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  • devikadebs 1d


    I don't know why he has changed. He seems to be very sad and remains mute. May be he is afraid of losing me.may be he doesn't know how to console me. I wish I could tell him that my love for him has increased double folds because of his support. He still remembers my love for French fries and he brought it secretly for me. We both were made to sign a consent for the transplant. Our same blood groups allowed us to dream for a future together again. The date decided was 18feb. The date of birth column of us also said 18feb.it was a gift from the birthday boy to the birthday girl. I couldn't have asked for better. I am blessed.

  • devikadebs 1d


    I was visualizing my dream. I had the best moments to share with the best person. The chilly wind brought us more closer but the snow flakes had something else hidden in it. I had no idea what made my feet to swell up. we rushed to the hospital where I came to know that my reduced urination was a matter to be worried about. They put me on different machines and poked with needles repeatedly. My blood was getting washed off and I was being transfused with new blood. They call it dialysis I guess. I was too astonished but no one was ready to tell me my state. I looked at his tensed eyes,they told me it was something serious.


  • waseem_acky 2d

    She is .

    She is a fireplace
    Sit by her for warmth
    Hover ur palms.
    Do not trynna touch her.
    Do not burn.


  • wordstoweave 2w

    Her whole body shivered as she finally realized it.
    She can stop it.
    She had the power to say 'no'.


  • samidhamathur 3w

    मैं कौन हूँ?

    मैं कौन हूँ, कहाँ हूँ
    क्या है मेरी पहचान,
    मैं बेटी हूँ, मैं माँ हूँ
    और या हूँ किसी की जान।

    कहीं की गई मेरी पूजा
    कहीं किया गया मुझे दूजा,
    मिटटी के रूप में की गई आरती
    तो दर्द के साथ कही उतारी हस्ती।

    कहते तो है की मैं हूँ शक्ति
    पर पाई ना कभी अपने लिए भक्ति,
    मारा है मुझे हर पल, हर वक़्त
    और दिखाया है मुझपे हर सख़्त।

    पर ना मै दबी हूँ, और ना कभी दबूंगी
    ना मैं झुकी हूँ, और ना कभी झुकूँगी,
    क्योंकि मैं वो आवाज़ हूँ, वो ताकत हूँ
    जो गर बदली तो इस पूरे सामाज को बदलूंगी।


  • prabha_prakash 4w

    Diwali Eve...

    As we celebrate the victory-
    Yes the victory of good over evil;
    Bursting crackers on the eve of Diwali...
    Spreading sparkling colours of joy on the dark night sky
    And shouting aloud with frenzy...
    Far away...
    Do we hear that silenced voice?
    The sobs that were too afraid to emerge?
    Those shrieks that only this night sky heard-
    And those million unheard clamors within each girl that she hushes away-
    Again and again-
    At the bus stand, train, park, pathway
    Roadside, market, mall and what more-
    The confines of her so called home?
    Yet, we celebrate the obsolete triumph of women power...
    The day these muted cries gain their echos';
    Mind you,
    No Diwali would look beautiful.


  • writersharath 5w

    An excerpt from my story "The Housewife"
    #womenPower #Goddess #LoveForWriting

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    Every woman in this world has the power to create and destroy.

    A tapped heart will release that power.

    Creation or Destruction? Depends upon which part you have tapped!


  • bhavneetdhaliwal 5w

    some women fear
    the fire
    some women simply
    become it.

  • khola_hawa 5w

    I know there is a war unknown each one of us are flighting: be it behind the door or be it in light.
    We have accepted all seasons of life and have learnt to accept change.
    But remember ,your birth is not to please anyone nor to fill broken hearts of the men lying opposite to you.
    Have you forgotten you have your own life and ambitions? Change the way you look at yourself
    No matter what, just take the first step ahead.
    Grab the courage to lead.I assure you world will follow.
    #womenpower @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee

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  • ashi23 6w

    Hats off to the women
    who suffer domestic violence
    and still keep fast for their husbands .

  • sraavya 6w

    Diary of 9 year old girl. Time to change our outlook too.. #life #womenpower #womensworld #quoteoftheday #muses #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    Dear Diary,

    Neither am I waiting for a prince charming nor a knight in a shining armour.
    I am looking forward to a day when I grow up into a beautiful princess who when needed, can throw away her gown and put on an armour, leave her cozy palace and fight on the battle field.

  • snippet_feelings 7w

    And that was the moment,
    when she gained her consciousness
    and broke the walls painted
    by her maniac partner
    with the colours of violence,
    ferocity and perversion.

  • madhumitabhattacharjeenayyar_ 7w


    Change is the way of life

    So change,

    Change your outlook,

    Change your attitude,

    Get over that forever urge

    To add your name to me

    As your wife and sister,

    Or your daughter,

    I do not need your name

    To be known as someone,

    I have my own identity,

    My own name,

    I want to

    And can live up to it.

    Change the way you always look at me,

    Why this obsession with my body?

    My breasts and my vagina!

    You stare and ogle,

    Whistle and jeer,

    Or raid me at your will,

    Grope, scratch, bite

    And what not,

    At times leaving me up for dead

    In every nook and corner of this world,

    Trying your best to shame me,

    But beware!

    Or else like Mahakali 

    I will pick up a sword and a trident,

    To do away with all of this

    And stand as an equal to you.

    Oh yes! If you can dare bare your midriff

    And show off your 'abs',

    I can as well,

    So stop the hullabulla over this,

    My drinks,

    My short skirts,

    My night outs,

    My boy friends,

    My work hours,

    Etcetera, etcetera,

    Let us mind our own businesses 

    For I am as mature and grown up as you are,

    If you can take care of yourself I can as well,

    Moreover no one has given you the right to be 'my moral police'.

    And listen! You are no one to choose for me my bed fellow,

    I have the right to decide

    Who I want to sleep with,

    Make love to,

    And why do you all gush over my virginity?

    Do I ever question yours?

    Let me decide how, when, where I get my hymen torn,

    No I do not need your labels or tags

    That mark me as 'loose,

    For there is more to me and my character,

    I am Durga, Gauri,

    Laxmi and Panchali,

    I can bring up or bring down an entire society

    Depending on the way you handle me.

    So better you too change,

    For change is the way of life,

    Change your outlook,

    Change your attitude,

    Change the way you look at me,

    Times are changing,

    So are we,

    I have changed too,

    So why cannot you?

    The world is changing,

    The universe too is,

    Let us change for the betterment

    Of each other

    And for the future generations too.


    * MAHAKALI - Goddess Kali, the divine protector, dons several avatars to protect the weak

    DURGA - She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good.

    GAURI- Goddess Gauri is Devi, Shakti or the Mother Goddess, who appears in many forms, such as Durga, Parvati, Kali and others. 

    LAXMI - Laxmi, is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

    PANCHALI- Also known as Draupadi, is one of the most important female character of Mahabharatha.

  • saumyalakhera 7w

    Being a women

    She carries a child inside her womb for nine months,
    She bleeds every month,goes through hardest of pain,
    She's the one who wakes up before everyone else in the family and goes off to sleep after everyone has slept,
    She works all day long ,preparing meals for each and every member of the family,
    Just to see a smile on your face, she whole heartedly accept all the pain that life gives her,
    She never complaints about the enunciating pain she goes through every month.
    She never brags about the strength she has been given by the almighty.
    She never behaves rudely even if you don't appreciate her efforts for you and your family,
    Still you don't give her the appreciation she deserves, still the one person who makes sure that everyone smiles hardly matters to you. Her smile is not given any importance,
    Her leisure time is taken away by your chores,
    Her schedule consists of you and only you,
    If She's a home maker you barely make an effort to give her that importance which she deserves.
    If she's working you try to manipulate her self respect with her ego.
    Think twice before doubting her strength
    Think twice before making her a topic of ridicule.
    Think twice before asking her "Is it a big deal being a women?
    Because Yes it is a big deal being a "WOMEN".

  • shankesh_gulecha 8w

    It was finally 21st of September,
    She waited badly for this day to have a dance bout,
    Her inner dance talents couldn't wait to come out,
    Because her decision on career choices had faced a situation similar to drought.
    She wore that ghagra and choli to look the best,
    She chose the accessories which would knock out the rest.
    She had prepared herself to dance the whole night,
    But there was someone else too hiding behind the sight.
    Instagram wasn't the only place where she was followed,
    The most difficult part of that night proved to be the journey on road.
    He took out his mobile to have a few clicks,
    For him it was only about having fun with every other chick.
    Men like him are the reason why parents draft a No.
    But she wasn't the one who feared scars,
    She was the one who could be compared to stars.
    She made sure he faced tough time in the lock up.
    All you men are going to face tough time if you don't raise your standard up.
    To every other female who fears such stingy bee.
    Time for a change girl, Happy Navratri!

  • rupanshu_sandy 8w

    हूँ आज की नारी

    हाँ!!मैं आज की नारी हूँ
    बेटा नहीं तो क्या बेटी हूँ
    ऐसा क्या बेटों में जो आज
    हम बेटियों ने ना किया
    तोढती नहीं दो कूलों को जोडती हूँ
    ना मैं सती हूँ ना तो देवी सीता सी हूँ
    बस मैं आज की सामान्य नारी हूँ
    अब कोई अबला नहीं सबला बन
    सब बंधन बंदिशो की सवारी हूँ
    खुद की खोज मैं खुद से लड़ती हूँ
    समाज के लक्ष्मण रेखा से डरती हूँ
    तो ओरों के बंद ख्यालों को झकझोर भी देती हूँ
    क्या करूँ आज के बाप की बेटी हूँ
    बंद चारदिवारी से नहीं डरती हूँ
    खुद ही लकीरें खींचती हूँ
    तो खुद से ही मिटाती हूँ
    बुरा ना मानना आज की नारी हूँ
    भले छोटे कपड़े पहनती हूँ सर नहीं ढकती हूँ
    पर परिवार के संस्कार से नहीं चुकती हूँ
    कभी मां बन अपने वक्ष से भुख मिटाती हूँ
    तो पत्नी बन तेरे वंश के अंश को बढाती हूँ
    मां बनना बहन कहलाना दफ्तर का सहभागी
    बन स्व नित्य प्रेम सौभाग्य समझती हूँ
    पर ना जाने आज भी पत्नी बन क्यों
    रात बेबस कमजोर पड़ जाती हूँ
    पर आज की नारी हूँ ब्युटि पार्लर जाती हूँ
    तेरे वहम को अहम बना संग संग तेरे चलती हूँ
    ना अबला ना अभागन ना लाचार हूँ
    अपने बाबूल के कंधे से कंधे मिलाकर
    बस स्वतंत्र जिंदगी के छंद गाती हूँ

  • ashi23 8w

    i would have been his forever
    had he not asked me to be inferior to him.

  • saumyalakhera 8w

    Stop worrying about the pickels getting rotten by the touch of a menstruating girl, start worrying about the sick thought process which will rotten the whole country.

  • shambhvi_verma 9w

    Her Grace was her shield
    Her charm was her weapon
    Her beauty was her strength.
    This damsel was her own knight in shining armour.


  • saumyalakhera 12w

    Don't assume

    Do not assume that her silence is her weakness. History itself is the biggest proof that whenever the respect and strength of a women is questioned the whole world saw devastating hurricanes !!