight of such a beutiful creature coupled with the searing pain of his broken leg made speach difficult.
    She giggled "Horses can be tricky creatures indeed" she ran her hands along his injured leg, the wounds colsed at her touch and the limb felt strong again.

  • wolfy_black 18w

    The wolf and the moon

    The wolf and the moon were lovers once, in the early days of the earth, they walked the woods together, happy as two creatures could be. She nursed him when was hurt and he hunted for her when she was hungry and sing her beutiful songs whenever she wept.
    When the earth fell into a dark black night, she shone her bright light and guided his path.
    But the bear was jeluse of the wolf and the moon for the bear had no light to guide him, the bear wondered clumsily about the wood angry and alone.
    One day the bear attacked the wolf and his lover, claw and tooth of both beasts riped and tore at each other, angry snarls filled the air and hot red blood stained the snow.
    The bear retreated but the wolf was left gasping and dieing, the moon knelt beside him and held him tight, she gave him part of her herself the part that kept her whole so he may live. But without that part she could not hold herself on earth, she would drift away and not be able to return. So she whispered into his ear "i love you, and to love you i must leave you but every night i sall return and listen to you sing" and so the moon left the earth for the heavens, she wept at her loss and her tears scattered across the sky and hardened into stars and every night from then until now she returns to light the path of the wolf and listen to jis mournful song.

  • tazmanian_angel 18w


    His big dark eyes hid many lies
    His voice now haunts my dreams
    His hunger wasn't obvious
    His touch tore me at the seams

    How could I have known that day?
    His smile disguised his plan
    His ears seemed tuned in to my heart
    His lips gently kissed my hand

    You shouldn't talk to strangers
    You shouldn't stray from the safe path
    His disposition had deceived me
    How very well he hid his wrath

    Unsuspecting, I followed blindly
    Being led by his false charm
    His charisma veiled the fact that he
    Had only meant to do me harm

    I lost my head and let my guard down
    Things took a frightening turn
    His fangs now left their marks upon
    My skin now torn and burned

    Bitten, bruised and halfway dead
    I fought, I screamed, I cried
    His damage had been more than done
    His sickness satisfied

    I reached into my basket
    The beast had turned his back
    With one move, my little finger
    Brought and end to his attacks

    There's always danger lurking
    You must never lose your head
    There's many names for big bad wolf
    And unsuspecting little red

  • honeojet 18w

    The moon showed me light
    She gives me hope
    She showed me compassion
    She talks to me
    Her light so soft and beautiful drew me close
    She listens to the thoughts in my mind
    Like a mother and child
    So is our bond
    Perfect poise in the night sky
    Much peace begotten


  • imperfect_one19 18w

    Back after a long time....
    Hope this makes sense ����


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    The lone wolf

    They come in packs
    But here I'm alone,
    Alone in this wilderness
    Solely roaming on my own
    I don't mind them,
    But once in a while
    I crave solitary like
    The fire sparks inside me
    And I howl from dusk till dawn
    My grief, my anger
    Everything's out
    I'm bare like leaf
    Vulnerable all over
    Silence surrounds and
    moon soothes me
    And when the sun's out
    I'm the alpha male, you scout

  • crazydesigirl 19w

    Inner Wolf

    Feel like a wolf
    in the full moon,
    Feel the power
    radiate from you,
    Feel the strength
    of your being,
    Feel the rhythm
    of your living.

  • river_blaze 19w

    I know that no one will probably believe me when I tell my story. I know I’ll probably be left
    standing there alone as everyone judges me harshly. However,I don’t care. I knew this day
    would come and I would be speechless. I would have to lay my heart out in front of the entire
    world. I’d struggle to find words as I see the faces of those that once knew me become terrified.
    Then the crowd would gather close to me as I feel like I am suffocating.Microphones and tape
    recorders are shoved in my face as i got sick to my stomach. Then right when I thought I
    couldn’t take anymore..someone would say his name? Someone would ask me,” who is he?”
    and my heart will stop and for one single moment..time will hit rewind. “ Who is he?” That is
    what everyone would like to know. I’ll say this...he is not a monster. He is a hero...and if it wasn’t
    for him...I wouldn’t be here. “ Where is he?” someone would shout loudly in my ear. So, close to
    my space that I felt nauseated. The smell of chilli cheese dogs mixed in a cheap cologne was
    enough for me to want to vomit..however just thinking about him...and what happened..Made
    me want to collapse right then and there and just die. “ he is gone..far from here.” Was all I
    could manage to say.” One man inched closer..” Ma’am tell us..tell us who is he..and is he the
    one that took the seraphina stone” I lost my breath as I felt like I got struck by a cold bitter
    reality. The crowd screams..as I black out and hit the floor.” I knew this day would happen..in
    some way or form. I saw it in my nightmares. Blue eye..luna….shiloh..I wish you were here.

    Now, I find myself reminiscing of a better time.
    I don’t know who he is, all I know is that he is fascinating. Day in and day out I watch him stand
    outside the school. He is searching for something, someone. I want to know who he is and why
    he is so mysterious. Today, was no different than any other day, except..he noticed me. He saw
    passed everyone else, as I was quietly observing him. Our eyes locked as I felt a shiver go up
    my spine. His cold dark stare was alluring, yet frightening. I turned away for a moment, but when
    I looked back he was gone. I turned to Aria suddenly, ,” where did that man go?” I asked in
    confusion,” What man?” she looked just as confused.” the man over there by the trees.” I
    pointed. “ There was no one there..” she said with concern now in her voice. Just then I got up
    and grabbed my lunch tray. “ i have to go, I’ll call you later,” I said as I walked fast out the door. “
    Today began as a weird day no doubt, but I had no idea that it was about to get weirder.That
    tonight, “we” would meet face to face. I didn’t realize I’d be captured by his bittersweet aroma.
    He would find me and paralyze me and carry me off to a dark place...a place filled with blood
    and wine. A place covered in black roses, with the scent of stray dogs. I was not prepared, nor
    was I aware, of his intentions and what would become of me. No one..could have been
    prepared, not even him. If only our ancestors were here, to see the monsters we have become.
    #wolf#girl #story #book #mirakee

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    The Chronicles of Wolf girl.

    A Native American love story.