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  • seagreen 6h

    Galat baat

    Dukh ki ek galat baat hai
    Dina bataye koi samjh nahi pata..

    Aur batana aasan nahi


  • seagreen 18h


    I don't care what it will be, all I want to feel something
    No matter it's pain or relief

    Bleeding is the sign that they are still alive
    The wounds are so rotten now

    Even the pain doesn't pain anymore
    God must have another sick joke to play .


  • angel_ajay 1d

    Still Awake ?

    A message arrived and ticks turned blue


  • seagreen 1d

    paper boats

    Paper boats floating .
    Kids are jumping in gumboots .
    Pressure cooker screams .


  • seagreen 2d


    You judge me on my failures
    But it take courage to fall and stand tall.

    It takes a bottle of self scrutiny,
    All you see is a cocktail of my foolishness

    My courage is to take responsibility of my action
    While you are driving life with your winner's drunken drives.


  • seagreen 2d


    Kahi padha tha
    Ya to pyar andar hota hai
    Ya bahar

    Par aaj kal bus bahari hi reh gaya hai.

  • seagreen 2d


    #I love you
    #I care about you
    #it hurts

    You don't care to see in my eyes hence I hashtag this

    I am too shy to say these , hence I hashtag this

    It hurts to see that you can't see, hence I hashtag this

    Hope this get into a trend and reaches to you .


  • shriyam_ 3d

    The people who drain you now, will leave you empty someday. Do not try to make a point, just leave.


  • seagreen 3d

    F up

    This life doesn't make f*cking sense
    And that is pretty comman sense

    The person you love is capable of hurting you
    And you love them , knowing that too

    It's pure self harming, but you feel the guilt like you killed someone .


  • sufisohail 4d

    "लड़ जाएंगे दिलों के भी पेच, जब साथ होंगे दो टूटे दिल"��
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    "कटी पतंग सा
    हो गया है दिल मेरा,
    ना मेरा रहा, ना रहा तेरा।
    मिल जाये ग़र इसे
    इश्क़ का मांझा,
    हो जाये मुक़म्मल सफ़र मेरा।।"


  • seagreen 1w

    The weird one

    I have an obsession , a weird one

    Seeing a person as not what they seems
    But as what the could be.

    And then as person who wants to have sympathy for what I lost ,
    I prepare those people to leave me

    I remove all the thorns from them, every insecurity, every self conscious thoughts .

    And when they are better and perfect
    They leave , thinking they deserve better

    But why I do that ?
    I do that to find that person who will stay with me , with there better self ...because the one who hasn't forgot his bad phase , only that can be better and humble.


  • seagreen 1w

    Just a minute

    Can't you just be here for a minute
    While I talk ?

    We have been talking for an hour and
    You are absent in this hour long talk.


  • sushma_jegan 1w

    I wonder what in this world I always needed?
    Mom? Dad?
    Him? Her?
    Maybe ....
    I needed ME.


  • seagreen 1w

    Connecting dots

    All My life he has given me dots...
    Dots, that I am connecting to make a picture

    The picture is yet incomplete
    Few dots are missing , but he is constant

    Every now and then he drops few more missing puzzles

    I think this will continue untill death will arrive.
    Purpose of life is bigger then life itself

    That's why even death can't be full stop or the last puzzle of this picture.


  • seagreen 2w

    That boy

    Why men are different from boys?
    'Cause I remember he was gentle

    We met when we were 3 1/2
    My class mate, play mate and best friend

    I remember he was gentle to me
    He didn't care about a girl being his best and only friend

    He didn't care that I made him play girly games

    He didn't objected that girls can't do cart wheel

    Every woman is little girl in herself ..why can't men be boys a little ?


  • nidhikashyap 3w

    मैं ए.सी कार मे बैठी हूँ , फिर भी उदास हूँ।।
    वो कड़ी धूप मे है, फिर भी खुश हैं।।

    मैं सब कुछ पाकर भी उदास हूँ।।
    और वो ना पाकर भी खुश हैं।।

    क्या फर्क हैं
    हम दोनों मे ..

    कि मैं अमीर हूँ।।
    और वो गरीब हैं।।
    #writersnetwrok ..

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    क्या फर्क है??

    मैं ए.सी कार मे बैठी हूँ , फिर भी उदास हूँ।।
    वो कड़ी धूप मे है, फिर भी खुश हैं।।
    मैं सब कुछ पाकर भी उदास हूँ।।
    और वो ना पाकर भी खुश हैं।।
    क्या फर्क हैं
    हम दोनों मे ..
    कि मैं अमीर हूँ।।
    और वो गरीब हैं।।

    Spoken words

  • sanjana07 3w


    My tolerance is a big box of my heart❤ which handles all my feelings and all the pain��


  • writeweird 3w

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #writersnetwrok #pod #free #hurt
    #freestyle #rhyme #lyrics #song
    #lyrical #cryptic #people #time
    There was this weird place inside of me so I filled it with strange and ugly things.

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    a clock ticks to the magic tricks

    a clock ticks to the magic tricks,
    I am in a goddanm box so lost I admit,

    another hit, one more hit and that's it, I'm never going back there again,

    if I ever take a step back now,
    I know I might end up blowing up my brain,

    there's always something sinister in knowing, there's just this noise and this black, these whispers;

    I've had more than my share of pain and now I'm growing mad, going insane with every time I breathe,

    every time I see the poison running through my veins, I wither

    oh lord why don't you save me now ?
    Tell me what is it, is it that I am so ugly that you don't even remember my name ?

    I am here done and locked in this cage, on this page that I know you'll never ever read again,

    and I'll never reach out to the world, no matter how much i shout they won't throw down the ladder,

    they'd rather let me die in this void on my own,

    I don't recall the last time I stopped feeling this alone,
    they say don't seek walls it is in people and that's where you'll find your home,

    but that's not true at all, when I peel away the skin,
    the walls are long and tall,
    and I don't belong here with them at all,

    in this room that reminds me that every space I walk in will mushroom into gloom,

    and I'll just end up grooming a monsoon deep inside of me,

    now that I see them all having times of their life so outside of me,

    I'd let the storm simmer for a while,

    I remember a summer that wasn't so vile,
    and now I see another dead winter as it passes me by,

    maybe it's all in my head and I'll just wither no matter how much i try,

    it'll grow no matter the weather, the man in the mirror knows how much i cry, I won't lie to myself that it'll be fine down the road one day,

    someday there'll be sun in the sky again, and I won't have to keep feeding my veins,

    I hope that day I'd let go of everything I've been keeping,
    I'm still feeling the same,
    so strange when I think about the things I was once dreaming,

    now I don't shout or open my mouth until I'm too broken to be needing,

    an ocean for my dealings,
    maybe I'm just dead and these tears are just 'cause my body is reeking, and the scars are leaking,

    everybody is out there right now just living,
    and here I am, I keep dying a thousand times caught in my thoughts those rot and empty me as I am bleeding,

    this voice inside of me is so stupid, I wish I can cut it out and kill the cupid;
    in so many nightmares,
    somebody give me some care so I can mute it,

    I'm already here with my flaws and faults,
    there are no laws to deal with me so screw this, screw it shut,
    and piant it red, make me blues, and set me on fire with desires,
    a pyre and then forsake it,

    they've always told me that I'll never make it,
    and I would hate it to let them down,

    So take my crown and let me drown, I'm so free to use, abuse it.

    don't you ever fall for me,
    there's no rock bottom you'll keep spiralling down in an endless melancholic autumn,

    I'm just another melancholic alcoholic moron who was forgotten

    and now everything I touch is rotten, so stay away from me, don't you ever pray for me for I am broken.

    a clock ticks to the magic tricks,
    I am in a goddanm box so lost I admit,

    another hit, one more hit and that's it, promise, i'm never going back there again.


  • seagreen 3w

    Autumn leaf

    Howling air throwing punches ,
    Standing alone in memories of mates gone

    Semi golden yellow ,quarter rusty brown, decade to green that has forever gone .

    Stopping the urge of reunion down in pile,
    Old can not give up to death until they see hope for new and fragile.


  • seagreen 3w


    What is more terrifying?

    The nightmare or its effect on your body ?
    When you want to wakeup but can't even move your limbs.