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  • iwokeupblack 19h

    As if I needed to prove to science
    That I matter
    Not just existing as a mass to occupy space and fill up the crevices of a man's home
    The missing bone that has forgotten her place and does not know that she should be holding up her man by his ribs
    Even when her knees are buckling from carrying all that weight
    As if I needed to prove to the crowds
    That my name deserves to be included at the end credits too
    But while he is flashing the smiles to the cameras
    No one is questioning what really happened behind the scenes
    Because he gave me his seeds
    A script that began the production of our children
    But the whole project I carried in my womb until the release date was due
    As if I needed to prove to the world
    That I deserve another voice other than the one stuck in my throat

  • snehawassan 20h

    I know we have drooped a lot,
    Cursed for being a female in the history of all time!
    That's our wheel of fortune, narked with this dopey gospel, we've come so far.
    But for this, do we need to blame every individual bodach?
    Or hatred for all, is a riposte to it?
    The Past was bad!
    The Present is worse!
    And the Future, now, is in dark and dust!
    We blame them, who are suffering their own pains.
    This perennial rope of hatred, has dwelled all men to be the same!
    It came from a side, and now all are part of it!
    Mindset plays a major role!
    For No one, was ever written before.
    Isn't this the same sorority?
    Where women shaden fruedes other women, having parallel misfortunes!
    She sheds the same tears,
    Bestowing her daughter with the same fear,
    Then blames all men.
    But Kudos to those Women who knows what they are fighting and grappling for the ones,
    Who deserve to be burnt!
    It's a thunder under the trembling quake for the men too,
    Let's stop loathing all males, for our last abuse!
    Together, we need to cognize!
    Let's nurture our generation with a message of respect, assassinating the evil resting inside.
    Stop crying in the dark!
    It's your life! Make it large!
    Women, we have magic not gifted to all!
    Empower yourselves and thawk the ones who condign the Hell.
    Every human is important, being a woman or a man!
    The warning still is the same for the ones,
    Who try to umbrage or provocate the Destiny of any Women in life!
    Would be debauched to Death,
    Within no time!

  • vampire_girl 1d


    As a human she is
    Entitled to freedom
    Justice expression
    Speech and choice

    But when raped
    She is blamed
    For her clothes
    For her culture
    Not his misdeed
    His curiosity
    Or the system that
    Does not educate
    Him on everything

    When teased or stalked
    She is blamed
    For the time she left
    For her eye contact
    Not his cheap mindset
    His vulgar words
    His opinion on women
    Or the society that
    Encloses women in jails
    Making men feel
    They are guarded caves

    When she speaks or hits
    She is shunned mocked
    For being masculine not timid
    For her action has fallen his
    Standards his dignity
    For her voice has challenged his
    Position his insecurity
    In a patriarchal community
    She is molested abused
    Acid attacked threatened

    When you say LIBERTY
    Remember its indivisible It does not
    Only belong to half of humanity -men
    Liberty also belongs to women


  • brundasunil 1d

    Princess Charming

    Surrendering into the deep slumbers ,
    I await the fall of a dream,
    Wherein I'm the Princess Charming,
    Saving my prince.


  • poonam_hope 1d

    An Object of Love or Companion of Substance

    Women have pivotal role in the society, however one way or another they have not been taken to the level of equality. In nature, her role of significance starts with the birth of child, rearing & caring. However, in human beings with increased intricacies in societal structure, her role has also evolved from being an object of love to home maker, home teacher, family attendant, care taker & then earner to now even single parenthood.

    Most of the times, she never shirked her responsibilities, whether she is educated or illiterate. She remained fair from the heart and dedicated towards her family and also most of the times peaceful & law obedient creature in the society. Since evolution of the oldest civilisation, she is always an object of love. Now and in past also many poets & writers had written loads of books on her beauty, love and lust to achieve her.

    It always remained doubt to her whether she has been loved in real sense or just an object of decoration in the family.

    When we love someone, we almost dedicate everything to that person. But, in the case of women in general it is not true. Its very sad to know that in many parts of the world, including our country, we don’t give equal rights to them. Somewhere in the world, they cannot keep money or open a bank account or have property on their name.

    Why is this so ?

    Why does man have mask on his face?

    With one face, he is an aficionado of woman and with other face, not ready to give them equality to live harmoniously on this Earth.

    At no stage, she is either involved in inheritance or basically discouraged to make her own assets.

    Now, as man & woman, it is prerequisite to restructure the relationship, not to base it on blind love to a beautiful object but with a companion of substance.

    Do you agree?


  • ponrajesh2020 1d

    Nature of Women

    "பொண்ணுங்க கத்தி மாதிரி
    எப்ப எந்தப் பக்கம் வெட்டும்னு எவனும் கணிச்சதுமில்ல, பொழைச்சதுமில்ல...!!!"

  • theodorewolfepratt 1d

    A Man and His Garden

    There are many flowers in my garden, but three stand out among the rest:

    A Black Rose,
    A Miniature Sunflower,
    And a Freckled Canna.

    Each of these flowers have been looked after carefully,
    With love and special treatment.
    However, no matter how much I've tried to help them grow and blossom into something beyond beautiful,
    They each can't seem to conquer their many obstacles.

    Let's start with the rose, my first flower in this garden,
    Beautiful and rare, almost perfect.
    The aroma is exquisitely unique and the dark color of the petals make the rose seem almost like royalty.
    But this rose refuses to stop growing thorns. There are so many thorns now that there is barely any room for it to blossom at all.
    I'd love to pick it up and let it's fragrance fill my house but it is just too dangerous.
    I'd clip thorns off of its stem and they would just grow back with two more taking the place.
    There is just no chance of me grabbing this rose without being hurt.

    Next, we have the sunflower.
    Sunflowers should be big,
    Bright and radiant,
    But this sunflower refuses to absorb the proper amount of sunlight from fear of being dried out,
    So it has reached a level of complacency that is unparalleled.
    I can water it and feed it all I want but without facing the sun it will remain small and almost unimportant.
    But I see the beauty it can become.
    It can and will someday stand tall and tower above the rest of the garden,
    Being the first thing I see each day.

    Ginally the freckled canna.
    A very beautiful and happy flower,
    But it's scent is so potent that it attracts the worst of characters,
    Things that have no reason being near a flower.
    Too many times have I seen rodents try to uproot it or insects try to drain it of its sweet nectar.
    But it's not its fault, Tl
    The freckled canna has an allure that even the darkest of people couldn't avoid.

    So day after day I sit in my garden,
    Near the sunflower who has become my favorite.
    But I occasionally glance at the rose to see if it has stopped growing thorns,
    And I try to see if the freckled canna is safe, But I fear it may be too late for me and for them.
    At least the sunflower looks up at me like I am her sunlight,
    And I'll try my hardest to shine bright.

  • major_tom 1d

    Treating Right?

    Hey senorita, how's the world treating you?
    The way you are meant to be or...
    Or you gave them right of mean to be.

  • ved_yayavar 2d

    अच्छी लगती हैं

    अच्छी लगती हैं मुझे
    सिगरेट के धुएं उड़ाती हुई लड़कियां
    जैसे किसी डर को,खौफ़ को यूहीं
    हवा से मिला दे रही हों

    अच्छी लगती हैं मुझे
    मर्दों के माफ़िक़ मर्दों को
    गाली देती हुई लड़कियां
    जैसे अंदर जमा हुए किए अवसाद को
    निकाल फेंक रहीं हों

    उससे भी ज्यादा
    अच्छी लगती हैं मुझे
    ज़माने से अपना हक़ छीन कर
    लेने वाली लड़कियां
    ख़ुद के लिए आवाज़ उठाती हुई लड़कियां
    लड़को से ग्रुप बनाती हुई लड़कियां
    अच्छी लगती हैं मुझे

    अच्छी लगती हैं मुझे वो लड़कियां
    जी समाज,रीतियों,परंपराओं ,रिवाजों,परिवार आदि आदि
    के तमाम पाबंदियों को अपने दाएं पैर के तेज नाखून से
    कुरेदते हुए उनमें घाव कर उनसे
    लड़ जाती हैं

    अच्छी लगती हैं मुझे ....

  • anu_sha_rma 2d

    I am a daughter they said you are a burden
    I am a sister they said you are a burden
    I am wife they say you are a bought burden
    Iam a women I say I am not a burden
    I have faced all the hurdles.
    I stood up when other fell under
    I rose from the ashes like a pheonix burning and glowing.
    Iam the flame that doesn't burn but nutures. You say i am a burden you are wrong i am the thunder

  • paulami 2d

    Dear princesses, it's time to be a queen now ��♠️
    #love #strong #women #positive #motivational #true #fight

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    Dear girls,

    You can't just imagine to wake up with a crown in your head, it takes a lot to earn it. So get up from your dreamy pillows and fight for what you deserve.

  • ashwin_anup 2d


    She was the one Who
    Was Tired Of everything..
    Was the one who did
    everything for everyone
    Doing nothing for her
    But Everything for others
    Forgeting herself
    Remembering everyone else,
    While all forgot her.

  • inessa 2d

    boys and

  • artistsorgasm 2d

    She is the silence that is more captivating than words
    She is the darkness that is more energetic than sun
    She is the subconscious that is more clear than reality
    She is the magic in twilight
    She is she
    She is mine. . .

  • musarebelde 2d

    Una mujer rota

    |Y es dispuesta, indestructible
    capaz, sin dudas, con un orgullo
    de acero, unas ganas de no sufrir,
    un vendaval de amor propio,
    así es una mujer cuando decide no llorar por cualquiera,
    porque no cualquiera merece una mujer de verdad,
    y menos una mujer tan grandiosa como ella|


  • nonplayer8 2d

    As she glances out the window,
    A smirk on her pretty face,
    From behind a veil,
    A curious gaze,
    As she steps out the door,
    Into the market she hops,
    Afraid, crying, in her tracks she stops,
    For the cloak that covered her,
    Was now sitting on the floor,
    She knew she would be beaten,
    For such a grave mistake,
    "The world is of the men,
    And we are less than them."
    She'd heard someone say,
    How could a child being raised such,
    Ever see the light of day?

  • ocean_blue 2d


    How can it end like this?
    How can it be so bad?
    Is there something that I missed?
    Or foolishly wished for something I can't have?
    I know that you how badly I suffocate,
    Within my own handmade walls.

    I suffocate but I'm still breathing
    I'm dying inside but I'm still alive
    Walls- I'm never gonna break,
    It keeps me in my limits
    And prevents me from making mistakes.

  • universilje 2d

    Woman alone dancing

    Feel so weird.
    Feel like a crazy woman.
    You see.
    I want what others give up.
    I want freedom so bad.
    I always have.
    And this, this is the last ice icicle left on the mountain.
    I don't want rules.
    I want freedom and
    you tell me I need to give up my freedom because there's too many risks.
    You tell me I won't change the world.
    But I can't help feeling I will change with the world.
    With courage,
    With love,
    I believe I can change the world.
    I believe.
    But for now I will stay open and avoid the risks.
    Just one. Last. Dance.

  • parikshagaur903 1w

    Women are true warriors.

    Some one asked me if I have ever seen any warrior in real life? I answered in yes. Yes I have seen warrior in real life. He asked me who? I answered that women are real warriors. He asked how? I answered.
    Women fight with their emotions.
    Women sacrifice their happiness for others.
    Women protect their children from difficulties.
    Women keep all family together.
    Women fight with those also, who hurts their families.
    And most importantly,
    Women burn themselves for their families.
    So women are real warriors.

  • parikshagaur903 3w

    I want to live in fantasy

    I want to live in fantasy.
    Because I like it.
    Because it is the only place where women have right.
    It is the only place where women can do whatever they want.
    Whatever they want to wear, they can.
    It is the only place where no one discriminate with women.
    It is the only place where women can battle with men.
    It is the only place where women are considered as women.